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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  November 4, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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commander in chief completely out of his depth and ideas are incredibly dangerous. >> if she were to win, it would create an unprecedented constitutional crisis that would cripple the operations of our government. >> up and down some. erratic race and others say it's been consistent. tightening battleground states and explosive new early voting figures with a significant uptick in battleground states like arizona, nevada, florida. may determine the outcome of this election. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall live from our msnbc headquarters in new york. can you believe we are four days away? and as we head into the home stretch, here's the state of the presidential race right now. beginning with the new numbers i told you about. new nbc news "wall street journal" polls. trump has led in three key
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states and a 5 point lead in arizona. haas interesting. and the push for that state and a slim 1 point lead in georgia, another state expected to go red and two new polls out this morning and 42%. another at 44%. also, the new "washington post" abc news tracking poll shows clinton now with a 3 point lead nationally. if you are keeping track, that's a 1 point increase from just yesterday and just minutes ago, and before her home in new york state and the campaign stop in a rally in pittsburgh, specifically and a rally in michigan and ohio. her running mate tim kaine is in the battleground state of florida. donald trump has two of the same
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states as clinton, pennsylvania, and ohio. he's also going to new hampshire and trump's running mate mike pence campaigns in michigan, north carolina, and florida. the surrogates are also out in full force today. president obama back in north carolina. keep an eye on that. vice president joe biden in wisconsin. bill clinton has three rallies in colorado. bernie sanders is in iowa and nebraska. chelsea clinton is new hampshire. as for donald trump, his sons eric and donald jr. are in michigan and arizona. our correspondents on the ground covering it all for you. let's start out with the headlines this morning from the clinton campaign. president obama and first lady michelle obama will join hillary clinton and her family monday night for an election eve rally in philadelphia. it will be secretary clinton's final rally of the campaign in a state where the race is tightening and she's gone from a double digit lead to a single digit lead. until then, she'll be making her arguments to voters portraying
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donald trump as unfit to lead this country. >> donald stood on a stage and said, and i quote, i'm honored to have the greatest temperament that anyone's ever had. actually said out loud to himself, stay on point, donald, stay on point. his campaign probably put that in the teleprompter. >> and clinton aide huma abedin back on the trail for the first time since the fbi surprise announcement it's looking into e-mails of her estranged husband, anthony weiner, found on a laptop. she headlined the clinton campaign fundraiser last night in washington. nbc's kristen welker live in pittsburgh where secretary clinton will hold a rally in the next hour going into the weekend. what is the headline you see, kristen? >> reporter: well, i think the headline is the strategy that we are seeing moving forward. both in terms of messaging and in terms of where we see secretary clinton.
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so first to the messaging. we see her sharpen her attacks if the final days as the polls are getting a lot tighter and i think you'll see that here today as well. she's going to be talking about women in the economy and her policies she thinks speaks to women and families, making child care more affordable, paid family leave and no shortage of attacks against donald trump. she'll try to contrast herself with donald trump and revive some of those controversial comments we've h from him when it comes to the topic. about latinos, african-americans, trying to energize her base and fits into the broader goal trying to hold her ground in these states where she has a lead but where she thinks she needs to win in order to 270 in a state like pennsylvania where she does have a lead here but it has been narrowing and the latest polls showing her by 5 to 4 points. and later today, some democrats scratching their heads why she's
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going to michigan. and she is haunted by the upset victory that bernie sanders had and knows there's a lot of working class voters that could potentially vote for donald trump and wants to hold her ground there in michigan as well. she added that event in new hampshire, as you pointed out, now a tied ball game in the critical state and another poll at 42%. either way, you'll see a lot of focus there and also, florida as well as north carolina. that's where president obama is going to be today energizing african-american voters. i think in terms of the strategy, she's trying to hold court, trying to make sure she gets to 270 but again, ramping up the rhetoric against donald trump to do it and does go in ohio joined by jay z both with big names in politics and entertainment. >> here are the headlines this morning for the trump campaign.
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trump aide tells nbc news the gop candidate will be hitting ten separate states over the next three days in a final blitz. his closing arguments the same as hillary clinton that his opponent is unfit to serve as president. >> she's likely going to be under investigation for many years and also, it will probably end up, in my opinion, in a criminal trial, who knows, but certainly looks that way. >> trump's running me mike pence campaigning with house speaker paul ryan and senator ron johnson. voted for donald trump. he said in early voting but not campaigning with him even in the last few days and joining us live from addison, new hampshire, where donald trump will hold a rally an hour from there. as i asked kristen welker, jacob, what do you see from the headline of the trump campaign going into this weekend?
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>> reporter: so the trump campaign sees the polls and they see that they are tied ore behind but shows a significant tightening and momentum for trump but we can start, for example, in new hampshire. every poll since the general election started showed hillary clinton well ahead by 10, 11 moin points recently as last week but this week shows dead even or trump just ahead. to them, that looks like a significant momentum jump for donald trump. so what he's trying to do today is stay on message with hillary clinton's e-mails and the fbi but also, the affordable care act and here in new hampshire, expected as he almost always does when he's here talking about the opioid problem. this is where his campaign started, gave him the first primary win and this is where he plans to wrap up his campaign. he's just announced he'll hold a rally, the election eve here in new hampshire. one of the ten stops and appears
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on the offensive looking at colorado, michigan, pennsylvania, other states but they see momentum and try to build on that momentum. tamron? >> when we say build on that momentum, he's played so much to his base and not expanded from that whether it's latino voters, african-americans, even though he's had numbers that cannot be verified in growth in those areas. where do they see their ability to expand? >> reporter: you know what, whenever the trump campaign talks about getting out and getting voters like women voters who favor hillary clinton in almost every poll we see by 20 and 30 points, the trump campaign says, to us, we believe all issues are women issues or hispanic issues. jobs, for example, is an issue that women and hispanics and african-americans will love and
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national security and all of their issues. even though we have seen as you well know him talking about the inner cities a lot, we haven't seen him talking about that yesterday or today as much. to them, they believe their message fits everybody. >> jacob, thank you. joining me now, senior political correspondent for mtv news, anna marie cox and global editorial director, and msnbc political analyst. just quickly, i want to get your thoughts on this interview this morning with rudy giuliani. as you know, there's been reporting, nbc news also looking into reports that fbi agents colluded to release damaging information against clinton right before the election. this decision made by comey that really rocked this race. here's giuliani asked about the
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-- okay, we don't have it. but what do you make of these reports? "the guardian" has it as well as other publications. >> i think it's clear. he was facing insurrection within his agency and i think one of his motivating factors including to covering his rear politically was if he didn't disclose to leaders in congress this new look at these e-mails on the famous abedin/weiner laptop that it was going to get leaked out of the department and looked like he was participating in a cover-up. you can tell by how james comey normally a careful guy behaved he was afraid of the insurrection that apparently is going on within his own fbi. >> and the quote, anna marie, from this "guardian" article saying the currently serving said clinton is the antichrist
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to fbi personnel and they're leaking this because they're pro-trump. any way for her to capitalize off of reports like this or to close this out? >> one reason why the fbi might be so trump because he's largely male, largely white. those are the people that go for trump in general. i think it's an interesting question to ask if the fbi were a more diverse place, would comey have been facing this insurrection? i don't think so. and i also think that if you point that kind of thing out, largely white and male and kind of pro-trump, that is hillary's argument in general. women and people of color will save this nation basically because we're immune to the call of this, you know, schizophrenic
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attack. this is par for the course in some ways. it's unprecedented. the weaponization of transparency in a way and one thing, it's really disturbing. you expect russia to tamper with our elections, i guess but don't expect the fbi to. >> i think the civil rights movement the fbi has in the past, so it's not like it's that far away of what the allegations involving donald trump. >> that's true. like you take -- >> we're having some technical difficulty with anna marie. let's speaking of race in this race looking at north carolina and on monday. michelle obama and barack obama in philadelphia. we know the play there. the trump campaign over the 18 and 20 months have struggled to distance themselves from the alt right, from different racist and organizations trying to link. eric trump was asked about the former kkk grand wizard politician david duke. here's what he said.
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>> if i said exactly what you said, i'd get killed for it but i think i'll say it anyway. the guy does deserve a bullet. i mean, these aren't good people. these are horrible people. >> the guy deserves a bullet. referring to david duke. your reaction to that. >> my reaction, number one, this kind of talk in a presidential campaign in any direction is not a good thing and it's symbolic of, as anna marie said, the weaponization of accusation and so f so forth. that's unfortunate but how the trump campaign has behaved, i mean, i won't say they created david duke but playing with fire with the alt right from the beginning. that group is sort of at the base, at the bottom, if you will, but in the coalition. and i think there was a speech that donald trump gave the other day when he was under pressure last week because of the revelations about women, his attitudes towards women. he came back with his toughest
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most dog whistle if not fog horn speech appealing to white nationalism. there's no other way to put it. it was coded. probably written by steven k. bannon, the head of breitbart that used the language about global conspiracy, evil people out to get the traditionalists in america. it was dog whistle, alt right, word for word. >> melania trump yesterday lecturing on cyberbullying and a meanness growing in this country. what's your reaction to that? >> well, i've been saying this for a while that i used to think that melania was a cylon but only a human can withstand that level of irony. it would fry computer circuits, the proof she's human but also,
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that level of cognitive dissonance is crazy. the singlie most important thin to stop would be to take her husband's phone away from him and unless she does that, i don't believe the cause of hers and what's more, let's not forget that she dismissed his "access hollywood" as boys talk. so it's okay for some boys to be mean to girls. >> in the sense of this going into the weekend wrapping this up, this was the best shot to relate her as a relatable woman to the female voters they need but sound like they failed. >> well, i don't think she's relatable for most women. and i don't mean that as a knock to her. she's a successful woman but i don't think she'll reach those women that are turned off by donald trump already or the undecides. >> anna marie cox. glad we were able to work out
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the audio. see you many times. hold on, guys. thank you. nbc news learned officials on alert for potential cyberattacks on election day. outside forces may be trying to create confusion and doubt about the legitimacy of the election. the urgent and unprecedented steps officials are taking to protect your vote. plus, we'll talk live with the mayor of atlanta on the final day of early voting in georgia. thousands are expected to turnout in that traditionally red state. why it is so in lplay this year. an important message for americans eligible for medicare. the annual enrollment period is now open. now is the time to find the coverage that's right for you the right price. the way to do that is to explore your options. you can spend hours doing that yourself ... or you can call healthmarkets ... and let us do the legwork for you - with no cost or obligation. we'll search a variety of plans from nationally
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now to an nbc news exclusive. the u.s. government is launching a massive effort to protect the the vote on tuesday amid fears
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of a cyberattack aimed at throwing this election into chaos. multiple u.s. intelligence sources say the government is concerned about attacks by russian or other hackers aimed at causing confusion as americans head to the polls. cynthia mcfadden has the details. >> reporter: current and former officials say an attack on critical infrastructure including the u.s. power grid is one of the three worst case scenarios on the list of concerns. one highly placed intelligence source tells nbc news your vote is safe. you just might not have any lights. also on the list, a large scale denial of service. part of the internet goes down. or a cyberattack. aimed at disabling communicat n communications and transportation in swing states and intelligence sources in a senior obama national security official tells nbc news they believe a more likely scenario would involve hackers.
8:21 am
russia or somewhere else using social media for an 11th hour document dump of false information. implicating one of the candidates with no time for fact-checking. >> that was nbc's cynthia mcfadden. thomas hicks of the u.s. assistance commission. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> clearly, this has been a part of the conversation, i think, a lot of voters have had regarding these hacks. whether it falls on one candidate or the other, the notion that right before this election, a flood of information could be released, is it national for us to be worried as voters? >> i think that voters should have confidence in the system that it will perform well. most of the voters have already made their minds up. there have been nearly 33 million people who have early voted. the election assistance commission deals with more of the voting machines and the
8:22 am
process itself. so we've been working with the fbi, dhs, to inform them of what the states do. because the states actually run the elections themselves. it's not a federal government mandate. >> it was last month we saw the internet disruption. people wondering if this was a type of dress rehearsal. the emergency readiness team had this to say about last month. >> the activity that occurred the 21st of october has definitely been seen by many in cybersecurity field as potentially a drill associated with the real event. it had all the signs of what you would consider a drill to be. >> if you were testing a drill, you had something in mind as the full run of whatever dubious act you want to carry out. what's your reaction to the idea that was a drill?
8:23 am
>> i don't know. i don't know if that was a drill. if it is true or not, but i would say that election officials have been planning for a number of years for this election and so there are contingency plans in place. for instance, i was in california this past june for their primary and the power went out in the county office but they had a back-up generator that kicked in. so we don't know all the scenarios that might happen. for instance, four years ago, hurricane sandy came up the east coast a week before the election. we have to be prepared. we can't be prepared for everything but we should be vigilant and voters should have confidence to go out to the polls and cast their ballots. >> all right. thomas of the u.s. election assistance commission. we'll see what happens in the next few days. thank you so much for your insight. appreciate ita. live to the battle ground. two campaign event there is today.
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the only thing that's left to do is vote. you have this precious chance to shape history. don't let it slip away. >> that was president obama in florida yesterday giving his most impassioned pitch to get out to vote. in fact, many times referencing he'd gone over time and his team would be upset with him. in fayetteville, north carolina, where people are lined up there. they've been there since 5:00 a.m. can't wait to hear what some of them have to say. >> reporter: they're talking about all kinds of things. they've been out here for 5 or 6 hours already. you can see the back of the line way back there but brought you up to the front of the line.
8:28 am
where's the back of the line? way back there. some of these folks out here since 5:00 in the morning. right here at the front of the line is a young girl named victoria and she and her mom michelle out here since 4:00. why come out at 4:00 in the morning? >> because this is a historical moment. our youth need to understand what's going on especially in this climate and what better way to experience right here in the flesh. >> reporter: what have you been doing for the last six hours and about five more to go? not until this afternoon. what are you going to do? >> communing with everybody. making new friends. so that's what fellowshipping and having a great time and waiting on president obama. >> reporter: has everybody vo d voted? >> yeah. >> reporter: get more people to vote? >> yeah. >> reporter: why do you think it's so close?
8:29 am
>> i feel it's so close because i believe that hillary clinton, secretary clinton is close to winning and i feel it's very vital, a change is about to occur. it was, you know, a while ago, women couldn't vote back in the day. >> reporter: a lot has changed. >> it's very important for us even as women and young adults to take that step and to vote. >> reporter: thank you very much. the front of the line. a bit of news. there's a voting rights case going on with the federal court in north carolina. we understand that the judge is expected to rule sometime today on that and that could determine whether some now hear the numbers. up to 7,000 people could vote. the hearing coming down to the wire. >> it is indeed, thank you very much. until the first time since 1992, there's a chance that georgia could go for democrats. now the latest polling has trump up by 1 point ahead of hillary clinton in the state. early voting in georgia ends
8:30 am
today and while republicans outpaced democrats in the more than 1.7 million people that voted so far, democrats are making one final push with a georgia get out the vote tour bus tour. that kicks off today part of the battle ground america series. nbc's chris jansing in decatur, georgia, speaking with democrats about the effort and if they really see signs of progress or is this wishful thinking, chris? >> reporter: you see it here. look, this is dekalb county all the way down the hall is where this line goes. here's why it's critical. this is a county of 57% african-american through much of the country including some of the other red states they thought would turn blue, you're not seeing the kinds of numbers for hillary clinton that we saw for barack obama. not so here. they're matching 2008 numbers. if they can keep that up, it could truly be the difference between a win and a loss here. that's how important that vote is in places like this and of course, in the city of atlanta
8:31 am
and i have the mayor here. kasim reed. >> welcome to georgia. >> reporter: always good to be here. one percent separates donald trump from hillary clinton. what's the difference? >> i think focus right now. remaining calm. everybody i know is working on delivering a strong turnout and we've all. >> reporter: so it's ground game? >> yes, ground game and remaining calm and not being disturbed by the environment. >> reporter: you were concerned a month ago. you said that this campaign, the clinton campaign and you're a surrogate for them needs to put more money and more resources in. i'm not seeing millions of dollars of ads on the air. are you worried if you lose, that was why? it was a strategic mistake? >> right now, i think we can win it. all we're focused on is winning. i made a strong case for more resources. they put about a million dollars in in television. but i think what's really important right now is this is organic. it's real. it's not forced.
8:32 am
in fulton county, the largest county in the state, they've got 24 different polling locations open and they've been having robust traffic. i voted on saturday with usher raymond. we had robust traffic. what it feels like to me is it's a real organic vote that's occurring and in many ways, that may turn out to be better but i think this will definitely be as close as georgia was when clinton and each other in '96. a 47% to 46% except i think secretary clinton has a chance to win. >> reporter: good to see you. back to you, tamron. >> thank you very much. up next, a live report from battleground arizona. as mentioned, all over the map and one day after, tim kaine delivered a speech in spanish and after clinton made her first campaign visit there this week. will the surge in early latino
8:33 am
voters turn this red state blue and why are some of the polls underreporting? the early latino vote. we'll look into both of those. at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up. do you like nuts?
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show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new some breaking news to report. a jury just reached a verdict in the so-called bridge gate trial. former chris christie allies have been found guilty on all counts in that trial. we will continue to monitor the latest developments. as you know, in court, bridget ann kelly said that the governor knew about the plan to tie up traffic as a consequence for local mayor not supporting his reelection bid. this is a big development in the case that tied up chris christie but he has not seen any criminal charges as a result of it but two aides now found guilty on
8:37 am
all counts of the bridgegate of closing lanes as a punishment for a local official who would not support chris christie. much more on the fallout from this and may have reaction eventually from chris christie himself. now to the battle ground state of arizona. the latest "wall street journal" marrist poll. yesterday in phoenix, an historic clinton rally as vice president tim kaine gave his entire speech in spanish. that's a first, by the way, for a candidate. msnbc mariana atencio talked with him right after. >> the latino vote has been incredibly energetic and powerful. massive. probably the biggest jump of any in this country. this election will be a clear
8:38 am
mandate for one form or another. the immigration is more central in this presidential election. one side is build a wall and deport people. other side is comprehensive reform. i think we're going to win. >> msnbc's mariana atencio is in phoenix right now. so what are you hearing from, again, the people who feel like maybe they'll be underreported in the polls but the early voting numbers don't lie? >> reporter: tamron, 35 million latinos speak spanish at home and that's especially true here in arizona where i am now. and that's part of the reason why tim kaine took the stage here last night in the historic speech resonating with the latino community here. i want you to meet gladysa. a 30-year-old from arizona state university on behalf of the campaign. you introduced senator kaine last night. what are people talking about regarding his speech here? >> i feel like his future vice
8:39 am
president speech was very historic, his speech in spanish. a lot of people in this sate a bett better understanding. my mom voting for the first time this year and spanish being her first language, i felt like she had got a better understanding of who she's voting for and w she supports and i know we will turn the state blue. >> thank you so much, clarissa. senator kaine also taking over hillary clinton's twitter account in spanish reaching millennials like clarissa. 31% of arizona is hispanic and a million latinos are eligible to vote here. of course, that doesn't mean they are registered or voting necessarily but the clinton campaign definitely making a play for that voting block. i also have breaking news for you here on msnbc, tamron. we've gotten word from the clinton campaign that senator bernie sanders will be campaigning here in phoenix,
8:40 am
arizona, this coming sunday. they definitely see an opening here even if secretary clinton is down 5 points, they see the opportunity of turning the state blue for the first time since 1996. >> wow. all right. thank you very much, marianna. let me bring in president and ceo of voter latino and a contributor. we've talked many days, not just in this election cycle about the latino vote. in arizona, let's talk about what the polls show versus what mariana just reported which are actual votes here. what will be the headline tuesday out of arizona? >> that it went blue. the fact they bring in bernie sanders, i want to drill down on the fact that they bring in bernie sanders down into arizona is because representative congressman grejalva one of the first early bernie sanders supporters and he carries incredible weight in the community and bringing in bernie
8:41 am
basically says, look, team, this is the opportunity for us to double down and make sure we not only vote on election day but also able to demonstrate our muscle. if folks remember, it was ground zero for sb 1070 and the laws. now the fact that sheriff arpaio also right now under criminal investigation, i think it creates the narrative that the latino community has an opportunity to fight for itself. >> 60% of the latino hispanic vote according to the new univision poll out there. clinton at 72% and trump at 19%. in florida, a week ahead of the election, hispanics made up 14% of the early vote in florida in 2012, 10%. 4% uptick and then the cuban
8:42 am
community and only leading in the polls by maybe 2 points in what is traditionally a group that went for the republican candidate. >> and that can't be underestimated. let's not forget, for a long time, the cuban community helped carry florida to the republican party. they haven't voted for a republican on top of the ticket since kennedy. so that was basically the last time. if you look still very much up in the polls against patrick murphy. all the cuban vote in this case and then within some women for hillary. not just the cuban vote and the puerto rican vote and unlike and then puerto ricans are actually citizens and can come out. so florida, everybody keeps saying it's a big play but looking at the orlando community area and the cuban community.
8:43 am
>> thank you so much. >> thanks, tamron. up next, the biggest ad spending of the election. nbc's mark murray is next with the daily briefing into the final weekend of the election. whoa, this is awful, try it. oh no, that looks gross what is that? you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna try it if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair. no thank you, i have a very sensitive palate. just try it! guys, i think we should hurry up. if you taste something bad, you want someone else to try it. it's what you do. i can't get the taste out of my mouth! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. shhh! dog, dog, dog. i'm one unlucky guy. the chance of being involved in a robbery is 1 in 757. the chances of being struck by lightning... [thunder] [coughs]
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we are back with the daily briefing with the battle on the campaign trail reached a fever pitch in the final week before the election. joining me now, nbc news senior political editor mark murray with some new numbers. the idea that it could reach a fever pitch, that's the understatement of the decade. what else was it supposed to do? >> one thing we watch is all the ad dollars spent in the presidential race. let me pull up the board on the amount of money that you end up seeing and pretty much the thing is that the pro-clinton sides in these battleground states have a significant money advantage on
8:47 am
tv ads and pro clinton, the campaign plus the outside groups and these states with a 1-2 and a little bit more even down to the home stretch. >> in the ads though, given just the media attention quite honestly to both of these candidates, we know that the media has been criticized for the amount of attention donald trump especially got in the primary. with that said, mark, looking at the ads, does it really factor in at all at this point? >> reporter: that's a great question. particularly for a lot of political scientists. when they say there's ad parity, it doesn't matter that much. it does matter when one side has a humongous advantage over the other and we see that for the next several months, this general election. less so as time has gone by but let me walk you through some of the states. on our list, you end up having florida, the most ad dollars.
8:48 am
it was a quinnipiac poll that came out this week with hillary clinton up one. this is a tight race. almost every poll has shown that. the number two in ad spending is ohio. you have donald trump up 5 according to this poll. some other polls might show it closer but donald trump is looking better in ohio than the other states. you end up having north carolina. hillary clinton with a 3 point advantage according to the quinnipiac poll from earlier this week and then lastly, let me go into pennsylvania. hillary clinton 4 points. these are the four most important states on tuesday night and donald trump has to run the table with all of them to be able to get to 270, tamron. >> big weekend. a lot of movement and then monday. thank you very much. >> you got it. up next, we'll talk with black voters from florida. we know what this crucial voting block means to hillary clinton's success in that state. what are the numbers showing right now? we'll be right back. my name is barbara and i make dog chow natural. now that i work there, i value the food even more.
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welcome back. we have an update to the breaking news we have been reporting. a jury gave former chris christie allies guilty of all counts involving this trial. msnbc's chief legal correspondent ari melber joins me. you have been collecting information on the jury decision and what it means moving forward. >> this is total victory for the case prosecutors chose to make. there are two aides or people involved with the christie administration guilty on all nine counts according to a jury that deliberated. this is wire fraud, conspiracy and essentially political tricks. that's not the name of the charge. these two individuals concocted and helped execute a scheme to misuse government property. in this case the traffic basically so-called study that
8:53 am
wasn't a study in all the related mechanisms for payback for some sort of illicit activity. what we don't know at the end of the case is everyone asked what about governor christie and what else goes on? we don't know if he was on the list of unindicted coconspira r coconspirators, a term for people the government believes were involved in a crime or conspiracy but it's not charging. bridget kelly in her testimony alleged the government put forward the case. that's what we do know. i will tell you on the jail time. people look at a case like this. nine counts guilty. you would face technically up to 20 years in jail. prosecutors have indicated they are not going to seek anything like that maximum for these individuals. >> well, going back to what bridget ann kelly testified in court. this unidentified coconspirator. does it have the potential to change anything for chris christie? >> not in a court of law as far
8:54 am
as we know. this was all about the evidence. there are a lot of crimes that go unprosecuted. the crimes that are turn on the evidence. you had incriminating e-mails and the prosecutors' closing arguments. talk about e-mails not by chris christie but bridget kelly. time for traffic problems, a line many people in politics and law remember. there is nothing we learned over the course of the lengthy case that would suggest there is additional evidence against chris christie himself. >> let me go to katy tur standing by covering the trump campaign. she's in ohio. chris christie was supposed to be in charge of the transition team for donald trump. what's the reaction from the campaign. he reached out to the campaign. so far i haven't heard back on
8:55 am
what the plans are with chris christie in the future. whether he'll still lead the transition team. he's scheduled to be campaigning for donald trump this weekend in new hampshire and in pennsylvania. it's unclier if that would change if there is evidence that chris christie knew about the lane closures in a con spir toirl way. it is unclear if that will change. chris christie has been one of donald trump's most full throated supporters since he dropped out of the race. he came out. he was one of the first establishment republican elected officials to say i will throw my support behind donald trump. he's been extremely visible since then until the last few months.
8:56 am
it was down to he, newt gingrich and governor pence. donald trump really liked chris christie. there were serious concerns about bridgegate and what could come out. going back to why we saw lower profile from chris christie, was this around the same time the trial started? around when bridget ann kelly testified. is the profile lower after that? >> after he was not chosen by vice president. once bridgegate started. facing a serious allegation after the 2005 audio recording came out. there is a confluence of factors that contributed to chris christie not being as visible on the campaign trail. >> thank you very much. with waiting reaction from the
8:57 am
trump campaign on the jury deciding that key chris christie allies are guilty of the charges involved in the bridgegate scandal. we discussed the early voting numbers in florida. he just got back from florida. really talking to people on the ground. 4.8 million people have voted in florida. 20% listed as other. florida's back vote turn out is down 2% from this time in 2012. what did you learn on the ground could be the reason for this? black voter turn out. florida will be close. so much will hinge on black voter turn out. any other election, this one in
8:58 am
particular has them rattled. let's listen to what some of them had to say. >> i have lived through 14 presidential elections. i am so sad i have discovered something about america that was absolutely nonexistent anymore. this man brought out the worst in good people. i will never forgive the republican party for allowing someone of this character to lead their party. it's heart-breaking. >> people don't adjust well to change. they are not comfortable in the change. they react in different ways, chaotic ways. when president obama came into office he came in during a terrible time. we were so far in debt. the financial market was crashing. he came in and made a lot of change. now people are trying to find things i believe, whatever they can find, little things he may not have done right or may have
8:59 am
could have done differently, but they can't. >> president obama and hillary clinton campaign made the last-minute push into swing states trying to elect identify and excite black voters. he said he'll take it personally as an insult if black voters don't vote for hillary clinton. >> it is an interesting insight. people wonder why hillary clinton didn't hit the birther comment. much or of that. it did ignite reaction as african-american voters saw it dismissing the president of the united states by donald trump. thank you very much. we are out of time. we appreciate that. thank you very much for hanging with us this hour. i will be back here on monday. another big weekend. we know monday began what will be an incredible week in our nation's history. right now, "andrea mitchell reports." thank you, tamron hall. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," a special edition live from hines field in pittsburgh,
9:00 am
home of the steelers. final blitz. two presidential candidates, one former president and the current vice president. four days before election day. goal line stand. hillary clinton in battleground pennsylvania this hour. pressing her closing argument against donald trump. >> he has spent this entire campaign offering a dog whistle to his most hateful supporters. he retweets white supremacists and spreads racially tinged conspiracy theories. >> personal foul. donald trump's first stop today, new hampshire. as he continues to hammer away at clinton. >> -- to be running, you know that. if she were to win it would create an unprecedented constitutional crisis that would cripple the operations of our government


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