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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  November 10, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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from the white house to right here in new york city. i am going to start with what's happening right now. you are looking at a tape but right now donald trump is meeting senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell and kelly o'donell is right near that clock, it is called the hiohio clock. what can you tell us? i heard you say they maybe here for an hour. >> reporter: that's the guidance i was given. >> i am just stepping away. top aids all went in the office. we were told that we should expect for it to last for about an hour and the meeting within the meeting is only with the senate majority leader mcconnell and mrs. trump and no staff. >> the vice president elect was there. >> to welcome home the governor
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of indiana mike pence after the election. so rht now, there is a lot of attention here and a lot of security. tourists who regularly come to the capitol have some limitations today and a lot of velvet ropes. down this hallway, one of the interesting things is the senate still has an old tradition of senate pages. high school students living here for an old time where they help moving the papers of this senate. they are in their uniforms and lining both sides of the hallway. they are getting an up close to be one history and also part of welcoming the president elect trump and mrs. trump here to the capitol. >> it is part tourism and getting down to business and ideas of the future.
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a lot is happening here. earlier, speaker paul ryan invited the trump to go to the balcony to see what it will look like for january. the most spectacular's view. he share that is with him today. for nald trump who has not ever had an experience in elected oice and sometimes that means you get to go to washington or meet with other elected officials. he has not had that. today is as much about seeing things for the first time as it is hearing for the solemn responsibilities that will become his in just over 70 days in january when he takes office. >> we are also told as much as we would like to hear from him about his experience that we should not expect him to stop and talk to the 60 or 70
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reporters here and camera operators and photographers. it will bae walk by but that'll be our moment to get a sense of how his day has gone. >> can i ask you about mitch mcconnell. >> he held a press conference yesterday. they have not seen eye to eye. the president elect trump called for term limits, i know mcconnell said yesterday that's not going to happen. what do they have as far as common ground? >> reporter: the first thing is a gratitude of victory. trump won the election and the majority leader were able to hang onto that. we saw that did not occur. so that means mitch mcconnell gets to run the floor. they start off as partners unexpected partners. on issues like tax reforms and dealing with obamacare, that's
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something that we can expect they'll want to talk about and there is been a frustration among republicans and heartbreak among democrats at the notion of the repeated attempts to undo obamacare with the president come a new year would not be an automatic veto as president obama has been. that's something they'll strategize. what are those top issues and how should they proceed and there is always a big report card from the country. picking those issues carefulfully is something that they'll stratigize about. >> they got a bill. normally, the people who holds
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this high offices have -- we are in new territory now. >> that's a live picture right outside mitch mcconnell's office. we'll ask kelly to hold on and we'll go back to that as soon as we see any movement. ts go from now to chris jansing. she's been covering president obama out at the trail and back at the white house. she was covering that meeting earlier. yahoo chri >> chris, it went a lot longer. >> reporter: yeah, he thought it is 10 or 15 minutes. that white house cleared a couple of hours from the president's schedule. the reason is straightforward. they wanted the president to have time to answer any questions president elect had and donald trump said he wish it could have gone longer. they called the pull up.
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the member of the press went into take pictures inside the oval office. they thought it is going to end early but end ed up going for 9 minutes. >> these are not men who have met each other before. it was the first time face to face meeting. even though they had not seen each other, they had a lot to say about each other of the long time on the campaign trail over the last month when president obama was going after donald trump, donald trump of course, leading the birther movement, they put all of that aside. >> we saw the handshake, what's so strike to me was seeing donald trump in that chair. >> a head of state is sitting in that chair. it was a first visual we have had of donald trump as a leader of the free world.
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>> chris, can i ask you before i let you go. >> thank you, i know it is a crazy and busy day. >> the first lady met with the in coming first lady. i am kwur yocurious about that. >> they had a 10-year-old son, barron. that was the same age as malia was. >> it was the first lady who has came out on the campaign trail and gave that emotional speech about the things that donald trump had said about women. she said she took the things he said about women and girls personally. so you think it maybe awkward meeting between these two women who are by the way in many ways are different. i saw melania of her solo speech that she gave on the campaign
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trail and it was very short. i am told she does not like to speak for a long time. they share something that that's when michelle obama came into the white house, she had two daughters. one of them is 11 and barron is 10. i heard directly in a conversation i had with laura bush about how much she came to respect hillary clinton because of the advice she gave her. she was so nervous of bringing two daughters in the white house and hillary clinton eased her mind, secret service protection, obviously, something very significant and andrea mitchell pointed this out. we have had a succession of children in the white house but not boys.kennedy's. they have all been girls. >> you are going to have a 10-year-old boy is going to spend critical years of his childhood. >> melania wants to be a mom to him and staying away from the campaign trail and now she's
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going to be a parent to a child who's going to be under a glare that even the child of donald trump cannot imagine. >> chris jansing, thank you for making time for us. >> now, lets turn to someone covering the campaign from top and finish and now into the presidency. >> ali, talk about the transition of power and how is that set up, there is a procedure that's followed. what's happening in these days? >> right, kate. we are seeing him down in dc. he's here. there is also the second prop of what policy proposals will they be proposing. we heard trump laying off the first 100 days a few occasions
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on the trail. he ran hard on supreme court nomination. that's something he said he wants to focus on his first 100 days including tax reform and he talked about the idea of term limits and the idea of limiting of the way men and women can lobby after they served at the administration or capitol hill and obamacare. this is something as we wound down the campaign trail, he started talking about a lot in every place that he went of the rising premiums. he said i will repeal and replace obamacare and i will replace it with something better. t his details have been a little bit scarce on this and some of his other proposals. >> when we are looking at it -- >> ali, let me interrupt you. >> donald trump is speaking on capitol hill. lets listen.
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>> thank you, everyone. >> donald trump just stopping briefly there. that's right outside mitch mcconnell's office, the majority leader with republicans keeping the majority. if kelly o'donell is with us, kelly, you are in the hall, righ yes, ill right here. >> we came in a little late. i heard him asked about the muslim ban and he did not answer the question. what did he say before that? >> i am right at the corner. i asked him do you feel ready to be president and i got a double thumbs up and a head nod and other colleagues here asked
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about muslim ban and immigration. immigration came out of his mouth, i could not hear all of it. it was unexpected. we have been given the express guidance not to be ready for any comments. we saw the next president of the united states leave with the majority leaders and mrs. trump is here. the meeting has begun to build a new relationship there and a subdue donald trump based on the man that i saw on the campaign trail and the majority leader is maybe coming back to talk to us. that's the guest i am going to have here. >> can you talk to us? >> do you have the repair of
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relationships with democrats, senator mcconnell? well, that's the ohio clock experience for you. >> kelly, we could not hear have well. could you translate? >> reporter: yes, they talked about areas of common grounds and by washington standards, it is the prepare comment. no breaking news there. >> but, it is unusual because the majority leader does not often come to the camera. he's a man of judicial use of his words. i think it is to give us the idea that their relationships is beginning and there will be some kind of partnership there. >> i did not hear every word even as close as i am to this. >> we have seen this meeting
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passed and there is a lot of work to be done. >> there is a lot of hard work in the months and years ago. this is the day where it starts and washington has to get used to a new name in front of the word administration and that'll be happening come january. >> kelly o'donell. thank you very much for that live reporting. as kelly just mentioned, a lot of things are getting done and quick lip. it needs coming days as we head into january and inauguration. kristen welker is joining us now. so far, they have not said anything about what comes first or second or third, right? >> reporter: right, that's when reporters have a former chance to ask him, we do know he has a long list of policy proposals that he want to tackle.
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on that list, putting a five year ban and returning and becoming lobbyists once they leave administration and the bigger ticket items. you were talking with obamacare and he said he wants to repeal and replace obamacare. it gets a lot more complicated though when you have to deal with congress even when it is a republican led congress because you need 60 vote in the senate to get anything passed. he could repeal it through a technical legislative manner that it is in place. in order to make complicated reforms, he's going to need congress to get on board with that and work with lawmakers. that's something that could be challenging for him. he also talked about re-negotiating nafta and ripping up ttp. those trade deals that's controversial and they resonated throughout. one of the reasons a lot of people think that you saw high
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voters turn out in places like ohio and michigan for him. then there are some areas, kate where he maybe able to find common grounds are democrats. infrastructure projects and pelosi spoke to reporters that she's willing to work with him and this is something they have been talking about for quite some time and think about the keystone pipeline and president elect trump says that he wants to move forward with that project. that was something blocked by this administration. those are some of the things that i think we'll begin to hear about in the first 100 days. there will be some big battles particularly when it comes to obamacare and immigration reform. up next, from businessman. what happens to president elect trump's company when he moves in to the oval office.
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we are tracking wall street's reaction of donald trump winning the white house. >> the dow closed up to 250 points yesterday and today, the dow surged to a new record high at one point. right now it is currently up around 200 points. for more, i want to pribring in colleague. >> thank you for staying late for us in your day.
12:21 pm
what do you make on the market. we saw the big dip in the future. >> the market does not care about the party. the mark makes moves based on probability. remember this is a candidate, the president elect trump that is probusiness and anti-regulations, we have seen the surge but today, it is more about a rotation. where people are investing based on donald trump. with we are seeing treasury sell off, why? >> donald trump is going to cut taxes, big military spends and that's tough boosting our deficit and here is what's interesting. >> growth is not known for an amazon netflix. today, you are seeing trigonal red -- that's where donald trump clearly wants to spend infrastructure spending. that's going to help infrastructure.
12:22 pm
>> lets talk about the business side of donald trump, our ple president elect trump, runs a business, he has said he's going to give it into his kids where they are running it into a blind trust. what do we know about that? >> the president does not have to. the president and the vice president are not legally obligated to have their business dealings separated. this is unprecedented. you got a president elect of 500 businesses in 22 countries. saudi arabia and china and clearly there are sticky difficult foreign policies. we have not seen this before. obama, he did not put his money in a blind trust, he had his own investment, small. >> clinton, the bushes, and jimmy carter, what is donald trump going to do? unclear at this point. we are talking about jobs being
12:23 pm
moved over seas and jobs went to china and mexico. can he deliver what he promised and brings his job back. he need to satisfy and empower and please all those people who went out and voted for him. what he's going to do for many potential companies here, that may employ many people and satisfy the idea. one thing that america like is cheap goods. getting yourself in a trade world, a tariff world, that's dangerous. we may find a way to satisfy them. >> so interesting. i am going to sit here and ask you all about who's heading
12:24 pm
treasury and commerce. >> it could be an impressive list. there could be smart and qualified individuals who until now say i don't think so. this guy got a mandate. >> elizabeth warren has been on my back for all these years. would those things clear out? >> you may see an impressive lest of names next to donald. >> as trump figure out how to handle his businesses, he's face th that lawsuit against trump university. i want to bring in ari mediclbe. what do we know? >> i will give you an update on that. >> for folks watching at home and thinking this is a normal day in transitioning of power, in some way it is, this is not a
12:25 pm
normal president elect. nothing has changed in regards to his situation. he's in dozens of lawsuits more than any incoming president of american history. he has outstanding claims and pledges that he will fulfill like suing every women that accused him of groping sexual contact. the news today as you mentioned that there is a hearing that donald trump lost the argument his lawyer made. they were trying to argue that the things he's done and said on the campaign trail should not be put in trail before a jury anyway. they argued that those. >> reporter: irrelevant. it does no nt mean anything he says is admissible. everyone knows of the range of things he said and his responsibility and his truth fullness and the trump
12:26 pm
university and students alleging fraud and him defending it, saying he promised to offer the s services of education and business that he provided. >> ari, the trial is november 28th. the judge said it on purpose prior to inauguration day, could we see president elect trump have to testify? >> anything is possible. >> it will come down to what the judge decides in i can and many others. i want to make a broader point. the supreme court says you are not immune so you don't have immunity that extends beyond any of the scope of action taken. translation, you cannot be sued as president for what you do as president. for example, actions you take or
12:27 pm
higher a cabinet official. you can be sued and as you mention, kate, taken into court and testify under oath if it is something you did not do as president. as i mentioned unusual for incoming as presideing for a pr. there is no president that would protect him, just like any other president. >> as we follow donald trump's visit. we are following those who are unhappy with the election. san francisco, this is a live picture that you are looking at. protesters walking down the streets, it looks like efg it i calm. that's happening in san francisco and security surrounding trump tower has changed quite a bit after protests here last night. we'll review all of that after a
12:28 pm
quick break.
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i want to tell the world community that while we are always putting america's interests first, we'll deal fairly with everyone. all people and all other nations. >> that was president elect trump during his victory speech on wednesday addressing foreign policies. others have expressed dismay and concerns. here is keir simmons is joining mow. how is the world reacting to trump's victory. >> reporter: it is pouring rain here. that sums up here. they have not have had any signs where he will change u.s. policy, they are waiting to see what happens. this is a look at what european
12:32 pm
and what the chancellor had to say. >> she talks about the dignity of man and independent and the religion gender and says the germany will cooperate with the u.s. >> we want to work with you president trump, president elect trump, but only if you share our values and continue in the other direction. this is what the prime minister of canada had to say. >>. >> we'll work with president elect trump as we move forward in a positive way. >> meanwhile in china what they are going to be most concerned about is trade.
12:33 pm
now, you will note that donald trump during the campaign was very tough on china. again, all around the world, leaders are looking at situations in the u.s. and their heads are spinning and trying to assess what donald trump will look like. we want to work with you or setting out the bases or they are prepared to work with the new president. >> i will ask about the british prime minister, she had a phone call with donald trump, did she? >> people are asking is it because he's changing up the rule book or he does not know the rules. these kinds of things are sensitive. they are important to countries. they can be the bases of
12:34 pm
disagreements. >> diplomatic, calling ireland first is not what normally be done. >> thank you very much. >> great to see you. get some rest. >> up next, protesters take to the streets for a second day denouncing the election results following the night of most protest and most of them peaceful across the country. >> it is not okay to be racist and have a president like that, that we don't respect. we look up to our president. ♪ one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit we'll look strong in healthcare and we are looking at jobs. >> big league jobs. as donald trump visiting capitol
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hill. he's talking about making moves on immigration. you heard his words there. today, protests against president elect trump in new york city with demonstrators taking to the streets expressing anger. protests have been peaceful. larger demonstrations happened last night in cities across the country including new york and philadelphia and oakland and seattle. the majority of those protesters in those cities are peaceful. joining me now in trump tower. ayman , as those protests continue in new york and san francisco. they played a lot of changes where you are standing in security for president elect trump, right? >> yes, absolutely. over the past 12 hours or so. security has changed. this as large operation. i will get out of the way to give you a sense of the kind of forces here.
12:39 pm
you have nypd police officers and uniformed police officers. . you can see some of the counter terrorism are tactical units within the nypd. we have learned that there is a flight restrictions and no flights can take place anywhere around this part of manhattan, there is a lot of helicopter traffic that takes place around manhattan, that all no are restricted place around trump tower. there are barricades around here. president elect trump is not in the building. right now, the security that we saw when we arrived this morning has changed dramatically. there were dozens of trucks and sands that were used as barricades. >> we can expect security to change one more time. it is a massive under taking for both nypd and secret service
12:40 pm
here in manhattan. >> thank you, we know protests maybe planned tonight. donald trump will take the oath of office in just 71 days from now. we have seen the pictures of president obama meeting with trump at the white house earlier as part of his transition so commander in chief. trump will start to receive more classified intelligence briefings. hans nicoll is joining me now. how do they differ from what he had as a candidate. think of the briefing, putting in that secret category. there is skclassified and top secret. he will be bumped up and in the top category. there is something more sensitive compartment information. >> sometimes in the next 18 hours, he will get his first president elect trump and daily
12:41 pm
briefing. that's a briefing in an actual binder. kate, we heard all day how the president wants to make this transition as smooth as possible. lets me update of what we heard. here. the pentagon is ready. as this morning, the pentagon has not heard from the transition team from the president elect trump. here is how it will work. there will be a political appointee at the top. the chief of staff and there will be a career civil servant. they'll hand over buckets. think of two separate buckets. logistics had to do with personals. it in kwlcludes on dozens of me. he needs to make decision os on the budgetary front. we are trying to figure out when
12:42 pm
president elect trump going to get access to an airplane that does not have his name but has that white and blue of the united states military. that's a decision that's made by president obama, based on protocol and precedent. that's a courtesy that president oba can extend to president elect trump. >> thank you very much. coming up. beyond the meeting, what's the white house is doing preparing of the hand over to donald trump. think of ipads and the clouds.
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what is happening right now in san francisco and those are, we believe students. who many walked out of class this afternoon. it is 12:45 right now, lunch hour in san francisco. thousands of high school students were preparing to do a walk out today. so we assume that's who these
12:46 pm
folks are. we are going to keep a close eye on that. we are trying to reach someone down on the ground there so we can get more reporting. this is anti-trump tprotest. many who do not like the fact that donald trump is our president elect trump. now, i want to go our white house reporter, isaac, we have been talking all afternoon about these meetings that donald trump is having and some nitty and grit gritty things need to happen. how does it work? >> complicated business. you had meetings that's begun going on with both trump and clinton campaign and preparations and the white house. you saw today, i was one of the reporters brought in the oval office with the meeting and the president elect trump. who i will they were meeting.
12:47 pm
we spotted taking a walk with trump's son in law who's the key adviser on the campaign for a long time themselves walking along the south lawn of the white house getting more into policies here. there are staffing organizations and a huge amount of work that needs to be done by a transition here that i think it does not seem to be fully prepared of what it would be thomas hoto be the government here. >> i don't know the details of ipads or technology that's handed over. what's that about? >> the way the obama administration prepares to hand over the information here. there is a way of organizing the information and getting out there. those meetings are going on.
12:48 pm
what we expect from the clinton campaign, for example, if he had been elected by now a full transition that would have been in place perhaps, by the end of this week committees for the transition, establish to help pick cabinet secretaries and interphasing with the obama administration. it is not clear of any thing of that extent is going on here. that means that there is a short window of time here as you were saying before the break of 71 days until donald trump is sworn into as president and in charge of the government and his team is in charge of the government. it is a lot to take in and they have to g et to it. >> we are only a day and a half into it. up next, a lot of people did not see it coming. how did donald trump dominate the electoral map and win this race for the white house? we'll hear from some of his voters after the break. a quick note, one of hillary clinton's strongest supporter, elizabeth warren put out a
12:49 pm
statement about this election, she's going to join rachel machado for a one on one interview tonight at 9:00 eastern here on msnbc.
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
a whole lot of voters. >> in his campaign rallies, donald trump insisted this was a movement. >> this is considered the greatest movement. >> it is a movement like has never happened in this country before. >> reporter: and he was right. on election day, his supporters turned states like ohio and pennsylvania red. >> what does that mean for this country? >> the government is back in the hands of the people and for the people. this is almost like a populist
12:53 pm
uprising across the country. >> reporter: from the philly suburbs to a pumpkin farm in michigan, voters who felt forgotten by the washington establishment, spoke clearly at the ballot box. >> it seems like our voice wasn't heard. the politically correct society seemed to have more of a voice. >> white working class voters came out for trump in force. author j.d. vance wrote a best-selling book about growing up in that world. >> i think trump succeeded primarily because the elites of both the left and the right failed to recognize that there was a very serious undercurrent of frustration in the white working class. it expressed itself politically, and now trump is president. >> trump's message resonating with voters skeptical, even hostile, toward hillary clinton. trump painting the former secretary of state as part of the problem. >> you've been doing this for 30 years. why are you just thinking about these solutions right now? >> his criticism seemed to have an impact. trump managed to peel some women voters away from clinton.
12:54 pm
>> the big surprise was how hillary clinton didn't do as well as some of the pre-election polls showed she would with white college-educated women. >> throughout the campaign, the brash businessmen scolded reporters for not seeing what he saw, claiming polls favoring clinton, was a rigged system. >> it's part of a rigged system. >> it's a rigged election. >> it's clear the polls didn't catch realities on the ground, but even some fervent liberals did see it coming. >> i kept saying we have to focus on ohio, michigan and pennsylvania. these are people i grew up with. i know what's going on here. >> reporter: voters who resent being looked down upon by elites. >> the error we will make after this election is describe voters as undimensional or stupid. but that's one of the things that drove them to trump in the
12:55 pm
first place. >> moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd, is with me to talk a little more. chuck, is the movement still there, and how, now, as we get into the first 100 days of a new administration does he keep them happy? >> i do think he is a coalition. it is a trump coalition under the republican umbrella just in wait that -- what i think the lesson here should be, both for the republican party and the democratic party, is to remember -- i think what we've learned is these winning coalitions don't necessarily mean the republican party, for instance, has become the party of working class whites. it's donald trump's republican party has become that. why do i mention this? because i think the bigger r erf this election, trump didn't win because there is a surge of rural america voters to come out. trump won because they -- he performed the way a really good republican campaign should
12:56 pm
perform. and he did do some persuading and some sort of long-time union voting, democrats maybe, or former democrats who did help him. but the real story of this election is how hillary clinton lost. hillary clinton couldn't replicate the obama coalition, and i think we, collectively in the political intelligence, made too many suggestions. well, she didn't perform well in the polls. well, i think there were too many likely voter models that assumed that the obama coalition was now a democratic coalition when, kate, what's the evidence? we've had five elections with barack obama as the head of the democratic party. he was on the ballot in two of them, though two he won. the two midterms and now this one democrats lost. i think we know the obama coalition is not transferrable. this means that's donald trump's coalition. that means that's what he does,
12:57 pm
they are going to hold him accountable, but i don't think it's transferrable automatically. >> chuck, i have to ask you today, and everything playing out in your city. we've been watching images of the last several hours of the president-elect meeting with members of congress, meeting with the president. your observations? >> on the one hand, we who cover this for a living feel like these are extraordinary moments. it's two people individually. personally an animosity of these two over the last five years are at extraordinarily high levels. but i would also say this is important that this is ordinary for our democracy, meaning this is what we do, right? the president and president-elect, no matter how bitter, do sit down and start transitioning the power, and i think they both met the moment today appropriately, because look, this is a very divided country. i am concerned about how divided we stay and all of those things, and you could tell, at least for today, they both seem to share the same concern and went out of
12:58 pm
their way to show professionalism. and that's what today has been about to me is professionalism. >> all right. chuck todd. chuck, thanks so much for being with us. today by the way, 5:00 p.m. eastern, chuck on mtp daily. we are headed in to a record close for the day of the dow. you've been watching the markets all day. record territory. >> yeah, we were flirting with it yesterday and it looks looks wire on track for a record close on day two after the election. traders are excited about the possibility with a trump presidency for increased infrastructure spending, increased government spending, less regulation, perhaps some tax reform. but with all the bullishness in this market right now, we do see it's a short-term shot in the arm. there's a lot of unknowns, traders with the new york stock exchange. investors around the world still feel there's a lot of
12:59 pm
uncertainty. which experts and advisers are donald trump going to bring in? which economic policy will we see here? >> 223 as we approach the closing bell. there are areas of industry doing really well and others that aren't. >> those not doing well, tech and health care. when you see an opportunity to invest in the dow industrial average stocks, but when you look at health care, there is a lot of concern about what's going to happen to obamacare going forward, so there is a bit of flight to safety. people are selling those stocks now as they have rallied over the last couple years. but what we really see that we have to take into consideration that rocks the markets is the federal reserve. what happens when janet yellen gives that press conference. >> when is that? >> december 14 is when we'll know more about that. it's a lot of different factors to watch. this is one indicator as we head to the closing bell right now. >> thanks so much.
1:00 pm
do we want to pause for the bell? let's pause. [ bell ringing ] >> so the close at 2:13 on t13 dow. that will wrap things up for me this hour. for now i'll hand it off to steve kornacki. steve? >> thanks for that. i'm steve kornacki live in new york. a new countdown for you. 71 days now until donald trump is sworn in as president. january 20, 2017. topping our agenda right now, they meet at last. >> we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed, because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> what you're looking at there is the first ever face-to-face meeting between barack obama and donald trump. it comes after fierce attacks they've traded on the campaign trail for months


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