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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  July 30, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. >> nearly a week after he shocked so many by appearing to encourage russia to commit cyber espionage against the u.s., donald trump is still unwinding and revising. good morning and welcome to "am joy." the burning question now, is the hacking of three democratic party organizations a sign that russia president vladimir putin is trying to manipulate the election in trump's favor? the latest update to what is surely the biggest and most unprecedented development in the presidential campaign, a computer system used by hillary clinton's campaign was also hacked. that follows attacks on the democratic national committee and the democratic congressional campaign committee which works to elect democrats to the u.s. house of representatives. a national security officials say they're confident that russian intelligence agencies are responsible for the dnc
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hack. some of the private e-mails were posted online by wikileaks. the fbi and nsa are investigating which brings us back to trump and unwind and revise. >> when i'm being sarcastic -- >> were you being sarcastic? >> of course. you have 33,000 e-mails deleted and the real problem is what was said on those e-mails from the democratic national committee. you take a look at what was said on those e-mails, it's disgracef disgraceful. >> let's bring in david sanger, he joins us from aspen, corado. thank you so much for being here. donald trump says the real scandal is what was in the 30,000 e-mails that he says are missing and that he would like vladimir putin's intelligence services to find, but i think most people agree that the real scandal and the really shocking thing that we've never heard before from a presidential candidate is this invitation to russia to hack into his opponent's e-mails. can you tell us what we know about whether or not we have located the source of this hacking as the russian intelligence services?
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what do we know as of today? >> we know about what we knew back in mid-june when the dnc first reported that the hack had taken place and that they had brought in a private investigation group, cyber investigation group, that it concluded that it appeared to be two competing russian hacking groups that are widely believed to be run by russian spy agencies. these are the same groups that were responsible for the state department and white house hacks that resulted in the theft of tens of thousands of e-mails. they're also the same groups that were responsible for an attack on the joint chiefs of staff, on the german parliament, and the list goes on. now, there's nothing entirely new here in hacking into such systems. we, the united states, do the same thing to the russians, to these agencies. you couldn't go through the
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snowden papers three years ago without getting a real sense to the degree in which the nsa and the u.s. cyber command get inside the systems of foreign nations. that's what they're paid to go do. the difference is that in this case, the e-mails were released in a way that appeared to be designed to faaffect the outcom of the election. it's not clear that that was the initial intent because the hacking began in june of 2015, long before anyone knew that donald trump would be the republican candidate but that seems to be what's happened since. >> that's an important distinction that you made there, that this appears to be -- at least it looks like it's focused on being against the democrats and against the democratic incoming potential administration, not necessarily specific to donald trump, but donald trump did then turn around and call for more of it which is the thing that's new. i wanted you to listen to congressman steve israel, what he had to say. he said this on wednesday at the
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dnc about donald trump's call for more hacking. >> that borders on treason. i mean, never before have i heard of or seen a candidate, not just for president but for anything, invite a foreign spy agency to hack america's computers. it's one thing to be unfit for command, but today he proved that he's dangerously unfit for command. >> have you ever seen before an instance of an american presidential candidate calling on a foreign power, much less russia, to do something like this? >> i'm not sure it would rank to treason which is defined very specifically in the u.s. constitution, but it certainly was unusual to hear a foreign power being asked to do something that would be certainly a violation of american law. now, as we just said, both sides do it. they both go in and do espionage
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and the american law or the russian law doesn't truly apply no those cases. what mr. trump asked for is something we've never heard in a presidential campaign, certainly in modern times. one of the interesting points you raised is so far, and the important point is so far, we have not seen a parallel hack against the republicans. in 2008 we did when both john mccain's campaign and barack obama's campaign were surveilled by the chinese, and we saw similar activity in 2012. in this case the question is were the russians in simply intelligence gathering and having gotten up all these e-mails which was probably a relatively little intelligence value to them, did someone decide later on that it would be useful for some mischief in the campaign. >> let me ask you specifically about hillary clinton's relationship with russia, with vladimir putin. my understanding is that it's
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particularly bad and there's a particular amount of animosity toward her. could that be a motivator to why this is only being directed so far at the democrats? >> could be. that's certainly one of the theories that the clinton campaign has put out, but i've heard it echoed by some intelligence officials, including james clapper, the director of national intelligence, who was here at this aspen security forum that a attracts of senior intelligence and military officials. the argument is this, that in 2011 when russia was running a parliamentary election, mrs. clinton was still the secretary of state. there was a lot of suspected fraud in the election. she made that point. putin viewed her as responsible for the outgrowth of some protests about the election. and so in his mind this may well be payback at a u.s. that
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meddles not only in russian elects but ukraine and georgia and so forth. >> just as a national security reporter, talk a little bit about this in the context of other things that donald trump has said that implied that he would roll back the u.s. commitment to n.a.t.o. is that not something that vladimir putin would be in favor of? >> in an interview that mr. trump did during the cleveland convention with my colleague maggie haberman and with me, he said that he would apply a test of whether or not the baltic states had contributed sufficiently to n.a.t.o. before committing american troops or other n.a.t.o. troops to their defense if they were ever attacked by russia. certainly one of the things the russians want to do is create some divisions within n.a.t.o. and to create doubt among the baltic states, estonia, latvia, lithuania, that the american-backed deterrent that n.a.t.o. provides is for real. so that would fall somewhat into
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their hands. in mr. trump's press conference just on wednesday, the other interesting thing that he was asked was would you continue the sanctions for the russian annexation of crimea. he simply said we'll look at that, we'll consider that. the usual response of most western leaders and certainly of republican leaders, mr. trump's even party, has been that the annexation of crimea should not be accepted, that sanctions should continue. some republicans, in fact, think the obama administration has not ramped them up enough. >> yeah. all very interesting reasons why the russian fsb might be particularly interested in keeping the democrats out of the white house. david sanger, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. good to talk to you. >> thank you. up next, my panel weighs in on the trump/putin connection. stay with us. viagra single packs... so guys with ed can... take viagra when they need it.
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he asked the russians to interfere in american politics. it is inconceivable to me that any presidential candidate would be that irresponsible. >> donald trump calls himself the law and order candidate. that's not law and order. that's criminal intent. >> leon panetta and admiral hudson blasted donald trump for appearing to encourage russia to hack hillary clinton. n the obama administration says it is going forward with providing the briefings to both trump and clinton. let's bring in my guests,
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malcolm nance, nina and "daily beast" columnist. malcolm, do you think it's wise to give donald trump national security briefings before we fully flushed out his connection potentially to this russian hack or at least his calling on the russians to do more of it? >> that's a matter of law. the nominee of a major party has to get these briefings. >> it's a tradition. it's not law. >> it's a tradition. he's authorized to get it. he should get those briefings. the information is proprietary. he does have to sign a release showing that he's been read into the program. the information will be clear where it comes from if it's leaked. he's not getting anything that he's not getting in the sunday times. >> we'll play what harry reid
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had to say and what president obama had to say. let's start with harry roid. >> i would hope they would give him fake intelligence briefings. they shouldn't give him anything that means anything because you can't trust him. >> he cozies up to putin, praises saddam hussein, tells our n.a.t.o. allies that stood by our side after 9/11 that they have to pay up if they want our protection. america's promises do not come with a price tag. we meet our commitments. >> first of all, malcolm, what are your thoughts on hairy reid's idea? >> i think that harry reid was joking because he has to get briefings. it's not going to show sensitive methods and it's not going to name names. it's very generic. >> you mean the one that said
7:16 am
o osama bin laden determined to attack in the united states. >> yes. >> president obama talked about the fact that highlighting the fact that donald trump has essentially created landlord/tenant commitments. you heard david sanger saying donald trump was asked directly whether or not he was supportive for seizing crimea. how dangerous is it for a potential president to potentially walk back? >> it's dangerous for this man because he walks back on various commitments. he thinks everything in an art of a deal. putin, if we think of russia as an important american adversary, putin will take advantage of that. in fact, putin is known to take advantage of other people's weaknesses or hesitations.
7:17 am
it becomes with trump president and putin in the kremlin, it's becoming a very dangerous world. >> in your view, would vladimir putin prefer to have donald trump as the president of the united states in. >> with all the things he says, i respect trump and i think he's wonderful, he does think he's universal tool and something we have to remember if we talk about donald trump as a con artist because he does speak from the hip at all times, putin actually is trained to do this. when we think that there are similarities, putin is very well trained to say things that are put forward. >> very good point. david, one of the things that we've heard donald trump trying to do in trying to walk back what he said and the outrage that he's created is to say he's never met or talked to vladimir putin. then, interestingly enough, he had this to say -- for somebody who says he's never spoken to, about his claim that vladimir putin used the "n" word.
7:18 am
this is from a wednesday press conference. the setup is donald trump claims he has never met or spoken to vladimir putin. listen to what he claims putin said about our president. >> putin has said things over the last year that are really bad things, okay? he mentioned the "n" word one time. i was shocked to hear him mention the "n" word. you know what the "n" word is. he mentioned it. he has a total lack for president obama. number one, he doesn't like him. number two, he doesn't respect him. i think he's going to respect your president if i'm elected and i hope he likes me. >> our own thomas roberts did reporting this week in which he talked about the fact that we know donald trump used to run the miss usa pageant and now there are claims that he actually spoke to or met potentially putin in moscow back in 2013. take a listen to this. >> i do have a relationship with him and i think it's very
7:19 am
interesting to see what's happened. look, he's done a very brilliant job in terms of what he represents and who he's representi representing. if you look at syria and so many of the different things, he has really eaten our president's lunch. let's not kid ourselves. he's done an amazing job. he's put himself really as -- a lot of people would say he's put himself at the forefront of the world as a leader. >> we're told by the trump campaign that the two never had a relationship but there are two incidents of him claiming to have a relationship. what do you believe? >> donald makes things up and creates his own reality and says things that are not true. joy, i want to point out something katie tour said to donald trump. when he called on putin and the russians to interfere in american politics, she immediately did what a good reporter should do. she said really, are you serious about that? and he affirmed that he was. yet, the news coverage only takes the next part where he
7:20 am
tries to walk it back by saying i was being sarcastic. you don't get to say yes, you were serious and then try to walk back an irresponsible comment like this. this goes to the fundamental fact that donald trump doesn't know anything. the parents of the slain muslim captain who asked the question have you ever read the constitution are getting to the fact that donald trump doesn't know anything and he just makes things up and he's rarely pinned down and called on them. i have three questions for donald and three questions for hillary. anybody wants to put me on tv and i suspect it will have a very major effect on the campaign. >> tell us what the questions are. >> why would i do that? it would destroy the impact they would have. if you have me back after the election, i'll give you the six questions. >> you brought up katie tour. let's listen to her actually questioning donald trump wednesday at the press conference, the same press conference where he told her to
7:21 am
be quiet by the way. this is katie questioning him and the casual response that he had to this idea of the russian hack. take a listen. >> do you have any qualms about asking russia to hack into the system. >> that's up to the president. >> does that give you pause? >> no, it does not give me pause. >> malcolm, your response? >> i'm stunned. i'm literally gob smacked at that sponse. i've been saying all week, i think we are in a situation of a national security crises that is only going to get bigger. i think the russians are running a strategic political warfare operation against the united states and that we are at cyber war with them, like director of national intelligence clapper said on monday. as far as the d.o.d. and cyber command is concerned we're at war with russia.
7:22 am
they are running an operation to influence their ef-- he had no pause wloo this means this is how his decision-making process is. the democratic establishment of choosing a presidency is under attack right now and we really need to take this seriously and i certainly hope investigations are going to start. >> part of taking that seriously, we were talking about this when we were in philadelphia, how should the media treat any further releases from wikileaks that came through this russian hack? >> clearly we've got evidence that certainly the white house had a briefing last week by the cyber command, the fbi has hinted that they've got russian fingerprints all over this. they know the point of origin of this and that the weikileaks wa
7:23 am
their cutout. part of these cyber warfare and political warfare operations is to infiltrate in what we call spoof material, material which is false, which has been developed as part of a script, and then to put that into the flow of legitimate information which come out. there may be legitimate e-mails but which were created by the foreign intelligence branch of the russian intelligence agency. don't believe anything that comes out at this point. we've already seen the evidence that the things that did come out were so minor. explosive things would have come out immediately. >> quickly, what do we know about donald trump's business dealings in russia and with russian nationals? >> his son, donald jr., says he's getting financing from russia. donald has very long, deep,
7:24 am
close associations documented with paper and photos and video tape of his dealings with a man who is the son of the reputed russian mob boss. there is a court case in new york that shows that a huge tax scam involving not donald personally at least at this point but his associate that funneled money out of this country to evade taxes to one of the russian oligarchs. there was also a serious effort by donald to build a trump tower in moscow. his children were there working on this. i think there's a lot we need to be asking about just what the relationships are and why donald trump never has a critical word to say about a dictator who murders his opponents and locks them up, particularly when he starts saying he's thinking he agrees with those people who say lock her up about hillary clinton. we don't lock up political opponents in america. we vote in elections and accept the consequences. >> lastly, i'm going to leave it with this. it's not just donald trump who has praised vladimir putin.
7:25 am
rudy giuliani and others have heaped praise on vladimir putin. tell us who this guy is in terms of his relationship to journalists and a pfree press. >> he's not a dictator i just want to say. he's certainly an autocrat. he's certainly a guy who runs the country with a strong hand. also remember that he's a kgb operative. that is very important to remember. he's a judo master, also important to remember because all his politics is run from the sidelines, is run in secret. so information that comes out, he's always in control of. he knows what to put out, he knows what to hide. that, i think, makes him incredibly dangerous, not only for russia obviously because he's an autocrat, not a dictator, but also for the world at large. >> absolutely. not somebody that we necessarily want to have the president of the united states about bffs with in the world. thank you very much. coming up, big news out of north carolina.
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hebrew national. on friday, just over 100 days before the 2016 election, three courts in three states struck down three attempts at voter suppression. a triple victory for voting rights. in north carolina, the fourth circuit struck down the most restrictive voting law in the country, finding that the law was passed with discriminatory intent. the law required voters to provide certain forms of voter i.d. it also ended same-day registration and preregistration for young voters. the court wrote that these measures, quote, target african-americans with almost surgical precision. the white house celebrated the ruling. >> the president takes access to voting as a fundamental right. he believes that he should be doing everything possible to make it easier for people to vote, not harder. that's a position he's held
7:30 am
consistently. that's something that our department of justice has advocated in the federal courts, but it's also a matter of policy to the president. >> and north carolina's governor vowed to appeal which could bring the matter before the supreme court. in wisconsin, a federal judge found that the state voter i.d. law disenfranchises people of color without preventing so-called voter fraud. he wrote, to put it bluntly, wisconsin's strict version of voter i.d. law is a cure worse than the disease. in kansas, a county judge blocked the state from throwing out thousands of voter registrations for not meeting legally dubious proof of citizenship requirements. we'll have more on these victories and whether the fight over voting rights could determine the outcome of the presidential election. that's next. ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the framework...
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our democracy. when we fight to reinstate the power of the voting rights act, it's possible to shock a bad heart and revive the pulse. in this season when some want to harden and stop the heart of our democracy, we are being called to be the moral defibrillators of our time. >> that was church with reverend william barber at the dnc, one of the best speeches at that convention. joining me to talk voting rights is jamal simmons, ari berman, and from cleveland, civil rights attorney sue chandra. ari, i want to start by talking about the impact of that north carolina law. they said the only clear factor
7:35 am
of linking these reforms is their impact on african-american voters. the problem the majority sought to remedy was emerging support for the party. what did the court find that this law did? >> this decision in north carolina was the biggest victory for voting rights since the supreme court got in the voting rights act. because the fourth circuit was so clear about what happened, north carolina as you mentioned passed country's strongest and most sweeping voting restrictions. they not only required strict voter i.d. but cut back on early voting, eliminated same day voter registration, preregistration for 16 and 17-year-olds, out of presting voting and they did so just a month after the supreme court gutting the voting rights act. john roberts said it was a thing of the past. the fourth circuit said all of these things were meant to target black voters. >> didn't they do studies to find out what kinds of voters were in their state.
7:36 am
>> the court laid out a clear narrative. beginning in 2000 north carolina adopted reforms but increased political participation for everybody, but particularly for black voters. we saw north carolina move from 37th in voter turnout to 12th by 2012. the disparity between black and white voter registration and turnout was eliminated. blacturnout and registration increased over white turnout in 2008 and 2012. at that point republicans in north carolina targeted all the methods that african-americans had used to successfully, early voting, same day voter registration. these are things that allowed barack obama to win north carolina in 2008 by a very small margin. that's why the court found that this was intentional crimin discrimination, that the north carolina legislature knew black voters were going to be the target and that's why they did it. it wasn't about stopping voter
7:37 am
fraud. >> to make that point, let's look at the margins in north carolina which is officially a swing state because of this. in 2008 barack obama wins north carolina, really shocks everyone. very slim martin in that popular vote. he won by i think maybe 9,000 votes, 10,000 votes. then you go to 2012. he loses the state but it is incredibly close. he only lost by about 90,000 votes out of four and a half million votes. we're talking about really tight margins that can swing the state either way so the black vote can be decisive. >> people are going to be looking at this all over the country. we've seen the other states try to put these policies in place. the demographics of the country are changing. they can try to resist it or slow it down or find a way to get in front of it and appeal to these people. this is happening, people, and we're going to have to figure out how we're going to build a multi-racial majority, multi-racial democracy that we
7:38 am
really haven't to focus on and build before. >> i want to play one more sound bite because it was such an incredible -- i'm calling it a sermon. i'm going to say that that was church that he was having at the dnc. what he was saying in terms of the electoral map i think is important because it's a little counter intuitive. take a listen. >> these laws are really a lot about the south. if you control the 11 southern states, you control 22 votes in the senate, 3 2% of the house of representatives. the only way you can do that is the able to suppress the vote. >> that's actually me interviewing the reverend. it was church in my mind. >> i thought we were hearing the five heartbeats reference at the end, is there a heart in the house. >> that point is made important because you're talking about 22 votes in the senate, 162
7:39 am
electoral votes that you don't normally think about because they're in the south where the majority of african-americans still live. you e-mailed me yesterday about this ruling in north carolina because in your view it can reach outside of the south to where a lot of those southern blacks went, places like ohio. explain. >> absolutely, in fact, amazing coincidence was just yesterday i was working on the final voting rights brief in our case in ohio against the secretary of state before the sixth circuit court of appeals. at the 11th hour we get this decision about north carolina saying this is intentional race discrimination when they target black voters. so we had to change our brief and got it uploaded at 11:50 p.m. last night, including the fourth circuit's decision. this is going to have tremendous implications and i hope will embolden other federal courts to say we're going to call this out. when you target black voters and do as they did in north carolina, ask for data based on race, on who is using what
7:40 am
voting method, earlier in person, absentee, when you're deliberately targeting black voters you're going to be called out for potential race discrimination. >> let's look at where these strict voter i.d. laws are being enacted because it really is telling. look at that. if you look here, these are the places where photo i.d., strict photo i.d. laws are in effect in 2016. 34 states have those laws in effect. they're very much concentrated in the south, very much concentrated in the republican-dominated parts of the country. you wrote a book about this. there is specific intent behind them, even if it's not written in the law. >> absolutely. that's why it was so shocking to see the supreme court gutting the voting rights act. because states like north carolina, alabama, mississippi, georgia, texas, have been such repeat offenders when it comes to restricting voting rights. in fact, what happened after barack obama's election is that voter suppression didn't end, it spread from the south to the
7:41 am
north and if anything that was a reason to expand the voting rights act. people say, how did trump happen in the republican party. just look at the voter suppression efforts that republicans were pushing. that explains the rise of trump. courts in north carolina and wisconsin say identical things, that the g.o.p. was restricting the right to vote of african-americans to try to gain electoral advantage, to me that more than anything helps explain why donald trump is the republican nominee. >> i want to make a very important point here. one of the things that the fourth circuit noted about north carolina was they did it in met reaction to being unleashed by the u.s. supreme court by the shelby decision that essentially wiped away section five of the voting rights act that had put north carolina in preclearance where they had to check with the justice department before they made changes because of their historical racism in voting. so the moment that north carolina was unleashed, that's when they did this.
7:42 am
now more than ever we have to understand that the u.s. supreme court is in the balance in this election and we have to have justices who protect our right to vote. >> i know we're out of time, but you happen to live in a state whose secretary of state, john houston, is among the most aggressive at finding new and creative ways to make it harder for african-americans to vote. quickly, you guys are going to court when? tell us the status of the case there. >> it's fully briefed now and now we go to a sixth circuit panel next thursday in oral argument. among the issues, our secretary of state taking the position that if you write your name in cursive where it says print name, your ballot should not be countdown. these are the shenigans they come up with to peel off a certain percentage of the electoral. >> thank you very much. coming up, hillary clinton's dnc speech on thursday made history, but was it enough to make her president? stay with us. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads...
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it is with humility, determination, and boundless confidence in america's promise that i accept your nomination for president of the united states. yes, the world is watching what we do. yes, america's destiny is ours to choose, so let's be stronger
7:50 am
together, my fellow americans. let's build a better tomorrow for our beloved children and our beloved country, and when we do, america will be greater than ever. >> declaring that the nation was at a moment of reckoning, hillary clinton embraced her historic moment on thursday with a progressive policy-oriented speech peppered with criticism of donald trump. clinton had three jobs to do in her speech, one, live up to some of the most powerful convention speeches ever made. two, appeal to liberal democrats as an authentic progressive and invite modern democrats to join with her and keep trump out of the white house. joining me now, jamal simmons, nancy giles and michelle goldberg. thank you for joining me. i'm going to start where i ended in the last segment with you, jamal. those are the three jobs that hillary had to do. do you think she did them?
7:51 am
>> i do. i think this convention really knocked the ball out of the park on every night. every night each person got up and did what they were supposed to do. bill clinton told stories that nobody else could tell except for him. barack obama and michelle obama really brought the whole section of the party that was with them and kind of handed this mantle to hillary clinton and said this is yours and you got to go and take care of it and protect us. i thought hillary clinton did it. she did a little too much listening. a little too much of that. but i think that she faced forward. she was positive, she was upbeat. >> and she had that fabulous white dress on for the suf ra jets. >> i'm glad you said that. the twilter atty would kill me if i commented on what she was wearing. >> i had to play this reminiscing, nancy. you listed all those speeches. because the burden on hillary clinton after all these speeches, the bar was so high. >> crazy. >> i just want to remind everybody how high the bar was.
7:52 am
let's listen to this montage. a little long but take a listen. >> there has never been a man or a woman, not me, not bill, nobody, more qualified than hillary clinton to serve as president of the united states of america. >> everybody knows she's smart. everybody knows she's tough. but i know what she's passionate about. i know hillary. >> leaders like hillary clinton who has the guts and the grace to keep coming back and putting those cracks in that highest and hardest glass ceiling. >> i believe we need a president who is a problem solver, not a bomb thrower. someone who can bring members of congress together to get big things done. and i know hillary can do that. >> she's the best darn change maker i ever met in my entire life.
7:53 am
>> first of all, can joe biden just be vice-president forever. >> i loved him. >> even bloomberg, we thought all he did was snatch away your big sodas. >> bloomberg i have had issues with stop and frisk. having said that, it was like battle of the billionaires. billionaire smackdown. he has a whiney voice. anyway, i started a business but i didn't have my father's million dollars to start with. i wish the cameras didn't cut away because he rolled his eyes like, please. >> it was great. >> these are masterful people. i just cried every time joe biden opened his mouth. he's fantastic. michelle, i was in tears. so to have to sew all things together and move forward is a tough job. here's what happened to me with hillary. yeah, you got your show horses and your work horses. that woman works. you can say what you want about her, you may not agree with what she does, but she's been in the
7:54 am
trenches. i tried to talk to some bernie sanders supporters about these issues. she's really done the work. it's not glamorous. it's not sexy. it's not the same as holding up a sign or coming up with a slogan or feeling the bern, but this woman has been in there doing stuff, community organizing, putting the time and i feel like a lot of people don't understand or don't have the patience to understand how much work it takes. if she had only done the bill that helped get health insurance for kids, if that's all she ever did, is that something to lay a mantle on and be proud of? yeah. and she's done much more than that. >> absolutely. >> yeah, i was totally sold. >> i think people understood michelle that she is super qualified, the most qualified person probably since thomas jefferson. she's done all these things. what people didn't do before is really like hillary clinton. >> right. >> they didn't know her as a woman, as a person, as somebody that was a friend, and a mom and a grandma. michelle, there was a cnn
7:55 am
instant poll that was taken after the convention. this is people who are more or less likely to vote for hillary clinton after her address. 60% said they were actually more likely. only 6% said they were less likely. no change, 33%. in that same instant poll, her very positives, 71% said that they had a very positive reaction to her speech versus 57% who had a very positive reaction to the doom and gloom of donald trump. i don't understand that, but that's what people felt. michelle, you have written about this sort of thing, clinton supporters hiding and not feeling proud of it. do you feel that changed after this convention? >> i think it changed in terms of clinton supporters feeling -- i think it reraerased a lot of ambivalence, people who had wanted to feel inspired by the first woman democratic nominee felt inspired after this speech. i'm not sure that people -- people's opinions of hillary clinton are pretty baked in at this point.
7:56 am
to some extent you have to take those instant poll numbers with a grain of salt because people who watched these speeches are already inclined to like the candidate. people who don't like the candidate tend not to watch the speeches. so i think that -- i don't know that she won anyone over who was already really opposed to her. i think that the final sale for hillary clinton is going to look a lot like the sort of back-handed endorsement that michael bloomberg gave for people who are already on the fence. let's elect someone sane and competent. i think that is what she demonstrated, right? it wasn't a passionate speech. she still doesn't sort of open herself up as a person and i don't think she's ever going to do that. but it was a substantive, sane and competent speech, and that's what she's promising. >> don't elect the madman. that is going to be -- >> sadly.
7:57 am
>> thank you very much. coming up, how big of an impact will the bernie or bust crowd have on this year's election. and what happened when michelle obama gave a personal testimony that included slavery from the convention stage? so much more "am joy" after the break. ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the fruit... veggies... and herbs needed to create a pop-up pick-your-own juice bar in the middle of the city, so now everyone knows... we have some of the freshest juice in town. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at
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dond trump, you're asking americans to trust you with their future. let me ask you, have you even read the united states constitution? i will gladly lend you my copy. >> yes, he did take out that pocket constitution and wave it at donald trump. welcome back to hour two of "am joy."
8:01 am
khizr khan delivered one of the most powerful moments of the democratic convention, rebuking donald trump's proposal to ban all muslim immigrants from entering the united states. now, that ban would have kept mr. khan out of this country. it would have also applied to his son, army captain khan who was killed in iraq in 2004 while serving this country. mr. khan appeared on the last word last night to share what he said was the other half of his speech. he addressed it directly to house speaker paul ryan and senate leader mitch mcconnell. >> there is so much at stake and i appeal to both of these leaders. this is the time -- there comes a time in the history of a nation where an ethical moral stand has to be taken regardless of the political cost. the only reason they're not
8:02 am
repudiating his behavior, his threat to democracy, our decency, our foundation, is just because of political consequences. >> powerful stuff. joining me now is dean owing dal dalla, malcolm nance and heidi harris, host of the heidi harris show. heidi, i'm going to go to you first on this. if people didn't see khizr khan, both his speech at the dnc and this interview with lawrence, i highly recommend they do it, particularly republicans because ur partyas tried to own this notion of love of country in election after election after election. i want to play the key moment in mr. khan's speech at the dnc and after that the part that he talked -- let's start with the key moment where he talked about sacrifice. >> have you ever been to arlington cemetery? go look at the graves of brave
8:03 am
patriots who died defending the united states of america. you will see all faiths, genders, and ethnicities. you are sacrificed nothing and no one. >> heidi, how possibly could donald trump who took four deferments from vietnam and said he would order american military members to commit war crimes, how could he possibly answer khizr khan? >> it's a tough thing to answer when he's not sacrificed in that kind of way but neither have most people who have run for president and most people who have served in congress. that is an issue obviously. it would be nice to have more military members serving in congress, people who actually lost children, god forbid, or served themselves. >> most people who run for president and most people who serve in congress have not advocated openly war crimes, have not openly advocated killing children using bombing
8:04 am
of their houses and setting the sand on fire, et cetera, and most of them have not called for banning an entire group of people from the country based on their religion. >> donald trump has said -- and i'm not here to defend everything that he said because he said a lot of things i don't agree with also. but the point he made most recently about the muslims is we just need to know who's coming in. most muslims live their lives honorably in america. i don't see what the problem is of looking at people. let me give you a quick example. years ago my dad had cancer. his oncologist was from iran and at the time the an tlex attacks were happening and i asked him about it. he said you americans are weak, you don't know how they think. i do. he said you need to round up every single person where those attacks are happening and talk to them. this is from an iranian doctor. he said when i came here in 1980 they requestquestioned me, it w
8:05 am
olympics. i'll never forget him saying, you don't know how they are, i do. he's speaking for muslims more than i am. what's wrong with talking to people and checking to make sure? >> dean, your witness. i am a bit stunned. >> this guy was a white guy, i'm pretty sure he wasn't a muslim. >> heidi's doctor or her dad's doctor said that they should round up all the muslims and question them. >> that's fine, whatever, heidi, you're doing a radio show, you pick and choose people so you define an entire group, whatever. >> this was a doctor -- >> you told us the doctor story. let's let dean talk. >> forget the doctor story. let's talk about mr. khan and his son who sacrificed his life for this country. let's talk about donald trump, a man who demonized muslims who said islam hates us, who said thousands of muslims cheered on 9/11, who said muslims in my community were hiding the
8:06 am
terrorists. that's what mr. trump said. what mr. khan did was a takedown of the lies and bigotry of donald trump. there are more than mr. khan's son buried in arlington national cemetery. there are 6,000 muslims serving today including my friend who is a u.s. airforce colonel. yet donald trump who got a medical deferment -- >> four. >> that was first of all education deferment, then a medical one. his doctor gave us a letter last year saying he's in exceptional health. donald trump is one of the rare people who are healthier at 70 than at 22. what hillary clinton said, what mr. khan said, captain khan represents the best of america, donald trump represents the worst of america. >> indeed, the thing that was so striking, malcolm, about mr. khan's speech at the dnc was
8:07 am
that to my memory, he was the first dad. there were so many moms who came on that stage and talked about losing their children, whether they were the mothers of the movement who moved everyone to tears i think to the mothers of murdered police officers. then here came this dad who gave this incredible discourse as he's standing next to his wife who is captain khan's mom. last night on "the last word", finally we heard from mrs. khan and her words also moved me to tears. i'm going to play them. this, i think, goes to what dean was talking about, the sacrifice that muslim families, like non muslim families are making. >> i was telling him be safe and don't become a hero for me. just be my son. come back. as a son. he came back as a hero.
8:08 am
>> that is as powerful a reputation of this idea of banning people like her and her husband from this country as i think there could possibly be. >> i'm glad that i can be here as the combat veteran at the table. i have fought in every war since beirut in 1983. i've been around guys, i've lost people, civilians and military alike in afghanistan. i am sorry. this family has given the united states the greatest gift that it could ever give. it's not the gift of their immigration. it's not the gift that they came in here. captain khan is an officer who should never have been running towards a suicide bomb vehicle and putting his men in -- that's private work. that's the work that younger, sergeant, private, corporal type of guys go forrd and check those vehicles. he put his men in safety and like his father said, he took ten steps. those ten steps that he said
8:09 am
felt embodied all the values that that young man had learned and came to love in the united states and gave his life for this country. i'm sorry, during that speech every veteran i know was tweeting me and telling me how we were all in tears. we know that. his mother, as he said, she wanted him to come back a son, he came home a hero. he sacrificed it all for this country. it is disgraceful to have anyone denigrate this family or the contribution that this family has done, the eternal contribution. this man joins all the greats who have made america america. for anyone out there who thinks that this is a muslim issue, that this is an american issue, they get to choose who's who, it's absolutely disgusting. all i can say to you is this, that man has given everything that most americans take for granted. that man in his ten steps to the end of his life embodied more
8:10 am
about the greatness of the united states, i am so proud of him and i'm proud of his family. but by god, this needs to be the end of the conversation. donald trump needs to just not discuss this anymore. conservatives who think that this is a black/white political muslim issue need to just as we say in the military, see saratoga ra tank go fox trot and learn how wonderful this country is. >> don't lay that on me. i'm not the person who's denigrating him. >> -- you will ever give for the rest of your life. i am saying that as a combbat veteran. i don't want to hear it. >> why are you yelling at me. it's not me who is saying bad things about the khan family. >> the point is you are supporting a candi not --
8:11 am
>> you got to understand, i'm only supporting donald trump because he's the last one left. he's not the person i wanted to be president. i don't want hillary. that's the only reason i vote for trump. >> you're still affirmatively supporting a candidate for president who has said that he would do a ban that would have kept the khan family out of the country. you can't say that because it's an alternative. you're still going to go into a voting booth and pull the lever for someone if you fundamentally think that the idea that he's putting forward is immoral, how can you vote for him? >> he can't do it. he can't build a wall either which i thought was ridiculous since day one. >> you can embrace that idea because when you vote, you are embracing that idea along with the others that he's put out. >> no. i'm voting for him over her because i can't stand the thought of hillary clinton being president. that is different. that's different. >> so it doesn't matter what he says as long as he's not hillary clinton you're okay with that and you're going to vote for him? >> because i think she's worse. >> worse than banning all
8:12 am
muslims from the united states? dean, i'm doing to give you the last word. as long as you're not hillary clinton you can propose to ban all people of muslim faith from the country. >> heidi, i wish you would listen to the words of mr. khan on the lawrence o'donnell show. sometimes principles have to transcend party. many are not supporting donald trump because their principles say i can't. if a democrat nominated donald trump i would not be voting for that person and i would check my democratic credentials because i would not want to be associated with somebody like that because i'm about principle, not party. >> it's not necessarily a principle worth defending but everybody has their points of view. thank you all very much. are the bernie or bust people being ridiculous or could they tip this election nader style? stay with us. ♪
8:13 am
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8:16 am
to the bernie or bust people, you're being ridiculous. >> sarah silverman spoke for many democrats on the cop vennvn floor during her monday rift on the bernie sanders most diehard supporters. her message was echoed by the "washington post" who urged sanders fans to vote clinton because if you're not, the weight of the trump presidency will rest on your shoulders. joining me, the man who wrote that column. jonathan, you angered some bernie or busters. you probably have some not nice e-mails from susan sarandon in your inbox. what did you mean by that?
8:17 am
how can you blame such a small group? we've seen polls that show that 90% of bernie sanders supporters are voting for hillary clinton. we were in that hall in the wells fargo center. we heard the bernie sanders supporters doing their chants. they were a small minority of the people in the room. if there are so few of them, why are you saying they can do so much damage? >> as i say in my piece, i say that they need -- let's be clear, yes, they are a small portion of the folks who are supporting bernie sanders. as i say in the piece, they need to join the 90% who say that they're going to vote for hillary clinton. i think i was annoyed because going around philadelphia, as you showed, i took a picture of the person who said support democracy, vote no on hillary. i'm thinking, wait a minute, the platform, you got so many things on the platform that senator sanders was pushing for. you pushed hillary clinton to the left, further left than probably she would have wanted to go, and yet a lot of those
8:18 am
bernie or bust people are inside the convention hall, inside the club wearing tape over their mouths saying they were silenced by hillary clinton, and they're heckling mostly on monday, but they were heckling throughout hillary clinton's speech on thursday. i'm thinking, what do you think is going to happen if donald trump becomes president? yes, there's jill stein who's on the ballot and yes, gary johnson is on the ballot, but there are only two major choices that you have, donald trump and the fear and loathing and darkness that we saw coming out of cleveland, or you have hillary clinton who has bent over backwards to say the party is open and welcoming to you and i'm listening to you, and yet you're still going to dig your heels in the sand. i had had enough and as you can tell, i still have. >> you are over, over, over it. we were there. the clinton campaign allowed bernie sanders to not only have
8:19 am
day one essentially of the convention devoted to him. the longest speech of that night was a bernie sanders supporter. he was allowed to not only get a roll call which democrats normally end with an acclamation that essentially wipes out bernie sanders delegates or the opponent's delegates. he was allowed to insert a clause that will keep the number of delegates he had in the official record forever. debbie wasserman schultz gone. most of his platform, all but maybe one or two things encoded in the platform. free college in the platform, $15 minimum wage. they essentially gave him everything he wanted and a primetime speech. we had people complaining he had to go last but he got the keynote. why did people have tape over their mouths? i don't get it. >> the people that i talked to, they're the people that were in some ways essentially loyal democrats. these are a lot of people i think who were independents and came over and became democrats to vote for bernie sanders.
8:20 am
i tried to pin them down as most reporters did, what do you want now. it was very hard to pin everybody down, okay, now that you've gotten this stuff, what else can change. some people said what really needed to happen was that bernie sanders needed to be the nom nominee. >> that's not going to happen. >> it's not going to happen. people up until that roll call vote said the super delegates could change their mind, something could happen. no, nothing could happen. she's the nominee. a lot of people really in their hearts believe, the small minority of people, they believe that the votes were rigged. i was talking to people about the idea -- >> what evidence do they have of that? >> from what i can tell they didn't have any evidence but this idea that people are putting forth this idea that people had been purged from the ballot, that the super delegates coming out early for hillary clinton -- >> do they understand if the super delegates had voted in proportion to their states, bernie sanders still would have
8:21 am
lost. >> one of the principle arguments is that hundreds of delegates were for hillary clinton before bernie sanders got into the race. it's this idea that before anybody could vote these super delegates decided and because of that it influenced how people thought before they casted their ballots. we're thinking where are they getting this idea from. bernie sanders himself said this. these people that are holding on for dear life are holding on for dear life using ideas that bernie sanders handed them because bernie sanders didn't concede up until like a day before really the election. so he held onto this nomination i think a tad bit too long and as a result some of his supporters cannot, even now that he's endorsed hillary clinton, they can't get over the fact that he's done that. a lot say they field betrayed by bernie sanders. >> he was negotiating a lot and getting a lot on the platform by holding the endorsement. he was doing politics. he is a politician. but this idea that super
8:22 am
delegates stacked the deck in favor of hillary clinton, you're in washington, isn't that because they're democrats and she's a democrat and they knew she was going to be the nominee anyway and people who know her and don't know him? can you explain the super delegates being for hillary clinton? >> look, hillary clinton is a democrat. she's a registered democrat. she's been in the democratic party most of her life and certainly all of her adult life. bernie sanders is an independent. he was before he ran for president. he was during even though he ran as a democrat for the presidential nomination, and he announced in an interview late this week that when he goes back to the senate he will be an independent through the rest of his term. and so when you're looking at super delegates who, one, have a long history with both bill and hillary clinton, who are democrats, these super delegates, and three, who are looking at someone who has not been a democrat, even though he
8:23 am
caucuses with the democrats. and four, and more importantly, when he ran as a democrat for the nomination, he set up a joint fundraising with the democratic national committee and did nothing with it. you have hillary clinton who has a joint fundraising committee who raised money not only for herself but for the national party and that money is going to be used to help elect the next democratic president of the united states, hopefully from their perspective. those super delegates, there's no way in the world they were going to change their minds en masse to go from supporting hillary clinton to supporting senator sanders. there was just no way. >> when you spoke to these folks, you said many of them that you spoke to that were the real diehards were not democrats before. do you get the sense that they were an arc kiss? was it their idea that they wanted donald trump to blow up.
8:24 am
? >> the majority of people that i talked to weren't anarchists. some people who in their hearts thought the system was not the way it should be and the ideas of a revolution that bernie sanders had been telling them was going to happen, they want the entire system to be blown up. they don't want super delegates to be taken into account, they don't want places that have open primaries. i should say when i was listening to jonathan, one of the things that i as a reporter always found important, hillary clinton did the work to get the super delegates. it wasn't just the huge rallies. i realized in the middle of it that you can pack a big rally, you can have 27,000 people but if you don't know your voters, know where they're going to go, how to mobilize them, that means you're not going to win. bernie sanders supporters looked at these crowds and all these people and said how can 27,000 people come out for him and he loses the election. it's because he didn't have the staff in place and didn't know his voters like she knew her
8:25 am
voters. i wrote a story that bernie sanders was campaigning part time in 2015. hillary clinton had done her work. that's really lost on a lot of his supporters. >> before we go, i want to put up a couple of polls to show you guys because this is the reason we're still having this discussion so long after even bernie sanders has endorsed hillary clinton. two polls that came out that talked about -- from the nbc "wall street journal" in a two-way ballot among democrats who have a negative view of hillary clinton. 39% say hillary clinton, 34% donald trump. if you increase that to a four-way ballot, trump is getting 29% of those voters, hillary clinton 27%. jill stein is getting 22% and gary johnson 9%. poing at least in this poll ine july pretty significant shares of these people who are diehards for hillary clinton against bernie sanders. they're small in number but they can swing an election.
8:26 am
thank you. appreciate it. up next, michelle obama powerful speech has some offering a revisionist history of slavery. we'll be right back. i'm not a customer, but i'm calling about that credit scorecard. (to dog)give it. sure! it's free for everyone. oh! well that's nice! and checking your score won't hurt your credit. oh! (to dog)i'm so proud of you. well thank you. get your free credit scorecard at even if you're not a customer. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through?
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0% fillers, always real meat #1. lifelong smart nutrition. it's all in one. purina one. you are, kid, but you're incredible. it's no longer who's going to give the best speech. we already know who did that. you were incredible monday night. >> never leave, joe. vice-president joe biden joined the convention that michelle obama's speech was one of the best ever. of course some notable names took exception to one simple statement of historical fact. >> i wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves and -- and i watch my daughters, two beautiful, intelligent black
8:30 am
young women, playing with their dog on the white house lawn. >> self-appointed historian and fox news host bill o'reilly, while acknowledging the first lady's historical accuracy added that it wasn't like the really bad kind of slavery. >> slaves that worked there were well fed and had decent lodging provided by the government, which stopped hiring slave labor in 1802. >> o'reilly later clarified that he wasn't defending slavery but that it was among -- but that was one of the most least extreme reactions from the conservative press. fox news radio host john gibson took a stand for all white house workers matter when he pondered what then is the purpose of that, neglecting to mention other workers. he might find clarity in this payroll log from the white house historical association.
8:31 am
the ledger shows the federal government did pay for the labor of enslaved people. the money went to the men and women who owned them. gibson's fox colleague brian kilmeade and tucker carlson wondered why the first lady mentioned it at all. >> i just wish we could have one speech without a reference to slavery. >> actually, i thought her speech was appalling. i know we're required by law to pretend it was great and uplifting. it was a nasty partisan speech posing as a speech about family. of cour >> it wouldn't be a media pylon without rush limbaugh who brought it all home by way of a rather awkward metaphor. >> i said imagine that you -- your wife has an affair and it causes all kinds of acrimony, but you and your wife get together and you decide that you're going to forgive her. now imagine every argument you have you continue to remind her
8:32 am
that she's to blame for everything because she's the one that had the affair. >> see, bill o'reilly, according to rush slavery was a rocky marriage again black people and the people who thought they should own black people so let's not bring it up when we fight so we can make america great again. when we come back, my guests will join me for a slightly different take on the first lady's address. using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the fruit... veggies... and herbs needed to create a pop-up pick-your-own juice bar in the middle of the city, so now everyone knows... we have some of the freshest juice in town. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at see what the power of points can do for your business. if legalzoom has your back.s, over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start
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real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there's only one place where real and amazing live. book a seaworld vacation package and eat free. so, don't let anyone ever tell you that this country isn't great. that somehow we need to make it great again. because this right now is the greatest country on earth. >> joining me now, cbs sunday mornings nancy giles, msnbc and pete dominick. this is going to be fun. oh, yeah. taray, bill o'reilly said that
8:36 am
the kind of slavery that happened in the white house, it wasn't slavery slavery, it was the kinder, gentler slavery so why do you african-americans continue to bring it up? >> it continues to have an impact on our lives and is the structure and nature of the country. i understand that these folks don't want slavery to be discussed anymore. it would make their lives better if it wasn't discussed. just stop talking about it. so often for conservatives talking about race equals racism. and that is the problem. we understand that is not the problem. race is already here. it's already affecting the situation. whether or not we bring it up, there's no race card that we can play and oh, now race isn't the situation. it was there before, we just pointed it out, and slavery gets to the heart of that. just stop mentioning it. this notion of they were well fed. >> well fed and well housed. >> this is a slave going, i asked for medium rare and this
8:37 am
is clearly -- >> this is clearly medium well. >> in his world it's like slavery with benefits. it's crazy. just to echo what tore ray said, people don't want to talk about it. they don't want to deal with the very basic fact that, say what you want about all the other ethnic groups that have come to this country, i'm not mentioning native americans whose country it was -- >> they walked here. that's totally different. >> we came as property. i'm telling you i've gotten into heated discussions with people who have literally said, property, what's the big deal, get over it. that's a big deal. you're a human being. >> let's go to our minority in this segment. pete, my goal is to make america great again for you and make you feel more comfortable in this situation where you really are marginalized as a minority. is rush limbaugh right that we should treat slavery like infidelity in marriage, just don't bring it up in a fight. >> i've never been madder at you
8:38 am
in my life. let's pull back the curtain. there was a time in america where all the panelists were white men. now we've got three black folks in one studio. let's just pull back the curtain. i'm right around the corner. i blame tore ray for this show though, not you, joy. i'm mad that you would ever ask me -- >> the wide shot shows the full extent of our segregation. >> can we make america great again when i can just join you in the studio. >> make "am joy" great again. >> never ask me is rush limbaugh right, first of all as the premise. it's important that we mention however that 50% of white americans actually believe that we face as much discrimination as black folks. one of the reasons for that is because that while we don't have enforced segregation anymore, we self-segregate. the only black folks we see might be on television. we don't understand the daily struggle much less the history of struggle of people of color in this country. if you travel down south, you see there are monuments of
8:39 am
confederate generals all over the south. we don't have a monumentous slavery. we don't have a conversation about reparations much less any kind of reparations. we do need to be reminded every day about the history of this country, especially white people. >> amen. >> right on, my white brother. >> can i come in there now? can i come in with you guys? >> yes, you can. >> we are one day after donald trump jr. hosted philadelphia and mississippi yesterday for no reason. it's not a swing state. but he shows up in the place where ronald reagan launched his campaign when mississippi was kind of in play. what kind of a context could there probably be for that? >> what kind of a context. look, we are shaping up toward an election where a large group of white people dominated by noncollege educated whites are making one choice, and the coalition of the ascended,
8:40 am
people of color, women, clustering around the other side. so we're sort of at this weird logger head where the white people are over here and especially the white men, especially the working class white men are over here and everyone else is over there. this in general is not good for the country. no matter what happens in november, there will be a large swath of the country that is very angry about where we are and what's going on, that their person lost. neither side believes in the legitimacy of the other side. even though i think the hillary's untrustworthy argument is bunk, that is what a large part of the country believes, that we believe that he's unqualified and she's untrustworthy. so a large part of the country will be very, very upset and feeling like their president is not legitimate. >> i think that is a good point, pete, because no matter what happens we will have this sort of feign toward ill legitimacy in the country. i want to play one more piece of michelle obama's piece. we want to talk a little more about it. one of the out growths of
8:41 am
interimism has been this idea of using donald trump as a way to bully but it comes from a place in that michelle obama explained really well in the way she talks to her kids. take a listen. >> how we insist that the hateful language they hear from public figures on tv does not represent the true spirit of this country. how we explain that when someone is cruel or acts like a bully you don't stoop to their level. no, our motto is when they go low, we go high. >> pete, the reality is that was a beautiful sentiment but that isn't the way the country has been working. you work in talk radio where particularly right wing talk radio. we played rush limbaugh earlier. the idea is to go low and go lower. have we reached a point in this country where the discourse is so nasty that not only do people feel free to attack the president of the united states but to attack each other? >> no doubt about it.
8:42 am
to get ratings it helps to be nasty and provocative and mean as you can be. politicians use that to divide us as well to get ratings, to get elected. that happens. i don't have to worry about that on sirius xm because we don't have to worry about ratings. if we did, i'd probably only have a few people anyway. the point is most importantly just about that with michelle obama, this is why she's such a good first lady, why she's such a good role model, of course we cried and were emotional but we stole that saying to raise our daughters, we stole that sentiment, when they go low, we go high. that's not a thing that you do, you don't necessarily take a statement, take a theory from the first lady and use it overnight in your own home and in your own family, but that's what we're doing in our home. >> isn't that the subtext of not only what michelle obama but what the four days of that convention did, it was really aimed at moms. >> totally, totally. i'm not even a mom and i was like, the children, the children. >> totally. >> it really moved me.
8:43 am
the thought of what kind of country you want for the younger generations, what kind of country you want going forward after you're gone. it was the difference between hope and despair. >> absolutely. >> after the week in cleveland, it was like robocop come to life. the only thing that made me feel better was like finding pollyanna which is a beautiful movie. that was the only thing that cleansed my pallet. i just want to jump on what pete was saying about going low and going lower. in my opinion going low and going lower is why donald trump has ascended. he's managed because of that kind of train wreck ratings mentality to not spend that much money to get everywhere by saying the most debasing, horrible things. he gets free air time. it's really boosted him. his whole campaign is based on mean -- >> shock jock. >> the republicans presented basically their convention was like the purge election meets american history x.
8:44 am
what the democrats presented was love, hope, and acceptance. >> and diversity. >> and diversity. >> i don't believe that the country will choose hate over love unless the democrats have completely misread the breadth of anger in the country. i don't think that we will choose hate over love. >> we will certainly find out in exactly i think 99 days. tore ray and pete will be back and so will nancy. we're going to let pete come up and see us. much more "am joy" when we come back. americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service to get it there. because when you ship with us, your business becomes our business. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. priority: you
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now it's that magical time in the show when i ask my guests, from a totally different location where we have banished him, toure, host of the new love city podcast, and since you have been put in the penalty box, i'll is ask you first. >> i want to say first segregation hurts. feel it viscerally. it's a real, real thing, so any way. look. i think hillary clinton won the week. she had an extraordinary convention, but going beyond that, because i think that is the obvious answer. there were a lot of great speeches. but i think the president won the week if not hillary. he gave an extraordinary speech among a a career of epic speeches and really attacked trumpimi the ideas behind him, not just the man, but his ideas. when the president talked about when we do not seek to be ruled,
8:52 am
he's sayinging government work, which goes to the central republican argument that the prop is that government itself is the problem and the president is saying no, it can work, we just need to do it together. but you know, and the notion of we do not seek to be ruled. that was the whole point of america. that's why we came to philadelphia. in the first place to get away from the king. you know, i thought that was a really important point. really pierced the trump bubble. >> absolutely. it was a power argument. nancy, by the way, we should let you know, you have a great essay in the book called love her love her not. >> hillary chronicles. tell us who won. >> that was tough because there was so much good stuff. the president is a genius, michelle, glorious. joe biden made me cry but for the people who want to discount this administration and that hate president obama and michelle and may even hate muslims, blew my mind.
8:53 am
he was the em bodment of everything this country is supposed to be. the idea of bringing in people from all over the world. all kinds of religions. their son sacrificed his life for this country and someone like that could stand up and make such a powerful argument against someone who clearly not even never served, but hasn't read his constitution and is just frankly not very bright. i thought he and his wife were elegant and beautiful and their son's life really made everything sort of stop for a second. and his speech took my breath away. >> when he pulled out the dog eared constitution, lost it. not that it was crisp, that this thing is clearly been in his pocket for a while. >> wow. donald trump was like, what is that? i don't know what that is, i don't trust that. he has some kind of sharia law, i don't like it. who won the week? well, i think the planet won
8:54 am
because last week, not much of a dinger, but i played ai drinkin game with myself and my phrase was climate change. and so there was talk of climate change this week. jerry brown, we heard secretary clinton of course mention it in her speech. but for me, the real winner this week was diversity, so i was in philly and i walked around -- >> even at this table. >> it's a boufl thing. >> i would disagree. >> come on. >> here's something. in cleveland, it really did look like a blizzard. everybody looked like me. i wasn't learning anything. but here, i walked up to these sikh americans, part of the california delegation. about a half hour sben interview. i learned so much about little things like why they wear the turban and why they're supporting hillary clinton in this case, but i learned about different cultures and saudi versety. i think this week, there was so much diversity, momentum limes, sikhs, hindus, asians. disabled, handicap folks, whatever the right thing to say.
8:55 am
we learned more about that this week. diversity definitely won the week and it really quenched by curiosity. >> he is really funny, but my favorite comic of the week, my other favorite person was sarah silverman. her speech was fine, but her off comment, off script comment about you're being ridiculous was so important for the democratic party at this moment for us to hear. and it was a really powerful yus so well delivered. zpl evidence as to why comedians and humor are so important. >> down with that. >> i'll be -- gotham commentary. >> no, i think you're right. we need humor because first da side. inning you're going to have the besten on saturday saturday. we laugh both to make ourselves feel better, but to point out
8:56 am
the ridiculous. >> points out absurdity. >> the guy in the -- i imagine for a lot of women, this is familiar even though ridiculous. they have hyper qualified for the job and competing evenly with a man who is unqualified. >> or knows somebody or is their son or is just wealthy. so that was another thing. i felt a different kind of pride as a woman. seeing a woman going for the top spot and i'm like yeah, i'm all in for that. >> i felt a different kind of pride as said so hard to lose our grip. as a father of two daughters, 11 and 8 years old, my daughter comes in the room yesterday, daddy, it's pretty cool that my whole life, we've had a black president and now, we're going to have a female president. i told her to watch what she said around daddy. i want to make america great now go make me --
8:57 am
>> won won the week was the democrats, their convention was expertly put on. it was brill yabt. highlighted where the country is going. well turned out and well done, but i'm going to say the person who won was michelle cumbo. the hardest woman working in showbiz. she made her show happen on a road. they were terrific. we had a great time on the road and now, i need a nap. nancy, pete and from an undisclosed location, the great toure. check out his podcast. we love it. we do. ♪ we are the children >> that is our show. be back tomorrow though. 10:00 a.m. eastern. up next, alex whit with no singing. she's going to talk to a republican who spoke out supporting hk at the democratic convention. why he cannot get behind donald trump. stay with msnbc, the place for politics. ♪
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