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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  July 25, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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so yes the democratic national convention about an hour from kick iing off officially. it's like a circus. we have alan peters here, who is a volunteer from florida. who makes that lock very easy. thank you, sir. but that's what this last hour like. juggling. so i gladly give it over to my colleague kate snow, who is standing by to take over this next hour of msnbc live. this is your life. >> i love the juggler. it's kind of what we feel like we're doing today. juggling so many things. good afternoon, i'm kate snow. higher up than thomas. this is where it's all happening right hibehind me. the official start to the democratic national convention here in philadelphia. this afternoon msnbc news
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confirmed she will not gavel in the convention under pressure from others in the party because it might have caused quite a scene. this is what it locked like at breakfast when she was booed and heckled off the stage. you have been talking to your sources. what are you hearing about that? >> they were hearing from their delegates in the various delegations all through this arena here.
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tes a message that they will be shouting and jeering. some said there would be a booing fest until she left the stage. that word got through to the clinton campaign to democratic leaders and others at the top of the committee and pressure really built. there was not another alternative. so as we first reported here on msnbc, there were talks that were underway between the party leaders, clinton campaign as well as debbie wasserman shultz herself. thick and thin, trying to bring donors along, trying to get the message along. what a devastating blow to her personally and professionally to lose the gavel. when she had had a agreed to tep down at the end of the convention, even that was still a nod to her because of respect and gratitude for her service despite the e-mail controversy and the fire storm that's erupted in the last 24 to 48 hours. but that was not enough.
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it would not be satisfactory to delegate who is believe this undermined a unify ied party. so this pressure built. then we learned that she was allowed to make the decision herself that she would not want to be a distraction and would not gavel in the con vens or close it as expected. as we have reported, a prominent rising star op the democratic party, the mayor of baltimore will serve in that role. and then the perm negligeanent a congresswoman in the cleveland area. se will be the one who will go through the roll call of states. that all matters here.
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debbie wasserman shultz has been the face of the party will in effect be invisible here. always an important battleground. has that space over there. she will not have a presence. it's a blow to her personally and professionally, but there were many democratic source who is say this is what had to happen. this is the only way to try to have a united night to avoid a spectacle that would detract from the important speakers, which include bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and the first lady of the united states. those messages could not be in conflict. >> do you have any reporting about later tonight?
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sources are tell meganow, this may disappoint some of the bernie sanders supporters. but i i'm told that bernie sanders intends to lay out the case for hillary clinton. why she would be elected and why donald trump is wrong br the country on a long list of issues. he will try to add to unity. while there may be some among his energized and dedicated supporters who want to see a shift in where this convention would go, that's against all the rules and the numbers and the expectations. but that got some lift in these last 24 hours because of what has happened. sanders will try to be a unifying and thank the supporters who have made him one of the biggest stories of campaign 2016. elevated him to cult status as well as political status on the
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national stage. he will work against donald trump, but very much for hillary clinton. kate? >> kelly o'donnell just behind us on the floor of the convention center here. i want to bring in mark halperin, managing editor of bloomberg politics. nice to e see you again. different cities. but so different in that we thought that debbie wasserman shultz would be opening this thing about 45 minutes from now. she's not showing up. there's this controversy over the e-mails that were leaked over the weekend. what do you make of that? does it have long lasting impact or just a blip on the radar today? >> who would have thought that bernie sanders would be a more unifying figure than debbie wasserman shultz. who would have thought that on the eve of the democratic convention the chair would be forced out. convention managers want to control every day. discipline, order and predictability. you have two strands coming together. one is the debbie wasserman shultz controversy chrks is even
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with her departure, still a lot of questions about those e-mails. and second, bernie sanders has created a movement. while he is laying down his arms, a lot of his foot soldiers are not. you saw at the event he had this afternoon, he's ready to make his peace with healthcaillary c. a lot of supporters are not. the question for the planners is does that come into the hall even with debbie wasserman shultz departure. >> it's a minority when you look at the polling. most bernie sanders supporters say they will now give their vote over to hillary clinton, but that minority is loud and vocal. what does he have to do tonight? we heard kelly reporting he's going to try. he's going to have a message of unity. >> i think a lot of his supporters are almost beyond listening to him on any of this stuff. 200 disrupted people in this hall could make a huge difference. even in a population of at large, a number of his delegates are going to be enthusiastically
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for her. but right now, it's an open question for them. even with debbie wasserman shultz not here, what kind of atmosphere will there be in the room with bernie sanders delegates, even with his being expected tonight to be hugely supportive of her and probably more supportive of her than he's been up to this point. >> our polling does show the democratic party seems to be more yunified than the republicn party. but there are some deficits for hillary clinton. i want to look at numbers. in our latest poll, shows 55% of americans say that clinton's use of a private e-mail server is an important issue to them. then you look at another stat that shows that 50% of people we asked believe that clinton does not have the right judgment to be a good president based on what they learned from the fbi investigation into the e-mail server question. >> neither donald trump nor hillary clinton are going to unite parties in the same way we're used to seeing. because they both have skepticism in their parties.
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donald trump left cleveland with the party about as united as he could have hoped for under the circumstances. the same thing here. people are troubled by the e-mails. i don't like her in every way, but i'm going to vote for her. you're going to hear people say they aren't wild about their nominee. >> we have performances throughout the week. are they -- is the energy here trying to make it different than what we saw in cleveland? >> there have a lot of music in cleveland too. there was a life band that was pretty good. both parties realize these conventions have to be part serious and part fun and have to keep people both in the skmal on tv enthused. but a lot of the stuff that's more fun never shows up on tv. they talk to us and our colleague. so i think you'll see a mix. clearly the biggest difference here is in cleveland you had a few national speakers like chris christie. here you'll have the biggest
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names in politics every night. that's in theory going to help the democrats build audience and drive enthusiasenthusiasm. >> nice to see you, my friend. let's turn over to what's happening with hillary clinton this hour. things expected to kick off here, as we said, about 45 minutes from now. hillary clinton is not actually in the building today. she's campaigning in north carolina. that's where kristen welker is covering the clinton campaign from charlotte. you have been with the campaign since it started in iowa over a year ago. do you sense any concern heading into tonight? >> well, good afternoon. this certainly wasn't how they wanted to start the democratic national convention with the headlines about debbie wasserman shultz stepping down. so they are really focused on trying to turn the page. focused on party unity. the the best way to do that is to attack donald trump. clinton was rallying supporters at an organized event at this
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theater here in charlotte. she took sharp aim at donald trump. take a listen to what she had to say. >> we're going to have a very different kind of convention than they had last week. watching the devisiveness, the fear mongering, i'll tell you. it is a sight to behold talking about building walls, a very different vision about bringing americans together. well, i'll tell you what, you're going to hear from some great americans at our convention this week. >> reporter: of course, all eyes are going to be on senator bernie sanders tonight because it's going to be so important in terms of helping his supporters to get on board with secretary clinton. the majority of them do say they are going to vote for her, but we have seen throughout the day this party is not quite unified.
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that's the focus of this campaign. then there are going to be other heavy hitting speakers. president obama, former president bill clinton as well, who are going to yuunify the party. her message is going to be about everything that's great about this country and things she's going to do to improve it. thed at being a stark contrast who to what she called the dark picture that donald trump painted of the country last week. >> kristen welker following hillary clinton, thanks so much. the music is pumping in here. after the break, i'll talk to one of the headliners for tonight. just how bad is the backlash from the dnc e-mail hack. we're live in philadelphia for the democratic national convention where 50,000 people are expected to fill this space over the course of the next week. i'm anne howard and i'm michael howard. we left on our honeymoon in january 2012. it actually evolved into a business. from our blog to video editing... our technology has to hang tough with us. when you're going to a place without electricity, you need a long battery life. the touch, combined with the screen resolution...
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welcome back. we are less than an hour away from the beginning of the democratic national convention. speaking tonight is michelle obama. senator bernie sanders and senator elizabeth warren. also congressman gutierrez. nice to see you. have you practiced? >> i practiced. i u actually wrote it. >> was that a dig? it's all your own words. what's your focus tonight? what is your message to the american people? >> we're going to talk about the difference and the contrast. mr. trump has this mean hateful fantasy he's going to pick up 11 million people, destroy families and build a wall. we're going to talk about how we integrate people who are already paying taxes, raising american families. 11 million who want a chance. get them right with the law. allow them to become integrated
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fully into our society. we want to give immigrants a chance. and they don't. so we're going to contrast. so hillary says first 100 days she's going to introduce immigration reform, which is going to help our economy and make us safer. most importantly for me, keep families together. >> i have to ask about what's happening with debbie wasserman shultz and the dnc. obviously, she's not going to be gaveling in the con vens. i want to show a clip of what happened when she went to speak to the floor at her delegation to her own state. >> that we know is going to make sure that we continue to create jobs. >> congressman, does that look like party unity to you? >> here's what we shouldn't miss. for my mom, my wife, my daughters, for all the girls and
12:18 pm
grown women, we're going to nominate a woman as president of the united states. we need for the men in this country, it's going to be a new day. i think we shouldn't lose sight of that. that joy brings me to this convention. >> i get that, but is everybody in your party ready to rally around that? we have heard from bernie sanders supporters who say the fact that she's a woman isn't enough. they are not going to go there. >> let me just say this. i was honored to serve on the platform committee. i thank hillary for allowing me that opportunity. let me tell you what we represent. i wish people would read. if we sat down with the bernie sanders people. we came together with the most progressive platform he's ever seen. marriage equality, you get to love who you want to love and marry them. we have immigration reform. we say parenthood, you're safe. and congress, keep your hands off.
12:19 pm
so look, we're for the environment. we're for workers. i want minimum wage. i bet when you talk to the bernie sanders people and you talk to the hillary people, more importantly, when you talk to the american people, that's the kind of agenda. they can all wrap their arms around. >> when you see sanders supporters marching outside this building, there are people actively marching. they did it yesterday. more than we ever saw in cleveland. what do you make of that? does it matter if those folks never come around? >> i see as democracy. this is a great country in which you can speak your mind and this is the democratic party. we should listen to all of those voices. i'll tell you what. we have been listening and bringing our party together. i think you're going to see bernie sanders and hillary clinton come together. i think after four days, you're going to see a democratic party
12:20 pm
because, look, in the end it's really about what kind of country you want and who you want on the supreme court and whether you really think the mother earth is being threatened. you talk to the bernie sanders people they agree with the hillary clinton people and american people. we need a progressive agenda, but at the same time, we need an agenda that brings about justice and freedom. so look, as i walk through this convention hall and as i u talk to people, i see a lot of unity. and again, i don't want to belittle. but be warn ed and seen how my mom was treated and my sisters were treated and e seeing the lack of opportunities and seeing so many more opportunities for my beautiful daughter and all the young girls and all the women in america, this is a great day. we're going to show everybody that women can be in charge. >> who are you locking forward to hearing yourself the most? >> you're going to put me on the spot. i'm going to say michelle obama.
12:21 pm
>> that's tonight. >> i love listening to her. >> congressman, thank you for being with us. when we come back, we'll head down to virginia, where right now donald trump and mike pence are holding a town hall. that's after a quick break. when my doctor told me i have
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so whether it's energy or heart health you're after, start optimizing your nutrition with my specially mixed nutrition. planters. nutrition starts with nut. back now in where the democratic national convention will begin at the top of the hour. there's plenty to talk about on the other side of the race as well. katy tur is covering the donald trump since it started. she join mess now. you're down in virginia. mike pence is on stage behind you there. trump expected any minute now. what do we think he's going to say today? >> reporter: this is the first time they have been seen campaigning together since donald trump announced that mike pence would be his running mate. since that contentious con vens of their own, mike pence is on stage now hammering hillary clinton saying she's not fit to serve. hammering her on benghazi, saying she should be
12:25 pm
disqualified from being the president. bringing up his son's service as a reason he doesn't think she should be involved in leading this country. donald trump will be taking the stage after mike pence. but so far, the campaign is trying to paint mike pence in virginia as job creator, where their own former governor tim kaine was a job killer saying an appointment rose dramatically and unemployment dropped while governor pence was governor. is still governor of indiana. that is a little bit because mike pence is is serving as governor now and the economy is up. unemployment is down. whereas tim kaine, while he was governor here in virginia, it was during the recession and bush years. so the entire nation was facing an unemployment rate that spiked.
12:26 pm
they are also going to try to say that the system is rigged, especially on the dnc side pointing to that e-mail leak saying that it was rigged in favor of hillary clinton against bernie sanders, trying to sew the seeds of discord in the democratic party and trying to ka capitalize on that. >> katy tur down in ro noek, thanks. we'll keep an eye on mike pence and donald trump and as soon as donald trump takes the stage, we'll keep an ear out. joining me onset in philadelphia is dan canyon, vice president for advocacy with the smoot group. nice to see you again. let's talk about donald trump first and the new polling that's out. there are a couple different polls out today that show different things. the cnn poll shows trump got a post convention boost to his ratings, which is sort of
12:27 pm
typical. then there's a cbs poll that shows him still pretty dead even. what do you think? where are we after cleveland? >> it's such a fluid news cycle right now. every single day there's massive new event that's changing the dynamic of what people think about. identifying what kind of bounce trump really got out of cleveland is hard to say. we'll have a clearer picture after this week. they had their show. it wasn't all that organized. there was discontent with ted cruz. even though we have big issues with debbie wasserman shultz, you're going to see a better organized event with really prime star speakers. bernie sanders, michelle obama, barack obama, folks that will carry a much more inclusive message after this convention. the contrast of the two conventions back to back will tell the story of the bounce. >> it's typical to get a bounce. look at the numbers. we were looking back historically because gallop has
12:28 pm
kept track. and it shows on average i think it's about a 4-point or 5-point boost that people get. obama got a 3-point boost after his convention. romney went down. obama in 2008 was up 4. so you get the picture. there's definitely almost always a boost that comes out of the convention. will hillary clinton get a bump after this wraps up on thursday? >> i think she will. it's been said a couple times that she's the best known -- most famous least known person in the world. she's someone who has a great personal story to tell, but the narrative has been bernie sanders versus hillary clinton. 25 years of the republican attacks on hillary clinton. that's been the hillary clinton people have seen in the news cycles that they read about and what's happening on the political stage. this week is a chance to go through a a personal story that's not gotten that much time and coverage. i think if people pay attention, see it and absorb that this is someone we actually can relate to, she comes from middle class
12:29 pm
upbringing, she might get a bump from that. that contrast will be important. this is when tim kaine was running for senate at the time. you know tim kaine. i haven't seen you since he was chosen last week. what do you make of that choice? >> i'll tell you when you're in a state campaign with a presidential race, sometimes there's conflict. you don't want to work as closely. they work hand in hand great campaigners because we saw nothing but strength out of tim kaine. he outperformed barack obama in every one of the 11 congre congressional districts by a couple points. mike pence and donald trump are in roanoke. i think it's telling that they are there. i'm usually reluctant to say a vp pick is going to bring a state on to the battleground
12:30 pm
map, but i feel strongly that tim kaine makes virginia a lot tougher. and virginia, florida, ohio, those are the three or so special states that if hillary clinton wins those, that path is so narrow for donald trump. so i don't think it's why he was picked. . i think he was picked because she likes him and trusts him. he's a real progressive and courageous guy. >> not everybody thinks he's a true progressive. >> doi. >> thank you so much for being with us. appreciate your time. when we come back, coming up we're going to hear from the delegates. what did they make of the breaking news that debbie wasserman shultz will not gavel in the convention or address delegates following the disastrous dnc e-mail leak. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
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marching. those people voting for us. and not even because they like me or don't like me.
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have you seen the polls that it just came out? we had like the biggest bounce that anyone can remember. they u said if he gets out of the convention with no bounce, that will be a success. did we have 9 points or something? 10 points? we're actually leading in the polls. and the cnn poll was so good i may u have to start liking them again. no, they treat me unfairly, but you know what's more important is is the poll. but the big poll is november 8th. that's the poll we care about. but look how -- >> donald trump weighs in on what's happening with the democrats and the fact that the outgoing dnc chair debbie wasserman shultz won't be gaveling in the convention here. won't be playing that role here.
12:34 pm
kasie hunt is with e me now here onset. she's been covering the democratic side mainly. although the republicans too. i associate you with bernie sanders because you spent so much time with the man. and glad you got the memo. we're wearing the exact same dress. we got a preview from kelly o'donnell earlier. what do you expect out of him? >> i think that they are actually feeling a little bit of tension. i was just over at this event they had with their delegates. i think it was more contentious than the closest inner circle thought it might be. it was picked up a little on this hot mike. jane sanders telling her husband i don't think that they know that your name is going to be placed in nomination and that concerns me. there's a lot of process in that comment, but basically it boils down to the idea once they start counting off votes, you could see a moment that's more con ten skpshs even sanders want to see
12:35 pm
because frank ly the reaction from the crowd in that event when he started talking about how they should back hillary clinton over donald trump, the reaction was they started shouting about how they wanted bernie. i didn't talk to anybody jfr wards who wanted to say they booed hillary clinton, but there were a lot of people who weren't happy to be here at a clinton convention. >> not to parse jane sanders' words, but when she think i don't think they u know, the delegates who support you, my husband, don't understand what's going to happen here tomorrow night when they do the roll call? >> she seemed to be talking about her supporters. and in referring to them. we're still going to have to see how the process plays out, but this role call could be an interesting moment. it's going to be potentially as of now and plans are subject to change but when hillary clinton and barack obama had that contentious primary in 2008 and came to their convention to the
12:36 pm
obama convention, hillary clinton's delegated accepted barack obama by affirmation. it's a voice vote. it's saying this is what we all want to do. so a roll call, which is the current plan, is different. they go state by state. delegate tallies would be piled up. the rules are different, but you remember when the states put donald trump over the top and the kids came down with the microphone. so we're going to see something more like that. if that's a much longer process, you can imagine if those people who don't maybe fully understand there might be a sense that, oh, we have a chance to change this process if we vote differently. that could be unpredictable. it is an unpredictable group. they have 1900 or so delegates. they had to start trying to get all the supporters out of the room because there were so many people who came up. the police had had to be called in. bernie sanders doesn't have psychiatry service anymore. it's all very confusing. there seems to be a sense now
12:37 pm
among the sanders campaign that could continue on the way they don't want it to. they are here to embrace hillary clinton in the way that sanders has. it's an awkward embrace, but that's what it is. >> kasie hunt, as we juggle things, will you hold on one second. we want to go back to roanoke, virginia, where donald trump is speaking about hillary clinton. >> i'd like to ask her a question. you're too tough. this is what we have. how do you think isis is going to react? i don't think so. not going to be good. we have tough enemies. we have tough, mean, vicious, horrible, horrible people. these are horrible, horrible human beings. we need toughness. it's about time. we need strength. we need toughness. we need smarts. we need warmth, we need compassion, we need everything. we need everything.
12:38 pm
what did surprise me is that bernie was so soft on this. i watched the vote. why would he do that? he looks better if he didn't do it. to e me. what do i have to do with it, whatever he wants to do. but could you imagine if what's taking place now with the democrats took place in cleveland. by the way, i have to tell you cleveland did an i maizing job. thank you, ohio. thank you, cleveland. what a job. i spoke to the police chief. calvin did a e phenomenal job up there. we had the secret service. what a job they did. cleveland is a beautiful place. i was so happy. we had no problems. i know they showed this one square where it's this big
12:39 pm
square because they don't want to show all the beautiful grass with no people. >> you have been listening more of donald trump speaking in virginia. as he often does, it's a bit stream of conscientious. it was tough to hear what he's saying because we're in a loud venue with music playing, but not going soft on hillary clinton on the day of her opening of her convention. >> and republicans too, you have seen him seize on this perception of division, as we head into this. that's what we saw. it's the opposite of what the clinton campaign wanted to do was have this dnc leak scandal explode right before this convention was starting. you are seeing these fishers thrust out into the open with debbie wasserman shultz, protesters here in philadelphia, more numerous than cleveland. i don't e know how much time you have been able to spend walking around, but they are everywhere. you can feel the bernie sanders presence. >> kasie hunt, always good to have you onset here. thank you so much. we'll see you a little later.
12:40 pm
with less than an hour to go until the dnc gets going here, they have already opened the doors. the band is is playing. the delegates are making their way in. that's where we find jacob soboroff. an interesting open to the dnc. what are delegates saying about all this? >> this thing hasn't even started yet and all of this has gone on. i'm coming to you from the florida delegatiodelegation, he sign. someone will take home at the end of the week as we learned in cleveland. they get a nice curby position close to the stage. they were the center of the controversy this morning with debbie wasserman shultz. i want to bring in ann ganon, the head delegate here for the whip operation for the hillary clinton campaign. basically, her job is to make sure people don't boo today like they did this morning. is that right? >> that's not just my operation. we're responsible for ensuring all our delegates are in place
12:41 pm
and that county votes but to calm people down when their escalation feelings and to figure out a way to make this work on the floor so everybody gets heard. >> you were there this morning? >> yes. >> what did you make? she got booed off the stage. >> i'm known debbie for 25 years and worked on legislation with her. she's a very good member. i thought it was unusual tactic to use. it's typically not the tactic we use in the political forum, especially at a breakfast for florida delegates. >> she's not gaveling in today. do you think that's good? is it best for the party? >> i do. i think it's the best for the convention because it takes her assen issue away from the convention and makes it run more smoothly. >> do you anticipate having to troll some bernie sanders supporters in your section today? >> i don't know. they have whips too we're
12:42 pm
working with. some states their whips have merged with the clinton whips. they haven't done that in florida, but they are working together to enshower that everyone's voices are heard. >> interesting stuff. like i said, this thing hasn't even been gavelled in yet and there's lots of drama. eager to see what happens in just a little bit. >> jacob soboroff, just below me down on the floor. we'll check back with you before we get out of here. but when we come back, we're going to check outside on the protests going on on the streets of philadelphia. if you have medicare
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12:46 pm
those protesters and had a a chance to speak with the police chief. what are you seeing? >> reporter: good afternoon, we just spoke with the police commissioner a short time ago. he's out there with protesters checking on security situations here. i want to show you where i am. wells fargo center is just over there. this group of protesters, i would say roughly about a thousand or so have marched here from philadelphia city hall. took about four miles to get here. the secret service check point is right there. there's also the gates leading into the secure area. a lot of these protesters have been gathering and bernie sanders supporters that permit is just over there. some of them have been gathering here. i'm downed by a woman from north carolina. a bernie sanders supporter. what's your name? >> rebecca. >> so glad to talk to you. you're a bernie sanders supporter. we have been talking to people along this route. some folks tonight go for a third party candidacy. we spoke with one person early
12:47 pm
on in the route that was considering voting for donald trump because they had so many issues. >> that's crazy. >> but a lot of people here would agree with you, but what is your assessment going forward? what are you planning to do come november? >> this is a thing. the nominee has to be nominated at this convention. she's not the normal e knee yet. that hasn't happened. this is the time for our voices to be heard. i'm not worried about november right now. i just want to say what happens here. i felt like i had to say the election system is rigged. they are the cornerstones of our democracy. i have been voting in every election since i was 18. i want to believe my vote is counted. i don't want people being purged off the roles. this happened. there was conclusion. so i don't feel like the people's voice was heard. that's why i'm out here today. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. a lot of the protesters here very upset over what happened over the weekend and many of them were glad to hear that
12:48 pm
debbie wasserman shultz will not be gaveling in this convention. these demonstrations are expected to continue throughout the evening and the week. but police have been saying that the weather, they have been cautioning people to stay hydrated here. we found the weather has thinned out some of the crowds a bit. they have been dispersed and moved through the four miles. so the police have certain precautions in place including some barricades here keeping in mind that this security situation here can be very difficult at times for such a large crowd. so far, no arrests or citations. >> gabe gutierrez on the streets. 106 degrees it feels like outside on the streets. gabe, thank you. after the break, we are less than 15 minutes away from the official start of the democratic national convention. which means we'll be checking back with jacob soboroff down on the floor, when we come back. your car insurance policy is 22 pages long. did you read every word?
12:49 pm
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12:52 pm
we are just minutes away from the official start of the democratic national convention here in philadelphia. let's check in on the floor one more time with msnbc's delegate hunter, jacob soboroff. jacob, i can see you right behind me down in florida. >> i don't know where you are, kate, i've got to find you after i talk to all of these nice bernie delegates. these guys are delegates for bernie sanders. they were at the meeting in florida. they're from the great state of florida. earlier today they were at the meeting of the florida delegation where debbie wasserman schultz was reportedly booed off the stage. you all saw it at home in that video. all of you say you weren't doing the booing but you saw it happen. are you happy that she's not going to be gaveling in this convention? >> yes. >> i feel pretty happy, yes. >> how about you, sir? >> i'm happy. >> more importantly, are you all getting behind hillary clintons the nominee for president? >> i'm getting behind not allowing trump to be elected. >> and how about you. >> that's a good response. i agree with that.
12:53 pm
>> and i feel the same way. as a delegate, i'm going to re-evaluate after the convention. >> that's the answer hillary clinton wants to hear, kate. back to you. >> jacob soboroff, thanks so much. we will be live with more from philadelphia, home to the nation's first daily newspaper. did you know that? published more than 230 years ago. stay with us. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job,
12:54 pm
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12:56 pm
squuuuack, let's feed him let's feto the sharks!sharks! yay! and take all of his gold! and take all of his gold! ya! and hide it from the crew! ya...? squuuuack, they're all morons anyway! i never said that. they all smell bad too. no! you all smell wonderful! i smell bad! if you're a parrot, you repeat things. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. squuuuack, it's what you do. she worked very, very hard to rig the system. little did she know that china, russia, one of our many, many friends came in and hacked the hell out of us. >> that was donald trump speaking just moments ago. another portion of his remarks in roanoke, virginia, speaking about hillary clinton. that's going to do it for me this hour, as we get ready for this place to start up in about
12:57 pm
four minutes from now. the gavel will come down on the democratic national convention. steve kornacki is down below me on the floor. he'll pick it up from here. steve. >> kate, thanks for that. well, good afternoon, everybody. i'm steve kornacki live inside the wells fargo center here in philadelphia, pennsylvania, the 2016 democratic national convention set to formally get under way just moments from now. in a few minutes, someone is going to walk to that podium and gavel the session to order and that someone will not be debbie wasserman schultz. debbie wasserman schultz the chairman of the democratic national committee announcing yesterday that she will resign effective the end of this week. wasserman schultz had been saying right up until a few hours ago that she intended to step out here this afternoon and formally start this convention and then speak to it, but she was forced to reconsider.
12:58 pm
she backed off those plans. a rowdy reception, an unruly reception she was greeted with by some bernie sanders supporters when she tried to speak to the florida delegation this morning. all of this fallout over the wikileaks release of dnc e-mails that suggested that the dnc had its thumb on the scale for hillary clinton in the primary campaign this year. of course wasserman schultz and the dnc spent months insisting that they were neutral. bernie sanders had been calling for wasserman schultz' ouster for some time, one of the loudest voices here at the convention, calling for her to step down. and now wasserman schultz has not only agreed to step down at the end of the week, but she will not, not be speaking, will not be gaveling this session to order in a few minutes. instead, who will we see? well, we have learned in the last few minutes that baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings blake will instead be the one to open this formal first day of the democratic national convention
12:59 pm
here in philadelphia. so, again, the crowd starting to fill the hall here. a lot of anticipation. we will be getting under way any minute now. we're keeping an eye on that podium. while we do, we're going to bring in andrea mitchell here. andrea, the drama before the opening gavel, debbie wasserman schultz, boy, it took -- it looks like it took everything for democrats to convince her to persuade her not to step onto that platform today. >> absolutely. it was not what they wanted on unity night. this is supposed to be united together. they've these great speakers whom they expect to really light up this place for hillary clinton and tim kaine. michelle obama, elizabeth warren. they're not quite sure how the bernie sanders speech is going to go. but the interesting thing here is that bernie sanders called for a revolution, and every big rally he had hundreds of supporters coming into the convention center downtown from
1:00 pm
here just today. and what happened is that he has lit a fire under his followers and he can't turn that off. so even though he says that now from his perspective he wants them to turn their affections to hillary clinton, because he is ready to do that, they're not ready. they want to see a completely different kind of democratic party, and they are not persuadable. so how does he do that tonight? that's the real question for bernie sanders and for this party. steve? >> andrea mitchell down there on the floor. you see in the upper left-hand corner of the screen it is now 4:00 eastern time here. 4:00 is when this session is scheduled to get under way. we are keeping an eye on that podium. we're getting a little word it may be a few-minute delay. what a shock in politics, they may not be on time today, but the start of this convention apparently a few minutes away. we'll see stephanie rawlings blake, the mayor of


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