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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  September 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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the man coming to pick it up who happened to be the man who left the trash on our doorstep in the first place. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being us with. "all in" with chris hayes now. >> there are those who question whether my husband was even born in this country. >> birtherism 2.0. donald trump tries to trade one false conspiracy theory -- >> his campaign was founded on this outrageous lie. >> for another outrageous conspiracy theory. >> hillary clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. i finished it. >> we'll look at the birth of the birther movement. >> people have birth certificates. he doesn't have a birth
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certificate. >> and who advised trump on his birther strategy. >> he is a fraud and a phony. >> when all in starts right now. >> good evening. i'm chris hayes. after five years pushing a false and racist conspiracy theory to declare him ineligible donald trump once again used that same racist theory to boost both his political fortunes. there has been mounting pressure to explain if and when he started believing that made his political name. when trump continue today push even after president obama
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released his long-form birth certificate. this morning trump tweeted he was going to one of his hotels for quote a major statement. the cable news network took much of the event live. listening as he was praised by veterans including this guy, who himself has pushed birtherism. finally after he had soaked up all of that free air time for his new property trump said this -- >> hillary clinton and your campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy, i finished it. i finished it, you know what i mean? president barack obama was born in the united states, period.
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now we all want to get back to making america strong and great again. thank you. thank you very much. >> of course absurd on its face for trump who inspired millions to question the citizenship to claim that he finished bir birtherism off. they claimed she started the birther controversy. that is false and has been deemed so by multiple outlets. it's a lie. as trump left the stage reporters understandably shouted follow-up questions. the first, why it took so long for trump to finally admit the glaring and well documented truths. trump ignored the questions and his supporters started chanting u.s. a. to dorown them out. his campaign barred producers so
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ensure he wouldn't have to answer any follow-up statements about the statement he just made. >> there were those who questioned and continue to question for the past eight years up to this very day whether my husband was even born in this country. well, during his time in office, i think he has answered those questions with the examples he set by going high when they go low. >> it was indistincti-- donald presidential campaign has been based on the birther movement, which he founded. >> he lied andy vieded this country enough. >> we will not elect a chief
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bigot of the united states of america. >> trump asked for him to apologize, something she did not do today. it is aimed at undermining the african american president. he can't just take it back despite the overwhelming which trump now says he accepts. trump did not let this go for five years after the president released his long-form birth certificate. 26 more times he tweeted nonsense such as an extremely credible source has called my office and told me barack obama's birth certificate is a fraud. and how amazing the state health director who verified copies of barack obama's birth certificate die until a plane crash today. all others lived. and welcome back.
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we continue with donald trump. i did not want to bring this up because every person that interviews you goes right for the birth certificate issue. >> i did. and released it. >> some don't know what it was that he released. >> there's one line called place of birth. i would like to see what he said. >> a lot of people want me to talk about place of birth. the biggest hand i got was when i mentioned place of birth. >> many people do not think it was authentic. his mother was not in the hospital. many other things came out. >> i thought the birth issue was established that you were satisfi satisfied. >> i wasn't satisfied. >> oh, i didn't know that. >> you don't still question whether he was born in the united states, do you? >> i have no idea. was there a birth certificate. some say it was not his birth certificate. i don't know.
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you don't know either. >> going back a few years, do you regret questioning president obama's citizenship? why or why not? >> not even a little bit. i don't regret it. why would i regret it? >> he produced that long form. >> a lot of people don't agree with you and a lot of people don't feel it was a proper birth certificate. >> you were questioning president obama's background. you said how can you not show a birth certificate. >> but trump comes along and says birth certificate. he gave a birth certificate. i certainly questioned it. >> i turned out to not be true. >> according to you it's not true. >> he released his birth certificate. >> i don't know why he wouldn't release his records. >> his mother was a u.s. citizen born in kansas.
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was he a natural born citizen? >> who knows? who cares right now? >> do you think your birther position has hurt you among african americans? >> i don't know. i don't even talk about it anymore. >> but it's there. it's on the record. >> i don't know. i guess maybe with some. i don't know why. i really don't flow whknow why. you're the first one that's brought that up in awhile. >> it's not like new evidence has come to light after he was hectored into doing so. donald trump held onto this all the way up to 53 days before the election and has suddenly supposedly changed his mind for some reason. joining me is butterfield. your response to what we saw today. >> well, chris, let me tell you, i watched the events of today. what i have seen today has taken american politics to one of the lowest levels in recent memory.
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donald j. trump has taken him in a terrible direction. he is embarrassing the republican party. it is to the extent we are going win this election and win significantly because of this. donald j. trump has spent the last five plus years to demean president barack obama and the american people don't like it. they don't like this type of politics. what the american people is a debate on the policies, we have been competing against republicans for many years. the debate has been around issues. hillary clinton is getting ready far robust debate. when the two of them stand on the stage the presidential
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commission decided that today. these two will face each other. the american people will see finally that donald trump is nothing baa fraud. he is incapable of leading this great country. >> even after the president produced the birth certificate which was wholly unnecessary, donald trump demanded more documentation. i want you to take a look at a video he recorded. >> if barack obama opens up and gives his college records and applications and if he gives his passport afterly cases and records i will give to a charity of his choice inner city children in chicago, american cancer society, aids research, anything he wants a check
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immediately for $5 million. >> congressman, what does it mean to you that donald trump kept demanding there was no amount of documentation that would satisfy his belief that the president was fundamentally illegitimate? >> donald trump is a manipulator in chief. she telegraphing that she is a birther. and he is not going to be accepted by the american people. let me tell you -- >> are you confident of that? people are sitting here watching that and saying we know this guy because birther and he is pulling even in the polls. maybe americans don't care. >> americans do care. the american people are getting ready to get serious about this election and when they compare these two candidates they don't want anyone who is with the
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temperament and the character of donald trump sitting in the oval office making executive decisions being the commander and chief. i belief in the next ten days you'll see a widening of the gap. america should be embarrassed to have donald trump as a nominee much less the president of the united states. now he is trying to reach out to african americans. that's the other disgusting part of what happened today. he is trying to reach out to african american communities because his advisers have told him. he cannot win this election without more african american votes. that's why he went to the church this past weekend and he received a very cool reception because of his demeanor, because of the way he approached his visit there at the church. >> thanks for your time. i appreciate it. >> thank you. joining me, hillary for
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america, jess. this is a statement from rob robby mook. it was apaling to watch -- appalling to watch trump appoint himself the judge. >> you can't spend five years promoting this birther conspiracy. he phoned his campaign to discredit the first african american president. you don't get the take that back with zero explanation for why you put that forward in the first place. the american people are much much smarter than that. i think you saw the frustration today. there are so many questions as to why he did this the way he did. this only reason why he was forced to give this press conference, sorry, that press vent, hotel unveiling today was because a couple of days ago he made more birther comments. it was being pushed by the
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republican nominee up to the hours in which he tried to walk it back. of course that's not going to happen. of course it isn't the end of it. i think if he ever does it again people are going to be asking him what happened between the comments you made between the hotel in d.c.? why change your mind? by the way, when is the $5 million check coming to charity? >> of course stuff like this has an effect. polling, was obama born in the united states? yes, 27%. no a pluralty. this information didn't come out of nowhere. it is partly the result of what donald trump has done. >> absolutely. the nominee of the republican party has been pushing the racist conspiracy theory that the president is illegitimate
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for years. obviously this is what happens when you see a lie told over and over and over again in the media. folks start to believe it. it is unfortunate. that's sad and hopefully the reaction to his ludicris statement today will help sort of shed some light on the issue for the folks that have been duped by the nominee, which is really a shame. we spend a lot of time talking about trump is this sort of political creature. i remember when he was pushing the birther conspiracy initially, okay. that's his strategy. i think he showed today this is who he is. he began his political career on a racist lie. i think it is just who donald trump is. it is in the a political
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strategy. it is just the man himself. >> all right. thanks for being with me tonight. >> thanks for having me. still to come, the clinton campaign deploys, my exclusive interview with bernie sanders on why he is hitting the campaign trail for hillary clinton. donald trump's birther background is what launched his political career. that's right after this two-minute break. ♪ ♪
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there is no releasing it in history. he amounted himself as one of
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the most high profile spokes people, which is frankly ridiculous. it began. up until that point the belief that he was not born in the u.s. was peddled by tates, the dentist turned lawyer trying to prove the president's ineligibility for office. trump brought it into the living rooms of middle america. >> why doesn't he show his birth certifica certificate? i wish he would. it think it's a terrible pail hanging over him. i want him to show his birth certificate. >> why? >> there is something on that birth certificate he doesn't like. >> oh, my god. >> he made the rounds on tv and even claimed he sent private investigators to hawaii. there were political gains to be made. >> people make it sound like it's a crazy conspiracy theory.
5:20 pm
i started off by saying i went to a great school. they have been so badly labeled. i brought it up and i reinvigorated that issue. people love this issue especially in the republican party. there's something to what we are saying. >> sam who is one of trump's advisers. he helped advise and since parted ways and nina turner. >> let me start with you. you wanted to make clear to me you were in a birther. given donald trump today sort of making it official there's a consensus now. do you feel like you should apologize for the role you played in this long episode in terms of people's belief systems across the country? >> no. i don't think i should apologize. this is a political issue.
5:21 pm
we should be fair to your audience. it was just reported yesterday said she had brought this up to him. it was floating around out there. we simply put a voice to it. >> yeah, sam, i'm sorry, you didn't simply put a voice to it. it was a strategic decision by pursuing this. it has had real effects. it has create add false belief. 60% belief the president wasn't born in the united states. it is illegitimate to hold the office. >> on the other hand as of now the majority of americans don't sporlt this. the one thing we can say is it simply doesn't work. donald had to come out there and say barack obama was born in the united states. it's not a winning issue. any day she talking about barack obama is the day he is losing. the same cnn poll barack obama
5:22 pm
is a 58% approval rating. he is a modern day political anomaly to me. >> he does not need mr. trump to legitimize him. the fact that mr. trump did that for five whole years, the fact that some people still believe to this day that it is true that some how the president might not be an american citizen just baffles my mind. it really feeds into some of the underlying racism that still exists in this country. it is by and far even bigger than mr. trump. mr. trump is one person. he is responsible for the leader, for the rhetoric. the poll that so many people still believe there is a chance he wasn't born in this country and further more the impact it has on the president's family. we heard the first lady, the feelings of the first children.
5:23 pm
dare i say he beat out 16 of the republicans. he won the primary. here we are talking about this five years later. it is deplorable in every sense of the way. we have got to have some type of coming to jesus meeting in this country about how people feel about the african american community steel and african american leadership even further than that. president obama hasn't had to endure more than any other president would have to ordinarily endure and it wasn't just about issue debates. it was really about the color of his skin. news flash, african americans have known that from the beginning. >> do you understand that this was racist? do you understand that now? >> i understand why people would consider it racist. for the polling this really frankly, the issue to be honest
5:24 pm
with you was the fact of the muslim name. >> oh, my god. the president is not responsible for the name that his parents gave him. >> do you think he was a muslim? >> no. she not he is not a muslim. >> this is you on your facebook page. this is you calling him a pan ar ar arabist muslim. you were saying all of the kinds of things that makes me think you actually believed this stuff, it wasn't just tactical. >> i think that the problem is in this country is the fact that -- >> i'm asking you about yourself. you play add role in this. i'm asking you about public statements calling him a muslim talking about kenyan socialism. it seems at times you expressed yourself.
5:25 pm
>> i don't believe those now. i think it was a heated time and rise of the tea party and other things going on and a lot of problems going on. i regret those. i was fired by the campaign for those posts. i apologized. reverend sharpton forgive me for those. i'm just saying for fr my perspective it would you believe the that he was an african american. the issue was the name itself. that was frankly it. that's why we thought that it resonated. >> we have a long way to go. even if he is a muslim, that is allowed in america. this is still a very serious issue in this country. we have to do something about racism and discrimination in this country and own that. it is just not okay. just to say -- and i don't think anybody should take mr. trump
5:26 pm
for granted. listen, he won that primary. there is a real chance he could become the next president of the united states of america. we need to deal with these kinds of issues. it is not okay to accept that kind of racism no matter who it comes from. he should have denounced that kind of stuff a long time ago. it is not -- it is deplorable is what it is. >> i'm listening to you sort of speak as analysts. it thought it was fascinating. i appreciated you were sort of sharing your incite. there's a moral arms thing that makes me feel like it hasn't land today yoed to you. what it means for all kinds of americans to have this individual pursue this racist conspiracy theory in front of the entire nation to have him elevated, what that means about what you did, what you play aed
5:27 pm
role in doing. >> i did not create this controver controversy. once again -- >> but you stoked it. >> you know who also helped stoke it? if we want to talk about that, the clintons did. >> the clintons did. >> sam -- >> yes. >> it is moral cowardness. there were clinton operatives. there were all sorts of dirty stuff in the background but they are not on the same par. they are just not. it seems to me it's just a way of avoiding responsibility. i'm asking you to take responsibility for what you're a part of it. >> okay. i take responsibility for it. i didn't work and it hasn't worked. it wasn't working at the time when it happened either. not only did he produce his birth certificate but he killed osama bin laden that sunday. >> and i think the grand irony
5:28 pm
here is this -- >> yes. >> so the grand irony is the explosion here today. >> it is not a good day for the trump campaign. it is by no means a good day for the trump campaign. >> thank you. >> thanks, chris. coming up, donald trump jr. try to reassure voters his father won't use his own business to promote his own presidency. why it absolutely does matter ahead. my lenses have a sunset mode.
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bernie sanders making campaign stops in ohio in order to in the words of the clinton campaign lay out stakes of election for minute lmillennial.
5:34 pm
trump 1 point ahead in a two way race. they are tied in new york times two way poll with hillary clinton two points ahead with likely voters. the polling average puts hillary clinton 1.5 points ahead down from a 4.1 lead two weeks ago. i spoke with bernie sanders about the ever tightening polls. he told me why he thinks hillary clinton will win out in the end. i think the american people at the end of the day understand to quote mitt romney, somebody who i very rarely quote that donald trump is a fraud and a phony. he will say anything at any time and the media has a hard time defining what he stands for. he changes his views every single day. what we do know, at a time of massive wealth and equality you
5:35 pm
don't do what trump does and give unbelievable tax breaks to billionaires. you don't ignore the scientific community which tells us that cl climate change is real to the entire planet. you don't run a campaign based on bigotry trying to decide you us up and scapegoating muslims and mexicans and other people. i think the american people will increasingly understand that and understand that whether it is rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, raising the minimum wage, making sure we have a supreme court that will overturn this disasterous united supreme court decision, protect womens rights i think the american people will come down on hillary clinton's side. >> one of the most interesting things we have seen is polling among millennials. there are two things happening.
5:36 pm
one is overwhelming dislike of donald trump, but also hillary clinton not getting the gains from that because a lot of them looking towards jill jill stein. you're someone who dominated millennials. you'll be going and speaking to colleges. what is your pitch to those voters not just to reject trump to vote affirmatively for hillary clinton? >> here is the message. the message is that we have to get beyond where the media is and that is looking at the personal issues of trump and clinton. we have got to look at where the needs of the american people are. i think if you do that and you look at issues, one issue after the other, for example, cost of college and student debt is a horrific problem in this country. hillary clinton will make sure
5:37 pm
that every person in this country coming from a family of $125,000 or less will be able to go to a public college or university tuition free. that's pretty good. hillary clinton understand, and i say this to young people, that if we don't get our act together this planet may not be all that habitab habitable. clinton understands that and has a pretty substantive program. she wouldn't go as far as i would but she -- what is trump's position on climate change? it's a hoax perpetrated by the chinese. that's insane. i think to say you disagree on this or that. you may not like her on every respect but look at the issue that is impact your lives, your childrens lives, the future of this country and you'll end up concluding that right now is not the time to be supporting a
5:38 pm
protest vote. right now we have to make sure trump does not become president and clinton is the person to beat him. >> you talked about a political revolution called our revolution. there was some news when it first started that there was frustration in the ranks of some of the staff about the structure of it, whether it would take large donations. what is the status of that organization right now and more broadly what the bernie sanders movement revolution was throughout the primaries? >> as it happens just on tuesday the folks that our revolution were supporting did phenomenally well. it took candidates for the senate, one for the state legislature, beat -- we had
5:39 pm
victories already in the past several weeks. so i think the goal of our revolution, and i'm not actively involved in the day-to-day process, but the goal is to stimulate young people, working people, to get involved in the political process. that is happening and there have already been some rather significa significant. >> do you find it taxing? >> yes and no. when you give three rally as ie day it is hard. on a personal level i get inspired. often young people with so much hope in their eyes who want to know and want to make this country into something more that we are it really is like a real rush to me. you know, you see those kids, you love those kids, it's mutual. it's a beautiful thing. it's a beautiful thing. it happens again. that's what kept me going.
5:40 pm
>> you're going to be hitting the trail. are you going to be out on the road a lot until the election? ? congress gets out. the senate gets out next week. i will take a few days off and i'll be campaigning full time. i do not want donald trump to be the president of the united states. i say that because i have seven beautiful grandchildren and four kids. i do not want trump to be their president. >> all right. bernie sanders, senator of vermont. real pleasure. thanks for taking the time tonight. >> thank you, chris. >> coming up, my favorite thing of all time, right after this break.
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journalist, author and emmy winning television host of "all in", chris hayes. welcome chris hayes. ♪ >> it because top five moment in my life. i got to throw out the first pitch. i didn't embarrass myself for did i am bar rasz those closest to me. all in all, not a bad night. ar r hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father?
5:48 pm
what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices?
5:49 pm
nice hotel. under budget and ahead of schedule, isn't that nice? now, it is a great honor.
5:50 pm
this is our brand new ballroom. you only see a small piece of it. >> donald trump spent four times as long talking about his new hotel. as his statement about barack obama being born in the united states and therefore a legitimate president. there is no particular reason to believe it would end if he were elected. trump has time and again used the campaign to showcase, promote and pay off his businesses. a classic example, trump taking the press toll to the reopening of a scottish golf course which happened to be the day after the brexit vote. >> the highest level, many of the halls have been jiggered and made even longer and new everything. when the pound goes down more people are coming frankly. >> when it come to transparency showing tax returns, trump's business enter prize is still a
5:51 pm
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(don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. we are not going to be involved in government. we said that a long time ago. >> and ronald reagan and mitt romney all put their interest in a blind trust during the campaign. your father has not done that. >> he will certainly do that if he becomes president. >> it's not a blind trust if it's being run by his children? >> it is because he will have
5:55 pm
nothing do. >> there will be a wall between you and your father? >> he won't -- >> we will not discuss those things. it doesn't matter. trust me. >> bizarre definition of blind trust under scores the position he would be in if he were to win the presidency. joining me now, david. let me talk to you first. you have been doing this reporting. one of the questions is essentially was this foundation essentially being used to further political business interests by donald trump and what are the conclusions you're coming to so far? >> you could certainly look at the foundations, donations and see that they are used to help people do business with trump. he does a huge amount of business with charities. it rents himself out to
5:56 pm
charities. he could pay up to $250,000 a night. trump's foundation is all of other people's money to people to charities who do business with them. there is times when he helps his business more directly. were example, he used $5,000 to buy an ad a few years ago, all of the real estate will be there. what would this charitable foundation want to have a psa about preserving all of their buildings? no. it bought an ad for trump's hotel. he used other people's donations and turned it into free advertising for his hotel. >> april, you spebt a lot of time around the west wing. we have been talking about the potential conflicts of interest, the unprecedented nature of having a sort of mogul.
5:57 pm
i mean, can you imagine what it would be like to have the president doing events at golf courses or using it to promote his own business to enrich himself? >> are you talking about this president possibly doing it? if you were talking about this president we already saw what could happen. >> yeah. >> that would have caused a controversy very quickly. >> it would have been the worst smear campaign. you thought the birther campaign was bad. it is just unheard of. this is unprecedented. it is unheard of. george w. bush had a blind trust. he had dealings in a lot of spaces and places. when you're president of the united states your salary does, indeed go down. the president s are getting mor than they have over the past years. it is part of being the leader of the free world, president of
5:58 pm
the united states. you walk away from the private sector to give service to people. you don't go to -- and you know these presidents love to golf. i wonder where the golf outings will be? >> yes. >> that's the question. >> i mean the potential to -- i mean, look, we have seen this across time, space, across the world of people using essentially public office to enrich themselves. potential here is astronomical. i want to track where we are in answering some of the questions about what the foundation has been up to that you have been trying to get answers today. you shout bud got no response. >> yeah. trump made that announcement that he was no longer a birther. he no longer believed he was in the u.s. he made it sort of a protective buffer, ten rows of supporters. he moved away and quickly left the room. he was left shouting like an idiot over this huge crowd of
5:59 pm
people to no effect. >> april, as a reporter that covers the white house, what do you think he needs? what would reporters need to be able to cover an individual who is in this unique position? would it be tax returns? other sort of disclosures to be able to do the reporting work necessary? >> one, you know, things have changed over the years. you know, i'm from the era when you didn't know someone's politics. i like when you go in and you deal with fact. that's one thing. we have to stop dealing with the situation. some times people cover campaigns and feel they are close to the president and some times they are not as hard on them as they would be i think we have to call it out and be real about it. i love the old sam donaldson
6:00 pm
way. you to keep screaming so people ton street can hear you. we have to come together and do it consistently and persistently. if not he could get away with it. >> yeah, there is a massive black box. >> yeah. >> thank you very much. >> that is "all in" for this evening. >> we were rooting for you and you did us very proud. >> thank you. the funny thing, it's purely a psychological task not to psych yourself out. >> you're talking yourselves out of a real compliment now. getting the ball to the pitchers mound without bouncing it. i'm telling you, i think it's legitimately a big deal. >> thanks. i'll take the compliment. >> thank you for being here. that's couple of