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tv   MSNBC Live With Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  November 4, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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i will see you on sunday more nightly news, up next is steve cornacki. >> thanks for that. from the nation's capitol. we are just four days away now from election day. topping the agenda right now. the home stretch is finally here. >> now, let me ask you, are you ready to choose your president and commender in chief. >> we are four days away from the change that you have been waiting for your entire life. >> a lot of volatility and four days away. where does this race stand right now? we'll head over to the big board and we'll break it all down on that road to 270 also on the agenda. does hillary clinton have enemies inside the fbi? new reporting suggesting
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protrump officials leaking information damaging her at the polls. >> question we are asking today, does rudy giuliani and others in the trump campaign know more than they said publicly about all this. we'll talk to our reporters behind this development and bridge gate for two of chris christie's top aids facing charges, the verdict is in. >> a federal jury sitting in the courthouse behind me found br bridget kelly and bill baroni guilty of all counts. >> what does it mean for chris christie? >> we begin with our top story. four days away from the election of hillary clinton trying to hold off donald trump. he's playing a little bit of
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defense as we wrap up the final weak of campaigning. hitting the 270 electoral votes that he needs to become president. donald trump has to sweep the br battleground states and he has to flip one of those blue states. a lot of work for trump to do, he's hitting those battleground states hard today, new hampshire, ohio, pennsylvania, that's just today and trump is keeping up that portion of the final weekend. he will be in florida, in north carolina, nevada -- all of them for donald trump. you can add ohio for that list, the state that won obama twice. >> clinton is playing defense, he's ahead. she's trying to protect that lead and keeping donald trump from making incursions into some of those blue states. that's why we find her in
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pennsylvania and trying to hang onto ohio as president obama carries it here twice. >> here is one nobody saw it coming. hirsch beg michigan. clinton will be in full battleground mode, she will head to a few of those states that trump is hitting. her final pitch is hanging onto all those important electoral vot votes. this is their last chance, they are going negative on the campaign trail today. it is getting personal. >> i think she's an unstable person to start off with. i really do. >> he's strigtriggered happy. >> think what it means to entrust the nuclear codes to someone with a thinned skin who lashes out anyone who challenges him. imagine how easily it could be
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if donald trump feels insulted and start a real war and not a twitter war at 3:00 in the morning. we are heading out, our road warriors, katy tur and kasie hunt, we cannot to take you to the big board. i am not used to this. it is bigger than the one in new york. we want to take you through exactly where this race stands as we hit the home stretch. first of all, take a look at this, we see right now everything that's gray on here and think of this as a toss upstate. if you are donald trump, you can see from numbers and you got a lot of catching up to do. there is been some movements? his direction. new hampshire looks like a toss upstate. that's a change. this looks like a clinton's state. he's gotten good news at polling in utah. it has been in doubt and lets say donald trump was to get utah, that would be a small step
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to 270. again, he has a lot of work to do. first of all, using this map right here, lets put this in perspective and go to our battleground chart. again, we got clinton right now sitting at 268 and you need 270 to win. we got trump further back. hillary clinton with this battleground right here all she needs to do to be elected president is flip one of these states if it is iowa, if she won iowa, boom, she's over 270. if she won nevada, boom, she's over 270. if you are donald trump, that's a steep hill to climb. you got to with this existing battleground, you have to win everything. trump looks to be in a tough spot and in a couple of these. lets say he were to get arizona or georgia or florida, that looks like, you know, clinton has been doing well in the polls. lets say he were to get it and
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these congressional district and one in nebraska and maine and ohio and hinorth carolina. that could be a reach if he does not get north carolina, you would say clinton is over the magic number even though trump does all of that. that takes you the hell mary path that trump's campaign is throwing. even if all of this is breaking their way and they cannot get one of these states, clinton is over. they are looking to a couple of the blue states. we talked about this, michigan in particular, if they can sudden will i turn michigan into a battleground state, it could knock clinton under 270. there is a poll at michigan that had clinton add over two-points. this is the great white whale or
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republicans of the last 30 years. pennsylvania, you see this and donald trump may need to pull out a surprise in one of these blue states because to carry all the battleground states that we show you is really tough. he's probably going to need a surprise in one of these blue states. that's what they are looking for. that's the name of the game. it is a steep hill to climb for donald trump. his campaign says it is critical for them to be competitive. in some of these critical states, they'll have to get new voters. trump will tell you that he's well in his way accomplishing that goal. his basis turning out at unprecedented numbers. >> these lines are a mile long. people have never voted before are coming onto the lines
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wearing trump shirts and hats and buttons. these are people that never voted. these are people who did not give a damn for politics. they never saw anybody that they felt good about. donald trump is expected to speak in a rally in ohio, wilmington, katy tur, on the ground there. we talked earlier this week that the trump campaign felt that they got a big break of the fbi news a week ago today. they felt their challenge was keeping donald trump disciplined and on message this week leading all way up to tuesday. how have they been doing on that front or he has been doing? >> reporter: he's been doing very well. he has been staying on message and not making major headlines or distracted from his campaign. he's dwelling on things that are
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not true. he's talking about cameras not showing his crowd. he has captured to this reporting at fox news that hillary clinton will be indicted and having to do with her foundation, that report has been backed off and the reporter has apologized for it and said he should not have reported it. the campaign is still using it and it plays in the narrative that they want to put forward. that's not true. donald trump for the most part has been sticking to his prompters. what we are seeing across the country are polls tightening in battleground states. i spoke to a couple of new hampshire sources of the internal polls, they show donald trump really chosing the gap with clinton. they are feeling strongly he had a chance in that state now. they are not sure that he's going to win the state. they are feeling hopeful and i can tell you that hillary
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clinton's campaign does seem to be nervous for its part and a schedule to stop for hillary clinton and there is some bernie sanders' fatigue they are worried about. the trump's campaign wants to capitalize that. >> they said two places, undedeclared in new hampshire and folks that have not made up their minds and others, republicans, who said they'll be voting for hillary clinton or frankly not voting at all. they believe they are starting to come home to vote the ticket from top to bottom. the trump campaign was hoping for this to happen so that's why they are hammering home that this idea could be under indictment of the future. >> all right, katy tur, in wilmingt wilmington, ohio. it looks like it might have been
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trump's plane arriving there. >> reporter: press plane. >> katy tur, she does not need to turn and look around, she knows the sound of that. >> katy tur, thank you for that. >> one key group of african-american voters turn out appears to be down. at least compares to the 2012 and 2008 election. hillary clinton is going to be holding a rally in detroit. she will be in cleveland ohio, kasie hunt is in brooklyn. i don't want to say there is panic into the hillary clinton campaign. a lot of the narrative was about could they expand the map or
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reach into the states. here we are talking much more about playing defense in michigan or new hampshire and pennsylvania. >> reporter: the last week of this had turned into a real grind and the way it felt a week or so ago when you were traveling with the clinton's campaign. the latest evidence and totally related to questions. the clinton's plane just landed and john podesta brought up nothing out of the blue and christian estros chris christie -- you can tell there are and they're looking to seize on whatever that's available here in this final week. it is not a stay above the fray close to victory campaign right now. if you are looking at the way they are targeting their final
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stops in ohio, it is going to be about the afrifluenz african-am votes. a lot of those people to vote for donald trump so that changes things around a little bit. michigan, make sure they have high turn out in detroit. that was today was all about. there are some signs that they need to show up. that's what they were doing today. steve. >> kasie hunt, thank you for that. >> shawn, thank you for taking a few minutes. let me ask you about the idea that donald trump making an offensive in the blue states in states that we have been thinking o f blue states, michigan, colorado, pennsylvania and new hampshire. when luke at those states, what
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is the best option for donald trump? >> where are you most optimistic of the last minute flipping a blue state? >> michigan is number one and colorado is a close second. new hampshire, we are continuing to trend a positive direction there. it is for electoral votes and maine, too, which you saw mr. trump the other day, we feel positive in all of that. >> i think the trend in every one of those states are for donald trump and pimike pence, they find themselves in defense in ever expanding way. >> we talk about the blue states. the flip side, we have seen reports that african-americans turn out maybe down in some of the early voting. there are some reports out there
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that latino participation is higher than it has been. that raises the question in a state like arizona for instance or a state like nevada or colorado is that something. when you see reports of high latino turn out, does that raise a flag for you and donald trump having a big deficit of voters and signs maybe they are motivated to participate. i think the idea that we are keeping that in the margin error speaks in the larger election and desires for change out there. when you look at where they are in those early votes, they have to do exceptionally well, they led by 450,000 votes in north carolina alone. they're down, we cut that lead under 1,000 from where they with r in 2012. our early votes urn aring from all of these states are better than it was in 2012.
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theirs is down. they cannot get that obama coalition and again, look at where obama is. he's in north carolina. he's in ohio. they know that they are having a big problem maintaining or getting that obama coalition to turn out for them. it is not going as well as they want it. we are accelerating accelerating -- republicans do so well on election day. >> if you guys are going to win and pick off pennsylvania or colorado again, what are these sort of last minute targets here? we have seen donald trump struggling in a way where we have not seen a republican candidate struggles with white suburbans and suburbs of pennsylvania, very population dense area. no republicans, the advent of modern polling have lost this
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group. could donald trump lose that group of voters? white college educated voters next tuesday and still get elected president? >> absolutely. there is nothing conventional about this cycle. i think donald trump has survived the odds in every level. lets go back to where we were in 2012 to where we are now. those states we keep on talking about, nevada, wisconsin and virginia and florida and new hampshi hampshire, over and over, it is republicans. it is donald trump and mike pence expanding the map going in the states that obama won twice. you noknow you can cherry pick d say he's not doing well but the bottom line is there are more states in play. right now we continue to expand the map and democrats are clearly in defense.
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it is that message of change and putting things back in place within the margins of error and all we need to do is pick off one of them. >> sean spicer with the republican national committee. thanks for your time. >> thank you, you have a great weekend. >> already, yl right, you too. >> where does the race stand? >> clinton's blue wall, is it holding or eroding? >> that's next. by the hollies ♪ oh the fishes will laugh as they swim out of the path ♪ ♪ and the seagulls they'll be smilin' ♪ ♪ and the rocks on the sand ♪ it's so peaceful up here. yeah. [eagle screams] ♪ that the whole wide world is watchin'... ♪ introducing the new turbocharged golf alltrack with 4motion® all-wheel drive. soon to be everywhere.
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we have never seen a situation in which folks are denouncing the person who's
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nominating their party leader and it is because donald trump is uniquely unqualified to be president. [ cheers ] [ applause ] >> he's temperamentally unfit to be president. >> president obama in north carolina trying to help clinton seal the deal that may decides our next president. joining me now onset is our washington post colleague, our eugene robinson and our susan paige. it seems like everyday he's giving a major speech and there he is in the all important state of north carolina. this election means a lot to him as it seems. >> it means a lot to him. it means the preservation of his legacy and that's important to him and in terms of who you want on the campaign trail, i mean, you know, he's the best person
1:23 pm
of the country at bat. he's out there and seems to be having a good time. >> his polls number ha numbers p this year. well, the republicans stop attacking him everyday and started attacking hillary clinton everyday. does that rub off on clinton in the election? >> you know it is one of the most important factors for a candidate running for president when their parties own the white house is what is the popularity of the president. this is a huge asset for hillary clinton. this is the most active campaigning by a president and the first lady that we have ever seen in modern times. their interests intersect and they get along with each other. he wants her to get i elected. that all adds up to a big asset for hillary clinton. when you look at this last couple of days, you can see the advantage he has for all the big
1:24 pm
names, surrogates she had out there from barack obama to beyon beyonce. >> yeah. >> she sort of spread out into all of the states she needs to win. >> lets talk about that. the states where she's in her campaign were not a week ago where we would have have thought the campaign is running up. out in michigan now and that blue wall now, how solid is that right now? >> most of those states are tighten. i don't think clinton's campaign is frankly in a panic or anything like that. and you got these big surrogates
1:25 pm
and you deploy them. >> it was two weeks ago and lets blow them out and now lets make sure we win this thing. >> there are polls showing some red states are in play. there is a poll showing that georgia was in play which was kind of surprising. i do think there is something of a shift. i think it is not lets pour it on or really crush him. i think it is what's win. >> i think definitely we have seen a change. new hampshire is a good example. they thought new hampshire was put away. new hampshire is a toss. >> not that they think they're going to lose michigan. it is closer at the press this morning at 4-point. >> and a bigger margins for obama in 2008. they're making sure that michigan does not slip away. >> this is wondering if we are in a surprise that cuts both ways on election night. there are states like michigan that we were not talking about.
1:26 pm
and colorado, we are looking at nail biters and stays like georgia and arizona, the map, maybe just overall, the map changes in a way we have not seen in a while. >> i think one factor of the clinton campaign is doing is the margin in the states, if there is a senate seat and she will wins it by two-points. she may not have brought out enough democrats to bring along a candidate who's challenging and that's one factor. >> if we have surprises like that, it reflects larger changes and if michigan goes republican. that maybe a side that the republican party is more attract activity activity -- latinos also had low turn out rates. if it is higher this year and
1:27 pm
some signs. that's an important thing to look at and not just this electio election. can donald trump stay disciplined until tuesday or are we going to get a 3:00 a.m. rant? >> what are you hoping for? >> maybe they'll keep it until the election. >> it has been a record of no notable tweeting. >> eugene robinson and suzanne paige. up next, james comey under fire over the agency handling the clinton's investigation. deep divisions in the agency, are people in the fbi purposely leaking information to influence the election, a reporter who has been on the story joins me next. ♪ one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching
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. welcome back, time now to check our headlines for the
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hour. donald trump is rallying in ohio. trump continues on attacks on hillary over her e-mail scandals. all she had to do was follow ed the rules. clinton is on her way to michigan after a rally in pennsylvania. she's telling supporters what life would be like under trump's candidacy. >> federal judge in ohio is issuing a temporary restraining order against donald trump's campaign and against the operative barring them from harassing and intimidating for ohio. this as the republican/democrat p party arguing.
1:32 pm
the economy is still recovering. the unemployment rate right now stands at 4.9% of an estimated of 5 million people, 5 million people gathering in downtown chicago today. they are celebrating the cubs' world series. the first one in 108 years for that long suffering franchise, players riding through the streets in opened roof buses to a victory celebrating grant park. what a day out there. this is just coming in in the last few hours. governor christie is now reacting to the verdict of two of his former top allies in hits charge. >> his two aids were found guilty. his statement of i had no
1:33 pm
knowledge prior to this. wnbc's reporter, brian thomason, has been covering this trial. lets go through the headline here, you got bridget kelly and baroni both found guilty today on all counts. take us through what it means. >> they could face more than 100 years in prison for each of them. it boils down to this. that the jour ari -- only two people could have been improving. >> right of the approach to the gw bridge of the school bus stuck and ambulances stuck and
1:34 pm
police cars stuck. it was an awful week. listen to the attorneys. we had some sound of them and once you hear what the attorneys up for the two departments for kelly and baroni of what they had to say this afternoon. >> one of the things that the u.s. attorney's office should be ashamed of is where they decided to draw the line on who to charge and who not to charge. to come out so proudly and waive around indictments and everybody got to make statements, slapping each other on the back, they should have had believes in their own case to charge powerful people and they did not. >> we feel strongly at the end of the day the issue that we raised are substantial and i think issues in my mind, we raised and felt at the time will affect the outcome of the trial, that's our position then and our position now.
1:35 pm
>> reporter: powerful people, that was baroni's first lawyer. baroni's attorney talking about powerful people. governor christie he had more to a statement than you read there. he said, i will set the record straight in the coming days regarding the lies that were told by the media and in the courtroom. we are not sure of what they are at this point. you have three people saying that governor christie was told about it before or during the lane closures and three still closed allies to him saying he was told about a month before he finally said he found out about the lane closures. that's an interesting situation. one further development right now, steve, and that's that the cocha cochairman of the committee wants his committee to get back together and subpoena the governor and let them testify under oath of what he knew and
1:36 pm
when he knew it. interesting development out there. brian thomason. thank you for that report. it was a week ago this friday from james comey that his bureau is looking into newly discovered e-mails that's linked to clinton. those close to the trump's campaign may have had a heads up. in fact, rudy giuliani , hinted that something was coming that day. >> there will be something you will hear the next few days. i am talking about some big surprise. >> oh yeah, i heard you said that this morning, bwhat did yo mean? >> you will see. >> you are lucky because we got to go, i am out of time. >> we are not -- we are not going to go down and certainly not stop fighting. we got a couple things up our
1:37 pm
sleeves that should turn this around. >> in this video was from last wednesday that was former new york senator, rudy giuliani , a prominent trump's supporter. that was two days before the bomb shell announcement from the fbi. >> rosalind wrote about this, she joins us right now. thank you for joining us. lets start with the rudy giuliani 's clip that he said. he said that nine days ago and not many people noticed, that clip has gotten a lot of attention since friday. it is hard to watch than to say rudy giuliani did not have some idea of what was coming on friday. what did we know about him? >> he has said and in the trump campaign has said that he did not have advance knowledge and
1:38 pm
he was playing with the clinton's campaign. he acknowledged and said it before on television and this week, he's talking to former agents who are part of the fbi community and reflecting the internal displeasure which we do know has existed at the fbi over how the clinton investigations were handled. he's claiming that he was channelling that. there are some questions there and you can see democrats are calling the general investigation into fbi loops including to rudy giuliani . >> you got and explain this a little bit more. >> you got two factions into the fbi. one where they want to go g gung-ho and maybe more. where does comey fit in that divide? >> my understanding is right in the middle. you got this aligned agents largely based in the fbi who had been working on this parallel in
1:39 pm
query to the e-mail investigation looking into the clinton's foundation. they have done some work. you know, there are some reporting in the wall street journal that they had some secret recording of some suspects and witnesses and other investigations that have been going. the department of justice and career's attorney didn't think there was much there and didn't want to move forward. our understanding is that fbi leadership has been largely on the side of the doj folks, they are stuck in the middle. in terms of the announcement coming out last friday, is that a product, is there an indication that comey felt like, oh, one of this side will put it to the press if they don't do it my way. >> our best understanding is that he felt an obligation to do
1:40 pm
this. he's the integrity of the fbi and his own personal integrity. he's gone before congress and said that the clinton easter 's investigation was over. he felt that since something was changing, he authorized a search warrant to look at those e-mails that he was obligated to update congress. if he were to do this secretly, it would looked like a cover up. thank you. this is something you are not going to want to mississip, rud giuliani , at 7:00 on "hardball," all sorts of questions about that clip right now. rudy giuliani on with chris matthew at 7:00. our most important number of the day, some are calling the sleeping giant in this election.
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and you are right, the latinos have been energetic and powerful. i saw statistics this morning over in florida, over 145,000 have voted who have never voted before. when you see that kind of energy, we feel good about. >> tim kaine, hillary clinton's running mate talking to nbc about the importance of the latinos vote. that brings us to the porpt number of the day. this has to do with the role of latino votes on tuesday and how it could shake up the electoral map in some very unusual way. we say four, what do we mean by that?
1:45 pm
what we are seeing when we see the number four, take the state of florida, look at the latino vote at this point, four years ago, latinos are counted for 10% of that early vote casted in florida. jump ahead four years later of a four point jump. it is up to 14%. significantly higher this time around. there is a flip side to this. you are seeing a drop off in the black vote. it was 13% of the electoral in florida four years ago down to 11. there maybe some report that this is the dynamic we are seeing. enthusiasm in black voters, remember they turned out in overwhelming numbers for barack obama. >> at the same time, participation for latino voters maybe up. if that's ad dynamic that we se
1:46 pm
could shake up the electoral map in an unusual way. >> now, black voters is very important in florida. if hillary clinton takes a hit with lower black turn out, she could make up for it with higher latinos turn out. when you talk about higher latino turn out, you could be looking at arizona and nevada really helping the clinton campaign in those states. clinton could get a boost from the dynamic we are talking about in these states. here is the flip side of that, if we are talking about lower enthusiasm from black voters, that could help donald trump in a couple of states. we are talking about ohio and not nearly as significant as latinos population. if black vote participation is going down, that could be an advantage for donald trump and it could help donald trump in michigan. again, a state with a significant black population but the latino population, latino vote is not nearly that high
1:47 pm
there. look for it to be a potential boost for donald trump. the flip side if you are seeing higher latino turn out, that's a boost for clinton and add all that together, we say it could be looking at a potential shake up in this map. if you do on tuesday, that maybe one of the reasons. that's the most important number. it is the number four, there it is, coming up, we'll go back out to the field to arizona, the state we were just talking about and georgia as well. four days before election day. msnbc will be all over, special coverage all weekend long, joy reid is going to kick things off tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. all leading to wall to wall coverage starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern on tuesday and we'll go all the way through until we have a president elected. by the hollies ♪ oh the fishes will laugh as they swim out of the path ♪ ♪ and the seagulls they'll be smilin' ♪
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teachers, firefighters and nurss support prop 51. prop 51 repairs older schools and removes dangerous lead paint and pipes ensuring classrooms are safe for all students. for safe schools vote yes on 51. looking live at donald trump, he's delivering his speech now in wilmington, ohio, that's down near cincinnati. >> the republican has done well. donald trump is going to have to do well on tuesday which is a must-win state for him. later on today, he will be in pennsylvania. that's not quite a must-win state. given his campaign and the situation, they would benefit if they could flip a blue state.
1:52 pm
meanwhile, while trump speaks, tim kaine , is expected to campaign in florida. that could lock up the election for clinton if she won that one. the clinton campaign is hoping to ravel the latinos. tim kaine is completely fluent, he gave a speech yesterday complete in spanish. >> mariana is joining us now. >> reporter: he gave an historic spanish speech. i asked senator tim kaine whether black turn out is a concern for our campaign and this is what he toll us. >> it has started slow.
1:53 pm
certainly, wie are worried a bt that. while we are seeing the participation in some areas started a little slow is picking up. >> reporter: the clinton campaign is hoping to compensate with an update in latino voters and first time voter like stefanie rodriguez here, you are the only one in your family that could vote. >> yes, i cast my vote already for the issue of immigration because my parents is undocumented. as soon as my ballot arrived at home, here it is, stefanie, you can do it. >> reporter: voters turning out for hillary clinton here. she's down in the state five points by five points. >> mariana atencia right now.
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. in georgia voters have a few hours to vote if they want to do it early. now, about 2 million goergians,
1:58 pm
our polls showing hillary clinton and donald trump in a statistical tie. this has been a red state. our chris jansing is in decatur with more, what's the scene. >> reporter: hey, steve, they are looking at must remembnumbe could match 2008. this line has not stopped all day long. boo i the time it is over, they could have 5,000 people just here in this polling place, 20,000 throughout dekalb county, why is that important? >> for hillary clinton, it is critically important. it is a county that's 57% african-americans. there is been a big shift here, take a look at the numbers of white voters in georgia overall and you will see that it is gone from 67% to 59% and just over 56% now. i was talking to the mayor reid,
1:59 pm
he said this race is too close to call. >> it is going to be either way. >> the differences are going to be the same turn out and not letting up the next four days. as know chris, if he loses here, he has no chance to be the president of the united states. people talk about voting is a sporting event or a concert. i tried to vote and the line is too long, i want time off to vote. i have not seen the campaign where people were walking around having conversations about voting the way that they have been doing lately. >> reporter: at henry and wyanott county, those are areas where hispanic votes have gone up. not as significant right now as the african-american vote but for hillary clinton, i spoke with someone in the trump's campaign, they say they are not worried about georgia, the polls tell a different story.
2:00 pm
steve. >> chris jansing in georgia. last time that state went for a democrat is 1992. that's going do do it for this hour. do not forget to set your clock back this sunday and get an extra hour of sleep or campaigning, daylight saving time, i will be here live at 4:00 p.m. and special coverage leading onto the big day. coming up next, mtp daily starts now. >> yes, it is friday, we are in the final count down whether you want to make america great again or be stronger together, this is it. >> tonight it is all about that bass. >> i approved this message. >> i approved this message. >> why the up beet report could be bad news for hillary clinton >> our


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