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tv   MSNBC - Democratic National Convention  MSNBC  July 26, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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idaho, the deepest gorge? >> these are important facts. >> this is how you win bar trivia. watch the roll call of the states. you learn something new every time. >> it has been striking, the general sort of comity displayed in the hall here. c-o- c-o-m-i-t-y. >> we should acknowledge this more, it is a much different building today than yesterday. >> there is energy like this for a roll call of the states. a couple years ago, both parties were de-emphasizing the roll call. they would do a few states one day, a few the next day just to get it out of the way. it has come back in a big way. everyone's here. they are cheering everyone. this is an old school -- there's no suspense in the winner. in every other way this is an old school throwback roll call. >> i just thank you for making sure we get to do this. i like the roll call. >> also a reminder we have
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really contested primaries that broke away from an early process we started to see. we have brian and rachel at 30 rock who will anchor our special coverage starting right now. >> thank you, everybody in philadelphia. elijah cummings, congressman from maryland, is starting off the maryland -- >> let's go to him. this is the best television i have seen in years. i'm having such a good time. >> that's where we'll be. >> -- the home of the great, great senator barbara mikulski. who in 1986 became the first woman elected to the united states senate from maryland and the first marylander and woman to chair the united states senate appropriations committee and of course, the leader of the chair tonight, the home of
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stephanie rawlings-blake. madam chair, we are elated to cast 36 votes for a truly great man, bernie sanders, and we are excited and we are happy to cast 84 votes for the next president of the united states of america, hillary rodham clinton. >> maryland, you have cast 84 votes for secretary clinton and 36 votes for senator sanders. thank you again. massachusetts. massachusetts, you have 115 votes. how do you cast your votes? >> madam secretary, i am honored
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to stand here today representing the commonwealth of massachusetts, where since the colonists dumped tea in boston harbor, we have worked for the common good because we know that we are stronger together. we were first in public education, first in universal health care and the first state in the nation to pass equal marriage rights for all. from john adams to john kennedy and beyond, we have fought for those without a voice, for those in need and for all americans. just as we were in 1775, we are ready to fight for our nation, our liberty and the rights of every american to have the country and the future they deserve. i'm honored on behalf of massachusetts to cast 46 votes
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for senator bernie sanders and 68 votes for the next president of the united states, hillary rodham clinton. >> massachusetts of course was an important state in the democratic primary because a lot of people thought with sanders' huge home state win in vermont, that the neighboring state of massachusetts might go his way as well. when hillary clinton won massachusetts it was a big deal. >> madam secretary, on behalf of the hard-working men and women of the great lake state who make things and grow things for america and who created the middle class of this country, we cast 66 votes for a great senator, bernie sanders and 81
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votes for the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. >> thank you very much, michigan. you have cast 81 votes for secretary clinton and 66 votes for senator sanders. minnesota. minnesota. you have 93 votes. how do you cast your vote? >> madam secretary, i am amy klobuchar, the senator from the great state of minnesota, the state of prince's purple rain and the birthplace of tim kaine. the state of governor mark dayton and senator al franken,
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the state of walter mondale, the first person in american history to put a woman geraldine ferraro on a national major party ticket. >> minnesota is the home of hubert horatio humphrey who at the 1948 convention in philadelphia called on delegates and to the nation to get out of the shadow of states' rights and walk forthrightly into the bright sunshine of human rights, casts 47 votes for bernie sande sanders. >> and, and madam secretary, the
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great state of minnesota casts 42 votes for the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. >> thank you very much, minnesota. you have cast 42 votes for secretary clinton and 47 votes for senator sanders. mississippi. mississippi, you have 41 votes. how do you cast your votes? >> madam secretary, on behalf of the great state of mississippi, home of the blues, b.b. king, elvis presley and so on, let me say on behalf of fannie lou hamer who made this delegation look like the rainbow tonight because of her activities in atlantic city in 1964, we cast 33 votes for hillary rodham
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clinton and seven for bernie sanders. >> mississippi, you have cast 33 votes for senator clinton and seven votes for senator sanders. missouri. you have 84 votes. how do you cast your votes? >> the great show-me state, the home of harry truman and the proud alma mater of tim kaine, the university of missouri, and where world series champions hang out, a state that while closely decided in our primary now is united in our determination to change this country, we proudly cast 35 votes for bernie sanders and 49
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votes, including the youngest hillary delegate, 17-year-old rachel gonzalez, for the first woman president in the united states of america, hillary clinton. >> missouri senator claire mccaskill doing the honors there. she's talking about that close primary, remember, that was one that clinton won in missouri but it was less than half a point between her and sanders. so her making the point there, it was close in the primary but we're united now. here we go with montana. >> the home of the only farmer in the united states senate and home of our great governor who is protecting our public lands and all of our rivers that run through it, and this year,
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montana is going to send denise juneau to the congress of the united states and she will be the first native american woman in the congress. 100 years ago, montana sent the first, very first woman to the united states congress and this year, montana will vote to send the first woman to the white house. madam secretary, montana proudly casts 12 votes for senator bernie sanders and 14 votes for the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. >> montana, you have cast 14 votes for secretary clinton and 12 votes for senator sanders. nebraska.
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nebraska, you have 30 votes. how do you cast your votes? >> madam secretary, my name is vince powers. i am privileged to be the chair of the nebraska democratic party. nebraska is an amazing state, home to nearly two million hard-working people. because our system of splitting the electoral college vote on november 8th, parts of nebraska will once again go blue in a sea of red. the most diverse delegation in nebraska history proudly casts 13 votes for the honest, hard-working hillary clinton and 16 votes for the man who electrified nebraska and the united states, bernie sanders. >> nebraska, you have cast 13 votes for secretary clinton, and
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16 votes for senator sanders. nevada. you have 43 votes. how do you cast your votes? >> madam secretary, the fabulous silver state, nevada, from lake tahoe to the las vegas boulevard with a population as diverse as its landscape, also we are delighted to welcome all of our delegation here with us. you have seen some of them on the stage of this great convention and with the spirit as wild and free as our mustangs, we are proud to cast -- >> madam secretary, i am the minority leader of the nevada state senate. on behalf of the state whose
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capital is actually carson city, hereby cast 16 votes for bernie sanders and 27 votes for the next president of the united states, hillary rodham clinton. >> nevada, you have cast 20 votes for secretary clinton and 16 votes for senator sanders. new hampshire. new hampshire, you have 32 votes. how do you cast your votes? >> new hampshire, where we bring democrats together, home of the town of unity, where hillary clinton endorsed barack obama in 2008, and home of the city of portsmouth where bernie sanders endorsed hillary clinton in 2016. new hampshire, the greatest state proud of electing democratic women leaders. we celebrate senior senator jean
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shaheen, congresswoman carol shea porter and this year we look forward to -- >> we will go to kelly o'donnell with the vermont delegation. vermont's been the subject of a lot of attention and speculation. >> reporter: well, there has been so much speculation and we are joined by the third term governor of vermont, peter shumlin. i know you have been in touch with senator sanders. it is your task tonight to read the delegate count from your state but might we have a surprise? >> we are hoping so. bernie's a vermonter through and through. he loves us. he's made us very proud. it's my belief that we will see him join the vermont delegation tonight. >> reporter: we heard earlier in the day he might want to stay in the family box, might not want to cause a spectacle. you think he won't be able to resist? >> he loves vermont. i just really believe he really wants hillary clinton to beat donald trump. that's very much in his heart. as disappointed as he is that he's not the nominee, he will fight hard for hillary. i believe you will see him join
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vermont. >> reporter: will it be just a straight vote count? >> you have to come absee. >> reporter: you will leave us hanging. thank you. i appreciate that very much. we expect to see bernie sanders according to the governor of vermont. i will take that to the bank. >> luckily we have no other plans. we will be here as you saw bernie sanders briefly in the vip box. back to the floor. >> -- great united states senators and senator bob menendez and our cory booker. i stand before you with our congressional delegation and others. again, a state that is as diverse as they come in america, to tell you we are the state that started the revolution and we want to be the state to continue the revolution again.
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we proudly cast our votes for the great senator of vermont, 45 votes for senator sanders and for the next president of the united states of america, the first female and history will be made, 95 votes for hillary clinton. >> new jersey basically climp g i clinching the nomination. after new mexico comes new york. you might expect new york getting pride of place. hillary clinton represented new york as a senator. it will be interesting to see whether they pass their turn and go later in the roll call or after new mexico here, if new york goes right in alphabetical line. >> our state has two great national labs which spin ideas
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from the lab bench to the private sector. entrepreneurs come join us. we are so proud of our brave and courageous veterans, including the navajo code talkers. now our state proudly, our first party chair, the first native american state party chair. yay, deb! >> madam secretary, the state of new mexico, also known as the land of enchantment, home to 23 indian tribes including 19 pueblos, three apache nations and the great navajo nation, madam secretary, new mexico is home to the once mighty rio grande where in homage to our ancient agricultural history which was begun by the pueblo
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indians, our state question is red or green. chili, that is. in a testament to the fierceness of our democratic state legislators, our state remains union strong and "breaking bad." madam secretary, as the first native american democratic state party chair in our country and on behalf of our diverse citizenry, our delegation proudly casts 16 votes for senator bernie sanders and 27 votes for the first woman president of the united states, hillary rodham clinton. >> new mexico, you have cast 27 votes for secretary clinton and 16 votes for senator sanders.
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new york. you have 291 votes. how do you cast your votes? >> madam secretary, the great state of new york, the empire state, the birthplace of women's rights at seneca falls, the state with a proud legacy of progressive leadership enacting a $15 minimum wage, paid family leave, passing marriage equality, proud of our partnership with organized labor, and a proud supporter of puerto rico, we are the proud home of the dean of our congressional delegation, congressman charles rangel, we
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are the proud home of the former great president of the united states who brought this nation to new limits, william jefferson clinton, and the proud home of the next president of the united states, hillary rodham clinton. new york state -- [ crowd chanting "hillary" ] madam secretary, the state of new york pledges 108 delegates
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to senator bernie sanders and applauds him for his call for unity for all democrats, and new york state pledges 181 delegates for the next president of the united states, hillary rodham clinton. >> new york, you have cast 181 votes for secretary clinton and 108 votes for senator sanders. north carolina. you have 120 votes. how do you cast your votes? >> as we switch to north carolina on the floor, we must scamper off for a brief commercial break. but with this reminder. we will keep the action on the floor up on the screen during our break and see you on the other side.
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we're back, back we go to the floor. the roll call and the state of ohio. >> -- and the proud home of jim oberfell who took on discrimination in our country and made marriage equality the law of the land. i'm proud to be here with my fellow buckeyes from the great
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state of ohio. this ohio boy helped love win last summer. and this ohio boy and my fellow ohioans, know this. love trumps hate. the great state of ohio proudly casts 62 votes for senator bernie sanders and 98 votes for the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. >> ohio, you have cast 98 votes for secretary clinton and 62 votes for senator sanders. oklahoma. you have 42 votes. how do you cast your votes?
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>> the great state of oklahoma is proud to be here at the democratic convention. i'm proud to recognize isabel baker, the matriarch of the cherokee nation in oklahoma. >> greetings from the great state of oklahoma, the 38 tribal nations. i was born in 1929, only nine years after women were granted the right to vote. i never thought that i would live to see this day so tonight, i'm deeply honored to help cast our state's votes for the first
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woman president of the united states, hillary clinton. >> recognize cedric johnson, a korean war veteran. >> eight years ago, i was glued to the television in my home in muskogee, oklahoma as the first african-american accepted the nomination for the presidency of the united states. i watched that moment on tv and i knew that our world had changed forever and it changed for the better. tonight, eight years later, we are taking a step forward for equality. the late jake simmons, clara lupim and the recently departed e. melvin porter would be equally as proud of tonight.
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may god continue to bless the united states of america. >> casting votes for senator sanders as the head of his delegation. >> i'm proud to announce that oklahoma, where our state motto, casts 22 votes for senator bernie sanders. >> and oklahoma casts 20 votes for the next president of the united states, secretary hillary clinton. >> thank you. oklahoma, you have cast -- >> very quickly here, at the bottom of the screen you will see we are keeping our own count. there is no official dnc count inside the arena. when hillary clinton reaches 2383 and goes over the top, we will mark it on the screen.
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there will be no specific marking of the event or celebration in the arena, we are told, but that's what will be happening. >> oregon, home to the timbers and the trailblazers. oregon, home to nine tribal nations and four million of the most wonderful people on the planet. oregon, ready for hillary, casts 34 votes for secretary hillary clinton. and madam secretary, oregon, feeling the bern, casts 38 votes for senator bernie sanders. >> thank you, oregon. you have cast 34 votes for secretary clinton and 38 votes for senator sanders.
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pennsylvania. pennsylvania, you have 208 votes. how do you cast your votes? >> madam secretary, i am tom wolf, governor of the commonwealth of pennsylvania. and on behalf of all pennsylvanians, welcome to our commonwealth. along with senator casey, i am honored to announce that pennsylvania awards 82 votes to bernie sanders, whose fight for inclusion, justice and fairness has invigorated our party, and i am honored to announce that pennsylvania awards 126 votes to the next president of the united states, hillary clinton.
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>> thank you. pennsylvania, you have cast 126 votes for secretary clinton and 82 votes for senator sanders. puerto rico. you have 67 votes. how do you cast your votes? >> madam secretary, the delegation of puerto rico, the only all latino delegation in this convention -- [ speaking spanish ] we are also very grateful to governor cuomo and our brothers and sisters from new york for all their help. we salute the delegation of new york. we also stand at the forefront
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of this new era ready to be part of history and we proudly cast 23 votes for the senator from the green mountain state of vermont, senator bernie sanders, and we salute their energy and spirit of change. we also cast 44 votes -- [ speaking spanish ] >> -- hillary clinton. >> puerto rico, you have cast 44 votes for secretary clinton and 23 votes for senator sanders. rhode island. rhode island, you have -- >> madam secretary, i'm speaker of the house of the great
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democratic state of rhode island. proud home of the great senators jack reed and sheldon whitehouse and congressman david sicilini, home of outstanding beaches and coastline, some of the best in the world, great companies such as cbs, hasbro and g.e., a state that recently proudly elected the first female governor. the smallest state in the union with one of the biggest hearts. home of the best restaurants in the country, great quality of life, great people, rhode island proudly casts 13 votes for senator bernie sanders, and 19 votes for the next president of
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the united states, hillary rodham clinton. >> rhode island casting its votes there. we have south carolina, south dakota ahead. keep an eye on that number. the cumulative number on the bottom of the screen, 2383 is the number that clinton will hit to formally go over the top. the other thing we are watching for is the vermont delegation, whether they will go in alphabetical order, whether they may defer their chance to go last and of course, whether or not senator bernie sanders will join that delegation. we have a camera trained on what we believe would be his path to the floor if he decides to do that. >> -- then it's known as the african-american ellis island. >> home of the first african-american to serve in the u.s. house of representatives and the highest ranking african-american currently serving, assistant democratic leader jim clyburn.
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home of one of the ten best cabinet secretaries of the 20th century, former secretary of educati education. south carolina is also home of the emanuel a.m.e. church which has remained strong through the darkest of times. >> home of coastal carolina, the national college world series champion. we have lived by our state motto, while i breathe, i hope. in that hopeful spirit and because our democratic primaries break glass ceilings, south carolina is proud to cast 13
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votes for bernie sanders and 46 votes for the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. >> south carolina, you have cast 46 votes for secretary clinton and 13 votes for senator sanders. south dakota. south dakota, you have 25 votes. how do you cast your votes? [ speaking a foreign language ] >> hello family and friends. i extend my hand to you from my heart with good feelings in our beautiful lakota language. >> from the great state of south dakota, land of mt. rushmore, land that brought us george mcgovern who in 1972, the first convention that practiced
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affirmative action and changed the face of the democratic party delegates forever, where all women and minorities were represented, we proudly cast our 25 votes, ten for the senator bernie sanders, who inspired us all, and 15 for the 45th president of the united states and the first one who will be called madam president, hillary rodham clinton. >> there you have it. with that, south dakota, unknown in the hall, these are our tallies, has put hillary clinton over the top as the official democratic nominee. >> tennessee. tennessee, you have 75 votes. how do you cast your votes?
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>> madam secretary, the great state of tennessee, also known as the perfect 36, the state that ratified the 19th amendment to give women the right to vote, happily casts -- >> chris matthews, you have been talking about this moment arriving for some time. now it's here. >> the chances that the 45th president of the united states will be a woman is the news of the year and i'm telling you, all the kerfuffle that is part of democratic politics, lower case, upper case, the democratic left which revolted in 1948 here in this city, it's all part of history now but in the end it will be the nominee and the nominee's going to be hillary clinton as of just now, and that's the big news of this country. around the world, around the world, the headlines are now going to be hillary clinton is the nominee.
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>> chris matthews in philadelphia. throwing down the k word, kerfuffle. >> we will continue to see that and there's still drama now as to how the vermont delegation will handle this. but this is a huge moment. she's officially the nominee, the democratic party first to put a catholic on the ticket, first to put a jewish american on the ticket, first to put a woman on the ticket in geraldine ferraro and now first to nominate a woman for president. the democratic party has a lot to be proud of. obviously electing the first african-american president from the democratic party looms so large but this moment for women is right up there. >> now the attention goes to wwbd, what will bernie do. a lot of the attention goes to the vermont delegation. we go back to the floor and follow along. >> -- in the following manner. 72 votes for the progressive champion senator bernie sanders from vermont.
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and 179 votes for the next president of the united states, hillary rodham clinton. >> thank you very much, texas. you have cast 179 votes for secretary clinton and 72 votes for senator sanders. utah. utah, you have 37 votes. how do you cast your votes? >> madam secretary, the great state of utah, the industrious and beautiful beehive state, adventure's first stop, home to five national parks, the greatest snow on earth and the number one state for
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volunteerism, casts 29 votes for senator bernie sanders and eight votes for secretary hillary clinton. >> thank you very much, utah. you have cast eight votes for secretary clinton and 29 votes for senator sanders. vermont. how do you cast your 26 votes? >> vermont passes. >> virgin islands. you have 12 votes. how do you cast your votes? >> madam secretary, we the people -- >> what just happened there with vermont passing, which is why we
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have gone to virgin islands, is what we think is going there is that even though vermont is close to the end of the alphabet there are a handful of other states and territories that will go all the way through wyoming is the last one, we believe, that vermont passed so that they can go literally last. when they go last, they will not only be the last state to cast their votes, they also, we don't know, we will also be anticipating whether or not bernie sanders, the primary rival to hillary clinton during this democratic campaign, whether he will be part of that delegation, whether he will cast votes or whether he will say anything else. there's a question as to whether or not hillary clinton will be nominated by acclimation at that point, essentially making her vote retro actively unanimous. a handful of states and territories left with real drama as to what's going to happen with vermont going final on this list. >> thank you so much, virgin islands. you have cast 12 votes for
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secretary clinton. virginia. you have 108 votes. how do you cast your votes? >> from the beautiful commonwealth of virginia, where it all began in 1607, home to eight presidents, home of so many of our founding fathers and mothers, home to the largest naval base in the world, where 10% of our population are veterans, where we love our veterans, we love our military and we love their families, home to our beloved first daughter and first lady, anne holton and home to the next vice president
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of the united states -- >> bernie sanders in the catacombs, down the tunnel. let's listen in. >> couldn't hear him. didn't have anything to say. there he goes. >> thanks for trying, jacob soboroff just above bernie sanders as he makes his way, short walk from the tunnel over to his home state's delegation. >> -- 33 votes for senator sanders. washington. you have 118 votes. how do you cast your votes? >> madam secretary, i am jackson, chair of the washington democratic party. in washington state we are proud
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to be committed members of a party that believes in building bridges, not walls. a party that believes in inclusion, not exclusion. a party that believes in opportunity and not opportunism. the dream act and not living in a dream world. and standing up for working families, not standing on top of them. tonight, washington state, the evergreen state under the leadership of governor jay insley, champions of good progressive policies and home to 29 federally recognized tribes and urban indians and alaskan natives from across indian country, washington has two abstentions and is proud, very proud to cast 74 votes for the inspiring and transformative senator bernie sanders.
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>> this is washington state. it's interesting, the last states alphabetically, by accident, all happen to have been won during the primary process by bernie sanders. plus we will have vermont, his home state, which he won in a landslide at the end of that alphabetical roll. this should be very interesting. >> washington, you have cast 42 votes for secretary clinton and 74 votes for senator sanders. west virginia. west virginia, you have 37 votes. how do you cast your votes? >> madam secretary, almost heaven, west virginia, home of the most compassionate people in the world when disaster strikes and proud to put people first,
3:48 pm
casts 19 votes for the next president of the united states, hillary rodham clinton and 18 votes for senator bernie sanders. >> west virginia, you have cast 19 votes for secretary clinton and 18 votes for senator sanders. wisconsin. wisconsin, you have 96 votes. how do you cast your votes? >> madam secretary, i am senator tammy baldwin from the great state of wisconsin and i am so proud to represent the badger state and our 11 sovereign tribes here tonight. wisconsin is a state where workers still make things from
3:49 pm
ships, tools and paper to cheese, brats and beer. we are home to the bucks, the brewers and america's team, the green bay packers. and we are home to future senator russ feingold. tonight, we cast 49 votes for senator bernie sanders and we cast 47 votes for the next president of the united states, secretary hillary clinton. >> thank you very much, wisconsin. you have cast 47 votes for secretary clinton and 49 votes for senator sanders. wyoming.
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wyoming, you have 18 votes. how do you cast your votes? >> madam secretary, i am the chairwoman of the wyoming democratic party. wyoming, the equality state and the home of many firsts. the first national park, the first national monument, the first state to guarantee women the right to vote and the first state to elect a woman governor. tonight, we are proud to be the last to cast our state votes. seven votes for senator bernie sanders and 11 votes for the next president of the united states, the first woman president of the united states, hillary rodham clinton. >> thank you very much. >> we will now hear from the state of vermont. we have seen senator sanders sitting with the vermont democratic chair. lot of suspense about this moment as vermont is last to cast its votes tonight.
3:51 pm
>> and now to vermont. how do you cast your 26 votes? >> i'm chair of the vermont democratic party. on behalf of the great state of vermont, a state that helped fight and win the revolution that gave birth to our united states of america, the state that helped fight and win the political revolution of 2016, thanks to our senator bernie sande sanders, whose leaders denounced the demagoguery of joseph mccarthy and whose leaders like howard dean, peter welch and our own senator leahy speak out against the modern day mccarthy,
3:52 pm
donald trump. on behalf of the home state of senator bernie sanders, who has changed the trajectory of this country in a way that will make the lives of working americans better for generations to come. vermont casts our votes, vermont casts our votes, 22 votes for our beloved senator sanders and four for the next president, hillary clinton. it is now my honor to present our senator bernie sanders.
3:53 pm
>> thank you. madam chair, i move that the convention suspend the procedural rules. i move that all votes, all votes cast by delegates be reflected in the official record, and i move that hillary clinton be selected as the nominee of the democratic party for president of the united states.
3:54 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. thank you. thank you, senator sanders. senator sanders has moved in the spirit of unity to suspend the rul
3:55 pm
rules, to suspend the rules and nominate hillary clinton by acclimation as the presidential candidate of the democratic party. is there a second? all in favor of the motion say aye. opposed, no. the ayes have it. >> well, if it wasn't official before, it's official now thanks to congresswoman marcia fudge at the lectern. thanks to bernie sanders, who did what so many in the party, so many in the clinton campaign, hoped he would do. the thing to do at that moment. and now it's all official. >> democrats, unlike republicans, have now established a tradition.
3:56 pm
in 2008 and now tonight, where it is not the candidate's home state that puts him over the top or that seals the deal, it is the state of their primary opponent who does it. so it was new york, hillary clinton speaking for new york from which they nominated barack obama by acclimation in 2008 and tonight, bernie sanders himself speaking from the delegation in vermont after every single state and territory had recorded their votes, moving to suspend the rules and declare hillary clinton the nominee. senator sanders creating suspense even to the very end as the vermont state chair was reading the votes from the state of vermont, senator sanders stayed seated, appeared to be lost in thought through that moment, but then the state chair introduced him, he rose and made the motion himself. after the motion was agreed to, he quickly left the room. >> chris matthews, watching and
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listening with us, chris, as they say, it was a long and hard campaign. i'm wondering if it has taken on a new air inside the arena. >> it was unbelievable. as everybody was applauding, i was going in a panorama watching these incredible people, incredibly excited about whatever rifts remain, the room was exuberant at that moment. move over, alfred hitchcock. the new master of suspense is senator bernie sanders because he was letting everybody wait, the people in his corner, the people in the larger group, the hillary people, will he or will he not follow tradition. and he did. i think everybody likes him now. i think it's amazingly, very powerful politics. as chris hayes just said, this is great political theater. >> also, great political theater
3:58 pm
and just a bracingly human moment. sitting there, this is a guy who announced he was running to about seven reporters and then went off like a bullet. he sits in an auditorium of 15,000 people chanting his name, k you could see on his face sort of taking stock of the improbability of this coming to this moment. >> it was pretty incredible watching the vermont delegation, i'm facing the vermont delegation, they are right above us, watching them pick up the hillary signs. that was juxtaposed with that incredible cheer when jane and bernie sanders walked into the delegation and everyone embraced him, you could feel the emotion in that delegation. this room just erupted. that cheer when they said, you know, the ayes. it was thunderous. amazing. >> yet all of it followed the oh, by the way moment, the nomination of the first female candidate of a major party for president. >> that's right. >> andrea mitchell is standing by.
3:59 pm
>> you know, this was just as chris described it. i got a good vantage point here and looking around the hall, seeing the bernie signs and the hillary signs, for all the talk of this rift and as chris said, and as you know, it does exist, there are issues but i was at a breakfast this morning with bernie sanders and he said he wants to work with her. he did get a lot of concessions on the platform and he was talking already about his role in the senate and working with her if she is elected president. now, there's a long way to go but this convention will really, if it continues at this pace, which i think -- i feel it started with the circuit breaker, the michelle obama speech which changed the tone. after that we were not talking about debbie wasserman schultz, everyone was lifted away by that speech and now seeing this night and how the master of suspense, bernie sanders climbing up there to vermont, then sitting down and letting his delegation
4:00 pm
chair, then making that announcement by acclimation. you speak of the tradition. it's really a tradition that only goes back eight years ago. i was standing there in the new york delegation when hillary clinton did that for barack obama. she had of course come over and endorsed him within four days of his nailing the nomination. this was a much more protracted process, where we were into new hampshire a couple weeks ago and he actually endorsed her. it was a very grudging speech and there was a lot of back talk about how it was not going to come together. but got to give him a lot of credit. he went to the delegation, took the abuse and the booing yesterday, he went to them one by one, went to california today which had been a hotbed of criticism and rebellion, and went and assuaged their fears that this is not over and he's going to continue. a couple of points. he is not going to raise money for her. he is not going to turn over his e-mail list so he


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