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tv   MSNBC Live With Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  November 10, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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this is one indicator as we head to the closing bell right now. >> thanks so much. do we want to pause for the bell? let's pause. [ bell ringing ] >> so the close at 2:13 on t13 dow. that will wrap things up for me this hour. for now i'll hand it off to steve kornacki. steve? >> thanks for that. i'm steve kornacki live in new york. a new countdown for you. 71 days now until donald trump is sworn in as president. january 20, 2017. topping our agenda right now, they meet at last. >> we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed, because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> what you're looking at there is the first ever face-to-face meeting between barack obama and donald trump. it comes after fierce attacks
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they've traded on the campaign trail for months. the president-elect now committing to a peaceful transition of power. we'll bring you everything they had to say in that sit-down. also our reporting from what went on behind the scenes when they got together. that's next. also on the agenda, all sorts of rumors about who donald trump is going to appoint to what. he's got cabinet jobs to give out and a lot more than that. who is stepping up to join the administration? >> there's probably nobody that knows the justice department better than me. >> if there's some role for me that i want to do and that the president-elect wants me to do, wii known each other for 14 years. >> and what about congress? the new president has a republican house, a republican senate. he met today with house speaker paul ryan, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. our own kelly mcdonnell is there with details on that. hey, it's the election that practically no one saw coming. the results of it, at least. why did so many people not see
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that donald trump tidal wave on tuesday night ahead of time. what we missed, what we can learn for the next time. that's coming up. but we begin with our top story. president-elect donald trump, his first trip to the white house since that stunning victory on tuesday night. he sat down with president obama this morning. they met for nearly half an hour, more than that behind the scenes, i should say. they also had remarks after that meeting. the president and the president-elect reiterating their commitment to working together during the transition. >> i just had the opportunity to have an excellent conversation with president-elect trump. it was wide ranging. we talked about some of the organizational issues in setting up a white house. we talked about foreign policy, we talked about domestic policy, and as i said last night, my number one priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that
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ensures the president-elect is successful. and i have been very encouraged by the, i think, interest in president-elect trump's wanting to work with my team around many of the issues that this great country faces, and i believe that it is important for all of us, regardless of party, and regardless of political preferences, to now come together, work together to deal with the many challenges that we face. and in the meantime, michelle has had a chance to greet the incoming first lady, and we had an excellent conversation with her as well, and we want to make sure that they feel welcome as they prepare to make this
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transition. and most of all, i want to emphasize to you, mr. president-elect, that we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed, because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. please, mr. trump. >> thank you very much, president obama. this was a meeting that was going to last for maybe 10 or 15 minutes, and we were just going to get to know each other. we had never met each other. i have great respect that the meeting lasted for almost an hour and a half, and as far as i'm concerned, it could have gone on for a lot longer. we discussed a lot of different situations, some wonderful and some difficulties. i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including counsel.
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he explained some of the difficulties, some of the high-flying assets and some of the really great things that have been achieved. so, mr. president, it was a great honor being with you, and i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the future. >> thank you. thank you, everybody! we are not going to be taking any questions. thank you, guys! thank you. it was a good rule. don't answer questions when they start. >> it's always the last one. >> come on, guys. let's go. thank you, guys. appreciate it. >> a historic moment there, obviously. president obama and donald trump meeting as world leaders, as two members of a very small and exclusive club, the meeting coming after president obama campaigned so fiercely against donald trump in the home stretch of the campaign, and trump making his attacks against obama
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and his policies a central focus of his campaign. but now the president and president-elect seeking a spirit of cooperation. chris jansing is there at the white house now. chris, there was the public meeting. there was what they had to say in front of the cameras. have we learned anything about what went on behind the scenes when they met for what donald trump said was a much longer period of time than expected? >> there's been so much about this entire 48 hours that's incredibly unexpected. this was a part of it, i thought, as a piece of political theater, it was extraordinary. as a moment in presidential history, it was absolutely riveting because these two men who had never come face to face before, who had been political enemies and stated it so often out on the campaign trail, now 90 minutes together. now, donald trump said that he expected to meet for 10 or 15 minutes. it was sort of pencilled in for a little longer than that on the white house schedule, but i'm not sure that anybody in the white house really expected it
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to go quite this long. josh ernest described it as less awkward than you might have imagined. obviously, for two men who have said the things that they've said. but the tone of it, apparently quite cordial. a lot of questions were asked by donald trump. you seem to see from what he had to say that there was a range of things that he was interested in. we know they talked about foreign affairs, we know they talked about domestic affairs. there is also just organizational things that the president said he explained to donald trump. and i think in the end, the idea was that this was symbolically something extraordinarily important in addition to being important for donald trump to make his transition, to show the american people that this is how democracy works, that this is how a peaceful transfer of power looks. and what struck me lookswise is those two chairs in that configuration that they were sitting in, whenever you have
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that configuration and the press comes in, it's because there is a meeting with another world leader. this is the first chance we have had to see donald trump in that role. he will be the commander in chief. he will be the leader of the free world, and to see him there, sitting there, with the press surrounding him and all the clicks that you heard from the cameras was really, for me, an extraordinary moment. in addition to that, while that was going on, you had in the east wing the first lady, who was showing melania trump around, including with a historian. obviously, michelle obama is someone who has had extraordinarily personally hurtful experiences she has talked about on the campaign trail from the words of donald trump. she has been, i think, one of the most powerful spokespeople against the things donald trump has said about women and things
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that have happened. having said that, she also showing they are determined as a couple, the obamas, to facilitate a peaceful transfer of power. it probably helps, steve, that they both are parents, they both are mothers. and when michelle obama came into the white house, she had two young girls, and melania, obviously, has a son barron who will be facing secret service protection, steve. >> do we know of the interaction between michelle obama and donald trump? >> yes, there was actually the two couples at the end of all this did meet very briefly. we didn't get a readout from the white house on exactly what that was like. there were apparently were just brief pleasantries, but all four of them were together for a short period of time. we should also mention there was unexpected company. jerry kushner was there who has been in the trump campaign from
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the very beginning, so people are reading tea leaves about who he brought with him on this very important meeting. >> following that, donald trump headed over to capitol hill along, again, with his wife melania and the vice president-elect mike pence. trump there to meet with house speaker paul ryan, another republican leader who has had a very difficult relationship with trump during this campaign. ryan during the home stretch of this race said he would not be campaigning with or speaking in defense of donald trump, but today ryan striking a con gr congratulatory tone. >> we are now talking about how we're going to hit the ground running to make sure we can get this country turned around and make america great again. >> and kelly o'donnell is on capitol hill with this part of the story. so kelly, again, paul ryan, it was just very clear during this campaign was very uncomfortable with donald trump as the republican candidate for
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president. i got the impression that ryan, like many other people, did not expect donald trump was going to win this race, that he was not going to be in the position he is now in. how is paul ryan approaching this? >> well, the speaker tells me and other reporters that he believes that the voters and the public, their constituents, did send a very loud message that they do not want washington to be the same. and now with a republican white house, speaker ryan says he is prepared to work on an agenda where they have common ground, wants to develop those policies, talk about the things they care about whether it's tax reform, immigration, dealing with the health care law, obamacare. there are a lot of things that will be top priority items. mr. trump was also asked, after meeting with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell about his priorities, and he talked about jobs and immigration. i asked him as he was passing me in the hallway, mr. trump, are you ready to be president? he said, we're ready, and he gave me the classic donald trump
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two thumbs up. so these leaders on capitol hill are doing what is required of the transfer of power. as we saw president obama, despite whatever personal feelings he and mrs. obama have, they went through all of those steps today, and will do so again around the inauguration time. similar, although kind of in a lower case way, you have that happening on capitol hill as well. and perhaps the difference is that when president obama leaves office, he won't have to interact with donald trump day to day. the leaders on capitol hill will, and they're trying to build that relationship now. steve? >> all right. kelly o'donnell on capitol hill. kelly, thank you for that. as trump's trip to washington formally kicks off, the arduous transition over the next 70 days. there are now rumors over who will take what job in the trump administration. allie has the top jobs. all these positions like the
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secretary of defense, what do we know about what's going on there? >> a lot of the names you put up on that board is names they're talking about. you're looking at rudy giuliani, mike flynn, steve luchen, newt gingrich. donald trump has always been very loyal, so when you're looking at who he might fill in these key positions, yes, it's going to be outsiders he has staked his campaign on, but you'll also see who has been with him in the recent past and who could be with him in the near future. although nothing is out there yet, when you're speculating, you want to see who has been around him and who has been loyal to him during the duration of his candidacy when others backed away and distanced themselves. that piece is going ahead with enthusiasm and dedication. people are running on adrenaline and they're excited about it,
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but of course they're in the early stages of that process, steve. >> thank you for that. i want to bring in press secretary for george w. bush as a president, also his campaign in 2000. he knows a thing or two about how these transitions go. ari, thanks for joining us. donald trump, barack obama face to face for the very first time. everyone knows the very implicated back story of this relationship, but you went through one of these before. george w. bush in 2000 meeting with bill clinton. what is going on behind the scenes for a day like this? >> i will bet you anything what president obama did today was take advantage of this one and only substantive long meeting he'll have with the president-elect of the united states to talk about things that are most important and why it may be harder to do some of the things donald trump has said. i think he might be talking about the iran deal. look, i know during the campaign you were against it, but here are the implications if you follow through on what you say.
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a, b and c. i bet he talked about the debt limit. i know this is an issue that republicans and democrats have fought over. but if the nation ever loses its full faith and credit, here's the complications, a, b and c. i think it was president obama's best and only chance to talk deep substance and try to influence the next president of the united states on the things that matter most to barack obama. >> obviously, everybody remembers what barack obama was saying in the home stretch of this campaign about donald trump, what donald trump spent years saying about barack obama with the whole birther thing. josh ernest, the white house press secretary today, said the meeting was less awkward than everybody would think. what do you make of that? we see publicly donald trump is speaking in a very different tone than i think he was during the campaign, the president obviously being respectful as well. what are you seeing in donald trump here in terms of the campaign versus right now? >> i'm seeing something in america here, steve. this is the wonderful, remarkable thing about the united states. people will go head to head and say things about each other and the campaign, and that's to win
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in office. once it's over, they recognize there is a higher duty, and that's to serve the country. and people contend, and i hope they continue to, to tone it down and pare it back. to achieve a successful outcome, you need maturity, and you saw two leaders do that. hillary clinton did it the other night, barack obama has done it and trump has done itment. i hope it continues. >> what you're saying, in a campaign will he say different things, behave maybe a little more aggressively than he would as president? one possible read on him is that, you know, he saw the campaign as sort of the ultimate competition where there is just no rules. you throw everything and anything you possibly have at your opponent and then it ends, and if you win, you become sort of a different character. is that a possible interpretation here? >> well, you know, i was intrigued because donald trump said in the spring that you wouldn't believe how boring i
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can get, anticipating that he was going to win. and his point being that he can be a pugilist when he's in the arena, when he's fighting for the job. but he recognized back then if he gets the job, he could be quite boring. i did take that at the time to be an interesting reflection. and i hear people like ranc rance prebius say he watches donald trump in private. he says, you won't believe what a serious man he is, he's not the combative tiype you see in public. i think donald trump has created basically two different approaches to how he solves problems. >> let me ask you about the guessing game of who will play what role in the administration. no surprise there, donald trump values loyalty. the issue that raises, i think, is a lot of the sort of prominent names in republican politics, the republican policy world, the people you would normally look to if there is a new person president to play the big roles. we're not with donald trump in
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this campaign. in many cases we're very publicly against him. you see that pool of names out there. it's pretty small. you got giuliani on there, sessions is on there, christie is on there. do you think we're going to see the high level of appointments come from that small list of big names who are with trump, or is he going to expand it? >> there is a lot of people he has roles for. the white house is not small. but you're going to see immediately the immediate circle that donald trump named in his speech tuesday night, wednesday morning. those people are obvious. they're going to get very important jobs. they're loyal, they know donald trump and they will represent donald trump which is what a white house job should be and a cabinet job should be. you represent the president. but i hope donald trump appoints outsiders. he would make a mistake if as the person who was elected to change washington came to washington and appointed all washington insiders. that would be a betrayal of the people who voted for him. i am a washington establishment person, i'm an insider, but i am here to recognize he has earned
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the right to appoint the people he wants as the outsiders who see things his way. that's what a president should do, fulfill the promises he ran on and find the right people from outside the beltway in many cases so he can be successful doing that. >> all right. ari fleisher. thanks as always. >> thank you, steve. 71 days to go before donald trump takes the oath of office and becomes the 45th president of the united states. he is set to get daily top security national briefings now just like the ones that president obama receives. we are going to go live to the pentagon for a look at what could be in those briefings. plus a little election introspection. i didn't sleep much tuesday night, but we are going to take a look back and see what we missed. that's next. ♪ ♪
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storm i'm a little gun-shy to be like, well, all these standard operating procedures that someone like me uses to analyze elections all point to her, that's why she's going to win. i think she should win. i don't know if we are in an extra-political time that this exists outside the continuum of what we've studied. the past is predictable of the present and future until it's not anymore. >> turns out that was one of the best predictions of what happened tuesday night. that was the "washington post" chris eliza tuesday night. i was about 20 feet on the stage
1:24 pm
from him. that was his predictions where he's saying maybe we're in an environment where all the predictions could end up being wrong. pretty much what happened. the consortium that most pollsters bring in the u.s. they admit that the polls clearly got it wrong this time. they'll evaluate what went wrong this cycle. pretty much everyone in the media thought hillary clinton had it in the bag. here to find out what everyone got wrong, founder of the "washington post." chris, i think you kind of diagnosed it pretty well before it even happened, but i think we're finding out something about the nature of thise electorate that we got it wrong. >> i think always with trump i
1:25 pm
tried to say based on all the factors we typically use to gauge winning and losing, polling, money, organization, message, that he was losing on all those things. normally that adds up to a loss, but if the primary was indicative of anything, it was that all the rules that we use to govern prthe primaries were wrong and he won. so i always tried to keep a level of caution to say, look, the analysis suggests she will win. the analysis also suggests he would have never have gotten to the point where he would be the republican nominee. now that he has, in fact, won, steve, i think we owe it to ourselves, the people who watch us, the people who read us to say what the heck happened, right? that's why people like you and i do what we do. we're fascinated by the country, the people who put themselves forward to represent it, and
1:26 pm
when things go different than our categories, our ways to define how things will go, then we have to reassess those categories and those differences. >> it does call into question what he did back in the primaries. i'm thinking down the stretch in this campaign how much attention was paid to what we call the ground game and the idea, oh, the clinton people, look how organized they are. look at all of the computer work they've done, and they get all their people out to the polls and early voting statistics. the story now seems to be incredible turnout on the republican side. >> look, i went through the exit poll today because i felt like my brain was finally in a place to work. say what you will about the exit poll. let's assume that the exit poll is a relatively good gloss of what the electorate wanted. if you didn't know what happened in the election and you were
1:27 pm
looking at the exit poll to try to define who won based on everything we know about how people make decisions about politics, there is a 100% guarantee you would think clinton won. why? 35% of people in the exit poll said donald trump was temperamentally fit to be president. 38% said he was qualified to be president. they disagreed with him on building a wall. they didn't think he had the leadership traits. 33% looked at him favorably. what's the only thing that mattered in that exit poll, steve? 39% of people said the desire to change the way things are going in washington was the most important trait for a candidate, and trump won those people 83-19. so that's what's amazing about it is there was so much that he did and said where you thought, well, by the traditional rules of how we do this stuff, that's either disqualifying or hurtful to him. the truth of the matter was it didn't matter to most people.
1:28 pm
they wanted change. he was it, and she very much wasn't it, and we always say this, we have a tendency to overthink it and then we overthink it, you know? awareness doesn't make us avoid it. and i think that's what we're doing here. >> that's the fun part about this business, too. you think you know the rules, then you can watch them get rewritten sometimes. >> i know you got to run, but one of the things i want to say very quickly that i admire about you is a willingness -- and i hope i have it in myself -- a willingness to say we don't have all the answers. we don't speak from the position of authority all the time. we're trying to figure it out. if we get it wrong, our goal is to figure out what went wrong and get it right. that's all. >> i have had plenty of opportunities to say i am wrong, i can tell you that. >> me, too, my friend. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you. the trump rally continues. look at this, the dow closing at a new record high today. what is driving the surge? and, of course, how about this for a contrast at the white house? after meeting with donald trump, president obama then welcomed
1:29 pm
the world champion cleveland cavaliers, including lebron james who just campaigned for hillary clinton. here's a bit of that reception as we head to break. >> i should add that by knocking off the warriors, they cemented the 1996 bulls as the greatest team of all time. so your president thanks you for that. heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief.
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1:33 pm
affordable care act, maybe the repeal of that now that republicans have full control. donald trump talking with several world leaders since winning the election. trump will meet with the japanese prime minister next week, also inviting the british prime minister to washington as soon as possible. more protests against trump today after a number of demonstrations in many cities last night, a number of people taking part in a protest in new york city and phoenix, thousands taking part in san francisco. they believe new voting laws in 14 states including florida, ohio, wisconsin and michigan may have had an impact on voter turnout this year, but they say there is no evidence that it would have changed the outcome of the presidential election. a freefall on wall street if donald trump was going to be elected president. they are now giving way to record highs. the dow is up 218 points, that
1:34 pm
on top of a 600-point gain on wednesday. joining us to talk about this, cnbc senior executive steven lehman. i've heard all kinds of things that the market was nervous about a trump win. on tuesday night when it sudden manical ly became clear he was going to win, now a record high. is this a trump effect? is that fair to say? >> it certainly seems to be a reconsideration of president-elect trump. look, they weren't nervous, they were scared of a trump presidency. you should have had me on with the last segment because it's the same thing as the pollster guys, except these guys lost a lot of money in, a, betting on a clinton victory, and then betting on a disaster or a huge downdraft in the dow if trump won the election. neither has come to pass, and there is something of a reconsideration. look, it's clear that trump's words on election evening really
1:35 pm
calmed the markets down and made markets talk about two different people. there is the populist trump, the one who campaigned, and there is a pragmatic or president trump. and there is a lot of betting in the market that those are two different people. >> that's interesting. the trump presidency, then, there may be a relationship between which of those donald trumps is speaking on a given day and how the market performs? >> well, so far, so good. it's been pretty much the same guy for the last couple days, at least. the thing the markets hate the most is the uncertainty around it and also the potential volatility that any word -- he won't choose his words carefully. that's something markets are always concerned about. a guy comes forward, makes a very conciliatory speech, has really been -- i hate to use this -- but under control in the last few days in terms of his pronouncements and statements. markets like that. by the way, they don't dislike
1:36 pm
his policy, the ideas of big tax cuts, the idea of a change of regulation on dodd-frank. the banks are soaring. some of this stuff, it's always been curious to me why the market didn't like donald trump's policies more, and i think it's because they didn't like donald trump the candidate. >> interesting. steve leesman from cnbc. thanks for joining us. donald trump will get his first television briefing now that he's president-elect. trump as a candidate, now at a new level. he came under fire in september about comments he made about those briefings during commander in chief forum. >> i was very, very surprised. in almost every instance -- and i could tell, i'm pretty good with the body language, i could tell -- they were not happy. our leaders did not follow what they were recommending. >> nbc's hans nichols joins us
1:37 pm
now. some of the reporting at the time suggested that the people who had given him those briefings were upset that he had spoken in public the way he did then. what do we know about what is taking place right now, who he will be meeting with, what he will be getting briefed on? >> there are two separate issues right now. one, trump will get his presidential briefing sometime this afternoon or tomorrow morning. that will include top secret intelligence, a lot of stuff on sources and methods so he will no longer be able to talk publicly about what he's getting there. there is another aspect, steve, and that's what's happening here at the department of defense. the department of defense has not heard from trump's transition team on when they want to start this transition process. however, president obama has been very clear on this, how he wants this transition to run. he wants it to be very smoothly. here's how they work at the pentagon. there will be a senior political appoi appointee, eric rosenbaum, the
1:38 pm
chief of staff. they will be given two buckets. one will have a lot of logistical stuff in there. the other bucket will be full of memos, briefing papers, decisions for the next president on where he wants to go on policy and where he wants to go on the budget. now, bring it back to these presidential briefings, one crucial point, president-elect trump can ask about probably not current things taking place now, but he can ask about the budget. president-elect trump will be able to figure that out in a few short hours. steve? >> all right. hans nichols at the pentagon. thanks for that. donald trump didn't just win the election tuesday night. in winning the election, he also did something no republican has done in three decades. most important number of the day straight ahead. stay with us.
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all right, time now for our most important number of the day. no suspense, you just saw it there. 306. it has to do with the finalie lelectric --i electoral map. we know that donald trump is leading in arizona. it's just they have a very slow, and i mean slow, process of getting it all counted. it certainly looks favorable to trump, hasn't officially been called. that will probably be a trump state when all is said and done. he also leads in michigan. there is just a question about exactly how many absentee ballots there are in detroit, but that looks like an advantage for trump. he's trailing in new hampshire at moment. let's say it stays that way. this is likely what your final electoral map for the 2016 election is going to look like, and there's your 306. 306 electoral votes for donald trump, and the significance of that, at 306, believe it or not,
1:43 pm
that is the most electoral votes won by a republican since back in 1988. you have to go back seven elections. you had george w. bush in 2000, he only had 271 in 2000. 2004 he had 286. this is the best republicans have done since '88. no mystery why. pennsylvania, '88 was the last time a republican won it. in wisconsin, you have to go back to '84 to find a republican who won it. the last time the map was this good for a republican on election night, there it is, in 1988 it was a total landslide. we don't really have coast to coast wipeouts like this anym e anymore, but george w. bush, 426 votes for president bush. if you're a democrat -- whoa, we have one more stat i wanted to show you. that was the good news for republicans. we're bipartisan on this show.
1:44 pm
if you're a democrat, here is a number you might be looking at. i want to show you this, obviously getting a lot of attention. hillary clinton did get more votes nationwide than donald trump did in this election. they're still tallying that up. that number will probably rise. if you're a democrat, if you go back that same length of time, you won the popular vote in six of seven elections nationally. of course, two of them the republican won the electoral college. the democrat won -- i'm confusing myself here. the democrat won the popular vote, the republican won the white house. 2000 to 2016. thousands of people taking to the streets in cities across the country denouncing the election of donald trump. mon more protests expected today. we're going to head to trump tower where new security has been put in place. we'll discuss the new indications we're getting of what a trump administration might look like. in an interview you don't want to miss, one of hillary
1:45 pm
clinton's strongest supporters, elizabeth warren, she joins rachel maddow one on one tonight here on msnbc. ♪ is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event. (bing)
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this isn't hard. i mean, he has been elected president of the united states, and throughout my career, even as a young kid, i was in here at 18 years of age to meet with the president in the oval office. i always have respected presidents. it doesn't mean i have to agree with them on everything. >> so the talk you may be
1:49 pm
primary president-elect in 2020. >> it's the day after the election! we wish him the best! >> hallie jackson just caught up with john kasich, the governor of ohio. he's at the white house today, too. the cavs were there, ohio's cleveland cavaliers. kasich also telling how he would be open to talking to trump's transition team if he is called upon. let's bring in more more now kaitlyn hughley burns. kait, let me start with you. donald trump and president obama actually sitting down and talking. both times we've seen trump, people are seeing a very different guy than they saw in the campaign. >> this is a very important picture coming out to show stability and unity in the u.s. and across the world. it's actually really remarkable. i don't want to dwell too much in the past on a day that's
1:50 pm
focused on the future, but remember this is a president who spent the last several months talking about how donald trump was unfit for office. this is a president-elect who spent the last several years questioning president obama's birthplace. also important because this day might be one of the few we see left before the real work begins in terms of peace and unity. remember, there are a lot of hurt feelings, still, within the democratic party, within the republican party. you have democrats facing the idea of being in the minority. you have republicans who have not had a majority in washington in a really long time. there are going to be lots of tough fights ahead, and that shouldn't be underestimated, either. >> in the other meeting there on capitol hill, betsy, was with house speaker paul ryan, one of the two meetings trump had there. paul ryan wasn't campaigning for donald trump, paul ryan said he wasn't going to be defending donald trump during the campaign. he's striking a very different tone now. is that representative of what donald trump can expect basically from the entire
1:51 pm
republican party on capitol hill? are they going to be reaching out to him now and changing their tune? >> i think it's pretty likely. people tend to be very nice to you when you're president of the united states. i would keep an eye on jeff flake and ben sass who are two of the most prominent members of the senate, republicans who refuse to accept trump. the two men had very pointed criticism of the now president-elect. depending how their tones shift, how their comments shift, i think that's going to be really indicative of the attitude, particularly of the senate and congress. trump has had a number of vocal critics, particularly barbara comstock, who is a member of the house, who worked hard to distance herself from trump. it will be interesting to see if those members who are in purple districts continue to sort of make things difficult for the now president-elect or if they decide to risk it and get as close to him as possible to try to push their own agendas for their districts. they have a lot of challenges.
1:52 pm
>> that's the other thing, betsy, that i'm curious about here because so much of the dissent on trump had to do with his tone, his rhetoric, things like that. but when you get down to policy questions here, i think there is the possibility that donald trump on infrastructure spending, donald trump on, hey, i don't want to cut social security, i don't want to cut medicare. he could be at odds with republicans on some policy areas that republicans never thought they would be going against their president on. >> yeah, exactly. there is going to be a lot of worried controversies. obviously, trump is going to highlight one of the biggest rifts in the republican party, which is over immigration. there are still a ton of republicans, particularly in the house, who have worked overtime to try to get some sort of comprehensive legislation passed. that obviously hasn't happened, but especially when you look at members from purple districts, a number of republicans from florida, they worked hard to separate themselves from trump, and now they're going to have to have that argument again. we've seen leaders of major unions reaching out to trump,
1:53 pm
saying they may be able to work with him. it's possible that by pushing for some of those infrastructure investment projects, trump will find a way to reach out to these blue collar rust belt workers who already voted for him and wanted him to be president. if he's able to get some major spending package through, which will be tough and will depend on paul ryan, but if he can do that, it would be possible he can cut more into the democrats' traditional base. >> that's true, and how did democrats react to this? he won over their old base. in the blue collar areas and the rust belt areas, does that jar them into working with him? >> this is one of the biggest stories coming out of this election is who is the democrat party's leader and how do they move forward? what is their coalition? i think all eyes will be on chuck schumer who will be in control of the minority party and the senate. remember, republicans don't have the filibuster majority. how do democrats handle this? do they want to be obstinate and
1:54 pm
spend the next four years to build up an opposition to this president and this party? you have elizabeth warren coming out today and saying to the afl/cio, let's heed the possibility of change in the government right now. let's see how the governments proceed, i think that would be really telling. >> thank you both for the time. we're going to trump tower in new york city for a look at what may be expected tonight from those trump protests that have been taking place. ♪ ♪ but till you came alo♪g ♪ we counted on our fingers and toes ♪ ♪ now you're here to st♪y ♪ and nobody really knows..♪ zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment... ...on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen
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donald trump's plane has now landed back in new york city, this after his day-long trip to washington, d.c. he met with president obama there and then was on capitol hill, met with house speaker paul ryan, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. it's possible trump back in new york city now will be met by more protesters at trump tower. amon joins us outside trump tower. there is an indication of protests over the next four years. what precautions are police taking that they weren't before? >> reporter: this is an unprecedented situation. you can imagine the security operation that is taking place here of the this here. this is a joint operation between the police and the secret service. in terms of the police presence, all different kinds of police force here. you have plainclothes police officers as well as tactical
1:59 pm
police officers that you see there guarding the entrance of the building. they've set up this barricade all around the perimeter of trump tower, restricting, really, the flow of pedestrian traffic and traffic on the side streets in and around the building. late last night there were protests that took place, pretty much shutting down this major street right in the heart of new york city. that scene could repeat itself over the course of the next several days, at night and on the weekends. we know there are overnight protests scheduled for the weekend, so police are are bracing themselves for that. but in terms of the secret service presence here, this is a massive operation. they even imposed a flight restriction over this part of manhattan. no helicopters will be flying over trump tower or this part of midtown for the foreseeable future until they transition from new york city to washington, d.c. at some point. so long as he is here, it will be a massive security operation for the secret service and the
2:00 pm
nypd. >> remember george h.w. bush had kennebunkport, george w. bush had the ranch? president-elect trump now has the trump tower. stay tuned for this special guest, rnc chairman reinc reince priebus. that starts right now. it's thursday. meet the new boss. not at all the same as the old one. tonight, meet the trumps. the obamas host the next first family as the 2017 transition team kicks it into high gear. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including counsel. >> i'll talk to rnc chairman reince preibus. plus, the trumps contend with their new public reality. nd


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