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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  November 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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good evening and welcome back to this special edition of
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"hardball" live from philadelphiaful tonight, hillary clinton's campaign holds its big finale in the cradle of liberty, the city where she ak a septembered her party's nomination two months ago. philadelphia, pennsylvania in a final push to get out the vote before tomorrow, clinton will hold a rally and will be joined by her husband, bill clinton, her daughter, chelsea and president and michelle obama. all five of them are going to be here. all on stage together. rock star, bruce springsteen and bon jovi will perform and join both families on stage tonight. it's all happening. i've said a long time, my home state of pennsylvania hillary's firewall and pennsylvania could decide this thing. the latest poll out of pennsylvania shows clinton with a four-point lead over trump. it's clinton at 44%, trump at 40. that's four points. both candidates are targeting pa. donald trump campaigned in the northeast corn up in scranton today. he's there now. clinton will end her day here in
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philly, but he started on the western side of the th state. the commonwealth, the campus of the university of pittsburgh. here she is. >> and tomorrow, each and every one of you gets to make a decision. as the to whether or not first you will vote. because in pennsylnia, it's all about election day. other places around the country have been voting for weeks. i see this man standing here with a sign. coal miners for hillary and i'll tell you, sir -- i know how hard times are. and as i have said and you can take it to the bank, i will not forget you and i will do everything i can to help people who have given so much worked so hard throughout their lives for generations to build this country, we are not going to forget any american!
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>> massive democratic city, of course, fill philadelphia's long played a key role in electing democrats to the white house. 1960 when john kennedy carried philadelphia by 330,000 votes swamping the state and putting pennsylvania's then 32 electoral votes in the kennedy column. in recent years, the city has delivered democrats up to a half a million votes keeping pennsylvania in democratic hands. there he is, the chairman of the senate committee will be joining us. led by bob brady, the head of the country's last big city political machine. joining me is congressman bob brady. also bob casey from scranton, the senior center. also with us is is political analyst, robert costa, from bucs county. thank you, all. mr. brady, i saw you put
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together the organization on friday. sxwl going to get 460 plus majority and carry the rest of the state to make pennsylvania in hillary's column. >> senator casey, explain to me the scranton thing. i bet you know why guys like us are for hillary, but also other guys like us are for trump. explain the trump phenomenon. he's in scranton tonight for a reason. why? he think he's getting a boost there. >> you can the county where i live, that's scranton. th it's more difficult than in some of cities. i think lackawanna county. her economic message is strong. but a lot of what we've seen across the state one of the reasons why you see some of this
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vote by some democrats is that if you look at last 40 years, wages are up in 40 years by 11% according to the economic policy institute, so there's an economic anxiety that sometimes he benefits from. he has no plans to deal with it. has not really addressed it. she's put forth a very specific plan for pennsylvania on manufacturing, making sure that we're creating the jobs of if future i think that's going to be one of the main reasons she carries the state. >> robert costa, out of bucs county, swing county. probably going to go for hillary. but tell me why is state is divided. what do you see in terms of the split between the angry trump voter and regular democratic voter? >> chris, secretary clinton's in philly tonight and congressman brady, his machine there is is crucial. the suburban voters in bucs county who listen to bruce spri springsteen on the way to a soccer game.
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she's speaking to the towns that whoa may be tempted by trump. traditional, democratic voters, but at this time of the economy, she's been specific. >> congressman, you have an organization, the last big organization with big city. what do republicans have like that? starting tomorrow morning as 6:00 in the morning. what does he do to get people to the polls? >> he's not going to get anybody to the polls. republican organization is not geared uchl they're not ready. they don't know how to do this. if fi thaet anybody, it will be the first time. we've been there for many, many years. we'll carry thety big time. >> senator, let me ask you about the culture of the state. pennsylvania's a real place. all right. describe it to somebody, i know philly's unique, too, but describe pennsylvania and why trump would put his heart in winning here. you said this other night, it's just propaganda. why to republicans always think they can carry pennsylvania and
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never do? >> chris, i think one of the keys now is in suburban philadelphia. those four counties will comprise 22% of the vote. the president's margin four years ago in the four counties combined was 123,000. hillary is going to exceed that. i don't know how much, but she'll exceed it i think substantially. which i think will more than compensate for areas where democrats haven't done as well. giving an example, almost every county outside of allegheny county, western pennsylvania, has trended republican. not just for this election. this is happened over the last 125 15 years. the good news, the votes in the eastern corner of the state, especially the suburbs will make up for that. >> you're talking about the suburbs, tell me about how the suburb have moved towards the democrats. is it demographic, highly educated people moving in to places like bucs and chester? i've seen these stats. it's like 43% of the people or
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something that most highest percentage of people to finish college is in chester for example. sxwl you're right and the senator, this is a crucial area. a lot of highly educated women. highly educated men. they went for president obama. they liked his temperment. they've been moving toward the democratic party and many of these formerly moderate republican circles because they didn't see in the new version, something they could identify with. if you think back in 2004, during a wartime, voters who were motivated not just by being with someone who was a different kind of temper, a more mod raet temperment, they're driven in part by fear, so it's going to be interesting, can secretary clinton speak to the ones in bucs and montgomery and elsewhere and try to reassure them that trump even if he's change, shehe's not the right k of change. >> a lot of reagan democrats grew up democrat. maybe some in the city.
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they feel the democratic party has gotten too elite, too much trading, too many wars. they lean conservative now. how are the democrats going to get them back? >> they're back. thesk back. we do this 365 days a year. this is just one election. we do this all the time. our committee people are in the neighborhoods. they service people. we have a democratic organization with mainly democratic lek elected officials that service people and people recognize service. they want to get things done. they want to vote for the president of the united states, but they want a a pothole fixed too and they want their kids to go to school and they want decent schools. we do that 365 days a year for every election. not just one time when the president runs. >> trump has hit every pressure point he can. angry about immigration, vote for me. about your loss of manufacturing jobs, vote for me. if you like coal, vote for me. if you like guns, vote for me. he's solving everybody's problem. >> i wish he'd put some plans on
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paper. >> your answer. he's going keep digging coal mines. going back to coal. is this really, do people buy that? >> one of reasons they don't buy it because there's one candidate who has a specific plan. >> hillary's very kampbl saying i'm not going to forget the coal miners. she's not going back into coal as a way of producing energy in this country. >> but she has very specific ideas about how to help people transition and i don't know what donald trump, when he talks about, he's helping people in coal country, hasn't told them what he'll do. >> just isn't telling anybody how he's going to do it! let me ask you -- michael quail, you'd strike here. the next year, back and forth. is that going to affect the vote here? >> it's over. the buses are running tonight and we've got a lot guaranteed to be 100% service tomorrow morning, so we're fine.
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>> so, everybody's going to vote. first call? >> 5:30, 6:00. >> we have our very proud organization here in the city of philadelphia. robert costa you don't fully appreciate the concern that the committee man has to make sure you damn well vote. thank you. when we come back, the state of the race with just hours to go before voting actually begins tomorrow morning. this is "hardball" from philadelphia. live, the place for politics. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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i worked. >> welcome back to "hardball" life from philadelphia tonight where hillary, bill and chelsea clinton are going to hold a big rally with president obama and michelle obama and of course, introduce springsteen here and bon jovi. donald trump has a five state blitz. he's getting tired. candidates always get tired the last day. early today across the state in pittsburgh, secretary clinton took a final swing at trump. she called, who she called devicive and unfit to be commander in chief. let's watch that. from. >> we don't have to accept a dark and devicive vision for america. tomorrow, you can vote. for a hopeful, inclusive, big hearted america. tomorrow, we face the test of our time. will we be coming together as a nation or splitting further apart? i think we do need some more love and kindness.
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all right? we have got to rise above all of this hate filleded rhetoric. all of these insults and scapegoating and finger pointing. >> you can say that again. let's bring in andrea mitchell who got her start here. she used to cover exciting campaigns, i can remember those. she's right there in front of the independence hall. give us a sense of that crowd and where this campaign stands right now with the few u hours to go before everything starts. >>. >> this is simply amazing as an american, as a philadelphia person, as i mean, just as a citizen, to be in front of independence a hall with this kind of crowd on election eve, it's just a phenomenal setting. the crowd is exuberant. this has been a long and often
4:17 pm
painful 18 months by anybody's account and until the last moment, clouded by the e-mail controversies, only cleared up by fbi director yesterday. still, hillary clinton was really a -- i started the day with her up in westchester on the tarmac. she took a few questions, we posed for pictures and she said, we try to ask her a question about jim comey and she said, we're on a good track, so she will not respond to that. we talk ed about this last nigh. she does not want to talk about that because they think it's just a reminder of the troubles they've had with the personal server and she's going for swing voters in michigan today and pennsylvania. she was saying you know, to those of you who aren't with me, i can be a president for all of you. there's a prime time ad on tonight, a two minute ad, straight to camera. this is her pitch. i want to unify the country. that's what she told us this
4:18 pm
morning and there's a possibility at 3:00 this morning, she's going to talk and be met by supporters on the tarmac again. an amazing day. >> yeah, it is. great night. do you have a sense of your reporting, can you tell whether she hoped in the campaign remember for a while, she said when they go low, we go high. we'll take the high road then we got the fbi reporter friday a week ago. two fridays ago. it seemed like then she had to change the campaign back to tit for tat and now at the ls minute, she's turning high road. did she want to turn high road before this? >> she absolutely. we were talking to her on the plane coming back from the last debate and she would not rise to any bait. she did not want to debate or argue with donald trump after that debate. she clearly felt she had won that final debate and then the very next day, got slammed blind sided by the comey letter and they felt they had to go negative. so all of the plans for ten, 12
4:19 pm
days of a positive ending, uplifting ending, were erased by that and now, she's really hoping in these closinging hours to reach people as she did, she hopes in pittsburgh and now in philadelphia. later tonight. joined by an unprecedented closing rally as you said said, by both obama, bon jovi, springsteen. an amazing settinging. i was thinking about the setting because you go to all of these rally, i've been traveling for 18 months with her. there's also a lot of o orchestration and drama and lighting. which i fifrs witnessed covering reagan who was the master of this. his people were. but this is so symbolic. independence hall. talking about becoming the first woman president and this is where the founders met. and just think about what history she could be making tomorrow if she's successful. >> i agree so well. thank you. you've got a sense of this
4:20 pm
according to what's happening. i love it. let's bring in chuck todd. nicole wallace, former communications director for george bush and eugene robinson, thank you all for joining us tonight. i guess i want to ask you all about where this stands on trump. i guess if i were trump, to think through what's going on in his head up there tonight and later in the ooempk, i think if you're behind, you've got hope you can get a a last minute roll. and maybe it will help you in maybe in florida and then you've got to have reach. you have to do some roll and then reach beyond where you think the roll is is going to take you and go for the reach states. i think that's what he's doing. it's rational. maybe the most rational period of his campaign, but it's desperate. you're thinking about what trurp's trying to do in these last hours. >> look, yes, i agree. this is a very rational move by
4:21 pm
him. it is you know, the traditional swing states weren't enough, he had to find others. i can't help but wonder if he's filled with regret. in hindsight, it is stunning that scranton and mccomb county, michigan and say janesville, wisconsin, to borrow a familiar hometown of a certain wisconsin republican. weren't more regular stops for trump during the fall. and in hindsight, did he, just as the democrats have taken all of these formally red states in the sun belt that have been diversifying year after year, there's been a demographic change taking place in the northern tier that republicans should have been able to take advantage of sooner and trump was the messer to do it when it cams to issues of trade and things like that. to watch this this last week make upg boy, what could have
4:22 pm
been an what a different place we might be in tonight. >> yeah. well let me go to they call your thing, you got big brain in the kind of political setting. think about what you can do in the time you have left. what's trump doing as you see it? >> i agree with woet of you. i think he's doing the only thing there is left to do, which is to throw that hail mary. can't believe i'm make iing a sports analogy with the likes all of you. what he has to do if he wants to win, he can sweep the battlegrounds and lose, but he could win florida, ohio, yourng all the gray states on our map and still lose the presidency, so he's doing what you have to do, but you're asking the question that i think haunts most republicans as we lay awake sleepless at night. most republicans i've talked to of the much loathed establishment ilk think he's
4:23 pm
going to come up short, but this is not the kind of election where we can wake up the negs morning and go back to business as usual. you talked a eed about the coui if we want to reclaim hope of winning a national election. we've lost a few now in a row and there are a lot of good lessons to learn about the way trump talk to the gop base about economic despair. it's something that a lot of republicans, the 16 that reran against failed at. >> you and i have talked about the way trump and i don't think you leicht less than i like it. i don't like it much, which is the way trump has des parnlged minorities. and he's done it in a way that's almost suicidal. if you spot your opponent, in this case, hillary clinton, a quarter of the vote, hispanic and african-american, you get a spot of that. i'm still going to win, who are you lying to? you'd have to carry two-thirds of what's left. two-thirds. 67%.
4:24 pm
to win an election. it's crazy what he did. also probably immoral, but start with the crazy. >> yeah, crazy. immoral. and just plain wrong. look, i've always, we've had this discussion before. it doesn't make any sense. if some day, the republican party, there will be a republican party i hope that makes a sincere appeal for african-american and latino votes and that will require not just you know, showing up at a black church on a sunday. it will require including people on the grass roots level. there's a lot of stuff that the republican party hasn't done. donald trump is not the person to do that, obviously. he was never going to do it. he did the opposite and he sort of energized the at alt right and that sort of sector of voters, but he turned everybody else off and so, yeah, he'd be doing better if he were a different person. >> i think that's very fair.
4:25 pm
let me get back to chuck and you verve judgment on a lot of these things as a straight analyst, but the decision to start his national roll as a birther, he change to emerge as a birther by say i saying that president of the united states, the first african-american, comes with a mixed bag for him, but he's african-american and saying he's basically somebody -- nobody knew him -- a man chur yan candidate and he did that to get himself his legs. and then to end it later and then to develop are rapists and murderers. you can argue about immigration policy getting it straight. but accusing immigrants of all being criminals is not a starting point. >> look, unless you're him, he created a toxic mix here. right? economic populism was popular and potentially a terrific message in a general election, but he mixed with sort of this cultural backlash.
4:26 pm
that has also taken place in this country. it happens. we've made some, there have been some dramatic changes in our culture. whether it's marriage equality, the election of the first african-american, possible election of the first woman president. trans gender folks like kaitlyn jenner now front and center type of things. there's been a dramatic change in culture and trump basically wrapped both issues together, which was one way to win a, the nomination, but it automatically going to what you guys did here. if he had separated his cultural balash message and never touch ed that, never got into it, look, the most powerful future coalition in this country is going to be an economic populous message that unites working class whites and working class latinos and working class african-americans. bernie sanders might have put that coalition together had he
4:27 pm
gotten a nomination and might have shown us how potentially powerful that is. that's what trump cut himself off from. >> well, that politics of bobby kennedy is a long way in the past unfortunately, but it was once there because we saw as the train went by in new jersey and by here in 1968, the funeral train of bobby kennedy, there were white faces and black faces and they were all working people and they were saluting this guy as a fellow patriot. that was a moment we have to get back to. by the way, it's a great honor working with you. all of you. the night before the election. up next, hillary clinton's fighting hard in the industrial midwest. she's pushing to hang on to michigan and pennsylvania as trump looks to make enroads into these traditionally blue states and this is "hardball." the place for politics. changes to make things right.
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so should we go with the 467 horsepower? or is a 423 enough? good question. you ask a lot of good questions... i think we should move you into our new fund. ok. sure. but are you asking enough about how your wealth is managed? wealth management, at charles schwab. by the way, michigan is in play. hasn't been in play for republicans for 30 something years because they're tired of watching their car factories be taken out. >> welcome become to "hardball" live from philadelphia as we await the rally with the clintons and the obamas and bruce spring steen. donald trump today told supporters he's going to win michigan, a state that hasn't voted for a republican candidate
4:32 pm
since 1988. but hlary clinton's pushing hard the to defend her advantage in michigan, another rust belt state. like this one of pennsylvania. earler today, president obama made a direct appeal to michigananders. >> to every small business owner, every bar keep, every teacher in communities that depend on the auto industry, i think i've earned some credibility here. plants that were closing when i took office are working double shift now. the auto industry it has record sale, i think i've earned some credibility here. man fufacturing jobs have grownt the fastest rate since the '90s when another clinton was president. i think weather earned some crede bability here, so when i tell you that donald trump is not the guy who's going to look
4:33 pm
out for you, you need to listen. do not be bamboozled. >> well, for more on donald trump's blue state pig out plan, i'm joined by former michigan governor, jennifer granholm. thank you, governor, for joining us. talk about michigan. it has an appeal to arraign back in '72 before you were in office. the state voters voted for george wallace back then. trump seems to be appealing to that kind of anger. what are his chances? >> no way, do not be bamboozled as the president said ch he was wright right on the money. this president and hillary clinton who supported him saved the auto industry. there's an element in michigan and i believe it strongly, who's against these unfettered trade agreements without enforce m of them. she's got a plan to do that and in fact, chris, there was just a poll out this shows that people
4:34 pm
trust her more on trade than trust donald trump. i know he's sort of you know, throwing darts against the board and hoping something stick, the t not going stick in michigan. >> what do you think appealed to him out there? is it just desperation? because everybody thought couple of week, maybe a week ago, few days ago, his root north was like robert e. lee's going up through pennsylvania. going to hit pennsylvania, take it away from the democrats. what sent him off to michigan? >> i think desperation and that bernie sanders had victory in the primary here based upon a message that was about jobs and trade. but she has taken that back. her whole 100 day plan is about jobs and making sure we renegotiate nafta so that we create jobs in america. so, i just think that he's hoping for something, but it's not going to fly. in fact, the early ballots that come through in michigan, we don't have early in person vote
4:35 pm
ing, but we have absentee voting and the democrats are up 50,000 votes in just those absentee votes. i think it's going to be a really good day for michigan tomorrow. >> governor, great to have you. president obama also took trump to task there for previous calls to let the auto industry go bankrupt. that was not a smart move by trump add he's going to pay for it tomorrow. let's watch. >> since we're in michigan, take a look what the he said about the auto industry. now, remember, when i came into office, industry was flat on its back. and we made some tough decisions. just last summer, donald trump said you could have let it go bankrupt. now, wow. he said squeeze michigan. make michigan hurt. then your auto workers would have no choice but to accept less pay. that's not something who's a champion for working people. >> john, your thoughts about these two states, the one i'm in now, pennsylvania and michigan. what's trump up to?
4:36 pm
what's your history tell you b about his chances? >> i think there's a couple of things going ochblt first of all, i don't know how we can say it's desperate if desperate, why are they sending all of the reenforcements on the democrat side. why is obama there if the democrats think it's not in play? why are they sending him to pa p if they think it's not in play. they're worried about something. two, is the one thing people know about these two particular states is that there's a lot of people who feel they've been left on the economic battlefield. they're the sons and daughters of reagan democrats who sometimes vote republican and i believe that donald trump actually has struck chord with these people. 75,000 democrats switched over to the republican party to vote for trump in the republican party. these are votes mitt romney could not have got an donald trump seems to be getting them. plus, it's only route for donald trump to go i believe. if he can't win in michigan,
4:37 pm
can't win in pennsylvania. i think -- >> we're looking at all these states. governor, back to the map. then back to john. governor, you look at the map. he's got a very good shot in ohio. an excellent shot in iowa. got a troubling situation in florida because the hispanic vote it's hard to pick that. he has to win north carolina. but then he has to win somewhere in a big industrial state. michigan or pennsylvania. which one would you go to if you were him? not michigan? just tell him to give up? >> honestly, i'd say you better shore up ohio. i'm not advising donald trump, but i know to john's point about why he's there, i mean, he's there because in michigan, in pennsylvania, and in new hampshire, they don't all have these great early in person v e voting. so, of course, they're going to go battleground states where there is no in person voting, so
4:38 pm
shore up their strengths. i don't think ohio, i don't think he's got a great shot at winning ohio. i think the numbers that have come in from early voting, especially once people were able to vote, recognizing that there was some shutting down of polls, a week early, but i think that ohio maybe a surprise for people tomorrow. >> well, it's too late to make a bet, a gentleman's bet. thank you from the state of michigan. predicting that donald trump will not win ohio. we'll hold you to that bet. john, a tough road. up next, we await hillary clinton's rally. the vice president, too, but he got a lot of people. looks like 20,000 people there right behind me. you're watch iing a special edition of "hardball" from the national constitution center in philadelphia. you ought to visit this place. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to "hardball." you're looking at a live picture from philadelphia where hillary clinton has just arrived for her big rally here with her husband, bill clinton. also, the first laid a di of the united states is coming here and the president. also going to see john bon jovi and bruce springsteen. donald trump is in new hampshire tonight before heading to his final rally in michigan where he'll close out his campaign for president. item joined by katy tur who's awaiting trump at his manchester event. i don't know what trump was saying in scranton, but seemed to be a lot of stuff without coherence to it. what's he saying now. >> basically i've said all i need to say and it's in your
4:43 pm
hand, but he's going out and claiming he's going to do well among african-american and latino voters basically because he's say he's going to do well. they're also trying to talk about these e-mails, talking about corruption. he's talking about you know, how the fbi could not have gone through 650,000 e-mails, it's a talking point we're hearing from a number of trurp surrogates and the campaign right now even though there's technology to do that. >> he's trying to leave it on the table. going in and at time, he is hitting some favorite theme, talking about the wall, about a ban of some sort. although not a muslim ban, more like an extremist ban. but he's hitting five states he needs to win in florida, north carolina, pennsylvania, new hampshire, where i am right now. and michigan. because he's got to find a way to turn a blue state red. now, in the upper midwest what
4:44 pm
the campaign will say to you is they believe their jobs message is breaking through to african-american, breaking across all demographics because that matters more than anything else. we're going to find out if that strategy works tomorrow, but what i can tell you about new hampshire, specifically where i am right now, is that the internal polling in this state a couple of days ago showed trump neck and neck with hillary clinton. and also, about running a nearly as well as kelly ayotte is. so they're hopeful in this state they're going to be able to pull it off, but they're not making any concrete predictions now. they say the vote in new hampshire is just too independent to predict one way of the other. you can hear this crowd behind me. they are very enthusiastic. they're screaming lock her up, build that wall and one quick i guess fun fact, last time donald
4:45 pm
trump was in this arena was the day before the new hampshire primary. which he won by a large margin. a woman in the crowd screamed out ted cruz is a p word. and donald trump repeated it. it's the first time we heard the p word on the trail. and of course, we ended up hearing it quite a bit more. few months later. >> thanks so much, katy tur in new hampshire with the we'll see what we're seeing tomorrow morning. bring in the "hardball" round table. why don't we spell it right this time. and james peterson and professor at lehigh university. not too far from here and howard fineman of colgate, ab msnbc political analyst. internal director of the "huffington post." something we haven't got into. women voters in the suburbs. ed rendell, the former governor of this state. everybody's talking about the role the women are going to play tomorrow morning.
4:46 pm
>> yes, in particular, the college educated women of the suburb os philadelphia which combine wd philadelphia deliver a quarter of all votes in presidential election miss in this important swing state. they are shown poll after poll to be very much in favor of hillary clinton's candidacy and i'm not entire pli -- >> the president, former president and well, i was going to say first lady, but the former secretary of state now. >> and it's not entirely clear. the extent to which they will support her only if they're democrat. i think in fact, i heard just today earlier in a a conversation that i had a party chief here in the suburb, the republican party chief, he's worried. he knows a ott of moderate sort of old school pennsylvania republican women who are not sure they can bite the bullet at the top of the ticket. they don't love donald trump. >> how much secret marital division's going to go on out
4:47 pm
there? >> really good question. i'd love to be a fly on the wall. >> maybe they won't talk about it. just go their separate ways. >> james, you're thinkinging about this. >> we haven't talked enough about this is the fact this is possibly the first woman president in the hsry of the united states, so of course there are going b to be some women who are going to dislike trump, but some on the republican side acknowledging the history of this moment. we haven't covered it so much because the clinton campaign hasn't pushed the identity politics issue so much. but the women who step into the voting booth tomorrow are going to be thinking about making hikt history. >> so, six month, six year, 60 years from now, do you want to be a mother who voted against hillary clinton when she does win? and say, i voted for this guy named donald trump who i can't quite explain what he said, but i vote d for him. not hillary, the first woman president. how do you explain that to your granddaughter? >> i think history matters a lot here, chris.
4:48 pm
as you said, hillary herself is down played it right now. but if the results go the right way for her tomorrow night, you're going to hear a lot of it. but you're not going to hear any crowing from hillary clinton. let's give her credit not only for experience and a lot of tough things she's gone through, but for some wisdom acquired. i think if she does win and you heard this last night from her, she understands that donald trump however crudely has raised a lot of important issues. if he's lucky enough to wib tomorrow. >> thank you. round table with us. bon jovi is on the stage right now. you can hear him. you can hear him here, on the air. clintons have arrived in philly.
4:49 pm
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teachers, nurses and firefightes support prop 51. prop 51 will upgrade libraries, science labs, and classroom technology and relieve school overcrowding creating more opportunity . . . and better learning for students help students succeed vote yes on 51. and i'm sure that you do, too. >> we're back from philadelphia with john bon jovi on stage.
4:53 pm
20,000 people are already there and the crowd keeps growing right outside of independence hall. maria, tell me something i don't know. >> my colleague just crunched these numbers today. he found that looking at today's voter registration compared to 2012, there's a shift from democrats to republicans, a big hurdle for hillary. >> legalization of marijuana, raising the minimum wage, the reality is young people are not engaged in this selection because of the negativity of the political discourse. i'm seeing young people organize efforts and different initiatives to bring back civil dialogue. >> harry? >> everybody in my role in journalism is writing about how
4:54 pm
this election has basically destroyed or damaged all of the institutions of democracy. well, i'm here sitting in front of independence hall to say whoever wins tonight, that's not true. this country has endured a whole lot and it will survive whoever wins tomorrow night. >> thank you, maria, howard. when we return, my election diary for this final night of the election campaign. stay tuned. surprise!!!!! we heard you got a job as a developer! its official, i work for ge!!
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election diary november 7th 20, 16. my father loved to tell the story of the man banging his head with a hammer. asked why he was doing such a thing, because it feels so good when i stop. to a lot of americans and to a lot of our friends overseas, this election has been extremely painful. even if they don't like donald trump, they haven't had much fun watching him struggle. even if they don't like hillary clinton, they've gotten a little tired of trump saying crooked hillary a dozen times a day. we've gotten used to local politicians acting like this, watching ads alerting us to some congressman or woman had cast because they can contrived a bobby trap for their opponents to get caught up in. but this is a presidential election. we're just getting through. by midnight, we may be clear
4:59 pm
from the most destructive campaign of its kind. i'll blame it on trump. i don't deny he's raised vitally important issues, bad wars, immigration, but that doesn't justify the way in which he's conducted himself in this campaign. you don't elevate democracy by degrading your opponents by calling them lying ted or crooked hillary. tomorrow night, it will all be over. there will be casualties. one will be a delusion that you can win a presidential campaign by kissing off a quarter of the vote at the start. that's what trump did and calling immigrants from mexico rapists and murderers. the other casualty will be the republican party i grew up with. there is a distinct possibility that tomorrow night will end with a single republican senator in the entire northeast united states. it will end with a republican party entirely confined to the south, the plain states and the rocky mountains west and the democratic party hugging the two
5:00 pm
coasts. we may need a high-speed rail system across this country as a first step towards uniting us the way the old rail system did when lincoln built it. what we will most need, however, is a president determined to save this union the way lincoln did. and that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes on election day eve. that's right. you're looking at a live picture from downtown philadelphia where hillary clinton is holding her second to last rally in the campaign, an enormous event, the biggest stars of the democratic party, including both the president of the united states and the first lady all sharing the same stage, about 30,000 folks at least packed in there, possibly larger than the population of