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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  October 25, 2016 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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reaction to the way a woman's body changes during pregnancy is the last -- i've never heard anyone comment on that. everybody's looking at the baby and look at how big the baby s and this guy is focussing on that. >> i was self-conscious about my very flat chest for corcoran gets the last word. the 1"the 11th hour" with brian williams is next. >> tonight, megyn kelly, newt gingrich, a tense standoff over sex. did the trump's campaign challenge with female voters just get tougher? also tonight, a one on one with mike pence. a man caught between his candidate and the speaker of the house, paul ryan. and tonight, why the gop has reason to worry about a state they haven't lost in over 50 years. the 11th hour begins now.
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and good evening from our election headquarters here in new york. where two weeks from this very moment and in this very room we will probably know who will be the next president of the united states. and while we have been reporting throughout this election season that women will make up a majority of voters this election year, tonight we begin with a confrontation that just played out this evening on cable news on the subject of women and gender and politics and donald trump. before we show you what just happened, first a reminder of where we've been. the moment that started the larger conversation about donald trump and women. >> you've called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals. your twitter account -- >> only rosie o'donnell. >> no, it wasn't. >> that was megyn kelly and donald trump famously at the
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very beginning of the first gop primary debate way back on august 26 of 2015. what happened late tonight also involved megyn kelly but this time prompted by an odd outburst bay top trump surrogate and former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. >> if trump is a sexual predator, that is -- >> he is not a sexual predator -- >> and i'm sick and tired of people like you using language that's inflammatory that's not true. >> excuse me, mr. speaker, have you no idea whether it's true or not. what we know is that there are at least -- >> neither do you. >> i'm not taking a position on you unlike you. >> yes you do. when you use the word you are taking a position. it is unfair of to you do that m megyn. that is exactly the bias people are upset with. you are fascinated about sex and don't care about public policy. you want to comment on whether the ticket has a relationship it
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a sexual predator. >> we on the kelly file have covered that story as well, sir. >> i want to hear you use the words. bill clinton sexual predator, i dare you. >> that's just the highlights of how that played out tonight on fox news. it got worse on social media. minutes later the senior adviser and director of social media for the trump campaign tweeted, newt gingrich just destroyed megyn kelly. shows she is totally biassed against mr. trump and not very smart. mr. trump has long known. second tweet, megyn kelly made a total fool out of herself tonight. attacking donald trump. watch what happens to her after this election is over. nicole wallace, veteran republican politics is here with us in the studio. your reaction? >> you know my reaction because i never do this but as this is happening, i lit up all of your phones and i see this as a moment that will have more to do
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with what i think is a hot war under way right now in the republican party. trump ace his supporters against gop women and trump once talked about imaginary muslims on roofs celebrating. there will be real life republican women celebrating all over this country when this man sanctioned and normalized massama soj knee and a woman he harassed and made the center of the story for the whole 15 months he has been running. this to me is a moment that crystallizes everything wrong with donald trump's campaign. all personal. all nasty. and they go where thank god no republican has ever gone before but if they ever want to win women back they have to change their tune and i hope that republicans will condemn these comments by tomorrow morning. >> some of this of course are old wounds and old anti-clinton warrior speaker of the house newt gingrich. their fight was legendary and
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included the trip for a funeral in iz israel. but now tonight to ramp it up and go after megyn kelly. >> here eat deal. i related to trump supporters. i understand their frustration. he is going to lose because he could never make it about the clintons. the clintons are incredibly problematic. andrew sullivan was talking about his tortured journey to get behind her. the reason we have been ringing our hands and joking about therapy is because this race is imminently winnable but not with someone who is truly a stain on the republican party when it comes to questions of race, when it comes to questions of broadening the tent and when it comes to how you talk about and to women. >> nicole wallace, thank you, as always. >> i'm going to go get a drink. i think i need it. >> elsewhere, donald trump's number two is getting ready to make a late stop in utah, a state the gop has long considered safe and ruby red
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earlier i spoke to republican vice presidential nominee mike pence and i started off by asking about the tense relationship between donald trump's running mate and the speaker of the house, paul ryan. at a basic human level, are you saddened what the has happened to your friend and former partner and house leadership paul ryan? we have seen a tax on paul ryan from your nominee. we've seen a tax on him. we have all seen him in the media almost every night, going after him, trying to bloody him. trying to unseat him from his post as speaker. when was the last time you and paul ryan spoke? >> well, we have communicated in the last 24 hours. paul ryan is my friend. we've been friends for more than 15 years. i hold him in very high regard. and frankly, i'm grateful for his leadership in the house of representatives. this is an enormously important
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time in the life of our nation. i actually get very excited when i think about electing donald trump as president of the united states with his vision to make america great again. with his vision to rebuild our military, revive our economy and have supreme court appointments that will honor our highest constitutional traditions and having majority in the house and in the senate. republican majorities will support president trump's agenda and you know we look forward to working with paul ryan, members of the united states senate to advance that agenda after we find our way through a successful election day november 8th. >> tell me, if you can, about the tone and tenor if not content of your conversations with paul ryan. that must be tricky. because he and your nominee are as opposed to each other as two members of the same party can get. ryan's message to fellow republicans is in effect take care of your races at home. >> well, i think the speaker of the house is focussing on
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re-electing his team. but paul ryan is voting for donald trump. he made that very clear. we're very grateful to have his support. the support of mitch mcconnell and frankly the support of republican leaders across the country. but i have to tell you that you know, part of our message, you know, in north carolina yesterday, what donald trump said in naples on sunday, my message in ohio today, is just you know, donald trump has reached out to many democrats across the country who are tired of these trade deals that have cost jobs and liberal policies coming out of washington. he has reached out to many independents tired of gridlock in washington, d.c. nation's capitol that doesn't get anything done. but also it is time for republicans to come home. to come home and elect the trump/pence team to the white house. we are calling on republicans to come home. re-elect house majority in the house and senate. the combination of those two things will make it possible for us to bring real change to washington, d.c. and donald trump and i look forward to carrying that message all across
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the country over the next two weeks. >> and unsavory top take this found its way into the campaign and people across the country and that is these ongoing allegations against mr. trump. latest was an adult film actress who made her allegations over the weekend. prompting mr. trump to say, quote, oh, i'm sure she's never been grabbed before. while he has vowed to sue all of the women making these allegations after the campaign, what about her allegations an governor what about her as a person? does someone's choice to work in a adult films for a living forfeit their dignity, their person hood? >> well, i would just simply say donald trump h m their determination that's going to make it possible. not just for us to win an election but to make america great again. >> our thanks to indiana
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governor, mike pence, talking to us after a campaign stop late today. when we come back after our first break, both candidates were on the trail in florida today. donald trump continued his attacks on the media and beyond. this is the "the 11th hour" on msnbc. >> we will defeat the rigged system and the corrupt media. there is nothing more corrupt than those people. our country is rigged. it's crooked. and it's broken. i'm telling you what's going on. ♪ using 60,000 pois from myhase ink card and plants needed to give my sh... a face...s noneill foet. arn more at ase.coink
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we are back and jd vance is with us tonight. he is a lot of things. marine veteran of iraq. a graduate of the ohio state university an yale law school. a man who grew up among hillbillies, that's his affectionate description, not ours. as he is the author of "hillbilly elogy, a memoir of a culture in crisis." it is on a lot of bed stands and in a lot of planes right now. it is a lot of discussion and went over big in our house. i will begin here. what do you tell people about the folks you grew up with, the folk who are invisible to so many millions of better off americans and specifically how the democrats lost support in that specific community. >> what i tell them is that
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these folks are very strong and there are a lot of good things going on in the community that we should be proud of and recognize. they also struggled in the last decades. struggled economically and socially with rising incarceration rates, with an opioid epidemic. and this is not all that different from why the republican elites also lost them and in the sense that those elites don't care and don't recognize the problems exist and the don't care about the people suffering from them. >> your writing frames you as a kind of genuine conservative. you're all about personal responsibility. seeing the consequences of someone's access. yet i heard a historian last night call special attention to the words from donald trump, like the words we heard before the break. saying the opposite in effect. your problems can be blamed on the man. your problems can be blamed on a
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rigged government and rigged media. your reaction to that? >> well, i think that's unfortunately a pretty fair characterization of the message of trump's campaign. i think it's important to recognize that these communities have been hit pretty hard by structural factors, things that are beyond their control. so we should have sympathy for that. we should recognize that that's a significant problem. at the same time you see the message of trump and its fundamentally, like you said, that none of the problems in your own life are your own fault. i think for kids who grew up like me, kids who grew up in a lower income family, family with a lot of problems, that sense that you have no agency over your life and always somebody else's fault is very, very destructive and one of the reasons i'm so frustrated by trump's campaign. >> life has propelled you in a way into a different demographic. it did that to a lot of us. what was a bigger seat change in your life? deployment to iraq or arriving at yale law school in new haven,
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connecticut? >> oh, honestly arriving at yale law school in in you haven, connecticut. as foreign as iraq was, i was deploying with people who i knew a lot about, with my friend from the marines. but people culturally more similar to when. whether they were black or white, they came from a more similar part of the country and had the attitudes. when i got to yale, i felt that everything i had grown up around and everything i had experienced, all of the attitudes i developed were in some ways foreign to the elites of the yale law school. that's not to say they weren't good folks. i made a lot of friends. but they were different in a way i wasn't prepared for. >> so jd, when you hear a story about obama care increases, hitting people disproportionately, do you think about your new friend in the bay area? do you think about your old friends and family back in ohio and kentucky? >> i think about my old friends and family back in ohio and kentucky because i think that the biggest problem with the
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obama care premium increases, besides the fact that it will cost a lot of people a lot of money, is it really reinforces the idea that government can't do anything. i'm not one of the conservatives who think that government is completely hapless to deal with things in the world but even when the government makes promises and tries to do something it is feckless and can't get anything done except charge you more money for your health insurance. >> jd vance is a lot of things but most notely right now in this country he is known as author of this book "hillbilly elegy." >> thank you for having me sfp. >> coming up, we're live in state that no one thought would be up for grabs. perhaps you know one of its iconic structures front and center. this is the 11th hour only on msnbc. when a moment turnsromantic, whe to take a pill?
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things get worse, we have this to help keep us afloat. - so that's very, very important for us. teachers, firefighters and nurss support prop 51. prop 51 repairs older schools and removes dangerous lead paint and pipes ensuring classrooms are safe for all students. for safe schools vote yes on 51. last thing before we go tonight, is a state that's been red since '68 but recently became a battle ground and that's utah. republican vp nominee mike pence heads there tomorrow as we meaningsed earlier. and former catholic missionary tim kaine has written an op ed in a heavily mormon state called why religiousous mission service matters to america. it is the third party on top in
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a recent emmerson poll, evan mcmullen leads with 31%. donald trump at 27. hillary clinton 24. our own jacob sober off is live for us in salt lake city tonight. jacob, good evening. >> good evening to you, brian. right here in utah, well over half of the voters identified their religious affiliation as mormon. mitt romney won that group with 90%, 9-0 percent of the vote. according to monmouth university polling at 38%, there is potential for a historic defeat for the republican party here on election day. all that might be surprising to voters all across the country and what seems like a bizarro political world quite frankly, not all that surprising to republican mormon voters in this state. including a farmer who i spent time with last week, and here's why. >> how many pumpkins you think you got out here? >> let's see. there's -- you do the math. >> i'm not good at math.
8:24 pm
>> where is your phone for crying out loud? >> so ron, how much of your life as a farmer then is -- this ready to go? >> yes. >> plays into who you vote for? >> you know what, i don't think much at all. other than once again people in rural america tend to probably be more conservative than people in urban america. >> you're a republican, right? >> i am a registered republican, yes. >> what are you going to do this year? >> this year i'm voting for neither mr. trump or ms. clinton. i'm voting for one of the third party candidates. evan mcmullen. >> mcmullen. why is that? >> mr. trump has managed to engage his mouth before he engages his brain. i considered voting for him and probably would have a couple of months ago. >> what happened? >> well, you read the news? >> unfortunately. it's my job. how much of what's going into
8:25 pm
your vote has to do with your life as a member of the mormon church? >> members of the lds church stand to be rather orthodox and rather conservative. i think generally they would align with the republican party. although there is quite an appeal for somebody who is not a major political player. i think that was the appeal where mr. trump to begin with. >> you want more? i can give you more pumpkines. how about this one? what is it about mcmullen that you like? oh -- i'm in trouble. >> i like the fact he was intel as i understand it. >> who would have thought a guy from utah was only in the ballot in 11 states could be the guy to take down donald trump. >> well, that kind of remains to be seen. but that would be something, wouldn't it? >> brian, you'll remember way back in march when i was here talking to you and rachel from
8:26 pm
skyline city during the republican caucus here in utah. donald trump finished third behind ted cruz and john kasich. so voters here will tell you that while it might be surprising to people across the country, they saw this coming all the way back in the spring. >> jacob, interesting conversation. our thanks for your report from salt lake city. if you only dropped the one all day, you did pretty well by our count. that does it for this edition of the 11th hour. "hardball" with chris matthews begins right now. i'm chris matthews here in pittsburgh with the vice president of the united states. let's play "hardball." ♪ ♪ well, here we are, mr. vice
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president. >> good to be back here. >> we're right next to a gym and i've been listening to you the last couple of days. you're talking about taking on donald trump with fisticuffs behind the gym. so i brought something along for you that might be helpful to you in your new endeavor. a couple of boxing gloves. these are worn boxing gloves. these are the real things.


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