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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  November 9, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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that does it for our jam packed 60-minute here on msnbc. i am going to kick it over to my thomas roberts. donald jay trump pulling off the biggest offset in political history. hillary clinton failed and break the highest glass ceiling and delivering her concession speech a short time ago. >> this loss hurts but please never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it. [ applause ] >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him and opened mind and a chance to lead. >> so president obama who put his legacy and credibility in the line addressing the nation in need of coming together. >> regardless of whether your candidate won or lost, the sun
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would come up in the morning. the peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. and over the next few months, we are going to show that to the world. >> house speaker paul ryan with republicans are now in charge of the white house and congress spoke about what he sees as a clear gop mandate. >> what donald trump just pulled office an enormous defeat, he heard those voices that were out there that other people did not hear. he just earned a mandate. we just now have a unified republican government. >> we expect senate majority leader mitch mcconnell speaking from capitol hill. we are covering every development from washington and new york. joining me now is kelly owe don jell and kasie hunt by telephone and mark murray.
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katy, lets start with you, donald trump, what is taking place for his day and the days ahead as he's just being president elect trump? >> well, he's in trump tower right now. he's awaiting to find out the results. he's starting the planning for transition in earnest. did not want to get in the planning himself because he was superstitious. he did not want to believe he was going to win until he saw an actual win. that left thomas and a thunumbef the staff to search the number behind the scenes for him. rudy giuliani , and newt gingrich as secretary of state and a number of other names that's being thrown out right now and the list is starting to come into shape. >> you reported that. there were push back. >> there was push back. they did not want to confirm it. i have spoken to more sources today who reiterated of new
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names which we'll be able to report soon enough. and, basically, donald trump was getting involved for the first time. he's going to potentially change his mind on things. none of these names are set in stones by in means. donald trump values loyalty above all else. who you see with him on a day-to-day bases and gingrich and restlaudy giuliani gave a prop on stage and reince priebus, these are the people you see with donald trump stood by his side through thick and thin and there is been some thin spots through this campaign. it would be surprise if they did not come into some part of an important rules. jeff session was one of the first to endorse donald trump. >> these are folks who are trusted and allies to got him to
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this point. we can understand trump keeping fluid on not commending to any of us. we had secretary clinton giving a direct message earlier today. it was the former concession speech she delivered here in new york directing part of her message to young girls. take a look. >> to all the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful, and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams. [ applause ] >> so this is being called a classy concession of secretary clinton. what can you tell us how this speech that we got today that may have come from the javits center last night. >> the main difference is the passage of time. this is something that came as
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we talked about extensively as a shock to the which in tclinton . they went in assuming she will be the first woman as president of america. the emotions were very high. there were just not -- they were prepared to have her come out and make this kind of a speech yesterday. obviously, she had time to rest and gather thoughts with her family and come out and say what she wanted to say. we have written versions of this speech all along. more efforts were put in a victory speech. >> we know that this is certainly a disappointment for folks who worked really hard for secretary clinton to become the legacy keeper for president
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obama. president obama spoke earlier today and tried to convey the message of making this nation come together even though donald trump may not be his choice of success successor. >> i think of this job as being a relay run. you ta i can the baton and you run your best race and hopefully by the time i hand it off -- i want to make sure that hand office well-executed. ultimate ultimately, we are all on the same team. >> let's go to chris jansing, the language has certainly changed. what do you know of the process that's taken place inside the white house that was hoping for secretary clinton to take over. >> reporter: yeah, you made a good point. they have been working on this at the white house since the beginning of the year and every single agencies who are
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appointed to this transition so they have a counter part in the president elect team. they were expecting to be hillary clinton's folks and people who they may have worked with. now they'll enter into a different situation. the first part is the president has to oversee that transition and the meeting with donald trump and as you said of the things that these two men have said about each other have gone beyond on what we used to in a campaign. he said that he's temperamentally unfit. on monday night the president said he did not trust donald trump with the nuclear codes. he has to sit down with him and not just assure a transition but also has to sort of motivate his staffs and make his own plans for how he can use the time he has left in office to protect the things that donald trump has swore he's going to do away with. >> chris, let me ask you this.
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we have majority leader of mitch mcconnell speaking at the supreme court and also about the challenges ahead, lets listen. president reagan and democratic o'neal had an agreement that it would be neutral to the government and to the maximum extent possible trying more competitive by lowering the rate. i know president obama had this conversation and i am sure speaker boehner and ryan as well talked about it. the current president was not making revenue neutral for the government. if you want to make america truly competitive, the goal, ought to be when revenue is produced by elimination of preferences, use that to bound down the race. we have an acute problem with the corporate tax rate is that everyone -- >> we continue what mitch mcconnell is saying in reaction
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to a president-elect trump making reference to our supreme court. i want to go back to chris jansing. the big idea of the supreme court, since the passing of scalia, there is a possibility for him to -- [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ]
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it seems like he had a painful expression on his face, president elect trump, let that kind of sink in for what it means going forward. kelly o'donell who knew all things capitol hill. we are listening to mitch mcconnell addressing what this changes mean. we got this trump trifecta in
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the white house. >> the biggest challenge for the president elect is to put things behind him. in the course of the campaign, we do not see a lot of examples and grieve yens and to let it go. we noted today of two of the most feared critics of donald trump took a moment to try to be statement-like via twitter which is our modern way of doing that. governor romney saying that he's a dually elected president and that the country should stand behind him and thomas, john kasich, he also acknowledged trump's victory and the need to move forward. it is a page turning day. there is a human kind of element to all of this politics especially of a jolt like this and unexpected results. people have to take the body
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blow whether it is good news or bad news and absorb this new reality. one of the challenges for trump if he does not have an extensive political operation, he does not have long relationships. when you are trying to build bridges to have staffers that you are going to hire and people you can place in agency, that's a challenge when you don't have a political track records. these leaders in congress maybe able to provide that talents to a trump's white house. >> i want to go to mark, we know donald trump's people of any paradigm whether taking on immigrants and minority communities and the active military or retired military community, how did we get here and not see these? >> thomas, it is worth knowing that the polls when during the republican primary season always had donald trump ahead. a lot of people did not want to believe the polls. when we got in the general
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election, there was this durable hillary clinton's lead of sometimes four or five points of her having a lead over donald trump and then we ended up getting in the situation of the james comey's big bomb shell news and showing hillary clinton with an advantage in pennsylvania and an advantage in wisconsin and there was the thought that boy, even if she still lost florida or north carolina, those states would still protect her. not only with the public polls or the private polls, republicans were not expecting victory last night. democrats were not either. so to me it was the most shocking presidential out come we had in this country since 1948. >> we'll be studying this one for a long time. we'll continue to talk about this and katy tur, i am going to get you to work. chris jansing and mark, thank
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you, we appreciate it. >> we are going to take you inside to pennsylvania of one o f the battlegrounds that turned red last night. we have breaking news out of seattle. this is where high school students are protesting the election of donald trump. some 200 kids have taken to the streets. you can see them walking in line down the side of small town there, again, this is in seattle, the students are involved in a peaceful protest about the president elect trump. the results of 2016. back in
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donald trump's extraordinary win fuelled by voters in rural america. here is why. trump's big win in small towns.
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in pennsylvania, he won rural areas. 71%. wisconsin 63%. i want to bring in our former pennsylvania's governor and charlie sykes and our contributor as well. gentlemen, good to have you as well. >> so the last six cycles, it has gone blue. you were on the ground in pennsylvania last night. explain what happens for the lesson of democrats. >> it is an admiration. donald trump did something that's going to be hard to replicate. he ruled out voters in rural vote vo areas who had not voted and were not reliable. he brought them out in huge numbers. the turn out in philadelphia is great. we beat the turn out figures for
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president obama. and yet we lost because donald trump turned out those red area rural voters to a greater degree we did. trump is able to pull off a win there in wallaisconsin. you did not see this coming, explain the hind state of your state today. >> well, the main thing that happened is donald trump got fewer votes than mitt romney did four years ago but democrats did not turn out. in fact, hillary clinton, got 40,000 fewer votes out of milwaukee county than obama got. donald trump did very, very well in rural areas, blue color areas. this is one phrase that i have to give him credit for. the democratic party had become a barbell focused on the people of the lower end of the economic
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spectrum and academic elites here. in the middle, you have this large group of people who feel that they are looked down upon and disdained and concerns are not being addressed and conservatives did not do a good job in talking to them as well. donald trump tapped into that and at the same time the democrats making just coast, put up a candidate who was just fundamentally flawed and not able to inspire the kind of turn out that democrats would have had in the past. >> here we have jane and joe america, blue collar voters, looking forward and hillary clinton said basically give donald trump a chance. how do people feel disappointed go ahead and believe that message, give donald trump a chance. what would you say? >> well, we all did. the first thing, the first message is his cabinet. if his cabinet is just red meat
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guys who are out there on the attack mode, i don't think that's a very good signal. there is democrats in his cabinets or people that are partisans, that's a good sign. polici policies, for example, donald trump, talked about investing in infrastructure and so did hillary clinton. that's something we can all work together. we would be happy to work with president trump on rebuilding america's infrastructure. >> did you have a hard time saying president trump? >> i just don't think about it. i just say it. >> it seems like you were having a hard time formalizing that. >> and we all know about his business supporting donald trump and he had said, you cannot take trump literally but you should
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take him seriously. is that how all americans supposed to look at donald trump. they'll look at him seriously but don't take him literally about wall talk or deportation forces. >> well, we don't know because we have no idea what kind of a president he's going to be. we are in absolute uncharted territory and this news is about 12 hours old. people who are close to donald trump who have no idea what he's going to do when he gets in the oval office. you have to understand how to work and if he's going to go alisteni along with the republicans' agenda. we don't know. this is the big question mark over donald trump. we ought to take him seriously except how long does this loast? >> the republican party and donald trump has been a member of both. coming up for america, we can
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say he's the leading member of the surprised party. we'll surprise us all about what to expect for america. and governor randall and charlie sykes, thank you. >> do we have any video of this? >> a scene outside of trump tower here in new york city. we'll work on that for everybody. there we see president elect trump last night with his wife melania and his children and spouses, the 10-year-old son is right next to him on the right. coming up, we'll get your reaction to what america has done. the world is starting to absorb this news and world leaders are reacting not only across the pond but all the way to vladimir putin as well. >> we'll also speak to our ambassador, straight ahead. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪
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the win may have stunned many americans. there are folks in atlanta who are not quite as shock. a trump win of brexit history. nbc's keir simmons is in london. >> reporter: well, people have had all day to think about it and they have not come to terms with it. i am standing outside. let me show you the front page of the london newspaper. trump's triumph shocks the world. so thomas, the problem and i heard you talking about it earlier, the people around the world just don't know what president trump is going to do? what is he going to do about syria or yemen and how is he going to change relationship with russia?
11:28 am
how is he going to deal with trades with china? the question goes on and on. they are still in the dark. >> thank you so much. speak of russia, i want to go to our colleague who's in moscow for us, one of the first world leaders congratulated president elect donald trump doing so telegram. >> the future of president elect trump and vladimir putin. trump said he may come to moscow being elected on inauguration day. >> reporter: on the surface this looks to be a good thing for russia there and on the surface trump says he does not care what russia does.
11:29 am
trump is unknown and unpredictable character, we don't know what he will says he will do is what he will actually do. a lot of russians that we spoken to on the streets of moscow is as opposed optimistic, take a look. >> for me, it is the most important thing and i say that donald trump maybe -- >> it means a lot actually. russian people here -- sees him like a friend or a partnership because obama have a bad relationship with russian s. >> a huge change, i don't accept. i guess we need some time for improvements. >> reporter: there you have it. t is putin going to see this as liberty to do for offensive actions or are they going to
11:30 am
take a cautious approach. no one knows yet besides the prim promises he made on the campaign trail. lucy, thank you very much. joining us now bill richardson, he's in london. sir, you supported hillary clinton fr clinton. what do you think is going to happen and lets start with u.s. russia relations under president elect trump. >> well, i want to give president elect trump a little space. i want to be positive, but the worry that i have is that a lot of europeans have, too. what is trump going to do, president elect trump, do with nato of the corner stone foreign policy? is he going to favor with russia or making sure we have a strong relationship with nato? >> what is he going to do with syria? is he going to be too close to russia when it comes to confronting assad and syria.
11:31 am
nuclear weapons is a big concern here in europe. what about the u.s., european union trade talks? is he going to suspend that with nafta? there is a lot of questions that europeans have than the center of our foreign policy is great britain, france and nato. they got a lot of questions and the questions are about things he has said and not necessarily what they expected him to do. they worry about the position he's taken but, you know, he's president elect trump, we should give him a little space. i would like to do that, too like president obama did today and hillary clinton, very gracious. there is a lot of worry out here. >> when we think about the talk of donald trump and the ongoing fight of isis and what that
11:32 am
means, do you think that the global community will back donald trump on any type of military idea that his administration come up with to continue to fight against isis and the obama administration? >> well, i don't think he will get support. i hope that donald trump does not put troops in there and i think that if we are talking about a no-fly zone which russia does not like and european a allies generally is supported. we want our european allies to do is contribute more troops and bombardment against isis and they have been reluktcted to do that? he has to lead. he's too close to putin and russia and too close to assad. we do need to improve u.s. russia relationship. it is not doing very well now. if trump can do that and get the
11:33 am
russians to help resolve the syrian issues and stop some of the killings and get to russia to be tougher on assad and move assad aside and get the turks more involved with the humanitarian corridors then the recissi relationship with putin and the good relationships will pay off. we'll see. just a lot of questions. >> ambassador bill richardson, thank you very much, we appreciate it. >> coming up. reactions from donald trump's win. the stock exchange and when hillary clinton gave her concession speech. (friends gasp) the app where you put fruit hats on animals? i love that! guys, i'll be writing code that helps machines communicate. (interrupting) i just zazzied you. (phone vibrates)
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america's marketplace,
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sexuwall street is reacting to donald trump. we had the dow up by 250 points. this morning while hillary clinton giving her concession speech, we had a few people on the floor yelling "lock her up" as she was giving that speech. jacksonvil jill, let me start with you that moment when traders reacted of that speech, what did you see or what was reported? >> reporter: what we saw, we had tim kaine and hillary clinton took the stage, there were some booing across the floor. a lot of those issues certainly economic focused, i am here with peter costa, you are the president of empire executions. >> i think if he makes the right decision on who -- of his
11:38 am
advisers are, i think it will be a positive thing for the market. >> reporter: what kind of economics would you expect to see? >> corporate taxes to cut and personal income taxes would be great. there could be positive tax cuts. sometimes you cut taxes too much, it becomes a problem. i think if they discuss it more in committee and whatnot, they'll come up with a good plan to cut taxes that could be monumental for this economy. >> reporter: we are up by 250 points, thomas, that's session high as i send it back to you. >> all right, jill, thank you very much. >> al >> last night as we were watching, the future were down by 700 points. >> we looked like we were 700 points lower and now we are 200 points higher. the thing we cannot get caught up on is this shiny object.
11:39 am
the stock market is fewer than half. most of them were 401 k. the average person does not manage their own money. their concern is about the economy and general. it is useful for us to separate the stock market from how the people is talking about the economy. >> the market and the economy is two different things. president obama was up there talking about the extraordinary economic recovery since the financial crisis, break down what that means to voters. voters here can say that. it was greater for industry, what about the millions of workers? >> right. >> those jobs, are not coming back. >> financial crisis banks profitable again but no one went to jail? those who lost their homes are saying, i am sorry, what are you talking about? >> we have created a lot of jobs
11:40 am
and it has created some upward pressure and finally in 2015 after all of these years since the recession, we started to see little wage gained. we get down that road, we probably would see them. people are frustrated. they are making the same money they were making eight years ago. >> yeah, and president elect trump, you are promising to stand and deliver on jobs and manufacturing and lets see what you can do. >> it is hard -- listen, many, many economists have said donald trump's plan cutting corporate taxes does not spurt growth but people are saying i will take anything, i don't want to hear this great recovery if i am not apart of it. wall street hates a surprise party and polls is on probability. >> i think she got it from you. >> when you look to the polls, it was improbable.
11:41 am
>> what has happened today 12 hours later, people are figuring out. >> known quantities. >> like you two. >> if he surrounds himself with a team that knows, the question is, what kind of choice is he going to make? listen, in terms of infrastructure spending, we are so excited of president obama's infrastructure spending. >> we'll see how it goes. >> we have a long time. >> no, it is not and i think that we need to talk about the seriousness of trump as oppose to the literal reality of donald trump. >> now, you are quoting peter, too, again. >> thank you very much. and you can watch stefanie at 9:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. >> coming up next, latino americans weighing in that wall, we'll take you to florida, next. [burke] at farmers almost everything,
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when we win november 8th. [ applause ] >> we'll be able to immediately repeal and replace obamacare. >> i will build the greatest wall and i will do it under budget and ahead of schedule and i will have mexico pay for it. >> there we have president elect trump over the course of his campaign. now with washington in the hands of the republicans. what is the true trump's agenda. that remains to be seen. we have latino voters who were predicted of hillary clinton's victory in 2015 did not turn out. trump out performed romney among voters. mariana antencil. trump did not receive 33% of
11:46 am
hispanic vote. what are latino voters saying to you of the outcome of trump carrying the state? >> reporter: >> well, thomas it is a mixed bag. supporters here in florida, largely of cuban voters did not agree with president obama with the relation of cuba and supported mr. trump of 52%. the other side of this story is the undocumented latino population. many of these families now grappling the fact that they could be split up under a trump's presidency. we were there last night, a local gathering in miami as these families held hands and just saw these election results coming in and they prayed throughout the night and cried. we spoke to a teenage citizen whose parents had been deported at that gathering.
11:47 am
this is what she told us a trump presidency means for her today. >> right now i am scared and i don't know what to think because i don't know when i am going to see my parents again. i just hope that donald trump helps us citizens, kids and fathers and mothe families as well as he says get united again. >> reporter: fear and anxiety and a little hope from some of the 11 million undocumented people in this country and their families who are holding their breath and waiting to see if donald trump will fulfill his campus promise on immigration. >> nbc's mariana antetencio. thank you very much. >> joining us is our al.
11:48 am
explain what police are putting up barricades. this is white house north now >> they are setting up the security that you would see for president elect. the message is to keep him as safe as possible. we are seeing more than before. there are barriers on both sides of both towers and they are managing foot traffic in and out of trump tower. the public is actually allowed to enter at this point and reporters and passes by, they are looging for pictures. they are all pushed off to across the street. it is more than we have ever seen outside of trump tower. but likely to be this way for the next three months because most of this -- >> yeah, i think the fifth and the 14th floor of the most active floor for trump tower at this campaign. we know it has become a popular
11:49 am
tourist destination. we'll continue to monitor that. that's an update with the nypd. never have had to set up for security in the city of of new york. straight ahead for you, the legacy of president obama, now, once trump is taking office, what will happen during the eight years of america's first african-american president. >> i said before, i think of this job as being a relay runner, you take the baton and you run your best race and hopefully by the time you handed off, you're a little further ahead. you made a little progress. and i can say that we have done that and i want to make sure that is hand off and as well as executed because ultimately, we are all on the same team.
11:50 am
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11:53 am
all right, welcome back, we have fresh information to give you about the new york city, it is the home of new president elect trump. we are getting new informati of different faa restrictions that's being put to place here in the city because of the fact that donald trump and his family live here. >> we have information of barricades setting out of the tower. >> western brooklyn and queens as well. this applies for aircraft below of 3,000 feet. that means any technical fixed wings and aircraft or helicopter is going to fall into this restriction but they have to have a certain type of p permissi permission. >> this is apart of trump tower of president elect trump. >> ohio, the battleground state, trump defeating hillary clinton
11:54 am
there by 8% point. >> explain what voters are saying there why they decided to go to the route of trump? >> well, you know thomas, as i were to sum it up in the sentence is that people are tired of professional politicians. that's what they are telling me. lorain county, ohio, have not voted republicans since 1984. last night, it went red not to the disappointment of timothy who's a retired steel worker and you are a democrat and you are not happy of the fact that president is elected of the united states. i am not really unhappy. both sides had equal amounts of things. i think basically it was people, the general public wanted to change. i think a lot of them thought when hillary clinton and i am a democrats, i would go that way. people want a change and i don't
11:55 am
think they were going to get it. >> in a short sentence, what is the change you are looking for? is it jobs, trade, what is it? >> yes, steel mill, the economy around here has been so bad. i have got children that grew up with my kids and everything and they are 35-year-old and they still don't have no jobs. >> timothy, thank you very much. >> lorain county, donald trump won by less than 400 votes. it was enough to change history. thomas, back to you. >> thank you very much, anne thomason in ohio for us. >> we are talking about president obama's legacy now that we are about to turn new chapter with donald trump. when the president passes that torch onto his automatsuccessor. obama spoke about the election at the rose garden today.
11:56 am
>> sometimes you lose an argument and sometimes you lose an election. you know the path this country has taken has never been a straight line. we zig and zag and sometime sometimes -- we move in ways that some people think is forward and others think it is moving back. that's okay. >> joining me now is april brian. it is good to have you with me. explain what it was like in the rose garden and for this white house for president obama specifically to understand this result, what does it mean to have a president trump to follow him? >> reporter: well, i asked josh earnest moments ago about the president's mood. yeah, we saw him on tv and the
11:57 am
rose garden, what is his mood? the press was pretty much the same as he was at the rose garden. of course, he's disappointed. he used that word disappointed. when it comes to president obama and his legacy, there is a real chance that things will change to include the affordable care act, a legacy piece. josh earnest said, it is not about the legacy, it is about the fact that millions of people that are covered who are not covered by insurance before. donald trump has talked about defunding or repealing and this is a big piece of this president's legacy. >> april, i know the president has reached out to senator mitch mcconnell and wants to have a conversation with paul ryan. have you heard anything about the president's desire to get things done and of the short window that now has and clinton has not taken his place and the
11:58 am
baton carried onto someone that he approved of. >> this president is going to be up until 12:00 noon january 20th. he's going to work with what he has to do and with the policies. whatever donald trump does, whatever president elect trump does, he does. >> what's the most important to the president to secure now and make sure that he leaves in place what he wants to do but also work that needs to get done before the clock strikes noon on that day january 20th? >> well, there are a couple of things. mayor garland is still hanging out there. looks like it is not going to happen, acl again, they may try to tweak it to save it because a lot of people are talking about the issue of the fact that you have this high deductible but great thing about it is people with preexisting conditions, can go to any insurance companies they want and not discriminated
11:59 am
against and preventive care. the lgbt issues, women's rights and he's got a whole host of issues and his efforts over seas, how he's fighting against isis. what josh says and it is happening in other transition before. i am seeing this is my third transition now for the fourth president. high level staffers in the transitioning for the president elect trump's team as well as for this president will be meeting and talking to issues. >> we know that president elect trump will be there tomorrow in washington dc. >> april, i know you will be there as well. april ryan, it is great to see you, thank you, thank you. >> yes. >> that's going the wrap up on our coverage, don't go anywhere, my colleague kate snow is picking up things now. a big night for you in pennsylvania. >> yeah, you were there as well. >> boy oh boy, we are living in the reality of what this means.
12:00 pm
it is exciting for some and big disappointment for everyone. >> absolutely. exciting to see you. good afternoon, both parties calling for peace. donald trump will become president of the united states in 73 days. a short time ago from the white house, president obama assured americans that we are all on one team that the election was just as he called it an intermural scrimmage. >> i think of this job as being a relay runner, you take the baton and run your best race and hopefully booy the time you han it off. you are further ahead and made a little progress. i could say that we have done that and i want to make sure that the hand office well executed because we are all on the same team >> our team is in place, they have been talking to campaign sources or voters. we'll bring all of that to you. let


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