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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  November 14, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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that wraps up this hour. tamron hall is up next. hey. >> thank you so much. right now on msnbc, campaign trump versus president elect trump and his first sit-down interview, donald trump is asked where he stands on many of the core promises made to his supporters like immigration, obamacare, and same-sex marriage as protests under trump's election erupt for the fifth straight day. and steve bannon backlash. a risky hire of the man who runs breitbart news as senior v strategist sparks outrage from muslims and the jewish community and other groups who say this is a bad pick.
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>> good morning, i'm tamron hall live from our msnbc headquarters in new york. so this morning, nearly a week after he was elected, we're getting a clear picture on where president elect donald trump stands on a number of critical issues. and in his first televised interview since the election, the president elect on "60 minutes" appearing to be backing away from the positions he touted during the campaign including repealing obamacare, deporting 11 million illegal immigrants and quote, locking up hillary clinton. now trump is also telling what that wall along the border would look like. >> are you really going to build a wall? >> yes. >> they're talking about a fence in the republican congress. would you accept a fence? >> for certain areas, i would, but certain areas, a wall is
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more appropriate. i'm very good at this. it's called construction. >> what about the pledge to deport millions and millions of undocumented immigrants? >> what we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers, we have a lot of these people, probably 2 million, could even be 3 million. we get them out of our country or going to incarcerate. after the border is secured or after everything gets normalized, we make a determination on the people that you're talking about. >> are you going to ask for a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton over her e-mails? >> i don't want to hurt them. they're good people. i don't want to hurt them. and i will give you a good and definitive answer the next time we do "60 minutes" together. >> obamacare. which you say you're going to repeal and replace. when you replace it, are you going to make sure that people
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with pre-conditions are still covered? >> yes. it happens to be one of the strongest assets and children living with parents for an extended period. >> and a period, if you repeal it and before you replace it where millions of people could lose. >> it will be just fine. >> nbc's peter alexander joining us live from our washington bureau. so what kind of reaction are you hearing from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle who will try to understand where this new president really stands? >> i think the the bottbottom lo wait and see how he moves forward. he's softening his tone on policy proposals that he accounts over the course of this campaign, on the wall. saying things like it could include fencing and not specifically be a wall but how to enforce effort to deport undocumented immigrants, it could be 2 million to 3 million and much smaller than that. worth noting it's been a
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priority in the present system under president obama right now. he has deported about 2 million undocumented immigrants with the priority focused on those who have criminal records as well. on obamacare, they made it clear that donald trump has a desire to repeal and replace but doesn't want to replace any, repeal anything until a replacement in lace so not so much he would leave obamacare but leave some of the critical elements of it. among them, the fact that young people after the age of 26 are able to stay on their parents plans. also, the idea that more broadly that preexisting medical conditions would be covered so it's a wait and see because we've heard from donald trump a lot of thought. we haven't seen so much in terms of action. that's what lawmakers are waiting to see right now. >> he was asked about same-sex marriage and we'll play what he said but basically, settled law in the supreme court and he was asked about a woman's right to choose which is also something now settled by the supreme court
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and gave a different rationale and reaction to the same-sex question and appointing supreme court justices who are anti-abortion. >> do you support marriage equality? >> it's irrelevant because it was already settled. it was law, it was settled in the supreme court. >> so evenf you appoint a judge that? >> it's done. you have these cases that have gone to the supreme court. they've been settled. and i'm fine with that. i'm going to, i'm pro-life. the judges will be pro-life. having doto do with abortion, i it were overturned, go back to the states. >> some women won't be able to get an abortion? >> it will go back to the states. >> by state? >> perhaps they'll have to go to another state. >> two issues. supreme court, giving two different answers as to what is settled law and what is not.
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>> obviously, roe v. wade is settled law as well. positions in conflict on the two topics right there and vis-a-vis and got into a fierce back and forth during the primaries in iowa. remember, he was in support of abortion rights for much of his public life before in time he's indicated opposing abortion so it's a wait and see and most important will be the justices he puts in place and positions they hold firm. >> lastly, going back to same-sex marriage puts him in conflict with some of the decisions made by mike pence. we heavily focus on the president elect but the have the now in charge of his transition team seems to be in his ear. that's a conflict between them. >> that's exactly right. i mean, obviously, donald trump at the top of the ticket and he's the man for whom most americans voted right now and he'll be the driver behind this and trump himself has said in an effort to try not to get bogged
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down in these social issues that can be so divisive in this country and really wants to focus on things like infrastructure and tax policy and so i think in the near term, we'll see him do that and obviously, as aides have said, their desire to appoint a new supreme court justice to replace antonin scalia is high on the list of priorities. we turn now to president elect in the controversy and named republican national committee chair reince priebus to white house chief of staff. in reaction to that, one campaign source tells nbc news, quote, instead of draining the swamp, we just put in the head alligator but it's the naming of campaign chairman steve bannon as chief strategist and senior counsel that sparked major backlash this morning. before joining the campaign in august, bannon led breitbart news which has compared planned parenthood work's to the holocaust called a conservative commentator a renegade jew but
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reince priebus said that's not the steannon he worked with on the campaign. >> here's a guy who is a harvard business school, london school of economics, 10 year naval officer advising admirals. he was a force for good on the campaign at every level that i saw all the time. >> kelly o'donnell joining us live from the white house with more on the transition team. so kelly, are republicans on the hill expressing some reservations and concerns about bannon given headlines from the paper that he led? >> reporter: i can tell you on the first appointment, reince priebus, there's kind of a widespread relief. that is a person they know how to deal with and i'm told that speaker ryan and mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader each asked donald trump in those private meetings to place reince priebus in this role and he'll be the conduit.
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the bannon issue is getting all the heat now, especially because during the campaign months, he was a figure largely in the background and there wasn't the kind of scrutiny. although, a lot of issues were raised, it didn't get the white hot spotlight it's getting now because he's being put forward as a white house official, one of the most senior and powerful. so already a lot of groups and there are a lot of individuals who are raising concerns about this. congress is not yet back in town so difficult to gauge their reaction. they'll be returning today and back to work tomorrow. but this is the diekind of thin that really could unsettle the transition phase. if there is a lot of backlash. at the same time, you've got reince priebus making that very sweeping character witness assessment of bannon painting him as very different than the character that's portrayed through his other work at breitbart and some of the words that have been associated with him and positions associated
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with him and this is a way of donald trump rewarding someone influential in helping run what is now looked at as a successful campaign and yet, will that cause problems for a new president trump inside the white house if there is a sense that this is someone who would not be worthy of that position based on some of his views. it's going to be argued in the court of public opinion in the days and weeks to come. tamron? >> with congress obviously not being there, this name, this individual has been in the ether, in the buzz for days. it's knot as if sooteve bannon just popped up. is there influence in the transition team or official part of the president-elect's team? >> reporter: not as i've been hearing because he's part of the trump campaign and therefore, not a surprise in terms of his role. now that this is an official role and it would be a government job with a government paycheck, you're seeing some of
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the outside groups raise questions about this and it's at a time when there are choices to be made and donald trump as president-elect could choose someone else for such a role or other jobs to fill so to go off the starting blocks with two names, one that's being pretty widely embraced although there are those who are from the insurgent movement associated with donald trump who thought reince priebus was too inside and then all of these issues about the judgment and the views of steve bannon. tamron? >> thank you so much. appreciate it this morning. no signs that those anti-trump protests are letting up for five straight days now, we've seen them here in new york. right outside of trump's front door. washington, dc also seeing protests. chicago, portland, san francisco, and miami. most of them peaceful. on "60 minutes," trump asked about the protesters and he said, quote, it's only because they don't know me. he also denounced those who targeted minorities with racial slurs and personal tea in
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his name. >> i am so saddened to hear that and i say stop it. if it helps. i will say this and right to the camera. stop it. >> nbc's blake mccoy and many called on the president elect to give one of these grand speeches about the state of race similar to what maybe what we heard from barack obama given the divisiveness of this and are they planning more protests still? >> reporter: protests continue through the weekend, tamron. and they focused around trump tower as they have in new york and trump's hotel in dc. police kept them away from the tower itself to prevent destruction of property but been marching by the houthousands. i've been covering these protests and a mix of anger over trump elected and fear over what this election will mean to them.
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the people protesting here are protesting a wide range of issues. we've seen people protesting his decision or desire, rather, to overturn roe v. wade and immigrants upset about deportation policies and then we've seen gays protesting about uncertainty of what a trump presidency will mean for them and about the the health caheal and what it means if they have preexisting knlconditions. the topics are wide ranging. but peaceful so far in most cities. in portland, oregon, on saturday, they did flare up quite a bit. some objects thrown at police. 71 people arrested. police in portland attribute that to a small sub seth set of protesters but the only thing we've heard of today is from los angeles where some school walkouts are being planned.
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lapd has warned about that. whether we'll see more spontaneous protests mains to be seen. i want to point out that it's not just large cities like new york, l.a., chicago that have been seeing protests but in st. louis, dayton, ohio, springfield, massachusetts. they are wide ranging across the country. >> thank you very much. let me bring in david. msnbc political analyst. thank you so much, of course, bureau chief, mother jones as well. and david, so this "60 minutes" interview. do you better understand donald trump? >> i think we had a good understanding of donald trump before he was elected president. we've been watching him and what he's been saying in terms of some hateful bullying remarks. the "access hollywood" tape showed us donald trump. we don't need a staged interview on "60 minutes" with all my respect to leslie stahl to learn much more about donald trump and i think what we saw with the steve bannon pick tells you much
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more than anything he said last night while sitting in that grand room. people have been pussy footing about this a bit but steve bannon is an ally of white nationalists. how do we know this? because steve bannon said to one of our reporters of mother jones and elsewhere as well that he wanted breitbart, the news service he led, to be a platform for the alt right. what is the alt right? a far right conservative movement that does believe in white nationalism or white sprem supremacy. and wants america to be a white state and race is most important. >> david, this represents steve bannon, why aren't we hearing from more republicans? moderate republicans.
8:16 am
i asked kelly o'donnell what she's hearing on capitol hill and they're not there but doesn't mean you can't communicate. people pop up on cable news every day. >> i think they're chicken. i think they're chicken. and i think honest reporting has to point out who steven bannon is and not just say he's made incendiary remarks or he's controversial. he is alive with racists. he may not be racist himself. i don't know the man. reince priebus said he's a wonderful fellow. i think we can all put that aside because i'm sure there's a lot of racists and misogynists out there who are very nice when they're dealing with people at workplace or colleagues but particularly on a political campaign. i think this is a really serious moment which is why you see the adl and other groups that monitor hate crimes pulling out their hair that a president elect puts a fellow who's this
8:17 am
league with people who want to turn america all white. this is not a conspiracy theory. and later in the day, i'll put a piece up from mother jones spelling this out but it's all out there to see for those who want to see it. >> let's talk about the policy things. now, president-elect trump said he's not going to replace all of obamacare. he wants to keep the most popular portions of it. the current administration always said this was not a perfect solution but repeal and relace it and the deportation of people in this country illegally and focussed on criminals which is exactly what the current administration's policy is right now and its focus but hillary clinton, the big chant was lock her up. here's what he said to leslie stahl about prosecuting hillary clinton. >> if i win, i am going to
8:18 am
instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation because there has never been so many lies, so much deception. >> and in his new interview, he says he's backing off from that clearly. >> anybody who is surprised today that donald trump will not make good on his campaign promises was not paying attention. back flipped, double flipped, ran away and said inconsistent remarks throughout the whole campaign. he didn't just say that he would appoint a special prosecutor. at a rally, vowed she'd be locked up if he became president so obamacare, you can't keep the good parts of obamacare and get rid of the mandate. he'll find that out if he reads more than one single page about obamacare. so i mean, he pedalled a con game and said he's going to drain the swamp. his transition team is full of
8:19 am
lobbyists and the head of the political party funded by donations from special corporate interests one of the big guys in the swamp. so, you know, i'm sorry to the 60 million americans, the minority of americans who voted for him. he's not going to keep his word. >> just quickly, hillary clinton, "the washington post" now says she was on with supporters blaming director comey for stopping her momentum with that first stunning letter. and then the letter that attempted to clear it all up wasn't helpful either. what do you make of at least this assest from her? >> i think she's right in the sense that it didn't help and it probably hurt but other things went wrong too. ultimately, she is to blame herself as is her campaign. even though they got a majority of votes by a pretty significant margin, they did not do a good
8:20 am
enough job of getting out african-american voters, say, in michigan and so they made plenty of mistakes too and any one of those might have been the straw that broke the back and you could say the comey letter might have been that but other things went wrong within her control that she's responsible for. >> david, thank you so much. greatly appreciate it. >> sorry for being adamant but i feel kind of passionate. >> you should never be sorry. that's democracy. we're not going to stop telling the truth or giving voice to people's opinions. just the cause. that's what we do. you know that. coming up, dave chappelle. speaking of someone who has an interesting way of presenting his truth. "snl's" first episode in his classic style. edgy, biting. it was amazing. >> probably came in there. how are you? hello, donald.
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how you feeling? oh, got to tell you. h job looks like it will be harder than i thought. really? it's not that hard. at least you get to be white while you're doing it. >> snl the most watched episode of the season. some sketches turned serious. more of what chappelle said about the historic vote and the contentious election and strong aftershocks in new zealand after this weekend's massive earthquake. officials are planning how to rescue nearly thousands tourists and hundreds of residents who remain stranded. one of the stories we're updating around the news nation. all finished. umm... you wouldn't want your painter to quit part way. i think you missed a spot. so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? aleve, live whole not part. painter: you want this color over the whole house?
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we await a news conference in about an hour where rnc officials discuss their role in the election and where party and congress goes from here.
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msnbc political reporter kasie hunt. a lot of people have been curious in wanting som reaction from republican leaders about steve bannon's role. there are headlines on that talk about, you know, the white nationalist influence now at the white house and these are real concerns. what are lawmakers saying? >> reporter: well, tamron, we just came from a briefing with house majority leader kevin mccarthy. of course, the number two republican in the house and he quite frankly was put on the spot repeatedly about steve bannon. he went back to reince priebus as the person that was, he said, reassuring him about a trump white house. he's worked with priebus for a long time and frequently. and believed chief of staff more significant and believed they would be coequal strategists in the white house but mccarthy saying repeatedly he thinks that donald trump should get a chance to govern saying that it shouldn't be, don't prejudge the
8:26 am
next president. give him the opportunity to govern. i think this is going to be a difficult question for republicans here on capitol hill to have to answer for and i think this is potentially going to spread out through many of the policy issues that they're going to have to grapple with. there were also questions about building the wall on the border with mexico. mccarthy seemed to say, perhaps we don't need a wall in every segment and perhaps we can do it with technology. it's not clear if that's now where donald trump stands. it was not what he was always saying on the campaign trail. he also, mccarthy acknowledged that this election was very much a repudiation of everything here in washington whether it was how republicans were governing or of the democratic president. and that's going to present some challenges. the way in which they're talking about some of the issues, i have to tell you, as someone who worked here for a long time is head spinning instead of talking about he said things like, do i still care about the debt?
8:27 am
yes, i still care about the debt. but growth will solve so many problems. that's really a pretty fundamental potential reversal here for how this party might govern going forward. donald trump has really scrambled the calculus here on capitol ll. >> kasie, thank you very much. coming up, you may have seen it on social media. more than 4 million people focused on hillary clinton's lead in the popular vote. they're holding on to hope asking members of the electoral college to back clinton instead of trump. we're going to separate fact from fiction as it relates to this topic. we'll be right back. what powers the digital world? communication. like centurylink's broadband network that gives 35,000 fans a cutting edge game experience. or the network that keeps a leading hotel chain's guests connected at work, and at play. or the it platform that powers millions of ecards every day for one of the largest greeting card companies.
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hillary clinton's current lead min the popular vote at 61,039,000 and president elect more than 60,371,000.
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because of that, more than 4 million people signed a petition on it is calling for the electors of the electoral college to quote, ignore states, and cast ballots for secretary clinton when they meet december 19th. joining me now, chief legal correspondent, ari melber. i've been receiving e-mails about this. people with tweets about this and this is that bit of hope that hillary clinton supporters are holding on to. fact from fiction. what happens here is this. >> what happens is nothing. this is not going to change the outcome of the election. it is certainly an oddity of our democracy in almost every race, we count the ballots and give the victory to the person who has the most votes except for the presidency where as we see this year and in 2000 and in earlier races, the person with the most vote sometimes does not become president. in this case, by all accounts, some still going on, hillary clinton. but here's why. if you look at a map across the country, 29 states under state
8:32 am
laws bind their electors and what that means is that those electors even though it's a weird system, uphold the state and that's why they have to stay with what happened in the states and people interested in systemic reform. not the outcome of this race, not going to happen, but there is a proposal that has moved across the country for future elections to say, what if we switched to a national popular vote instead of a trigger? basically says all the states would agree that once they all change their races and they all change the state law, they would all abide by one national popular vote because we're one nation and set up in the 1700s is very different from today. that's why you do it with a trigger is no state wants to give up power along the way.
8:33 am
they will only do it, it's like a who goes first kind of thing but twhat doesn't change is the law. in ohio, same power in the senate as someone in texas but that is the rules. we understand the rules. we play by the rules until and unless they change. >> get ready for your twitter to blow up. >> come at me. as we say in the court of law, come at me, dog. >> ari, so funny. developing now, students walking out. we've been seeing this. kids in montgomery blair high school in silver spring, high school. they walked out in protest of donald trump and the president-elect. we'll keep an eye on this but another instance of a student protest. this one at a high sool. we'll be right back. smoop
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. kellyann conway asked about steve bannon, trump's new chief strategist and senior advisor, the former head of breitbart news. here's what kellyanne conway just said. >> he's a naval officer. he has success in entertainment. i don't know if you're aware of that and a goldman sachs managing partner. brilliant technician. >> anything to ensure his connections? >> i'm personally offended that you think i would manage a campaign where that would be one of the going philosophies. it was not. and 56 million plus americans or so saw something else and i know people weren't prepared for us to win and so we're reaching around to find extreme examples of perhaps those extreme examples of those who supported the president but focus on the role of the people. >> that was kellyanne conway. similar remarks we heard from
8:38 am
reince priebus and meanwhile, president obama and hillary clinton both call democratic leaders today to discuss the way forward for the party. the president will talk with members of the democratic national committee that needs a new chair of debbie wasserman-schultz stood down. will call house democrats this thursday but there could be conflict among the ranks and joining me now, nbc white house correspondent kristen welker. what are you hearing in anticipation of this meeting? >> some democrats are asking leader pelosi to delay those leadership elections. let me read you a statement from the letter that went out. it is vital that our caucus take the time to listen to the american people and learn the lessons of this difficult election to put our caucus in the best position to fight the potentially dangerous agenda of preside president-elect donald trump and a realistic chance of taking back the house. so underscores what you're saying, the notion that there is
8:39 am
some discord within the ranks about leader pelosi continuing on as being the minority leader. she doesn't have a real challenger at the time though, tamron, so it's not clear that this is going to be a robust challenge to her leadership. it could be that they want to have extended debate how to move forward and meanwhile, this comes as there is a big discussion of who's going to take over the dnc. we've been tracking a number of the top names which include martin o'malley, keith ellison, howard dean. keith ellison, by the way, big name backers including senator harry reid, chuck schumer and bernie sanders. of course, he represents the more progressive branch of the party and there is some thinking that's part of the reason why democrats, why hillary clinton lost this election because they didn't pay enough attention to what the progressive branch of the party was saying to all of those supporters who backed bernie sanders and he could also be a real counterpoint to donald trump. he's, of course, the first muslim to hold an office in
8:40 am
congress so he's getting a lot of buzz. he's expected to announce and throw his hat later in the ring later today but howard dean saying, don't count me out. listen to what he said on "morning joe." >> you cannot do this job if it's not full-time, period. full stop. end of story. so, you know, i'm going to be supportive of whoever wins this. i'm interested in it. and i know how to do this. >> he's the former dnc chair and tamron, we watch the white house closely because president obama set to hold a news conference this afternoon and will address all of this and the way forward for democrats. tamron? >> thank you very much, kristen. comedian dave chappelle returns to late night tv and hosts "snl." the first since donald trump's election. >> i'm wishing donald trump luck. and i'm going to give him a chance and we, the historically
8:41 am
disenfranchised demand that he give us one too. thank you very much. >> up next, talk live with the former presidential speech writer who wrote for president obama and what impressed him about dave chappelle on saturday. we'll lk about it live. simulation initiated. ♪ [beeping] take on any galaxy with a car that could stop for you. simulation complete. the new nissan rogue. rogue one: a star wars story. in theaters december 16th.
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. the deadly earthquake in new zealand tops news this morning. strong aftershocks continue in the country following a magnitude 7.8 quake that struck the island just after midnight sunday night. the prime minister's office has said that two people have been killed. the quake caused damage in wellington, the capil. it was also strongly feltn the city of christchurch which was devastated by an earthquake in 2011. 185 people died then. now the wildfires across parts of the southwest. more than 40 fires, seven states. over 5,000 firefighters are working to suppress the flames
8:45 am
from georgia to tennessee. and high winds and weeks without rain have combined to spark several fires in the unusually dry landscape and so smokey in some areas. people urged to wear special masks if they go outdoors. the authorities suspect arson as the cause of the fires and president obama takes off for his final overseas trip in office going to greece, germany, and peru to talk or take part in the apec summit there and ahead of the trip, hold a news conference. 3:15 p.m. eastern time. bring that to you live. comedian dave chappelle used comedy and satire to process the election of donald trump and what's since. his 12 minute opening monologue ranged from funny to serious, heartfelt, also included. kicked it off saying he had a feeling trump would be elected. >> seemed like hillary was doing well in the polls and yet, i
8:46 am
know the whites. you guys aren't as full of surprises as you used to be. america has done it. we elected an internet troll as our president. >> a moving story about the party he attended a few weeks ago at the white house. >> it was beautiful. i walked through the gates. i'm from washington. so i saw the bus stop, or the corner where the bus stopped used to be where i used to catch the bus to school and dream about nights like tonight. i saw how happy everybody was. these people who had been historically disenfranchised and it made me feel hopeful and it made me feel proud to be an american and very happy about the prospects of our country. so in that spirit, i'm wishing donald trump luck, and i'm going to give him a chance and we, the historically disenfranchised demand that he give us one too.
8:47 am
>> joining me now, david, head writer at funnyordie and joke writer in chief. that was the more emotional part of david's monologue. dave's monologue, but it was a build and what was your take? >> i think for a large chunk of the country, this isn't yet something that we can laugh about but snl is a comedy show and i think that was the tone that made sense for the moment. you could see that in his face, he felt sad and disappointed and that's the way a lot of us feel but finding a way to laugh through that and to have a sense of the absurd sometimes that's the only way you can get through things like this. >> he compared some of the reaction from what he called the quote, whites, to oj simpson's trial. the split screen of some crying and in despair and of course, he's an american, african-american man. he took aim at the black lives
8:48 am
matters title but he gave us this point of view that i think, again, only someone like a dave chappelle is able to do. >> well, i think that's right. i mean, i think a big thrust of what he was saying was a comedic way of getting at the fact that in this election, a good chunk of white americans subscribe to a type of identity politics that they hadn't in the past. he said in the clip you played, white america is less full of surprises than it used to be and that is one of the lessons from this particular election. there's no question about it. >> there's another skit with chappelle and chris rock who made a special guest appearance and watching the election returns throughout the night. let me play a little of that skit. >> oh my god. i think america is racist. >> oh my god. you know, i remember my great grandfather told me something like that. he was like, a slave or
8:49 am
something. don't worry about it. eight years are going to fly by. >> yeah. don't worry. it's going to be all white. >> what is your thought on that one? >> i think it's clearly one view of what happened on tuesday. and i think it's important to start to process what happened not just in think pieces or on facebook posts but through popular entertainment. and i think it's important to see that taking place. i do think we're see lots of different perspectives and in that sense, it's important to start to just be able to laugh. i mean, that's one of the things i felt i learned working for president obama, working in the white house is when these things are important and they don't always turn out the way you want, a sense of gallow's humor can be the only thing that keeps you doing the work and i think that's part of what we saw on "saturday night live". >> thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> of course. more on donald trump's hire of steve bannon as chief
8:50 am
strategist and senior counsel. quote, the alt right is coming to the white house. we'll discuss that in the daily briefing and the reaction from lawmakers on both sides aisle on this decision by the trump team. ♪ what? is he gone?? finally, i thought he'd never leave... tv character: why are you texting my man at 2 a.m.? no... if you want someone to leave you alone, you pretend like you're sleeping. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. tv character: taking selfies in the kitchen does not make you a model.
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welcome back. let's get more into the backlash of the hiring of steve bannon for the team trump. nbc news senior political editor mark murray. i'm looking at the headline. several major watch dog organizations including the anti-defamation league denouncing donald trump's appointment of steve bannon as a senior adviser and chief strategist. we have new sound from kellyanne conway saying she took offense to the fact that people would question if she would work for a campaign that was run, if you will, by this person involved
8:54 am
with the alt-right. >> steve bannon was a key member of the campaign. shouldn't be surprising he's taking a key role in the administration. given his prominence with bri t breitbart news he was the founder and promoted white nationalism. he's united groups from the anti-defamation diego to the council on american islamic relations who condemned his move into the white house. people see this is another promotion of white nationalism and the alt-right. >> it's interesting. let's take it beyond domestic and on a global scale. if this website has aligned itself with the alt-right antisemitic comments calling bill crystal a rogue or renegade jew. on a global scale. how does president trump enter into the dialogue with israel is this is part of his team. it goes beyond black and white.
8:55 am
>> if theirness to mr. bannon, our reporting and people close to him and deeply big profiles on him have never gotten into that he's an anti-semite or a racist. >> his wife alleges in their divorce document. >> correct. he, of course, has denied that. regardless, breitbart news is brieitbart news. one thing that happens is the politics of steve bannon, of breitbart also reflect what has been going on in europe. you look at marine le pin in france, other front movements and the way to almost look and it's early on with donald trump is there is some of the national front populism that's certainly fuelling donald trump. one of the key advisers he'll have in the white house is steve bannon who played a big role at breitbart news. >> they are now occupying time trying to separate steve bannon
8:56 am
from the alt-right breitbart, dot com whatever you call it in the first full week. >> yeah. i have heard from people from the trump world who ended up saying, lo, we are uniting the republican party, trying to be inclusive. but i think this bannon move is to a lot of people who follow every move of the trump campaign over the last year and a half where this is almost a bread and butter issue, really immigration and matters of race. >> all right. thank you very much. people can certainly check out one of the articles we have posted up that's titled the alt-right is coming to the white house on we'll be right back. mming at ge. oh i got a job too, at zazzies. (friends gasp) the app where you put fruit hats on animals? i love that! guys, i'll be writing code that helps machines communicate. (interrupting) i just zazzied you. (phone vibrates) look at it! (friends giggle) i can do dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs... you name it. i'm going to transform the way the world works. (proudly) i programmed that hat. and i can do casaba melons.
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9:00 am
the ultimate washington insider reince priebus as chief of staff. and the alt-right bomb thrower former breitbart competitive steve bannon as chief strategist and counselor sparking fierce backlash because of his anti-submit tick and anti-mus but defended by his west wing colleague. >> he was a force for good on the campaign at every level that i saw all the time. i have only seen a generous hospitable wise person to work with. >> fear and anger as thousands continue to protest trump's election. when asked, the president-elect sends this message about the rash of racial slurs and threats in his name. >> they are harassing latinos, muslims. >> i am so saddened to hear that. i say stop it if it helps. i will say this and i will say it right to the camera. stop it. >> what's next?


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