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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 6, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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top of the hour and welcome to msnbc live. we're giving you a look in the morning and it's 8:00 in the morning but it's k9:00 on the first day of the olympic full day in rio. we're going to get to politics and donald trump has come around to endorsing three of the congressional leader and house speaker paul ryan. he made this and read from a piece of paper and read in wisconsin. he attacked them and -- same day that he walked back the claim that he saw the money exchanged in a video. >> think of it.
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$400 million in cash -- in cash, different currencies and denominations. now a lot of people say that money we want to terror. i'm not sure of that. see, i don't have that horrible thought process. i say some of it went to terror, but a lot of it went into their bank acounts. that's the way that life is. >> later today trump will hold a rally in the home state of new hampshire. the democratic ticket is off the campaign trail today. hillary clinton took remarks and questions at the washington convention last night. her running mate went after trump in wisconsin. >> people that believe donald trump end up getting hurt. this nation is too great. too great to put it in the hands
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of a slick talking, empty promises one man wrecking crew. >> msnbc is joining me from new hampshire where as we said mr. trump is holding a rally. what more can you tell us of the senator? >> reporter: i would say this is the first example of them trying to walk a fine line when they have not given the endorsement. the senator has said previously that she would not endorse trump and would be voting for him. this has caused a lotf attention in this election for her and been attacked on the other side for doing that. now the senator has come out on various occasions on the comments on john mccain last week and the comments on the
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mexican judge and as much and now this week she is coming hard and saying that she was apalled on the con family and trump responded saying that we need strong leader and not weak leader and suggesting that the senator was oneover those. now he endorses paul ryan and kelly and the speaker responded saying he appreciate the support. >> a state that i truly love and she is a rising star and will continue to represent the great people of new hampshire so very well for a long long time.
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>> what a fine line and about face. the challenger is attacking her and it's noted that she is behind in the most resent polls. >> yeah, thank you so much. let's get the latest and for that we're going to kelly. another good morning to you kelly. how did she handle them? >> well, this is a fairly rare in stance that hillary clinton was taking questions from a variety of reporters. there have been relatively few press conferences and a traditional one is more than 2
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hundred days. and so she was again asked about e-mails and the run for that is when she appeared on a sunday show last weekend, she appeared to contradict what the fbi director said publicly. she said that she was happy to get the question and that she may have short circuited her answer. she said that dr. comey said that she was truthful. in the fbi interview there was no reason to believe that she was evasive. when he was asked at a hearing before congress, he said that's not true. that's not true. there's a disconnect that's not fully resolved on what she said in public, congress, as well as the public statements and
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privately to the fbi. no charges are file in the case. she has really gone off his tone and use of language and this is how she went after him on those points. >> new york city of course donald trump's problems go foor beyond economics. at every turn he stocks to vision and resentment. he says horrible things about one group of americans after another. he is going back to the shameful time in history and appealing to the you willy impulses of the society. >> hillary clinton also talked about her relationship with african american in her life. that was prompted by a qstion and a journalist -- she said 50
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years of conversations and did not want to site a specific one but has a long history on that and that was propertied by someone in the audience and talked at needing to do more work to bridge with voters the senseover the trustworthiness and the incidence like the e-mail situation and after a year there are still some contradictions and questions that are unresolved. >> okay. thank you so much for that. >> joining me now is peters and the msnbc atribute er. thank you very much.
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i appreciate it but they appeared scripted. do you think that donald trump is realizing that he is in trouble and needs to be more conventional? >> i they it reminded me of a hostage video. he was sitting there and reading from the skpript ryan's previous scene standing behind him. you better do this or else. this tremendous tension is building between don and the republican party that's going to elect them. on the one hand you have to candidate that's completely disrespectful. that party is the one that's stepping in place of the absence of a campaign operation that would do order nation things like raise money and get out to vote. donald trump needs the republican party and the republican party needs donald trump. for them at the at odds and not only looking terrible and sends a message of unity, but it is
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also bad for business and both of them. >> it's interesting what you write about catherine is that trump is trying to split the gop. even though that he is endorses him, they did not appear with him. they did not welcome him, right? >> yeah, that's right. he came out the trump yesterday yesterday and ryan was not there and other leader were not there and governor scott walker ran for president and decide today attend an all you can eat spaghetti dirn. there's a disconnect there wisconsin is a state that he did not win the pry mir in. this endorsement was trying to start and moving the stroet ers that are not decided there. >> yeah there are 94 days to go
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and what do your think about iowa and wisconsin? are they going to be contested states in november? >> yeah, they're both battleground states for the i election and it could be decided. i have seen that trump is in ohio a lot, and we're going to see the candidates here. we're both doing different things. clinton is appearing with the business leader and was in nebraska earlier this week with warren buff warren buffet. she needs a steady hand of questioning trump's record. we saw trump yesterday in ho iowa and bis wis. he is trying to cast out some of clinton's trustworthiness. >> so the latest article can the gop tell trump that you're
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fired? probably not. explain that for us. >> the only one that can tick him out of the election is donald trump himself. it's rule number nine and only exists in the event of a vacancy. i don't think that either of these are going to happen. i don't like to try to get inside of his head, but he does not strike me as someone that's going fold it up and walk away. they're really stuck with him. every time that he puts the foot in his mouth and suffers another crisis, there's talk on how to dump him. >> jeremy, do you recall a time that there was a no, ma'am lee
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like this that split the party so dramatically? >> well, he is not a republican. that's what we have to keep on reminding ourself. he switched party affiliations numerous timings. he is using the party to get elected and that's going to create some pretty uneasy tension the real question is how much worse does it get? how much is he dragging down chuck in iowa. if donald trump is getting globe up by clinton in iowa, he have to worry about that and not north carolina and ones that
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they would not spend the time defending. it's really going into labor day and beyond that you have to watch. >> i spoke with phil and it's how she can get sanders supporters behind her. what are you hearing on that line and the traction of the sand er's supporters? >> well, it's hard to sachlt i have spoken to them and i have seen the signs and communication around and bringing them over to jill. i have heard from the sanders folks that it varies from state to state. depending on where they live, they're in california and it's a safe place for clinton and it maybe more inclined to get on board with them. i think that it's a little bit early and not sure how much support is going to be there. >> yeah, we have to make it official and should be coming this weekend. >> okay. thank you guys very.
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we're going from politics to the o olympics and the 31 edition opening up with a fireworks display and had a social message. let's go to msnbc right there in rio and then a look ahead on what is ahead. >> reporter: beautiful ceremony and this is on a budget. they had the scale it way back because of the financial crisis that they faced. really colorful and just the thing that is brazil is famous for. they're also famous for tom brady's wiechlt she walked the cat walk and she said this was the longest. it was a beautiful show of beauty there. everyone on twitter and social media talking about this plag
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barrier and she a athlete and come out with the shirt off and was oiled up and shoeg off the muscles and a lot of people in the crowd and around the world liked that. he owned the internet last night. as you can see behind me a lot of fans flow sboog the park. it's going to be a warm day today. almost 90 once the sun heats toup the hottest. it's probably one of the warmest days since i have gotten here. a lot of competition online and including woman's american soccer. be mindful and this is a really important match for the usa. they go up against france at 4:00. they faced off in march and usa won. they're expected to compete for the gold. they want to be the first to win the world cup and then turn
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around and win the olympics. they're offer to a great start. >> yeah, beach volleyball and we certainly wish them the best as they take off today. >> all of the o olympic coverage begins leer at noon and we invite you to watch all of the networks today and over the next few weeks. ♪ ♪ only those who dare drive the world forward. introducing the first-ever cadillac ct6.
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. you see it. don't believe it. $400 million in cash being flown
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to iran. >> we announced these payments in january. >> they think that they probably paid the 400 million nor the hostages and that's worse. >> we did not pay the ransom. >> that was donald trump and president obama on the questions that arisen ton $400 million currency for iran. they say that the money was sent to iran in january the same time that four were released. thank you for joining me, sir. >> good to be here. >> they're saying that they were released on the same day that the money was paid out. coinciden coincidence, plausible deal that's some sort of a payment was made for the return, or is it truly just completing that what was already arranged and set up in january and just
5:22 am
happened to time-out. >> this is not a secrete deal and the president announced beforehand that the deal was agreed upon. it was dealing with iran and presenting them from having a nuclear siltation. to me it shows the efficiency of the obama administration. you have three different folks negotiating. >> but, you see how some could say that iran had the call the shots here. we would release, but we want to money to get to us now. timing wise and really a power play by iran. >> yeah absolutely not.
5:23 am
there are hundreds of millions of dollars and this agreesed to pay them and that deal was long and money due. and now so you worry about the results and three separate people and it was not like it was all in one and three separate negotiations going on and showed that the administration can do more than one thing ahead of time. >> sure, but in terms of timing i want to read part of the interview that one to have hostages being completely free and here he is what he said. i asked them why you don't let us know. everyone was ready that we leave the country and he said we're waiting for another plane. until that plane comes, we never
5:24 am
let you go. >> what was on that plane? was it the payment? >> i doubt it. i'm not going to say that it was. we were told at the time about the deal to the money going to iran with reference to the agreement that was made in the hay. it's clear that americans do not and the president was very clear that we do not pay ransom for hostages. this is a separate negotiation on all three. we can focus on the end result and the american people save a substantial amount of money and that makes the whole world as safer place. >> and then there's the resent con flikting statements and let's listen to part of what she said. let's listen to that. >> what i told the fbi was truthful and it's consistent on what i said.
5:25 am
i may have short circuited and i think that chris wallace and i were talking past each other and of course he could only talk to what i had told the fbi and i appreciated that. >> do you think that the secretary is conflicting excellents on this issue and really is what kept it. why would she have conflicting exceptsing? does she not understand the question? super careful or is it something that he is hide something. >> >> new york city i think what the secretary has said is clear. the same thing that she said that to american people is the same thing that she said to the fbi. that's what the republicans have and it's nothing. if you want to talk policy, issues and how to take it forward and who really has a tract record, then you can pay a hillary clinton to donald trump,
5:26 am
there's no comparison. they have nothing else to talk about. they hang on to the one thing and something that clearly when you look at mr. more carty and the whole piece and all he was doing was figuring out a way to bring out clinton. there was a little thing and they don't have to let go. >> what about the national security issues. we're told that they're getting the same briefings and the question is should they get the same ones? >> well, i they the real question is donald trump should say he does not want it. donald trump has proven that he is not considerable. nor does he stay on a message or understand foreign policy. he is one that could very well blurt out what the classified information is.
5:27 am
i would tell donald trump if you're listening do not take the briefing because cannot control yourself. >> well, we will see if he is listening to you soon off. always good to see you. >> good to be with you. olympic security and the challenge to keep a hundred of thousands of people safe in brazil and what u.s. authorities are providing on the ground. ♪ ♪ (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first.
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5:31 am
soccer team is going against france. as we give you a live picture, it's a beautiful day there and there's plenty of action and it starts here at 12 noon and a gold medal competition in store for you. in rio they have assigned 1,000 spies to the olympic security as highly classified efforts to protect the game and athletes and staff. let's talk about the security. what's it been like around the game sns. >> well, good morning. they had the ask a lot of the army to come into town here and the faear is that they were working other areas here in brazil and the fear is that we're going see a spike in the crime where they have lessened the security forces. getting anywhere near here with vehicle traffic is a challenge
5:32 am
starting today. last night we had a tough time getting back to dinner because of the street pooch ers. all of the fans and visitors that are coming in here have to have the bags checked. one of the concerns is that the brazilians do not have the experience that a lot of other countries have in terms of fighting terrorism from an intelligence stand point. that's a sign that the u.s. is bringing them in to make sure that they can detect some of the possible terrorists vents or people that may want to bring the violence to the games and bring the detectives and alert them. the people are smiling and happy and it's going to be a warm day today. they're getting out and going to get to the venues here. some of the venues are already open way. >> yeah, the assignment and thank for you.
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your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra single packs. president obama on thursday received a briefing on the war against isis. after ward they discussed the progress being made on the ground. >> we have continued to be relentless on the fight against isis and on the ground isis is losing territory. >> let's bring in juan and then a big welcome to you.
5:37 am
>> thank you. >> how will defeating isis on the ground affect the ability for the terror attacks around the would? >> well, it's a necessary component of restricting the capabilities and to inspire attacks. part of the reason that they have been able not only to attract thousand of foreign fighters but even in the united states they have held the territory and held the fate in the heart of the middle east and then the fact that they have a vision for this has been a source of inspiration. you have to demirn their hold on the territory and that allows them to plot and plan. we have seen a lot of the foreign operatives and have come out of the capital of syria. you have to take the territory and dislodge them in order to disrupt long term. >> you talk about the inspired
5:38 am
attacks and how different is it in getting the hand when the attacks are on the rise? >> well, i think that it's very difficult. you see him trying to balance this. we're taking it away and diminishing the resources and going after the leadership. there's no question on that. on the other hand as you note the attacks are up and they're vicious in baghdad and beirut and the heart of europe. it's hard for the president to say that we're containing the threat when not only is isis able to attack but we're engaging more forcefully in places like libya and then right on the mediterranean. it's hard to say that we're winning when isis is expanding the territory. >> i want to get to the dispute and i know that among the goals
5:39 am
your the assistant secretary and you know something about this. what do you think happen and. >> well, the president and the administration has tried to kill two birds with one stone. they have a variety of issues at once. we saw that with the five taliban members and the allen gross of cuban spy in the context of that arrangement with cuba. what the president was trying to do was resolve several issues at once. the timing, optics and p perception. perception here matters. from the iranian point of vurks they got the cash in return for the hostages. there's no question about that. the presidents suggestions that there was no other way of mechanically doing that was no
5:40 am
question. we did it in 2006 and we could have found a way. this is a difficult situation to explain and the timing optics and perception seemed and looked and played for the hostages. >> yeah that's where there's so much discussion on this. do you think that any time it was link today the money discussion by either party? >> i they he wanted to demonstrate an upper hand with the united states and within iran and was in no doubt talking about this. i believe that's part of why they crowed in this and wanted it in way to control. one way that we could have handled this was not only could we wire it back but to the
5:41 am
central bank and we're going to find a way to use this in a way that's for humanitarian purpose approximates and not sending back the palate of cash right into the hands of the i rg. i think that they tried to solve a couple of things at once, but the perception is awful and looks like we provided a concession to hostage takers. >> the united states did owe iran this money for a few decades, right? >> yeah, that's right. i think if we waited a couple of months to transfer the money back or found a way that it was going to be used i don't think
5:42 am
that we would be seeing it like this. you had a plane of cash landing as the hostages were leaving. the fact that they have taken more americans hostage show that is they see a value in keeping american prisoners. >> thank you so much. >> thank you alex. this week alone donald trump called for the remove of a baby from a rally and now the staff is suicidal over the candidate. paul told cnbc earlier this week that man ford has stopped challenging him and just mailing it in. he quickly denied that story. >> first of all a candidate is in control of his campaign. that's number one. i am in control of doing the things that he want nose do in the campaign. the beauty is picking up on. the campaign is in very good
5:43 am
shape. we're organized and moving forward and they may not like it, but we're prepared for the fight. >> we have the reporter at the center of this story and jorngs good morning to you. first of all i want to get to the con ver skpags the text one that you had. tell me what you exchanged there? >> well, i was trying to reach out to anemia the republican party to see what they were thinking at a time when trump was -- we have seen the results in the polls later in the week and i put out a question what is happening? is paul not in control of the campaign? the response that i got back was no, the staff is despondent and
5:44 am
used the word suicidal as a metaphor. interestingly it suggests that paul manafor says the stuff that's going on is going ton. >> have you heard anything since? >> well, what we have seen is that zon don has done a few things like last night endorsing paul ryan and endorsing john mccain and endorsing kelly and that was one of the pointless thing that is he had done is to trash talk those people. that suggests that someone has gone to him, probably paul and other people as well and said please do this. please end this. this is not helping us.
5:45 am
the question is is it going to actually help now that he has done it? once you the thing in the first place, does anybody think what he did last night was anything more than i am trying to clean things up opposed to showing that donald trump is a different person. in the post convention trump said something about improving those on a national stage and now he is going to walk back. we will see if we can make the progress in the polls. he is done in the battleground state and nationally. >> i am your souse there a possibility that trump's campaign is controlled chaos and could it be intentional. you know that there are leader out there that thrive on that. that's how they operate.
5:46 am
sn. >> yes, that comes from donald trump and donald trump is in control of the campaign and the message is donald trump. it's who he is. however, if you're going to run a successful election, you have to add votes to what you got in the primary and not subject. donald trump is not adding votes right now. >> okay. always good to talk to you. thank you. >> you bet. the efforts under way in miami and the impacts that it's having at cash registers in the area. also how is donald trump's run affecting his businesses? we take a look on msnbc live. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis,
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sarah, how bad is it there in miami? >> well, good morning. it's a constant effort to try to get ahead of them and the mosquito that's used to transmit the virus. over night we had rain and more pud 8s of water. we have seen planes spraying for them. now, in addition to the cases that were announced yesterday, one locally transmitted case also announced that and that person described that as a close contact to one of the original cas
5:51 am
cases. the mayor is being critical and they say that the caution is warranted and the contraction is low but the consequences are severe. >> just to be very clear, zika is unprecedented. we have never had a disease that could cause a birth defect. that's why we're taking it seriously. as long as it'severywhere, pregnant woman should take -- >> they were able to narrow the area of affection and that does not include this busy district. >> yeah, thank you so much from wynnewood. the battle for pennsylvania and hillary clinton to win and why both sides agree that it's key to november's election. i work as a professional mountain guide and the surface pro 4 allows me
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pennsylvania has gone blue for decades and this we're they're quartered by clin clin and donald trump. the state is crucial to this year's presidential campaign. let's bring in reporter and columnist of the pittsburgh review. showing clinton with an 11 point lead over donald trump and 49 to 38. what do you think that she has done to take the early lead? >> we8, a couple of things have happened. she had an affective convention in philadelphia and the state.
5:56 am
the state i suspect that the race is cloegs er and it's about foush to five percentage points and i would look at tenial lis that can make the difference in the state. >> what comes to the top of the mind? >> well, bucks county and out to part of the counties of pennsylvania or philadelphia. this state went obama in 2012 and 2008, it's been reliable democratic state. in 2012 it went by 50,000 votes. 2008 50 thousand to obama and there's a change in the county. 50,000 votes for obama in 2008
5:57 am
and then in 2012, people don't pay attention to this but the state is point 4 percent more republicans since 1996, so if you look at the map of pennsylvania in 1996 when bill clinton won, he won 28 out of the 67 counties. very heavy populated counties. in 2012, president bam won 11 and one of them by 50 votes. there's been a change in the voting in the state and while if you look at the poll ps it's across and i would keep an eye on ten of them that would keep the difference in the race. >> yeah, talk about tight margins and when you speak back, were they correct and did they predict the win of the state? >> they have and they have been a little bit more weighted for the winner.
5:58 am
i am just -- i just drove the back road from the convention in cleveland to philadelphia and i took the old lincoln highway 437 mile and mainly through every county that i have been watching, and i could not find any evidence of support for mrs. clinton. now, in fairness it was right after the trump convention. there are going to be signs out and people engaged. on the way back, did not see any e6d yet and stopped and talked to a lot of voters and tried to focus on the democratic voters because they're going to shift the margins. the moment that i was having a hard time finding clinton supporters. does not mean that they're not there. >> yeah. thank you so much. great chatting with you. >> thanks.
5:59 am
>> that's a wrap this hoir and why is election described as a duck dynasty and then we're going o to go to the first day events in rio. have a great saturday. ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the framework... wire... and plants needed to give my shop... a face... no one will forget. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at that reminds me... anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea... ...gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against occasional digestive issues. with three types of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. he wrecked the rec room this summer.
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