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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  August 2, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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causing a splash as team usa athletes prepare for the moment on the world stage. >> three days away from the opening ceremonying and reporting from rio. that's going to do it for us this hour. mtp daily starts now. if it's tuesday, is this the end of the presidential campaign as we now know it? are the issue debates now over because the temperament is going to trump all. this is mpt daily, and it starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> good evening i am chuck todd. are witnessing the complete unravel of the donald trump campaign and the truths. trump's fight with the parent os f a american soldier is the tip
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of the iceburg a everything that's come before has not sunk. is this time different? there's no lifeline in sight for trump. today, came this extraordinary mont from the sittingme president of the united states. >> i think that the republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. i said so last week, and he keeps on proving it. it mean that is he is willfully unprepared do job. >> that's a step that we have not seen a sitting president take on a nominee that could be replacing them. he took it a step further and urging the republican party to dump trump. >> why are you still endorsing him? this is daily and weekly where they are distancing themselves from statements he is making. there has to be a point in which
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you say this is not somebody that i can support for president of the united states. there has to come a point that you say enough. >> well, trump himself may help mccain and ryan get there. i will hetell you in a minute. stst become clear that many of them do not believe that they can run with trump. the only question is how hard to run against him because many are hoping that they can ignore him. after a rally in virginia, trump did fire back at the president and an interview with the local affiliates and saying for him to be calling me out is almost an honor because he truly does not know what he is doing. he is truly a weak president. the unraveling continued ask just before we came on the air they posted an interview and he refuses to support speaker of the house paul ryan and mccain
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saying that he is not there yet on ryan. the post said that he singled sen kelly ayot terte. he challenged ryan in a tweet and then after job mccain a veteran and pow put out a statement on the kahn family and president obama was pointing out that mccain did not block the support of trump. here is mccain on that issue. >> i was tell you what, when you -- any time from now on when the question is asked, if i change my mind, i will let you know. >> let many ask you this? >> what does mr. trump have to do to change the mind about him? >> that's a stpeculation that im not going engage in. >> this is a ref ran dumb on a temperament and right now trump
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appears to be losing control of that conversation and in the past he has found a lifeline to regain control and rolling out a running meat and gearing up for the convention. this time the lifelines are not there. the cards are not there to be played. yes, there's the olympics and it's a powerful distraction. in 2014 the games turned way from chris christie and it did help christie power through when the games were over. can that help be the games? if that's the case, then friday's opening ceremonies cannot come soon enough. the olympics is a time in america. now, katie i tell you what trump has kept the cool some what at rallies but it's the interviews
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that he responds back and they're making the stories not go away and adding the fuel to the fire. >> yeah we laid this out and donald trump has extinguished one thing by jumping to the next one. in the past two weeks if we're counting today and that's among it and we can. these are now five controversies that we can lay out and started with melania and then linking ted cruz back and then talking about russia and then the kahn's and now we're talking of paul ryan. the kahn story was not going away and the russia story. what's going to make the two things go away. he made a threat two months ago and also made a threat in may and remember when he said that
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he was not ready to support the nominee and donald trump fired back. he was in west virginia and saying that he is not ready to support the agenda. this is ongoing and since then there's been a show of part unity from the trump campaign and trying to go forward and say that he is going get alone with ryan and republicans today underscores how superficial all of that was. >> yeah, let me get to tonight's panel and thank you very much -- >> who if they turn on him, that will send a signal to thousands of voters. >> yeah. >> i don't get it. >> well, donald trump is -- he was as we know he was the choice
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of 13 million republican primary voters that are sick to death of hearing soothing tones or dying words from public figures that proceed in whatever manner to fail to protect us in terms of the threat and others around the world or fail to protect them from the manifests of the world economy and the opportunities that they should have. i think in one sense donald trump is pursuing the route that he thought brought him to where he is now. he is a count er punch er and going to fight back. i know trump supporters that are saying that i'm tired of everything else that's gone on that i will tolerate this guy of being this way. this is part of him. he is going to be a fighter and turnover the table.
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>> now are ryan and mccain going to beg him for the support? perhaps in arizona, arizona governors might be the poster child of the trump supporter. >> the biggest for paul ryan is that if you went back to the wisconsin primary, ryan's district voted for cruz over trump. there's a core -- >> he can survive this without a proob. >> mccain has two problems. mccain has a primary to worry about at the end of the month and then with clinton being competitive. >> yeah, did he give him the permission slip to walk away. do they take it? >> yeah, mccain, if you're in a close race in november and you have a bunch of trump voters that show up and you're not going to check the name off, that's desissive. >> now, we just had a sitting president of the united states say that one of the two people
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most likely is unfit for the office. it's heard about the world. that's a risk and that's a tough thing for a sitting president to do. >> and i they he did not come to it lightly. he did not say that i disagree with the politics and take the country in a wrong direction. he said that he is unfit to serve as commander in chief. these are dangerous times for the country and the world. there's one thing that we know and that's a constant is volatility. and the idea that many many veterans lined up and said this at the convention and the kahn family and the fact that he was unable to say you know what, this is a gold star family and i know that there's a line that i don't cross. let me change the suspect and doubled down. if you have someone that's so erratic that's really actually concerning to national security, as the president and the person
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that knows the most of the responsibility, you have to say that. >> so when the president says that and you have to choose to deal with my hatred or deal with the unsettled and in security of donald trump. they may deal with it and then feel uncomfortable of dealing with the box. >> yeah, they said it at the dinner chicken or fish? this is what republicans including me are faced with. >> where are you on this? >> well, i support certain aspects. there are many aspects of the republican platform that i support. there are certain ones that i support in terms of policy. i don't support, and i don't endorse heisman is manner or hi pettiness about these things. i would like for him to stop. i think that's where most
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republicans are. we want to be able to support him. it's not necessary for him, and this is what i want to persuade to him. it's not necessary to be combative to win the presidency. >> steve, here are the issues that we could be talking about today. we're having to bomb isis in libya do to a problem that clinton was apart of. we would be questioning right and wrong and we're having a policy dedate in thele of a campaign and then the answers having to do with the e-mails verses verses traditional ways and donald trump cannot get out of his way. >> by the way people are watching this and saying it's you guys in the media doing this. i say every time that we're trying to turn around, donald
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trump makes it impossible. >> yeah i go back and fort on what it is. it's the i'm being too boring if i do that. if i repeat the lines on the economy. >> you sound like a politician. >> yeah. >> there's also this thing and he recognizes that he does in a smaller sense and he has some leverage with mccain because of mccain's political situation and there's part of him that cannot resist hanging that over the head. >> mccain the fighter pilot. i am curious on this one. don't forget on this one. you poke too hard and he is poking at ryan and mccain, and i don't know how he rings the bell. >> i think that mccain may pull back, but does not matter. he was making fun of mccain as a
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prisoner of war. >>. >> the group that does not like ryan is a small group. i wonder if that's a group too small. steve, i know that you're running, but you two are sticking around. you know what we see if it's tuesday, someone is voting somewhere. there are a lot of somewhere todays. it's michigan, missouri, washington, kansas. one of the most watches today is kansas and the first congressional district. how about this in the first tea party. hard line conservative and freedom caucus is facing a strong challenge from roger marshal. you remember the camp listening and was a thorn for john banner. morn that and a lot of these races coming up. marshal is getting a lot of help from traditional republican party sources and the chambers of congress. we shall see. will he be the forty to lose in
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the republican is not a fan of that add and wants it taken down. yeah i have said it before no one should play politics with a heroine epidemic. a poll last month has it up three percentage points in the race. they think no matter what the candidates say, they're going to do what they think will politically work. we know that issue is front and center particularly froin new
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welcome back to mpt daily. we're going down to the policies and it's something that could flair up any moment in time and it's the statements of the tinier and served in office a. yesterday there was a new thing of air strikes and it's a country that you can argue the polities and it's a power vacuum that they capitalized on. clinton urged and obama intervened and after they failed, they claimed victory. they said that they should have done more. well, that's not the case. now we're going to bomb in libya to get rid of isis. in the normal year a fall out is a feel for clinton. it might still be. here is trump with a
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interview with fox business news. >> we're bombing isis in lib yar libya, do you approve of that? >> yeah, we have no choice. that was one of clinton's beauties. they have taken over. it's no good. >> now, they have tried to keep the attention on the attack and somehow they could argue that they're focused on that and not enough on the bigger picture when it came to it itself. it's a decision that's going to haunt clinton beyond just what happened in benghazi. joining me now from washington is foreign affairs columnist and former affairs editor at the washington post. i want to start with a bigger picture here and that is libya and it feels like it is a hard lesson that we did not learn when it came to iraq and in the decision to go into libya and
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then the mess that was left after wards. at the same time that lesson was learned and one lesson that was learned out of it and is it over learned when it comes to syria? >> well, i think chuck you put the finger on president obama's dilemma and i almost want to say nightmare and through the presidency iraq taught us all of the dangers of intervention and they have talked the dangers of backing away and the nonintervention. they spoke directly today in the news conference to the fact that the u.s. after topping in 2011 had not been sufficiently attentive in the words and then the conditions deteriorate and now the u.s. has gone back in and there's been a very serious aggressive operations campaign on the ground and organized to find the targets and have to go after the islamic state there.
2:21 pm
yes, sir the president moves from one lesson to another and bounces back and forth. i think that he fiechblly got libya right. >> yeah, let me ask you this. there's another part of this and we have not debated a lot because they're gone and there's nothing to debate time in. here we have had a country with a dictator that we made the peace in. he decided to given up the weapons. >> then when we had a chance to get rid of them, we went ahead and got rid of them. i wonder the message around the world? >> well, i worry of the countries said that if you lose the num lar umbrella and lose that against the united states, you're likely to be toppled. it's interesting that iran despite that skoern was willing to agree to the nux lclear deal
2:22 pm
with obama administration. they did not want to limit or give up the nuclear administration. the country in libya that i visited in the past is that it was under him and such a mess. one of the countries that just make you bled. it's like a country that could be wealthy and has enormous oil resources. >> you speak of libya about the way that i hear people talk about lebanon. >> welt, even the romans when they were the rulers in libya could not find a way to put the different pieces of libya together. it's traditionally been to or three countries and they tried and never really succeeded. the u.s. is back, i think really trying to deal with the isis cancer if you will and the beginning of the year there was a fear that libya was the next absolute catastrophic base and
2:23 pm
now it's not. it's gone from a thousand to less than a thousand. >> let me bring this back to clinton. what did she learn out of this? she said that the president was on the fence on getting involved with the intervention. it was secretary state of the s clinton that pushed him. what is the lesson that she took away from this? >> well, in her memoir, she defends the decision to go to war in libya and argue aing that it was a humanitarian ka tas harrah fee on the way. one thing that she has to explain what she did learn and where is she and the struggle. when should the u.s. use force? if we do, how do we follow it up and add to order in the would and creating the new disorder? i have not heard her engage that question. i think that the public know
2:24 pm
that is she was a major architect of the libya campaign in the first place. she has to address it. >> how much of the crisis in europe and there were some accidents that took place in libya and europe and then the syria migration and then the one case intervention had the problem and then the other case intervention lacking a lack of intervention has the problem. what's the right answer here? >> these are nightmares and the point that i take away is that the idea that the united states can retreat from the areas and really disengage and leave this part of the world and sometimes you hear in the background of what president obama says is not just possible. as we have stepped back, other
2:25 pm
dangerous forces have stepped forward. i they the president inizing th and we can not step back. it leaves it too dangerous. >> seems to be the biggest difference in clinton and trump. david action thank youch. always a pleasure. >> thank you. >> beth, why have republicans struggled to make -- they have made benghazi an issue, but the larger policy debate on libya has not stuck in a way that to me it should? >> yeah, they missed an opportunity. as secretary of the state she has to be held accountable. >> this is the biggest one that
2:26 pm
she seemed town fluns. >> yeah she pushed the president on that and the president said that it's clearly a decision that he regrets. republicans are so fixated on the issue and the conspiracy that she see. they have gone after that and political will to look into thatty expense of really doing a deep dig into her record on foreign policy. a normal candidate does not do that. donald trump is not a normal candidate. >> he cannot do it to add because of course most republicans agreed. you said to zoom back from libya to benghazi. we have that because of iraq. it's not that the republicans -- john mccain was pushing for more. >> yeah, you had a lot of people. >> yeah, what's the daylight
2:27 pm
between the intervention that obama made reluctanty that clinton made reluctantly and that she said go hard or faster. >> clinton supported the initial intervention in iraq. >> yeah. >> but george w. bush is not running for president. clinton s. she has been involved in decisions that no matter in what educated tones she uses, had been very wrong and have been in many ways disaster. >> i agree. i don't think that they're different g-- >> it's the complex that she pushed with russia. she has been engaged in industrial espionage with us. that's a series -- >> do you agree that they have missed the opportunity.
2:28 pm
>> yeah, absolutely. >> republicans take the hint and i hope that they're watching. this is a part of the series. >> yeah, there is a trump respective here and there's a wedge inside of the political party that's uncomfortable and in today's news is a reminder that you know what, clinton means more and that her instinct is what david says and u.s. needs to be part of restoring the order. that's not going to sit well with some on the left here. trump is not an interventionist. do those voters go to green party or the libertarian or stay home or go to clinton because they hate trump so much. >> yeah i was there when the chance of no more war was being song from the floor. >> yeah, during the speech and general allen. >> with that said, i don't if trump is a interventionist. he said that he has a plan.
2:29 pm
trump is not an internationalist but everything that he says fits with the strong man persona. there's no fight that i'm not going to engage in. >> if i choose to engage, we will win. >> yeah, it's an interesting question. >> that's a good w of putting it. internationalist. he is not someone that believes that's where american first comes in. >> he is not about building democrat democratic institutions the way that they have been. he has been in consistent on the foreign policy. he does not want to intervene and many could see him to clinton's left if you're a bernie sanders democrat. >> okay. i'm going pause it here. in a normal election, libya should be allowed to leave and we're sitting here and donald trump has no way to navigate the issue. >> it's still out there. now to another primary race that's in the if it's tuesday
2:30 pm
radar today. seattle and it's a diverse field and to watch are state representative brady, a gala tee know that calls him trump's worst nightmare and then errand canadian american senator pamila. she received the endorsement in april, and that's giving her e fundraising advantage. remember that washington has an open top and we will see two democrats face off in november and a win would be another big win for the sanders coalition. more mtp daily right after this.
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that's the republican nominee and that's from florida and batsle candidate patrick murphy. he is trying to hit mark rubio and hoping to influence the republican primary there. according to rubeio, he did miss 38 percent of the votes and they're going to perhaps face off in november, but murphy is
2:35 pm
hoping that there's a tougher face off. he has been spending a ton of money and has been unsuccessful so far in getting rubeio to debate him and murphy is writing against grayson and then the groups have pulled all of them together after reporting the claims of domestic abuse and denied allegations and attacked a reporter. it's important to know in florida and the statewide elections tend to follow and then plus or minus a small knarr gin of errors. we will get more and governor rick scott the sitting governor is helping. here, here is hampton pearson. >> thanks chuck, we had stocks closing slower. it's the 7th down day in a row. the s&p falls by 13 and nasdaq
2:36 pm
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there they have republican presidents that i disagree with, but i did not have a doubt that they could function as president. i think i was right in mitt romney and john mccain were wrong on certain policy issues, but i never thought that they could not do the job. >> that was president obama speaking from the white house earlier today after delivering an attack and moments ago mike
2:40 pm
pence fired back at a rally in arizona. >> the president actually said that our nominee was "unfit to serve as president. the fact that he dmoutz does nt appear to be knowledge mean that is he is willfully unprepared to do this job ". well, the fact that obama knows a lot about being willfully u e unprepared by the united states of. >> now, rick scott is running rebuilding america now. governor scott was also in the mix during the running mates sweep stakes. welcome back to the show. >> hi chuck. you need to come home and get back to florida and enjoy the weather and beaches and fishing.
2:41 pm
>> i want to talk to you about this but first the president called donald trump unfit to be president. i know you believe he is fit to be president or you would not have endorsed him. make the case as to why he is. a lot of republicans are out there today concerned about donald trump's decisions over the last few days. >> so chuck there's two people on the ballot. donald trump a business man that believes in jobs and military and supporting the law enforcement and military, believes in destroying isis. then we have clinton who has not created a prosector job. had a shot of isis and failed. she does not support the government. she was once taken down because it said that she was okay and would do nothing to stop the t outsour outsourcing.
2:42 pm
this is like 201 in my race. this is going to be do you want a business person to build a job or a career politician hillary clinton that's never created a job? that's why i support donald trump. i want a partner that understands higher taxes are bad. more regulation is bad and antibusiness attitude is bad for people in my family that struggled when growing up. >> so the question of kahn the father of the fallen soldier and the first instinct was to go after the mother that was standing silent. did you think that was appropriate? >> i am never going to agree with everybody on every issue. i am proud to have served in the navy and proud of my father. here is what i know about donald trump. he believes in the military and this president and clinton have failed that. look at where the military is
2:43 pm
today. it has not changed. >> you're known and sometimes people make fun of you for the relentless about to stay focused. some say that you're too focused but you're supporting somebody that never does that. can you explain why that is. why does he not have your discipline? >> well, i don't know about if i am disciplined enough. when i ran, i ran on the jobs and focused on everyday and our state is the number one place. our country to be the number one place. i know that donald trump will help the make the country the best place for jobs. that's what i want for every family in the state and country. it's a clear choice for me. >> let me ask you this. you're the chair and are you personally donating to the super pack? >> well, we have to go -- chuck we have to go through the process and make sure. i have not been involve in a super pack before. we have to go through to make
2:44 pm
sure i know what i can and cannot do. i believe in what we're doing. >> aren't there a lot of money that cannot raise as a governor that the sec makes it that it's difficult to raise the money for in stance from folks that may have any connection with investment banks? >> chuck, we're going through that whole process. what i know is alex and mccain are doing a great job. we have two adds up now. i can't believe that hillary is trying to prevent the ad running that she is not going do anything to top the outsource of the jobs in the country. i know that tlump will do that. he is focused on building jobs in the country. >> let's talk about the cdc in miami and zika and putting out a travel warning. it was a little strartling for e as a native but to put out a
2:45 pm
travel warning for the united states. are they going to be more as the you summer goes on? >> well, we keep everybody inform informed. we have 15 cases that we believe are locally transmitted. we have a one mile radius in order to of downtown miami and we believe that there's a risk, so we have mosquito boards in there and help from the cdc and county health department and state health department. we're all focused on one making sure that we stop the more mosquitos. now, we have tested 20,000 in the state and no zika in those. we're giving free pregnancy test to anybody in the area. we're working on doing all of that in the area and across the state. we're treating this like a hurricane. i started on this in february when we had the first travel related case. we're going to be prepared. we're a wonderful state to visit. >> your not concerned and i
2:46 pm
remember in ebola you were concerned about protecting spaces there. are you concerned about that and there are parts of the state that the cdc says don't travel there? >> well, chuck i'm going work to make sure that does not happen. we're going to keep you informed and that we stop the spread. we're good at the mosquito viruss. we have done a very good job of dealing with them and we will do grate job with this. >> v nor scott, thank you. we appreciate it. >> thank you. the unspoken truths of donald trump. did he just get a permission slip to walk away from the nominee. that's next. where you typically shop? you should be getting double miles on every purchase! the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, everywhere, every day. not just ...(dismissively) airline purchases.
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president obama is closer. especially today you heard the president make a case today and not an moment. we will be back with the panel right after this. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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now, we are united, we are come together and we are going to make donald trump the 45th president of the united states. >> that was more mike pence there, obviously rallying in arizona and yes, they are sending pence to some of those light red states that they hope to fix before hillary clinton gets a chance there to put them in play. of course, we're focused a little on this clash between paul ryan and donald trump. trump today making it clear he's not ready to support paul ryan. beth, i sit here on a day 24 hours after what appeared to be a moment where many in the party were wondering is this our last exit ramp to get off of the trump train, he pokes them in
2:52 pm
the eye. mccain is one thing. we dealt with mccain, and mccain is in his own box here. paul ryan's a different story. >> right. it's never been a comfortable marriage between trump and ryan. what really shocked me, though, you're right, we started this day really paul ryan was in the spotlight. he's being pressed so many ways about you have to push him away, you have to repudiate, he's not the future of the party, he's not the future for you as a politician. >> he is getting, talk about back seat driven. no one is getting more than him. >> yet by president obama challenging republicans to say push him out of your party, republicans hate president obama. this is going to push them back to trump. >> except trump does what? pushes ryan back the other way. >> right. total trolling him. >> i'm with you, i actually think obama's words made it harder for republicans to repudiate trump. >> totally. >> i absolutely believe that because of this binary feel. >> the enemy of my enemy is my friend. >> so we have got paul ryan, who
2:53 pm
i think is such a hero to the american people in ways that may never be recognized because he has struggled if you will against an enormous burden of having -- >> people don't realize how hard it is to run the house of representatives. i will give you that. >> senate majority for a good piece when he was chairman of the budget and ways and means and now he's the speaker with a white house that opposes many of his initiatives so we have this man who is an amazing talent, amazing gift to the party, great power, and a leader, he has to be with our candidate as a leader of the republican party -- >> but doesn't the leader of the republican party named donald trump have a responsibility not to trash him? >> absolutely. yes, he does. the challenge that we face is that much of paul ryan has had to do as someone who knows the art of compromise and the art of consensus, he's done things that alienated certain parts of donald trump's base. so donald trump doesn't feel as much of the hot breath of the
2:54 pm
electorate on his neck. >> i want to switch gears a little bit. our online tracking poll survey monkey came out today and the headline was eight-point lead for hillary clinton. i actually think it missed it. i think we overplayed the two-way and underplayed what we saw in the four-way. she got a bump but her lead is at five points in the four he way. the fact of the matter is, gary johnson and jill stein, their numbers pre and post convention haven't moved. we know this. in a two-way, hillary clinton's lead gets bigger. in a four-way it gets smaller. if you are donald trump, the more candidates the merrier. that's what every poll is showing including ours. by the way, not as if people aren't going to get the word out on these two. >> absolutely right. that is the big challenge. it makes sense because we are suffering in some cases enjoying a massive political realignment in this country right now where the sort of policy consensus of the donor class of each party is
2:55 pm
being broken away by the base of each one. a new generation is coming into politics and saying you know what, we're the first generation to not be better off than our parents financially and this whole social contract that the baby boomers had debt-free college and public pensions, generous guaranteed pensions, where's ours. and you are cooking the planet. right? so something bigger must be done. i think this is the beginning of a massive realignment of our political parties. i don't know if it will shake the course of the country in november but i can tell you from conversations i'm in, right after the election, there's going to be movement. >> i thought beth put it really well whach well, what we are seeing, the separation of donor class. this issue of stein and johnson are keeping in an interesting way, keeps trump in the race. in a two-way i don't know if this will be a race. i admit i sit here going i can see here, here and here and if he can hold 44% under any circumstance that's a wuni iwin number in some states.
2:56 pm
>> it comes down to the power of the campaigns and to some degree, the parties, to make the case for their nominees, that there's no reason to go elsewhere in this case. that will be hard to do for the voters who are very disillusioned with the main candidates, particularly on the democratic side. bernie sanders has to do that. elizabeth warren has to do that. hillary clinton has to do that in words, deeds, everything. >> last word? >> those who still support trump, no matter his derelictions, they are not answering the polls honestly and of course, the democratic party and hillary clinton have a much greater turnout. >> i think great debate. i'm willing to have it with anybody, how many, there are more secret trump voters or secret hillary voters? >> trump voters. >> i agree. >> be careful assuming that. thank you all. we'll be right back. i work as a professional mountain guide and the surface pro 4 allows me to actually operate my business from everest. i help clients achieve their dreams. being able to go between having a laptop and having a tablet is really important to me...
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that's all for tonight. "with all due respect" starts eight seconds late. i like people that weren't captured, okay? i hate to tell you. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her wherever. >> ah, i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember. >> this judge is of mexican heritage. i'm building a wall. >> maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. you tell me. >> you can get the baby out of here.


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