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tv   Election Day 2016  MSNBC  November 8, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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that's going to do it for this hour. i will be talking to voters in pennsylvania. steve picks up the coverage. >> today, two candidates poised to make history. to shatter the highest of glass ceilings. >> he said i am playing the woman card. deal me in! >> the other to shatter the system. >> our country is rigged, crooked and broken. >> they defied prediction and comes to a vote. today history will be made. and add afternoon live here in new york. we have been doing a countdown every day. there is no more countdown. here it is. we made it election day after 19 long and contentious months of campaigning. this really has been an
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unprecedented campaign. tonight it all comes to a head. if you are just tuning in, you won't want to go anywhere for the next 12 hours or so. let me give you a sense of what is coming up. just two hours from now, the first polls are going to start closing. polls are going to be closing in parts of indiana and kentucky. before that, an hour from now we will get our first look at the exit poll being conducted across the country with voters heading out and voting. we will start getting the numbers at 5:00, as soon as we see them, we will bring them to you and show you what we are seeing. right now before we get to all of that, the election is taking place in full force. the voters at polling places. a large turn out in a lot of places. look at the lines. that is election day in america. they are in the most important
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battle grounds and north carolina. they are neck and neck and the state that the clinton campaign where they can end the election on the spot. we will see. election day this morning, both beginning at their respective polling places. checking off their own names on the ballot. presumably hillary clinton and donald trump both voting in new york. the first time in 72 years both are from the same state. huddling with staff and supporters and they are awaiting the first results. again, the first numbers are going to start coming in in less than two hours. already we have seen a lawsuit alleging violations of voting laws. we will get to what is taking place there in a moment. there are a lot of pieces this hour. we will begin with peter alexander at trump tower in new york city. the day is here for the trump
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campaign. it started in june 2015 and it will end here in new york city tonight one way or the other. what is the mood around the campaign? >> reporter: steve, good question. 511 days we are since donald trump descended on the escalator at trump tower. this is where he will be joined by vip supporters. right this moment mike pence arriving from indiana. we will get here to trump tower. the sand trucks they set up to block the place in case one of the security precautions are needed. only here in new york. as for the mood, we have been speeing to aides and they are projecting confidence and they see good indicators in a couple key battle ground states. north carolina, new hampshire, florida, and michigan. they are seeing good numbers from the rural areas. they know they need to succeed tonight as jason miller, the campaign spokesperson made it
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clear. they also feel like they did everything they could with 14 stops in ten states over 72 hours. at this point it's in the hands of the voters and they feel strongly that the voters will deliver. >> we set up a minute ago with legal action. what can you tell us. >> the petition by donald trump's campaign has been denied. four polling places in clark county, las vegas, nevada were kept open past the number of hours they should have been. the decision was made earlier in the day. that has been pushed aside by the judge. this goes to an issue that donald trump's campaign made only a matter of hours ago calling into fox news saying that first of all he would refuse to concede unless he was sure everything was done fairly.
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his son said he would concede if everything was done fairly. they wanted it to be a fair election. they made it clear that there were concerns about widespread voter fraud. he pointed to nevada and said harry reid can be loose, is the way he described it. they are giving a preview about the defiance that may exist that defined a lot of the campaign season. >> you are talking about positive signs of what they are saying about what they are seeing. it seems they are touting their people being out there. are you picking up. the polls with no mistake about it. the polls show hillary clinton heading. if he won, it would be an upset. are they preparing for the possibility of a defeat tonight? >> i have been traveling with donald trump for each of the last ten days and in the battle ground states, i spoke to the
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advisers there and they said we realize this is an uphill battle and we recognize what we are trying to do and something that hasn't been done before. they are putting stakes in the hands of voters who they believe they will vote republican and have not voted for years and perhaps for decades. the question is whether that energy is there. they have seen the same things we have seen in plays like florida where there is a higher than expected latino turn out. they recognize it's an uphill battle and as we speak privately with him, folks who are with the campaign, you get the sense from them that they realize this may not be tilting the direction they needed to. none the less, when you speak to them on the record, they suggest we feel good and confident and we will leave tonight a winner. >> outside trump tower where the campaign is. across town, and this is on the
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other side of manhattan where they are setting up shop. the last ten days or two weeks of the campaign for the clintons has been a roller coaster. you had james comey two fridays ago coming out with the letter saying he discovered more e-mails raising all sorts of possibilities. the campaign was put on defense by that and more recently the second letter from comey saying we went through the e-mails and nothing new there. what note is this campaign ending on? how do they feel coming in tonight? >> reporter: you framed it perfectly. it has been a roller coaster. they said they feel good and finished strong. secretary clinton closed out this campaign in the exact way she wanted to. on a positive note talking about her vision for the country and how she plans to unify this deeply divided electorate if she is elected.
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this campaign was pushed into the negative after that first announcement came out by director comey. we saw secretary clinton go back on the attack against donald trump. really in defense mode. when the final 48 hours have shifted, you had that rally last night in philadelphia. in which it was a show of force by top democrats. president obama, the first lady, former president clinton all coming together. it was unprecedented in philadelphia. the very city where secretary clinton officially accepted her party's nomination. how is secretary clinton spending the day? with family and also working on two speeches. one for either scenario. i asked the campaign official what we can expect from an acceptance speech and i was told to listen to what she has been saying. this person said they will talk about unity and her vision for
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the country. all of the themes we have heard her lay out over the past 19 months. then i said what is she planning for a concession speech if that happens? this source telling me they are not thinking about that right now. they want to focus on the positive. they are preparing for what they hope will be a victory party tonight. we continue to say this has a glass ceiling and the symbolism lost on no one tonight. >> that's where the clinton campaign will be tonight. meanwhile, more on the lawsuit. peter alexander filed by trump's campaign in nevada where las vegas is. as we mentioned, the lawsuit has been thrown out by a judge out there. correspondent pete williams joins us from the newsroom. tell us more. this stems from the early voting period in nevada. it ended on friday. there were voters in line and they were allowed to vote. trump campaign said they
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shouldn't have been. >> two claims. they were four largely democratic precincts in las vegas. if they show up after the polls closed that were not in line when the polls closed were still allowed to vote. the bigger question is some of these precincts changed the closing time after the closing times were already announced and the trump lawyers say you can't do that. what they asked the judge to do in this lawsuit is we want you to set the voting machines and the ballots aside. the judge said we were going to do that anyway. that's what we do at every precinct. what is it you really want? they said we need to preserve a record and need to know the poll workers were. that's what they want. this is about doing the work that would be necessary if the trump lawyers decide later to file a contest and contest the results of the election and the
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relief would be only the votes would count that came in before closing time if a court were to rule. in this case we are talking about just a couple hundred votes would be my guess. >> pete williams, thank you for that. a quick check in over here with the big board. going to be giving this thing a work out tonight. the final check before the polls close. on the road to 270. what to watch for as the results come in. the bottom line, hillary clinton comes in ahead. it would be an upset if donald trump were to pull this thing out if donald trump is going to pull the upset out, what does he need? a couple of must wins. you can see florida is the biggest. if hillary clinton wins florida, look what it does to her electoral vote count. he wouldn't just need to win everything that is gray, the closest things we see to battle ground states. trump in this scenario, he would have to win them all and a couple of these big blue states. he would have to get michigan
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and if he flipped that red, she would still be over 270. then he would have to pull like pennsylvania maybe. that is too tough to even imagine. donald trump for all intents and purposes, florida is a must win state for him. he is pretty much got to run the table in the gray states. every one he loses, he will have to make up with electoral votes. a couple other trouble spots, we have seen early voting indications out of nevada where the lawsuit stems from. the lawsuit tells you they are concerned what they see in nevada. if they lose nevada, they have to flip a blue state. we have seen them pay attention to michigan and florida. those loom as the biggest must win states. among others, the florida, michigan, those are becoming essential to the trump path. we will have much more with this board tonight. we can get into the counties and individual cities and towns.
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this is a lot we will be doing as the votes come in. we will have fun with that tonight. joining me now is contributors michael steel and former chair of the republican national km t committee. ej, i will start with you. they looked at the race and not just thinking win. they were not just thinking win, but margin. they were thinking mandate and making some kind of statement that might help her govern. where do you think they are tonight? >> they could get there if all those states fall their way. they would get 322 electoral votes which is pretty good, but what they lost is the opportunity to make a very strong positive closing argument once that comey letter came in.
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they might be looking at a mab where arizona can go to them. they are doing pretty well and that's at least a long shot. it might be less than a long shot. a win will be a win and if she can get over 300 electoral votes which is possible, she could begin to make a case like that. >> michael steel, it feels to me in the last couple of days of the campaign, i don't know how you want to describe the overall mood or feel of the campaign that changed. trump did have clinton on defense. >> i think that comey letter ten days ago did have a chilling effect. the ripple from that is not so much how it played at the presidential level, but at the senate level. it reinforced opportunities in places like new york or new hampshire that pulled the places tighter and closer for the republicans to hold on to. when you look at it at a
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net-net, the republicans got a bump from that. they did. the trump campaign probably got the clinton folks nervous and on defense and winding up going to michigan and places like that. the real effect i have seen has been down ballot. >> this trump coalition that emerged and you alexander. white working class voters. this is the core of the trump coalition. that is different than what past republican candidacies have been built on. whether it's donald trump or not, but the voters he tapped into the future of the party? >> they are a part of it, but not the future. the future of the party is every person who calls himself an american and eligible to vote in the united states of america. period. that's why we had success in 2010. we did a national effort to branded the country.
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every voter as a republican voter. you go out and you make the case. that's what the party will have to do. you cannot sit back and think that we can rely on this group of white folks to show up. you have african-americans, gays, lesbians and hispanics and a range of people who are enfranchised and feel invigorated. that's a great irony. as ugly and distracting as it was, it triggered something in people. for the republican party especially who is going to go through the catharsis and ringing of its hands, develop the message and focus for the future on where you are going to take the country. every american is in play. >> there is one state on this map that i am most interested. i am always interested in massachusetts. michigan goes back to 1988 and it has been a democratic state.
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both campaigns are so interested and they see unusual strengths and even the clinton campaign sees strengths for a democrat. there is a shake-up that may tell us something bigger. >> i agree with that. michael steele is right that the republicans, this white working class strategy has limits and if florida goes to clinton tonight, that will be the nail in the coffin and will be the night of the latinos. you could have two things going on in michigan. obama carried the state by just over 449,000. 382,000 of that was in wayne county which is detroit. there has been population movement there. detroit's population has gone down some. she can't afford to lose that much of wayne county. that many votes out of wayne county. they wouldn't go to trump, they
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just wouldn't be there. does she pick up more in the suburbs or is there this white working class wave. if it's going to materialize anywhere, it will materialize in michigan. you may see a little of it in pennsylvania. michigan, florida, and north carolina. north carolina, you could have the democratic ticket and it's so unpopular among key voting groups that he could pull in enough democratic votes to take the stage. what a fascinating story putting those two next to each other. >> can't wait for to you pull it out of the map. >> and the board will catch on fire or something. thank you both for joining us. now to the actual voting. tens of millions of americans
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heading to the polls to cast ballots. millions took advantage of early voting in 37 states. one state we are watching closely, no surprise here, we always watch this one closely. florida. it will play a key role. gabe gutierrez joins us from miami. miami-dade county. they say that is the place to watch early tonight. and they are huge in florida. that's about half of the eligible voters in florida. the polls close in about three hours. we have seen the lines moving quickly throughout the day. we are expecting some of the after work crowd to get here right before the polls close at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. in the panhandle 8:00 eastern.
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they were fired as well as two poll watchers because of a dispute. no major issues here. we are waiting for the polls to close. the latino vote and the clinton campaign thinking it could be the game changer this this critical state. >> so interesting to watch election day where so many of the votes have already been cast. down there in miami, gabe, thank you for that. wall street keeping a close eye on the out come of the election. we will turn to the new york stock exchange. let's do a little tea leaf reading. what can you tell us about the election based on what's happening on the trading floor? >> it's a big fat tea loaf. the dow closed higher after a
1:21 pm
gain yesterday. they are betting on a hillary clinton win. this is distinct from wanting hillary clinton to be president. the market believes hillary clinton is going to win and likes consistency. i have been talking to people who say what happens if trump wins and they will a say 5% sell off. a lot of things donald trump said like reducing taxes and alouing money back into the country untaxed are things that business people like, but they are not sure he can carry it out. they seem to be more aspirational. hillary said she will raise taxes on the wealthy, but they know what her plan sort of looks like and at the moment they believe she is going to be president. if that changes, i will have to be back here reporting on a very tough market. if she wins, we are probably okay. if she wins and the democrats take the senate, we may see a little bit of a sell off. businesses don't like it when
1:22 pm
one party controls the white house and congress or at least parts of congress. what the ideal set up is tomorrow is a hillary clinton win and the republicans maintaining control of the senate. this is investors and they can change their mind. >> wall street likes divided government. >> thank you for that. keeping an eye here on polling locations all over the country. coming up, we go live on the ground to ohio and pennsylvania and north carolina. critical states, all of them tonight. we will go live to wisconsin where house speaker paul ryan has a lot invested in tonight's election. 6:00 p.m. eastern. do not miss the special live election night coverage with full team coverage that kicks off at 6:00. in less than an hour before that. we will get a look at exit polling. 38 minutes from now. stay tuned.
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welcome back to msnbc. our special election day coverage 2016. we will keep a close eye on tonight's results. paul ryan needs to work closely with the next president. whether it's donald trump who he hasn't even campaigned with or hillary clinton, the democrat. if hillary wins, he will be the most important republican in the country. from ryan's hometown of janesville, wisconsin, what an interesting dynamic. the republican house speaker has not been seen in the presence of his own party's nominee in
1:27 pm
months now. what can you tell us of what's going on in his world? >> for paul ryan, it is mike pence who he leaned on. mike pence spending a dozen near years in congress. that's the speaker's bridge and much more closely aligned with donald trump in the day to day of this campaign. there were four that cast ballots here and the happiest words for a voter, no line. it is a brisk pace and the turn out is good and people are coming in at a steady stream and i suspect when the after work crowd starts, it will get tighter. for paul ryan, he is watching it unfold. for the house, he has a healthy margin of majority who may pick up seats here tonight. he expects to remain speaker even though some are the most
1:28 pm
conservative who don't like the way he treated donald trump. they could give a challenge to speaker ryan and he intends to stay in the job which has to be elected by the new congress. they are looking for the lay out of how congress falls. will he have a republican partner or a republican in the white house or hillary clinton having no easy options if you are paul ryan as he is trying to carve out a path for the republican party and having to deal with the facts as they are on this election day. steve? >> kelly o'donnell in the badger state. joining us on set in new york to take a look at what happens after this election, george mitchell from maine. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> after this campaign, someone has to govern the country. we are talking about paul ryan the house speaker. he is estranged from his own nominee. if hillary clinton does win the
1:29 pm
election, how do you think someone like paul ryan would approach her presidency? would he try to build bridges or say they don't want to cooperate with her and i will align with them. >> i think it will be both. if president clinton becomes a reality, she should reach out to the house leadership and extend the firsthand. she should or even if trump is elected either should announce early a new tough set of ethical standards. there is so much stress for the poll 2igs and the two of them are highly mistrust and it would be a strong signal to send. she should indicate that she will consider and appoint members of the opposition. bill clinton did that. he served very well as secretary of defense. it won't be many and all of the analysis will be about the differences and the opposition
1:30 pm
to take the statements made by some on the other side. you have to reach over that and try to get some areas and infrastructure. everybody in congress said they want it. they ought to be able to figure out a way to do that. when you have such deep rooted hostility, they have to find the areas to cooperate and try to build on those. >> there is the question that looms over this too. immigration. they have so much to do with donald trump's rise in the republican party and paul ryan is one who wanted to move forward on immigration reform. if trump loses and paul ryan is the house speaker and she wants to do something with immigration, do you think there is any way to do that or is this a situation where republicans don't want to anger the trump base? >> there is room for it. you will recall that a
1:31 pm
bipartisan bill led by eight senators pass the senate with a big margin and bipartisan majority. they wouldn't take it up because republicans operated on the rule that if a bill is not supported by a majority of republicans, they won't bring it up to a vote even though it proved by a majority of the full house. i hope that rule will not be renewed and one way would be for the speaker to say this is such an important issue, we are going to take it up. we may not agree with the bill and i think it has been raise to such proportions, it would be difficult to take the position and we are not going to consider it at all. >> we are conditioned to look at the past and say it was better in the past. when you were senate majority leader about two decades ago, politics was more functional.
1:32 pm
when you look at then versus now, what do you think the biggest driver of the change in our politics has been? >> two factors. excessive partisanship and the redistricting enabled by technology. that means in the house at least, the general election is largely irrelevant and very few people participate and seem to be idea logs and rigid and opposed to compromise. that changed the house of representatives. the second is money. all money now. they spend their time. 99.99% of americans don't think so. rarely does anyone raise their hand. if we can change the process by which congressional districts
1:33 pm
are drawn to make it less partisan and if we can with a new supreme court say that this quote is wrong and the interpretation of the constitution as it applies to com pa campaign and we can impose reasonable strengths and increased transparency, what has not gone that noticed is the increase in the money going into politics. we would have a decline in transparency. billions of going in and the american people don't know who is giving what to whom. >> george mitchell from maine. thank you for stopping by. coming up, a group of students in phoenix are marching through neighborhoods, urging the community to vote against donald trump. this is the most hotly contested sheriff's race in the country from maricopa county. we will hear about that one a lot. the students weighing in on that as well. we will go live to the scene of the march, next. if you're searching other travel sites to find a better price...
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it's election day in america and we have a couple of countdowns going on. less than 90 minutes from now, the first polls will close in indiana and kentucky. in less than a half hour, we will get the first look at the exit polls. we will pour over the numbers immediately and bring them to you as we get them. less than a half hour from now. voters continuing to cast their ballots. reports of long lines from precincts in every time zone. jacob, we will start with you from republican headquarters in
1:38 pm
philadelphia. romney got 14% in philadelphia. the republicans have quite a challenge there. >> reporter: a tall task and we know donald trump alleged the potential for a rigged election in philadelphia and it sounds like the chairman of the republican party, you are saying that may be happening? >> it's happening. everything they said we are going to do, they are doing. they are intimidating and disenfranchising. >> give me specific examples. >> court appointed officials, actually officials that conduct in the polling places are being evicted. saying we don't want republicans in here. they are scared to go back and vote. they are disenfranchising the people's votes. >> what did they say? >> they want to know where it went on and we had poll watches ejected and poll numbers and dozens complain of imprommer election and people going into the booths with people without
1:39 pm
filling out the proper forms. >> the campaign filed a lawsuit in nevada to challenge the election there. are you going to challenge the election here? >> i will leave it up to the attorneys and the city hall attorneys. to be honest, there are a lot of shenanigans going on. >> is the national trump campaign aware of this? >> i'm sure they are. >> back to you from philadelphia. >> we go across the country to phoenix with high school student who is just staged a walk out. what are they protesting? >> it was absolutely a political protest. a lot of these high schoolers can't vote, but they were trying to send a very clear message that they want the sheriff of phoenix, maricopa county, out. we are in neighborhoods now. there were hundreds of kid who is left the school in a solidarity march and they split
1:40 pm
off and kids are going door-to-door asking if they voted. vote against hate november 8. can we talk to you for a second. carlos, i know a lot of people saw this protest earlier. a lot of them were like they were kids trying to get out of school and i heard you speaking and you shared something about your uncle being deported. me what happened. >> we were on the way to california and crossing state borders. because of intimidation, we showed the truck down. at that moment i started slowing down, the immigration patrol turned on the lights on him. we couldn't do anything about it. my parents are undocumented as well. i go home, but continue the trip to the funeral without my uncle. >> you were on your way to a funeral? >> yeah.
1:41 pm
>> your uncle was deported? >> yeah. i see no reason why just because he slowed down, there was no reason to -- why was he pulled over? >> let's walk this way. how does it translate to what you are doing and the walk out today. you are not old enough to vote, but you are telling people to vote. >> we are asking registered voters, we know they are registered and we want to tell them or ask them have you voted? if not, we ask that you vote as soon as possible. the polls are up and you have until 7:00 to get in line. if you get there before 7:00 in line, they can't kick you out. >> thank you for sharing your story. >> the kids are canvassing the neighborhood and they can't vote, but they are doing their part. back to you. >> gotti sha warchwartz.
1:42 pm
in north carolina, lines of people. less than 20 minutes from now, we will get our first look at the exit poll. we will bring you the numbers when and as we get them. coming up, republican strategist in key player in george w. bush's white house, mary matlin will join me. she triggered headlines after changing her party affiliation. as we head to break, we were going to take a look at democracy plaza, but we don't have it set up. we will squeeze a quick break in. a lot on the other side. stay with us. ♪
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>> our countdown continues. we will get a look at the exit polls and bring them along as soon as we get them. we continue the countdown towards a very busy election night and bring in mary matlin, a long time republican consultant and veteran of the george w. bush administration. she made news earlier in the
1:46 pm
campaign when she left the republican party and registered as a libertarian. she joins us from new orleans. thank you for joining us. when you i switched to the libertarians, you said that shouldn't necessarily be taken as a sign that you were a never trumper. you might still support him. where did you land in the election? >> i learned that disruptive elections will continue until the itch is scratched. the electorate feels like there is no two-party system. it's the washington elite against them and it's not about trump. it's about trumpism. that persisted through the successive mid-terms and persist after this no matter who is elected. >> how did you land in this? did you vote for the libertarians or trump? >> i did not vote for hillary and i did not vote against mr. trump. i want side all the down ballot
1:47 pm
republicans and i think we will have a good legislation. >> you talk about what trump has stirred in the electorate here. this is one thing we have been seeing through the maps. i was talking to michael steele about this. i said the trump coalition and the blue collar white voters and we have seen where his strength is. is that the future of the republican party? he said no. he made the big tent argument. you come down in a different place? >> i do not. the country is founded on two parties. they have to measure. it used to be the conservatives or libertarians or republicans or whatever you top the call them. whigs in the old days. they keep limits on government so as to not encroach on the
1:48 pm
liberty of the individual citizens. there will always be that tension. whatever people or cohorts and i'm not a identity politics believer, but i don't think they will be victorious until they can address that limited government population there that wants to live their life. we don't want to be wrapped up in politics. they want the government out of their business, but to be held accountable and not produce the economy, but let them have the freedom and the purpose to pursue their own prosperity. >> if hillary clinton were to win and become president, one of the chambers with divided governments, how would you want them to handle them. i supported it. can we make a deal on this?
1:49 pm
how would you want republicans to respond to that? >> i would want republicans to respond to the democrats the way sparta beat athens. by taking it to them. you can't have the big government party and the less big, but still big and growing government party. we have to take a message that worked in the past and bring it to everybody. it's not a republican or democrat or liberal or conservative. john kennedy had the same economic policies. what the republicans have been remiss at and recounted on this -- hillary should be getting wiped out. they have ceased being the outcome-based one message for all americans party. that's what i would like them to do. i don't think mrs. clinton would
1:50 pm
win, but they should stand her ground if she does. >> thanks for taking a few minutes. >> thank you, steve. >> again, the countdown continues. we are at the 10-minute mark. the exit polling data will be released and we will pour over it and bring it to you as we get it. first, another look at the busy polling stations in key states. this time we will head down to the tar heel state, north carolina. after this break. stay with us. so what's your news? i got a job! i'll be programming at ge. oh i got a job too, at zazzies. (friends gasp) the app where you put fruit hats on animals? i love that! guys, i'll be writing code that helps machines communicate. (interrupting) i just zazzied you. (phone vibrates) look at it! (friends giggle) i can do dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs... you name it. i'm going to transform the way the world works. (proudly) i programmed that hat. and i can do casaba melons. i'll be helping turbines power cities. i put a turbine on a cat. (friends ooh and ahh) i can make hospitals run more efficiently... this isn't a competition! i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan.
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1:54 pm
take a look at this. that is the scene outside of this building. 30 rockefeller plaza, new york city. democracy plaza we are calling it tonight as part of the big headquarters here. america watches the vote for president come in. north carolina is a critical state. president obama was there a few days ago and told an audience hillary clinton wins north carolina, this thing is over. she is the president and charlotte will have a lot to do with whether or not she wins the state tonight. >> they have a lot to say here. we are down to the wire and let me take you inside mecklinburg count i. the largest county in the state. people have been coming in and out and we have 2 1/2 hours until the polls close.
1:55 pm
let me show you how it works and people are entering the lines and picking up one of these. an authorization to vote form. unless they get that, they are going to this line where people are waiting where they get the lovely i have voted stickers and then going to the ballot booths. they are all electronic and people are casting ballots as we speak. we have seen tense moments outside between hillary supporters and donald trump supporters and people are kind of having moments. they expressed who it is they want to see be the next president of the united states. they are aware that here in north carolina, the vote counts more now than before. steve? >> up next, waiting for the exit polls and keeping an eye on the clock. less than five minutes we will get a look at what exactly is happening at the polls across america today. squeezing in a quick break. i got a leaf right away. a leaf is a hint that is connected to each person
1:56 pm
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that goes beyond assuming beingredients are safe...ood to knowing they are. going beyond expectations... because our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food. ii could stand in the middle of a5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f**á themselves. you know you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. you gotta see this, i don't know, i don't remember.
1:58 pm
he's going like 'i don't remember.'
1:59 pm
the countdown continues over an hour from now. the first polls will start to close in parts of indiana and kentucky. the voting will be all over there. we will start getting returns in early on. you can look for numbers out of virginia and florida and ohio and north carolina. and again, so many of these states, particularly florida early on, you want to look at absolute, absolute must win for donald trump if he is going to have a chance of pulling off the upset. the exit polls again are seconds away. that's going to do it for this hour. do not forget 6:00 eastern is the special team coverage all
2:00 pm
night long. election night coverage begins. a special edition of mtp daily starts now. >> an election like no other. a country divided like never before. will it be a historic first? >> i stayed focused on one thing. on you! >> or a historic come back. >> america is tired of waiting. the moment is now. >> today, no more speeches or ads. it all comes down to this. one person, one vote. >> with your vote, you can beat the system. the rigged system. >> the best way to stop him is by showing up with the biggest turn out in history! >> today, america decides and history will be made.


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