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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 2, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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triggered the whole process because we started the p-4. for little fda on which the tpp fall and just become this important initiative. if the economic arguments for the tpp in terms of trade i think the president has presented them eloquently, what the benefits are to american companies, it's a deal which the countries have negotiated. each one providing market access on their side in return for gaining market access on the other side. each one committing to rules in exchange for the other side committing to rules. it's a hard fought, hard fought bargaining process. the negotiators spend many trips, many nights, many dawns, and fought it out, but actually at the end of it, everybody must decide, is it a plus or a minus for them? and i think in your case mike did a good job as the
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representative. our negotiators did their best to make sure they could bring back something could stand by and it's an achievement that all member's of the tpp at the end of this are still with us. so obviously there is something in it for each one of us. i am exporting therefore i am earning a job but i am consuming, i am importing and because it's freed up trade, i'm getting a wider range of products of services of opportunities that took my livelihood, people talk about walmart, products come from all over asia. who benefits, walmart? many people in america, not just exporters, even people living in the rust belt, people living in the midwest, these are part of
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your every day invisible standard much living. and yet it's real and it's valuable. so in terms of economic benefits, the tpp was a big deal. i think in terms of americas engagement of the region, you have put a reputation online. it is the big thing which america's doing in the asia pacific with the obama administration. consistently over many, many years of hard work and pushing. and your partners, your friends who have come to the table, who have and each one of them has overcome some domestic political objection, some sensitivity, some of cost will come to the table and make this deal. and in the end waiting at the alter the bride doesn't arrive, i think that people whoa are going to be be very not just emotionally, but really damaged
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for a long time to come. mr. abe, for example, several of his predecessors thoughts seriously about and decided not to participate in the tpp. they came very close, they prepared the ground, they walked away. but, mr. abe came through and decided to commit. why? because he wanted to help. he wanted his country to benefit and open up it's markets and this is one way to do it. and you don't do this while it hurts mr. abe is one thing, but it hurts the relationship with japan, your security agreement with japan and the japanese living in an uncertain world depending on america nuclear umbrella will have to say on trade the americans could not follow through life and death, whom do i have to depend upon? it was an absolutely serious calculation which will not be said openly, but i have no doubt will be fought.
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i think if we go beyond that, i'd like to link up the tpp question with an earlier question from nicholas which is where do we go for the next 50 years? and that really depends whether we go towards interdependence and therefore peaceful cooperation or whether we go for self-sufficien self-sufficiency, rivalry, and therefore higher risk of conflict. asia has tried both. the world has tried both. in had the 1930s, with depression, with a very difficult international environment, you went for protectionist policies and off rivalry with japan which led to war. after the war, because america was open, because you promoted trade because you encouraged investments and encouraged other countries to open up, therefore the asia pacific has been
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peaceful and has been a pax and not at war. if over the next 50 years you continue to work towards interdependence and cooperation and neutral prosperity, then 50 years from now, we can see these have been peaceful years and we have made further progress together. but if you go in the opposite direction, and you decide that this is a big pacific, but is big enough to split it down the middle and one chunk is mine and the other chunk belongs to some of the variations, china or india or japan. i think that's a very different world. one of the reasons why you don't have -- you have a manageable relationship with china now is because you have trade with him. it's enormous, it's mutually beneficial, both sides to want maintain that relationship. if you didn't, it would be like the soviet union during the cold war when you will edge in line of scrimmageable trade and had
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to find ways to work together but it's much harder. now the tpp doesn't include china, although some people think it does, but the tpp points a direction towards the world, towards your whole organization of your society and if you acceptability in the wrong direction, maybe in the next 50 years some time you will turn around, but it'll cost you many years and the world will have to pay quite a high price. >> my name is lee in singapore, good afternoon president obama and prime minister lee, i have two questions, the first is just a follow-up to the tpp. i mean a lot has been said, everyone knows what's at stake, but whalz the future of the tpp if it does not get verified by january, the lame duck session? the fear is that if things wait
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too long, and it might need to be reopened up for renegotiation, and that will probably kill the deal. so what is post-january, is that -- how can you reassure the tpp nations and the people that there is the political will to get this done as soon as possible? second question is for president obama, we are almost at the end of your eight years in office, i would like you to evaluate the progress of the u.s. to asia, what is the something you're most proud of and differently and what is your message to your successor whoever he or she may be. the asia pacific, thank you. >> well, with respect to tpp, i thought that prime minister lee's points were right on
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target. and this is an economic agreement, but what we've learned in history is that you can't separate out economic interests and issues and security issues. and interests. and the prime minister's absolutely right, we have benefitted from enormous peace and prosperity around the world. an unprecedented period where the great powers were not engaged in conflict. in part because of growing interdependence. if you think about those parts of the world where we still see conflict where we still see high levels of violence. they're typically places that areless integrated into the world economy. and there's a reason for that.
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so i think there is a powerful economic case just a basic bread and butter case to be made about why this is good for american workers and good for american exports and ultimately good for american wages, if it's structured properly. but i also think that there is a strong security component to this. and what i also think is important is for people to recognize that the alternative is not tpp or some imaginary circumstance in which suddenly we're able to sell goods around the world wherever we want, but nobody's able to sell goods to us. where we can operate anywhere around the world for fair rules, but they can't operate here in that fashion. that's not whatever is being
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imagined as the alternative is not what the alternative, it's not what we have today. a situation in which we don't have as many protections around labor and environmental issues as we'd like. a situation in which there are countries like japan that sell a lot of goods here, but that keep pretty restricted access for u.s. companies and u.s. workers to their markets, and prime minister lee is right that prime minister abe of japan for example has taken some significant risks because he knows that he needs to make his economy more competitive. and as a consequence opening up what we have seen in the past. and that's a big market. still one of the top three economies in the world. so the last point i'd make around this is china. as prime minister lee mentioned, china's not a part of tpp.
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but, if we don't establish strong rules, norms, for how trade and commerce are conducted and the asia pacific region, then china will. china's already engaged in all the countries in the region around it's own version trade agreements. and they're sure not worried about labor standards or environmental standards or human trafficking or anti-corruption measures. so you get a low standard, lowest common denominator trade deal and if america isn't creating high standards, then china's rules will govern in the fastest growing part of the world. that's bad for us economically,
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but it's also bad for security interests. it's also bad for the interests in promoting norms against child labor or against human trafficking or making sure that everybody's working harder to raise conservation standards. and that's just the alternative. and that's the option. so i think it is very important for us to get this done in terms of assurances, nothing in life is certain, we've got a pretty good track record of getting stuff done where i think it's important. and i will say this that yunz this actually is not just a obama administration initiative, this is concept began in a republican administration. we pushed it through. we made it happen.
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we made sure that, the things that i care about in terms of labor and environmental standards were incorporated into it, but historically, this has had strong bipartisan support. the bottom line is we're going to make those arguments and ultimately i think we're going to be successful. in terms of my rebalanced legacy, you know, across the board, we are just in the game. we are focussed on asia in a way that we weren't when i came into office. and the country's in asia have noticed. our alliances are stronger. our security arrangements are deeper. whether in australia or the philippines or singapore, our defense budgets reflect our commitment things like maritime
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security in the region. the continuing efforts around building the east asia summit architecture means that there's the kind of day-to-day interaction around a whole range of issues whether it's faster relief or public health issues or counterterrorism. there's consultations taking place today that were not taking place eight years ago. so, i think on every dimension, we are in a much stronger position to engage, influence, and learn from our asia pacific partners. the thing i probably enjoy most has been our young southeast asian leaders program because whenever i meet with the young
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people from ioasean countries, inspired. it makes me optimistic over what's going to happen. if you ask them about the future that they want to see, they are very much committed to an interdependent world, a world in which people are learning and exchanging ideas and engaged in scientific and educational exchange, and a world in which people's different cultures and backgrounds are a source of strength and cooperation as opposed to conflict. and fear. and that's true true in southeast asia, that's true in africa, that's true in latin america, that's true in europe that a lot of this fear, the choice that was posed by prime minister lee between interdependence and self-sufficiency that is not achievable and ultimately rivalried in conflict.
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those who opt for a rivalry are folks who are looking backwards. you talk to young people around the world, they understand that interdependence is the way that we're going to assure peace and prosperity for all of us for years to come. and so, that may be the thing that has some of the most lasting impact i suspect in some of those town hall meetings i've had, there's future prime ministers and presidents and business leaders, not for profit leaders that are going to do great things. i am glad to play a small part in that. >>en thank you. >> and good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington. president obama just unleashed his harshest public criticism of
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donald trump during this entire campaign. speaking directly to the issue of his confidence and his ability to serve. >> yes, i think the republican nominee is unfit to serving as president. i said to so last week, and he keeps on proving it. the notion that he would attack a gold star family, that had made such extraordinary sacrifices on behalf of our count country, the fact that he doesn't appear to have basic knowledge around critical issue s in europe, in the middle east, in asia, means that he is
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woefully unprepared to do this job. and this is not just my opinion. i think what's been interesting is the repeated denunciations of his statements by leading republicans. including the speaker of the house and the senate majority leader and prominent republicans like john mccain. and the question i think that they have to ask themselves is, if you are repeatedly having to say in very strong terms that what he has said is unacceptable, why are you still endorsing him? what does this say about your party that this is your standard
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bearer? this isn't a situation of where you have an episodic gaffe, this is daily. and weekly. where they are distancing themselves from statements he's making. there has to be a point in which you say, this is not somebody i can support for president of the united states. i recognize that they all profoundly disagree with myself or hillary clinton on tax policy or on, you know, certain elements of foreign policy, but, you know, there have been republican presidents with whom i disagreed with, but i didn't have a doubt that they could function as president. i think i was right in mitt romney and john mccain were wrong on certain policy issues, but i never thought that they
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couldn't do the job. and had they won, i would have been disappointed, but i would have said to all americans, they are -- this is our president and i know they're going to abide by certain norms and rules and common sense. will observe basic decency. will have enough knowledge about economic policy and foreign policy and our constitutional traditions and rule of law that our government will work. and then we'll compete four years from now to try to win an election. but that's not the situation here.
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that is the opinion of many prominent republicans. there has to come a point at which you say, enough. endorses and validates the positions that are being articulated by mr. trump. >> joining me now for reaction, chris alyssa, msnbc contributor, nick confasora, jack jacobs, and washington post deputy editorial page editor ruth marcus. first to you let's talk about whether he is competent, whether he is qualified, and the challenge to the republicans. >> you're talking about donald trump. >> exactly. >> i thought the president delivered a very stinging and very resonant indictment of
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donald trump and i thought the most powerful part was to compare donald trump to his two predecessors as republican nominee. what president said was that he didn't have these same feelings of unfitness about mitt romney, didn't have the same feelings about mitt romney, he would have been disappointed, but he wouldn't have feared for the future of the country. and it's the argument that we've made at the washington post editorial page that trump is uniquely unfit and poses a unique daej. both because of his lack of knowledge and because of his temperament. >> and chris alyssa, let's talk about that because this is an extraordinary statement from the president at a joint news conference with a foreign leader. he is taking a step beyond what most presidents have taken in previous election cycles. he was ready to say i was surprised watching it live and i was surprised that he went that
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far. ruth hit on the critical thing here, andrea. what president obama said in that press conference is this isn't about a partisan disagreement. this isn't about two differing world views and i think the government should be involved here or the tax rate should be this and this. as someone who is president looking saying this person is forget republican democrat, this person cannot do the job for which he is running. it'll be seen through a partisan lens because he is the president of the united states and he is a democrat, but it is an extraordinary statement to say, look, mitt romney, i might not have agreed with him if he had beaten me and was president, but he's fit to do the job, george w. bush, john mccain, this person cannot do the job for which he is running this, a startling rebuke. >> and jack jacobs, colonel jack, we want to ask you about trump's challenge, his criticism of the khans of a gold star
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family. this is what seems to have brought many other people, not just democrats to a point of real concern, republicans are saying so far even though who have not disendorsed, if i may, make up a word, i guess, unendorsed donald trump. >> an argument and personal attack of a major party of the american political scene since colonial times, abraham lincoln was called a two-faced liar and so on. two-faced very much different about this, the first is the absolute level of invective personal attack, you see that so from time to time, we've all been looking at politics far long, long time, sought in the '50s. it's rare. the second thing and significant
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one is the one that you brought up that the whole issue is revolving around the service and the sacrifice of the family of a fallen soldier. that brought it over the top for a lot of people. >> i wanted to play also what happened at a rally with mike pence when the mother of a service member raised the question about the khans and was booed by the audience. let's play it in full. >> time and time again, trump has disrespected our nation's armed forces and veterans, and has disrespect for mr. khan and his family is just an example of that. will there ever be a point in time when you're able to look at trump in the eye and tell him enough is enough? o you have a son in the military, how do you tolerate his disrespect? >> well, i thank you for the question. that's all right.
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it's all right. folks, that's what freedom looks like and that's what freedom sounds like. >> so mike pence had, you know, completely appropriate and understandable response, but nick, this raises the question of what we've come to when people would boo the mother of a service member because she challenged a candidate. >> look, andrea, i think that there's a certain portion of trump's supporters who will always be with him. who will always be with him. there is nothing he can say that they will not tolerate and no criticism that they will tolera tolerate. they probably thought she was a hillary clinton plant and thought it was inappropriate. i think mike pence handled it appropriately and correct lip i think this gets to the bigger issue that he's talking about. to decouple this election from a typical set of partisan concerns. the election is about abortion and taxes the normal run of issue is a lot of voters, a lot
9:27 am
of voters that will go with the party as they always do, but if democrats can kind of decouple it from those issues and say it's not about issues name anymore. it's about fundamental character and finance for office that becomes very, very different election for hillary clinton especially. >> ruth, let's also talk about the invective, this is donald trump and some of the characterizations that he is making of hillary clinton in the last 24 hours. >> when they shows bernie angry, they're talking about bernie, because he made a bad deal. he's people are angry, and they should be. if he said go anything, go to sleep, relax. he would have been a hero, but he made a deal with the devil, she's the devil. she made a deal with the devil. it's true. >> she was crooked hillary, then she was just crooked, heart is handing, now she's the devil. >> or, you know, follower of lucifer as was raised at the convention. one of the things that's
9:28 am
striking to me is how willing donald trump is to call names, you know, people are stupid, reporters are scum, people are little, people are liars, and how intolerant he is and incapable he is of accepting or tolerating any criticism from anybody else. he complained that the khans had said vicious things about him or that mr. khan had said vicious things about him at the campaign when it was really actually a pretty reasonable disagreements on the merits of policy and the implications of his policies, it wasn't name calling. and he can dish it out, but he kl can't take it. i thought the pence moment was remarkable because he incapsulates mike pence, the exquisitely uncomfortable that i think every republican is in, and that i think was a very important piece of what the challenge that the president laid out today which is at what point republicans are you going to disassociate yourself with from this man? and that's a hard question for a
9:29 am
lot of republicans to answer. >> donald trump at his rally in the last hour also again called her the devil. she has gotten the post-convention bounce in our new nbc news survey monkey, online poll. it is an eight-point increase so it's 50 to 42 that's a national poll. pretty nch line with the cnn orc poll that was not an online poll, but it was last night released and that is a seven. point poll. so the polling is beginning to sort of come together we'll talk more about the political impacts of all of this. stay with us, we'll be right back, you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc.
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play warren buffett in omaha with hillary clinton last night referring to donald trump's comments that he had sacrifice the the way the khans had sacrificed because he had sacrificed by creating american jobs, let's watch. >> we've both den well and our families haven't sacrificed anything and donald trump and i haven't sacrificed anything, but how in the world did you stand up to a couple of parents who have lost a son and talk about sacrifices because you were doing that. i asked donald trump have you no sense of decency, sir? that's warren buffett referring back to the mccarthy hearings that extraordinarily dramatic moment back in the '50s. your comments on this whole issue of trump's sacrifice. >> it's face natoing to me,
9:34 am
look, trump's own history with the draft, we have a great story in today's "new york times" that details that trump was basically a classic wealthy american back in the vietnam era where you could avoid the draft with deferments and finding a doctor to say you're medically unfit and that's what this is about. it's going to be about this contrast i'm also interested to see buffett out there, he's a democrat, raised money for democrats. he's been behind the scenes, but seeing the most respected investor in america today, i think, out there at the podium at a rally is something you don't see very often. and now we see hillary clinton essentially taking other billing areas to basically knock trump who imagines himself to be in their class. and toing get under his skin by parading warren buffett and others to say, you know, he's not in our league. and warren buffett says that on
9:35 am
election day in omaha, he's going to try to turn that congressional district for hillary clinton trying to bring out the back, he's going to drive around omaha is going to pick up voters and get them to the polls because of course omaha, nebraska, has that quirk where they can pick up a vote by winning that congressional district. but you're teed it up perfectly for colonel draft. here we are again the way bill clinton was in 1992, we're talk about what happened in the '60s, they were about the same age, and here is donald trump with tim rustert explaining that. >> did you serve smt military? >> i did not. >> what reason? >> i got very lucky. we had lotly numbers, and i guess this was my biggest factor of luck in my life because during the vietnam war, i had a very, very high -- my date, which was june 14, was a very high date in the lottery.
9:36 am
so i never got drafted. i was very lucky. >> there been a number of explanations, luck, over the years, the bone spurs which you pointed out in the "new york times" today as well as school deferments. colonel jack, as someone who was the recipient of the medal of honor for vietnam, you've made your peace with people who did not serve and you have thoughts, but donald trump taking on this gold star family, given his own draft record. >> well, it's interesting, during that period of time as you remember, the dodging the draft was something of a major industry. there were a lots of ways to dodge the draft, and a lot of people, a lot of people did it. the opportunities were afforded to them by the selective service system. you're looking at somebody here, jack jacobs who believes in universal service i think if you're lucky enough to live in a free country. you owe it something in the form of service and my guess is captain khan felt the same way, but the other thing to remember
9:37 am
about, about service is that we have a tendency sometimes to decouple the notions of service and sacrifice which i think is what donald trump was trying to do. you can't sacrifice unless you also serve. and i think that's lost on a lot of people. in an era in which we rely on a small number of young kids to defend all of us, andrea. >> and then there's an issue of sexual harassment. kristin powers in "usa today" was interviewing donald trump and had an interesting response to her question, which was, what if someone had treated ivanka, his daughter, the way roger ailes behaved. it was astonishing, i'd like to think that that she would find another career or company if that was the case. then eric trump was on with charlie rose at cbs and this is what eric trump had so say, defending his father.
9:38 am
>> you're saying ivanka is a strong, powerful woman. she wouldn't allow herself to be, you know, objected, you know, to it, and by the way, you should certainly take it up with human resources and she would as a strong person. at the same time, i don't think she would allow herself to be subjected to that. and i think that's a point of news making. and he did so well. >> ruth marcus? >> look, it's really easy if you're donald trump and your daughter is ivanka trump to say oh well if somebody's treating you badly in the workplace, just find another career or find another job. a lot of people do not have the luxury they don't have trust funds, they don't have big bank accounts. they might not be able to find another job. and the notion that it's their responsibility to either go elsewhere, which is outrageous, or to be strong enough to handle it on their own which is a little bit of what eric trump was say, he did say go to hr, is
9:39 am
just outrageous. the whole, in fact, donald trump's entire response to the roger ailes situation has been galling for me at somebody who learned a lot about sexual harassment starting, we were there together at the clarence thomas hearings. he has said about the women who have complained about roger ailes, they used to say good things about him, that's not the real world, the trumps are not living in the real world. there's a lot of women in america who have lived in the real world. >> what? >> ruth marcus and nuk, thank you very much. as well, chris, and of course colonel jack jacobs. and coming up, republicans like john mccain rebuking donald trump's comments on the khans. but will they city vote for him? more on that coming up next. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc.
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he handed me his purple heart. now i said to him, i said to him, is that like the real one or is that a copy? and he said, that's my real purple heart. i have such confidence in you. and i said, man -- so i said lieutenant colonel, would you like to say something? he goes, no, sir. i'd like you to just keep saying what you've been saying. >> donald trump moments ago at a rally in ashburn, virginia, joining me now, katie tur at that rally. katie, so much has happened in the last 24 hours, and i know you were off chasing reactions from people in the crowd, but your takeaway from donald trump today and the controversy over the way he has responded to the khans and unwilling, his unwillingness to let it go.
9:44 am
>> well, this is a standard stump speech for trump that he delivered today. he did not mention the khans. he didn't get into president obama talking about him today because president obama was speaking about him during donald trump's rally. he did talk about hillary clinton as he does at every rally and the room shouted lock her up, at one point a ten-year-old boy said, take that b down. so it was, in that way, sadly, in terms of that sort of language, it was a pretty standard trump rally. on hillary clinton he said that she said she wants to renegotiate our trade deals and then said that he won't be able to renegotiate our trade deals. donald trump is trying to make a pitch to working class voters. he's trying to make a pitch to white working class voters specifically, but he also needs to try to start winning over female voters. and news out today of him going after a gold star family, the mother of him saying that ivanka
9:45 am
should change careers if she's being sexually harassed. that is not hurting him among the supporters. that should be unsurprising. i spoke to a number of them today. veterans women, and each one of them when confronted or asked about the various things that he said or the controversies, the fights he's getting into, double down on their support for donald trump. they said there's literally nothing he could say that would change their minds about him. that her strong in their support for him. they don't plan on their minds come november. they believe he's going to be the right commander in chief and the right leader if they are country going forward. and there is a lot of have i tree yol against hillary clinton more than anything else. but will donald trump be able to convince more voters come under his tent? in our new nbc news survey monkey poll coming out this week. donald trump is down among the voters that he needs. he's downmong women. he's even down among white voters. he's post-convention bump was all by wiped out by hillary
9:46 am
clinton's post-convention bump. and this divisive rhetoric that he's saying in these rallies, when people are chanting lock her up and children are yelling take that b down, this is the thing that many independent voters are saying that they're just turned off by. one quick example, i spoke to a long time trump supporter who i've been following up with, you know, on a monthly basis, basically in south carolina, took a picture with trump over the fall, nothing but trump. excited for him, thought he would be great. now he says that he just feels like this has gone too far. that he can't control himself. and he doesn't find him to be a respectable person any longer. >> interesting, katie tur, thank you very much. senator john mccain was in phoenix last night at a campaign event. still supporting donald trump for president after the nominee's comments on the khans. let's watch. >> senator, couple of questions about mr. trump's reaction to the khan statements at the dnc last week. >> yep. >> you said in your statement
9:47 am
this morning i that i hope americans understand that the remarks do not represent the views of our republican party, it's officers, and candidates, apparently does reflect the views of your presidential candidate though. how do you put that together? >> just what i said in the statement. that -- >> you still supporting him? >> i do support the nominee of the party. and i tell you what, any time from now on when that question is asked, if i change my mind, i'll let you know. okay. >> joining me now is rick tyler, former spokesperson for the ted cruz campaign, now an msnbc contributor. rick, candidates all of the senate candidates were up this year, john mccain, kelly ayotte, they're all in a terrible place. >> i've been saying this for months. when donald trump -- every candidate who's running this year and even republicans, prominent republicans are going to be left explaining each one of donald trump's gaffes, one after the other, and this is
9:48 am
what's going on. it was extraordinary to the president. normally presidents don't weigh in on their successor's races. that's not typically done. for the president to take time out of his press conference with the singapore prime minister to tell the american public that he is unfit to be president, that's an extraordinary statement. now normally that would seem outrageous. donald trump left himself open to this very kind of criticism and the president -- he was able to say this is not just my opinion, this is an opinion of prominent republican leaders, some who have not endorsed donald trump, who are left not explaining his daily utterances and the others who have endorsed donald trump. >> and in fact, people -- all of these republican candidates have criticized what he said about the khans, but they're refusing to separate themselves from their endorsement of the republican nominee. one other point, we played the sound of a man who said that he was giving him his purple heart
9:49 am
today. in a 1993 interview with howard stern, trump jokingly said that he had lived through vietnam because he had survived the dating world in manhattan. back in the '60s and '70s. >> yeah, it's just one of those comparisons that's going to come back and bite him. >> he was joking, clearly. >> he alluded to the fact that he always wished i had won a purple heart which is a strange thing to say because you get a purple heart by being wounded in combat. and he didn't -- >> not surviving -- >> how would he put himself in the position? but as these things, you know, we could sort of say things look, they happened in the past. this is ongoing, he is a candidate, he is the standard bearer now for the republican party. and he is -- there was part of the standard bearer and the leader of the republican party, it is his job to unify the party. yet the party seems to be getting more and more divided and particularly in the speaker
9:50 am
of the house and the senate majority leader who had to distance themselves from their candidate. >> and trump tweeted a shoutout for paul ryan's -- >> you know, that was -- >> next week's wisconsin's primary and giving a rally in wisconsin. here paul ryan is trying desperately not to disavow trump, and he's-outing out for his opponent. >> paul ryan is going to win, he is going to be speaker. the point is, if when we elect republicans, right, so a lot of conservatives like would say, we like the republicans in the house, what do we get, my answer is nothing, the senator, and now the president doesn't to want go to the speaker. >> what is the chance of a conservative legitimative agenda coming out of after 2016 if donald trump is indeed elected president. it looks like nothing. >> thank you very much. and up next, the zika threat. the cdc issuing a warning to pregnant women after that local outbreak of the disease in miami. what you need to know, next on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. before i had the shooting, burning of diabetic nerve pain,
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cdc issues travel warning over zika outbreak. and now health officials say the one area north of downtown miami is too dangerous for pregnant women. joining me now is our medical distribute contributor. doctor, right now this is the first time wefz had a travel warning domestically. >> yes. >> this has never happened before. >> no, it's never happened before, not in the history of the cdc. the last time we had similar was in the 19 house because of the polio. this is unprecedented, i think it's grounded in the science that we know already of zika virus. >> when i talked to -- i'm sorry, we talked about this yesterday, we were told that the only options are to stay indoors
9:55 am
and to, you know, have good screens. not everyone can stay indoors and has air-conditioning, so what are the options for people living in that neighborhood? >> excellent question, andrea. there we to want remind everybody they need to be using insect repellant, they have stated over and over again over the last couple of months that the epa registered insect repellants, ones that contain deet, up to 25% are safe for all people including pregnant women and children. you need to also remember that this mosquito doesn't just hang out in the dawn and dust, but rather during the day. in the daylight hours is when we want people to be more vigilant. we talk about the, you know, standing water and what not, and look, we need people to do their part. health professionals are trying to do their part. we're looking into whether the insecticide is effective or not. you know, kind of we need to be
9:56 am
hitting this outbreak from all fronts. you know the director of the nih does think that this will be a sustained outbreak for a bit of time and that the range, the diameter will probably expand somewhat, so as i said this morning on the "today" show, i think we need to listen very carefully to the guidance from the cdc in the next coming days and weeks. even about expanding the travel warning. >> thanks so much for that update. an important update. and more ahead on "andrea mitchell reports," stay with us. if you have medicare parts a and b and want more coverage,
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don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. i can't believe i did it. i quit smoking. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. and thank you for joining us, this does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." remember, follow the show online on facebook and on twitter @mitchellreports. chris jansing picks it up. >> have you ever seen anything like what we saw from the president? >> no. no, this was unprecedented. >> yeah. thank you so much, andrea. i tell you, i don't think most people have ever seen anything quite like it, president obama standing next to a foreign leader at the white house and
10:00 am
delivering a blistering attack on donald trump calling him woefully unprepared to be president. >> i think the republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. the fact that he doesn't appear have basic knowledge around critical issues in europe, in the middle east, in asia, means that he is woefulfully unprepared to do this job. i think what's been interesting is the repeated denunciations of his statements by leading republicans. including the speaker of the house and the senate majority leader. and prominent republicans like


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