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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 31, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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now for that surprise private meeting with mexican president en rooek reeg kay pena nieto. president nieto's office says invayations were sent last week to both trump and hillary clinton and this afternoon's meeting will take place at temperatural palace in mexico city. according to sources who talked to nbc's andrea mitchell, the state department actually advised trump against the visit because there was no time to plan it out. >> this kind of visit is very difficult to organize. the state department is not used to moving that quickly for a high profile visitor. and donald trump is controversial in mexico. >> hillary clinton's communications director released a statement saying, from the first days of his campaign, donald trump has painted mexicans as rapists and criminals and has promised to
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deport 16 million people including children and u.s. citizens. he has said he would force mexico to pay for his giant border wall. what ultimately matters is what donald trump says to voters in arizona, not mexico and whether he remains committed to the splitting up of families and deportation of millions. donald trump's trip to mexico comes on the same day he will deliver that immigration speech we've all been waiting for. this will take place in phoenix, as arizona. trump is expect ed to speak on whether he plans to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. our correspondents are on the ground in several places. let's begin with katy tur. she is standing by with where donald trump was last night. he didn't talk a lot about mexico in washington state. but nevertheless, katy, a couple
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of questions. let's start with what the campaign sees as the upshot for donald trump taking this meeting with mexico's president on the eve of his speech. what are you hearing? >> reporter: this is the first trip donald trump will make as the official republican nominee. they're hoping it will make him look a little more presidential. it's no secret he's had an antagonistic relationship with mexico and its leaders. him crossing the border and meeting with them on their home turf his campaign will hope make him look more like a leader who can literally cross borders, reach across the aisle. that's what they're hoping. this is not a trip where donald trump is going to be welcome. there's going to be no red carpet laid out for him. the mexican people do not like donald trump. that is an understatement. in fact, there are already protests surrounding this visit being planned at this moment. donald trump is not being welcomed by former leaders either.
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former president calderon now saying donald trump, the only way for him to save face with the mexican people is to leave this meeting, get on his knees and beg for forgiveness from mexico and the mexican people. so this is a meeting that donald trump hopes will make him seem more presidential on the american side, but on the mexican side there is little love lost and little way for donald trump to come out on top unless he finds some way to compromise. what is going to be said in this meeting, it's not entirely clear. it's a private meeting. whether or not this will make donald trump soften his position on immigration, soften his language or rhetoric towards mexico, we'll have to wait and see. this is on the eve of him coming out with an immigration speech tonight in arizona, a speech his campaign say also be very hard line, one of the hardest hitting immigration speeches they say an american politician has ever delivered. >> let's go to miguel almaguer live in mexico city. he's on the phone. this is donald trump's first
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one-on-one meeting with another world leader. we're hearing now kellyanne conway, his campaign manager says there will be a press availability following. we don't know if that means a news conference where both men take questions standing there. we're waiting to get these details. nevertheless, what have you heard regarding the parameters of this meeting other than it will be private? >> reporter: we know, tamron, it probably won't be incredibly long as donald trump is expected to give that big immigration speech in phoenix later this evening. we do know they'll meet at the presidential palace, a private meeting. we expect they'll likely talk about immigration, the drug problem and of course any other issues that may be relevant to both countries. as katy was mentioning earlier, i can tell you from my sense on the ground over the last several hours, a bit of bewilderment as to why donald trump would come to mexico and also a sentiment of anger. many people have been telling us, whether it's taxi cab
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drivers or we've heard it on the radio that there is a sense of anger that donald trump would make his way here to mexico. so we're watching all of those as well as we have seen several protests planned as well, tamron. >> trump has a 4% favorability rhetting among mexicans. that would easily explain some of what you've already heard while there. we also know that pena nieto is not popular in his country as well, low favorability. what have you heard about why mexico's president would want this meeting at this time? what's the upshot for him? >> reporter: many are asking that question themselves out here. as you mentioned, his favorability, the president's favorability rating is about 20% or so. some are wondering if he'll take a very strong stance against mr. trump, in fact, be very abrasive and combative which could boost
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his poll numbers here, that would be the upshot for the president who wants to appeal to the masses here. that's something he may be on the look out for. >> we know the former president of mexico, vincente fox has been a very aggressive critic of donald trump in so many words, giving him the new york salute when he said mexico would build the wall. do you know if vincente fox what his relationship is in with pena nieto and some of the other leadership and if any of his sentiment captures truly what mexico's leaders -- not that these are all individuals who think the same burks how they feel about donald trump being there? it's one thing to have the taxi driver tell you his view. from a governmental standpoint, if donald trump become it is president, we know president
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nieto has to deal with that. >> the crept president has been very outspoken against mr. trump as well at certain points which is why so many were surprised that he invited mr. trump to come to this country and this meeting of the two is going to take place. we do know he has had some of his own concerns about donald trump and one would expect he might voice those in that private meeting. >> let me bring in kelly o'donnell. she is in phoenix at the phoenix convention center where donald trump will give his immigration speech later tonight. kelly, what are you hearing regarding who helped donald trump craft this speech, who were the people, the last influences in his ear regarding what we may hear tonight? >> reporter: tamron, from what i understand, there have been drafts of this speech, likely it is not a final version yet because it may reflect solve of what's happening today with a trip to mexico. it's not entirely unusual for a nominee to visit a foreign country and meet with the head
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of state during the campaign season. that's happened in cycles before, but donald trump in so many ways brings the unusual because of his direct harsh rhetoric towards mexico. that's what makes this so unusual. of course, with hillary clinton, she traveled the world as secretary of state, so the need is not as great. what i'm told is you'll hear a lot about hillary clinton in donald trump's remarks, laying out the case of what immigration policy would be like under a hillary clinton administration in ways that donald trump thinks will certainly drive his base of supporters who want tighter borders and want some sort of action on things like, advisers say they hope there will be some discussion of some of the interior enforcement, meaning those who overstay their visas in the country, not just the border burks other complex parts of the immigration picture. i'm also told that donald trump is most comfortable with the stronger rhetoric, the build-the-wall rhetoric and felt some of the discomfort of critics in the conservative world who said that when he
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talked about hugh mainly dealing with those who are already here without documentation, that the brush back from that is really what part of what donald trump wants to respond to, in the sense that he wants to give him the strong view on immigration that got him to the nomination. the big question from talking to republican sources is will that humane piece still be in the final draft of the speech? by that i mean how do you deal with those who have families here, who there may be one member of the family who is a citizen or those working and productive but without dock itation for a very long time. trum has been cleared that those who do not have dommentation and have committed crimes will be deported. the question will be how much will be deportation piece come in? i've spoken to representative jeff flake, a republican from arizona and also a sharp critic of donald trump. yet he's happy he's going to mexico.
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here is what senator flake had to say. >> i'm glad he's going. i hope when he sits down with the mexican president that the mexican president will tell him how important nafta is, for example, for both of our countries, to tell him those crossing the border aren't mexico's worst, that they aren't rapists, tell him this is a complicated issue. it's an important partnership that we have, and we've go lt to get serious and not just throw platitudes about some wall and making mexico pay for it. i'm glad he's going. i think he'll be disabused of the notion that you can just say things like that without consequences. >> reporter: i'm also told that donald trump was the one who really drove this idea, that an immigration speech needed to happen in arizona and it needed to happen now. there were those in his circle who have been saying it could have waited a bit longer, but he drove this and e en da. he's had input from people like jeff sessions who has been very vigorously involved in the planning of immigration policy for donald trump.
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it's been a committee work. we'll see how it comes out when donald trump returns from mexico and meets with arizona supporters and voters tonight. >> we should remind the audience this speech was supposed to take place last thursday. it's taking place now. but between when it was supposed to happen and now there has been a muddled message across the board. that's perhaps why donald trump is pushing to at least make this clear, since he's getting heat from all sides to do that. thank you. joining me now arizona congressman rub again gallego and republican strategist rick wilson and katy tur is back with us. i want to start with katy. i understand you have new information to report for us? >> first of all, i want to correct myself a little earlier. it wasn't caldron that said trump needs to apologize on his knees, but rather vincente fox. donald trump at this moment is also trying to woo the hispanic
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vote, trying to find a way to reach across to latina voters, especially in places like arizona where that voting bloc could have tremendous influence over the outcome of how that state votes in november. so part of the reason that they are going to mexico is to show that he has an ability to work not only with mexican leaders, but to confront the mexican people. they want to show that donald trump is not somebody is afraid of confrontation, not somebody afraid of speaking his mind, somebody who is able to tell the truth even in the face of those who disagree with him. >> the truth, as we've learned in this campaign, though, katy has many interpretations. for example, whether or not the deportation numbers match with what donald trump is saying. it goes back to his outreach to the african-american community. inflating crime numbers is his version of the truth. the department of justice provides the real truth. i know his supporters see it as a straight shot. if he goes into mexico with
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skewed numbers that can be easily disproven, that does not provide a clear path to making a great impression. >> reporter: no, it doesn't. donald trump has had an issue with numbers on this campaign trail for the past 14 months, often overstating the size of his crowds or overstating how many illegal immigrants are in this country or overstating the joblessness rate in this country. but regardless of that, they believe this is a power move for them, especially since they are going before hillary clinton is. >> all right, thank you very much. let me get back to the panel. rick, let me start with you. we put together, and i'm sure you've seen different versions of this, donald trump in his own words and how he has addressed the issue of undocumented workers, illegals in this country, whatever language he's chosen to use including direct words at mexico's president. here is a bit of what he said since announcing his run. >> when mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. they're bringing drugs, they're
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bringing crime, they're rapists. and some i assume are good people. i will build a great, great wall on our southern border and i will have mexico pay for that wall. mark my words. >> so i had an idea. i think it's good. every time mexico really intelligently sends people over, we charge mexico $100,000 for every person they send over. you ready? who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico! >> who? >> mexico! >> 100%, 100%. ten feet taller. every time they protest, it's going to go up a little bit higher. >> i declare, i'm not going to pay for that [ bleep ] wall. he should pay for it. he's got the money. democracy cannot take off to
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crazy people that doesn't know what's going on in the world today. >> there's no way mexico can pay the wall like that. >> donald trump could very well be the president in january. how do you partner with a person that you've previously compared to hitler and mussolini? >> translator: whomever is elected here as president, the mexican government will be working in a very constructive manner with good faith. >> that's a heck of a mash-up. nevertheless, you get the point. how do you see this meeting playing out today? >> i see this meeting playing out as being a dumpster fire on top of a giant mountain of burning tires. there's very little condition that donald trump comes out of this where he doesn't, first off, lie about what happened in the meeting. he's going to say mexicans agreed to everything i want. they're building the wall. they're paying for it. then the mexicans will blow him up. this is a guy very accustomed to existing in this sean hannity-rush limbaugh bubble in
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the last few months where no alternative reality impinges. this is a real deal with an actual head of state of a foreign power. he's going to have to go there. he can't just lie his way out of it. he can't just say, oh, they've agreed to all my terms. the mexicans are now writing a check for me at this very moment to build my magical wall. the problem is more broadly. he's trying to, quote, unquote, appeal to hispanic voters. he's about to give a speech tonight that is pure stephen miller, the same story he's told before where he's talking about mexicans as practically genetically criminals and they're rapists and all this other stuff to appeal to his base. i don't think he's going to get anywhere with hispanic voters by continuing to be so divisive and having to live up to what his crowds desire versus what would be smart lit politically.
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he has no compassion in his soul so it's going to fall flat. >> let me play what his campaign manager kellyanne conway said about this decision to go and have this meeting today. let's play this. >> it's a decisive presidential move. he wants to establish a conversation with a neighboring country, a leader and also to discuss the common problems and challenges that our countries face. i they they'll have a productive conversation today, savannah, about illegal immigration, but also trade policy and drugs. >> how do you have a productive conversation when again the words, they're sending these rapists and i think his words were, i imagine some of them are ok okay? for president pena nieto, a lot at stake, a lot to represent here. what have you heard of his plan? >> the mexican people, we know on the streets they're not happy
8:18 am
with pena nieto taking the decision to invite donald trump. with pena nieto, i'm surprised he did this. if he thinks he's going to invite donald trump in and get tough on him. i don't think that's going to happen. donald trump is more media savvy. whatever happens, he's going to spin it in a way that pena nieto comes up looking bad. he'll show up at his arizona rally and boast about how he talked tough to the mexicans and told pena nieto how it's going to be. i think donald trump wants to use this to cater to his base but at the same time broadly signaling that he is acting presidential and he has the guts to confront folks who have previously criticized him. >> we should point out the meeting was extended to both secretary clinton and donald trump. congressman, let me bring you in, when asking which candidate is better for mexico, clinton 77%, donald trump 3%. we know she leads by a huge
8:19 am
margin in the polling here in this country. in the response from the campaign, essentially it was, yes, he can be there speaking the the people of mexico, but it matters what the people in arizona think. they're bringing this all back to home, no matter where he travels. they want to strap donald trump with the words he said on this land in this country about people still here. >> absolutely. if you look at his rhetoric, even beyond dealing with mexicans, as he calls them, which i think he thinks all latinos are mexicans which is another problem. even when he talks about mexican americans, judge curiel who is a well renowned jurist, saying he can't be an impartial judge baz of his mexican heritage. just because you have a supposed meeting with mexico, it's not like somehow mexican americans, latinos are going to say i'm going to forgive you for all your racist, xenophobic things you've said. he another not trying to appeal
8:20 am
to the latino voter. >> going back to the speech tonight, this immigration speech from our early reporting, katy tur says this speech will be a lot about hillary clinton. over the past few days, a number of trump sur galts have come to this show and says she wants to open the border, she wants to let a flood gate of people come in, she's not tough on immigration. it seems the campaign is ready to point by point refute what we will hear from donald trump tonight. >> it's going to show you he'll take the same tact many other republicans have for the last ten years of this campaign rhetoric. i've been in arizona for quite a while and remember all the battles over sb 1070 and when they would fix immigration and nothing happened. the only solution is comprehensive immigration reform which takes care of the security issue as well as dealing with the people that are here, undocumented, that have families, that are in our communities. he's not going to be realistic about it. if he wants to go down the same
8:21 am
road that mitt romney went on a softer scale, he'll lose by the large margins. people are ready for solutions. the only solution he deals with is comprehensive immigration reform. >> rick, let me bring you in. our "first read" team has done a great job at breaking down what donald trump needs to clarify. we know the strategy is to go after hillary clinton. he's got four questions he needs to ask, what is he going to do with the 11 million or so undocumented workers. if they must go, how do you accomplish it? if they must go, how do you pay for it? is trump 100% certain on ending birth right citizenship? we've heard a number of answers from that as well. the vmas were this weekend and gave four minutes and the world clutched in fear of what he might say. republicans given this meeting in mexico not knowing clearly what donald trump would say tonight. are those not sure what's going to happen clutching their pearls, as we say, if donald
8:22 am
trump comes out of this meeting with mexico's president gun z blazing, so to speak? >> look, again, donald trump is caught in this very strange spot. he's got kellyanne conway on the one hand telling him you need to soften, you need to moderate your tone, be able to appeal to not just hispanic voters but to the giant mass of white suburban professionals and college educated voters and women that hate him. on the other hand, he's got steve bannon, a guy who would declare war on makes co-tomorrow and have tanks pushing towards mexico city if he had an option. these are people pulling trump in two separate directions. what you'll see is trump will get in the moment with his crowd and he will feed the monster, go to his ugliest most divisive rhetoric again. he'll get back in that position where he's talking about the wall being ten feet higher and shipping them all home and they all have to go back. it's contradictory --
8:23 am
>> is this more about kellyanne conway and steve bannon than donald trump? in the end will there be a scripted speech in front of him. it boils down to whose influence is on that paper. the early reporting, it's jeff sessions' team and steve bannon that helped create this speech. if that is the case, you've painted the picture of what you believe that speech would look like? >> it's going to be read meat because he plays to the crowd. trump always -- there's an emotional resonance with trump of getting to that least common denominator, the people in the audience. these people are the red hats brown shirts crowd in a lot of ways, and they're enthusiastic to hear him be as punitive and as harsh as he can be. he also understands this is the singular core promise of his campaign from the beginning. from the very beginning it was, i'm going to throw them out. they're all going to have to go. families, doesn't matter if we break them up. birth right citizenship is over.
8:24 am
we're sending them all back, building the wall, making mexico pay for it. those are what brought that particular segment of his most devoted audience to him. if he abandons that, he's got even greater troubles ahead. >> so many of these questions will be answered, but do your point about this meeting with mexico's president, a couple different versions could come out with those two men. coming up, another deferk shun from the top -- another defection from a top republican to hillary clinton's campaign. this as clinton is back on the trail today after a weekend of fund-raising. next hour, hillary clinton will speak about american exceptionalism to military vets. we'll have the very latest and a new report about new e-mails potentially found. as we mentioned, donald trump is on his way to mexico after consistently saying that mexico will pay for that big wall. how will that go over with the president of mexico in this
8:25 am
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welcome back. hillary clinton is set to give a speech in the next hour to the american legion convention in the battleground state of ohio. kristen welker is in cincinnati. let's talk about what happened in the last few minutes, new developments regarding 30 new e-mails reportedly linked to the benghazi attack. the state department said the fbi uncovered them during the investigation into secretary clinton's private server. the campaign now responding. what have you now been told? >> reporter: the campaign pointing the the fact that government officials are saying some of these e-mails might, in fact, be duplicates of e-mails
8:29 am
already produced. let me read you the tweet. it came out a short while ago. it says, quote, some or even all of the 30 e-mails in question may have, in fact, been turned over already. a campaign official also telling me that they believe a number, if not all of the 15,000 e-mails the fbi says it uncovered during that investigation into secretary clinton's e-mail use may also be duplicates of some sort. that remains to be seen, though, tamron. the state department says they're looking through the e-mails and will likely have to redact some of the information and they won't be able to release the e plals to the public until the end of september. here is the big takeaway. this keeps the e-mail story in the headlines and it indicates they could be in the headlines right through election day. this comes as a new abc news-"washington post" poll shows secretary clinton has the lowest favorability rating yet that we have seen since she first launched her campaign, 41%
8:30 am
to 56%. donald trump still lower than that. this is something that continues to dog her campaign. >> kristen welker, thank you very much for that update. coming up, a new investigation into another business donald trump owns. mother jones is reporting trump's modeling agency regularly broke immigration laws by employing women who came to the u.s. without proper visas. i'll talk next with the reporter i'll talk next with the reporter behind this new investigation. what if a company that didn't make cars made plastics that make them liter? i'll talk next with the reporter behind this new investigation. the lubrican that improved fuel economy. what company does all this? engines more efficient. exxonmobil, that's who. we're working on all these things to make cars better
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as donald trump prepares to outline his immigration plan tonight, his policy on work related visas is coming under intense scrutiny. a statement from the visa program reads, it will end forever the use of h 1b and institute an absolute requirement to hire american workers first.
8:34 am
that policy stands in stark contrast today with a new report from mother jones in which three former models claim they worked illegally on tourist visas for trump model management, an agency that is still up and running. industry experts tell mother jones this kind of violation was once common in the fashion industry. but, this is said honestly, they are the most crooked i've worked for and i've worked for a few t. according to familiar disclosure filed by the campaign in may, donald trump earned nearly $2 million and still holds an 85% stake. hope hicks declined to answer questions saying, quote, that has nothing to do with me or the campaign. this morning, presidential candidate mike pence did respond. >> i think the trump organization can speak for itself on those issues. i'm very confident that they
8:35 am
complied and conformed to the laws of the country. as i said, these sidebar issues that come up, his business enterprise can address those. i'm confident they'll address them. >> james west sooerp senior digital editor for mother jones and the author of this investigative report. thanks for your time. it's interesting that hope hicks as well as governor pence see this as some type of sidebar, that it has nothing to do with the campaign. yet the candidate has a very strong candidate about h1-b visas and bringing in workers over picking americans who work here. >> what we know about this company is this is anything but a side bar issue for donald trump. since he launched this company in 1999, he surrounded himself constantly with trump models. rachel who was in my piece even appeared on a 2004 episode of "the apprentice" she says without proper work authorization. in the piece we have four trump
8:36 am
models. their cases are quite clear. they were here without work authorization for his company. his company is like the jewel in his crown, his kind of business empire. there's no doubt this is far from a side bar issue for trump himself. >> according to the models, the agency instructed them or encouraged them to deceive customs officials about why they were visiting the united statesnd even told them to lie on customs forms about where they intended to live. there are also these lingering questions yet to be answered regarding melania trump and her life as a model and her first entry into the united states. again, these are campaign issues. >> this is a business candidate that runs on his business record. we need to compare what his campaign says about hard line immigration reform, as he calls it. he says immigrants are taking our money, taking our jobs, he wants to build a wall. we'll see him with the mexican
8:37 am
president soon enough today. so these are real life issues in the campaign for the presidential nominee for the gop. let's compare it to his record. trump model management, they say -- and industry experts say this is commonplace, that young sometimes teenage women came to this country to work without proper work authorization on tourist reese is as for this company. why did it happen? how did it happen? let's get to the bottom of zblit you made a point employers can be fined $16,000 per employee, in some cases spend up to six months behind bars. rachel, what she experienced, she compared it to modern day slavery, compared it to being like a sweat shop. >> these young women they come to new york sometimes for the first time. they're put through obviously a rigorous customs immigration interview. i'm a foreigner myself. i've done it many times. you come through, they were told
8:38 am
to ship their modeling portfolios ahead of time so customs officials wouldn't find them, to dress down, write different addresses on their forms. once they got here, they were put in model's apartments they're known in the business, these cramped living quarters. rachel herself was paying up to $1600 a month for a bunk sharing in a room with five other people in a basement apartment in new york's east village. so she's required after doing some modeling gigs to pay that money back to the agency at the end of it. some models simply don't make that money back. sky high rent, cramped living conditions and one described to me like a sitting duck. they're here working without the proper authorization. who knows when they're going to get found out. >> it's a fascinating investigative report. james, thank you so much for your time. you go on to mother jones to read more. breaking news, despite state department officials telling donald trump not to travel to mexico, he's headed there right
8:39 am
now. the concern was that the trip was planned so hastily. the announcement last night that trump be flying there. we'll bring you the latest developments on that trip. first, there are big questions on trump's signature issue, of course, that being building the wall. how much would the wall cost? there have been a range of dollar figures out there. the trump campaign never giving really a specific one. we'll dig into some numbers next. you work at ge? yeah, i do. you guys are working on slike a new languagef over for crazy-big, world-changing machines. well, not me specifically. i work on the industrial side. so i build the world-changing machines. i get it. you can't talk because it's super high-level. no, i actually do build the machines. blink if what you're doing involves encrypted data transfer. wait, what? wowwww... wow? what wow? there is no wow.
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8:43 am
that has been the centerpiece of his campaign from day one. he'll repeal all these executive amnesty orders that president obama has put into place. >> does he still plan to round up and deport every last illegal immigrant starting on day one. >> you'll hear about that and other issues as well, including sanctuary cities. >> msnbc's ari melber has been doing research on trump's immigration plan. as our "first read" team says, trump needs to clarify the plan. we're piecing this based on what we know at this moment. >> that's exactly right. we've heard a lot about let trump be trump. if you let trump be trump, there will be holes and missing details. kellyanne conway telling our colleagues on the "today" show there will be details. here is some of the cost. the wall alone, $25 billion plus to build. then you have to maintain it. our current budget for i.c.e.
8:44 am
and u.s. customs runs about $17 billion a year. that's a lot of money. if you look at what we actually do with that, tamron, that results in the removal of 200,000 to 300,000 people annually. if you are talking about going up to the millions, what kellyanne conway said, the 11 million, that will call multiples more. >> back to the i.c.e. part of the equation, donald trump has talked about deportation task force. his campaign is implying he was referring to i.c.e. the role he would want them to play, that's not what i.c.e. does. >> i.c.e. does not do massive interior deportations. the way it's broken up, there's what happens on the border and there's the rest of the country. i.c.e. goes after convicted criminals around the country and do the border patrols. the vart majority, over 90% of the non-criminal removals are at the border. if he wants to do the rest of the country, which is a policy debate we can have, people can
8:45 am
decide whether that's a good idea or not, if he wants to do that, that's not what i.c.e. does. you're either changing their mission in a new way or doing what people thought he wassism plying earlier, building a new wing in the government to deal with it. >> ari, thank you very much. ahead of trump's anticipated speech on immigration, the msnbc team is out with four questions trump needs to answer. we'll break down the four questions that need to be answered with mark murray next.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
joining me now, nbc senior political editor mark murray. the political team has four questions donald trump should answer tonight. the first being what is the proposed plan for the 11 million undocumented immigrants living here. in your note, you say who are law abiding. we know some of the more conservative on this topic say these people are not law abidi g abiding, that they've committed a crime entering the country
8:49 am
illegally. when we discuss it in more comprehensive terms, we're looking at people who are not felons. nevertheless, how does donald trump answer this today? >> i'm fascinated to see what he's going to have to say, tamron. this is the central issue in the immigration debate. when you talk about border security, talk about getting rid of the criminals, you talk about any, e verify and components like that. almost all democrats and republicans agree. what you do with the 11 million undocumented immigrants is really significant. what we heard from donald trump and his campaign team over the last week has created certainty there. what he wants to do specifically coming out of his own mouth i think will be fascinating to watch tonight. >> the choices are very complicated. in the end he has said repeatedly i want them out of the country. they would have to then come back, et cetera, et cetera. if that's not his answer tonight, then he has changed his position, right? >> right, or if his answer is,
8:50 am
tamron, we need to focus on border security and e verify before we even talk about what to do with the 11 million undocumented immigrants, what i would actually think would be a copout. you're absolutely right. this is what he needs to be able to address. not only this component, tamron -- if -- i think his answer is going to be, what you ended up saying, these people have to go back before they come back. how do you get them out of the country and how do you pay for that are central to all of this. >> so many questions and you make the point about birthright citizenship, is trump 100% certain of ending that? a lot to answer tonight, the speech, 9:00 eastern time, before the speech though, we have -- thank you, mark, this breaking news, of course, donald trump on his way to mexico to meet the president of that country. the very latest just ahead of trump touching ground in mexico city. we'll be right back. uhhh, you're really getting the hang of this. anncr: want feedback that helps? verified reviews.
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8:53 am
back to today's big breaking news, we are 30 minutes away from donald trump landing in mexico for his meeting with
8:54 am
mexican president nieto. nbc senior writer, susan has been covering trump's campaign and his visit to mexico as well as immigration plan. susan, again, going back to the very, i think, essence of what we all want to know today regarding this meeting, how will these two leaders, these two men, one with the leader of his own party, one with the country handle this big face to face, what do you think? >> well, you know, who wouldn't want to be in that room when they're meeting? and it's very interesting to see that he is making this trip and that pena nieto has invited him. it's reflective, there have been a lot of invitations from latino groups, lulac, the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce and donald trump didn't respond to them. and even the hispanic journalist invited him and didn't get an answer or didn't accept, yet he is going to go over to see the president of the mexico. >> you know, and we've already
8:55 am
heard from some of our reporters on the ground in mexico, donald trump does not have a high favorability to say the least in that country. if he goes about it the way some suspect confrontational, i'm a straight shooter, i'm here in your country to tell you how exactly i feel, what might the response be? >> well, the response, you know, it's already happening. there's already a lot of discomfort with him visiting mexico at all. i talked to a republican operative who is latino in california, and he long ago removed himself from the presidential politics and is just looking at it as a strategist, he's not a supporter of trump. he's saying -- he thinks it's a genius move. this could be either way. if it's confrontational, it rallies the trump base, if it's not, if he has a nice meeting with him and everybody comes out and maybe even they talk about something like property rights in mexico and easing those for american investment, then he looks like a negotiator and
8:56 am
what's really important to remember is that as mike madrid pointed out to me, this is not about, you know, latino's, this is not about winning the vote. >> thank you so much. we'll be right back. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? our new cocktail bitters were doing well, but after one tradeshow, we took off. all i could think about was our deadlines racing towards us. a loan would take too long. we needed moy, now. my amex card helped me buy the ingrednts to fill the orders. opportunities don't wait around,
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welcome back. we're following breaking news, cincinnati, ohio, you see hillary clinton just arrived there. preparing for her speech before the american legion. discussing american exceptionalism. she's likely also make comments on donald trump's much anticipated immigration proposal later today as well as the surprise visit to mexico to meet with mexico's president. we should also note, hillary clinton was invited as well last week to visit that country. we'll hear what she has to say regarding trump and of course this speech she is giving before a group of our veterans. and thank you so much for watching this hour. we greatly appreciate you joining us, i'm tamron hall right now, andrea mitchell live from cincinnati, ohio.
9:00 am
>> and live in cincinnati right now on "andrea mitchell reports," south of the border. just hours before a speech promising to explain his immigration policy, donald trump is about to land in mexico. a surprise visit this hour to a country trump mocked for more than a year. >> they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists, and some, i assume are good people. okay, you ready? who's going to pay for the wall? who? 100%. 100%. it's going to be as beautiful as a wall can be, but it's going to be a wall. remember what i say, mexico will pay for the wall. remember. >> is he about to soften his hard line about deporting millions of undocumented immigrants? >> going to see a reversal in


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