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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  August 26, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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next week there are primaries in both arizona and florida, florida is head of dnc. famously endorsed by bernie sanders. in arizona on tuesday it's john mccain in a nasty fight against challenger said kelly ward. she said yesterday that basically arizonians should not cast ballots for john mccain this year because he's old and he might die in office. both of those primary ris on tuesday, both promise some unusual drama. this year just does not quit. that does it for us tonight, we'll see you again on monday. now, you don't have to go to prison, you get to play "hard ball." yeah, have a good night. i know you you are but what am i, let's play hardball.
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. good evening. donald trump and hillary clinton continue to trade blows today over charges of racism and bigotry. it comes a day after clinton accused trump of encouraging racist voices. calling into morning joe, she's taking hate groups and making them main stream. >> from the start, he has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. he's questioned the citizenship of president obama. he has a disturbing pattern of courting white saw prem upremac. he's attacked a judge for mexican heritage. she's promised a mass deportation and what i want to make clear is this, a man with a long history of racial discrimination, who trafficked
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in dark conspiracy theories drawn from the pages of supermarket tabloids and these kind of white supremacist, anti anti antisemantic groups should never run our country. >> here he is last night on cnn. >> she's a bigot. you look at what's happening to the inner city, you look at what's happening to african-americans and hispanics and this country, where she's talking look at the vets, where she said the vets are being treated, essentially, just fine, it's over exaggerated what's happening to the vets. >> bigoted hatred -- >> she's selling them down the tubes. she's not doing anything for those communities. she talks a good game. >> you're saying she has hatred -- >> her policies are bigoted because she knows they're not
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going to work. >> you think she is personally -- >> of course she is. >> all that and it's not even labor day. with 74 days to go, where can things possibly go from here. david corn is washington bureau chief and robert costa is national political reporter and all our msnbc political analysts. robert, i'll start with you. you've had the white national sort of elements to donald trump by hillary clinton. and the trump campaign, are they surprised, nonplus, what is the reaction to the fact that republicans have not come forward to refute what hillary clinton is saying. >> what we've seen from the trump campaign recent days is an effort to try to improve trump's numbers with minority voters, talk about upcoming out reach to black voters, in particular, as well as latino voters and those overajs have come in the way he's talking about soften,
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possibly, his immigration stand. what we're seeing is a new leadership team trying to adjust to the barrage that's coming from brooklyn. it's going to continue to come. >> robert, are they reaching out to the members of the rnc, you've got sean spicer working part time. are they expecting elected republicans to come forward and defend them. so far they call it the sounds of silence. >> it's a fair assessment because based on my reporting, joy, the rnc is intertwined with the trump campaign with sean spicer and ryan, financially, politically, they're going to ride it till november. when it comes to capitol hill, the vulnerable senate races, there are much more reluctant to come out now with just 75 days before the election and to engage in any kind of events or effort for donald trump, especially on an issue like race. >> donald trump calling hillary clinton a bigot, by the way, didn't sit well by some of the
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reporters. >> i don't generally get into the name-calling thing. i kind of left that behind in the third grade. i certainly don't encourage it. and he threw in, that's what people do when they don't have anything to talk about. sean spicer, the aforementioned chief strategist for the rnc who has, indeed, been working out of trump tower part time had this to say earlier on msnbc. >> do you think hillary clinton's a bigot? >> no, i think some of the policies that she supportive have not helped the african-american. anybody who knows me, i don't use to use certain words. but, again, i'm not so -- i don't -- that's not something that i might personally say, no. >> why go after saying she's a bigot, many have said it just doesn't make sense? >> i think he looks what she had said about him. he concluded this is how he's
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going to label her. that's for him. >> you know, i know you are but what i am strategy does work in grade school, you saw the plain discomfort of sean spicer who is working with donald trump trying to elect him president. your take on the fact that republicans at large have said absolutely nothing in defense of donald trump as he's being labeled this way by hillary clinton. >> it's because it's difficult to defend the indefensible. this is a man who has run a campaign for 14 months for the moment he got off that downed escalator and trump tower on june 16th, 2015. he said they are rapist and it went further downhill from there seemingly every week from his campaign for the next 14 months. if you're a republican and this person is now the nominee of your party and the democratic nominee lays out a brief against
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your nominee and you -- that are based on facts, there's no way, you can't even refute, why would you put yourself out in front, to defend, to defend the indefensible. >> meanwhile, in her speech hillary clinton did cite other examples, republican leaders who stood up. >> 20 years ago when bob dole accepted the republican nomination, he pointed to the exits in the convention hall and told any racist in the party to get out. the week after 9/11, george w. bush went to a mosque and declared for everyone to hear that muslims love america just as much as i do. in 2008, john mccain told his own supporters that they were wrong about the man he was trying to defeat, senator mccain made sure they knew, barack
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obama, he said, is an american citizen and a decent person. we need that kind of leadership again. >> so david, this definitely feels like try angulation -- come to me republicans because i think he is not like you, sort of separating them from donald trump, even as they are silently, sort of walking away from him, what do you make of it? >> we've reached a pretty absurd situation, when donald trump gets out there and says hillary clinton is a bigot, you're a bigot, joy, i'm a bigot, maybe even robert's a bigot, it's a word he uses it. today the candidates traded charges about who is a bigot. when, actually, it's his record that's been sort of on trial. i keep reminding people before he got to the nomination he was known for being champion of
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birthism. it's been raced along for him whether it's immigration or attacking or delegitimize the first black president, we're trying to figure out how to deal with a person who is acting like a crazy man, i don't know how else to put it. you know, in his interview with anderson cooper last night, you saw it again and again and, you may not like his policy -- her policies does that make her a bigot? >> yes, she's a bigot. there's no logic here and there's no way that republicans can defend it and the question to people like sean spicer, you're not going to defend the use of this word and won't use it yourself, why are you still with trump, how can you countenance a nominee like this. >> and robert, you know, the term bigot, calling hillary clinton that, it was not off the cuff donald trump remark, he read it off the teleprompter. talk a little bit about this. hillary clinton has made an issue of steve bannon who is now
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the ceo of the one of the kind features of it is turning this idea of racism back on people of color, back on liberals, back on democrats. who is now running this message. is this donald trump leading a message where he wants to go in and attempt to tie her to racism is that fashion in his campaign leading him around? >> there are intense discussions around donald trump about how to proceed with his candidacy, with his message. it's not being dominated by a particular person, but there's an orbit around him, rudy jew guiliani. and it's about who's with him at trump tower, who is on the phone and plane with him. these people are telling him to moderate and soften his pitch. and others are more reflective of that populace national core of the trump campaign. this is something he's navigating like he's in the political dark trying to figure
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out how to win without losing who he is with his campaign. >> jonathan, actually, that's alarming. it sounds like he's been blown by the winds whichever direction they're blowing strongest inside of his inner circle. is there a coherent core or is there a campaign being led by the loudest voice in the moment. >> that gets to the key thing, you use the right word, core, you don't get blown around, you don't get swayed if you have a solid core, if you have a foundation that you believe in. his signature issue has been immigration, build the wall, deport 11 million people. today could someone please explain to me exactly what his immigration plan is because it's hardened. it's softened. it's gone away, come back, all within the space of four days. so if you can't stick to his core message, if he plays the room and tries to figure out what the room wants to hear in terms of getting applause or
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getting laughter, well, then, you're going to go wherever they want to hear it. so one day -- we're not going to build the wall, i'm not going to build the wall. next day, you know, what, no one is applauding for me. let's build the wall and you get the cheers. to me it seems like the donald trump and his campaign is in a very desperate moment, so desperate that his immigration plan is nonsense and this out reach to african-americans and latino voters, quite frankly, is a fool'ser rand. >> you're covering this campaign, what is his immigration policy, i think he asked the audience to applaud for whether they want him to do the deportation. he's polling the audience to get his policy. do you know, at this point, what the donald trump immigration plan is? >> what we're watching in real time and we experience this every day as reporters, is a candidate who hitched himself to
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this populace right wing element of the republican party more than a year ago and has, ever since, been associated with that wing and embraced that wing. but that wing has never been who trump really is. it hasn't been something he's cultivated throughout his life. it's something he found, he embraced and he's held on to, but now in this final chapter of the campaign, he's going back and rethinking, does he need to embrace this populace right wing part of the party as much as he has. >> i'm going to give last word to david, he's much more polite. i mean, everyone sort of understands what steve bannon are and he claims to be all right. would you agree that donald trump doesn't have a natural affinity with them? >> i think certainly of the bertha days on, he has had a natural affinity. i think the big issue is a donald trump, i think, ultimately doesn't care about
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anything other than donald trump. after a year talking about immigration, he doesn't know what his policy is, he doesn't seem to be interested in figuring out what to do about 11 million people here. he thought he had an answer, now he doesn't know. he says he's going to fix the education system, fix the inner cities, he doesn't really care. it's just about presentation and about donald trump, the one thing he cares about are polls and how well it is he's doing, how many people at the rallies, those are the details you get from a donald trump speech, nothing about policy or anything that matters to anybody else. >> i think the donald trump -- he cares about polls he can't have a good week. david corn and robert, thank you very much. >> thank you, joy. >> coming up, minority report, we're going t take a look back at trump's weekend out reach effort and see if wu minority
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voters. atlanta-right, does it have ties from campaign? i've got two reporters with all the details. flip or flop, so just where does donald trump stand on immigration. the answer gets more confusing every day. we'll try to unpack the statements made by the candidates who based his campaign on building the wall and making mexico pay for it. this friday night the hardball round table will tell you, something we don't know, this is hardball, the place for politics. ♪
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welcome back to hardball, donald trump continues his extensive pitch to black and hispanic voters w the pitch centering on the one liner, "what have you got to lose?" >> you see it all the time, parents walking with their beautiful shot, then they get shot, they're shot, their child is shot, often killed. folks, what do you have to lose? >> to those hurting and suffering and left behind, i say, what do you have to lose by trying something new? what do you have to lose by voting for donald trump for president? you can go to war zones and countries that we're fighting and it's safer than living in some of our inner cities. they're run by the democrats,
7:20 pm
what the hell do you have to lose? give me a chance. i'll straighten it out. i'll straighten it out. >> but, according to recent nbc online tracking poll, only 8% and 22% of hispanic. he's making these pitches in front of all white audiences while avoiding opportunities to speak to directly communities of color. today hillary clinton released an ad criticizing the approach. >> i've haed a great relationship with blacks. >> what the hell do you have to lose? ♪ >> for more, i'm joined by sean jackson, trump support and hector sanchez, chairman of the national hispanic leadership agenda. thank you for being here. sean, i want to start with you, you're from florida, would you consider the majority of black communities to be essentially urban hell holes.
7:21 pm
>> with all do respect i don't care that he has classified all black communities as urban hell holes. it is apparent when you go into inner cities across florida and i myself was born and raised in inner city specifically in west palm beach florida, you can see a lot of blight a lot of municipalities that have cities and within cities like that west palm beach are democratic ran, mr. trump has a very valid point. >> let me ask you this question, do you think that saying, this he's only talked about communities of color as being places that are hell scaped, you get shot, you can't walk down the street, he's made it sound like there's no good taking place in urban communities. you, yourself, have had some challenges with the way the trump campaign has out reached to black voters in florida, you were ushered out of a donald trump and not allowed to be back said, you've said on the record you felt his campaign manager in florida doesn't know anything
7:22 pm
about black out reach and doesn't care about it. are you saying that the trump out reach effort makes sense? >> let's be clear, joy, i was not ousted out of the trump rally, number one. number two, there's nothing uncommon about anyone having differences of opinions with various staffers. yes, i had a difference of opinion at one point with a senior staff, however, she and i work very well and close together to make sure we do deliver the black vote. >> that's different from what you've been saying about that out reach, you told the miami new times, i've been saying, you cannot go into a black community in the ninth hour of campaign and ask them to vote for gop candidate. you have to have a vested interest in time and financial effort for the whole campaign not just the last 1 hyundais. >> you're absolutely right. and mr. trump has a very clear and concise vested interest in the black community, hence the reason why you hear him talking so much how he wants to go into
7:23 pm
inner cities communities that have all the blight and crime. >> he's been running for president for a year and he's speaking to audiences. >> joy, he's in the process of doing that now, just like hillary clinton is in the process of refute yating mr. trump said. >> you think she's a bigot. >> is that the word that i would use, probably not. however, her tendencies over the years have aligned up with the phrase "bigot". >> you think that hillary clinton is a big got, that's what you just basically said. >> joy, i said the things she's done in her 27-year career has a politician have aligned up with that term "bigot". >> you're on board with donald trump's basically description of hillary clinton -- >> what i am on board with is that hillary clinton has called black men super predators and she's worked alongside her husband to incarcerate more
7:24 pm
black men that's what i'm on board. >> hector sanchez, i want you to get in as well. >> thank you for the invitation. we have a very serious concern as community with this constant attacks on latinos and immigrants, all the constant bigotry towards the community. he's having real impact in our children, bullying is increasing, hate crime is increasing, racial profiling against latinos is increasing in the nation. we can see that all the these rhetoric and attacks on our community are really effecting and increasing the validity for families in the nation. so we are asking and demanding a trump that's in our community and come to the table, he really wants to meet with the most important latino leaders in the nation. he wants to discuss real policy and national hispanic
7:25 pm
leadership, we invite him to come here. we to invite him to tell us on where he stands on thele policies that we have on the public policy agenda. and that's where we want to take this discussion. we're concerned about his stakes on immigration, what is his stakes on immigration, build the wall? deport 11 million workers, let me tell you what i know about those 11 million undocumented workers, they're hard work. i have seen and have witnessed the conditions of these farm workers i have seen the conditions in the hotel, in the factories and the different industries of these hard workers. when they say they're stealing from other people. nobody should work under those horrible conditions where constant human rights are constantly happening. it's time to come to the table. it's time to have real policy discussions and it's time to really win the latino vote,
7:26 pm
we're inviting the company to talk to us, some of the campaigns have been extremely responsible engaging of the process. >> let me ask you this real quick question. george w. bush did quite well. he got 44% of the latino vote. you only had 22% among the hispanic community, how much do you think very briefly donald trump is doing with hispanic voters with the rhetoric you describe. >> it's very clear, as i said, he's got serious negative impact in our community. it's a beauty of democracy, we invite to engage with us. we need for them to understand what are the policy priorities and the nation, so we invited campaign to respondents and they responded to the questionnaire, we're asking trump to come and meet with us to discuss and understand the policies. we're also ask him to respond to a question that we're doing to release to latino voters in the nation. >> we'll try to keep up with
7:27 pm
you. what are the other issues is surrogates, you talked about some of the other past comments she's apologized for. main governor paul le page has come under mark. photos he's collected of drug dealers showing 90% of them are black or hispanic, when a lawmaker questioned the remark, he left an explicit message on his voicemail. take a listen. >> mr. gattiline, this is governor paul richard, lepage. i would like to talk to you about your comments about my being a racist, you -- and i want to talk to you. i've spent my life helping black people and you little son of a -- i need you to -- i want you
7:28 pm
to record this and make it public because i am after you. thank you. >> now, later this afternoon the governor, we should say, did apologize for the vulgarity. do you think it would help donald trump to reputeate. >> i find it very offensive that he is so misleading. mr. trump has made it clear and take an lot of time in the recent weeks to court the hispanic community. >> we'll let him talk. i want you to answer my question quickly first. do you think that donald trump should reputiate people like rudy guiliani who is his adviser who the african-american community feels nothing but hostility towards. should he reputiate people like
7:29 pm
that if he wants to do this out reach? >> no one should be holding him responsible for the words that come out other persons mouths. it goes the same way -- >> just a moment ago you tried to held hillary clinton for her husband's policy. >> for her words. >> for her husband's policies. >> you said she incarcerated millions of african-americans, when did she do that? >> when you go back to her comments over the years -- >> did she dent. >> joy, please, you know what, this is -- joy. you know what, with all do respect it's commentary that it's part of the discourse of politics you know as well as i do that mrs. clinton over the years has made it quite clear that she supported, protected and defended her husband's legislation. >> as did have of the congressional black caucus. >> if she was so -- >> as did the black caucus. >> from new york what she would have done made a point to introduce and create legislation
7:30 pm
that would have in fact counter acted what her husband's policies put in place. >> i want to very quickly, you've not yet answered my question whether or not yes or no you think that donald trump should reputiate people who are associated with them to -- should he do that, yes or new york city we'll let hector back in? >> like i said, i've answered the question. >> you say no. let's go on. >> don't put words in my mouth, thank you. >> well, good. let's move on to sean. >> we're very worried with some of the people that are working with the trump campaign. you mentioned some of the names. i was at the republican convention and hearing some of these messages, these decisive messages attacks against the community, against latinos, against minorities, this is not the kind of nation that we want and not the kind of nation we are looking for. we need solid poll proposals. we need to understand where it
7:31 pm
starts on immigration reform. there's going to be a speech. we want to understand exactly where they are, do we have a bill that we can consider like the bipartisan bill that we had. what is going to happen with that? what's going to happen on the workers we have in the nation, what are the economic policies, education, those are the questions that we need to be answering instead of getting in the debate, those are the kind of nation we want. i can tell you something very clear. >> very quickly. >> at a time when latino community is under attack, come out historical numbers and/or families and i can tell you that in our communities all over the nation. this is going to be historical election for the latino vote. >> it is going to be very interesting. we are out of time. thank you both. we'll have you both back, sean jackson and hector sanchez, thank you very much. the atlanta-right has made headlines this week. we'll look at who this group is
7:32 pm
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here is what's happening, a possible deal to end the war in syria, secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. and russia are moving closer to an agreement for a cease fire. a tropical system near the bahamas could bring severe weather to southern florida and the gulf coast this weekend. the national weather service says some areas could see heavy rain and flash flooding. the food and drug administration issued new guidelines to protect the nation's new blood supply from zika. now, back to "hardball." welcome back to hardball, donald trump's new campaign
7:36 pm
manager does not come from your traditional school. steve bannon has bragged his online news site is the go-to place for the atlanta-right. the term before the last couple of weeks most americans had never even heard of. they interviewed bannon. we're the platform told me proudly when i interviewed hem -- disavowed by every other major conservative outlet. he took over from the late founder four years ago. under bannons leadership the site has plunged cheering white nationalist groups as a mix of renegades, accusing president obama of importing more hating muslims and waging in war against the prevaers. what is the atlanta-right? and the author of that story.
7:37 pm
thank you both for being here and i'm going to come back to you to talk a little bit more about steve. i want to start with you, just to give us like a working definition of atlanta-right. >> so the trouble is it's not like it's one organization. to turn comes from a white nationalist who have this war or moultrie culturalism, immigration -- multiculturalism. they would slightly disagree with this. but it also includes people who just generally rail against political correctness or feminism or, you know, it includes subsets, for example, young white men, mostly, who are upset there are too many minorities invading their video game. it can be a very broad term. >> i guess, the big sort of issue with them is that they target traditional conservativism and publicism is weakening white culture, i guess you would say. >> their idea is there's all
7:38 pm
these topics they want to bring up and you can't talk about because republicans are squeamish about issues of race, religion and identity. kind of extreme activists, we think there's a muslim conspiracy. it could include people who are worried about demographic changes and say republicans won't talk about this, you get a wide, you know, bunch of people under that ruberratic. >> this perception there's a lot of anti-semitism and antiimmigration, kind of give us a little bit of background in that. >> ben sha ppiro who was editort large. after he left, he was assaulted on twitter and other venues with antisemantic, really horrible kind of rhetoric, which is
7:39 pm
something that other jewish journalists, including other journalists have experienced from the alt-right online. shapiro had, after the birth of his second child, he tweeted out somebody tweeted at him to to venns with the four of you, your entire family. i asked bannon about that when i met with him in cleveland in july and instead of saying something like, i'm sorry that this happened to my former employee ben shapiro. he kind of dismissed it and said that, shapiro was a winer. so -- and i feel like this has not been addressed by the alt right or bright bart or by the trump campaign, if you recall, the journalists julia wrote a profile of mrs. trump, she received a similar tweet on twitter and on the phone and e-mail. and when mrs. trump was asked
7:40 pm
about it, she said that these people had been provoked. >> international sort of component to it, let's play a little bit of nigil, stomping for donald trump in and of all places, mississippi. >> we reach those people who have never voted in their lives, but believe by going out and voting for brex it they can take back control of their country, take back control of their borders and get back their pride and self respect. >> now, are there deliberate connections between putin -- there. >> there's definitely global international component to this. we've had expressions of this in new york for a long time and far right parties, one figure that's popular is a politician for called for banning the koran and
7:41 pm
deporting muslims on mass. there's a lot of expressions that have been imported. there's a bit of a global exchange program, if you will, between extremist abroad and extremist at home. >> very interesting. it's and all the other stuff. it is now part of the republican party, that's great. sarah, thank you both. coming up, flip or flop, donald trump's changing stance on immigration seems to have confused his supporters and critics alike. we'll take a look back on the for trump. you're watching hardball, next. the place for politics.
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there oos no strategy here. you know blah he's doing is getting signals to his base that either he's strong whenever there's any kind of perception of weakness. his whole campaign is built on the toxic mas cue line idea of strength. any time you use any kind of perceived weakness, he has to show strength. it's in about policy, here. >> you are our strategist when you're advising, essentially, what is politics did, you did have sort of this tug of war that's apparent, where you've got the kelly ann con way who says he needs to be softer and appeal to women. he did the sourcening. he said the words "it's a soften lg i guess the rest of us
7:48 pm
considered it and he heres that which sounds like weakness and the part of his world is trying to get strong and macho and saying a it's a political wall. >> kelly ann con way has got to be hitting herself against the wall she has got her out there she's going to see it. one day he has changed his mind because there's nothing donald trump likes less than being kriezized. the minute you chris sized, i would just mince we should take a step back and look at what he's done. this is somebody who claimed not to be a politician. he spent the last year threatening 12 million people they were going to rip them from your family, put them in jail, they were going to be gone, for political reasons, only, there's no other reason he would do this. he has changed his mind twice in the last 48 hours. it is disaster for strategist
7:49 pm
and disaster for this campaign. >> it is difficult, right, when we were waiting for a speech that was suppose to take place on thursday, he would lay it out. now it's been delayed it's coming in the next few weeks. is there an internal e date on whether he should do the softening or not do the soften. >> i think donald trump is not clear what he wants to do. i wouldn't be surprised if they kept this kind of ambiguous. you have the wall, per hanning so boarder security. he's been add mamt about that keeping up with that. >> he has been i think intentionally ambiguous. you have, of course, republican primary voters who supported him in the primary, pure research found that 60% of those associate immigrants with criminality. that's where he's going with the crime issue then, of course, you
7:50 pm
have majority of republicans who didn't support trump in the primary, people who supported cruz and kasich was the last time this was measured. they did not want to support the deportation efforts. >>. >> and they're sticking with us, up next they'll tell me something i don't know. this is "hardball" the place for politics. what up, peyt. you know have directv nfl sunday ticket. i get every game, every sunday. all in hd. yeah. i know that. so you wanna come over? i'll make nachos! i can't right now man. i'm playing. oh yeah. alrig. i'll pencil you in for tuesday. (vo) get nfl sunday ticket included at no extra charge. only on directv.
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that is "hardball" for now. and that interesting phone call. "all in with chris hayes starts right now." >> he has built his campaign on paranoia and letting a radical fringe take over the republican party. >> hillary clinton keeps warning america and republicans not named trump, aren't really objecting. >> we haven't seen prominent republicans stand up and defend him in the last 24 hours. why do you think that is? >> i don't know. congress is in recess. it's august. >> tonight the fallout from hillary's alt-right speech and why it's left donald trump scrambling.