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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  November 2, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. i leave you in good hands, though, tamron hall takings it away. >> right now on msnbc, a crowd is gathering in battleground north carolina. they're all waiting to see president obama campaign for hillary clinton today where polls show the race is deadlocked in north carolina. donald trump is zeroing in on florida. making three stops there today alone where polls show yes, a statistical tie in the sunshine state. now trump is making an unusual pitch to people who voted early. he is saying to them where it is legal, change your vote, if you didn't vote for him. plus, hillary clinton's raw
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moment. clinton vents her frustration with a heckler saying she's, quote, tired of the negative dark divisive dangerous vision from trump supporters. this as nbc's new battleground map shows the new numbers out this morning. clinton's electoral lead is narrowing. but trump's path remains they say daunting. and microsoft says russian linked hackers are exploiting a flaw in the window's operating system. the company says they'll release a repair on election day. but isn't that too late? good morning. coming to you live from msnbc headquarters in new york. these are numbers just in to us. a record number of americans have already voted more than 25 million votes. twice as many vote also as this
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time in the last presidential election. our battleground map shows clinton with 274 electoral votes in her column. that's more than the 270 needed of course. and donald trump is at 180. our political editor mark murray will be back with me to talk about the changes in the map you see on your screen. a new polls out this morning shows a dead heat nationally. hillary clinton and donald trump tied at 46%. after trump had a one-point lead in that same poll yesterday. they're now back neck and neck. today's poll was taken entirely after friday's surprise announcement from fbi director james comey about those e-mails discovered on a computer belonging to former congressman anthony wiener. here's where the candidates and their surrogates are today. donald trump will hold three rallies today in florida where the latest polls show, as i
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mentioned that dead heat. hillary clinton has events in arizona. trump's running mate pence in arizona, new mexico and colorado. clinton's running mate tim kaine in iowa. with the final push on, president obama, vice president joe biden, senator bernie sanders, senator warren and clinton's husband and daughter are also hitting the campaign trail today, a lot of people on the ground, and we have our correspondents fanned out here, six days and counting to this historic election. so here are the headlines for you this morning from the trump campaign. as we go through them. with the race appearing to narrow it he's taking aim at hillary clinton and the so-called blue wall in the midwest. particularly trump is look at wynn w wisconsin, where he was last night. that state is 1 of 13 where the trump campaign says it's pouring $25 million into tv ads in the final days of the campaign. 12 of those states where won by obama in 2012. trump is also urging clinton
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supporters who voted early to switch their votes. that's actually legal in seven states. and this morning, paul ryan explaining his early vote for donald trump. >> the point i was trying to make yesterday, because i early voted for our nominee, for donald trump. i early voted for my senator ron johnson. and obviously for congress. so we can keep a unified republican government. a unified republican government and really only a unified republican government can get you a replacement for bomz care, which is, as you say, absolutely failing. >> nbc's ckaty tur in miami whee donald trump will hold a rally in the next hour. so you have paul ryan explaining his vote, but he is still not complaining. six days left. that means he likely won't campaign with the man he voted for. nevertheless, this strategy with donald trump saying switch your vote if you've not voted for him
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in your early voting ballot. >> yes, they want to capitalize on that news from friday. they want to say if you've already voted for hillary clinton and now you have doubts about her and you've changed your mind, please go out and reskrir rescind your ballot and vote for donald trump. that is something that is legal in those states he's advocating for. it is also very uncommon. usually the voters who vote early are dead set on who their candidate is. they're not going to be swayed by new news. that being said, if they can turn over 1, 2, i3, votes, all the better for trump. they can say, oh look at these new doubts about hillary clinton. maybe she might get indicted if she's president. that's what we're hearing from donald trump surrogates on the campaign trail and from donald trump himself. they're trying to use these fear tact ins for hillary clinton in order to gain as much ground as they possibly can. are they going to sway people who have already voted for hillary clinton?
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likely not. but what they're looking for, tam ron, what they really need is gop vomiters to come home to the party. they need these republican voters who are uncomfortable with donald trump to come back home, vote down, vote the whole ticket. that's what we heard yesterday in wisconsin. donald trump and his sur gats saying -- not paul ryan, excuse me, but reince priebus and the governor there saying in wisconsin you have to go talk to your friends and tell them if they're uncomfortable voting for donald trump they have to get comfortable voting for trump. talk about how any vote not for them is a vote for hillary clinton and how she is dangerous for this country. that is the message they're nailing home. as you said, donald trump himself is looking to capitalize not just on that, but on voters who might be unsure. take a listen to how he put it yesterday in wisconsin when he was trying to get people to change their votes. >> this is a message for any
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democratic voter who have already cast their ballots for hillary clinton and who are having a bad case of buyer's remorse. in other words, you want to change, you vote. wisconsin is one of several states where you can change your early ballot if you think you've made a mistake. a lot of stuff has come out since you voted. >> wisconsin is a state that donald trump needs to win. addition to those normal swing states like pennsylvania and north carolina. wisconsin is a state that donald trump is going to need to get him over 270, especially if he does not get pennsylvania which is look like he won't be able to do at the moment. hillary clinton leading him by quite a margin in pennsylvania. we'll see if those poll numbers hold. that is why you saw donald trump campaigning in wisconsin a couple times in the past week. >> all right, thank you very much, katy. now to the headlines for the
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clinton campaign. now try to secure states once considered safe. it's back on the air with ads in colorado and virginia and running apps for the first time in michigan and new mexico. clinton herself returning to attacking donald trump's record and temperament as she seeks to move past the latest e-mail controversy. and she has an army of surrogates helping her in the final days. president obama's huge line in north carolina, folks coming to see him. sanders and bill clinton will be out there today as well as elizabeth warren and chelsea clinton. secretary clinton will make that push, early voting, which ends in nevada on friday. a lot of talk about the big push not just with women but latino voters as well in these final days. >> that's right, tam ron, you're going to see really her final push for latino voters on display here in nevada and also in income p arizona where she h little later today where she's going to talk about all the
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controversial comments that donald trump has made throughout this election cycle toward latino voters. she will talk about the judge curial fight for example that he had and really remind voters whach she is going to describe of his divisive nature. this comes as, you're absolutely right, she's out with new ads in all those states you just mentioned, those reliably blue states. she's doubling her ad buy in reliably red arizona. the campaign thinks latinos will turn out in record numbers this election cycle so they're making a strong play for them. making a strong play for a state like arizona. take a look at one of those ads. >> 27 million are ready to put up a fight and not be intimidated by hatred and spite. that's why on tuesday, the 8th of november, latinos will go to the polls greater than ever. not to elect a president of united hate but to elect her the next president of the united states.
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>> tamron, several weeks ago when i talkeded to campaign officials they said they wanted to close out the campaign. they wanted clinton to focus on the issues she would put in place if she were elected president. we're seeing these attacks against donald trump. it is a reaction to the fact you see the polls tightening. >> we just got some new information. a surprise stop by secretary clinton in broward county. we have these pictures coming in to us right now. this is a stop in this important state that we did not know she would be making. this is not very far from miami. i think we still have kristen there. we were seeing people and their feet on the ground but we assure you hillary clinton is in that crowd. again, just this push for latino votes. there are some reports, and we'll look at the numbers, some of the numbers for black voters not where the campaign wants it
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to be in florida. but they are seeing some improved numbers with latino voters. alicia machado, the beauty contestant, out campaigning with clinton yesterday. this is a surprise visit. this marks the energy they are trying to get in florida. >> that's right. we can't underscore the importance of florida enough, tam ron. bottom line is donald trump needs florida to win the white house and right now it is such a tight race there. secretary clinton had three events in florida yesterday alone. she's going to be making a number of more stops there between now and election day. so are her top surrogates. they think if they can cut donald trump off in florida, it guarantee als the race. they said look, they feel good about their chabs in florida but they stress it is going to be down ton the wire. they think the results are going to be very tight. so you're going to see her battling for every vote there. as you point out, in a state like north carolina, they also need to energize
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african-american voters who are going to be so critical to her winning the general. if she does, remember, they were a critical part of her victories throughout the primary, tam ron. >> all right, kristen, thank you very much, we'll keep following the latest developments from florida where that surprise visit took place. thank you very much, kristen. let's take a look now, thousands of people are waiting in line to see president obama speak at a hillary clinton rally in north carolina. they've been lining up for hours. with the line snaking throughout campus. with the president's highest approval rating of his second term, he has been one of course the most important sur galts. unc campus there. chris, for perspective here, this is a sitting president that is eagerly on the campaign trail. he's wanted on the campaign trail. very different from george w. bush's situation. very different when we saw al gore try to go it alone without bill clinton. this is also historic, his
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presence on the campaign trail. >> this is absolutely unprecedented. we have never -- >> we've lost our contact with chris jansing, we'll work that out for you and get it. meanwhile, though, donald trump and hillary clinton are in a dead lead in north carolina. elone university's final poll has them at a statistical tie. north carolina has only chosen a democrat for president twice in the last 50 years. even with an unprecedented african-american turnout in 2008, barack obama won the state by 14,000 votes. that is it. and he lost it in 2012. so far, north carolina more african-americans have cast ballots than at this time in 2012. but the african-american vote is
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so far proportionately smaller than it was at this time in 2012. i'm joined now by democratic congressman g.k. butterfield. thank you for joining us. when we look at this number and this worry for some democrats over african-american voter turnout, is it a fair comparison to look at the turnout for the first black candidate, the first black person, man, to be on the heels of the presidency, versus what's happening now? >> well, tam ron, this is an exciting day in north carolina. president is back with us again. he was in greensboro a couple weeks ago. over in charlotte this weekend. north carolina is in play. the eyes of the nation are watching us. 2 million north carolinians have cast their early vote. 43% of those have been democratic voets democrat democratic voters. 31% have been republican voters. democratic voters are outpacing
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republican voters by far. when you look at the african-american vote, which is very critical in north carolina, you should know that 30% of african-americans have already cast an early vote in this election. that is critically important. we have almost 500,000 african-americans who have cast their vote out of 1.6 million african-american voters. so we're continuing to push the early vote. we're engaged in every county in the state. the hillary clinton campaign has invested heavily. the senatorial campaign is active in north carolina. we're trying to take out senator burr. but all of the key significant races are within the margin of error. so every vote counts. we're playing office and playing defense. the defense we're playing is to make sure republicans don't intimidate our voter os on election day. we're getting disturbing reports that the alt right and sympathizers of the trump
8:16 am
movement will be at the polling places on election day to intimidate our voters. the naacp has already filed a lawsuit to prevent that from happening. we're playing offense and defense. >> sir, i know that there was an emergency hearing scheduled in federal court today. regarding some of this. on monday, filed a federal lawsuit to stop county election boards from canceling voter registration. a lot of moving parts. we focus so much on north carolina and the belief that there's an effort to suppress the vote. we've been following this but this idea that there are some from the alt right who may be trying to intimidate, is there proof this is happening or that there's an actual plan beyond maybe what some people are saying in their chat rooms? >> yes, it's real. we're talking this very seriously. that's why the naacp filed a lawsuit. sending out post cards. the postcards are returned from voters as being unable to deliver. then this is evidence, this is
8:17 am
evidence that's turned over to the board of elections to purge that voter from the rolls. that is not allowed under the law. some counties have done that. we're going to try to reverse those rulings by the county boards. we cannot have voter intimidation and suppression in north carolina. >> as i mentioned, obama won the state, 14,000 votes. he lost it in 2012. will hillary clinton take north carolina, from what you're seeing and hearing on the ground? >> it's going to be a fight to the finish line. hillary clinton will win north carolina. it's not going to be a landslide victory by any means. but she is poised to win north carolina. and it is interesting that hillary clinton is actually leading the ticket. our gubernatorial candidate, now senatorial candidate, one and two points behind hillary clinton. hillary has a message for america and it's resonating in north carolina. i'm excited about the election but we've got to stay engaged and endure this race to the end. >> all right, thank you so much. congressman butterfield, great pleasure having you on. up next, we're going to take you
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nbc's chris jansing is in chapel hill. we had a little technical difficulty but by popular demand you are back. because that is where a lot of the action is right now this morning. >> the action is unbelievable. all the way down as we've been showing you throughout the morning. as the line has started to move and come up here, hi, look at the people, the absolute mass of humanity that is here. >> wow. >> the reason, to see barack obama for hillary clinton, and
8:22 am
why is he here in the closing days of this campaign? here's what i think is remarkable. when we first started talking to the white house folks about how much he'd be on the campaign trail, they said one or two days a week. he has been so effective here. he will be out six days in nine different cities. and take a look at why they're putting so much time and attention here in north carolina. the lineup. he had bill clinton here over the weekend. tim kaine on monday. joe biden on tuesday. the president today. hillary clinton is going to be here tomorrow. this is all about getting out the vote. this is all about getting people excited to get out for the vote. what brings you here today? >> i've excim excited to see ob like, i've always wanted to see him. >> have you voted yet? >> yes, i did. >> i guess i don't have to ask you who you voted for. what brings you out here today? >> i just love everything
8:23 am
obama's done for this country. i i've loved him since 2008. getting young people like us to vote is so important because we're the future now and i think it's really important. >> absolutely, yes. i'm here to support not only our current president, but i'm here also to vote for and show my support for hillary clinton. >> so this is the kind of enthusiasm we have seen here. a lot of people saying it's better than a unc/duke game. i don't want to go that far, tamron. you know a little bit about basketball. but it really is, when you have a race this close, as you were talking about, hatch a percentage point, less than a percentage point separating these two candidates. they want this to be a fire wall against a donald trump presidency. they want to win here. they are throwing resources at it in these closing days. >> talk about the mix people you are seeing there. obviously it's a college campus so the deck is stacked for there to be younger voters there. there seems to be a cross section. >> yes, not only is there a cross section but i met a
8:24 am
91-year-old woman who has been walking from texas. she wants to be here for the president and be here for hillary clinton. i met a 101-year-old woman. i said, it's hot today. how are you going to sit out there for hours? she said, this is history. it's my last chance to see this history making president. even have seen some republican because they understand the history making nature of this presidency. so it has been a real cross section of people. as you were talking about earlier, a big push here for the president is going to be to get out the african-american vote which has been down about 15% in this day. and she really needs that final push if she is going to beat donald trump here. >> thank you very much, chris jansing, we'll keep following the developments from north carolina. coming up, let's move to nevada and senate candidate republican joe heck. he flip-flops again. they wasn't supporting trump. then he wasn't. okay, now he's back, supporting donald trump. what he is saying now about his
8:25 am
support and why rallying around trump is still such a gamble for republicans who have been reluctant to support the party's nominee. we're going to go to nevada and look at the numbers there.
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welcome back. let's get to some of the big headlines now. with "new york times" political reporter nick campisori and national affairs koesht f s cor for "the nation" joan walsh. this moment from hillary clinton yesterday on the campaign trail facing off against a heckler. we don't know the person who they support, but let's talk about secretary clinton's reaction to it. let's play it. >> any issue you care about, anything, is at stake. i get sometimes a little overwhelmed by the fact that i love this country. i think we already are great. now, i think we can be greater.
8:29 am
and, you know, i am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive dangerous vision and behavior of people who support donald trump. >> joan, where was she in her mind there? >> she's sick of it. she's done, you know. we're all done. imagine how done she is, tamron, i mean, seriously. i've never seen her like that. i can imagine campaign advisers might have been divided. but i enjoyed seeing it. >> the crowd responded to it as well. >> yeah, i mean, this is becoming a kind of movement. especially in the wake of this unprecedented decision by fbi director comey. to release this information about her potential -- not even her e-mail, some e-mail out there. there really is a backlash and it's uniting people more strongly behind her. >> interesting how some of her advisers may have cringed at that moment. where we've seen donald trump at
8:30 am
rallies with hecklers, get them out of here cart it off. it made me think of what the president said yesterday or at least what he believes as sexism in this campaign. a lot of people have had this remark. let me play what he said. >> hillary clinton is -- is consistently treated differently than just about any other candidate i see out there. to the guys out there, i want to be honest, you know, there's a reason we haven't had a woman president before. i want every man out there who's voting to kind look and ask yourself, well, if you're having problems with this stuff, how much of it is we're just not used to it? when a guy's am bbitious and working hard, well, that's okay. when a womans doing it, you're like, why's she doing that? >> not policy but where we are
8:31 am
as a society. donald trump has said go home to mommy to hecklers and even worse, saying in the old days someone would be in a stretcher with some of that behavior. she goes in, goes raw, and it's perceiveled as potentially something her campaign would not like to see. in her own campaign. >> i'm not sure why, tam ron. you know, i thought it was a powerful moment for her for a lot of different reasons. look, this campaign has been fascinating and draining for the way it's shown us these kind of ruptured in american society and these latencies, these kind of darknesses that are swirling around in people's hearts. but at the same time, i think historically, in the last five or six elections, the candidate who can summon that spirit of optimism and american greatness is the candidate who wins. the candidate who campaigns against the country's great nest is the season who loses. i think the president has a point. an official in texas cawed h ca
8:32 am
a name i can't say on the air which is so gross. >> to that point, this is why someone like the nevada senate candidate joe heck, where the race is neck and neck, he's now saying that -- donald trump is qualified, but he won't say if he's voting for donald trump. here's what he said, joe heck, the senate candidate, october 14th, about donald trump. >> as an emergency department doctor, i've taken care of far too many women who are victims of assault. i have great empathy for anyone who experienced such a tragedy. my wife was the victim of domestic abuse in a prior relationship. the decision i made was an extremely personal decision. >> that was his personal description of why he would not support donald trump. he says he's qualified, nick. >> it's amazing, tamron.
8:33 am
it's strange because the usual route for republicans here in tough races have been to say they're going to vote for him but not endorse him or some variation on that. but to hear something so heartfelt from him about the essential character of the guy he is now supporting is very strange to me and it gets at the basic kind of no lose -- or a no win proposition for guys like joe heck. he needs trump voters but he needs anti-trump voters too. >> but he dragged his wife and her past relationship -- let me just -- because we're out of time here. rachel maddow's show, libertarian vice presidential candidate bill weld make big news yesterday with rachel. let me play what he said. i want your response, joan. >> yeah. >> i can't imagine that you wouldn't tell a person in north carolina or ohio to vote for hillary clinton if the choice they were making was between giving the libertarian party 5% or potentially electing donald trump because you guys don't have a chance against donald
8:34 am
trump and she does and if they vote for you, they would be helping to elect donald trump. >> well, i'm here vouching for mrs. clinton. i think it's high time somebody did. i'm doing it based on my personal experience with her. i think she's -- deserved to have people vouch for her other than members of the democratic national committee so i'm here to do that. >> what is the impact of this? >> i think it's great. i hope it has a lot of impact. i think it took a lot courage on his part to go against his own running made. it was wonderful to see. just like it was wonderful to see the president step up and look into their hearts to see why they might respond to things by hillary clinton. just going back to joe heck. i want to point out jason chafe felts who said i could not look my 15-year-old daughter in the eye and now he's supporting donald trump. >> well, marco rubio said something similar -- >> how do you go back on that? >> he's now leading in florida
8:35 am
and could hang on to his senate seat. >> look, there's a huge contingent of trump voters who like the way he talks and will not countenance watching other republicans trash him. unfortunately, there's also a large group of voters who hate trump and don't want to support somebody who supports him. so you see them just doing this dance over and over again. it makes them all look bad. >> and they're unwilling to go on the cam trapaign trail but sr he is going along for the most part and he is seeing some success. he may be perhaps the person who can doance alone and still win some of these battleground states. coming up this is such an interesting story. microsoft says they will release a repair to keep russian-linked hack esers from exploiting a fl in the windows operating system. this new patch comes out on election day. some are asking will that be too late. g this out for you.
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welcome back. microsoft corporation says hackers previously linked to the russian government have exploited a recently discovered security flaw within the windows system. while there's no known connection between this flaw and attempts to hack into the u.s. voter registration system earlier this year, microsoft will be releasing a corrective patch on november 8th election day. joining me now, one of the people who helped discover russian's involvement, president and chief security office of cloud strike services, shawn henry. let's start with the concern here that this could even happen. that the flaw is a serious flaw. >> yes, it certainly is serious, tam ron, especially in the hands of the group we call fancy bear that we know has exploited different political organizations, nato, even the white house. and now they're using some very sophisticated techniques to do
8:40 am
spear fishing and we believe they may actually be targeting people within the media. this is a serious concern. those that are running this flawed version of microsoft, the operating system windows, that they may be vulnerable to this kind of attack. >> forgive me for not knowing but what is spear fishing? >> spear fishing is when an actor sends a very well-crafted e-mail to somebody that has an exploit within it. when you open up the attachment, whether it be a word document or an excel spreadsheet or maybe you click on a link that takes you to another website, actors put malicious software on to your computer allowing them to exploit the operating system so they have full control other the entire computer. they'll be able to read all your e-mails. may be able to turn on the camera or listening devices in your office. it's have sophisticated because of their capabilities and what we'll seen them do before, tamron. >> let's talk about this patch, though, microsoft providing it on election day. it's a serious concern, as you
8:41 am
mentioned this security flaw. why wait until the last minute to do this? >> well, microsoft has a long history of putting out patches, updates, to their operating system when they find security flaws. every tuesday once a month typically the first or second tuesday of every month. and this is a standard practice. in this particular case, this will be going out to tens of millions likely hundreds of millions of computers globally and they need to ensure it's tested and it's proper so if they do send it out it doesn't crash systems. it does take a little bit of time for them to fix the flaws, to fix the bug, to review the code before they can push it out to everybody's home computers. >> all right, one of the best in the business at these things. thank you. coming up, nbc news is out with a new change in the 2016 battleground map. after the break. get your pen and paper. we're going to show you the change.
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we're back with our daily briefing on politics. a new battleground map. nbc news senior political editor mark murray. grab your pen and paper so you can write it down because it will probably change tomorrow but here we are with some solid numbers. >> hillary clinton still has the lead. in fact, excess of the 270 electoral votes. it's not as big of a margin as we've had in the past. we've moved iowa into the donald trump column as well as in georgia. we moved nevada into hillary clinton's column. but maybe most importantly we ended up putting north carolina and new hampshire in toss-up. you add it all up and it's hillary clinton 274, donald trump 180. if you put all of the toss-up rate p races, and that's 84 electoral votes, and you add that to donald trump's 180, that
8:46 am
doesn't get him to 170. he has to break into hillary clinton's industrial midwest fire wall to have a chance to go to 270. >> let's talk about iowa. is that a big surprise at this point? >> is not a surprise. we had in toss-up for a while but we thought iowa and maybe even ohio, although we're still leaving that in the toss-up category. if one of our toss-up states, i would thing new hampshire is still looking good. hillary clinton might have a very small advantage there. >> georgia. there was a lot of talk, as there was in 2012, 2008, particularly because the african-american population there. but it looks like it's staying. >> in a race where hillary clinton's up nine or ten points, georgia was probably basically a coin flip. when the race now is four or five points for hillary clinton or maybe a little bit lower. georgia isn't a possibility as it might have been when she had a much bigger lead. >> we're be looking at north carolina where the president is there. and nevada which she -- hillary
8:47 am
clinton will be heading to, so it will be an interesting mix of things, but that's the latest change. >> nevada, the early votes coming in very well for democrats. they could actually win nevada, end up losing new hampshire. >> early voting in nevada ends friday? >> need to check on that but i believe -- >> yes, it does. i know, so many moving parts. all right, coming up, early voting, we're talking about it among black voters, is down from this time in 2012 in florida. critical group for democrats. but is it fair to compare this year's black vote to 2008 to 2012 when you had the first african-american viable candidate for lack of a better description on his way to the white house? we'll look into that next. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate
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in need to low-cost internet at home. welcome to a brighter future. comcast. donald trump and hillary clinton are locked in a dead heat in florida. support from retirees could change the game. according to the latest nbc news
8:51 am
"wall street journal" marist poll donald trump has a strong lead for americans over 60. in the villages in florida that's the nation's largest retirement community. what are you getting from folks there? >> reporter: i'm talking to two interesting folks there. this is a community of 150,000 people just north of orlando. there are 65,000 registered florida voters here. romney won here by over 67%. this is republican country here just north of orlando. registered republicans outnumber registered democrats 2-1. that doesn't mean that every republican here is necessarily voting for donald trump. i want you to meet the fog. this is linda, a life long republican. even worked at the bush library. you can see you're wearing a republicans for hillary t-shirt.
8:52 am
>> yes. >> reporter: why did you not support donald trump? >> i had trouble with his candidacy from the day he announced. as he gained momentum in the primaries i became increasingly disturbed. when donald trump mocked the disabled, it moved me from being concerned about his canadidacy o wanting to make sure he didn't get elected president of the united states. >> reporter: you worked in the bush library as well. what went through your mind as you filled the ballot. hillary clinton for president? >> it took me about a year to reach the decision that the most effective vote i could make in florida would be a vote for hillary clinton. it took me months at that point. at the time i filled in the mail-in ballot i was prepared to vote for her, but i paused as i held the pen over the oval beside hillary. not because i couldn't vote for her but because i realized how
8:53 am
much it chanhad changed in our , in the gop and in me. >> reporter: this community isn't turning blue. just the fact like don and linda exist here could be trouble for donald trump in the sunshine state. this is a must win state. the magic 270 electoral votes. >> beautiful day there. interesting interviews. thank you very much. also in florida new information about the number of african-americans voting early in the state. here is the data. according to data provided by our partners at target smart, black voters make up 11.4% of votes cast so far. that's slightly down from four years ago when black voters made up 13% of the vote at the time. joining me, henry crespo, president of the democratic black caucus and corinne jean pierre from move
8:54 am
she served as director for president obama's 2012 re-election. thank you so much for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> let's start with the breakdown. we have seen the headlines for the past week or so that black voters aren't enthusiastic in florida for hillary clinton. is it fair to compare the black voter turnout when you had a candidate like barack obama, the first person on his way to the white house to the turnout for hillary clinton? the historical nature of having barack obama at the top of the ballot certainly helped tremendously. we always knew hillary clinton would get the same percentage of african-american voters. the question was would she get that vote total and the early voting shows us she needs work to do. they have to continue trying to go into the black community. the slate did a report which was
8:55 am
key. they talked about tim kaine, a high level. going into sanford, north carolina. why sanford? it is a small town of 30,000 people. 30% of the electorate is african-american. i think what you will see is more of that. of high level surrogates going into the smaller towns where you see a high number of african-american voters. >> there are only six days left. it's not like we are talking a month out here. >> if you look at yesterday, hillary clinton and her surrogates hit 14 media markets. that's the advantage hillary clinton has that donald trump doesn't. >> let me read from the buzz feed article last night. it says you can't compare 2008 and 2012 black turnout because of the obama factor. this is a democratic strategist with ties to the. ka pain saying the numbers are low. there is still a difference. i agree not enough was done to
8:56 am
engage the black community and people have been telling the dnc and the campaign this for months. what do you think of the observation from the democratic strategists? >> hello, thank you for having me. to some extent they are correct on that. look, 2012 compared to 2016 is like apples and oranges, collard greens and grapes. what needs to happen is that the campaign needs to really double down in voter engagement and outreach. back in 2012, you knew who voted, who early vote, who sent out absentee ballots and those people by this time all the way to election day was called or someone knocked on their door. one thing we are really not talking about in the state of florida in some counties you have the polls are open until
8:57 am
sunday. what do you have on that day? the biggest souls to the poll movement going down in the state of florida which will take out a whole lot of voters to the polls. >> we'll see what happens on sunday. there is not enough data yet, so we'll see what the numbers show after sunday. thank you for joining us. thank you. up next, we'll be right back. gary, gary, gary... i am proud of you, my man. making simple, smart cash back choices... with quicksilver from capital one. you're earning unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. like on that new laptop. quicksilver keeps things simple, gary. and smart, like you! and i like that. i guess i am pretty smart. don't let that go to your head, gary. what's in your wallet?
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i'm one unlucky guy. the chance of being involved in a robbery is 1 in 757. the chances of being struck by lightning... [thunder] [coughs] 1 in 750,000. [ding] woman on p.a.: please fasten your seatbelts for unexpected turbulence. announcer: the chances of being a victim in an airline crash, 1 in 29 million. hey could i get some peanuts?
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the chances of being involved in a car crash are far greater than lightning strikes and plane crashes. and if you are texting while driving, your risk of crash increases 23 times. now, i may be an unlucky guy, but i don't have to be part of that statistic, and neither do you. drive responsibly. thank you for watching this hour of msnbc live. up next, "andrea mitchell reports" live from ft. lauderdale, florida. >> thank you, tamron. right now on a special edition live from ft. lauderdale. the flight for florida, candidates and surrogates in the state today. hillary clinton here before


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