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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the urgent need for criminal justice reform. >> so a rally in pennsylvania last night, donald trump shared his take on hillary clinton's powerhouse endorsements. >> i heard we set a new record for this building. by the way, i didn't have to bring j.lo or jay-z, the only way she gets anybody. we are going to have a better relationship with most of these countries. and the reason is they don't respect us, and they don't respect obama, and he's like a cheerleader, jumping up and down all over the place for hillary, he shouldn't be doing that. he shouldn't be with her. he should be working. >> president obama was in north carolina yesterday for the second time this week, and while he was there he sat down with our colleague here at msnbc, the reverend al sharpton, and he drove home the point the power of each vote. >> i won north carolina in '08
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by two votes per precinct, and so this notion that your vote doesn't count, the fact of the matter is you might be one of those two votes that changes the direction of american history. >> so we have just three days to go and reporters covering every angle of the campaign trail. they are in battleground states keeping an eye on voting, and we begin with peter alexander in tampa with donald trump. peter, what is trump hoping to do with the last few stops? >> reporter: good morning to you. ten stops in eight states in the last 72 hours, and wisconsin, a state the democrats have won every year since 1984, and trump has to pick-off one of those democratic-leaning states, and right now he is trying to
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capitalize on a last-minute surge. music's queen, beyonce, with a surprise appearance. >> look how far we have come. >> and jay-z hoping to elect the first woman president. >> with your help a glass ceiling to crack once and for all. clinton energizing her base. donald trump's strategy decidedly different. >> when we win on november 8th, we are going to drain the swamp. >> reporter: a ruckus rally in pennsylvania, even taking a look at hillary clinton.
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trying to get a turnout among white working class voters. >> the clinton administration will stop the jobs. >> and president obama rallied supporters in north carolina, a state that could determine his successor, criticizing trump's comment as disqualifying. >> imagine in 2008 if i said any of the things that this man said. >> trump is slinging it back at the president, misrepresenting his treatment of a protester. >> he spent so much time screaming at this protester, and frankly it was a disgrace. >> in fact the president defend the the protester's righted to speak and urging the crowd to respect the man. >> i told you to be focused and you are not focused right now. >> and the company that owns the "national enquirer," a backer of donald trump, agreed to pay $150,000 to a former "playboy"
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model for her affair with the nominee, and then didn't publish it, and they said the claim of an affair is soelgtsly untrue. you have hillary clinton who is campaigning with star power, and donald trump campaigning solo, and about this get out the vote effort for the clinton campaign in cleveland, in order to get the tickets to see the jay-z concert, you had to go to the election site, and that's the only place you could get the tickets. >> i know beyonce tickets are never easy to get, and peter, let's talk about the specific travel schedule for trump. does this demonstrate the states that they must win, and that's
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why they are spending precious time, the last moments of the campaign in these states? >> they are going to a lot of states. what it tells you as much as anything, he is literally all over the map and the campaign is trying to sort out what his path to the votes are right now, and they are seeing an erosion of hillary clinton's numbers and positive gains for trump in new mexico, and nevada, and specifically in michigan. and nonetheless, donald trump has to turn some of these states right now, and the question is is there enough time for this growth to continue to put him over the top. >> thank you, very much. peter alexander there with donald trump. and let's bring in kasie hunt who is covering the clinton campaign, and not far from peter but over in miami, and we have her running mate, tim kaine in florida, and donald trump is canvassing the state as well. explain the data we have for
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just how tight it is for the sunshine state. >> reporter: we have a lot of early voting here in florida, and more than 5 million people have voted early and there's a slight advantage for republicans, more republicans have voted early than democrats, but i will tell you if you dig down into the numbers a little bit, the democrats i have talked to feel like the hispanic surge in florida is real, particularly in areas like in orlando where there's puerto rican voters, and southeast florida, there's a lot of latinas, and cuban americans sometimes vote republican, but there are signs that have democrats a little more optim t optimist optimistic, but donald trump does not have a path to victory without winning here if florida, and hillary clinton could -- she's got more paths available to her if she does, in fact, lose here, and the number of days we spent here in the last
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couple of weeks, this will be her final stop in the miami area, and it's just up the road from where we are right now, and then she's heading off to philadelphia where she will do a concert with katy perry, and then polls tightend, a last-minute edition to her itinerary, and then she will have her and her husband and both president and mrs. obama. >> kasie hunt in florida for us. thank you very much. i want to add to our coverization a. political reporter for the "washington post," and a political editor, and beth, let me start with you. when we look at the stops, the map for both teams, is that really the closing argument description right there, these states are what they need for both their paths? >> as we know, secretary clinton has a much bigger list of states
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to choose from, and it's tighter for donald trump, so it's strange he is hop scotching the way he is. the states they need just to begin with are florida, ohio, pennsylvania, and why he is not staying in those states and digging down and drilling down to get the votes out in those really big states that would make the difference to him is a little unclear. at the same time, even if he gets all of what are the traditional battle grounds, he doesn't get to 270 electoral votes so the next thing he would have to pick-off a blue state like michigan. >> when we look at that, trump is going to visit wisconsin, colorado, and trump wants to toss everything at the wall it can. >> they are probably focusing more broadly than they should be at this point in time. they do need to win blue states, but what we have seen in polling over the past couple of weeks is
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a general trend towards donald trump, and so the idea that the trump campaign has here, they are going to be able to make a difference in michigan or pennsylvania simply by the fact that the polls narrowed there, and they will make one last hit and it relies on a effort, a get out the vote effort they do not have, and it seems like a misread of what is going to happen. >> when we look at the abc news washington post tracking poll, it looks like clinton leads trump. when we think about the blue foretruss for hillary clinton, and we think about the states donald trump needs to sweep, and you mentioned those, it's ohio and florida and carry north carolina, right? >> right. >> and the al tkpwau rhythm for
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him,. >> this has been a problem for donald trump. there's certainly tightening in the polls and looks like republicans rallied around him, and that doesn't get you over the top and you need to bring in additional people to vote for you, and that's what we have not seen yet, we have not seen him making that progress into blue states where he can peel off a state where mitt romney did not get and get to 270. >> we did not have a big dump yesterday, and so friday has really -- fridays have been ep particular leading up to this, but we had the "national enquirer," investing in a story about an alleged affair for
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trump, and also an issue with, you know, more hillary clinton stuff, and this having to do with the qatar donations. at this point, are these really bomb shells or are they ripples? people are so just, numb. >> what this can do, if it can do, and i am skeptical people will do anything, and what it can do, if you are a trump voter who is sort of iffy on if you are going to go and vote on tuesday, this is the thing where i have to vote against hillary clinton because of what happened in qatar, but i don't know, and so many people have already voted, and the early voter turnout will be higher this year than any other year in the past, and that was anticipated beforehand and that's what we
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are seeing, and i don't know if this makes any difference. >> here's what i hope by wednesday, we start to get the cover of folks saying i voted this way, because i am excited about this vote, not a hate vote against the other person, and we are not trying to define ourselves by trying to thwart somebody else on all the negativity. i don't know if there's enough soap to get off all the mud, but that's just my opinion. thank you both. a programming note, we invite you to watch our special weekend coverage that begins at 6:00 p.m. eastern, and then on tuesday, watch msnbc for wall to wall coverage of the historic 2016 election beginning at 9:00 a.m. eastern. by your soaps early. condemning donald trump but still supporting him? what would it take for congresswoman marcia blackburn to change her mind?
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at this point, i don't think anything. but she will be our next guest, and i will have that opportunity. [ keyboard typing ]
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♪ >> i'm here all by myself. i am here all by myself. just me. no guitar. no piano. no nothing. >> so no, we have not heard him sing or perform on a musical instrument yet, but who knows. trump has been talented thus far that has taken him all the way, and taking a little dig at hillary clinton who in the recent days have had celebrity
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concerts with jennifer lopez and beyonce and jay-z. and congressman, a supporters of donald trump. you heard donald trump poking a little fun at campaign, saying that's how she gets folks to come and see her. >> maybe i should loan him my piano or guitar and have him pick a tune. >> we have seen a lot of talents from donald trump that has gotten him this far, and who knows where those musical talents could go, but do you think because there has been a fracture within a republican that some have been slow to come home, and that's why donald trump has to carry this alone? the onus has been on him all along? >> i think it's more about style and how individuals approach, and hillary clinton has wanted lots of endorsers around her,
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and donald trump has been very clear in saying, this is a movement. one of the things, thomas, i think is so significant about this, the democrats have really kept their focus on we need the power to keep changes washington, d.c. in the manner that the president wanted to change washington, more government control. what you see in the movement with donald trump is, look, the gop is now the great opportunity party. we are here to put the focus on you, the individual. so it's a devilution of power, and personally i think that's a good thing, send the power back to the states and back to individuals, and send back the money, and send back the responsibility, and have a smaller centralized federal government, and when you really kind of pull back everything and
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get to the crux of it, hillary is for status quo and a stronger central government in washington, d.c. with more bureaucratic power, and donald trump is for more individual responsibility, and sending that power and money back to the people, back to the states, back to local governments. >> we have not been able to hear a lot of the policy -- congressman, we have not been able to hear enough policy positions of donald trump, really, a deep dive, because there seems to be a different type of tweet or scandal that comes to the surface. i know you have been forceful in your condemnation of trump's language about women, and you were unhappy about that but you also said it would not stop you for voting for him over hillary clinton. >> that's right. >> how do you find yourself within that position? is it because you believe in donald trump so much or because you dislike hillary clinton so
6:20 am
much? >> how about neither of those. i do believe -- i do believe in donald trump, and i believe in what he has brought forward. i am very concerned about what hillary clinton has done or will do. thomas, as you are aware, i started the investigation of the clinton foundation in april 2015, 69 of my colleagues joined me on a letter, and there was 70 of us writing to the irs to enquire about that tax exempt status. my home state, tennessee, was unfortunately the state that was the test case for hillary care in the mid-'90s. it nearly bankrupted our state. it was called tin care and it became 35.3% of the state budget. you are right, and i am one of those where i say let's debate
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the policies. obamacare is emploweding and we know it's going to emplowimplod. if you want to see what is going to happen with obamacare and the path hillary will try to travel, go and look at what happened in tennessee. should we be talking about our nation's security, and how we support our men and women? >> but you want the repeal and replace language of mitt romney, and so you want to see 20 million people become uninsured without any definition by donald trump of what a replacement means? >> i want to see all americans have access to affordable health care and there's a way to do it. and republicans have put forward
6:22 am
that plan, and we have -- and i will give you a couple of specifics. number one, if you want to get the cost of insurance down, which right now the cost is going through the roof, and arizona, 116%, tennessee, 63%, and north carolina 56% increases in those insurance rates. now the reason that is happening is because of all the mandates. the way you get the cost down is across state line purchase of health insurance. that's legislation i worked on first seven years ago. i have written this, and we have worked it through, and this would open up the health insurance marketplace on a nationwide basis. >> but, do you want donald trump to return power to the states, and now -- >> that's right. >> but now you are saying there needs to be legislation that
6:23 am
would be federal legislation that -- >> no, no, no. it's federal -- you are talking
6:24 am
about national plans. that's not what i'm talking about. i'm talking about an open insurance marketplace where you, the consumer, can go and purchase whatever you want from whomever you want, and the department of insurance in the state of domicile of that insurance company and also the state of domicile of the purchaser would have the ability to participate in those consumer protections. thomas, that's how you get the cost down. you expand health savings accounts. >> yeah, talking about bigger competition. >> that's right. you have more competition, and you also get rid of the exsize tax. you call it the across state line purchase of health insurance, and of course netwo expand and you are going to see your access expand. one of the problems we have now with obamacare is that the networks are very narrow, and the options for purchase are very narrow in tennessee, and the blues have dropped out of memphis, nashville, and knoxville. so you have a very narrow network situation which means you have limited access. >> congresswoman, we will have to leave it there, and i know it's fascinating because we could talk for hours. >> yes, we could. >> and we need to see what we can do to make health care affordable for all men's. >> thank you. winning the battleground state of north carolina, both candidates having a strategy to do it and they are working through the precious time they have left to make it a reality, but there's a lawsuit out there
6:25 am
that many say will protect african-americans when they vote in north carolina, so what was the precipice that got us to this point? that's after this.
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♪ ♪ hi, everybody. welcome back. i am thomas roberts at new york msnbc world headquarters. early voting is wrapping up across the country. 36 million people already casts votes, and 17 million of those in battleground states. speaking of ohio, joe lean kent is out there for us. what is driving folks in this election for the candidate they approve of? >> reporter: it's about the economy and jobs, and we are in
6:29 am
lorraine county, where we are interviewing those who support trump and hillary. thank you for being here with us. why is the number one issue jobs and the economy here? >> we have taken a big hit in the city of lorraine and in other cities throughout the county. lorraine is the biggest city. it's a democratic bass chin all our lives. my dad was an immigrant from mexico and they came back in the '20s to work in the steel mill. at one point in the 60s, we had over 12,000 men and women working in the steel plant. today that steel plant is closed. it would have been unthinkable in my dad's generation that it would ever be closed. >> reporter: tell me why, then, are you supporting donald trump? i know you have been a republican for a long time, but
6:30 am
hillary clinton also putting forth a plan for infrastructure and investment. why trump? >> i was a rubio delegate nominee for the primary, and obviously he did not make it and as a member of the leadership of the party, i feel it was a fair primary in which one man came out ahead. >> reporter: so trump is your guy. >> we're backing trump all the way. >> reporter: all right. they believe at this time it may move closer to a republican vote, but historically the last four elections it was democrat. >> and morgan radford is in charlotte for us. how is the overall early voting going, and i see you walking along the folks there that are patiently waiting in line. >> reporter: you can see hundreds, and the line is around the block here and leading into the streets and hundreds of
6:31 am
people turning out to early vote and the polls open here at 9:00 a.m., and the day is the last day across the straight to early vote and it ends at 1:00 p.m., and we are standing in the heart in charlotte, forecast, and it's a blue dot in a sea of red. i want to talk to a young voter, and we can walk together, and what are the issues that are important for a north carolina voter here? >> some of the issues, like the top one would be voter fraud, because i have been hearing a lot of that around the united states, and there has been instances of voter fraud, people that were, like, deceased being registered as voting particularly for democrats for some reason. >> reporter: that's been an issue that we have seen happen throughout. thomas, people have been concerned about voter fraud, about election rigging in north carolina, especially among the swing states. take a listen to what some of the other people here in line told me this morning.
6:32 am
thomas, it sounds like they don't have that just yet, but we will stay here today and continue talking to voters. again, this is a big day here in north carolina. it's one of the swing states, and especially donald trump mentioned he needs to win as his path to victory, and if he doesn't win, but if he wins ohio, florida, and the states he has outlined on the most important in his path to the white house, if he doesn't get north carolina it's not likely he gets the 270 votes. >> we see the line behind you, and how close are you from the front door for folks to get in the front door? >> reporter: if you look right here, it's all the way around here, and that's where you see -- i know, it's bananas. and young people have come out, and there was a young girl about 10 years old, and see saw us on your show last hour, and people are coming out to vote and talk
6:33 am
to you, thomas. >> that's great. a beautiful day in north carolina for you. coming up next, a new report that claims white nationalist claim to suppress the black vote, and we'll talk about that coming up. [ keyboard typing ]
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ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search and get free carfax reports at the all-new let's take you to pennsylvania, and talk about a transit strike in philadelphia that threatens to up end the vote in a critical swing state. joining me is the editorial page editor of the "philadelphia enqui enquirer." let's talk about the strike and how much impact could it have on election day? >> we are not sure. maybe not as much as people are anticipating, and there's a strong democratic party interested in
6:37 am
sure no fraud occurs, and you know, we know what they need to do is have an intimidating presence that might discourage people from voting. but there's a lot of rumors out there right now. >> explain why pennsylvania is such a concern when it comes to the integrity of the vote and that there is not a backup system. >> well, there's not really a good explanation for these accusations.
6:38 am
you know, pennsylvania, they were one of the states where voter id was proposed and passed by the legislature and challenged in quachallenge ed in court, and there is some concern, as there is across the america with the integrity of voting machines themselves, and pennsylvania has a good track record in that regard, and these are things that are being brought out to sort of disrupt the voting process, and let's be frank, to support one particular candidate who does not expect to do well in pennsylvania and not in urban areas like philadelphia and pittsburgh. >> after this election, though, to take away of those types of suspicions or mischaracterizations of the integrity of the pennsylvania vote, does something need to be done to enhance how secure peoples' votes really are? >> i think that's something that we have to look at across
6:39 am
america. i think it would be with the hacking that has occurred alleged to be done by the russians, and we know the voting process is vulnerable because it's electronic voting, and that's something not just in pennsylvania but across america, and i think pennsylvania would look good going forward, and we are looking forward and the race has tightend and hillary clinton is still comfortably ahead here. >> in pennsylvania you are getting a lot of love from trump and clinton, and clinton is returning to pennsylvania on monday night with the president and first lady and biden will
6:40 am
also be there, and so it's the place to be. it was over the summer and will be again on monday night. >> yeah, there's going to be a big preelection rally with a lot of stars there to get out the vote, and we are expecting a lot of people to turn out and we will see how that carries over into election day. >> yes, and whether or not we wind up in pennsylvania come wednesday or any legal issues that are borne out of tuesday. >> thank you, thomas, for having me on. >> absolutely. so getting out the vote in the last few days, we know hillary clinton is holding a big event in philadelphia come monday night, but what is being done other than that to energize black voters? you will hear from some florida voters about that, what is most important to them next. at the top of the hour, you will hear from the democrat that is trying to take marco rubio senate seat in florida. everything you buy, not just airline purchases. seriously, think of all the things you buy. this why you asked me to coffee?
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well yeah... but also to catch-up. what's in your wallet?
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the search for relief often leads here.s, introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy. let's get you back out there in the battleground state of florida, and my colleague spoke
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to voters in palm beach county on donald trump. here's part of that conversation. >> do you think we are missing a opportunity with donald trump, and i am not being facetious at all. who gives you the best chance moving forward to heal the wounds going forward, and is that donald trump or hillary clinton? >> i was waiting for this. when we talk about qualifications, hillary clinton has a long resume, a long history of being involved in policy change. she has a long background in politics and has a background, whether we want to admit it or not, she has been effective and a lot of legislation she backed, and i have heard donald trump's statement saying that we are getting shot when we walk out of our doors and our schools are no good and he has black friends in chicago that he is talking to, and my question is, what is his
6:45 am
plan? how is he going to transform the ghetto into suburbia within four to eight years, and i don't know what the plan is. as soon as i hear a plan with a tangible end goal, i don't know if i am completely sold on his method of making our community safer. >> coming up in later hours today, we will hear more from those voters separate donald tr hillary clinton come election day. so what is the one thing? you'll find out after this. as they swim out of the path ♪ ♪ and the seagulls they'll be smilin ♪ ♪ and the rocks on the sand... ♪ it's so peaceful up here. yeah. [ eagle screech ]
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all right. let's dig into the polling. hillary clinton leads donald trump by four points. 47% to 43%. the latest national poll fox news poll shows clinton ahead of
6:49 am
donald trump by two points. that's within the margin of error. joining me now is david, director of the political research center at politico university. steve, let me start with you. you talked to democratic strategists say one factor will take clinton over the top. explain that one factor and what do they say about it? >> well, look, the polling that we've seen has tightened significantly, and has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride over the past, you know, last two weeks or so. one of the things we're seeing, especially in the states that have significant early voting and absentee voting is dmoistro democratic turn out. you saw last night in nevada a precinct with a large number of hispanic voters was kept open until 10:00 p.m. because there were so voters in long. democrats feel strongly and where they are now. tuesday you're seeing hillary
6:50 am
clinton. you mentioned she's going to be in philadelphia right before the election. philadelphia doesn't have early voting and absentee voting. they are worried about the states that don't have that. that's why hillary clinton when you look at her travel schedule, she's going to states that don't have the early votings. >> it's about the ground game for team clinton. i want to talk about state polls. new hampshire and clinton and trump with a tie. georgia trump up by two points. arizona he's up by around five. what is happening here? is there an expectations that any of that can change in the next 72 hours? >> well, it's a shifting the map. obviously in new hampshire everyone from the pollsters to t the aggregators a blue state. it may end up a blue state. our poll had it 42/42. most of the polling released on thursday with our poll, we partners with the boston globe had it even. that was a wholesale shift and a shocker around the world in
6:51 am
terms of the granite state once again being ab important piece of this. especially if florida or north carolina don't work out for hillary clinton. she needs to fall back on states like pennsylvania or new hampshire. >> and if florida and north carolina do not come through for clinton, steve, do you think that's the effect of the fbi cloud? >> it's difficult to say. you know, things certainly tightened over the past weekend in the immediate week of that later. you mentioned the abc news "washington post" poll that has been moving forward hillary clinton. we'll get the next wave from last night's interviews coming today. we're seeing the effect of that wear off a little bit. the reality is the race was tightening prior to that letter and you saw that even going into that hillary clinton's lead was two points in the abc news "washington post" poll before the fbi letter. now it's four. i think the effects might be wearing off and the race seems to be returning to a stable, natural resting place with hillary clinton slightly though not safely ahead because of the large number of undecided voters
6:52 am
and voters that prefer third-party candidates. >> do you think election night is going to be a long night or know pretty early? >> if hillary clinton wins florida or north carolina, it's over. it will be an early night. if she doesn't, then it could be a long night. there isn't a lot of polling data available on the comey impact. and we asked the question in the new hampshire survey, 49% of voters said it made them less likely to vote for hillary clinton. when you looked at independents it was 52%. when you look at third party and undecided voters was 58%. i think nationally i think you're right. you know, there might be a settling period in the national polls but regionally you've got a lot of amped up advertising. it might be a little bit different. >> we'll have better data after tuesday. thank you so much. thanks at home for you for watching. i'm thomas roberts. new questions about the fbi's involvement in this presidential race.
6:53 am
joy reid will cover that.
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a couple of days before this broke you were on with martha mccallum and said "look out something is coming down." it did. what did you know? a lot of other networks are pointing that out. >> i'm not part of it at all.
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