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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 6, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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frankly, the big opportunity to end mass incarceration, to actually spur job creation, to fix health care, and to finally get to a place with we're pulling together as a country after being divided by donald trump's campaign for so long. >> all right. ben jealous, thank you so much. thanks to ben ginsburg, my colleague kasie hunt, pete williams, andrea mitchell and congresswoman debbie dingle for helping us break down all of this breaking news. with that i want to toss it to steven kornacki and just remind our viewers this breaking news we are covering, fbi director james comey saying they have now reviewed those newly discovered e-mails and nothing has changed with respect to secretary clinton. with that, steve, i'll toss it to you. >> kristen welker, thank you for that. picking up our coverage in new york, two days away from election day. we were calling it an october surprise when james comey, the fbi director, as kristen welker was just saying, came out and said new e-mails had been
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discovered potentially related to that investigation into hillary clinton's prooismt e-mail server. now call it a november surprise, a new letter from the fbi director to congress. he says the fbi has now completed its investigation into those newly discovered e-mails. they were found on a laptop belonging to huma abedin and anthony weiner. the fbi director says they are not changing their recommendation from july that no charges should be filed against hillary clinton. now, obviously, the headline here on the eve of the election, very good news for hillary clinton for her campaign, we are already starting to get reaction from the clinton campaign. her spokesman, brian fallon, tweeting, just moments ago this -- "we were always confident nothing would cause the july decision to be revisited. now director comey has confirmed it." kellyanne conway replied to that tweet saying "when why did you, your colleague, and your candidate attack comey and his credibility"?
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kellyanne conway is going to be join us here live in just a few minutes. obviously very curious to see what the trump campaign's reaction to this last-minute twist is. before we get to her as we figure out exactly what's been going on and what has been a very busy hour here, want to bring in kristen welker. she's been covering hillary clinton's campaign. she hosted the last hour. she joins me now. fast-moving development here, but, again, for last ten days, almost the last ten days, the clinton campaign has sort of been existing in limbo. you've had that letter from james comey on october 28th saying, hey, look, new e-mails were discovered, the initial report suggested we were not going to hear from him again until after election day, but now 48 hours until election day, he is weighing in, basically saying the review of these new e-mails is over. that recommendation from july that no charges should be brought stands. what does this do to this campaign in the homestretch? >> well, i think this couldn't be a more significant
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development for the clinton campaign. steve, just to take you back to when that first announcement was made, i was on the campaign plane with secretary clinton when the campaign found out that director comey had told congress he was looking into newly discovered e-mails. it was as if a pall had been cast over the campaign. their strategy changed significantly to some extent because they had wanted to end this campaign on a positive note. in the wake of that revelation, secretary clinton stepped um her attacks against donald trump, all of her positive record or kind of cast to the side as she really went into full attack mode. yesterday, we saw that start to shift again in terms of these new ads that they are releasing. the closing argument, if you will. but think about what has happened over these past ten days. the polls have gotten tighter nationally, and in almost every battleground state. it is a campaign that was not operating as if it was headed toward victory. it was on defense for a fair
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amount of the time. so the fact that director comey is now coming out and saying that they have reviewed the e-mails, it doesn't change the bottom line conversation, it's taken all the wind out of donald trump's sails in terms of talk about this as an issue and allows secretary clinton to go back to that initial strategy of really hitting the policy positions that she wants to talk about and her vision if she does become president to really end this final 48 hours in the way that she had wanted to. >> pete williams joins me on the phone. pete, take us through what we know. we have this letter from the fbi director from james comey to congress. he says look, bottom line, that judgment he made in july that there's no basis to press charges against hillary clinton stands. what do we know this review turned up over the last nine, ten days? >> first of all, we're told that in essence the letter means
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they're done. this is not an interim readout. this is the bottom line. secondly, the review found that nearly all the documents were copies of documents that fbi investigators had already seen in their months and months of investigating the clinton e-mail server. there were also some documents that didn't relate to business. remember, that's the whole question here. were there additional documents that contained classified information. what the investigators found is that there were some documents that were forwarded, other e-mails that contained classified information, but a senior official says that the investigation did not change the number of documents that were found during the investigation of the e-mail server that contained classified
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information. so that's one of the reasons it doesn't change their bottom line view of whether there should be a prosecutable case. it just didn't add to the number of documents on the server that contained classified information. >> pete williams, thank you for that update. kellyanne conway, the campaign manager for donald trump. look, when sh story broke the friday, october 28th, donald trump reacted saying this is bigger than watergate when it was announced there were newly discovered e-mails the fbi was going to be taking a look into. is it safe to say from your standpoint that this issue is closed? >> well, some things haven't changed at all. fbi director comey said on july 7th under oath to congress is still the same, that she was reckless and careless in our handling of information, that she lied that there was not classifieded information. he said, in fact, there was. that she lied, only used one device.
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he said under oath she used multiple devices. we know she left classified material at a hotel in china. as of this morning we come to find out she asks her house keeper to print out classified information for her at home where she's got, you know, the private server to begin with i guess. and so, you know, the reason that so many americans have a problem with hillary clinton's honesty, trustworthiness and veracity does not change. i just find it deliciously ironic that democrats jumped all over jim comey, completely attacked him for, you know, what he thought was doing his job, went so far afield, calling into question his credibility, he should resign, he should -- he's interfering with an election. do they feel like fbi director jim comey has interfered with an election today, two days before the election? i think they probably do. >> let me ask you what you think of that. i've heard mixed messages from your campaign on this. over the summer he said he
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wasn't recommending charges. i heard from trump sup pores and trump himself, he said this is an example of the system being rigged against him, saying the skids were greased to clear hillary clinton. then when comey made that announcement nine days ago, trump said, look, i have to give him credit, i think he's doing the right thing here. how are you interpreting this intervention on comey's part? two days before the election he sends this letter to congress. what do you think of his action? >> i immediately thought he's mishandled the investigation from the beginning and this proves it yet again. in other words, why the dribs and drabs? the investigation is over, no, it's not, i was just kidding or we're not pressing charges and let many go to congress two days later and testify under oath all the things she did long that might lead a different prosecutor to pressing charges. i think that was the frustration and indeed the consternation for many people including donald trump and his campaign in that, well, if she just did all these things and then you've got folks who have done far less, you have general cartwright has done far
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less, a marine taking pictures doing far less, yet they either have or may face jail time, significantly in some instances. >> i don't mean to instrument. i want to stand on what's happened in the last nine days. whatever side you're on i think this is rather extraordinarily what's played out over the last nine days. >> it is. >> you had the fbi director on the 28th saying we have newly discovered e-mails and the drama that ensued from that. do you think now it is appropriate for him to provide this update two days before the election? politically this may not be good news for your campaign, but do you consider this appropriate at this point given what happened nine days ago he provides the update he just provided? >> first of all, i don't believe it's politically good or bad information for our campaign. we have not made this the center piece of our messaging even though we're asked about it constantly. donald trump's out there talking about obamacare and job creation, and he's at a rally right now doing exactly that. this has not been front and center of our campaign. >> he did call it when these
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e-mails were discovered, bigger than watergate. that suggests a central role in your message. >> well, let me ask you something -- do you think that they went through hundreds of thousands of e-mails in a week? because that may strike a lot of americans as unusual. i don't know if i'd have the capacity to do that. i don't know if i'd -- i don't know that i want as a taxpayer the fbi stopping everything to reader, mails. i doubt they did. >> it's important for me to say, hundreds of thousands of e-mails. we're talking about the total number of e-mails that existed on this computer, not the total number -- this was a personal computer. that's not the total number that were relevant to this case. do you doubt this review was thorough? >> i sure hope it was thorough because obviously, you know what, if it didn't change my mind today that the investigation has been mishandled from the beginning. why did we find out today the house keeper is printing out confidential information? why didn't we find out in course of the investigation that hillary clinton lied about
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whether or not she had exchanged classified information? jim comey himself said she did. why did she lie when she used one device when there were up to 13 of them? why did she lie that she did everything by the book and colin powell told her so? no, he didn't. it's high after lie. and the idea that less than the 64% of american who is already say they don't trust her and a slightly lower number that don't like her are going to change their mind because of this, it's folly. they're not. some of the facts are still the same. she was reckless, she was careless, she was selfish. there was no reason to set up that server in the first place. by the way, there was no reason for us to have wasted all these resources of our federal government to track down her petty peevish, selfish interests, her setting up the server, her lying about it, congress having to investigate it, the fbi needing to investigate it. the doj. people will still make up their minds about what they think loretta lynch and bill clinton
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discussed on that tarmac for at least 39 minutes. a lot of these facts don't change in terms of what the elect cat is thinking about going into tuesday. i don't see let's take the country in a new and different direction. upwards of 70% to 75% in most polls. that's not going to change because the fbi director came back out pup but i think it is ironic they completely just threw an anvil on top of jim comey's head, the democrats did, the minute he did this, also including the president, saying he doesn't want him to work on innuendo in an election and now he's a hero. >> speaking of innuendo, donald trump just today in iowa said in reference to this, he called hillary clinton the prime suspect in a far-reaching criminal investigation. so now we find out that this newly discovered trove of e-mails from nine days ago, according to the fbi, the basis for what donald trump is talking about there, they say they've now completed their review, nothing has changed. nothing has changed from where we were over the summer. so is it fair to say from your
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campaign standpoint, millions of votes were cast over the last nine days. donald trump got to spend the last nine days saying things like i just read back to you, the prime suspect in a wide-reaching criminal investigation. is it fair to say you guys got an advantage here based on actually nothing happening? >> well, that's not true. something did happen. the fbi director said he was launching a new investigation or reopening the old one. i saw it termed differently in different places. that's got nothing to do with us. our campaign hasn't tipped its hand. we certainly didn't, you know, criticize him and persecute him the way others did, which i think is quite remarkable because now they're saying we knew that he wouldn't change his conclusion. but, steve, let's fair and open about what all his conclusions were that will not be changed. those conclusions include the fact that she was reckless and careless, she lied about the server, she lied about the number of devices, she lied about having classified information. the fact that she put yours and my security at risk does not change pit.
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it didn't change october 28th and it doesn't change today. look, for all the advantages this woman has, the machine she's built, the fact she starts out with 240 electoral votes in so-called blue wall and yet she can't get those other 22 electoral votes and we're forcing her now to dip into the 248, they're playing follow the leader, we're forcing them all over her, the electoral map today, they're in michigan today, wisconsin, living in pennsylvania, let's go back to new hampshire, all blue states that president obama carried twice. and it is our campaign that has them on the run in these states. that's not going to change. i can't imagine they're going to say we need to go to michigan today. we'll probably win because director comey yet again asserted himself into the electoral process today nap won't change. the fact that people don't trust this woman and she can't get above 50% in any of these states and stay there won't change today. >> i want to ask you about some of the early reports of early voting. i want to ask you specifically about the swing state, we've considered it a swing state of
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nevada, a state president obama carried twice in 2008 and 2012. john ralston, the dean of political reporters out there, he is now saying essentially the race in nevada in his judgment is over. he bases that on saying the democrats actually, they were more the democratic ballot advantage in early voting was actually bigger in the early voting period this year than it was four years ago. of course four years ago the state wasn't particularly close. president obama carried it by a comfortable margin. do you agree with that assessment? is nevada off the board? >> nevada's not -- i think if anybody learned anything over the last two weeks is calling things over makes people look a little bit over their skis too early because for all these articles that were written that the race itself is over, the path is gone, the path is narrow, it will be a blowout, we'll get democrats in the house and senate, we're going to turn texas blue, all this nonsense that people just went and reported on that is not true, in nevada, we need a very good day of performance in nevada to carry the state and we are gearing up for that.
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if you look at other early return states like colorado, certainly florida, ohio, iowa, and north carolina where i just did as precall this morning where we reported on the latest statistics, steve, we like where we are at this point as compared to where the nominee was in 2012 in terms of absentee ballot requests and early returns and the like. and so nevada is a place we are gearing up. we've improved this week but we're gearing up for a really good day of performance to carry the state. i also would just tell you that we have six different paths now to get to 270 and so you see the way we've scrambled up the electoral map. if the democrats -- if hillary clinton weren't worried about it, she wouldn't have president obama, president bill clinton and hillary clinton visiting the state of michigan, for example, closing out in pennsylvania tomorrow night. she is. and so we've got them on the run. they have decided to go back into blue states with paid advertisements and certainly deploying her super surrogates,
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all more popular than she is, and her herself going there as well because they're worried about these blue states. >> kellyanne conway, donald trump's campaign manager, thanks for taking a few minutes. >> thank you, steve. >> meanwhile, donald trump speaking in minneapolis, minnesota. he has not yet in this speech addressed the breaking news. again, the fbi director james comey getting back in touch with congress nine days after he said there were newly discovered e-mails. he now says the investigation into those e-mails is complete and his conclusion from july stands. there's no basis he says for any sort of case to be brought against hillary clinton in this e-mail case. joining me on set in new york both halle jackson and katy tur. we thought there was an october surprise. now we have a november surprise. katy tur, kellyanne conway is basely going back to the doubts the trump campaign was trying to raise based on what james comey said in july.
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she acted recklessly, inappropriately. it seems in terms of the last nine days donald trump may have gotten a political advantage in from that news nine days ago that now not adding up to much. >> certainly they could have focused on a lot of innuendo and they wanted to put out that hillary clinton would likely be facing indictment, she was somebody who would be under criminal investigation, which is words that donald trump has used. and they pointed to this revival of the fbi investigation as proof of that. it was a golden opportunity for them that was handed to them nine days ago. it was what the gop said would enable him to gain some ground, to regain his footing, to gird those down-ballot candidates that were facing very difficult circumstances in their own races. senators like kelly ayotte and pat toomey and marco rubio. instead of them having to respond to donald trump's latest outva jous statements, saying
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they had to respond to what was going on with hillary clinton. the idea this hasn't been a focus of their campaign is just not true. donald trump talks about it at every single rally. it's part of their larger narrative that hillary clinton is not fit to do the job, not trustworthy and is out for herself and corrupt. >> was there a strategic choice -- it seems there was a strategic choice by the trump campaign when the news broke that, yes, donald trump would address it and talk about it and bring it up. but they wanted the free media effect of this. so he was not going to press it as aggressively as he had before. >> maybe not as aggressively in terms of getting on twitter every day and pointing it out and spending the entire rally on it. they did -- if you look at "the new york times" article today about the moments leading up to what they were doing when they first decided to respond to the fbi revooism they were wrestling over how to do it, how to best capital eisen it. they were adamant with donald trump that he needs to let the story play out for hillary clinton. he stayed on message, stayed
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pretty controlled in the last nine days. but it has been quite a centerpiece of his rallies. he talks about it almost every day. he talks about it as part of a larger narrative. it helped them paint ta picture. it helped them gain more support within the republican party. it's probably a good reason why they are in michigan right now because they were able to find more republicans that come to their side in addition to this jobs message that the campaign says is resonating so well in the upper midwest. so they have certainly used this to their advantage, and i find it to be interesting certainly that the campaign is now trying to paint the fbi as somehow being in the wrong here or potentially not handling this investigation correctly because they were so happy with the fbi for this past nine days. >> i get dizzy from both campaigns changing their minds on how the fbi has conducted itself. halle, we saw this especially that daily tracking poll from abc news and "the washington
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post" that's been all over the place. one thing we saw was in the 24 hours after comey made that announcement nine days ago that there were new e-mails you saw really in that poll a collapse for hillary clinton. part of it was enthusiasm for democrats. you trump actually take the lead. i'm wondering now, though, look, there's still two days left. there have been early votes cast between then and now, but there are still a lot of votes to be cast. is this a last-minute bounce for hillary clinton? >> potentially. the argument could be the damage has been done. donald trump discussing it at rallies and he hits the affordable care act more at these rally, makes other arguments and ties it into his argument that clinton is too corrupt to be president. there could be a bounce. this validate what is democrats have been saying all along. we're getting some hints not just from newt gingrich who says he believes comey has caved to political pressure but there's a new inbox from paul ryan,
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regardless of this decision, undisputed finding of the fbi investigation is that secretary clinton put our nation's secrets at risk and in doing so compromised our national security. he end the statement saying let's bring the clinton era to an end by voting for donald trump on tuesday. we don't often hear ryan talk specifically about donald trump. he who shall not be named. it's notable that's what we're seeing in this statement. a push now, republicans getting behind trump for these last 48 hours to try to get them over the finish line. >> i said dizzy from these two campaigns changing their minds. you said newt gingrich said the fbi director caved to enormous political pressure. his worlds now. nine days ago when this happened hillary clinton's words about comey, she said he bowed to partisan pressure. using the same terminology depending it changes on the situation. >> don't forget that steve cohen nine days ago was one of the democrats who were right on the front lines calling for comey's head more or less.
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you have to wonder what is the reaction going to be from members of congress, specifically democrats? are we going to see the flip-flop-flip from some folks? i wouldn't be surprised. donald trump is speaking in minnesota. we'll see if he mentions that. halle jackson, katy tur, thanks for stopping by. trump is in minneapolis. his campaign wants the narrative to be the offensive into blue states. minnesota is pretty much a hail mary pass for the trump campaign. we also have this, brian fallon, clinton communications director tweeting this in response to nbc. we're glad this issue is resolved but for the record, this could have easily been learned before the first letter was sent. kelly o'donnell in cleveland. this was supposed to be the headline of the 4:00 hour. she's got a rally with lebron james, with the king in cleveland. now we're talking about the latest twist in this e-mail saga. are we expecting hillary clinton to say something about this when she appears with lebron james?
1:24 pm
>> reporter: well, we have not been given an indication from the campaign about that. but i can tell you that the campaign has believed over recent days that this issue was not making a big difference in poll numbers. i think there's greater urgency for her to be talking about getting out the vote and not reintroducing what has been a complicated and difficult topic for campaign throughout. so it's like would hillary clinton want to get negative only to say that comey has resolved it. maybe we'll see. it is good news in the sense of she can say it's really behind her in this final turn, this final weekend. my hopes is she'll want to be more in the moment here in a key state, one of the biggest stars locally in sport and a hometown here hoe here that could bring the championship of the final years to town. i would imagine there will be some sports metaphors on display here. and she needs to drive the boat.
1:25 pm
earlirarlier in some of the spe who is come up to the stage before the main event, we heard that about getting to the polling places that are opening today for early voting, encouraging people to participate. so what is good news in the kind of big picture of this may not be as apt to be used in this particular setting. we ve we'll have to see. it would have to be a game time decision for those advisers. i would imagine they'd want to review all the specifics of what director comey said. you get my point about even catching their breath on this. they may not want to talk about e-mails any more this close to tuesday. at least from secretary clinton's own mouth and from top sources like this. >> kelly o'donnell out there in cleveland. again, that clinton rally expected to get under way sometime this hour. lebron james headlined that with the candidate. kasie hunt who first broke this story nine days ago joins us
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now. a whirl wind nine days, starts with james comey taking the entire political world by surprise on october 28th saying, whoa, we found new e-mails here suggesting all sorts of possibilities that have been reported on over the last nine days. now putting an end to this phase of the e-mail story. the potential political damage done to hillary clinton these last nine days. how do you catalog that? >> yeah, steve. it's remarkable really. brian fallon, the spokesman for hillary clinton's campaign, just tweeted that we're glad this issue is resolved but for the record it could have been learned before the first letter was september to the clinton campaign position here that, hey, yes, they sent this first letter but why didn't they do the work along these lines before they sent that letter that obviously would never likely have come to light if they had handled it that way. i think for the clinton campaign, they've been very
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focused the last nine days on trying to say and argue that the tightening in the polls that we've seen over the course of these final weeks has nothing to do with this fbi letter and with, you know, the reminders that every, you know, undecided voter got about how hillary clinton had handled her private e-mail and her private e-mail server. they say it was happening earlier before this -- initially before this broke and i think, though, that the reality is it really changed the tenor of hillary clinton's campaign. the week before it was happening, i was traveling with the clinton campaign. you could not find anyone who had a bad word to say what was going on. the staff were kind of privately talking about where they were going to live in washington, d.c., once she was elected. and then of course the entire kind of mood changed dramatically and went to one that has really felt like it was basically grim determination. they trust in the machine that they have built to get out their
1:28 pm
vote and they're starting to see that pile um in these early vote returns. but, you know, this is not failing to the presidency the way they were hoping, not the end they were participating. they are finding themselves on defense in up expected places, namely in michigan, where donald trump's campaign is making this last-minute play. when you talk to aides about that they'll say we don't understand why he didn't go into michigan earlier. the democrats will say it's tailor made for trump. but this news combined with donald trump's campaign's new efforts sending him there has caused some democrats to raise alarm about what's going on in the state. so if there are any surprises on tuesday night, it's going to be hard not to tie them to this late-breaking october and now november surprise. now, i do think that this new letter from comey has the potential to change the mood in the final days here for hillary clinton, and i'm interested to see how she as a candidate
1:29 pm
responds. i think, you know, we saw her very upbeat. she held these availabilities. they've campaigned together. the two seem to be riding high. we haven't seen as much of her directly aside from that one priss conference in iowa after the initial letter came out nine days ago. since then we haven't seen her. it's hard to compare how she's feeling. but i'm interested to see if that changes in the final 24, 48 hours. >> kasie hunt, thanks for that. again, we are keeping our eye on that stage out in cleveland. hillary clinton's expected there any minute. so is lebron james. the star of the nba champion cleveland clears going to be joining hillary clinton in a crucial swing state for a last-minute rally. we'll have much more, obviously following all the reaction as it comes into this latest fbi news saying their review of recently discovered eshg mails is now over. director james comey says his findings, his recommendation this summer that hillary clinton did not be charged stands.
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i've never been #1 in anything until i put these babies on. now we're on a winning streak and i'm never taking them off. this he is, the star of the nba champion cleveland cavaliers.
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he is in cleveland with hillary clinton trying to give her a last-minute lift in ohio. let's see what they have to say. thank. >> thank you for the applause. i know you're excited to see us. i want to bring up a good friend of mine and also someone that's for hillary as well, my good friend j.r. smith. and his beautiful daughter, demi. so, you guys know why i'm here and the reason why i'm here is the number-one main reason i'm here because of hillary and what she believes in. i want people to understand i
1:34 pm
grew up in an inner city and i know the whole notion of getting out and voting. i was one of those kids and i was around the community that was like our vote doesn't matter. but it really does. it really, really does. we have to get out and make sure we vote. we have to get out and be knowledgeable about what's going on, about what we see that our future entails and this woman right here has the brightest future for our world. the next thing that i love most importantly is the fact that with my foundation and my inner city kids is giving my kids an opportunity to feel like they are important. and -- thank you. with my foundation, giving kids the notion that someone care about them, that what they dream about that someone like myself and j.r. and president hillary clinton c, that their dreams ca
1:35 pm
become a reality is very important. and i believe this woman right here can continue that. so as much as you guys to hear from me, i would much rather to hear from our next president, miss hillary clinton. >> oh my goodness. thank you! thank you all so much. this is great to be back in cleveland. i am thrilled to see all of you. i have to really thank lebron, what he does on the basketball court, you all know, it makes him so special, it makes him a
1:36 pm
champion. but i am just as impressimpressi have told him, about what he does off the court. because what he does off the court is to care for every child as though that child were his own. he has been so committed through the lebron family, the lebron james family foundation. he's using the national platform he earned to advocate for irn everywhere, especially right here in ohio. and it was an extra special treat to have j.r. smith here as well. i can't tell you how exciting it is for me to have lebron and j.r. part of the team that's going to take us to the white house starting on tuesday.
1:37 pm
also let me thank your senator sherry brown. let me thank your indefatigable congresswoman marsha fudge. your county executive, armand berni bernice. and let me thank and hope you will vote for your former governor ted strickland to be your next senator. i want to thank the d.j., steph
1:38 pm
loss, for his musical performance, and i want to thank a very special man, yousseff salaam, who was out here. a young man who has turned what was a very bitter and unjust experience into an opportunity to try to help lift others up. now, i was thrilled to be here on friday night with jay z and beyonce. beyonce even had her dancers in blue pantsuits, which i loved. but what was most important was how beyonce and jay z talked about what this election means for their daughter and for all of our daughters and sons. and that's why i am so grateful to them as well as to lebron,
1:39 pm
because this election really is about the future and it's about your kids and grandkids and every child in this country that we hope will have their own shot at the american dream. they may not all become champion basketball players, but everybody should have the right to go as far as their hard work and talent will take them in america. so let me ask you this -- are you ready to vote? are you ready to volunteer for the next few days? are you ready to choose our next president? well, i think by now you know the choice could not be any clearer. it really is a choice between division or unity, between an economy that works for everyone
1:40 pm
or one that is stacked for those at the top, between strong, steady leadership or a loose cannon. and as you think about this choice, i want you to know where i am coming from because what i want to do as your president is really to build on and continue what i've done my entire life -- fighting for kids and families, standing up for our country. if you elect me on tuesday, that's what i will do every day as your president because from the start our campaign has been focused on you. you know, i have now spoken in hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people in small groups and big events, and what i try to do while i'm up here speaking is to really look at the faces of the people in front of me, because i don't know your
1:41 pm
dreams. i don't know your struggles. but i want so much to convey to you that i will be on your side, i will fight for you, fight for your families, fight for your futures. i want us to do all we can to help you get ahead and stay ahead. and my vision is very different from my opponent's. look, we know, we know enough about what he says and what he's done. we don't need to go through the litany of all the people he's insulted and demeaned. but the bottom line is his vision of america is so dark and divisive. it's not the america that i see as i travel around our country. i want us to have a vision that is hopeful, optimistic, and unified about what we can do together to make sure america's best years are ahead of us.
1:42 pm
i love our country and i believe in our people. and i will never, ever quit on you no matter what. now, that is not to say we don't have our challenges. of course we do. we're just human beings. but, boy, we have so many assets. we have so many opportunities, and never forget, america is great because america is good. and if we act like that, we lift each other up instead of tearing each other down, we can be even greater. we've come through some tough economic times, and lots is changing in our country. there are powerful forces inside and outside of america that do threaten to pull us apart. and we've arrived at a moment of reckoning in this election. our core values as americans are being tested. i think of all the people i've
1:43 pm
met across the country in this campaign. i've heard some really, really sad stories. you know, when you run for president or at least for me, the moments that stand out are about somebody grabbing my hand. i'll be in a coffee shop or shaking hands on a rope line. and somebody will grab my hand and they will share a really personal feeling or experience with me. a lot of times it's about problems or troubles in their families. and i feel like they're entrusting me with this really important piece of their lives. i walk away from that motivated but i also walk away confident. my faith in our future has never been stronger. and i know if we come together not just to win the election, that's just the beginning, but then to work together.
1:44 pm
there is something for every one of us to do in our own lives, our families, our neighborhoods and communities. i want an america where everyone has a place, where everyone's included. and, you know, i know there's a lot of frustration and even anger in this election season. i see it. i hear it. sometimes, you know, i'm the subject of it. i get it. but anger is not a plan. anger is not going to get us new jobs with rising incomes that will create a strong, thriving middle class. i believe that we're going to grow this economy, we're going to grow it from the middle out and the bottom up, not the top down. that is what my opponent offers. and it might work for him, right? it might. but it's not going to work for
1:45 pm
the vast majority of working americans. that's why i want us to have a big infrastructure jobs program. there is so much work to be done, good, honest, honorable, dignified work. our roads, our bridges, our airports, or tunnels, our water system, and these are jobs that can't be exported. they've got to be done right here in cleveland, in youngstown, in dayton, in akron and columbus and cincinnati! and we're going to bring back advanced manufacturing to ohio and elsewhere in our country. now, some people when i say this, they kind of, you know, look at me like, well, that's not going to happen. it is going to happen. and i'll tell you, two of my strongest allies are going to be sherry brown and marsha fudge and i hope ted strickland when he gets to washington! people say to me all the time, how are you going to get anything done? won't there be gridlock?
1:46 pm
there will only be gridlock if people that are elected to represent you don't want to help you. it's not complicated, my friends. if they want to keep helping the wealthy, the powerful, and the well connected, yeah, then we're going to have gridlock, because i want jobs with rising incomes. i want people having a better shot at the future. and we are going to have more clean renewable energy jobs to combat climate change and put americans to work. and i want to be the best president small business has ever had because that's where most of the new jobs will come from. an once we get these new jobs and we start producing more things in america, i want people to buy those things in america.
1:47 pm
you know, any of you see the debates? you know, in that last debate, i pointed out that donald trump has bought chinese steel to build his last two buildings. all the while he's been running around ohio talking about what a great advocate he's going to be for working people. he didn't have to buy chinese steel. he didn't have to help employ chinese steelworkers. he could have bought good american steel made by american steelworkers. so don't just watch what we say, watch what we've done for the last 30 years and whose side we get on.
1:48 pm
i think everybody who can needs to work, but i do think we need to raise the national minimum wage because if you work full-time you shouldn't still be in poverty. and i also think if you're working you ought to get paid fairly, which is why we need to guarantee equal pay for women's work. and, you know, this is not a woman's issue. this is a family issue. because if you've got a mother, a wife, a sister, or a daughter work, you don't want her shortchanged. and we need to start recognizing that a lot of the costs that families are facing now are really burdensome. i want to get child care affordable. right? do you know in a lot of states right now good child care costs as much or more than in-state
1:49 pm
college tuition? that's crazy. who can afford that? and i want us to have paid family leave so if you get sick or your spouse is sick or your parent is sick or your child is sick or you bring a newborn home -- now, you know, i don't think these are luxuries anymore. i think these are all about rebuilding the american middle class. i believe it's all about respecting work, providing enough jobs for people to have a good future, getting incomes rising, making it work for everybody. and i have said i will pay for everything i'm proposing without adding a penny to the national debt. right?
1:50 pm
and that is in stark contrast to my to poecht because i have said i am not raising taxes on the middle class. anybody making less than $250,000 a year is not going to have any tax increase while i am president. butus.
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>> thanks for letting me be pretempted by lebron james. this has never happened. i'll have a story to tell forever. >> there you go.
1:57 pm
we thought lebron was going to be the big story this hour. turned out fbi director james comey not for the first time disrupted everything in this campaign. amy klobucar. [ keyboard typing ]
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intercom: the library is now closing. ok kid, closing up. goodnight. the hardest part about homework shouldn't be figuring out where to do it.
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through internet essentials, comcast has connected over 3 million people in need to low-cost internet at home. welcome to a brighter future. comcast. all right. that's going to wrap up this hour. again, this is a much busier afternoon than we were expecting. chuck todd and t.p. dailey is going to pick up our coverage now. >> thank you, steve. good evening. i am still chuck todd at nbc's election headquarters in new york. welcome to an even more special edition of mtp daily. parentally we had a new "meet the press" all over this morning. the sunday nerd edition is what we were going to call that. we'll still provide a show for political junkies out there tuning in for the blocking and tackling of an election over the actual blocking and tackling of sunday football. but obviously


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