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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 16, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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if trump was trying to get the issue off the table t may have backfired. >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. >> now trump addressed the birther question for just 33 seconds and would not answer a single question about it. a chaotic scene unfolded at that event. we showed you a clip katie was there. we will check in with her and get a report of what happened. also on the agenda, hillary clinton's response and how she is handling the new line on birtherism. >> his campaign was founded on this outrageous law. there is no erasing it in history. >> "hardball's" chris matthews tried to get answers from trump and a memorable interview a while ago. he will join me in a few minutes
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with his reaction to everything playing out today. how bizarre is this election? it is so bizarre, that there is a chance that something that hasn't happened in 192 years of presidential races could happen this this one. i will head to the big board and show you later in the show. so is a lot more, but we will start with the top story. donald trump did more than any public figure to put the question of whether president obama was actually born in the united states on the public's radar. even after the president produced a certificate proving he was born in hawaii, trump refused for years to say he had been wrong. but today in admission from the republican nominee, for the first time ever, he acknowledges the president was born here. trump's admission perhaps raising more questions than it answered. we start with the newest turn in
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the answer just in the last few minutes. michelle obama in virginia with what trump is saying now and what he said before. >> there were those who questioned and continued to question for the past eight years up through this very day whether my husband was even born in this country. well, during his time in office, i think barack answered those questions with the example he set by going high when they go low. >> first lady not using donald trump's name. obvious who she was talking about. why did trump feel compelled to say something today? it came after last night when he ducked the question of where the president was born. he said i will answer that at the right time. i just don't want to answer it yet. that was an interview he gave to "the washington post" conducted last night.
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obviously that answer when it got reported kicked up a firestorm and the campaign eager to put it out. they said they believe obama was born in the united states. trump never said it and the pressure was on for him to say something when he held the event in washington for the opening of a hotel. his statement ran for all of 33 seconds. here it is in its entirety. >> hillary clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birthy controversy. i finished it. i finished it. you know what i mean. president barack obama was born in the united states, period. now we all want to get back to
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making america strong and great again. >> that was the entire statement. donald trump after years of stoking questions about where the president was born, of refusing to say he was wrong, that was the entire statement. the press corps were set up and ready to ask questions. they certainly had plenty of questions. they wanted to ask and thought this was going to be a press conference. he left them high and dry. he was turning his back to the room and proceeded to give those gathered a tour of his new luxury hotel. katie was at that event and joins us now. again, this is something donald trump can't say enough. he did more than any public figure in this country to make this a subject of conversation. he reverses himself for the first time today. we played the entire clip. he said nothing else. he would not take questions. take us through what that was like earlier today.
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>> he has been nursing this theory that president obama was born in africa for five years. he spent seven seconds if you take that one sentence admitting that he was wrong. that president obama was in fact born in the u.s. 32 second fis if you count the false statements that hillary clinton started the birtherism and he finished it. donald trump continued to question the country of obama's birth after that repeatedly. this right here was a surreal experience even by donald trump standards. it was billed as a news conference. why is that important? there were a ton of questions about birtherism and donald trump was going to denounce it. we wanted to know why today? what is the significance of this
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day and we are 53 days out until the election. is this expedient and because he is trying to woo the african-american vote? he is pulling at 6% of african-americans right now and the campaign is trying to make inroads within the community. some connections. was that part of it and does he think he owes president obama an apology. does he think obama got his degree at harvard legitimately or does he have sympathies to terrorists which he applied numerous times. does he believe that president obama is a christian? many of his followers believe president obama is a muslim and a lot of them believe he is not out for the good of the american people of this country. why is donald trump doing it now?
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he looked at us and walked out of the room and question and tried and failed. let's give a little more context. really only addressing this and let's put the claims he did make into the context. he said two key things in particular. he said that this birtherism, the controversy, the idea that president obama may not have been born in this country, he said that started with the hillary clinton campaign. to put it mildly, that is a thin claim. this is an article from the 2008 campaign, clinton versus obama. what it said is you had an anonymous e-mail that an online supporter of hillary clinton was circulating. this was below the radar and not an official document.
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this was not something that there is evidence that the campaign was orchestrating. this was something percolating with online supporters. there is also this. this is from the man who at the time was the investigative editor for the news service down there in washington. he said at some point, jim asher at some point said sydney blumenthal had been telling him or suggesting to him that he give this a look. that's what is out there. critically he should point out and hillary clinton never, never publicly came forward and said she had any doubt or question about where president obama was born. nobody from her campaign ever came out and said anything like that. that's the clinton campaign and the question of the campaign starting this. donald trump alleges. in terms of who is believing this, i want to take you on a trip through time. this is the first poll we can find on this subject of
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birtherism. this was taken in the summer of 2009 in the first few mots of president bush's term. 62% of the people said the president was born here. 24% said he wasn't. there was a clear partisan edge to that 24%. i think we can show you where that was coming from. 62% of the people saying the president was not born here were republicans. that is the biggest. a few democrats and independents as well. then donald trump enters the picture in 2011 and starts flirting with the campaign for the republican presidential nomination and goes big and hard on birtherism. >> you a birther? >> let me say this. i was a really good student at the best school. i'm a smart guy. they make these birthers into the worst tickets. why doesn't she show his birth certificate? >> i thought he was probably born in this country and now i have a much bigger doubt than
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before. >> he doesn't have a birth certificate or hasn't shown it. it's a certificate of live birth. a birth certificate is not even close. a certificate of live birth is not even signed by anybody. >> those were in the spring months of 2011. president obama took the step for a president of the united states and released that long form birth certificate that donald trump was talking about. if there had been any questions from anybody about where the president was born, they were definitively times 100 answered by the release of this certificate. if you look at the polls, it did move the numbers. the number of people saying in the wake that was release that president obama was not born in this country, that number dropped. it had been in the 20s and now it's in the teens. we can show you the break down. you are finding it was that number from republicans that should be higher. it was 23% of republicans. that's correct. 23% of republicans were saying
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then that the president was not born in this country. donald trump said that hillary clinton started this and he ended it. when the president put his long form birth certificate out there, he didn't stop talking about it. this is a year and a half later. he said extremely credible sources said barack obama's birth certificate is a fraught. why do the republicans keep apologizing on the so-called birther issue. no more apologies. this is long after president obama came out with his birth certificate. attention all hackers, you are hacking everything else so hack obama's college records, cloy, and check place of birth. he did not let this issue go. she start and he ended it. he did not feel like finishing it in 2011. he kept going. you see what happened. he kept going and the number of people doubting whether the president was born here rose. you can see a couple of months
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ago, the start of this year that say he was not born here is up to 28%. you can see there is a big partisan break down. 53% of republicans saying no, president obama was not born in this country. so that's where we are right now and a history of trump and birtherism. we want to bring in jack kingston from georgia. he is a senior adviser to the trump campaign. i appreciate you joining us. let me start with this. we ran through the history. donald trump kicked this storm up in a way no other public figure any other figure, no one else in the country kicked this up and he did not let it go after the president put his certificate out. doesn't he owe more than 33 seconds of an explanation for saying the president was born here? >> if you look at him, he talked
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about jobs and economic opportunities and i think as president obama said on your show just a little while ago, there must be more important issues to talk about. >> i got to stop you there. there are plenty of other pressing and important issues, but this is something donald trump spent a lot of time talking about. this is something that divided this country in a big way and he gave no explanation today and took no questions. i'm asking you a simple question. i know there are other issues, but doesn't he owe more than 33 seconds on this? >> i don't think he does. he made his statement and it was serious. are you going to apologize for this and that and that's the rhetoric that keeps us from moving on. >> this is a bigger issue than most.
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this is a big charge. >> i know it's a media-driven issue and it's important, but he is also talking about jobs and safety and opportunity in the i were city and around america. i want to point out one other thing that was dropped out of the litany. you know a clinton campaign manager who admitted that they did promote the experience theory in iowa and she said in her words. i got the tribute right here. 2007. she said it was a volunteer coordinate. she said yes. for the left to say hillary clinton had nothing to do with it is absurd. >> i will admit i haven't seen
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yet. >> she said it at 1:30 today on another cable show and it wasn't fox. >> to be clear here, donald trump himself, the republican nominee for president said repeatedly, over and over again over a period of years that he doesn't think the president of the united states was born here. is there one instance, one, of hillary clinton ever saying that? >> steve, i have it right here. >> has hillary clinton -- we know the republican candidate for president said it. has hillary clinton ever said it. that is what i'm asking. >> if i hear you correctly, donald trump owned the issue a little more than hillary clinton owned it. >> a little bit more? i'm asking if she ever said it? >> hillary went through operatives because it would have been a lot tougher for her. the reality is i'm going to
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accept the fact that he said president obama was born in the united states of america. now what i like and i think you agree, hillary clinton has been on martha's vineyard and he has been in milwaukee and baton rouge and has taken his message to the street. in the l.a. times poll, it shows he is at 19% with african-american votes which i think is high, but it is trending in a direction that was not there before. your number was 6%. that's up from your number of a few weeks ago. you are talking about african-americans in particular. we saw the jack caucus and a lot of african-americans felt offended and personally a front and wounded by implications of what he was saying the first black president. does donald trump owe a simple i'm sorry?
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>> i will let donald trump handle it. he acknowledged and last week it was he needs to acknowledge that barack obama was born in america. now that he has done that, the left changed the goal post and said he owes an apology. it was 7 seconds or 33 seconds. it doesn't matter. the goal post would move. i know and like many members of the caucus and they never endorsed a republican. they are among the hard left of the congress and they have that right. no matter what donald trump or any other member would say. >> let me ask you a basic question. i'm asking if he should apologize. here's why. when president obama released the long form birth certificate, i thought the issue was settled long before that, but let's take
1:18 pm
the release of the long form birth certificate in the spring of 2011. from your standpoint, did you, jack kingston, have any doubt, any question after the release of the long form birth certificate that president obama was born in this country. yes or no? >> i did not wait until then. >> you had no doubt. i understand and appreciate that. >> i want to say something else. >> you had no doubt and donald trump even after the long form release of the birth certificate spent the next several not days or weeks or months, but years saying it was still a fraud. doesn't he owe an apology for that? >> steve, i think what he said today puts it to rest and president obama himself said there are more important issues and that's why we are talking about jobs. you have to wonder why while hillary clinton was there and
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donald trump was going talking about jobs and safety and the high murder rate and talking about high unemployment and addressing directly and by the way, do you know that in the last three weeks he had two or three engagements with the african-american community she had. in terms of people like you, we want a better product in our electoral process. the fact that a republican is willing to go to an area and talk about issues relevant to the voters, that is good for all of us, not just republicans. at least they can say he does appear to be listening and addressing it and he has given us a challenge and maybe we should listen to it. they may not swing over and i as a republican represented a district that was 30% african-american and live in a town that is 50% african-american and i am proud that he is doing it.
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>> doing his best to represent donald trump on an issue we should be clear, donnal trump was wrong on this issue. meanwhile, donald trump refused until today to even acknowledge that the president was born in this country. he was pressed on it many times and one was by chris matthews. this was what he was saying. >> for i answer it, that's all people want to talk about. >> in the general election, you will have to answer it. you will take the oath of office and it's not legitimate? >> once i answer the question, they don't want to talk about the economy and all the others. >> we catholics believe in confession. you say you were wrong and you move on. >> i don't want to answer the question. >> and msnbc's chris matthews joins us now. i'm curious your reaction.
1:21 pm
do you think trump mean this is today? >> i think the important thing is he believes this president was born in the united states. he probably believed it for years and the fact that he said something else for years running. one reason he came clean is he is facing lester holt and hillary clinton on the 26th. he knows that question will come up in the first debate and every debate. every one of the three debates. this is an important issue. here's a guy that has been saying if i get elected president on inauguration day, i will be riding to the capital, sitting next to an illegitimate president, someone who is not a natural born citizen and smuk his way into the country and the white house. that's the statement he made until today.
1:22 pm
he is clearly a natural born america and trump believes that too. you put together the surrogates saying it, jason miller tuesday for them. i believe that kelly ann conaway said it. it was like a pow and he mouthed the words without feeling or inflection so that he won't have to deal with it the same way come september 26th. he reversed himself on one topic after another. there are people who will say this. he knew the truth years ago. certainly after he saw the birth certificate coming out of honolulu. he knew all the papers you need to show you were born here.
1:23 pm
let me tell you this. i do not believe a rational person believed in birtherism. you would have to believe a white woman from kansas went to africa to have a kid. named the kid barack hussein obama and got the papers in hawaii to announce the birth of her child in hawaii where she was living. all this so her son could be eligible for the presidency in 35 years. this experience theory by this woman who wanted her son to be president. would she have married a guy from africa and named him this name and gone to africa to have the baby so she could be caught sneaking into the country. the whole thing is insane. to believe it is irrational and you have to have some other reason for believing it. i believe the reason in many cases and not all is because you cannot stand the idea that we have elected our first african-american president. as most americans were thrilled
1:24 pm
that this country was able to pass that threshold and able to show yes, we can do this thing and break the color line and elect a black president, we americans are capable because this is where we come from with the bill of rights and who we are. we are proud of it. others are not. others don't like it and cannot stand the idea when you look at pictures of the president in the covered books of the presidents. one guy is african-american. he must have done this and been a usurper. the whole nonsense of it is irrational and you have to come up with that. how else can anyone explain birtherism as rejection of the first african-american president.
1:25 pm
don't you think? >> it's hard to argue with that. >> thank you. thank you. >> it's the first time in more than five years he acknowledges he was born here. chris matthews, thank you for the time. political news and we want to tell you about word coming in. we have been following this story. who is going to be on the stage for that first debate at the end of this month? we have official word from the commission. there will be two people. gary johnson the libertarian did not make the cut. it will be just donald trump and hillary clinton. they need to average 15% of the polls and they ran their number and said johnson and stein didn't cut it. for the record, there is a chance for them to qualify for future debates, but that looks like a very, very long shot and it looks like we will have a two-person debate and the last time there was more than two you
1:26 pm
have to go back to 1992 and ross perot. still to come on the show, democrats weighing in on trump's claim that he is putting the birtherism issue to rest once and for all. >> i'm shocked that a question like that would come up at a time when we have so many other things to do. i'm not that shocked actually. it's fairly typical. we have other business to attend to. i am confident about where i was born. to next-generation fighters... ♪ to landing an unmanned vehicle on a carrier for the first time in history. just wait till you see what's next. that's the value of performance.
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>>. >> >> i believe donald trump is an exaggerator and donald trump is a liar and a bully. that pretty well describes him. >> that's the reaction from harry reid, the top democrat in the senate to the reductance to say that the president was born
1:30 pm
in the u.s. and saying for the first time today that the president was born in the united states about the issue and about birtherism over the past few years. sam stein is a politics winner. if the goal was looking ahead to that debate at the end of this month and being on the same stage with hillary clinton and to have a moderator there to not having this issue be a major factor in that debate and in questions he is asked by the media, did he accomplish anything on that front? >> i think that the timing was p terrible for the trump campaign. before the summer would have been a better idea. bill clinton is having a birthday party and the donors have to pay $250,000 to the foundation to attend. the controversy with hillary
1:31 pm
clinton and the they should have focused on the foundation and who the donors would be. the inability to get this behind them. instead of course it's all about donald trump refusing to answer the question and answering it today. it's bad timing for the campaign and we will see if it comes up. that's a 50-50. >> obviously the short statement he said, why didn't he apologize and offer an explanation for what he was doing for those years. when you look at donald trump, it's a guy who doesn't try to apologize for anything. given his history on this, was there anything he could possibly say in terms of an explanation on this? >> probably not and it will come up again with the lame excuses like jack kingston had on the show. it's important to check what
1:32 pm
jack said. he referenced the comment from hillary clinton's campaign manager about an hour ago. she said an unpate iowa intern suggested using this issue and the unpaid iowa intern was fired. if that is pushing the birther claim, i am perplexed. if they are going to make a false equivalency, they risk keeping it in the conversation and risk it in the presidential debate. >> when we put the poll numbers up, they show a number of republicans since the release of the long form birth certificate, saying no, president bush was not born here and the numbers are going up dramatically and much higher than the numbers
1:33 pm
with democrats and independents. is that purely the result of donald trump? >> we have seen other issues follow donald trump's statement. i am not surprised this one did as well. you also have to factor in barack obama's approval ratings at the time. i think that is a factor. i would be curious to see what the poll would say. >> the republicans with the statement by donald trump will see that number drop? my guess is yes and i see that as a stand in for a partisan question. my guess is you will see that drop. >> i was at the event and i faulked to a few there about whether they thought obama was born in hawaii. they didn't want to talk about it before, but after he made a statement, a number of them said
1:34 pm
i think he was born in hawaii. these people don't necessarily engage this issue with rational independent thought. i expect that the chief proponent of the theory that he was not born here said in fact he was. >> it's ann interesting phenomenon with a positive view of vladimir putin has gone up. thanks to both of you for joining us. after the break, it is flash back friday. we will go back to when the president let loose on donald trump over the question of biggereri biggererism with donald trump in front of him. >> no one is happier to put this to rest than the donald. he can get back to focusing on the issues that matter. like did we fake the moon
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bake fresh foccacia and craft every sandwich clean from top to bottom... there's nothing "or something" about it. panera. food as it should be. there is a reason for that and probably has to do with the birtherism controversy. it also kaiment to a head over five years ago and i want to set the stage for you for what happened then. donald trump was going around in the spring of 2011, saying to people that the president of the united states was not born here. he was not eligible to be
1:39 pm
president according to trump. he said barack obama needed to release a long form birth certificate and the president took the extraordinary step of chasing down that certificate and releasing it. it was put out there and if there was any doubt in anybody's mind, it was definitively or should have been put to rest. then a couple days later, the white house correspondent's dinner the president has the microphone and seated in front of him in one of the main tables is donald trump. this is what happened. >> donald trump is here tonight. obviously we all know about your credentials and breath of experience. for example, seriously, in an episode of celebrity apprentice at the steak house, the men's cooking team did not impress the judges from omaha steaks.
1:40 pm
there was a lot of blame to go around, but you, mr. trump, recognized that the real problem was a lack of leadership. ultimately you didn't blame littlejohn or meat loaf. you fired gary busey. these are the kind of decisions that would keep me up at night. >> that was april 30th, 2011. the next night, the night that president obama gave the order that ended up resulting in the killing of osama bin laden. that was quite a weekend 5 1/2 years ago. a former "new york times" op ed columnist. i remember that night and i thought that was the end of not just birtherism, but a serious political figure. at the moment i read that as a humiliating moment and i
1:41 pm
couldn't imagine if he told me this is where we are. maybe he does have a chance to get elected president. the birther issue is still with us. trump starts out by making his comment that obama was born in this country. he is going to stop telling the lies about obama, but he starts lying about hillary and blaming her for starting it. this is the same fellow who said that hillary clinton and barack obama were the founders of isis. he is just not a serious person. i think we need to focus on that more. more even than we have been doing. his poll numbers and republicans struggle with black numbers, but donald trump's numbers have been
1:42 pm
worse. he is at 6%. we had himma as low as 1%. how much does his effort to delegitimize the 50 black president have to do with that? >> a great deal and i'm worried about the issue in terms of the election. his numbers are so low largely because of the birther issue and related stuff. the hatred and what is intwined. normal low they would be higher because he is a television phenomenon and we are a celebrity-obsessed culture. i am worried that the numbers in the african-american and the latino community will creep up. >> i don't think we will get past this issue, but the numbers creep up because he is such a celebrity.
1:43 pm
the name and you go into the voting pooth and it's the name that people recognize and people cast the vote based on that alone. >> how high will it get? >> if he gets up to 8% or 9%, he gets more than i would have anticipated and summer more than i would wish. >> more than romney and cane. -- mccain and more than romney. >> watching that video, he took a lot of satisfaction to have that moment. that's an understandable thing for anybody put in that situation. watching him out there and going after donald trump, this is personal to him. >> it is absolutely personal because of the birther thing. here's donald trump demanding the birth certificate from barack obama and i'm thinking are we in south africa where you have to show me your papers?
1:44 pm
it's humiliating. obviously he would take that personally. beyond that, he is really concerned about his legacy as president. two terms and that could do and hillary clinton as well. when i talk about for example the black vote possibly creeping up, trump does not have a big ground game. and the clintons have been good at that. that turn out operation will be a really dig biel. >> and a kroel that to be plays.
1:45 pm
trying to get energy. >> he will push that extremely hard. he will say there is an emergency here. you need to turn out. don't let that dissuade you. i think he will push that relentlessly. >> we will see if that is received. appreciate it. coming up next, we said this at the top of the show. this has been a bizarre election. something that hasn't happened in 192 years. it could actually happen this this campaign. what is it? we will tell you after the break. these goofy glasses. yeah. well, we gotta hand it to fedex. they've helped make our e-commerce so easy, and now we're getting all kinds of new customers. i know. can you believe we're getting orders from canada, ireland... this one's going to new zealand. new zealand? psst. ah, false alarm. hey! you guys are gonna scare away the deer!
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still to come, we will get to the thing that hasn't happened in 192 years. we want to tell you about one battle ground state in particular. the state of north carolina. you can see here in 2o 12, mitt romney beat barack obama by two points. why am i showing you this result? because of all the states, we got ahead of ourselves, but of all the states in 2012 that mitt romney won, the 1 that hillary clinton has the best chance of flipping, the average of all polls, the one she may have the best shot in is north carolina. if she can pick off a romney state and a red state, it can change that map in a way that cuts out a ream realistic path
1:50 pm
to the presidency. there is a huge, huge student here for the democrats. donald trump has to find a way and because it's a battle ground, she is in raleigh. part of her battle ground america tour and she will join us live here right now. this is a pitch battle. when you look at the average of the polls here, less than 1% separates the two. hillary clinton is going all in here. she was here after she came off of being sick. chelsea was here for two days and she is outspending donald trump on the airwaves to one. they have three different offices and on the republican side, having said that, this race and both sides will admit
1:51 pm
too close to call. voters have not changed their mind. take a listen. >> how many are you are excited about this election? >> i'm ready for it to come to a close. >> raise your hand if you are excited to vote for hillary. >> i will raise two hands. >> raise your hand if you are excited to vote for donald trump. >> two not so sure. how many of you are excited to watch the debate? >> i cannot wait. >> what is it you want to get out of it? >> i think it's going to be finally we get to see their true colors and after that it will be over. >> i don't know about being
1:52 pm
over, but i want to hear more about what donald trump's plans are instead of hearing the foolish comments he has made. >> can hillary win you over. >> the reason i'm excited is i'm excited about being able to hear her answer questions from people. until the last couple of weeks, it was months and months before he should any press conference. it will be fun to see her responses. >> for the two people caught in the little, what will help you? the truth about where they come out sooner or later. >> here's what people say to me. how can anybody still be undecided? >> because neither one i really trust. neither one i truly believe. undecided because 54 days, a lot of things could happen.
1:53 pm
i wish we had different candidates to choose from and i speak for a lot of people. it is difficult to overcome the level of disappointment that many of us are sitting with at this moment. >> so it's kind of hard to overstate the importance of this debate that is coming up in less than two weeks. it's sfwog note that the three people are going to big parties and one is at a movie theater. the two undecideds are going to watch and listen carefully. they are thinking that maybe finally after all this time of watching, hearing what the candidates have to say, they will get something that will tell them who they will vote for when they go into the booth in november. >> thanks for that. we will get to the big board if it cooperates and tell you the thing that hasn't happened in 200 years. first here's the market wrap.
1:54 pm
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1:58 pm
a presidential election has been thrown to the house of representatives that would decide a tie and an election where neither gets there. we will show you the most important number of the day which is 2 scape as 269 as a magic number for a tie. it's not likely, but this is what it looked like in 2012. you want to hold every state romney won. we show north carolina. say trump accomplishes that goal and wins carolina and holds the romney states. that's a big if. say he accomplishes it. he has got the red. where can he make in roads in the blue? he has news on the state. the average polls in iowa. donald trump pulled into the
1:59 pm
lead when you average them together. new polls put him ahead. for right now, let's move that to red. down in florida, less than a point, but he has the lead in the average polls there as well. donald trump getting closer to 270. states where he is not leading, but closing in. nevada, a poll put him ahead. not in the average, but it is close. nevada right now looks very winnable for donald trump. say he were to get nevada. look where that moves him to. new hampshire, he is within two points of hillary clinton. right now he will probably lose the state, but he made progress. if he won, look at that. 269, 269, one thing to tell you about. they give out electoral votes in maine and that would put him at 270, but they do it in nebraska.
2:00 pm
that's how we could get to 269-269. that will do it for this hour and this week for us. mtp daily will start right now. if it's friday, donald trump, the most prominent birther says never mind? tonight, donald trump tries to dismiss years of birtherism with one sentence. >> president barack obama was born in the united states, president. >> president obama doesn't buy it and neither does hillary clinton. >> donald trump owes him and the american people an apology. >> when i hear folks saying they don't feel inspired in this election, let me


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