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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  August 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> we will see you at 11:00 a. little rest. rachel has the night off. we begin in the middle of march in the year 2004. one year sense the u.s. launched its invasion of iraq. this was just a couple weeks after john kerry swept through the super tuesday primary states and become the presumptive democratic nominee to the president. the general election matchup was set, kerry, bush. george w. bush the incumbent president and president bush called john kerry, the night of his big super tuesday wins and congratulated him. said he looked forward to the fight in the fall. then bush's campaign did something that wasn't very grabs or magnanimous, they went after kerry very hard. they went after him on the issue that many voters thought was supposed to be the strength for john kerry, remember he was a
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vietnam war hero. support for the war hero is when the campaign started. >> i'm george w. bush. and i approve this message. >> few vots in congress are as important as funding our troops if war. though john kerry voted for military action in iraq in 2002, he later voted against funding our soldiers. no, body armor and higher combat troops. no, better health care for reservists no, wrong on defense. >> you few then it was going to be a pretty long campaign, that was a brutal ad, right out of the gate from the bush campaign, it was a pretty major campaign of the sitting commander-in-chief. a year into a war, accusing his opponent of keeping them in body armor and health care from american soldiers. now, of course the truth was a lot more complicated in that 30 second ad, made it seem as the senator kerry had, indeed, voted against president bush's $87
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billion request to fund military operations in afghanistan. kerry was not alone, a lot of democrats, most democrats had voted against thatch this was their way of showing their displeasure with the president's prosecution of the war, itself. but this is the senate. this is capitol hill. this is congress it's always more complicated than that. the other story is kerry and those democrats supported a separate version of the funding bill a. separate version that was paid for by rolling back some of the bush tax cuts for the wealthy. shortly after that brutal ad came out, john kerry was at a town hall in west virginia. west virginia was still a swing state in 2004. the issue com up and kerry tried to got it straight. >> let's get the record clear, secondly this is important. i actually did vote for the $87 billion before i voted against it, because i voted for joe biden and i thought this, joe and i broughten in and to the
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$87 billion. we said this should be paid for now, not adding to the deficit t. way we should pay for it is say to the wealthiest 1 or 2% of american, instead of accepting $690 become of tax cuts over the course of the next ten years wouldn't you just be willing in the spirit of patriotism and sacrifice to just take $600 billion over the next ten years? you know what? the president said no the republicans voted no the democrats voted yes we didn't get. >> and by the way, at issue here was not just funding for afghanistan, it was operations in iraq and afghanistan. obviously it was iraq in 2004 that was the politically contentious issue. anyway the bush campaign puts that ad up when john kerry becomes george w. bush's gem election opponent.
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john kerry plays a little defense on it. >> that is his attempt to take the issue out of play, maybe a decent argue, he was saying democrats favored shared sacrifice, that was his message. he said i fought for a war funding bill that would have made the wealthy share this burden of the bill. that was the message john kerry was taking there that's what-said if you take the whole thing in full. unfortunate unfortunately, all the people was going to hear was this. >> i actually did vote for the $87 billion before i voted against it. >> amgd that is the kind of killer devastating sound by the political ad makers live for. somebody in the bush campaign was watching john kerry at the town hall that day, heard that line, isolated it and knew they had an ad. that was an ad that echoed through that entire campaign, more than a decade later, it's an ad we still talk about.
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two days after that john kerry said it the bush campaign added that sound byte to its ad about kerry voting against the funding t. bush campaign as we say, they spent the rest of the campaign saying john kerry was nothing more than a flip-floper. you remember the 2004 campaign. you remember how that went. democrats, at least, those with inner knowledge of the inner workings of the senate, well they knew what john kerry had meant when he said he voted for the funding before he voted against it. he was trying to make a nuanced point about ljs lative process, kerry. had tried to repeatedly explain what he meant there. again the sound byte, it was so clear, it was so simple. it was so aedes to understand the damage was done and the damage was profound. that sentence came to define john kerry. when you are running for president. that's what this example shows. when you say something the wrong way, it will create an entirely new and entirely different story.
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and it will drown out anything and etching that you actually mane to the say, any substance, any nunsz, you are trying to communicate. say something the wrong way in the right way the wrong way and it will come to define you. this happens in every presidential campaign. it certainly happened in 2004. until this year, it had never really happened on a nearly daily basis. but now this year, we have the presumptive, the republican nominee donald trump who seems to have made a strategy out of saying things that will make news for their inartfulness or inflammatory nature. it becomes the news on an almost daily basis, no exception the past week. >> isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. he's the founder of isis. he's the founder. he founded isis.
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and i would say the co-founder would be crooked hillary clinton. co-founder. crooked hillary clinton. >> now, obviously, when the republican nominee for president of the united states calls the sitting president the founder of a major terrorist group, it's going to get a lot of attention. it was such an outlandish claim the media hasn't been sure exactly what to do with it. several out. s have gone the straight forward route of fact checking the claim, giving it a pants on fire rating for instance, that seems like it misses the point. donald trump is doing something here besides a simple missed statement of fact. this is much bigger what he's doing here. it's hard to imagine donald trump is consciously creating an alternate history in which president obama held an informal meeting saying we are creating a
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terror group isis. trump is representing a main stream republican argument about the culpability in the rise of isis. one can make a reasonable argument along those lines. this morning, general michael hayden the national intelligence director t. head of the cia, he responded to trump's comments by doing just that. >> choosing those words corrupts the die lock, corrupts what should be a very serious dialogue. we're right the actions of the obama administration in withdrawing from iraq, going to zero and we've talked about this on previous shows, actually set the conditions for the recovery of al qaeda in iraq which then became license. so there is a very powerful case to be made. but when mr. trump uses this language to make that case, two or three things happen. number one, he enflames the debate and we don't need the
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flame. we need cold, rational discussion. he insults his audience. he goes to these code words to make a fairly valid point why does he do that? does he not think his audience could not accept the slightly more complex the slightly more right hand message that this predecessor made serious mistakes that led to the creation of isis? why does he put it this way? >> there have you it, you may not agree with it. you may think he's wrong. what michael hayden did there is layout a reasonably argued critique of the obama administration's foreign policy, specifically with regard to hayden. that's not who donald trump did. his comments not making headlines because of their nuance, not because of his specific critiques, they're making headlines because of his
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language, his word choice, because of his blunt statement that the president of the united states is the foirnd of isis. that's the only thing making news here. not the argument, the wording of the argument. there are a lot of things that are frustrating to republicans about donald trump. he says lots of outrageous, unacceptable things. many which stem from nothing more than personal vendettas. but it's got to be extra frustrating to republicans that even when trump tries to make one of the republican establishments decently crafted attacks on the obama administration and by extension on hillary clinton, even when he sets out to do that, each when he claims that that's what he tries to do, he ends up coming up with crazy sounding words, that become in and of itself the story. even when trump's allies, people that want him to win this election, give him the benefit of the doubt, people who want to help him craft a winning message in this campaign. even when they hear him say that
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and they try to walk him back into a more reasonable posture, more within the acceptable limbs of the normal political debate, even when they try to do that, he will still stick by the rhetoric. here he is this morning with conservative radio host hue hewitt. >> last night you said the president was the founder of isis. i know what you maenlt up meant that he created the volume, he lost the peace.
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>> i just use different language to communicate. i know i am keeping you on. >> they don't talk about your language, they do talk about my language. >> whether or not, donald trump may have given away the game at the end of that exchange. you heard it right there. hugh hewitt said he would talk about isis differently than trump has been.
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he lays out a politically reasonable argument. trump replies, quote, but they wouldn't talk about your language and they do talk about my language. donald trump appears to want his language to be the headline. he wants his language to be what people are talking about. maybe because for donald trump being talked about is the whole ball game. sure enough at his rally in florida tonight, trump repeated his line that president obama is the founder of isis. everyone has agreed from the moment that trump entered this race that he knows how to get media attention t. question has always been, whether he can use that media attention as a means to an end or whether media attention, itself, is the end, itself. joining us now is sarah flores, former manager. you have an interesting window into donald trump's reasoning.
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you don't got him to be intraspecttive that much. hugh hewitt hi lays out in the normal terms of political debate in this country would be a reasonable argument you would expect the politician to be making, donald trump says basically, yeah, nobody would hear me if i said. that i have to say it this way. do you think there is something to that? is he accomplishing something by talking this way? >> no question, we saw it work extraordinarily work in the primaries. he won the primaries. the question on everyone's mind and what i think the ongoing architect is, does that strategy the all practice good press strategy work in a general. what we are seeing is it keeps you in the game, but it's not winning. >> that's my question, certainly it gets headlines, everybody that hears this in the media, there is this question of what do you do with it if you sort of
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in a more sort of outrage there is, the reaction the more attention there gets. there is the question, is that what he is looking for here? we talked about this question of temperament in donald trump, because he is making the headlines because he's outrageous, does that ends up hurting him? >> i think if you are a trump voterer right now, you are not voting for him because he is the most politiciany candidate. he's the guy that says it in the easiest way for everyone to understand and agree with. you are voting for dald trump for exactly what we saw today, which is he's a guy that speaks from the gut. he doesn't always say it perfectly. you agree with his point. has tough, a winner. hillary clinton is corrupt, a liar, everything that beltway d.c. has been failing auto for a long time. so i think for his core following, there is no question that this strategy not only wins, a day where all the media talks about is what donald trump
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said pointing out the president's failures, hillary clinton's failures, that's a win for trump. the question is, does that help expand his base? that has yet to be seen. >> what is your sense? that's been the question all along since he emerged from the republican primaries. he has basically trailed since he became the presumptive nominee. a couple polls put him ahead, take that hard core base expainted. does this help or does this hurt? >> you know what, i actually think this in particular probably overall, maybe it's a wash, maybe it helps. passings have hurt. this does highlight a weakness of the last eight years of the obama administration, it highlights a weak inside of hillary clinton. we are all talking ab it. >> i don't mean to interrupt s. that what people are talking about or how outrageous he is? that's the question i keep coming back with donald trump. there is that truism here, no such thing as bad publicity.
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i have always thought, there is such a thing as bad publicity. >> there is such a things a bad publicity the. i don't know that is it. you and i may be talking about the language he used. i don't think that's in american living rooms tonight. the trump voters i know are talking about how he's highlighted the failures of this administration. if are you on the fence, if you he the world is in chaos. this is a scarier place than it was eight years ago, i don't think this moves the needle for you towards hillary clinton. >> all right. let me ask you a bigger question, from the standpoint of a republican here. i seen this not necessarily today. you heard it from huyghue it in the interview, they knew how to take what donald trump said and translate it into a more politically acceptable argument. we saw it in north carolina. republicans had the instinct to defend him. but you could see didn't now how to. i must have heard three or four
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explanations from republicans who wanted to defend donald trump. they didn't know quite how to interpret what he said. what's the spec challenge you face as a republican when he makes comments like this, tt are so they're blunt and ambiguous at the same time. >> well, this is where asking a fully built out campaign structure is enormously helpful. their surrogate operation hasn't been as robust. the ground game the fundraising operation, we can talk about several different categories, but here we're talking about the surrogate operation. you know, in a large scale presidential campaign by the end of august, heading into labor day, you know to use the olympics, you are headed into the finals the semifinals are ending right now. so you want your surrogates out there prepared to defend anything your candidate says. in past cycles, we seen the media jump on silly stuff t. binders full of women, what you pointed out with john kerry
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maybe. so i do think voters are prime to see this as the silly season. well, he didn't phrase it right doesn't resonate with voters because the media cried wolf so often. so particularly for republican voters, those things are becoming less important. at the same time the campaign needs to start rank up that surrogate operation heading into this post-labor day we'll call it the olympic finals of presidential season. >> sarah flores, former deputy campaign manager for carley fiorina thank you for your time. we appreciate it. we have a lot more election news ahead, including donald trump's controversial stop in florida earlier today plus one of those weird issues whether donald trump and hillary clinton's campaigns overlap. clinton's campaigns overlap. stay with us.
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maybe the only way i'm going to get to heaven. so i better do a good job. okay. thank you. >> why was donald trump so subdued in that speech? it's because he was in a room full of evangelical leaders, a group he will need some help from i guess to get into heaven, not to mention the white house. that's next. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads... here... here... or here. today, there's a new option. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices. its wireless remote lets you control the intensity.
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and helps you get back to things like... this... this... or this. and back to being yourself. introducing new aleve direct therapy. find yours in the pain relief aisle. >> so last month there was a moment during donald trump's acceptance speech at the republican convention that caught a lot of people by surprise, one is donald trump,
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himself. >> only weeks ago? orlando, florida, 49 wonderful americans were savagely murdered by an islamic terrorist. this time the terrorists targeted lbgtq community. no good. and we're going to stop i. as your president i will do everything in my power to protect our lgbtq citizens from the violent and depression of a hateful foreign ideology. believe me.
6:25 pm
and i have to say as a republican it is so nice to hear you cheering for what i just said. thank you. >> kearse at that convention for a line about protecting gay people and even donald trump acknowledging that its not something we have heard at many republican conventions before. this gets to something that political observers have taken note for all of the many provocative and inflammatory comments trump directed towards mexicans, muslims, minority groups, for all of that gays seem to be the exception. he has been largely quit on the topic. with that convention moment serving as an exception, a photoable exception. that is an interesting backdrop for the trip that donald trump
6:26 pm
made just today, a few weeks after that convention moment in cleveland. today donald trump addressing a convejs of conservative pastors and their spouses. this features no shortage of hard liners, also the setting was noteworthy as well. it took place in orlando, florida, almost two months since the day since the attack in that city. it was sponsored bety american renewal project a. group that was founded by this man. >> so here we, are killing 60 million baby, red ink as far as the eye can see, homosexuals praying at the inauguration...if america gets mercy, i believe -- this doesn't sound good -- i think the process of mercy looks like car bombs in los angeles, washington, d.c., des moines, iowa i think if we get mercy, the process is going to be a very painful process. >> and that man you heard there
6:27 pm
is david lane, he's warned of homosexual totalitarianism is threatening the future of the country. his group sponsored the event in florida that donald trump headlined today. some of the other people include matt staber, he ethe nounced the victims of the orlando massacre as a homosexual lovefest, a pastor talks about militant homofascism. >> america fascism seeks to take over our land. >> and a man david barton who has said a cure won't be found for aids because it's god's punishment for gay people. >> the became says if you engage in homosexuality, your body will do things that will penalize you, so if you can have a vaccine for aids, then you're keeping your body from penalizeing. i don't think they will find a vaccine for aids. >> those are some of the people
6:28 pm
speaking at this conference in florida. so why did donald trump, a guy who said the opposite of what many are saying, why did he speak to this group today? it has to do with politics. where the votes come from generally for a republican president for candidate. go back to 2004, hillary clinton got elected. he got 79% of the evangelical soechlt also, evangelicals turned out. four years later, 2008, john mccain got a smaller chair, 73% of the evangelical vote n. 2012, mitt romney was back to 79%. now, there is some concern in the trump campaign and in republican circles pab support and turnout this year for evangelicals for donald trump. like russell moore outspoken against trump and there is a sense, too, donald trump once defined himself as very pro choice, donald trump who has donated to democrats who has led
6:29 pm
a lifestyle that landed him on the gossip pages in new york city for years, there is a sense that could put him in a little trouble with evangelical voters. >> that they might stay home. the most recent nbc news survey monkey poll, donald trump is losing ground to hillary clinton, he is crushing herbie almost 50 points the margin was up higher in an earlier poll, up 66 points in july. you see trump and bush with 79%, a little work for donald trump to do. the question beyond shoreing up eadvanta eevangelicals. to vote this november. not so much nor clinton or trump, will they vote at all? that is the challenge for donald trump. that is what brought donald trump to the headline speaking roam at this event today with 700 very conservative pastors
6:30 pm
and their spouses and we should mention, given what we showed you about what donald trump said at the republican convention this summer. given the fact there were prominent anti-gay speakers where donald trump spoke today, well, drunk, he didn't say anything in his speech about those comments that they made about gays. he didn't echo them in anyway, again, as he has done, he largely stayed away from it. back in november, ted huckabee, bobby jindal, cruz said creating it was a mistake. because of the anti-gay rhetoric. they were knee deep in the republican primary trying to win voters for the iowa caucuses, republican-based voters. donald trump, of course, doesn't sister to worry about winning the primary, as we said, he faces that challenge of turning out skeptical evangelical voters in the fall. so it's an open question, are evangelical supporters going to be there for donald trump this
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6:35 pm
swing states. we talked about the possibility of a hillary clinton landslide even this week, but this is curious, with all that bad news, there is one state, one but state where donald trump got some very good news this week. i will tell you what that state is. we will tell you why he got that good news, because there is a reason for it. that's next. (lionel) ♪it's peyton... ♪it's peyton on sunday mornings.♪ (peyton) you know with directv nfl sunday ticket you can watch your favorite team no matter where you live.
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6:39 pm
of donald trump. it's the state of iowa a state that barack obama won in 2012 and association i'm having trouble with the board let's try this one in, i can't talk and do this at the same time sometimes. here it is, here's the good news, he's ahead 41-40 in iowa in this new poll today. again all these polls coming out showing hillary clinton ahead. iowa a blue state taking the lead. it's also our poll here. we have hillary clinton ahead by four. the question is, what is going on in iowa, with hillary clinton doing so well elsewhere, why is iowa strong for trump right now? relatively speaking? well, it has to do with this major divide we have been talking about that is the story of this general election. it's that split among white voters with college degrees and without them. nationally, this is what it
6:40 pm
looks like we have talked about this, wright professionals with college degrees. no democrat has ever won this group in a presidential election. she is leading by six. blue collars, donald trump is up by 25 points. this is the group he is drawing his strength from what does that have to do with iowa? how many are in trump's wheel house, whites without a college degree, nationally about 36%. in i, what though, it's 54% so there are a lot more of the kind of voters trump has been going after and doing well with in iowa than you find in other states. there is another wrinkle in iowa. blue collar white voters, mitt romney got 62% nationally. in iowa, he didn't do that well,
6:41 pm
in iowa, under 50. within this group, it is a big share, a bigger share than average of the electorate in iowa. within this group, there is room to grow. he's got two things going in his favor in iowa. you will not see in a lot of states, among that, more than half the electorate, room to grow, even though donald trump is getting bad news in other states, he is holding his own in iowa. that's the reason why. back after this. when you hit 300,000 miles. or here, when you walked away without a scratch. maybe it was the day you realized your baby was not a baby anymore. every subaru is built to earn your trust. because we know what you're trusting us with. subaru. kelley blue book's most trusted brand. and best overall brand. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first.
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6:44 pm
detroit. you hear that term, reagan democrats, blue collar democrats who broke with their party. >> that was coined about macomb county in the 1980s, that's where hillary clinton went today. she was talking about the economy. she went after donald trump in the way that democrats typically go after republicans in presidential election, she went after him as a defender of the rich. but there was a little more to the speech. hillary clinton defended herself on an issue where she could be vulnerable. trade. >> what about trade, after all, trump talks about it all the time. my message to every worker in michigan and across the world is this, i will stop any trade deal that kills jobs or holds down wage, including the transpacific partnership. i oppose it now, i'm oppose it after the election, i'll oppose it as president. >> clinton saying she opposes
6:45 pm
tpp now and that she will after the election. >> that is the key phrase there, more on that in just a minute. trade is a challenging issue for two reasons, one, is its specific major trade deals like the north american free trade agreement, nanta are more unpopular than ever. a bloomberg poll showing a plurality of americans believe nafta has been bad for the u.s. commitment anti-trade is highner rustbelt states like michigan, ohio and pennsylvania. has to are swing states, potential swing states where donald trump is going after hard this fall. and this year's michigan primary, exit polls show a majority of democratic and republican primary voters believe u.s. trade with other countries takes away more jobs than it creates. big margins there, you see it on your screen. the other reason trade is a potential trouble spot for:t is because she has a long and complicated history wit. it was her husband bill clinton
6:46 pm
who back in 1993 pushed the nafta agreement, signed it law, not to mention in her 2008 primary race, both were trying to position on the anti-nafta candidate. as secretary of state, clinton expressed support for the tpp him at one point, she says it sets the gold standard in trade agreements. that's what she said originally. then facing a challenge from the left by bernie sanders in the democratic primaries, she came out and opposed the tpp. then after beating sanders in the primaries, one of clinton's closest political allies, virginia governor terry mcauliffe said clinton if she goes back to supporting it. mcauliffe then tried to walk those comments back. so that is the back story. that's why clinton took pains today to say she will oppose the deal even after the election.
6:47 pm
it is not unusual to have a complicated history. it's the past two democratic presidents, obama and clinton who pursued major deals as president. they want nothing to do with those deals. there is tension within the democratic coalition on this issue. it can be a challenge for democratic candidates to address. what is different this time around is that a democratic president candidate hillary clinton is this time rung against a republican who is embracing a fiercely anti-trade message. the last general election came as anti-free trade as trump. you got to go back to 1992 the independent candidate h. ross perot, remember he warned of the quote giant sucking sound that nafta would make, draining millions of jobs from the american economy. perot staunchly opposed nafta more than 20 years ago. now a generation later that
6:48 pm
perot message is resonating with a growing slice of the american electorate, especially in rust belt america hillary clinton has to worry about her republican opponent potentially checking on this issue with voters. >> that explains why she is running ads like this. >>. >> what is good? >> they employ people in bangladesh? >> they are great ties. they are made where, in china? >> in china? >> it's a question hillary clinton's campaign has to think about the polls. with donald trump hammering the trade laws, is:t doing enough to reassure voters in macomb county, michigan, who worry about her commitment when it comes to trade, joining us now is debbie dingle of michigan, a fierce opponent of the tpp trade
6:49 pm
deal and a hillary clinton supporter. congress woman, thanks for joining us, you know the history on tpp that we laid out there you heard her speech today in her state she said i will oppose it as president. do you believe that as a hillary clinton supporter and why? >> i would tell you i wouldn't be supporting her as president. i surprised people when i was asked before i was sworn in, what my position was going to be. i am elected to congress to protect the working men and women in the state of michigan and working families. i have talked to hillary clinton about this many times. she has promised me, she will oppose any trade deal that will hurt my constituents, working families across this country. she made it clear. she opposes it today, she'll oppose it after the election. she will oppose it when she is president. >> you say oppose any deal that hurts the people and the workers
6:50 pm
in your district. does that leave the deal opened? are there changes that she as president could seek to this, realistically speaking, that would allow you to set the standard there? >> let's start with currency manipulation, i got excited when donald trump talked about it. we found donald trump doesn't walk his talk. he talked a good game. i was excited to see someone bring attention to an issue that we're always talking about. we can't do it at the cost of jobs in this country. she said it today. when we talk trade deals, look, i thought nafta was a good deal
6:51 pm
in the '90s. so did gm, ford and chrysler, now ford and chrysler are opposing this deal. because people said we were going to be able to have jobs in a global mark place.
6:52 pm
we proceeded to have a 15-minute talk when i was done giving them the facts, they said, okay, we've got to rethink this. we have to get under the sound bites to what the substance is. >> that's an interesting story. we spent so much time trying to analyze and dissect the players of a place like michigan, some of these are swing states, you mention you encounter this group of rust belt voters, you're describing, they are initially saying they're donald trump supporters. what is it, initially, that's drawing them to donald trump. >> they keep hearing him say we're going to fight for jobs. i want to look at you and say,
6:53 pm
it's not only the unions, at this point in time the auto company themselves, ford and chrysler are strongly opposed to tpp that's because we're tired of bad trade deals. we need to negotiate trade deals that are going to protect the worker in this government. when you talk to them and when you tell people about that and when you say, yeah, he said he's going to do that, is he creating jobs here. is he manufacturing jobs here, they stop and think. >> thanks for the time, i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> all right. we'll be right back. mouth brea. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? enough. take that. a breathe right nasal strip of course. imagine just put one on and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. so you can breathe, and sleep. better than a catnap. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers.
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breathe right.
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. the top republican in the united states senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is back home in the state of kentucky. clearly his thoughts are already on the fall. he used some alarmist language today talking about his party's chances of holding on to that senate majority that they won two years ago in this november's election. mcconnell was in his hometown of louisville and he called the republican's chances of holding the senate, "dicey" i may or may not be calling the shots next year. the reason for his pesism. it happens to occupy the top spot, dt. does the data paint a bleak picture for the republican's chances of hanging on to their
6:56 pm
senate majority, that's an intriguing question. there's a lot to dive into there. and i'm going to have a surprising answer for you tomorrow night. before that, there's still much more ahead tonight, stay with us. isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can.
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on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them.
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for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. it's been a pretty long week, we have covered a lot of ground here on this show, it's clear tonight that perhaps more than anyone else there's one person who is really ready for this week to be over. >> by the way, is there anyplace to be that's better than a friday night in florida at a trump rally? >> i'm not disputing the idea there's no better place to be than a trump rally in florida on a friday night. maybe it's true, we didn't fact check it. unfortunately for donald trump it isn't friday. unfortunately for donald trump, he said it twice. >> by the way is there anyplace to be than a friday night in
7:00 pm
florida at a trump rally? hone honestly, you know, it's friday night we're having fun. >> you know something, though, it happens. i told someone earlier today that it was wednesday. i found out it was thursday. it means the weekend is closer than i thought it was. that does it for us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow. now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnel. >> the presidential test of the day today was, what day was it? and at least one candidate didn't have that answer. >> i can't be president either, i thought it was wednesday. >> no one is even dreaming of you being president. thank you steven. >> all right. thank you. politico broke the news, breaking news, the top republican party officials plan to hold an emergency meeting tomorrow with the trump campaign. campaign that is now in panic mode. one of the reporters will join us. they're calling the emergency meeting a