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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  July 26, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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ohhhhhhhhhh... you know what, i'm just gonna email it to you. yeah that's probably safer. ok, cool. and that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports" from the democratic convention, be sure and catch our special prime time coverage of the dnc at 7:00 eastern tonight right here on msnbc and follow us on facebook and twitter tomorrow morning. two big exclusive interviews. savannah guthrie speaks with president obama on the "today" show. and vice president joe biden joins "morning joe." remember to follow online on facebook, i said that already, but very tired and a little crunchy. miss janson. >> how many hours of sleep? >> two. >> i got three, i'm feeling good. thank you so very much. boy, another day of rapid fire developments here at the democratic national convention and it all comes down to one critical question, will bernie
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sanders be the one who enters hillary clinton's name into the nomination that's all happening just hours from now. a plan is reportedly in the works and even as the democrats are focussing on tonight's theme, hillary clinton fighting for children, and families, the party itself is very much a family trying to heal the wounds from a bruising primary. right now we're watching the build-up of bernie or bust protesters gathering across from city hall while earlier, bernie sanders, the man who inspired them, faced down a booing crowd of california delegates. hoping to turn their anger against clinton into votes against trump. >> what we must do or we'll ever look back and regret is defeat donald trump and elect hillary clinton. in my view, it seems, it's easy,
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it is easy to boo, but it's hard to look at electing donald trump president. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell is standing by with a preview of what we expect tonight, and when you hear, kelly, the boos from sanders supporters in the california delegation, you realize how symbolically important it could be if they're placing hillary clinton's name in the nomination. what are you hearing? >> reporter: well chris, we have been watching sort of a forging of a relationship that has been happening in realtime and very little time. we know that for bernie sanders himself, it was difficult to get to the point where he could fully endorse hillary clinton. he wanted to achieve some things on the platform. he was able to do that. he has now been on this stage and told his supporters that she is the person who must be the president with a choice between
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clinton and trump. so, what could help with all of this? what we're being told is that there is an active negotiation in a way to try to see if bernie sanders would be the one to put hillary clinton's name in nomination. now we also know that he is looking forward to having his own name and the delegates who represent him have their moment tonight as well. so can they find a way to try to bridge this divide and -- sorry, my phone is ringing, that's the nature of hoping -- i hope that's a hot tip i'm going to get back to, chris, but the attempt to try to forge unity in the most symbolic way possible. not a friend of hillary clinton, not someone from her life, not someone who she could extend a political favor to, to have bernie sanders do it in that fragile new alliance, that would send a signal to some of those very emotional, very passionate, bernie delegates that we have seen in this hall. that's still a work in progress. we expect within the next couple of hours to get a sense of how
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that would go, and if they can get there. the role call of states will be a big feature tonight as well as great musical acts. they're rehearsing now, former president bill clinton speaking of course, but all eyes on how they will actually nominate hillary clinton. the first woman to get a major party nomination in our history. and so, they're looking to tell her story tonight, and they're looking to sew more of this unity that's been a little bit hard to come by so far, chris. >> thanks so much, nbc's kelly o'donnell. i'm sure you can hear the music,than andrea day, it's amazing. one of the great things about being here during the day is you get to hear all of this warm-up. in the meantime, msnbc's casey hunt has been following the bernie or bust crowd and sanders attempts to bring them into the democrat ring fold, casey. where does it stand from their perspective? >> reporter: hi chris, we are up where the washington state delegation will sit tonight in this hall. and they, of course, if we have this role call would be one of
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the last delegations alphabetically to do it, and of course voted for bernie sanders, so you can expect voeal supporters here. the question whether or not that role call is actually going to happen. i'm told there's some behind the scenes discussions of whether or not that role call should happen or whether it should be by affirmation and i'm sure many of our viewers have seen that moment where it was hillary clinton at the microphone, officially nominating president then senator barack obama at the democratic convention in 2008. and they're still working out exactly how bernie sanders might be involved in what goes on tonight in that role call vote. and sanders' team at this point is feeling a little bit more confident about where they stand today then they did at this time yesterday. and that's partly because of the strength of michelle obama's speech. that really was the headline that came out of last night that frankly made the bernie protests seem a little bit less at the
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forefront, right, it wasn't the only moment of the night. so, the challenge for democrats and for the clinton campaign as they plan out how this night is going to go, is to try to make sure that they have another moment like that. now, bill clinton presents potentially a risky moment for them. we, of course, i was sitting in the california delegation across the hall last night, they booed almost everyone who came on to the stage at some point, except for michelle obama. and frankly, a lot of anger as you know having covered so many sanders events and supporters is actually at policies that were first enacted under blirnt, nafta, for example, and bill clinton has been confronted repeatedly by sanders protesters on the campaign trail, i was with him in california, as they were trying to wrap up this primary, and bernie supporters were heckling him and of course we've seen bill clinton sometimes go offscript in those moments of those campaign. obviously, not exactly the setting where that might happen
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in this particular case, but i think we could potentially see some disruption there. now beyond that, i think there's a sense that the unity is building and that increasingly this bernie or bust group is a smaller portion of the bernie delegates that just happens to be very loud, but we'll see if that supposition holds through the evening, chris. >> msnbc's casey hunt and very impressive keeping her train of thought while anndra day is on the speech. he's doing his normal sound check and, you know, just getting a feel of the stage, but in typical joe biden fashion, he came down the stairs, wandered into the crowd. it gave me a chance to ask him about some of the discontent among sanders supporters. here's what he told me. >> well, no, no -- look, these -- you know, i know you're 80 years younger than i am, but you've covered more than one
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campaign. you cover more than one campaign. and you notice how hard they worked, and you know, every, every convention where there's been a convention fight, what i've observed is that, you know, people are there, they made it to the convention, they didn't quite make it all the way, and so there's always that piece, it should be us, it should be them. that's normal, man. >> and joining me now, cy moan sanders, former national press secretary for bernie sanders campaign. good to see you. >> nice to be here. love the backdrop. >> not bad music. >> unbelievable. can we just say that. >> also, i think a little surprising what we've been seeing with the bernie sanders folks, even though some of them who i've gotten to know over the time covering the campaign said we're not ready. >> well, it's a surprising democrats? >> a little bit, i was a little surprised when the boos happened during the prayer and for some of the people who have really been on their side. >> i agree. so yes, so the boos, you know,
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that's just not what we do as democrats. that's some stuff you saw last week at the republican convention. fully endorsed the sec their that at great event in new hampshire. and last night he gave a rousing speech that really connected the policies that many people that signed up to joint political revolution, those policies to secretary clinton. and that's why she is the best person for our economy. some people a little bit of time, as casey noted, that i think bernie or bust crew, especially right here at this convention is smaller than we'd like to think. today, we're going to talking about putting families at the forefront -- >> well, let's talk about today. because bernie sanders could go a long way, i think towards making a statement, not just to the bernie or bust people, but really to the entire nation, how
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he feels about hillary clinton if he puts for the nomination. >> we'll have to wait and see. i fully believe that tonight senator sanders is going to go up there and act with grace and class as we did last night. he's going to fire up the supporters. he's going to fear up our base and he's going to encourage, get behind secretary clinton. how he does that, we'll have to see, but tonight, tonight is about putting families and children first and tonight is about talking about the secretary's record of, you know, fighting for families and children. and how she's always done that and how these are things that are not new to her and really talking about some more personal stories. we have real people up there on that stage and bernie sanders is one of those real people that's i'm sure folks will hear from again. there will be folks when the role call vote happens. people on both sides, you'll hear from sanders supporters on that stage tonight as well as some staunch advocates and supporters of secretary clinton, we're family, this is a family reunion. and i think we're going to come
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together and it's going to be all right. >> we're seeing protests in philadelphia also getting ready for a press conference there. can we just talk a little bit then about bernie sanders going forward and what you see his role as, what he sees his role as? obviously go to college campuses, he pulled so much of the under 39 vote in this election. where does bernie sanders fit into this campaign? >> you know, i think senator sanders does fit in in this campaign at the college campuses, but i also think he fits in in places like west virginia, i was there with senator sand whers we went to mcdowell, county, west virginia and we held a foor um on poverty and folks came out and he connected with the community. >> at a food bank. >> at a food bank, i think he could be helpful in those places as well. where he's very strong and asset is senator sanders, he's about the issues and the policy, bare bones, and he's really great at connecting the policies such as, you know, fighting for hard working american people, $15 minimum wage, closing that
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wealth gap. economic policies and really great on criminal justice reform and issues such as that. connecting those policies and making the case for secretary clinton. senator sanders has the opportunity to be a real advocate for the secretary, and i think the campaign welcomes that. >> he also talks about the movement. he's been talking about the movement since day one, but now what do you do with that movement? i sat down with a panel of bernie supporters over the weekend, and, you know, various ones are involved in different projects, 15, you know, getting $15 minimum wage and in their communities, but how do you turn that into something lasting national, impactful? >> so it has to be a separate organization. you know what senator -- >> it doesn't have to be an organization, but something has to drive, right? >> i think it's being driven. look the political revolution was not about getting bernie sanders elected. it was not just about that, it was about the issues and the folks that signed up to join the political revolution signed up because they care about a $15 minimum, they believe the criminal justice reform is the civil rights issue of the 21st century.
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so those people are going to continue to fight for those issues. and what's really important that democrats have to do when we come out here and bernie supporters, people like myself are making the case, it's that in in fighting for those issues, we need a person at the top of the ticket that will carry the water on those issues. >> so when you hear boos at the california delegation, it doesn't bother you -- >> you know what, that is part of the process. we cannot expect folks, these are in the your run-of-the-mill sheep okay, these are not folks that have just, you know, done party business forever, and that's okay because we need to up the party. they signed up for the issues. there's a process, you have to give folks time and there's been a pew research center report and poll that noted 90%, i think it's over 90% of supporters are saying that they are with secretary clinton. they feel that we're stronger together. they're with her. so don't let a couple of boos out there in the crowd keep folks from thinking that this family isn't strong and democrats aren't well on our way to keeping the white house this
10:14 am
november. >> good to see you. thanks so much. and ahead, much more on how democrats plan to bring the party together as the convention moves forward. we will talk to the clinton campaign about talks again to ask bernie sanders nominate hillary clinton. we'll also check in with kerry sanders who is with some of the bernie or bust protesters. and don't forget to vote in today's microsoft pulse question. we're asking you, can bernie sanders ultimately convince those bernie or bust voters to support hillary clinton? go to cast your vote, let your voice be heard. and be sure to catch our special prime time coverage of the dnc beginning tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. we'll be right back.
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as many as 50,000 protesters are expected to march each day this democratic national convention here in philadelphia. a lot of them bernie sanders supporters. but with sanders throwing his support behind clinton, what will be their next steps? joining me now nbc's carrie sanders who is at the latest bernie or bust rally, what's going on, carrie? >> reporter: chris, i'm out here and it's a rather large crowd of people as you can see several hundred who've gathered out here and i suspect it will continue to grow. these are the bernie supporters. these are the people who say that they feel that the democratic national committee has hoodwinked them, they feel betrayed and they're upset and they're unwilling to accept that bernie sanders's role is not larger as this election proceeds. i had a chance to speak to some of those who are here away from some of the noise, why don't we listen for a moment of what their true feelings are.
10:19 am
do you feel betrayed and why? >> yes, definitely betrayed by the democratic party because of the corruption and the fraud that's been happening behind the scenes. >> reporter: does hillary clinton get your support? >> we'll see. >> the process needs to be completely overhauled. it's ridiculous that i can't show my face or i'll lose my credentia credentials. >> that's why you can't show your face? >> as an elected face, if you show your face if you say something, what will happen? >> that my credentials will be removed for not being loyal to the party. >> reporter: delegates and alternate delegate from nebraska here, amongst the crowd as you saw she didn't to want reveal her face, and that's part of where a lot of these voters say that they stand. that those who are in the system say that the system has somehow led them astray and they're very upset. i think we're going to see more of this sort of disruption
10:20 am
during the week, chris. >> kerry sanders at that event, thank you so much. judge mcinn tosh is a top clinton aid and communications outreach. so there's a lot of communicating that still needs to be done with a small group of bernie supporters. when someone says i'm afraid if i tell the truth, my credential is going to be revoked, is that a problem for the party? >> obviously bernie delegates are allowed on the floor and allowed to say their peace. we all heard them last night. i think it is important to remember that these folks who are here in philadelphia this week are not your run-of-the-mill democratic voters. these are the most passionate hillary clinton and bernie sanders supporters. they have worked their hearts out. and they deserve to be heard. and i'm glad they are. the enthusiasm that bernie sanders has generated this election cycle can't be overstated, it's incredibly important -- >> i need to interrupt you, kelly o'donnell, you have breaking news. >> reporter: as i have indicated, that phone call from
10:21 am
our last conversation was some breaking news. i can now tell you that the plan as it stands right now is that bernie sanders will not personally nominate hillary clinton in tonight's role call of states. instead, the plan, according to sources, is that the vermont delegation will ask to go last and that means that all of the clinton and sanders delegate numbers will have been announced to this convention, and then vermont will ask that hillary clinton, by unanimous proclamation, be nominated as the candidate for the democratic party. that would in effect wash out all of the sanders delegates and unite the party. so, there has been some reporting, there has been some conversation that would sanders somehow step into another public role? he will be in the family box tonight. he will not personally step in in this way, but he will ask his own vermont delegation to make it official for hillary clinton with a unanimous nomination of
10:22 am
all of the delegates in this arena to place her name on the ticket for the presidency of the united states. this is a big development, again, we're talking about how to unify the democratic party. this will also allow those sanders delegates who have been so passionate and energetic to hear the role call of states representing their votes through this primary process, but when the night is over, the intention is for unity and a unanimous vote to nominate hillary clinton, but this would be done by the vermont delegation and not bernie sanders himself. this is breaking news, bringing it right to you, chris. >> all right, kelly o'donnell, breaking that story, disappointment? would it have been more powerful to have bernie sanders himself doing this? >> i think this is perfect. because this is not about bernie sanders or hillary clinton, this is about our shared progressive ideals. and we actually agree on 99% of the democratic platform. which because of the work of both of these candidates is the most progressive in history. >> so to have him there though,
10:23 am
and let me just go down a little history -- >> sure. >> memory lane, this was 2008, let's see the roll call for barack obama. >> i move senator barack obama of illinois be selected by this convention by acclamation as the nominee of the democratic party for president of the united states. >> i remember that moment. it was powerful when you think of how hard fought that primary was. not even a little bit of disappointment? would it have sent an important message to his supporters and to the country in fact about the unity of this party to have bernie sanders do it as hillary clinton did? >> i see what you mean. i think last night was incredibly important when he got on the stage and made that full throated appeal for the progressive case for hillary clinton which needed to be made by him. and i think he absolutely knocked it out of the park, but i think turning it back to the people, turning it back to his supporters is kind of the most bernie sanders thing you could
10:24 am
do. because it is about our shared progressive ideals. and they know that she is going to fight for them for expanding health care, for making college more affordable, i mean, we're talking about being on the same page and getting, getting the future right for our kids which is what we to want hear about tonight. >> for delegates and i've talked with them. even though they appreciate where the platform has come from where it was, there is still this trust issue and it's not just sanders delegates, let me play label the from a sanders delegate last night, kelly o'donnell spoke to about clinton and what she views as a trust problem. >> the main thing is trust. if bernie told me something today, i would trust bernie. i mean, it's just something that a person has to work on. like any type of relationship. when she first get into it, there's not good of a trust
10:25 am
issue there. but hopefully, as we get to know better and as we learn to see what she truly stands for, what she truly feels about people, then maybe a relationship can start to grow, but it starts with her. >> she's acknowledged, she needs to work on some of these issues, but is it something that can be fixed in four months? >> yeah, i mean, i think it was an important thing that she ak knowledged because we have this idea that because hillary clinton has been on the national stage for so long that we're already in a relationship with her. that everybody already knows her. and the truth is there is a lot about her motivations, about her upbringing, about why she takes on the fights that she does that people simply don't know. and tonight is actually going to be the night that you get to hear a lot about that because her whole career has been take taking on fights for people who have been left behind by our various political and government systems. and getting results for them. and you're going to hear from those people and the people that know her best. that i think goes a long way towards building up trust.
10:26 am
>> joined the clinton campaign fairly recently, has not slept since. thank you very much. >> appreciate you coming in. first lady michelle obama, absolutely electrifying the crowd with her speech. next nba legend and author on the impact of that speech and will democrats unite? we're live from the dnc in philadelphia. >> when someone is cruel or acts like a bully, you don't stoop to their level. no, our motto is, when they go low, we go high.
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hey kevin. hey, fancy seeing you here. uh, i live right over there actually. you've been to my place. no, i wasn't...oh look, you dropped something. it's your resume with a 20 dollar bill taped to it. that's weird. you want to work for ge too. hahaha, what? well we're always looking for developers who are up for big world changing challenges like making planes, trains and hospitals run better. why don't you check your new watch and tell me what time i should be there. oh, i don't hire people. i'm a developer. i'm gonna need monday off. again, not my call. take a look at live pictures of the podium inside here at the wells fargo center. the action expected to kick off
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just about two and a half hours from now. outside city hall, bernie or bust protesters continue to gather to voice their frustrations. so we're keeping our eye on that. i mean just a few minutes we'll be joined bay very special guest, basketball star and activist kareem will be my guest live to talk about the excitement here in philadelphia this week. now bernie sanders visiting state delegations today, urging supporters to have party unity to rally behind hillary clinton, but will those bernie delegates heed their candidate's message or will they continue their fight on the convention floor tonight? joining me now from inside the wells fargo arena here, msnbc's jacob sobarof and you're in the vermont delegation? >> reporter: i'm sitting with a couple of members and they're here early. they're here to see the alicia keys sound check. we were talking about this late breaking news that we heard from kelly o'donnell, senator sanders does not plan to put the name into the delegation. the vermont will go last and
10:31 am
nominate her by unanimous consent. have you heard that yet? >> i haven't heard those details. no. >> and how about yourself? >> i have not heard anything about that. >> reporter: talk to me about your plans. your reaction to the speech. that was a very full throated endorsement of hillary clinton. are you more than likely to vote for her now than before? >> i'll let her go first. >> as we all know, this is a step by step, phase by phase pros and those of us here pledge to bernie sanders. i think take it very seriously, not only in our support for him, but our support for his supporters around the country. to pledge our support for bernie tonight. that is first and foremost what we're here to do. beyond that, i'm prepared to vote my conscience as secretary clinton has asked us all to do. >> reporter: what are you going to do? after the roll call. >> after the roll call, good. my lead is, i always take my lead from bernie on these issues and bernie made it clear where he wants his delegates and his supporters to go.
10:32 am
so i'll be supporting secretary clinton. >> reporter: we'll be watching you two closely tonight to see if this day will put secretary clinton into. i'll be watching alicia keys. >> won't be all, jacob, thank you so much. secretary of state john kerry says he raised the issue of the e-mail hack of the democratic national convention with russia's top diplomat but stopped short of making allegations. the house minority leader talked about it last hour with andrea mitchell. >> the russians hacked the democratic national committee. there is no question about that. my sources, not the intelligence committee, other congress of the united states, it is what i know they have hacked. that's a fact. my understanding is that secretary kerry may have brought it up with the foreign minister of russia already. that's a fact. what they did with the information and what they're doing with the republicans, i have no knowledge of, but somebody dumped it during this
10:33 am
convention. so it serves somebody's purpose. >> and nbc's katie tur has been following the trump campaign all along. she joins me flou miami. what's the trump campaign saying about the hack today? >> reporter: well donald trump is basically admitting that it's benefitting him. that's what he said yesterday when we were in virginia. today, the campaign is pushing back saying, that the, that the basically the democrats are trying to use this to their advantage and that donald trump has no business dealings in russia. today donald trump also at the vfw said that he doesn't believe that hillary clinton has the strength or stamina to be president that she doesn't have the, the judgment either. and he forcefully pushed back on this russian hack. take a listen. >> just look at her invasion of libya, and her handling of benghazi. a disaster. or look at her e-mails. which put america's entire
10:34 am
national security at risk. and to think she was here yesterday. i guess she didn't do very well. >> reporter: and trump communication director jason miller assent statement to nbc news saying democrats got caught smearing bernie sanders and fixing the rules to rig hillary's nomination. while he owns businesses and properties, he has no business in russia. of course, this statement does not comment on the fact that donald trump jr. has said in the past that donald trump has relied more on russian investments as of late as the bankruptcies frankly from his business dealings here in the u.s. has made financing companying from the u.s. harder to come by, chris. >> katie tur, thank you so much. and joining me now, retired kareem abdul jabar, the all-time
10:35 am
leading scorer and "new york times" best selling author, his new book, writings on the wall will be out next month. so great to have you here. >> nice to be here. >> you sit here, off sense of history, history has always made at conventions, the first female will be nominated tonight. what's at stake as you see it here? >> well, i think for mrs. clinton, it's kind of like being another pioneer that was very important in my life, jackie robinson, she's the first person to get to this point. and show the world that doing it a different way does not end up in chaos. and i think she's really the right person to make this attempt because she has the experience, both as a legislator and as an official for the government to actually understand what the job is about and not make the mistakes that a regular rookie would make. >> arguably the most powerful endorsement came in the form of
10:36 am
somebody who frankly that wasn't a close friend of hers, but now they really have come together, and that is michelle obama, last night in a speech that has been widely praised. let's play a little portion of that. >> okay. >> that is the story of this country. the story that has brought me to this stage tonight. the story of generations of people who felt the lash of bondage, the shame of servitude, the sting of segregation, but who kept on striving and hoping and doing what needed to be done. so that today, i wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves. and -- [ applause ] and i watch my daughters, two beautiful, intelligent black young women playing with their dogs on the white house lawn. >> we hear the emotion in her
10:37 am
voice. we saw tears in the eyes of many of the delegates as someone whose book is subtitled, searching for a new equality beyond black and white, what did you think when you heard that from michelle obama? >> well, i think that mrs. obama was talking about how all of these things that we attempted to do over the years giving access to power to people who here to for had not had any power has made a significant difference. now women have moved in the political arena to be very effective and very forceful and very important to any success or failure of either of our major parties. and that's a change. and mrs. obama really put her finger on that. and i think mrs. clinton really is going to be the fulfillment of that if she wins this election. she will be the first woman president and make a difference again a glass ceiling that no one had ever been able to
10:38 am
penetrate here before. >> there's a theme tonight, it is fighting for children and families. there are going to be mothers whose children were killed by gun violence. it's something that you have written about, gun violence, excessive force by police against black men, the black lives movement. there's also, i think, frustration on both sides of the hour for people who have been looking for change in the way of mass killings that nothing has changed. do you believe that a different person in the white house will change it? what's going to move the needle, kareem? >> i think what's going to move the needle is the willingness of people on both sides of the issue to talk to the other side. we have to get to the point where we can communicate to the other side, tell them what our fears are, who our hopes are and learn from each other as to how to make this work. because this is how society works. we have to figure out the peaceful ways for us to communicate that will ensure that these things don't happen on a regular basis that they have happened for too long.
10:39 am
>> why is it for you that you feel like you need to come out and speak? you know, just the other day, michael jordan, whose been very apolitical post-career after his frankly legendary career, finally for some people finally condemned violence, both against african americans and police. in a statement he said in part, i have been deeply troubled by the deaths was african americans at the hands of law enforcement and angered by the cowardly and hateful targeting and killing of police officers. i know this country is better that than that and i cannot longer stay silent. he's making a million dollar donation to the naccp and the institute for community police relations that deal with these issues. but he has been criticized for failing to speak. do you wish more people who have this profile would come out and are you disappointed he didn't come out sooner? >> well, i had been disappointed, but michael finally got it together and came
10:40 am
out. so you know, we can't continue to criticize him. it's great that he's come out. because so many people admire him the way they do, people will understand how important this is because we all have to become involved. this is a pa distance pa toir democracy, everybody has to be involved. if we aren't involved, if we sit on the sideline and just let everyone else does do it, things don't get done correctly. we all have to be involved in order to make everybody understand what all sides feel and think and that's how we make progress. >> kareem abdul jabar, the book is "writings on the wall." thanks for coming in, real pleasure. >> great talking to you, chris. up next, some of the youngest delegates share their thoughts about their first democratic convention. you're watching msnbc live from philadelphia, meryl streep is on the floor now, and i have a crowd around me for kareem abdul jabar. thank you, my friend. k
10:41 am
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i look forward to your votes during the roll call tomorrow night. [ applause ] >> tonight's delegates will be making their voices heard during the roll call which will facially make hillary clinton the democratic nominee and of course history will be made. the first woman nominee of a major political party. so how are the youngest delegates reacting to this historic event? joining me now, some of them at this week's convention. hillary clinton delegates, kendall austin from georgia, steven young from virginia, and bernie sanders delegates from california. all right. so it certainly hasn't been boring. can we say that so far? >> yeah. >> bernie was booed at the california breakfast this morning. here's what he said in response. let's take a listen. >> it's easy, it is easy to boo,
10:45 am
but who will be living under a donald trump presidency. >> i know you love bernie sanders, in your opinion that room, how are you feeling right now? what was that like? >> i think there's a strong frustration within the sanders support in the democratic party because people are really feeling disempowered at the convention. and i think with the booing, it was mainly, you know, obviously, you know, people are frustrated with the turn of events in this election. >> but, does that mean you wouldn't vote for hillary clinton? >> no, of course not. i think, you know, obviously we need to unite to defeat donald trump, but i think also we need to address some fundamental issues that we're having in our party right now where 46% of the people in pledged delegates here are pledged to bernie sanders. and many of them are feeling disempowered at this convention. >> not so, i think, the folks on the other side. so we have two of the hillary clinton folks here. kendall -- >> yes. >> why hillary? and sky you this because bernie
10:46 am
sanders did win the vast majority of young voters. >> yes -- >> how did she win me over? >> with education. education was a major point to me. i know myself being a new college student, she wants to ensure that we all have a quality education without the tremendous financial debt in the end. she will not alienate anyone based on sexual orientation, religious affiliation, race, or anything like that. so hillary really got me with those. >> steven, what's your sense, and it's only been a day, do you feel like some of the bernie folks are coming over? or how are things in your delegation? >> yeah, definitely do think they're coming over. it's still a little rocky, i think as the days go along, more will come over to support hillary. and especially yesterday when bernie came out and endorsed hillary, that was wonderful to see and everyone was up there supporting, supporting him and supporting her too. you saw the signs out there that we are stronger together and so hopefully we're going to move
10:47 am
that way. >> one of the criticisms of young people is oh, they're lackadaisical, they don't get involved. any of you consider running for office? show of hands. >> yes, for sure. >> so, i'm dplad. usually they want my job, i'm happy that you want their job instead. thank you all very much for being with us. really appreciate it. and now we've got breaking news out on the floor, kelly o'donnell, yet again. what do you got for us? >> reporter: we are here with ar an anthony weiner in new york, so i covered you on the days on the hill. for those who aren't aware, although i bet many are, he is the spouse of humaamadeen, long time aid, at her side. >> vice chair of the campaign. >> reporter: this is a very big night. and this is a night about telling hillary clinton's story. what do you think voters and some of the bernie sanders delegates in this room need to hear about hillary clinton that perhaps doesn't get through often enough? >> well, you know, there's an odd dichotomy, she's been around
10:48 am
a long time, been part of the consciousness forever, every list of the most powerful women on earth, she's on it. every once in a while, you need to reboot and remind people about how she got started and remind people that if you take a look at her resume and what she's accomplished, i think you can make a pretty good case that she's the most accomplished candidate for president maybe since george washington. i mean, secretary of state, senator from a really diverse state that was going through very difficult times, part of an administration that came in at a difficult time on the foreign policy set and even before that, i mean, you know, bill clinton would probably be the first to tell you that she probably would have been, would have made as good a governor as arkansas back then for the work on behalf of kids. so what happens is in this moment where we get a chance just to kind of look hard at to who the two candidates are, i think that hillary clinton's going to kind of have a reintroduction and it's ironic that she needs it, but it's a good opportunity for her. >> reporter: viewers remember, you've been through the fire of controversy and come out the
10:49 am
other side -- >> i have no idea what you mean. >> reporter: we were there for that and the clintons had that in public history, and some of what makes some people say, she can't be trusted. or they're tired of clintons in public life, those kinds of things, you hear that. what do you say to those voters about just that kind of being on the stage for a long time, and at times, being involved in controversy? >> well, you know, you've got to make, you've got to break a bunch of eks to make omelettes in government. every day you're in government, and citizens around the country see this with their own executives, governors and mayors, first term is great, good, and third people lose mojo it's because you have to make a the love tough decisions, but in the case of hillary clinton there's something else in play. there's a circle that's going on here. the clintons, the republican attack, and then we talk about the attacks and she responds, then we talk about her response to the attacks, and before you know it, we're sitting here and saying, what do you think about this fact fa there's a negative view. there's a negative view of a lot of people in politics right now. president obama is at near
10:50 am
historic highs in the mid-50s, that means nearly half the country still doesn't like him and we're talking about how popular popular president obama is. in this era in 2016, if you're around doing the tough work of government. people tough work of government, people plaintiff beeves with you. particularly in a country that's 45, 45, 10 on a good day. we're a divided country on a lot of big issues and she's in there everyday fighting. the combination of those things means some people have that aggression. >> do you have any worry there will be a challenge put to houma abedin, your wife's security clearance or access too classified information after everything that has happened with the private server? >> i'm puzzled by this. the fbi, the same people that donald trump goes around saying did this investigation that found these things about the private server, the same people do the security clearances. you can't be the law and order candidate and then piss on the fbi, say the military is horrible, say that all of just never been worse off, say that the police are doing a terrible
10:51 am
job while crime is up. there are many, many of these -- >> he donated to you. >> even a broken clock is right once a day or twice a day. >> congressman weiner, good to see you again. >> enjoy the night. vote clinton. >> he plays is role of spouse with houma abedin, see you on the floor later tonight. back to you. >> kelly o'donnell very busy on the floor here. big night ahead at the dnc. hillary clinton will officially get the democratic nomination for president but can democrats unite behind her amid what's been a little chaotic start to this convention? we've also got a programming note for you. don't miss an exclusive interview with vice president joe biden tomorrow on "morning joe." stay with us, we're live in philadelphia. ♪
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10:55 am
>> can i just say? to the "bernie or bust" people, you're being ridiculous. [ cheers and applause ] >> sara silverman there, rocky start to the democratic convention. tonight could be another key moment. hillary clinton will make history by becoming the democratic presidential nominee and her husband bill will also take the stage. joining me now, larry sabato, director of the uva center of politics and author of "the kennedy half century." let me get your reaction to the news of the day. we just learned bernie sanders will not place hillary clinton's name into nomination the way hillary clinton did for barack obama, but the vermont delegation will close it out. does it matter symbolically, historically in terms of plac e placating the bernie folks? >> oh, a little bit. you know, this is my 20th convention, 10 at each party,
10:56 am
and we always think that every little thing is the most important thing that has ever happened or ever will happen and in two weeks absolutely no one is going to remember this. nobody. >> so you have watched a lot of conventions, it ended yesterday, most people thought, on a high note. bernie sanders being the last but that speech by first lady michelle obama, one of the best you've heard. >> that was a very good speech and that will be remembered and it will help hillary clinton but she has to help herself, it's her speech that matters. that's 60%, 70% of any convention. >> what does she have to do? i will admit that i thought last night when i heard michelle obama's speech and saw the emotion from a lot of the delegates i thought, wow, hillary clinton, that's a tough one. >> well, fortunately they're not on the same night. and lots of people will have forgotten some of the things they heard monday night but i think what hillary clinton has to do, obviously, is to make a
10:57 am
very strong case for her presiden presidency. she has to contrast herself with donald trump in very blunt ways. i've heard some democrats describe it as civilization or chaos. that may sound amusing to a lot of people but, in fact, that's what you need to do at a convention for your partisans. she has to energize the partisans. she has to energize the minority community. if she can make that stick, civilization or chaos, she's halfway to winning. >> you know a little bit about polling so let me ask you about the polls out now. looks like donald trump got a bounce in spite of the fact that the convention was widely criticized as being disorganized and negative and all that stuff but hillary clinton either behind or within the margin of error most of these national and even the latest battleground poll in ohio taken after the republican convention shows trump got a bump there. i talked to joe biden about it today, he was out here and the vice president came down and i asked him about the polls and he
10:58 am
said "it's early." is he right to be a little bit dismissive or is it -- what else is he going to say. >> well, it's a bit of both but i have to tell you, this is the worst possible time to take polling. it's absurd. i don't know why so many news organizations are wasting so much money taking polls right before conventions or right after conventions. you always let it settle a bit. you have a bounce with one side, it subsides, you have a bounce with the other side and it subsides. and then about two weeks afterwards you can actually tell what's happening. is. >> so what do you think? two, three weeks after this second convention we get the first read, second read after the first debate? >> no, i would say late august around labor day. i'm going to be surprised if hillary clinton is not ahead. >> larry sabato from uva, always good to talk to you. >> thank you. >> thanks so much for coming in. here's a look at how you're voting in today's microsoft polls. can bernie sanders ultimately
10:59 am
convince those bernie or bust voters to support hillary clinton? here's the results so far, the voting at, 57% of you think no, it's not going to work. keep it right here for continuing coverage of the democratic nomination. that will do it for me. i'm chris jansing. i'll see you back here at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow and again at 1:00. thomas roberts is up next. >> hi, chris jansing. >> hello. >> i love larry telling us don't take polling, it's worthless. >> save your money. >> don't do it until everybody gets back from summer vacation. >> it should go to salaries. >> i totally agree. i support that. >> see, there's unity, there's harmony on the stage. at least between the three of us. thanks so much. we have a lot coming up, it's day two of the dnc party in philadelphia and we're hours away from hillary clinton's official nomination during the state roll call. now, in the last hour, nbc news learned after negotiations senator sanders is not going to be the one to announce hillary clinton's nomination. this after his morning of
11:00 am
speeches trying and in some cases failing to get delegates to back the presumptive nominee. >> it is easy to boo but it will be harder to live under a donald trump presidency. [ cheers and applause ] >> so here we have hundreds of bernie or bust protesters taking to the streets in front of city hall right now. demonstrations for a second straight day. vice president joe biden was behind me during a walk through of the dnc stage asking for the party to give sanders supporters a little time. >> you know, every -- every convention, whether it's been a convention fight, what i've observed is that, you know, people are there, they made it to the convention, they didn't quite make it all the way and so there's always that piece, it should be us, it should be -- that's normal, man.


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