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tv   MSNBC Live With Andrea Mitchell  MSNBC  November 7, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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search of anthony weiner's laptop produced nothing new of hillary clinton. the review is over testimony . e >> we are on a good track. >> hillary clinton is the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of the president of the united states. hillary clinton is being protected by a totally rigged system. and now it's up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box tomorrow. that's what's going to happen. >> ground game. over 42 million americans have already cast their ballots. now the race is on to be voted on election day. >> i'm supporting hillary
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clinton. i have e-mailed out. >> it's game day for us. >> it is game day. i'm andrea mitchell in new york. in a whirlwind sprint to the finish both sides trying to react to james comey's second bombshell, basically saying never mind. meanwhile president obama about to take the stage in michigan. the latest high profile democrat to make a trip to the state. hillary clinton is appearing shortly in pittsburgh for the first of four stops in three battleground states. i was on the tarmac with the secretary under her last campaign trip as she got set to take off two hours ago surrounded by a press corps that's been with her for the last year and a half. as she defines her closing message today. >> i really do want to be the
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president for everybody. people who vote for me and against me. i think the splits, divides that have been not only exposed but exacerbated, i campaign and we really have to bring the country together. absolutely. i love this country. i believe in our people. we have a big agenda ahead of us. i'm excited. >> let's get to the latest numbers. the final nbc poll showing clinton with a six-point advantage. 47-41 over trump. the key battlegrounds are still in play. new swing state poll showing clinton with narrow leads up one point in florida, two in north carolina both within the margin of error. they are in play. clinton breaking away from trump in the granite state where i was
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last night. the university of new hampshire. joining me now peter alexander at the trump rally in sarasota. kelly o'donnell at hillary clinton's first stop of the day in pittsburgh and nbc justice correspondent pete williams in new york. pete, to you first to talk about james comey. the fbi in the center of a fire storm now from both sides. the clinton people are just -- to say furious is to under state what happened the last ten days. when she said to us right after the last debate, i'm not going to respond to donald trump anymore. i will be looking forward, positive message and the next day, bam. they feel they lost a lot of momentum and ground. and may lose control of the senate because of this. >> well, the fbi did what they
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said they were going to do once the letter was sent to congress. they say if they can get the word out on what they found in the e-mails on anthony weiner's laptop they said they would not do a progress report. only say if they could finish the work. they said they finished and nothing they found changes their view that this is not a case that could be prosecuted. >> though the fbi director exonerated her in this arena, donald trump is just going to town. let me bring peter alexander in. peter alexander, in the second of his appearances he was back on his campaign spiel about she's a criminal, lock her up and she'll be indicted. >> that's exactly right. >> when he got to minnesota it was the second stop of the day.
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he appeared to pause and huddle with advisers on the plane. made no reference in the course of the ten days i have been with him. at the next three stops, in fact, he did go after the idea that the system was rigged and this is new evidence that the fbi could have completed 150,000 of them. many were duplicates. there may have been a limited amount of e-mails that were new. there was no information that led the fbi to believe they had to pursue charges in the case against hillary clinton. what strikes me is i talked to the people here. they literally parrot the thought they hear donald trump say. they say it's a rigged system. they say only donald trump can fix it. in the course of the event the last in florida he's seen more since the convention and made an
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appeal to african-american voters. listen. >> i love those signs. blacks for trump. hold that sign up. >> i'm telling you. blacks for trump. you know. one thing they are seeing in a couple of states like florida, african-americans aren't turning out and when they do a lot of them are voting for trump. this is very disturbing to the other side. we'll do great with the african-americans. we'll do great with the hispanics. the other side is starting to see it. they are not happy. >> 3,000 to 5,000 people. we saw five to ten african-americans in the room. donald trump in his remarks picked this recent fight with jay-z and beyonce. >> she got jay-z and beyonce.
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and the language they used was so bad. [ booing ] >> the language. the language is so bad. as they were -- singing? singing, right? singing. talking? was it talking or singing? i don't know. >> reporter: just ahead of donald trump's remarks a senior aide said, pay attention to what he said. they called it a positive call to action. he spoke for 50 minutes. there wasn't a lot in terms of a unifying message. one of the points he made is if they win america loses. andrea? >> i just love that contrast. he has african-american support but is it singing? is it talking? we'll introduce donald trump to rap next, pete. let's talk about the law. there has to be a grand jury
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before there is an indictment. people aren't indicted, they have a right to counsel. there are a lot of steps before someone is locked up. >> as to the question of how they could have gone through 650,000 e-mails the fbi said most of the process was automated. you start with the 650. that's the total number of e-mails on the laptop. using the to, from and date part you can get to those sent to and from huma abedin when hillary clinton was secretary of state and find the duplicates with an automated process. they say the number left was a relatively small number. some were strictly social. what time do you want us to pick you up at the airport, that kind of thing. there was some forwarding of messages previously known that contained classified information. as they say, nothing that would change their bottom line. >> as we talk about this,
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hillary clinton is in pittsburgh. kelly o'donnell joins us. what she was saying in cleveland and new hampshire leaving west chester, she's not going to talk about the e-mails. >> absolutely. i was with her in cleveland when lebron james was the headliner. speaking to some of her top aides. the personal reaction to this was the second big comey letter was, quote, under stated. they know it is being talked about and analyzed. in this very busy final day on the campaign trail she's hitting states that are key for the day of voting meaning they didn't have the opportunity to vote early with the exception of some absentee ballots. they are clear battlegrounds. she will be in grand rapids,
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michigan. then back to pennsylvania for the spectacular finale at independence hall. she'll be joined by the president. bruce springsteen will be there. closing it out and one of the most important battleground states that connects in raleigh, north carolina. this is a time when she's trying to reach people in a very big way by television. 20 million are expected to see her closing ad. a two-minute ad where she'll talk about the kind of president she wants to be. it will be positive and forward-looking. not the partisan edge we have seen from both parties throughout much of the campaign. andrea? >> kelly o'donnell. i have been leaving to go to philadelphia and onto the midnight rally. the last rally of the campaign. we have been on for a year and a half in raleigh, north carolina.
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thanks to kelly, peter and pete. the fbi director's bomb shell ten days ago could have a big effect if not on the presidential race. that's still unknown on key senate races. possibly decides which party is controlling the senate. claire mchaskill joins us now. there is a senate race in your state. let's start there. >> sure. >> first of all your reaction to what jim comey did last week and now just late yesterday. >> it is unprecedented and terribly damaging to the institution of the fbi. no matter your party, who you are supporting you have to wonder with the automation that's in place, the ability they have to look at the e-mails why in the world would he send that letter. instead do what they do in the fbi. do the investigation and announce the results of the investigation without comment or opinion.
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it was hard to imagine. a man with the reputation for bad judgment. it was a very big mistake we'll be talking about. it did make a difference in the campaign. >> what's the difference you think it made in the campaign? >> for a period of time we now know 43 million people cast their votes. most of those people voted before. after comey had said, released the letter and before he said, by the way, use software and there is nothing there. all the people voted thinking there was a smoking gun in the laptop of anthony weiner. as it turns out there was nothing there. it is unfortunate that he muddled the race at that time.
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the good news is i think we have turned the corner and it feels good across the country for hillary clinton to be elected president of the united states. >> you have a big race in missouri. you have your republican colleague, the incumbent challenged. >> i think we'll be fine in terms of taking back the senate. i'm optimistic about missouri. i love my state. my state is the state that really the people who decide elections in the state don't do it by party. mitt romney won by double digits. the voters of the state turned around and re-elected me to the united states senate. missou missourians, they are tired of the party label and just want to
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figure out who can make change happen. who relates to me. i think he comes out on the positive end of the equation. >> we see deborah ross in a tie in north carolina. a big african-american vote there. i don't know if that's favorable for the democrat or not. in new hampshire kelly ayotte in that close race in the latest wmur poll today for the first time we have seen in the last week that governor maggie hassen pulled ahead. that's hard fought. we don't know which way the senate will go. >> it will be obviously still some close races out there. the ones that are closest are mostly in states where there is a clinton ground game operation. if you look at the way hillary
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clinton reassured americans. this is not flashy or fancy. here's the problem. let's build a team, invest in what we need to invest in and do blocking and tackling to make a change, make a difference. that's what you are seeing rolled out in the battleground states. it's something to see. it is impressive, the ground game they have put together. not the kind of thing that gets headlines they know who the voters are and how to reach them. that's how i feel confident about a victory. i feel good about the organization she's built. >> i want to ask you about former prosecutor, the first woman to be attorney general janet reno has died after a long struggle with parkinson's disease. i know you were close to her.
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i want you to express your thoughts. >> you know, i was really close to janet reno. she was a role model elected as the district attorney in miami dade county. when i became the elected prosecutor in kansas city she was one of the few women in the country who held a job like that. i reached out to her and she called me back right away when i was running. gave me great advice. she was the one who said over and over again. claire, you have unbridled power. stay handcuffed to the facts and don't talk about it until you are sure of the facts. that's how you find justice. she was independent, strong, smart. she wasn't afraid of anybody or anything. she'll go down in history as one all young women should try to emulate. >> senator claire mchaskill, make sure everybody comes out to
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vote to celebrate democracy. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> coming up the game day playbook. hillary clinton about to take the first campaign stop of the day. talking to the director of the ground game next on msnbc, the place for politics. ♪ ♪ ♪ is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event. (bing)
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together, we're building a better california. early voter turn out is already on track to beat all records. more than 43 million americans have already cast ballots before today including record turn outs in florida, north carolina and nevada. joining me now is marlin marshall a man largely responsible for the clinton
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campaign's ground game. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> let's talk about the ground game. there are states with real data where you don't have as much. pennsylvania and michigan in particular don't have much early voting. what are you seeing in the data so far from florida, north carolina and nevada that tells you which way it might be going? >> i don't know if you saw there is literally lines in 57,000 people voted in clark county. we saw record breaking voting in florida. 6 million people have cast ballots. they have to surge early voting on saturday. we are feeling good about those states and the ground operation is working. we knocked on over 6.2 million doors this weekend and we'll
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keep going. >> help us understand what donald trump's play is in michigan. have you guys been outfoxed in michigan? did you not organize enough? do you think the state is in play? >> michigan is a battleground state, one that we expected to be a battleground state. we have had the sizable ground game in michigan since the beginning of the general election. it's an election day only state. we are traveling there at the end. make sure we talk to voters before they get a chance to vote. we are feeling good about michigan. our ground game has done outstanding work there. >> it is a state which he lost surprisingly to bernie sanders. that night wasn't a great night for team clinton. >> right. >> there are the reagan democrats, macomb county, auto workers. do you think he can pull it off? >> i don't. i think her message is resonating well with voters in michigan.
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the president has held a rally. she had a great visit this weekend. going back to grand rapids. you mentioned senator sanders. she had a chance to stump in the state. there are voters across the state. there was a good turn out. i feel confident we'll do that. >> i will be on a plane with hillary clinton until 3:00 in the morning tomorrow. i suspect you'll be up all night. >> definitely will be up all night. making sure we finish strong on the phones, talking to the voters we need to as we bring the election to a close. >> any concerns about voter intimidation? >> one of the things you have seen in the cycle is more ways to vote. you have seen increased early voting. we think there are many ways for folks to participate in the process tomorrow. as we were knocking on doors, making phone calls.
9:24 am
where their sights are. this is an election where access to voting will be more than ever before. that will show moving forward. we feel good about tomorrow. >> let me close the loop on something. as you know for a couple of days next week. secretary clinton was there and people purged from the roles. the federal judge said it was insane, a throwback to dred scott, jim crow. then on friday afternoon she ruled in favor of the naacp. saying that could not happen anymore and people had to be reinstated. do you have means to make sure they got back on saturday. >> that's a great question. we are excited about the ruling. we think those voters should be
9:25 am
back on. we are doing what we can to reach out the next 48 hours to reach as many of those and the folks who have not gotten a chance. it's definitely part of it. to make the phone calls and they along with other north carolinans will show up. >> we did that just in time. he's going to the next interview. coming up, team of rivals. exclusive reporting from katy tur on who donald trump could be eyeing for top jobs if he wins. we are waiting for hillary clinton to take the stage in ann arbor, michigan. stay with us on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5...
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yoyeah, i do.e? you guys are working on some pretty big stuff over there, right? like a new language for crazy-big, world-changing machines.
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well, not me specifically. i work on the industrial side. so i build the world-changing machines. i get it. you can't talk because it's super high-level. no, i actually do build the machines. blink if what you're doing involves encrypted data transfer. wait, what? wowwww... wow? what wow? there is no wow. we have new information now
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about what a donald trump administration, what his cabinet could look like should he win on tuesday. the names considered are newt gingrich for secretary of state, rudy giuliani for attorney general. retired lieutenant general michael flynn for defense secretary or national security adviser. joining me is vin weber. former policy adviser to mitt romney's campaign. former colleague of newt gingrich. does that kind of reassure you of what a trump administration would look like? >> it doesn't totally surprise me but i think the job newt gingrich is probably best suited for if you want him in the cabinet is secretary of defense. he's close to the officer corps. whoever -- i don't think donald trump will win. he will have a difficult time getting people confirmed in
9:30 am
front of the senate. newt gingrich is a smart guy. he belongs and if there were a trump administration he would belong in the cabinet. it's not without controversy. >> and rudy giuliani, especially things said during the campaign. >> we are going to have a great deal of difficulty with senate confirmations should there be a trump presidency. i think hillary clinton will have trouble with people who need senate confirmation. who will she bring in with her? putting the administrations of either of these people together will be trickier than usual. >> let me ask about minnesota. is there a play for donald trump in minnesota? you're from minnesota. you represented the district there in minnesota for years and years in congress. what's happening in minnesota that might surprise us? >> i have looked at the polling there for the last couple of months. i believe donald trump will aoutperform republicans in northern minnesota and particularly northeastern
9:31 am
minnesota, duluth, and a traditionally democratic california where he'll win with and get votes. 60% of minnesota will be a metropolitan organization. you get into the suburbs of minneapolis and he'll way under perform. that could be the story of philadelphia, the story of detroit, the story of a lot of cities around the country where the suburban areas don't give donald trump the margin he needs in order to win. minnesota is a classic case of that. i don't think he can carry minnesota. >> is that because of suburban women? >> generally more toll rent social attitudes. rhetoric against immigrants doesn't sit well with voters much less in the inner cities where the votes in minneapolis and st. paul will be similar to cities around the country. hillary will get 70 to 80% in
9:32 am
the city. >> is this gut check time as to how this came about? >> who knows what will happen? i have a strange view of this. i thought this election has been decided for a long time. i think the strategy of the trump campaign was always doomed to failure. that strategy being to elevate the white vote, get a larger percentage of the white vote and ignore the growing demographics. asian americans, hispanic americans and african-americans. i don't think it is a plausible strategy. if trump goes down tomorrow as think he will they have to look hard at how to strategize this election and going forward. you can't be a party of only shrinking demographic of white voters. >> thank you very much. hillary clinton is campaigning now with the university of pittsburgh. let's listen to her closing
9:33 am
message. >> we have great elected officials here. congressman mike doyle. county executive rich fitzgerald. from pittsburgh mayor, from brad dock, p.a., mayor john fedderman. mostly i'm here to say thanks for taking time out to think about what the stakes are. i love you all, too. absolutely. [ crowd chanting "hillary" ] >> for those who are still making up your minds or thinking
9:34 am
maybe it's not worth voting at all, let me just say the choice in this election could not be clearer. it really is between division or unity. between strong and steady leadership or a loose cannon. between an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top and an economy that's set up and run for those at the top. i have spent my public career fighting for kids, families and standing up for my country. if you give me the privilege of your vote tomorrow, that's what i will do every single day of my presidency. i will get up in the white house. and i will think about what i can do that day to knock down barriers, to create opportunities so that you have
9:35 am
the chance to fulfill your own dreams. you see, i believe america's best days are still ahead of us. that doesn't mean we don't have to work for it because we do. that doesn't mean we can just expect it to happen as kind of a birthright. i believe that. i would not have worked for 18 months, traveled across our country, fought as hard as i have about what we need to do and how to do it together, proudly stand up and defend a legacy of president obama which has given our country progress in the right direction. if i did not believe with all my heart that we could do this. right? we can do this.
9:36 am
we don't have to accept a dark and divisive vision for america. tomorrow, you can vote for a hopeful, inclusive, big-hearted america. and our core values are being tested in this election and i know that people are frustrated. a lot of people feel left out and left behind. there is fear, even anger in our country. but i've got to say anger is not a plan, my friends. if we are going to harness our energy and try to overcome our problems then we've got to start talking to each other again. we have to get good ideas wherever they come from. last night i was in manchester,
9:37 am
new hampshire and i was with a man whose son captain khan was killed. you may remember him from the democratic convention. he was not a man to be on the stage of a political convention, but when he heard my opponent say what he said about muslims and he looked at the flag draped on his son's coffin he felt compelled to speak out. he spoke powerful fullfully abo america needs to him and how we have to defend our values and our constitution. as he said last night, his son serving in the united states army with his unit saw something suspicio
9:38 am
suspicious, moved to check it out telling his men to stay behind and when the car exploded he lost his life. he had the barry bonds star a--e star and the purple heart but when you listen to the people that my opponent insulted and denigrated, would there be a place in donald trump's america for captain khan? the family gives me hope because they truly believe in the values of this country of ours. they have stood upholding the constitution as they did to say people around the world cherish this constitution, believe in our values, a source of hope for
9:39 am
billions of people. we will never, ever let that go. and we won't let someone rip it away in the kind of negative, divisive, hateful campaign we have seen in this election. hillary clinton speaking in pittsburgh with her closing argument. meanwhile chelsea clinton was in ann arbor. she's been introducing president obama and will be joining that rally. first i want to bring in elijah cummings. now that comey has exonerated hillary clinton you have been outspoken wanting answers from the fbi. let's talk about the political damage given what happened in the last ten days. >> it's hard to determine what if any damage there was. but clearly when director comey
9:40 am
came out with the letter 10, 11 days ago, it left a lot to be desired. i don't think he should have done that having not even reviewed any of the e-mails. now i think we have to go forward. as we listen to secretary clinton, clearly she's letting the world know she will be the uniter in chief. all of the people that donald trump has talked negatively about. the disabled, women, african-americans, she said we've going to unite you to forge ahead together. going back to the e-mails for a second, hillary clinton has been through a lot. i think donald trump said the thing he admired about her the most is she's a fighter.
9:41 am
she dusts herself off, getting people going. that's why i'm excited to support her. >> she did acknowledge in cleveland yesterday when she was appearing with lebron james there are a lot of people angry out there. she said a lot are angry at her and don't trust her. she knows she has to fix that. she has a closing advertisement to two minutes straight to camera tonight on nbc, cbs in primetime, trying to explain herself. a lot of people in america don't know who it is. she lost a lot of time in the past ten days. >> yeah. >> how much of the trust factor make it hard to unite. >> the trust factor is always -- i have always pushed our people
9:42 am
in government to pursue excellence, be fair and honest in everything we do and have a foundation of integrity. i think secretary clinton will be able to get the message that she's learned from her mistakes. a lot of times when you make a mistake you have to learn from it and go forward. she made it clear she made a mistake, particularly with the e-mails. she has to move forward. i think america wants her to move forward. to be frank with you, a number of people i talked to over the last 12 hours told me they were relieved that comey came back and said there was no reason, no basis to charge her for anything the same as it was in july. she's being treated unfairly. i think all of the factors will come together and i believe her
9:43 am
closing message will be, that she will be the uniter in chief. >> thank you so much. the voters will decide. president obama campaigning in ann arbor michigan now. let's listen. >> we took what could have been a great depression and turned it into recovery. our businesses turned job losses into 15.5 million new jobs. we saw an auto industry flat on its back roar its way back to break new records. the unemployment rate in michigan below the national average and across the nation cut the unemployment rate in half. incomes went up faster than any time in years. poverty went down faster than any time in years. americans have health insurance that didn't have it before.
9:44 am
we doubled our production of clean energy. became the world leader in fighting climate change. brought home so many of our men and women in uniform, took out osama bin laden. high school graduation rates, all time high. college graduation, all-time high. marriage equality, a reality from coast to coast. that happens because people in 2008 decided to choose hope over fear. and over the course of the eight years, all across 50 states, i have always seen what made america great. i have seen you. americans of every faith, every
9:45 am
background, republicans and democrats who understand that we are stronger together. young, old, men, women, black, white, latino, asian, native american. people with disabilities. gay, straight, all of us pledging allegiance to the red, white and blue. that's the america i know. there is only one candidate in the race who devoted her life to that better america. that's the next president of the united states, k . but michigan, all that progress goes down the drain if we go down the drain. i know it's been a long campaign and the end of every campaign brings craziness, negative ads,
9:46 am
noise and distractions. for those of you voting for the first time i know sometimes you think, this is kind of strange. it's not always like that. i want you to tune out all the noise. in the voting booth it couldn't be more clear. donald trump is temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief. think about this. over the weekend his campaign took away his twitter account. if your closest advisers don't trust you to tweet how can we trust him with the nuclear codes. he's unqualified to be chief executive.
9:47 am
he claims he's a business guy. but we have business people who succeed without stiffing workers who have done work for you and you don't pay them. you say because i have more lawyers i don't have to pay you. this is the first candidate in decades to hide his tax returns. he hasn't paid his federal income taxes in years. which means he's not contributing to our veterans. he's not contributing to our troops. he's not contributing to our outstanding public universities. by the way, since we are in michigan, look at what he said about the auto industry. remember e when i came into office industry was flat on its back and we made some tough decisions to bring workers, management, everybody together in order to revitalize the industry, just last summer
9:48 am
donald trump said you could have let it go bankrupt, frankly. i want you to understand. had the big three gone bankrupt or two of the three gone bankrupt that could have cost a million jobs across the country. that could have killed michigan's economy. donald trump didn't stop there. he actually suggested shipping michigan's auto jobs to states that don't have unions so they can pay their workers less. [ booing ] >> don't boo -- [ audience shouts "vote" ] >> he said this. look it up. he said squeeze michigan. make michigan hurt. then your auto workers have no choice but to accept less pay. that's not a champion for
9:49 am
working people. don't boorks vote. he can't hear your boos. but he'll hear your votes tomorrow. this is not somebody who's a champion for working families. for his tough talk about china he uses chinese steel in his hotels. he's given jobs to chiend steel workers not americans. for his tough talk on trade, the trade war he threatens to trigger might well damage the auto industry all over again. every time my administration brought a trade enforcement case against china that's been decided the united states of america has won. that's how you stand up for american workers. so to every auto worker on the assembly line here in michigan, every small business owner, every bar keep, teacher in communities that depend on the auto industry, i think i have earned some credibility here.
9:50 am
[ cheers ] plants that were closing when i took office are working double shifts now. the auto industry has record sales. i think i have earned some credibility here. [ cheers ] manufacturing jobs have grown at the fastest rate since the '90s when another clinton was president. i think we have earned some credibility here. so when i tell you that donald trump is not the guy who's going to look out for you, you need to listen. do not be bamboozled. don't fall for the okey-dokey. in his 70 years on earth the donald has never showed regard for working folks. except for the folks who clean up in his hotels and mow the fairways. he didn't care about working folks.
9:51 am
meanwhile hillary clinton will put forward the biggest investment in new jobs since world war ii. >> barack obama showing his stuff in ann arbor. a millennial crowd, college students, many voting for the first time. in fact, in the new "wall street journal" poll today, 49% of those polls say they would prefer a third term for president obama if the u.s. constitution allowed it. how about that. talk about a great surrogate. he and michelle obama will be with hillary clinton and bill clinton tonight at independent hall. we'll be there as well. mark murray, why michigan? why is the president in michigan? tell us stats there. >> it's all about trying to close off a path donald trump has to 270 electoral votes. let me show you where michigan is. this is in the blue democratic midwest firewall that's gone democratic in the presidential
9:52 am
election since i have been covering it. why this is so important is say you give donald trump all the 94 electoral votes we have in the column. we give him georgia, north carolina, ohio. we give him new hampshire, arizona and where dump is at 263 electoral votes. he has to be able to turn michigan red, pennsylvania. i find it interesting so much of the rhetoric has been targeting michigan where hillary clinton has the lead in almost every poll i have seen. they aren't talking as much about pennsylvania anymore. that's where president obama is going to be with hillary clinton and bill clinton later tonight. can you have donald trump do something that george w. bush wasn't able to do. certainly john mccain wasn't able to do and mitt romney in
9:53 am
2012. >> he had family roots in michigan with his father the former governor there. they are worried about michigan and pennsylvania. they are not early voting states. they have assumptions about who will vote on election day tomorrow. i want to bring in chris cillizza, msnbc contributor for the washington post and a columnist as well. you are a harvard lawyer. i want to ask about jim comey and the fbi. how damaging have the last ten days been? >> you don't need a law degree. it doesn't give you any benefit in assessing that. it's been not good for hillary clinton. it was extraordinarily helpful to her though a lot of voting has already taken place to have director comey come in and clean up his mess. it did create a mess, an unnecessary mess and the fact they determined there wasn't any
9:54 am
there there or anything much new there there that would affect his determination in the situation. it under scores what a mistake it was to send letters in the first place. >> chris cillizza, do you think there was a damaging effect not only to her campaign and she had a lead and maybe a margin for error there. could it affect the senate? >> it could. i think she's bounced back. as mark lays out it takes an inside straight to be elected, period. winning michigan and pennsylvania or michigan or pennsylvania isn't what you want to hang your hopes on if you are the republican nominee the day before the election. that said, i think it ginned up republican enthusiasm for a period of time. whether in our washington post tracking poll that has come back hillary clinton's enthusiasm.
9:55 am
we find a week about donald trump as opposed to the final week about the fbi in e-mails. that's better for donald trump than talking about himself which has never been good in that campaign. reminds a lot of republicans maybe in missouri or north carolina, roy blunt and both incumbents in trouble. >> mark murray back to you at the board. what are you looking at tonight? what early indicators of which way things are going? >> it really is florida. you have a pretty early poll closing call on the east coast. the democrats really like their early vote numbers. if we end up seeing the first batch of early vote which could be up to 70% of the total day of vote that actually gives us a good indication of how the night
9:56 am
would play out. >> mark murray, chris cillizza and ruth marcus. what an election. perhaps too exciting for us. people are really engaged about the results tomorrow. it is a jam-packed day on the campaign trail. today president obama rallying voters in ann arbor, michigan. more ahead on "andrea mitchell reports." stay with us. >> make sure women get paid the same for doing the same work as a guy. surprise!!!!! we heard you got a job as a developer! its official, i work for ge!! what? wow... yeah! okay... guys, i'll be writing a new language for machines so planes, trains, even hospitals can work better. oh! sorry, i was trying to put it away... got it on the cake. so you're going to work on a train? not on a train...on "trains"! you're not gonna develop stuff anymore? no i am... do you know what ge is?
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that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." i'm off to raleigh, north carolina, for a midnight rally. follow the show online. hallie jackson is next on msnbc. >> thank you, andrea. run to the airport. run to the train. i'm hallie jackson. 11 hours until election day. this hour president obama is on the campaign trail in ann arbor, michigan.
10:00 am
north of the state, mike pence expected to hold a rally. just a moment ago hillary clinton wrapped up her final words to pittsburgh while donald trump was in sarasota, florida. each sprinting to the finish line. >> we have one more day, michigan. one more day. >> because in pennsylvania, it's all about election day. >> we are going to win michigan. we're going to win minnesota. >> just when you thought you'd seen it on the campaign trail, there is a moment donald trump complimenting the hair on the plastic mask. this is it. our entire team of correspondents has it covered coast to coast. full court press from msnbc and nbc news now. let's start with reporters in two battleground states where donald trump and hillary clinton are today. my fellow road warrior kasie hunt in pittsburgh. jacob


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