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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 5, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. on your marks, get set, go! with just three days left, every move matters and every second counts. we are coming to you today live from wilmington, north carolina, at the battleship "north carolina" to be exact. a battleship in a battleground state. donald trump in his second rally of the day, another airport hangar here at wilmington.
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after that he goes west, reno, nevada, then denver, colorado. midnight tonight, trump will have been to four states in three time zones. hillary clinton is busy focusing on two crucial battlegrounds. she just wrapped up a rally in southeast florida where she only spoke for about seven minutes because a huge rain storm led to a wild scene. tonight she'll be in philadelphia with katy perry. >> in three days, we are going to win the great state of florida, and we are going to win back the white house. some of the polls are good. i only really acknowledge them if i'm winning. and by the way, we're winning in a lot of polls. a lot of polls. we're doing great in texas, but we're doing great in new hampshire. we're doing great in iowa. we're doing great in ohio. doing phenomenally well in north
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carolina. i think we're going to win pennsylvania. >> the candidates and their surrogates fanned out across the country, and so has our political team. they are sleep-deprived, worn out and sick of fast food but doing it to bring you every angle of this campaign from candidates to voters. first i want to start with nbc's jacob rascon also here in wilmington. we saw melania introduce donald trump. what is the campaign trying to do by suddenly bringing her out on the campaign trail much more. >> that was unexpected. it appears to be her choice to come out. she said she loved going to pennsylvania so much, she decided to do it again and said the press was nice to her. as you'll remember, she said earlier in the campaign she was spending time with barron instead of being out on the campaign trail. trump in almost every poll ever taken is behind and well behind with women voters, and this of course could be just like it was
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in pennsylvania, a move to try to help him out there, but she gave about a five-minute speech. in it, she said things she said before she said knowing donald trump, he's very tough, of course, but also very compassionate. at that point donald trump went up to her and gave her a kiss. the crowd of course ate it all up. this may be something that we see going forward today with the other two stops. as we know, a very busy day tomorrow. we'll see if we see melania more. >> you're talking to voters every day, what is the thufl? do you ever hear voters say they are new trump supporters, or are these folks have been with him since the beginning? >> i almost always ask the supporters if they were with him from the beginning or if they sort of evolved. most of the people i meet this week and then throughout the campaign say that they've been with him almost from the start. i do meet, i don't know, maybe
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2-10 supporters say they used to support marco rubio or somebody else, and they evolved because think just can't see hillary clinton in the white house. the enthusiasm level itself is really high. it always is at these airport hangers when you have the trump plane flying in. they are screaming and chanting. it's about as enthusiastic a crowd as you'll ever see. of course we are three days to the election. it's very difficult to hear. i'm not sure if you asked about this. the latest reporting we have on the trump schedule is they are cancelling this event they had scheduled in wisconsin tomorrow, as you know, and adding one in michigan. michigan, the campaign sees, as a critical part of its path. mike pence has been in that state three days in a row. as you know, he's still behind in all public polling. that gap closed a bit as we've seen in other states. the campaign seems to think that is a real possibility there.
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>> also going to minnesota, we are going to talk a little more about that later on. it is always hard to hear when you are neigh one of those airport hangers with donald trump. jacob, thank you so much here in north carolina. a torrential downpour cut short hillary clinton's first campaign rally today just moments ago in florida. >> i want to be the president for everybody. everybody who agrees with me, people who don't agree with me. people who vote for me. kasie hunt is on a bus following the clinton campaign in pembroke pines, florida. trayvon martin's mother, also make a stop in haiti. what is the message the campaign is hoping to send three days out? >> unfortunate symbolism. it literally is raining on hillary clinton's campaign at the moment. i picked today to forget my umbrella, so thanks to the
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campaign for providing me with a plastic bag. her speech cut short here in pembroke pines. she's been back and forth to broward county multiple times in the last couple of weeks because this area is so critical. they are, as you pointed out, being very specific about the communities they are going into that. that stop you referred to was in little haiti. a lot of immigrants from haiti. she talked specifically both about how she has worked with mothers of the movement, mothers of people killed by gun violence and about her own charitable work with her husband bill clinton. the clinton foundation has done a lot of work in haiti. at this point -- you could hear it in her voice. she almost sounds hoarse. it was a late night at that concert with beyonce and jay-z. beyonce, interestingly, really embraced the feminist past of hillary clinton, if you will, putting that quote about that hillary clinton gave to andrea
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mitchell in 1992 about i could have stayed home and make milk and cookies. but instead i decided to have a professional life. hillary clinton talking about how all of the dancers behind beyonce were wearing pantsuits. again, a reference to hillary clinton's own sartorial choices she's been criticized over the years. early voting democrats say things are looking up over the course of the last 24 to 48 hours. they think the surge in latino voters is real and dims edged out republicans in early votes cast, male and in person. so hopeful signs. much more feeling of grinding this out to the finish line. the polls much closer than many expected. we are heading to new hampshire, for example, on sunday. kind of a last-minute stop. polls there showing donald trump doing surprisingly well compared
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to where he was. this is certainly not a coast to the finish line like many democrats anticipated it might be. >> do they feel like they're on defense? >> i don't know if i would go so far as to call it defense. i would certainly say that they have their guard up. it's very much a different tone and tenor from -- a couple of weeks ago, maybe a week before the fbi news broke, she was riding high. when she was in miami, she took time to just attend an adele concert. the staff were upbeat and having fun all the time. i think they recaptured a little bit of that last night with the beyonce concert. we are on our way to philadelphia to see a katy perry concert. still the questions they are fielding are more, hey, what's going on in michigan? could you lose new hampshire? that's a different tenor. the staff response is different, too. john podesta was gathering with
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reporters and brought up out of the blue, ask donald trump about whether or not he is going to keep chris christie as his transition chair with the bridgegate scandal. >> chris christie will not be on the campaign trail with donald trump. unclear about him heading up the transition team. i want to talk about the star power you were mentioning with katy perry tonight, stevie wonder and jon bon jovi. donald trump said he doesn't need star power. he can turn out thousands a lone without a guitar. >> it is one of the things different about hillary clinton's campaign at the end of this cycle. she is doing events that are not very big events for this phase in the campaign cycle. her biggest events, she did do a huge rally in arizona. there were 13,000 plus people at arizona state university for her. one of her biggest events. they are using these celebrities to try to draw people out in
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these final days. i think it is making a difference, but even these events are not stacking up to some of donald trump's biggest events. i think it speaks to that. we've been talking about it for months now, that enthusiasm gap she has. it shows up in the polling. it's showing up in some places, it seems, in the early voting among -- in particular, she is trying to energize african-american voters who came out in record numbers for the first african-american president. she needs them to at least come a little bit closer to that than they might otherwise would. >> kasie hunt in florida. stay dry. i like that bag. fashionable. let's take a look where the candidates are in the polls in this final weekend of campaigning. here are the three latest national polls. hillary clinton and donald trump are in a statistical dead heat, while clinton has a slim lead in the abc news/"the washington
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post" tracking poll. thank you for joining me. mark, i want to start with you. the national snapshot shows a tight race. the presidency is won in these battleground states. where do the candidates stand as of now? >> right now it does look like 2012 more than 2008 when president barack obama ended up blowing out john mccain. let me walk you through the battleground map. according to nbc's battleground map, you have hillary clinton with a 274 lead over donald trump's 180. what is significant here, it takes 270 electoral votes to win the presidency. according to our map and if this holds true, hillary clinton will be the president. here's the challenge for donald trump, particularly as jacob rascon was mentioning to you about maybe try to put minnesota
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in play. certainly michigan. if you give donald trump florida, you give him nnk, give him ohio, give him utah and arizona and throw in new hampshire, donald trump still is below 270 electoral votes. he has to put something else in play. you were talking about michigan. if you end up giving donald trump michigan, all of a sudden he is now above 270 electoral votes. put a michigan in play. they are talking about minnesota. to be able to get some inside straight. that's what they are trying to do the next three days. >> obama won michigan. he won minnesota. by eight points why. bother going there? why not focus energy on a state
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like michigan? there are two strategies could you end up doing. you could flood the zone the way donald trump is doing it. reminds me of 1996's bob dole strategy. bob dole lost by several percentage points in that '96 election. you concentrate on one state. john kerry tried to do that in ohio in 2004. here is the danger for donald trump as he is crisscrossing across the country. if hillary clinton just wins florida or say she ends up winning north carolina, it's done. that is not only does donald trump have to put one of these other states on, he has to be able to win one of these even stephen contests that could go either way on election night. they are putting so much to flood the zone, go to so many different places they have to keep their guard up in florida or north carolina where it's close. >> fred, when you look at the
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battleground map and based on the polls, what should we look at as polling places that will be close to give you an idea of the results election night? >> i think to go back to something mark was saying, the trump strategy to go to minnesota seems like a last-minute audible. that they are putting states on the board as it comes on that day. to your question, the big state is pennsylvania. i think pennsylvania first then north carolina. if mrs. clinton wins both states, and i think mark would agree this election's over. if she wins pennsylvania, it puts a lot of pressure on trump to win a north carolina, win a florida, and take away a minnesota, michigan. in general, there are a lot of other important states, but the one i would look for election night is pennsylvania if mrs. clinton can win pennsylvania, that makes it hard for trump to make up the math.
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>> trump is saying his supporters aren't being represented by polls, that he has a lot of first-time voters, low propensity voters. why could trump be right and the polls be wrong? >> i think there are a lot of polls out there. not that all polls are infallible. most of the polls, the near majority all agree that nationally and in these target battleground states, that clinton has the lead. here is where donald trump and his campaign could be right. the presidential elections have the biggest turnout of any election. most poll account for the fact we'll have a big turnout. sure, there could be groups of people who are registered but haven't voted, and that the trump campaign has motivated. i'll say this show. that population could grow and
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be part of the electorate on tuesday. since 2012, since 2008, the proportion of voters friendly to democrats, mrs. clinton. african-americans, hispanics, asians, that population has grown, too. they could in some respects check mate whatever new voters trump brings to the process. >> mark, what state could be a surprise state on tuesday night? >> again, i think like all of thim are. ohio, we are not talking a whole lot about that, as well. make no mistake, the clinton campaign isn't giving up on it. it is possible they have a path to victory there. usually when i end up looking in the presidential elections i covered, the toss-up races, you end up looking at our board on what is toss-up. they usually end up breaking in a particular way. one candidate usually wins the preponderance of all the other toss-up races. we're focused on florida and north carolina and they're on the east coast and will give as
11:17 am
good indication. it's possible hillary clinton could win ohio, a race that's become second fid until the last few weeks. >> guys, thank you so much for joining me. >> thanks. battleground strategy. democrats built an early voting fire wall in nevada. trump is still heading there today. is he wasting his precious time? we'll dig into the final three days of make or break campaign stops. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads here. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy. that goes beyond assuming beingredients are safe...ood to knowing they are. going beyond expectations... because our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food.
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so you folks, i'm going to see you guys in a little while. what am i going to do? what do i have to say? good-bye, everybody. >> moments ago, donald trump and his wife melania embracing after she introduced him at a rally here in north carolina. hillary clinton and donald trump are in a tug of war over key battleground states. trump heading west to nevada and ending his day in colorado. clinton on her way to philadelphia in the hopes the city will help democrats keep the keystone state in their column on tuesday. with me now, daily beast contributor mark mckinnon with democratic strategist and chief of staff to senator joe
11:22 am
manchion. john ralston is saying donald trump and republicans already lost the state. they are saying the early vote tabulation is in the democrat's corner. do you believe that is the case? if so, why is donald trump going to nevada today? >> john ralston has a great track record, credible guy, knows the state very well. i think they have a lot of evidence with increased hispanic turnout that should help the democrats and help clinton. here is what i would say generally. in any campaign you're in, any campaign you've ever been on, there is a blizzard of data and research and experts in the final days of a campaign. everybody goes through confirmation bias. if people tell you you can win nevada, you find enough data and pollster to tell you you can win so you go there, despite the history. that's what's happening here. trump is trying to cover the
11:23 am
map. and doing it in a way that is trying to stretch what would be conventionally what you'd expect. he's in a position where he needs to do that. hillary clinton is in a much better position to start with electorally. she is looking at put in place pennsylvania and locking that down if she wins pennsylvania, it's hard to see how trump gets there. >> some warned against living in a bubble like mitt romney was doing the final days of his campaign. chris, trump canceled his campaign stop in wisconsin. a campaign official telling us they are going to go to minnesota. do you think wisconsin was a smoke screen that they were just doing that in order to get democrats to pay attention to that state? >> maybe. part of this is there's also a degree of gamesmanship campaigns play the last few days where they go to certain states to force the other state to go there.
11:24 am
you'll get a blizzard of polls and you're worried if there is an outlier. i don't think minnesota or wisconsin are in play. i think we have a tight race, a tighter race than maybe a lot of us thought it would be maybe a few weeks ago. the path for trump is so much narrower than hillary. that is the problem trump faces in these last few days. he really has to win, not just florida and ohio, but he's got to pick off a blue state and it's not going to be just enough to win nevada. he's got to pick up a blue state with a significant number of college votes whether michigan or pennsylvania. even though polls have tightened, none of them have turned in his favor. that is the big challenge he faces with so much -- there's not much time left. >> donald trump in the next three days is going to a number of states. florida, north carolina, nevada, colorado, iowa, michigan,
11:25 am
minnesota, pennsylvania, new hampshire. clinton is spending all of her time in four states. she will be in the pain battle grounds like florida, ohio, pennsylvania. is this the difference between a battle-driven operation and throwing spaghetti at a wall? >> when i look at campaigns and campaigns i've been on that have been successful, have a strategy and stick with it no matter what happens externally. you don't change the strategy because events change or you get bad news. the clinton campaign looks like a campaign that has a strategy and is sticking to it. the trump campaign looks like they are troying a lot of spaghetti on the wall. who knows? it's been a bad week for clinton. the clinton campaign acknowledges that. you never want to be on your heels the last week. trump has a lot of momentum this week. the question is timing. is there enough momentum? is it happening fast enough? >> you've been to these trump
11:26 am
rallies. i've seen you there. let's talk about enthusiasm. is it the same thing you're seeing on the clinton side? could donald trump be right about these low propensity voters, first-time voters other candidates haven't seen and his ability to make a historic race more historic by turning out voters that aren't being polled? >> as you know, they are persuasive because they are huge, they're electric. it's like being at a rock concert or revital. it's easy to see how donald trump and his campaign translates that into something larger. when you look at the numbers and actual enthusiasm, hillary clinton has 90% or more than that of democrats supporting her. last numbers for donald trump, he hadn't hit 90% yet. he was at 85%. to win this you've got to get 90% above to consolidate your base to get it over the line. >> guys, we have to leave it there. thank you both for joining me.
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giving them the agility to be open & secure. because no one knows & like at&t. african-american and hispanic people living in the inner cities, there's no -- you like that hispanics, huh? how many hispanics do we have here? by the way, that's a big story. the hispanic vote is turning out to be much different than people thought. >> donald trump hopes so. in the battleground state, nearly 5.2 million votes have been cast in early voting.
11:31 am
that's in florida. the party affiliation of those voters evenly split, 40% democrat, 40% republican. we don't know how those people actually voted yet. let's bring in mark caputo for but author of the florida play book blog. donald trump wants the florida support to break in his favor. you reported on this extensively. cuban americans traditionally go for republicans. is there a chance they will turn out in force and give him more latino support than he is expecting or others are expecting him to get? >> there is a chance. there was a large and bipartisan poll by univision showing donald trump polling poorly with cuban americans who tend to be republican. he's only getting 49% to clinton's 42%. she is blowing him out with
11:32 am
puerto ricans and in florida with voters of nonpuerto rican and noncuban descent. she is clinging to a lead of 30 points among hispanic voters in florida. they cast 14% of the early and absentee ballots. we have 5.7 million ballots cast so far. that's big. if that poll is right, it's a tough climb for donald trump in florida. this campaign has stopped polling. he's reading what's online and there's garbage polling online. >> he stopped polling in florida, is that what you just said? >> he has stop polling. if you look at "the washington post" report that he has disput disputed, his pollster is based in florida and does that polling. i haven't heard of any coming out of the trump campaign so far. >> it's about $250,000, a little more than that. the clinton campaign is feeling confident about their florida latino support. here is what tim kaine told
11:33 am
msnbc. >> the latino vote has been incredibly energetic and powerful. i saw a statistic this morning in florida over 145,000 latinos have voted who had never previously voted at all. these are recent registrants or people who registered and not voted. when you see that energy hit, we feel good about it. >> they're seeing a lot of energy. do you expect that energy to be validated in the polls on tuesday? >> that's a good question. this is why we have elections. as you said, it's tied. republicans are slightly behind or democrats slightly ahead of republicans in preelection day ballots cast. thil probably build that lead more. in florida, republicans tend to overperform election day and beat democrats then. the real math game is how far ahead do democrats have to be from republicans to win on election day? the answer is we don't know. the 2012 benchmark is different from the electorate in 2016.
11:34 am
>> do you think donald trump has a chance having blanketed the state? he's a resident of florida. he's focusing on traditionally red areas, though he was in miami the other day. does he have a chance to turn out the kind of support he needs to make florida potentially break on his side? is there a possibility? >> oh, yeah. please take nothing i've said as me forejudging this election. florida is a traditionally close battleground state. they have this as a close race with hillary clinton barely above. it's a game of turnout. if hillary clinton's base doesn't turn out and the republican base turns out, donald trump wins. the opposite is true. if the democrats who outnumber republicans on the roll turn out relative to their registration, she will win. it sounds stupid on one hand, but smart on the other. whoever turns out more voters
11:35 am
wins. >> senior political writer for politico, that is a tongue twister, mark caputo. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. we'll take you to charlotte, north carolina. my colleague morgan radford is here in her home state this last day of early voting. we are outside a closed polling station. early voting ended across the entire state today at 1:00 p.m. just after the break, i'll tell you what these early voters told me at this pivotal time. anything meant to stand needs a stable foundation. a body without proper foot support can mean pain. the dr. scholl's kiosk maps your feet and recommends our custom fit orthotic to stabilize your foundation and relieve lower-back, knee or foot pain from being on your feet. find your nearest kiosk at also available from dr. scholl's: heavy duty support for lower back pain,
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just serve classy snacks and bew a gracious host,iday party. compare your part d options today. no matter who shows up. do you like nuts? welcome back to wilmington, north carolina, right in front of the "uss north carolina." battleground ship and battle ship behind me. north carolina went red for mitt romney in 2012 but blue for barack obama in 2008.
11:39 am
the real clear poll shows them tied. morgan radford is in charlotte, north carolina, for us. charlotte is mecklenburg county, the most populous county. what have you seen in early voting? >> that's right. it's the largest county here in the heart of north carolina. this one closed like the rest around the state. they closed at 1:00 p.m. people have been trying to come to these doors trying to get in all day. most have until 1:00 378. since then they've been turned away for the most part. while waiting here, we've been talking to to all these people. many wouldn't say who they were going to vote for. but they did tell us, there were a lot of issues they were concerned about. many issues relevant for trump supporters. >> does it matter more this year than before? >> i think so. we've seen a lot of folks and celebrities come to north
11:40 am
carolina for a push. >> what do you want to see changed and who is the best candidate? >> hillary. i've seen hillary since she came to my school. i'm from georgia. she came to my school. she spoke and said anything was possible. anything possible starts with you. one person can change the world. that stuck with me. no matter what. i'm a nobody. my little vote, i can make a change. >> it's remarkable how much this place cleared out and how quickly. there were lined wrapped around this parking lot out to the street. that was half hour before these polling stations opened. i'm from here and a lot of people i've been speaking to said we are surprised by just how much attention we're getting this year. this race is tight and their vote matters. >> morgan, i love that gentleman, one person can change the world. thank you so much. 200 miles to the west of me, morgan radford in charlotte,
11:41 am
north carolina. let's bring in dallas woodhouse, executive director of north carolina's republican party. you saw morgan talk about the enthusiasm at the polling places. we heard hours-long races across the state. are you surprised the race is so tight in this space? >> we had tight elections several years here. the last day of early voting always got a lot of lines out. the last two days are the biggest days. right now, republicans are way overperforming their numbers from four years ago. we are up about 150,000 early voters for republicans and democrats are basically even where they were four years ago. in a growing electorate. so the republican portion of the vote in early voting has grown greatly. that is very exciting for us. we think people are voting to make america great again and voting for the best governor in
11:42 am
america pat mcrory. >> let's look at that early voting data. 2.7 million people already voted in north carolina. 42% were democratic affiliated. 32% republican affiliated. are you concerned there is more enthusiasm on the democratic side right now? >> no, not at all. i've got to remember a couple of things here. number one, democrats do vote early more than republicans do. and there are about 20% of democrats that routinely vote with republicans anyway. what you have to do is compare year to year. remember, republicans won in 2012 and we have had 150,000 more early voters now this year to where we were four years ago. the democrats stayed exactly where they were. we improved 150,000. that is a great sign for us. we still have to have a big election day vote to win. >> i want to ask about the
11:43 am
voting system in north carolina. it's come under scrutiny. a federal judge friday barred three north carolina counties from revoking voting rights for thousands of residents whose eligibility had been challenged. what is your reaction to that ruling? are you confident as a republican official that north carolina's votin system is, in fact, fair? >> we have a very good voting system in north carolina. republicans have put forward more early voting hours and more early voting sites than ever before. more than when the democrats were in charge. we are proud of that. people are taking advantage of that. that lawsuit about voter challenges was not something republicans were part of in north carolina. it's not something we engage in. of course, we want every eligible voter to vote in north carolina. we just hope that vote to make america great again and to return the nation's best governor pat mccrory to the governor's mansion. >> talk about the senate fast. hillary clinton was campaigning
11:44 am
for deborah ross up against richard burr. it's a tight race. richard burr was not notably with donald trump the other day when we were here in selma. he was not with him today in wilmington. why is richard burr avoiding trump? >> i don't think senator burr is avoiding trump. i've been with senator burr and mr. trump. we have a huge state, 100 counties. >> we are three days out. why is he not with the top of the ticket? >> i think he's just in another part of the state. i think you try to cover a lot of ground. i suspect you'll see them together the next couple of days. the races are different. i think mr. burr is one of the strongest supporters of mr. trump. they are both going to make america great again. >> it's still notable they were not together today. dallas woodhouse. >> you're in wilmington.
11:45 am
you need to go to the cape fear sea food company, best seafood around. you need to do that while you're there. you'll love it. okay? >> i'm going to do that the second i'm off the air. thank you so much for the recommendation. i appreciate it. dallas woodhouse. >> enjoy universe. >> thank you. coming up, battleground ohio, one of donald trump's must-win states to make it to 270. does he have a lock on the rust belt vote? we'll take you there next. (man) hmm. what do you think? ♪ (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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welcome back. we'll continue to show you the "uss north carolina" behind me. it's a beautiful battleship. we'll leave north carolina for a moment and go over to ohio. it's the final fight for ohio. hillary clinton returns to the battleground state tomorrow for a rally in cleveland, where she held a get out the vote event with beyonce and jay-z last night.
11:49 am
donald trump was on the other side of the state in wilmington, ohio. in lorain, ohio, the economies a top concern for voters. donald trump talking about jobs, jobs, jobs. what are you hearing? >> that's exactly what lorain county wants is jobs. this is a barren main thoroughfare. the steel plant down the way lost thousands of jobs the past couple of years. republic steel went from 2,200 jobs to four. republican activists are hoping to move this county away from the democratic and move to the gop side. i spoke with one republican activist and asked what his top issue is. >> for me, it's jobs and the economy. >> why are you supporting donald trump? >> because, number one, i think
11:50 am
that he can shake things up. he's not your typical politician. obviously, he's rough around the edges with some of his speak, but with a lot of issues around the clinton, there's a lot of corruption. i think trump can bring a change. >> here in lorain, ohio, according to the local county clerk, over 11,000 people have already cast their vote. we've been interviewing clinton and trump supporters. it is very much a fight as they battle over the economy. which candidate can bring more jobs quicker as this economy continues to struggle here, and if they can innovate forward and bring back some of the luster they once had here. >> you almost walked into something a moment ago. what was that? was that a dangling cord? is it a live wire? can we see what that was? >> yeah. let's widen out that shot and
11:51 am
show you. it's not a live wire. that's part of the issue here. this is a neon sign here. it is completely defunct. this is the main thoroughfare of downtown lorain. we see tons of shuttered businesses. some have been closed for years if not longer. there is one pizza place doing a robust business. they have personally told us that because of all the steel workers losing their jobs, they themselves are struggling to keep their business open. it is a good snapshot of what some of these industrial towns are now feeling. >> absolutely. thank you so much for joining us. with three days to go, where is donald trump's transition team chief chris christie? we'll tell you next. stay with us. about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. -sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor?
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welcome back. the clinton campaign is calling on donald trump to ask for chris christie's resignation as transition team as two close people were convicted in the bridgegate trial. christy was to return to the campaign trump today but canceled that after yesterday's verdict. kelly o'donnell in philadelphia, what are we hearing from the trump campaign when it comes to chris christie? what are we hearing from chris christie? >> the trump campaign is stand buying chris christie. no change is expected to his role advising donald trump or serving as the transition team chairman. that is a role that is largely behind the scenes anyway. he has been conducting meetings in washington, d.c. as part of that formal process. the clinton team is doing it as well. they are looking for hiring, planning out a 100-day agenda for a future trump administration. and the hiring is important
11:56 am
because that could reflect in some ways on what happened with the bridgegate issue, with former staffers, former aides being involved in this. now convicted of misusing public resources in this lane realignment which happened three years ago which caused days of snarling traffic. the issue from the clinton campaign is to seize upon this moment and urge donald trump to throw chris christie to the side. from what i'm hearing from trump campaign sources, that is not going to happen. christy will continue in that role. he was not charged or a part of the trial. the shadow of chris christie was certainly very much a part of what happened in that federal trial which resulted in those convictions on all counts. chris christie has put out one formal statement saying that he is saddened by what happened, also talked about the fact he apologized to the people of new jersey back in january 2014, and i will in his words, set the record straight in the coming
11:57 am
days about lies, he says, told by the media and in the courtroom. that means he is going to refute a lot of the testimony from those who were in the trial. that's going to be something to see. >> donald trump is often saying on the campaign trail he wants to drain the swamp of political corruption. this is a case involving political corruption that happened in chris christie's office. does christie's involve with bridgegate, whether or not he was directly involved, run contrary this idea they are trying to end government corruption? >> it is clearly a problem. the shadow of this has followed chris christie, damaged his own political career and his own national standing. it will be a challenge for the trump team this close to the election when christy was the first national figure to endorse donald trump, at this point all sides are saying they are still in it together.
11:58 am
kelly o'donnell in philadelphia. thank you so much. that does it for me this hour here, the battleship north carolina in wilmington, north carolina. i'm katy tur and kristin welker, my favorite person in the whole world picks up next from philadelphia. ♪ see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive. fixodent plus adhesives. there's a denture adhesive that holds strong until evening. just one application gives you superior hold even at the end of the day fixodent. strong more like natural teeth.
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