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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 24, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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notified and on our way. also the devastating 6.2 magnitude earthquake that took place in italy last night. more than 70 people killed. we've got reports on the ground and at this hour, donald trump expected to speak in tampa, florida, at a rally. we're going get to all of that in a moment, but first, i want to go back to what we were covering at the top. our own matt bradly is monitoring that attack in kabul, what do we know right now? >> that's right, stephanie. nbc news is hearing from senior u.s. intelligence officials that attackers have indeed penetrated the walls of this heavily-guarded university compound and they are now inside. and this is what we referred to as a complex attack. multiple gunmen, using multi. means of attack including bombs and small arms. the skufrt's security are engaging the attackers, but we have no word yet on casualtyings. ofg, local afghan forces are also engaging the attackers,
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that will be forthcoming. you'll remember, this is the second attack on this university in as many weeks. just two weeks ago, two foreign instructors an american and australian were abducted from their cars as they were returning home federal classes. neither of those men have been found. all of this coming against a backdrop of increasing threats against foreigners in afghanistan's capital. just in the past few years, aid workers, development personnel and journalists have withstood an increase in assassinations, kidnappings, bombings, all in the heart of central kabul, stephanie. >> does that mean no place is safe? >> well, central kabul used to be haven of stability, especially for the people trying to do their work outside of kabul. you know, these development workers, diplomats, and now it seems as though that sense of security has been badly frayed. >> given that it's badly frayed, but haven't asked regarding this attack, overall, what do they need? i mean the fact that you mentioned just two weeks ago, those two professors were kidnapped and they haven't been
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found. what do they need most here? >> well, they need stability. and of course this is the beating heart of the government, the u.s., the u.s. implemented government in afghanistan. without stability there, none of the diplomats, none of the government offices, none of them can do their work and they'll have very little hope of trying to impose order only the rest of the country which is also becoming quickly undone. >> all right, matt baggily, thank you for joining me. i want to the now turn to msnbc news editor, cal perry who joins me, cal, let's talk about this region, specifically central kabul. what is it like there in terms of security? one would make the argument, it's one of the most secure areas. >> certainly this area of kabul, this university specifically as well as the e u.s. embassy are well guarded for obvious reasons. these are compounds. we heard matt baggily talking about a complex attack. usually that is to create a breach in the wall, that's what happened. gunmen then flowed on to the campus and are being engaged by security forces.
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while matt was talking, he heard from nato. nato has a number of advisors they say quote a small number of nato advisers are on the scene. and advisory role, not in a combat role, but advisory role. and this is the key across the country, right, we've turned now into at visors from what we were in combat for many, many years. there are of course still u.s. special forces op the ground across afghanistan in a combat role. the goal is to get the army up and functioning and the problem that you have is the taliban continues to hit high profile targets like this one. a place of education, a place that educates women, especially lit this campus has a 5,000 square foot brand new facility that is dedicated towards women's education. so these kind of attacks, this kind of coverage is exactly what the taliban is going for. >> tell us a bit more about this school as you said, they have a new facility. they do educate women there, who else goes there? >> 1rkz 700 students. that's the student body. that's just the people that go there during the day. it's an international student
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body, but at night when this attack took place. a number of people well-educated individuals, usually with jobs from the city of kabul go to this university. so it's not just people that are part of that main student body, there's this extra group of people, including journalists, there's an ap photographer who is on the campus when that this attack happened. he's there doing classes at night. it's a diverse body, but certainly, listen, when you look at what is a high profile target, it's a western target. the one good thing about that for the people on this campus, it's a well-guarded campus. so hopefully whoever made it on to that campus, whether it's a gunmen or gunman are being engaged by the security forces away from those buildings where students live. >> thanks, cal. joining me now, retired four star general barry mccaffrey who is now an nbc military analyst. general, help us understand. know that we know the attackers are inside, what do u.s. forces need to do to make their way in? >> well of course u.s. forces are not in any way playing the
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dominant security role in afghanistan. it was around 10,000 nato troops will primarily doing air power, logistic, intelligence, some direct action operations, and stephanie, they're not a combat role. i was wound ed -- >> unfortunately we have lost the general. we're going to turn back to him in just a few. we're covering this attack that took place in kabul. 7:00 p.m. kabul time. that's about eight hours ahead of us. it is a complex attack really still going on. we're going to show images of that right now. this is a private american university in kabul. i want to bring in now a guest -- we're bringing in a man at the university when the explosion happened. he is now at home. s at the time he helped students out of the building. he's joining me now via phone,
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good evening, thank you for joining me, i'm glad you're safe. please, tell us a bit more about the attack, where were you? >> i was exactly inside the plaza. so, this attack happened, it was a hard exclusion. even though i exactly don't know in which location, but it was very close. and so then after a while, shots started, bullets started to exchange. so that was unfortunately we tried to get out. and yeah, and on our way -- [ inaudible ] we had to take them to the hospital. so through an emergency gate, they got out of there. i don't know what happened further. you know --
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>> when you said you heard shots, did you see any of the gunmen? >> there was a lot of exchange of bullets, you know, and that was seems to be the security and then the other people inside, so yeah, we heard a lot of bullets exchanged. >> do you feel safe now that you are home? how far do you live from the university? >> my house is almost nine, ten kilometers from the university. so yeah, that is where we live. >> nine or ten kilometers, so do you feel safe where you are now? >> thank you very much, yes, i'm fine, i'm fine. thank you for joining us. he was there at the university who actually brought some people to a local hospital. i want to the bring back the general mccaffrey. general mccaffrey, can you hear me? >> yeah, loud and clear. >> you were saying just before i lost you, we were talking about advisors, and you said that was
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ironic to you. >> yeah. well, you know, i think all of these nato forces, probably around 10,000 of them are in combat roles. now they may be carrying out advisory duties, the air force is there doing direct bombing, scraping runs. there's intelligence collection, there's special operation groups doing direct action counterterrorism roles. this is clearly combat mission. and u.s. troops get killed and wounded in these actions. i think the term is inappropriate to say they're not in a combat role. >> well, we know that they're in a dangerous situation. general mccaffrey, thanks for joining me. we're going to continue to cover this story. this attack as we get more breaking news. but i want to turn now to the other breaking news overseas in italy. the death toll has now risen to at least 73 after 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck italy overnight. making matter worse, strong aftershocks are being felt in towns that are already buried in
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rubble. officials are pleading for blood donations as they continue the search for survivors at this hour. bill neily joins us now via phone from italy, one of the hardest hit cities. bill, the mayor of that town said there is nothing left. it's completely decimated. talk to us about what it's like there now. >> well, i think on the main street, the main drag through thaw town that is correct. it's not that there's nothing left, but every single building has been either destroyed or so badly damaged it will have to be pulled down. but i'm walking, you know, along another street, every second building is damaged. i can bring you back up to date we're seeing the death toll. i've just talken to a colonel in the italian corps of engineers who says the death toll in and around the area alone is now at 86, 8-6. that's a considerable increase. i did see some people being
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pulled out of the rubble just within the last hour. it's not all bad news. there are some survivors who are being pulled out. one man who was pulled out just a couple of hours ago, he'd been pinned by the leg, but, you know, it takes a long time. to free every single individual. this earthquake hit, if you like, at the worst possible time, at 20 to 4:00 in the morning when the entire town was asleep. the 6.2 earthquake hit two other towns, but this is the one that has the highest death toll and that is most badly affected. i mean some buildings and standing in front of one now. it's hard to see any signs that this was ever, you know, an apartment building because all you can see are huge lumps of concrete. there isn't any sign of life, there isn't sign of a bed or a table or a chair.
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this all just been crushed and buried by dozens of tons of concrete. the pope today has been praying for the area. based on the work that he quartered right at the beginning, the mayor says there's just nothing left of this place. so this is the time that's physically broken, but also i think psychologically broken as well. >> the pope is praying as people are from around the world, talk too us about where the survivors are. as the mayor said, the town is wiped out, the buildings there are centuries old. those who have survived, are they in makeshift shelters? where have they gone? >> yeah, they're actually waiting rather impatiently to tents to come through. the roads are clogged with rescue vehicles. bulldozers. with fire couriers and so on. i think getting the essential in here, it's proving difficult. it's only less than 24 hours
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since the earthquake hit. not every building here is damaged, but the people of the area do not want to spend this night in damaged buildings because there have been over it 40 aftershocks. some of them, one of them as big as 5.1 on the richter scale. that is quite enough to bring down a building. that is already been weakened by the earthquake. so the people to want stay outdoors, fortunately, it's mild summer weather. anyone who was a tourist, and there were plenty of tourists in this town has gone. but we don't know the nationality that those involved. we suspect that most people here who've died are italian, but we still don't have any breakdown of casualty because the people themselves don't know who's dead and who's alive. and one fairly chilling thing, just near the main street, there is a strip of ground where they are laying out the bodies one by one in a line under blanketings and sheets and people are going there to identify their loved
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ones. and you can only manage the scene there. absolutely horrific. >> well bill, please stay safe, essential lit as the risk of aftershocks continue. bill neily, joining us from italy, the town, the village that was hit hardest during last night's earthquake of 6.2 in central italy. we have to turn back to u.s. politics. donald trump holding a rally in tampa, florida, more on his latest attacks on hillary clinton. you are watching msnbc live. the right things working together can give you an advantage. like trubiotics with immune support advantage. its unique formula supports immune health in two ways. with probiotics that work in your gut. and antioxidants that work throughout your body. trubiotics from one a day. ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the framework...
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[ clock titime. ] you only have so much. that's why we want to make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all we should fit into your life. not the other way around. you are looking at a live stage where any moment from now, donald trump will speak to a crowd in tampa, florida, where he is expected to attack hillary clinton on the controversy surrounding the clinton foundation. new associated press story about the clinton foundation is
10:17 am
causing grief for the clintons and falls right in line with donald trump's pay-to-play attacks. >> it is impossible to figure out where the clinton foundation ends and the state department begins. it is now abundantly clear that the clintons set up a business to profit from public office. they sold access and specific actions by and really for, i guess, the making of large amounts of money. >> by our account, there were over 1700 other meetings that she had. she was secretary of state, she was meeting with foreign officials and government officials constantly. so to pull all of them out of equation, cherry pick a small number of meetings is pretty outrageous. >> well, the ap story takes a close look at the people who met with hillary clinton while she
10:18 am
was secretary of state. it says more than half of the people outside government she met with, 85 of 154 in all, did give money to the clinton foundation. we're going to take an in depth look at this issue of the clinton foundation, but i want to start with jacob rascon, he is trailing the trump campaign in tampa, jacob, no doubt donald trump is going to take this clinton foundation line and hit it the hard. >> reporter: he already has. in the last couple days, this is a threat to democracy, this is like a third world country. this ap story fits very perfectly into the argument that trump has been trying to build for a year now about the rigged washington system that he's trying to break up. that he says he's uniquely qualified to break up. in fact, that's a very interesting aspect of trump's argument because he admits that he was part of that rigged system, in fact, he donated to the clinton foundation, he got what he wanted, that's why he donated. and so he says that he is
10:19 am
uniquely qualified in that sense to now break up the rigged washington system. he was asked last night about whether he was going to truly try to make this election now about him versus hillary clinton, he says, indeed he was. we've seen that over the past week and change that he's given now six or seven prompter speeches in a row at rallies. he's expected to do that again in tampa. he's running a little bit late here, but this again fittings perfectly into his argument and he's hoping to hit that even harder. he'll probably continue to do that until election day. >> all right, jacob, we have to turn now to kasey hunt, she's in los angeles with the clinton campaign. i know they're coming off a fancy charity fundraising event in l.a., something hillary clinton gets criticized for, but today they are defending themselves, firing back against these claims on the foundation. what are people inside telling you now? >> reporter: that's right, steph. hillary clinton herself has been really behind closed doors for the past couple of days, raising
10:20 am
money in california today she's up in silicon valley, something with tim cook, the ceo of apple. yesterday in l.a., she was here with a number of celebrities, justin timberlake and jessica biel. but this really has this ap story has gavlvanized the clintn campaign, they are arguing that the ap story doesn't give the full context. it doesn't use essentially the right set of data or people who met with her and pointing to donald trump himself what jacob was just talking about. his donation to the clinton foundation back in 2009 when she was secretary of state and also saying there's a double standard here and there've been republicans who have been running for office who have also had family connections to charity, and they haven't been held to account for it the same way that the trump team is trying to hold clinton to account for this. look at how brian fallon, her spokesman defended hillary clinton today on "andrea
10:21 am
mitchell reports." >> we did not see similar questions raised or attacks launched against george hw bush who launched the points of life foundation after his presidency. you did not see attacks waged on bob dole while his wife was running the international red cross, and rightfully so because these are charitable organizationings doing important work and the idea they're pulling back and forth and used as weapons for attacks, that's completely absurd and beyond the pail. >> that of course the way they're defending this. the parallel is not 100% exact necessarily because, of course, this foundation was taking donations from foreign and corporate entities while she served as secretary of state, of course husband and wife different than some of the relationships that were present for bob dole and of course for george h.w. bush and his son, george w. bush, steph. >> kasey hunt in l.a. we are waiting moments from now, donald trump is scheduled to speak at a rally in tampa,
10:22 am
florida. now charlie psycsykes. important to point out, he is someone who does not support donald trump. good afternoon, charlie, let's talk about this clinton foundation issue. this is a good one for donald trump. fits exactly into this pay-to-play argument he's been making, but is it going to move the needle in terms of the election? look at the poll numbers. >> yeah. well, stop me if you've heard it before, but they have a cavalier attitude towards ethics. the normal standards don't apply to them. this is an old story. and that echos to your question which is, i think the public has figured this out about hillary clinton. so i don't know whether it's going to move the needle. it's a completely legitimate issue. in a normal political year, this kind of thing would be a major political scandal. that would derail a candidate, but the question , is whether or not donald trump number one is the best messenger on thi issue and whether he has the discipline to stay on this issue, but, you know, look, i mean, think about the recklessness of accepting
10:23 am
foreign money, while you are the secretary of state of the united states. and again, it's very clintonian. >> if donald trump were to become the president, what happens to his businesses? he manufactures, oversees trump tower, has chinese lenders, will he not find himself in the same kind of conflict? >> yeah, well who knows with donald trump. that's part of the problem is that, you know, i keep thinking, you know, any other republican candidate, what they would be able to do with this particular issue because it is a target-rich environment, but donald trump has so much of his own baggage. so much of the baggage of his own companies, the various deals that he's been involved in. lineelationship with the and his network are directly connected to all kinds of international entities. hillary clinton doesn't have a conflict of interest with charitable work. that's all it is. >> okay. it seems like mook is basically saying donald trump has got some real hooks, to attack anyone over pay-to-play, donald trump has changed his party affiliate
10:24 am
affiliations, seven times. he's said yep, i've given money to all sorts of politicians, it helped my business. >> yeah, well, there is a conflict of interest involving hillary clinton and that foundation. there's no question about it, but you're right, you know, donald trump's baggage, bag faj train stretches almost beyond the eye here all of the things he's doing, the self-dealing he's involved in. that's why i think that if in fact it turns out that he's able to do something he hasn't been able to do before, which is to be on discipline, talk about this as opposed to hillary's health or some other issue like that, still, i'm just not sure that it's going to change, change the trajectory of this race because of what you just mentioned. >> in terms of being disciplined, he stays on this line with hillary and the foundation, maybe he can win over some of those undecided voters, but he's also been brondening out who his reach is. he's trying to connect to lath knows, he's trying to connect to the african american community. given where he's polling, is that even an option? >> well, not really.
10:25 am
no. he's going -- he'll probably get single digits among the african american community, he will do very poorly with the hispanic community. i'm not sure that's his main goal. what he's doing is try to burnish his image among conservative women in the suburbs, republican women in the suburbs, republican voters who soured on him because of his connecs but again, i don't know whether or not these sort of, you know, rhetorical gestures are going to overcome a year's worth of public scrutiny of who he is and what he has said. >> all right, charlie, thanks so much for joining me today. charlie sykes of milwaukee, wisconsin. coming up, more breaking news out of kabul, afghanistan. reports of shots and explosion at the american university there. nbc's richard engel joins us after the break and we are on watch in tampa, florida, where donald trump will be taking the stage minutes from now at a rally.
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you're watching msnbc, and we're monitoring breaking news out of kabul, afghanistan. reports of explosion and gunfire at american university, a senior official at the pentagon says, u.s. military troops are currently on site assisting their afghan counterparts and the attack is still going on. a complex attack as they're calling it, the u.s. embassy has advised all u.s. citizens to avoid the area. i want to bring in nbc cheer foreign correspondent who joins me now in studio, help us understand, what exactly is going on here? >> this is a very dangerous situation, the american university in kabul, which is still in the city, but right on the outskirts of the city, it's a walled compound. very high security. it's next to a school for the blind. an explosion happened. a very large explosion, according to witnesses we spoke to, right where the wall of the american university and the
10:30 am
school of the blind meet up. it's not clear if there are gunmen in both locations or just the university. after the explosion, witnesses say there was a lot of gunfire. gunmen got into the university. apparently through the hole in the wall that they created. or that they went in to the school of the blind and penetrated the facility. this is an ongoing operation. >> can you -- >> afghan special forces have now entered the compound. and are engaged in gunfights with an unknown number of attackers. >> if it's afghan special forces who made their way in, is there an american presence? where's nato here? >> as you mentioned a while ago, american troops are on site. and that is an unusual move, but it reflects the sensitivity of the target. this is afterall the american university in kabul. there are american professors who teach there. largely afghan students, but afghan students i know will say who go there say about half of their teachers are americans.
10:31 am
the summer session is under way. so, there are students and faculty on-site. when the afghan special forces entered the compound, by the way, they are in both compounds right now, the university and the school for the blind which is adjacent to it, amanaged to free some of the students and faculty who were sheltering in buildings there, but it is still an ongoing situation. >> without knowing anything for sure, in a broader context, why do you think this school could be a target? >> it's the american university in kabul. it has long been a target. never been attacked like this, but just recently, two professors, an american and an australian, were kidnapped. and they were teaching at the american university. the taliban has, would be interested in attacking this location. isis, which is also had a presence in afghanistan would be interested in attacking the american university. so far, no claim or responsibility, but people i've been speaking to say the
10:32 am
suspicion is more to the, for the taliban based on the nature of the attack. >> since the campus is basically in or close to the center of the city and it is as you said, high security. if they're not safe, is there any area within kabul that is? >> probably not. for a deliberate attack. they didn't go for the gate, they went for a section of the wall. so they've decided to fight their way in and blast their way in. there is a lot of security at this facility. people have to go through medal detectors, bags are checked when they go in and come out. but if off determined group of militants and there are plenty of taliban militants well-armed, well equipped who know the city exceptionally well and they want to go in fighting and blow a hole through the wall, that's hard to defend it. >> all right richard, you're going to continue to report on the story that is breaking. an attack at the american university in kabul. our own richard engel, thanks, richard. coming up, donald trump, he is doubling down this hour on
10:33 am
his attacks on hillary clinton. and her meetings with the clinton foundation donors while she was at the state department. he's about to take the stage for a rally in florida, we're going to take you there live. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq
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you're watching msnbc live. i'm stephanie rule. we're awaiting remarks from donald trump in tampa, florida, where he is set to speak at a rally. continuing, we're guessing, that drum beat on the attacks against hillary clinton targeting the relationship between clinton's state department and donors to the clinton foundation, but also going to be doubling down on his minority outreach efforts, trying to turnl the tide on devastating poll numbers that have him drowning in hillary clinton's wake. to talk about this more, i want to bring in nbc news political analyst rick tyler who is the former national spokesman for the ted cruz campaign and ken blackwell, a republican and former secretary of state for ohio. rick, i want to start with you. >> hey stephanie.
10:37 am
>> donald trump's team, at least for the last week, has been saying, we to want stay on on-message, he is the business candidate who can talk jobs, economy, and put people back to work, yet they've kind of been given a gift from god with this clinton foundation issue, haven't they? >> what's remarkable about this ap story. the ap has a lot of credibility. and this could have been argued out when the ap requested the calendar of secretary of state hillary clinton, and they stone walled it. so the ap had to sue to get the records, and so these come out now, 70-plus days before the election. so donald trump has been given a gift and remarkably he's been pretty much on-message about this because look, this campaign breaks down the two central and competing arguments on one hand, hillary clinton needs to convince people that donald trump is not, does not have the temper meant, not fit to be president. he's been hammering away at that, and donald trump needs to convince people that she can't be trusted. they both have double digit leads in these respect ifz areas
10:38 am
and the one who wins this battle between those two competing arguments will probably win the election. >> rick, you're a communications guy, you know best. the insider said should simply wait the clock out here. the less she says, the better. we're less than 80 days away, and she's so far ahead in the polls, is that the right strategy? >> that was true, you know, a day and a half ago, but that is not true today because this ap story blows it open wide and you have sort of robby mook giving answer thalsd have worked 20 years ago. he forgets that voters are so much more sophisticated today, they can follow the 24 hour news, they can see thing. they never took a salary, look, they know how the game works. they know how it's rigged. how the clintons made millions and millions from speaking fees that seem to be coming from the leverage that comes from the clinton foundation. and the inordinate a. people she
10:39 am
saw who are donors. this is pay-to-play. the problem with donald trump is you have pay-to-play, he's always been the pay. it's hard for him to, you know, get her on this issue because he was a part of that for a very long time. >> ken, you're from the important swing state of ohio, could this issue plaguing hillary clinton right now actually affect a state like yours? >> absolutely. i think national security is an issue that's playing across the country. and it's playing in ohio. look, for the last two years of the george h.w. bush administration and most of the first year of the bill clinton administration, i worked at the state department. i was the u.s. ambassador to the united nations in charge of the human rights portfolio. and let me tell you, this stinks. and the smell is just not contained to inside the beltway. it goes across the country when one of the big issues, both domestic and foreign is safety. and national security. and the fact that you have a
10:40 am
former secretary of state actually playing this game of pay-to-play for the funding of their foundation, again, it smells, and i don't think that they're going to be able to contain the smell. >> but does donald trump run the risk that he's not the right person to make this argument? this is a guy who does have business ties overseas, lenders, he has potential lit had connections to vladimir putin, we've seen him compliment very dangerous people from overseas, look at the guy's business herself ri. is he the right person to make these arguments against hillary? >> let's make -- let's start out by saying, he was not the secretary of state. he was not the third most important person in the united states government when it comes to foreign affairs and national security. this was a position that she in
10:41 am
a singular fashion has held. believe me, donald trump will not be the only person making this case against her as being in a national security risk. those of us who have had experience in the national security field will in fact make the case. we'll prosecute the case, and it's not going to go away. it's not going -- they're not going to be able to push it under the rush. and i think donald trump needs to hit national security issues, but he also needs to put this economy back on a growth path. we have written this e themmic growth, poor job creation, and i tell you, many communities, that's the two things they want. they want to be able to work and they want, they want safety. both in their neighborhood and in the world. >> senator jeff sessions is on the stage right now awaiting donald trump to make his way there. i want to stay on that, ken,
10:42 am
because just in the last week, donald trump is trying to broaden out his reach to the latino community, african american community, i want to the share some of the things he said. take a look. >> right now you walk double the street, you get shot. you could go to war zones in countries that we're fighting, and it's safer than living in some of our inner cities. you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs, 58% of your youth is unemployed. what the hell do you have to lose? >> listen, he is saying to this community, you need jobs, it's time to fix that, but he hasn't offered a plan. given his history with the african american community, all of the things he said and his polls numbers, can simply saying, you know, what else you got? is that enough? ken? >> no, it's not. and the fact of the matter is, is that he understands that capital seeks the path of least
10:43 am
resistance and greatest opportunity. and he knows that in many of our urban communities, capital is being repelled because of crime rates, because of inadequate schools and worker preparation. he understands that one of the things that we have to do to get $2 trillion of capital that's being banked someplace else outside of the country or on the fence, he understands that we have to work in those urban areas to make sure they have better schools, that they in fact have lower crime rates, and that they have people who in fact want to start in the entrepreneurial spirit, small businesses in their neighborhoods, and he can then tell them that they are faced with the same overregulation problems, they are faced with the same problems of -- that every other business, small business is faced with.
10:44 am
they need access to capital, i think he can tell them better than hillary clinton. what she wants to doed is grow the welfare state, she wants to grow dependence because in fact then she has a permanent, she has a permanent political pot of voters from which to depend. >> ken, we have to leave it there. we have to take a quick break. donald trump is hitting the stage in just a moment. ken, rick, thank you for joining me today. ahead, we have to take you back to italy for the latest on that deadly earthquake that killed at least 120 people. the death toll now up to 120, started this morning at 37. please, stay with us. you're watching msnbc. from leaving me at a higher risk of stroke. that'd be devastating. i took warfarin for over 15 years until i learned more about once-daily xarelto... a latest generation blood thinner. then i made the switch. xarelto® significantly lowers the risk of stroke in people with afib not caused by a heart valve problem.
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10:48 am
italy where we have more breaking news this afternoon. the death toll has risen yet again. now at least 120 people are dead after a 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck in central italy overnight. this latest total coming from the italian prime minister hear dramatic drone video showing the extent of the devastation and now italian officials are pleading for blood donations as a desperate search for survivor has been going on all day. people being pulled from the rubble as their 15th century homes decimated. we're looking there at the town, a map where the mayor of that town has said his whole community wiped out. i want to bring in increase's loougsy kafanov. for the audience, we have a bit of a delay, but we want to get you to lucy there on the ground, you've been watching the efforts all day long, tell us what's the latest.
10:49 am
>> reporter: it's still a search and rescue operation. the workers here are racing against the clock to try to pull out any people that may still be trapped behind in the rubble. you might see a very large excavator truck behind me. these scenes are repeated down almost every street as far as the eye can see. buildings have been flattened, some feel like the front has been pulled off. you can peer inside, you can see bathrooms, living rooms, books spilling out. the key focus right now is finding any survivors who are still holding on and getting them out. italian them out. experts have been dispatch ed ad are here on site. they are trying to get to any families that may be trap itted inside. a lot of people have been pulled out. we have seen both people who have lost their it lives pulled out of the rubble as well as those who are alive. there's a local hospital here. we walked past that earlier. that building no longer structurally sound. the doctors pulled out the cots
10:50 am
to the parking lot. . they were treating patients there. they were med vasculared to larger areas. i can see large groups of teams walking towards the worst parts of the destruction. they are trying to deal with a situation. we did hear from u.s. secretary of state john kerry. he issued his condolences and offered any help that the united states could give to italy. this is one of the worst, most devastating earthquakes to take place here since 2009 when an earthquake claimed 300 lives. that death toll here is 120. the fear is that number could go up. i should also add this is not a calm situation. we have experienced aftershocks, the ground is still shaking. we don't really know what the aftermath of this earthquake could be. the very strong fear is that things could get worse here before they get better. >> the rescuers, the community, please be safe. our thoughts are with you. come lg up, more breaking
10:51 am
news out of afghanistan where shots and an explosion have been reported at the american university. we'll have more on that, please stay with us.
10:52 am
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10:54 am
you're watching msnbc. we are still monitoring breaking news out of kabul, afghanistan. reports of an explosion and gunfire at the american university. i want to go back to senior news editor cal perry. this attack is still going on. just a few minutes ago, it was afghan force who made their way in. >> special forces just in the past hour sealing that campus off. they have been joined by advisers from both nato and the u.s. military. an unusual move but an indication of the high profile nature of this target. we know a number of people have been wounded. we still do not have a complete picture of casualties. at some point gunmen were able
10:55 am
to penetrate that campus. the next few hours will be key. >> so we understand that explosion was most likely at the secure wall, which would allow these men to make their way inside. >> exactly. it breached the wall. >> clearly a dangerous time. we'll continue to cover this as this complex attack is still going on. we have to take a break because rudy giuliani is spe speaking now. donald trump set to take the stage any moment down in florida for a rally. we'll bring that to you live.
10:56 am
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the perfect kid-friendly hotel. simple to book which is great for families. finally! whatever captain obvious. save up to 50% during the labor day sale. and get an extra 10% off with promo code lastchance. thanks for watching this hour of msnbc live. that does it for me. right now, i'll hand it over to thomas roberts. >> busy hour for you and we have a busy one coming up because we're watching that shot out of florida, where donald trump is going to be speaking in moments. being introduced by rudy
10:59 am
giuliani. also senator jeff session was on site there. we'll take you back to that rally as soon as donald trump shows up. we are covering this breaking news out of afghanistan. attackers have stormed american university in kabul. this happened at 7:00 p.m. local time. witnesses describing a large explosion at the university, then followed by gunfire. initial reports indicate the attackers got inside the compound of the school. we have just learned from a senior defense official that troops who are advising the afghans are on site at the university. so we have several nbc news correspondents on the story including matt bradley and richard engel here with me in new york. take us through what we know about how this happened. >> the very latest from reuters is that one student has been killed and 14 have been injured. given the nature of this attack, those figures sadly are likely to go up. u.s. troops have been deployed to the university grounds, but they are primarily in an advising capacity. they are backing up the university's own security and
11:00 am
afghan security forces taking the lead in engaging the attackers. we really don't know anything more about further casualties. this is a typical attack. we're talking about multiple gunmen with multiple means of attacking including bombs and small arms. one of the things we're hearing is there was an initial explosion on ma


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