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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 12, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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glad forceflex. extra strong to avoid rips and tears. be happy, it's glad. hello, everybody, it's 8:00 in the east, and 5:00 out west. protesting the outcome of the presidential election, this after days of protest here and throughout the country. meanwhile, president-elect donald trump for the first time is talking about the concession call he received from hillary clinton as well as a separate phone call from former president, bill clinton. part of his first interview since pulling off the historic
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interview and will air tomorrow night on "60 minutes." >> it was a call and a lovely call and a tough call for her, i can imagine. tougher for her than it would have been for me, and for me it would have been very difficult. could not have been any nicer, and she said congratulations, donald, you won, and i thanked her for her race. >> did bill clinton call? >> yes, he did. he said it was an amazing run, one of the most amazing he has ever seen. >> he said that. >> he was very, very -- really, very nice. >> days after trying to console those that voted for her hillary clinton is now trying to lift up her staff and volunteers. she made a visit to her brooklyn headquarters for a staff party
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last night with former president bill clinton, their daughter, chelsea, and huma abedin by her side. >> i hope that, you know, you will take some time with friends and family, or do what i have been doing, take your dog for a walk if you have dogs or whatever else gives you some real pleasure. this is a hard loss for all of us because we know what was at stake in this election, and we have got to do everything we can to continue to support the causes that we believe in, because when you are ready, i hope you will get up and get back out there and keep fighting. >> southeast let's bring in nbc's kelly o'donnell.
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you were there when trump met with congressional leaders on thursday, and what can be accomplished in the first 100 days and how many pieces of legislature do you think he and congress will be on the same page about? >> there's so much to do before we get to that point and so much of that is focussed on donald trump bringing his campaign to official washington and making the contacts we saw with his visit with president obama, and i asked him in the hallway, and i was one of those a few feet away and trying to ask him a question, and i said are you ready to be president, and he said yes, we are ready and gave me the thumbs up. and now he is trying to set that agenda, and you had the transition team in the early phases by chris chris tichristi
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that has been taken over for mike pence, and they will take on some of the bigger ideas. the hire something the most pressing issue, trying to fill out a cabinet that is high profile, and there are 4,000 jobs that are political appointments and 1,000 of those require a senate confirmation. hiring up the recruitment process is challenging, and on top of that the benefit that the new trump administration will have is that it's a republican-led congress, in part because of the energy from trump supporters, and that fortified republicans in congress. so at least on that point they can begin knowing if they work together they can probably get some things done. in the senate, there's still many democrats, the margin
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between democrats and republicans are smarter, and on the house side there's a strong majority so they can pass legislation with republicans and make that work. so what is on the hit list? they are looking at things that have to do with immigration, obamacare, the health care law and job creation. those are big and broad topics and they will try to pair it down and figure out what can be done legislatively. we will have so much time to talk about that first 100 days, because now the pressing question is filling out the cabinet and team and getting it up and running to switch from campaign mode to transition, and full administration and waiting residing here in washington. >> a lot of jobs to be filled indeed. what can you tell us about the intel briefing president-elect trump will soon be getting? >> he already received two briefings when he was running,
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and now they can give him far more detailed information because he has to be able to prepare his own plans with respect to national security and fully understand what the sources and methods used by the united states are, and what sort of tools are available to the commander-in-chief and what threats were out there. our understanding is the full presidential daily briefing, which still may be at a level less than obama because there's only one president in our country at a time, but much more serious than a candidate, and he has not done that yet but will do so when they schedule that with the white house and the department of national intelligence. it's something that is run by the dni, and if he is in new york, for example, he can go to a secure facility at the fbi, which he did when he was in the
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campaign, so that presentation can be in the most secure facility, and when he is washington there are other options, but that's part of his daily life, what is happening in the world and what exists. senior reporter for politico new york, and let me start with you, how big is the protest expected to be in new york today and what is the goal of the protesters across the country? they want to make a statement, they are outraged and upset, and there's really not much what you can do after an election, but they are sending a signal to the democratic establishment and president-elect donald trump that the rhetoric he used in the campaign was unacceptable and if he is going to act as president the way he acted as a candidate he can see these protests on a regular basis.
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>> what happened with pence being bumped up. >> the fact that mike pence took over, the campaign is saying because pence had more washington connections, and what i am hearing is there's a lot of fighting going on in the trump campaign that was going on last year, and i think what we are seeing is they put pence in charge, and the fact that chris christie has been part of it for the past six months and if you can remember that jared kutcher, ivanka trump's husband is not a fan of chris christie, and he indicted and convicted that jared's father got the maximum sentence. it sounds like they are pushing christie out and letting mike pence take over and it would be
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interesting to see donald trump ran his campaign as an outsider, and the names we are hearing, reince priebus, and gingrich, and -- >> yeah, they were talking about draining the swamp and that doesn't sound like it, but we will see. he said he could see keeping parts of obamacare and could that fly? >> that's what is interesting to see, will they let it happen? it has been on the wish list since 2010 when the democrats pushed it, and the reason there was anger is because there was no republican buy-in. and they may keep pre-existing
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conditions and parents can stay on their parents plans. we don't have an answer to that right now, and what i can say is that at this point, republicans the fact that they have the senate and the white house and the house, if they want to repeal it, this is the time to do it. >> i will bring you back in, but i want to play some of michael moore from "morning joe" yesterday and get your response on the way back in. >> 90,000 michiganens voted for every office and refused to vote for president. they couldn't vote for trump, they knew that was wrong, but they were not going to participate in this -- in what they saw as a system that had left them forgotten and at bay. >> moore also said democrats let
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her down because they ignored rust belt voters and did her campaign team let her down as well? >> there was a misunderstanding, i think, from the campaign side and from the polling side from the media side to some degree about what hillary clinton needed to do in order to win, and who would turn out to vote. michael moore is right in saying that there was a protest, a revolt against a quote, unquote, establishment and the kind of politics we have seen before. if your choice is between somebody that has been in public life and a politician for several decades and somebody who has no experience, with washington at a single-digit approval ratings, and the experience argument was not going to work. it was an emotional connection that people had or found in trump, a way to have the cathartic moment to say i had enough. >> how is it -- you said there
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was a misunderstanding on so many levels and how is it that nobody saw this or caught this? >> in every election there's a tendency to say the winner was brilliant and the loser did something horribly wrong and how can this be? it's possible that we have a misunderstanding about how important and unique barack obama was when he won in 2008 and four years later, hillary clinton did not have that same type of personality or connection drawn to voters. when bill clinton won in 1992, he was hit with a number of scandals, republicans were unable to pin him down and when he was running for re-election after that, there was the idea that the economy is good and we are at peace, and let this guy keep doing what he is doing, and we have something similar right now, and people have economic anxiety and they don't feel comfortable with retirement plans and don't see their wages going up and you have somebody
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else coming in from the outside who can brush aside all of these kind of bad headlines, and all these controversies because people want somebody they believe in and they trusted trump to do something different than what they have seen before. >> and something trump talked about was prosecuting hillary clinton if he became president and where does that stand now? >> betty, that would be a horrible way to get off on the start of a new election. donald trump came out and said he wants his administration to be about unity and inclusive. if he starts trying to prosecute hillary clinton, that is getting off to a bad foot. just to add what he was saying is i just saw a new number in the "washington post" out of the 700 counties that voted for barack obama, one-third switched to trump and it's feeding into the idea that people wanted change and were left behind by globalization, they are looking for something new and whether that new is the policy direction
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that they are looking for. >> thank you so much for this interesting conversation with you both. we do appreciate it. turning now overseas and the intense military operation to retake the less isis held of mosul, so how will a trump presidency affect this operation. what is the latest there? >> reporter: it's a decisive fight against here in iraq that donald trump stands to inherit. today iraqi forces are pushing closer to the city of mosul. isis fighters dug in willing to do anything to protect their turf. these civilians near mosul inhaled toxic gas after isis set
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fire to a plant. isis is stockpiling chemical weapons, and that could be a war crime. it's also president-elect trump's deadliest global challenge and he said the kurd administration has not done enough and wants to wipe isis off the map. isis uses families as human shields to protect against air strikes and they open fire on fleeing civilians, and a researcher for human rights watch. >> i think we need to take the risk of the more chemical weapons by the islamic state as a very real and serious risk. >> reporter: it has been a month since the battle started and isis is losing, and crimes like these won't help them keep mosul, but for iraqis they will leave a stench, a reminder that cilians face the worst of this
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war. betty, war crimes are not just a concern for isis and the pentagon announced just this week u.s. air strikes have killed 119 civilians since two years ago in syria, and it's something donald trump will have to keep in mind if he really wants to ramp up the fight here. >> thank you so much for that live report. we appreciate it. on the first day in office donald trump can immediately set into motion the deportation of some 700,000 people who president obama allowed to stay in this country, but will he? i will talk to somebody close to the fight. ♪ but till you came alo♪g ♪ we counted on our fingers and toes ♪ ♪ now you're here to st♪y ♪ and nobody really knows..♪ zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment...
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welcome back, everyone. donald trump's election is bringing uncertainty to more
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than 700,000 undocumented immigrants. this allows them to work and study without deportation fears. it was an executive action by president obama something trump vowed to do once he sabres the white house. and joining me now an immigration attorney and legal analyst. she is here to talk about all of this. good morning and thank you for being with us. >> good morning. >> according to the "los angeles times" they could target daca, so why is this group so vulnerable? >> because the immigration service has all of their immigration, including their parents, mother and father are noted in the application, and their information is in the data bank as well as in the driver's license department of vehicles data bank as well, and these are
5:22 am
people -- it's a vulnerable class regardless of where you stand on the immigration issue, and they have been brought here as babies, many, or as young children and they have been here all their lives and they have been educated in this country and many have graduated from college and have made an enormous impact in the u.s. economy, and now to suddenly take this work permit from them because it's not a green card and maybe deport them is quite a concern to the immigrant community as well as to immigration attorneys. >> it has been frightening. for them they were going according to what they were told, you sign up for this program and we will give you the opportunity and now that information could be used against them and get them deported and what are you giving to the 700,000 dreamers that are already in the system? >> don't panic, and the constitution protects many, and
5:23 am
the immigration courts are so backlogged. 400,000 cases are on wait, so to get to see a judge to request a relief could take years so i am advising the applicants if they do get a notice to voluntary depart, to sign up and go see a judge and request relief and many could perhaps buy time, and some have ways of adjusting their status from daca to a permanent green card and then to citizenship, so seek advice asap. >> what are you advising to those applying for the program but have not yet? >> you have to have a minimum age of 15 to apply for the first time, so many young children are turning 15 and are asking should i apply, and i am saying why don't we hold off and see what
5:24 am
the administration is going to do, and they are taking a few back steps to obamacare, and i am saying maybe just wait a little. those that already applied, they have your information, why not renew the work permit and let's just wait and see as well. >> and should you also be concerned about the licensed workers? >> i am not so concerned about the licenses for practices or skills, i am more concerned about the driver's license because that bank of information is open to i.c.e., and that information is a free for all for the department of justice. >> thank you for your insight this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. for more on the role of latino voters in this election,
5:25 am
and let's bring in a member of trump's advisory counsel. is donald trump going to deport the dreamers? should they worry? >> i don't believe he is going to at all. you don't have to rely on my opinion, and he told us as much. i am very impathetic this group is worried, because most people that came here illegally are adults that did so knowingly, and the dreamers were brought as young children and they did not have a choice so i am impathetic to their plight, if if he took an honest look at what he said and not what the media reported, and we are going to get dangerous people out of here immediately, people that don't belong here. so if you are a law-abiding student, a hard-working young man or woman, you have nothing to worry about.
5:26 am
we are not coming to knock on your door. he then said we are going to address the rest of the community and the rest of the issue after that. so if you are a law-abiding but not legal immigrant here in the united states, we are going to have a conversations and we are going to have sensible policies. >> that's still a big question mark, we are going to address it after that and it's still open, right? >> my advice to him during the campaign will be that those that have been with us and given regular status and not citizenship. my advice was and will be they should be allowed to stay and have status which is where they reside right now, but we can't reward citizenship on those that broke the clear immigration laws even if they did so as a child. >> it looks like it's going to
5:27 am
be really on par with previous years. how do you explain that and are you surprised by it? >> frankly i am surprised. i do so many news shows every day for the last eight months on behalf of donald trump i was a bit convinced as a latino trump supporter a bit convinced there would be a latin surge because trump riled them up, and the narrative was out there, the theme, but he never did, and there was the theme that he was a racist and he didn't like mexicans and that is untrue, but i am heartened by the information we had seen on election day, we did not see a massive surge, and we out performed expectations, and we were polling in the teens by latinos, and we got almost 30% of the latino vote. i don't want to have a parade over 30% and i want to get to a majority at some point but we out performed mitt romney. latinos came out and said i am
5:28 am
not buying this media narrative that he is a racist, and what i do know personally, my life is not getting better, particularly economically. i think latino's want economic growth, most of all when it comes to politics and thankfully a healthy portion of them gave their trust to donald trump, and if we deliver on that, and i think we will, the economic growth i think the latino number can surge. >> there is a rise in latino harassment and bullying since the election, and do you worry about that becoming the norm? >> i worry about ugliness from all sides. i live in chicago and a white man was beaten viciously on video for black people claiming to vote for trump, and i am sure there are incidents against latinos and the main reason we are so divided is the lack of economic growth, and identity
5:29 am
politics is part of it as well and the left played on that for years, and of course i decry any violence on any side and i believe president-elect trump when he becomes president trump will be doing healing and a lot of that is economic growth, and a lot of people are stressed and if they don't see their insurance premiums skyrocket any longer, we will see something good in our society. it's the reaction to the election that may be most alarming, and investigators are looking more into alleged hate crimes. i thought i married an italian. my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry, through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian
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we are waiting for more information on an attack that killed four people and injured 14 in afghanistan. a man wearing a suicide vest blew himself up and how he got on the highly secured base is unknown and there's no word yet on the identity of the victim meanwhile, swastika and graffiti and tweens yelling "build the wall." and sarah delloff has more. >> reporter: experts say they have seen similar spikes in the election of president obama and south carolina's decision to move the flag from courthouse grounds and they say it's intimidation and threats. officials across the nation are looking into a rash of alleged
5:34 am
hate crime, incidents of hate speech and bullying in the wake of the presidential election. graffiti and threats are surfacing across the country, directed the ethnic and religious groups. >> we are very worry some about the next four years will hold for us. >> this federal building in los angeles vandal aoeizevandalized were suspended after yelling "white power", and then kids caught on camera chanting "build the wall." one woman tweeting my 8-year-old sister just told me she is scared to be muslim, and that broke my heart. >> it's really quite ugly out there. >> the southern poverty law center tracked an unusual spike, and cases of hate crimes and intimidation since the election. >> people walk around with fear
5:35 am
in their hearts and look at their neighbors not as their friend but saw specialen when things like this happen. >> reporter: many are speaking out. >> it's a act of human indecency, it's not right. >> reporter: some, including this trump supporter are calling for direct action from the president-elect. >> i would like to see him come forward in the next 24 to 48 hours without a doubt and put people at ease. >> reporter: and the fbi also tracks these types of incidents. interestingly, betty, their most updated statistics are out monday. >> thank you, and joining me now is a reporter from the "washington post." you when there when
5:36 am
president-elect trump met with president obama. >> the reporters were allowed in for a short bit, and what both men wanted to do was calm everybody, and trump said that he thinks the president is a good man and he would rely on him for counsel, and that goes to the point you were making, there is anxiety around the country on both sides and what they were trying to show in the oval office, our number one goal here in the next few weeks was a safe and ordinarily transition of power, and this is something obviously not in this country but around the world, and people were wondering how that is going to go. i think the other thing was behind the scenes, and what he didn't see, and the press was -- >> what did they talk about for 90 minutes? >> a little about foreign policy and president obama is going on
5:37 am
the trip next week, and there's a question about what he will be doing on the international stage now that a new president is elected, and they talked about how to staff a white house, and president obama said you have to be ready on day one to handle crisis and how do you staff a white house and national security agency across the street and that took up a lot of the meeting, we understand. >> here's part of what president-elect trump said in an interview on "60 minutes." >> there's going to be a period, if you repeal it and before you replace it where millions of people -- >> no, we are going to do it simultaneously. we are going to be just fine. that's what i do, and i know how to do this stuff and we are going to repeal or replace it, and we are not going to have a two day or two-year period where there is nothing. it will be repealed and replaced, and it will be great health care for much less money.
5:38 am
>> this is a big question for a lot of people, and in that meeting did president obama make an appeal to trump to make parts of obamacare, because we are hearing he may keep part of it? >> the president tried to talk about health care and important policies and explained how difficult it might be to appeal it, and trump is promising it's going to be okay, and there's no proposals on the table right now and president obama did make that appeal or explain to him or some of the provisions with him, and trump said he was open to keeping specific parts of obamacare and how do you keep the parts and adding more to it, and some are talking about adding legislation or regulation to other parts of it to make it better. if the republican house and senate along with now republican president want to do for a full
5:39 am
repeal, what do you replace it with and how quickly, and i don't think that is going to be an easy decision. >> a lot of question marks in there. what do you replace it with and how quickly? you are writing about tpp, another policy that trump could do away with it. congressional leaders called it, quote, dead. what should we expect in the first 100 days and what issues should we expect trump and congress to butt heads on. >> yeah, you talked about the big executive immigration actions are on the table and they are looking to repeal some of those, and the big climate deal, the international climate deal signed in paris is another area where president obama used executive order to move forward to that and that's the huge issue for the outgoing president, and it's going to have lasting impact. donald trump had talked about
5:40 am
taking a look at that along with the iran nuclear deal. there's issues across the board. president obama in his second term had any trouble passing anything through congress used his executive power and now the president can roll a lot of it back. >> do you think he will be heavy handed with it? >> once you are in office it's harder to take such khrasic action because you see the consequences, so i think there are areas where he will and others he might surprise people and not be so heavy handed. it's going to be a balance and there's going to be a lot of pressure from both sides as well. >> a lot of eyes to see how it all plays out today. thank you for your insight today. it does appear turnout turned the election, but not the turnout democrats hoped or expe expect expected. this where you typically shop?
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those polls following tuesday's election and what they got wrong in the weeks leading up to it. joining me now is a democratic pollster from the yang research group. thank you for being with us today. >> good morning. >> let's get down to it. tuesday's electorate, their support was not reflected in the polls and why was that? >> i think there was a lot of different factors. i am not here to praise or condemn polling, and there are some things they got right and some they got wrong. in terms of national polls, most national polls did have mrs. clinton ahead but narrowly, and i think that the problem with the polls and the election was in the polling johnson & stein got 11%, and they got 4% on
5:45 am
election day, and there were 5% undecided in the polls and nobody was undecided on election day. i will say what happened, there's two things we have to figure out. what happened and why? one of the things that happened is voters, as they should, because they are voters changed their minds between sunday, monday and tuesday, and the second thing is i think there was an assumption among all pollsters regardless of partisanship that this electorate on last tuesday would look more like 2012 and 2008. that doesn't happen -- >> no, not at all. what about the way the voters were identified. could that have been a problem? >> partly, yes. a likely voter is identified by who answers the phone or online, and also their past voter participation. i think one of the assumptions, you know, falsely, as it turns out, was that the electorate in
5:46 am
2016 would looks like 2012 and 2008. i also have to tell you, polling got the right proportions of certain sub groups and the other thing that happened is they did not vote the way they voted over the weekend. people are focused on white college educated women, and clinton did not win that group as much as she should have. >> why do you think she lost that group? do you have research that shows that? >> there are two important things here. what happened and why. honestly, i think both questions will take time to answer. and the exit polls are great, and a lot of the data we are getting now is from exit polls. when the states download the voter files from those that voted, those that didn't vote, that will shed a lot of light.
5:47 am
at the end of the day, this was a change election. voters were happy with neither candidate, and that's true and i think they were two of the most unpopular candidates in modern history, and at the end of the day what happened when people went to the polling booth enough of the voters said they would hold their nose and vote for the candidate that would bring the most change. >> trump did better with blacks and hispanics than romney did in 2012. how do you explain that? >> i think that's what the exit polls are showing. exit polls are great for things like that. i think on those kinds of assumptions, what happened with minorities and union households, those are things honestly that will bear further scrutiny. and one thing we do know -- there are still votes being counted, i think there are two million ballots in california
5:48 am
that have not been counted, so we don't know the full story. what we do know is turnout in areas that voted strongly for democrats, cities and suburban areas didn't turn out the way they did in 2012 and 2008. we will figure out what percent voted for him and what not, and we know the areas that vote for democrats didn't turn out in as big of numbers as tuesday as they did in the previous two presidential elections. >> a lot of number crunching and research to be done on this. what will happen to obamacare after trump takes office. will people signed up have to worry about coverage? and how does donald trump deliver on being the quote best jobs created god ever created. ♪
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hedging on obamacare, and
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together, we're building a better california. president-elect donald trump is signaling a change for one of the signature campaign traupl euss to repeal and replace obamacare. in an interview trump said either obamacare will be amended or repealed and replaced, and he attributed that change to his meeting with president obama. joining me is dr. john torres. on "60 minutes" last night, trump identified these two provisions on obamacare he would like to keep. take a look at that. >> are you going to make sure that people with preconditions are still covered? >> yes, because it's one of the strongest assets. and also with the children living with their parents for an
5:56 am
extended period. >> those are extremely popular, people were stuck in jobs they didn't want to be in or couldn't advance because they had to stay with the employer mandated insurance to keep the insurance for somebody that might have had a pre-existing condition, and there are groups where there are accidents or traumas, those are very expensive, and from a doctor's perspective, and i know a lot of doctors are breathing a sigh of relief because he is saying amend and not repeal. it will be interesting to see what happens over the next 70 days, and one of them, mammograms and vaccinations,
5:57 am
right now they are covered under the affordable care act but have not said anything about whether they will be covered here. if we can catch things early, they will be costly, and on top of that, birth control, a big issue and that's an issue the republicans looked at and said they don't want to mandate coverage on, but for women across the country there have been antidotal social media campaign saying go and get it before the inauguration. >> what do you think will get slashed? >> a couple things will get slashed, the mandate to making it mandatory will get slashed, and there's a possibility of tens of millions of people not being covered and that's going
5:58 am
to be causing problems at happens and that can cause a lot of issues. >> a lot on the table there. thank you so much for joining us. the trump economy, big spending and tax cuts. how does it all add up. the possible winners and losers. that is straight ahead. diabetes can be a daily struggle,
5:59 am
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