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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  November 14, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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all in with chris hayes and his guests will be the new candidate for dnc chair. that's right here at 8:00 p.m. "meet the press" daily starts now. >> good monday evening. i'm peterexanderalexander. a the floodgates are opening and president obama grap wrapped up the press conference on donald trump and his transition to power. more protests are scheduled as a firestorm erupts over the appointment of a former breitbart executive into a pop white house post that some critics and civil rights groups say is tainted with racism and anti-semitism and that doesn't scratch the surface.
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the team has the big stories covered. there are i a lot more about to happen at the top of this hour. kelly o'donnell is at the white house where president obama is speaking to the dnc after big news in that leadership race. kacie hunt where the democrats are holding a news conference of their. they will begin the process of selecting their new leadership team. moderating a conference call between hillary clinton and house democrats happening right now as well. katy has the latest on the transition. a 5:00 call at the rnc as they look to replace the chairman just named donald trump's chief of staff. that's where we begin this afternoon. first president obama holding that news conference since the election and nearly every question was about, you guessed it, donald trump, the most notable parts of this news
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conference were all the times the president refused to criticize president-elect trump. there is a ground swell of attacks and the leaders attacking appointment of steve bannon. he not only refused to engage, but he seemed to take a shot at those within his own party who are criticizing trump's decision. >> look, the people have spoken. donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states. and it will be up to him to set up a team that he thinks will reflect his policies. and those who didn't vote for him have to recognize that that's how democracy works. that's how this system operates. >> while president obama did not directly criticized, but urged
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the staff to make smart decisions and reach timeout to minorities and women. >> i did say to him as i said publicly that because of the nature and the bitterness and ferocity of the campaigns, it's really important to try to send signals of unity. to reach out. >> on the policy front, he called nato obsolete and he said trump is committed to that alliance and is not afraid to spread that message in the trip abroad. >> in my conversation with the
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president-elect, he expressed a great interest in maintaining our core strategic relationships. the transatlantic alliance. that's to let them know that there is no weakening of resolve when it comes to america's commitment to maintaining a strong and robust nato relationship. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell kicks things off at the white house. listen to that news conference tonight. i was struck by a couple of things. the president thinks he serves as better purpose as the ally in this process than he does as a potential obstacle. >> i think that's very true. when you think back eight years ago, george w. bush said nothing critical about barack obama and gave him a lot of space.
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dick cheney was critical often, but george w. bush was not. it allowed for barack obama to sort of cut his own path without his predecessor chirping over his shoulder. it appears that president obama is conscious of a few things. the international community he is about to meet colleagues on the world stage and he wants to bring reassurance about the strength of the united states and transitions are a period where there is vulnerability for the country. in every sense of that. he wants to convey that strength and continuity. at the same time he is certainly aware of the protests and the heard break among democrats and the fear and anxiety about those who are concerned about what a trump administration could do and how it might affect minority communities. certainly the president is trying to reassure them and at the same time he is sending a clear signal to trump and his team that he will be a partner in this even though they may
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disagree, he will try to work with him. peter? >> right now the president is supposed to be speaking to dnc members about the way forward. give us a sense of what we expect to hear. it is worth noting with some sort of vailed criticisms for the way they handled it. they are the right ones, but it's worthwhile to assess how they organize themselves. how they structure the approach of bringing those ideas to voters and he said good ideas don't mean much if the voters don't hear them. he was using an example of his own career talking about having won iowa because he spent 87 days in every part of iowa and even the places he did not win,
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he lost by a lesser margin because he spent so much time. there is criticism for hillary clinton for not going to the key battle ground states. >> in the final 100 days, donald trump with 133 separate stops in the main battle ground states. hillary clinton is just 87 in the same period of time. at the white house, kelly, thanks so much. let's get right to the panel. perry bacon is our reporter. alfonso is the president of the latino partnership for conservative principals and the former chief of the office of citizenship under president bush and maria teresa is president of voto latino. revisiting. i want to get a sense from you of what struck you in listening to the president. there were a lot of people maybe who were still upset with this out come who were hoping he would have the final jab at donald trump. it was just the opposite. >> it sounds like he wants to
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convince donald trump you campaign one way and govern another way and he is trying to encourage him to be a better president than the way he campaigned. he was asked you said trump was unqualified, do you say that now, he kept ducking the question. he was asked about bannon, he wouldn't answer. he is trying to encourage trump in a lot of ways. >> here is what president obama said specifically about donald trump, stick up for the guy. take a listen. >> i think he is sincere in wanting to be a successful president and moving this country forward. i don't think any president ever comes in saying to himself i want to figure out how to make people angry or alienate half the country. i think he is going to try as best he can to make sure that he delivers. not only for the people who
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voted for him and the people at large. there are going to be elections coming up and there is incentive for him to try to do this. >> your thoughts. >> what the president realizes is that donald trump is going into the oval office and that's the institution of our government. he needs to make sure he is going to be the president of everyone so he is leading with engagement. the president understands that if we were to leave nato and make it weaker, all of a sudden you create a power vacuum that we have not have rescinded under normal circumstances. he is trying to say look, we have to come together. it's very difficult. you have people saying not my president. you know what, if he is not your president, this is not your institution. our institution needs to be strong and viable. >> if you are upset that this is not your president, you should have voted. >> your take on this given the fact that this division exists right now. it seems that the president is using the levers he still has
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left to nudge donald trump in effect to say hey, here's why i think these things work and why you should be considerate of them including on the issue of obamacare going forward. >> the president is being dignified and presidential. this is what outgoing presidents do. reassure the nation that we the have a peaceful transition of power and encouraging those who are frustrating to giving some room. i think mr. trump is listening to president obama. after their conversation. he will keep elements of obamacare and health insurance companies cannot do away with people with preexisting conditions and he is sending a message that he is willing to listen to other people. >> you guys stay with us. casey has been covering this wild day on capitol hill. democrats holding a news
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conference on the hill and republicans their own leadership forum. how are these parties charting a course forward after what we heard from the president this evening. >> well, peter, this is a remarkably turbulent time for both parties, considering one has complete control of government. i want to start with a little bit of breaking news. hillary clinton is on that phone call with house democrats, members of the caucus here over on the house side of the hill. we are underground in the basement where republicans are gathering for the leadership. hillary clinton i'm told by a source on the call opened that call with house democrats with a three-minute opening statement. she said she was very grateful for all of the suspect that democratic members provided for her over the past election. she also said their vision of america earned more votes.
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the result was not what they want and said no one is more sorry than i am. she urged democrats not to be discouraged or decided and to keep going. they have to take stock of what went wrong, understand it, and analyze it, but not be distract by the law. she is now taking questions from members of the house democratic caucus. we will see what the tenor and tone of the conversation ends up being. she of course is trying to at least chart an upbeat path forward. for democrats, there is a real struggle going on right now between the progressive wing of the party and a lot of the center left leaders whether it's nancy pelosi or chuck schumer in the senate. they are trying to embrace the progressive wing of the party. keith ellison as somebody who might be the chairman of the dnc. he comes out of the party's progressive wing saying he is
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going to make that bid. getting support from some of those older guard democrats. on the flip side, there have been democrats who said hey, we want to talk about this more before we select who our leaders are ggs to be. >> with that breaking news, some of the first words from hillary clinton on this new call she is doing with the leading democrats in the country to my friend who has the latest fallout from clinton as it was. you heard from casey there a moimt ago and hillary clinton said she is grateful for the support acknowledging she got plenty of votes, but not enough. the real challenge is for democrats going forward. how do they make up for the deficit and not holding together the way they needed to and not able to grow it in the rural areas as donald trump did. >> i think the first question that a lot of people are asking is what went wrong. they can figure out a path
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forward. there is competing camps. one is coming from the campaign themselves and they delivered on a call this weekend with donors and will likely be repeating on house members. they loss the members on the final week. that was that letter that put them over the top and they needed the obama coalition and replacing non-college whites with college educated whites. they knew trump was going to do well with the whites. they felt like the pent lum was swinging depending on the news environment. they ended with the pendulum swinging in the opposite direction. a lot of democrats that i have spoken to outside of the clinton campaign. the failing went beyond james comey with the clinton campaign themselves.
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she really needed to win and didn't spend enough money there. they spent time trying to make trump unacceptable to voters. they sort of succeeded. a lot of voters didn't find him to be qualified and didn't have a favorable opinion, but they wanted change so much that they went ahead and voted for trump. clinton sources and democrats critics said the campaign under estimated how much voters wanted change. >> reporting from the newsroom with that information. now the latest from inside the trump transition. there have been no contact. officials were stunned at how little he knew about the job when he met with the president. what is the state of the transition effort. more names are floating out as we track down in effect which
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way donald trump hopes to go with the administration. >> this is a small team of people who got to this point. many never held jobs in washington and never had government jobs. frankly they are just brand-new to the process and they seemed like tourists. as folks who were going to go over and take over the entire city, let alone the country. there are more names being thrown out for whom donald trump will surround himself. cabinet members and the more high profile jobs in the west wing. we are hearing that laura ingram, the conservative radio host is a leading contender for press secretary. there is also katie walsh, the chief of staff at the rnc. she is in contention to be the deputy chief of staff in the white house. john bolton as secretary of state. remember we reported that newt
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gingrich was interested in the job as well as rudy giuliani. there is former senator jim talon as well looking 59 the department of defense and romney who is mitt romney's niece out of michigan and the chair of the republican party in michigan being considered to run the rnc. a lot of names and familiar names and more surprising names and certainly laura ingram and a conservative host being a press secretary. it seems like right now donald trump is still figuring out who is going to lead his government alongside of him. they were going to be presenting him with three to five names of each of the top cabinet positions to go over and meet with folks. that's all happening as rapidly as they can do it. the campaign stressed for reporters and everyone else to have patience with them as they navigate this process. >> not to mention names like rudy giuliani.
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up next, we will talk to howard dean as democrats duke it out over leadership and a voice that we will all miss in these turbulent times. sad news ahead. >> we want to and aspire to and hope to make it a better union. >> the legacy of journalist gwenn i fill. y is
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because safety is for your retirement, . you wanted to celebrate the little things, before they get too big. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. . i believe that we have better ideas. but i also believe that good ideas don't matter if people don't hear them. and one of the issues that democrats have to be clear on is that given population distribution across the country, we have to compete everywhere. >> urging democrats not to
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waiver from the core beliefs in the after malth of donald trump's victory. congressman keith ellison of minnesota said he is the one to lead that effort officially announcing candidacy for dnc chair. he was the first muslim in congress and backed bernie sanders in the primary. in his announcement, he said this election cycle we did not motivate enough people to the ballot box and we must champion the challengesf working families and give voters a reason to show up in 2018 and beyond. someone else who wants that job, a contributor. mr. dean, thanks for being with us. he is running for dnc chair. there are a lot of big name democrats who support him.
2:24 pm
who is endorsing you? >> i haven't gotten around to that either and he hasn't either. not one person you named has voted in the election. 447 people are voting and they are outside washington and don't sit in congress. i like keith ellison a lot and his politics are great and i like him. i don't believe he can have this job and have a seat in congress or the governor's office. this job is 80 or 90 hours a week. you can't do both. >> you said none of them have a vote. senator sanders and elizabeth warren represent wight swaths. are those validating a good person for the position? >> he is a good person for this. my goal is to make sure that this does not decent into
2:25 pm
another hillary versus bernie fight. that's very, very important. again, i would vote for him in a second if he were not in congress. they have tried to do this job and have not been able to do that despite good intention. it requires strategy and travel and 250,000 miles a year. i don't think this can work. >> optics can say a lot to an audience and why would choosing you be looking forward versus backward. >> let's look at it this way. i came in in 2 thousand 5 and we didn't have the house and the senate and the presidency. when our team left in 2 247bd 9, we had the house and the senate and the presidency. we need to do that. i agree i'm an old white guy. we need a fresh face.
2:26 pm
i need a fresh face who is not going to be distracted by what's going on in congress. >> we heard from the president a short time ago and clearly thinks that the dnc needs a leader to spread the party's message and the dnc chair should handle what you called mechanics and didn't this prove even the president reiterated this, where democrats came short was not mechanics, but messaging. we need to show up everywhere and we have burden ideas, but it doesn't matter if they don't get heard. >> you need both. if you don't pay attention, we are not going to win the election. the 50-state strategy is withering away. i understand that tech is not as good as it was when barack obama used it with fantastic effect when he won the two races, two
2:27 pm
of the greatest campaigns that have been run in american history. i know the mechanics. i want to get it done. i'm very happy to let somebody else to be the face of the party and i don't care if i'm the chairman. i want the job to be done again. >> for donald trump the motto is make america great again. i traveled with him for two weeks. for the democrats, write me that slogan be today. >> make america fair again. under donald trump it will not be. i hope he succeeds, but some of these things are scary. the guy he just appointed is at out and out racist. i'm not calling names. he boasted about that. an anti-semite. this is not good stuff. i hope his policy will be reasonable and his approach to obamacare will be reasonable. there will be changes and that's what the voters want and i respect that, but we need to be
2:28 pm
there talking about fairness. the core reason that donald trump got elected is our society has not treated everybody fairly including the working class folks that voted for donald trump. they know it. >> a lot of people were defending steve bannon and his views are much more inclosive. nancy pelosi said they are willing to working with donald trump rather than obstructing everything he opposes. do you support that? >> i don't support that. he has to live with what he has done. redemption is great if he will do that. i very much support the democrats working with trump and not opposing everything he does. one of the things i looked at is a piece that using public private partnerships to create infrastructure. that's the only way we will build. it's very smart. if donald trump came out with a
2:29 pm
program based on public-private partnerships, i would be supportive of that. i'm supportive of tax reform. we have to make the reform helpful to working people. that's not just what is going on while the republicans are in charge. >> candidate for dnc chair. thanks for your time. >> always a pleasure. >> let our audience know that keith ellison will join chris hayes for a one-on-one interview on all in. the rn looking for a leeder. one republican could be in the running for that. ng consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like any of these types of plans, it could help you with out-of-pocket medical costs. call now and request your free decision guide and explore the range of aarp medicare supplement plans. start gathering the information you need...
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. >> more mtpdaly is ahead, but first the market wrap. >> stocks ending mixed and little change. the dow rising 21 points pushing further and the s&p falling a fraction and oil fell as low as 42.20 a barrel and that is the lowest level since august on oversupply worries. airline stocks are rallying after hours. berkshire hathaway with american airlines and united continental and delta. that is it from cnbc first in business worldwide.
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rnc chairman with reince
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priebus to be chief of staff for president-elect donald trump. somebody has to fill the job. they held a call with the members about this hour and what their future would look like. matt was on the call. he was one of the contenders for the chairmanship and the current chairman of the ohio republican party and was a critic of trump, but ultimately became a supporter. and i appreciate you being here. and we know your name has been floated for the chairmanship. what happened is on the call? >> look, traditionally, our party has allowed the president or president-elect to decide who will run their operation over at the rnc. reince priebus is the chairman of the republican party and did a wonderful job here in ohio. we won everything on tuesday night from the top to the bottom of the ticket and swept
2:38 pm
everything we could win and feel good about that. and whoever it is that the trump team decides they put for the and have them vote for. they felt time relaxing and letting my daughter watch cartoons and was nice. i'm glad this exlection is over and of course i couldn't be happier that in ohio we won everything. >> the same thing happened at the alexander house and campaigned both houses. simply put, is it something you would be interested in if the team reached out to? >> if they were to, i would be happy to serve. we heard other names and i am alonging forward to supporting whoever it is and all three of
2:39 pm
the national committee members in ohio will do. what is the president lekts need to do to help heal the country right now? >> he took important steps over the last several days. right out of the gate with his acceptance speech was talking about reaching out to everyone and being the president for all. there were incidents and he spoke to the camera on 60 minutes last night that in fact these folks who are doing some of the stuff if they happened to be republicans to knock it off. i'm glad that he has been talking about a unifying message and that's what we need to do right now. we need to come together as a party and a country and move forward. this campaign was rough and tumble and long and gruelling and it's over. the last thing we want to do is boomerang back to what was going
2:40 pm
on just a week ago. we are done with the election and it's time to move forward and mr. trump talked about being a president who will bring people together. >> here took steps to unify the country, but it's often actions, not words. this selection of steve bannon, a person who is tightly aligned with the alt right who some suggest has not just white nationalists, but anti-semitic views. doesn't that haunt the message that you and others suggest that donald trump is trying to deliver of a greater unity? >> mr. bannon and i can tell you from the things i read and the people i respect, we heard reince priebus talk about this yesterday. some characterizations are unfair and are not representative. >> you are a guy in your own house. you were a kasich supporter and
2:41 pm
you experienced the hardship of coming on board with donald trump as i understand it. wouldn't even put the trump sign in your yard because you were not sure how to feel about things including comments from the "access hollywood" tape. are you now more comfortable with the idea and all your reservations about donald trump evaporat evaporated? >> yes. it's time for the country to move forward. he won the election and did a great job. my role as party chair allowed me the opportunity to have personal conversations and experience my relationship with mr. trump if a way that a lot of other folks didn't. he was always ernest and forthright. he kept his word to me on the things he said he was going to do and really was focused on winning the election and being a president who will unify the country and bring people together. it's up to us to give him an opportunity and elected officials around the country to
2:42 pm
understand this is this enormous opportunity in front ofs and you let's take advantage of that opportunity and let's get to work on fixing the problems. the voters over the past year and a half have been calling out for change. they have been calling out for someone to listen to concerns. he surprised a lot of us in the primaries, but he won the elections and in states the republican party had not won in a long, long time. he obviously heard the concerns of voters who were calling for change and has an opportunity to do good. i'm going to support in any way i can. >> the transition is under way. do you think donald trump should appoint democrats and republicans in his administration? >> that's not for me to say. we will see if he does. i know that has been a tradition on both sides for the last couple of transition teams that there has been at least one
2:43 pm
member of the other party in one of the roles. i'm not sure all the names he is sorting out. we don't want a democrat for the rnc chair. i can tell you that. we will find someone to fill that role and i'm sure with governor pence and chairman priebus and donald trump and his family and the folks that are working on this, they will do a great job in filling the spots. >> pair to say the democrats are trying to find their own spots. that won't be you. enjoy the brief hiatus you have. thanks so much. just ahead, werie i remembering ifill. our mission is to produce programs and online content for african women as they try to build their businesses and careers. my name is yasmin belo-osagie and i'm a co-founder at she leads africa. i definitely could not do my job without technology. this windows 10 device, the touchscreen allows you to kind of pinpoint what you're talking about. which makes communication much easier and faster
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[burke] it happened. december 14th, 2015. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ some sad news to reporter tonight. veteran journalist gwen ifill died following a battle with cancer. she was the cohost of pbs news hour and moderator of washington week. she did it for seven presidential elections. she made her name in prints working for the "new york times" and "the washington post." she moved to in 1994, covering the white house and congress for nbc news. in 1999, ifill joined pbs, becoming one of the first african-american journalists to host a national political show. she moderated the epic palin, biden face off. she moderated one of the primary
2:46 pm
debat debates. she was a frequent guest on "meet the press" and the most recent appearance was the sunday before the debate talking about the challenges for two unpopular and divicive candidates. >> what happens at moments where you have to work with ex-presidents. >> i spent a lot of time watching the speeches and trying to imagine different people, not just donald trump, but hillary clinton in that position. i wouldn't quite do it. >> ifill was the author of the book the breakthrough politics and race in the age of obama. this afternoon president obama spoke about gwen ifill's influence. >> michelle and i want to offer our deepest condolences to gwen ifill's family and colleagues. he was a friend and ek troert nearl journalist and kept faith with the responsibilities of her
2:47 pm
profession, asking tough questions and holding people accountable and defending a strong and free press that makes democracy work. i appreciated gwen's reporting even at the receiving end of one of her tough and thorough interviews. >> i will never forget the opportunities to spend time with gwen ifill. she was 61. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through?
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the panel is here and perry bacon and maria teresa. we put you in the corner and you come back out. we were talking about president obama's remarks and i want to get back to the topic of steve bannon, one of the first major appointments. they will be equal partners in the responsibilities like the president-elect. here's a little bit of what president obama said which appeared to be a glancing shot at the bannon pick.
2:50 pm
>> the most important point i made was that how you staff in an election like this that was so hotly contest and gestures m. and how he reaches out to groups that may not have supported him, how he signals his interest in their issues or concerns, i think, those are the kinds of things that can set a tone, that will help move things forward once he's actually taken office. >> maria, he says, gestures matter. what does this gesture say? >> i think he's trying to sound the alarm to the american people that steve bannon has been in control of a white supremacist site that's been anti-women, anti-immigrant, anti-gay. he had simultaneously yesterday announced that i think they're going to be opening up five bureaus of breitbart around the world. so it's something, it's going to
2:51 pm
be a long game. and i think that what he's trying to say is, look, there's a reason why people were pushing for paribas, because he understands how government works. he understands coming together. and working with the republican party. so they were hoping -- and i think this is -- i'll share with you. i think this is actually, basically, what they brokered of, we're going to have someone that's part of the establishment, and we're going to bring in someone that helped -- >> so al nfon helped -- >> so al nfosalfonso, you have factions of this party, someone who's going to reach out to the party, reince priebus and paul ryan, and someone who speaks to the grassroots and knows how to rally that base. >> but i think that's exactly what he's doing. he's doing what president obama is talking about. he's having a balance. he's bringing in somebody like reince priebus, who many conservatives don't like. they see him as too tied to the establishmt. but then he has bannon. not as chief of staff, but as a senior council. >> remind you, his name was on tonight press release, for whatever that's worth. but here are the headlines from
2:52 pm
the ultraconservative breitbart website, that bannon, the former executive, this is what americans are seeing right now, as they get a sense of that inner circle, the first two announcements. things like bill kristol, a republican renegade, birth control makes women unattractive and crazy. and at the top of the screen, racist, pro-nazi roots of planned parenthood revealed. what's that about? >> obviously, i didn't like those titles. i didn't like those headlines. i'm not a fan of breitbart. but i'm not going to say based on -- he didn't write those articles. i don't have enough information to say he's an outright racist. >> but he runs -- >> let's be balanced. because president obama associated with people who also had some issues and promoted -- >> breitbart is on record saying he didn't want his child to be associated and going to schools with jews. he's on record -- >> wait a second -- on record? >> he has denied that. that was from divorce
2:53 pm
proceedings. >> yes. >> but that's an allegation. you're saying that is right, that is true -- >> and i think this is what the president was trying to do today. he was basically trying to say that we need to ensure that donald trump is engaged in his selections. that he is part of this whole shebang. what i mean by that is that there are a lot of folks that are concerned that he's going to delegate his presidency and surround himself -- >> but it's not only bannon. you have mike pence there -- >> mike pence is anti-gay. he's anti-choice, and he's -- >> but that's a very radical, ideological position -- >> finish -- >> that i'm anti-gay and hateful because i don't believe in same-sex marriage. >> even the president says he doesn't think donald trump is as ideological as -- >> that's right. >> so what was striking in that "60 minutes" interview, is that he seemed to at least be flexible on some issues, from the wall, saying there could be a fence, to the idea, that we
2:54 pm
could focus on criminals, not having a deportation force to get all 11 million americans, which is basically what president obama is doing right now. he's been responsible for like 2.9 million deportations in the course of his presidency. so, is donald trump ideological or pragmatic. is he someone that the obama coalition might be satisfied with some on policies? >> we don't know how he's going to govern. one interview, he's been campaigning for 10 to 12 months -- >> 17. >> so i think you have to take it at his word that he's promised a lot of things during the campaign, so he's going to governor. the answer is, we don't know, but i wouldn't withdraw 17 months of comments based on two interviews. i think it's important to say that the deportation plans are pretty extensive, the party's repealing obamacare. we don't know. we'll see what comes forward. >> last thought. gay marriage, you said you're okay with abortion, he said, it might be overturned, you would have to state cross lines. >> this is what democrats and liberal activists understand.
2:55 pm
the fact that we disagree with them doesn't mean we're tolerant. because we believe in traditional marriage or we believe in the right to life doesn't mean that we're intolerant, and sometimes we're criticized and attacked by being tolerant, because of the positions that we hold. >> very last thought? >> but i think one thing we have to realize is that a million people voted for hillary clinton -- >> a million more people. >> right. he has to bring that to bear, what he's governing, and governor for all americans. >> we're going to be back after the break. the answers to some of the last week's biggest ballot questions across the country. stay tuned.
2:56 pm
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so in case you missed it, the presidential election wasn't the only thing on the ballot last week. across the country, votes were cast on a series of issues. among them, recreational marijuana. voters in california, maine, massachusetts, and nevada all voting to legalize recreational pot, more than tripling the number of american who is now live in states where recreati recreational pot is legal. and medical marijuana will now be legal in arkansas, florida, and montana. on guns, in california, voters banned large-capacity ammunition magazines and voted to require background checks for the sale of ammunition. washington made it easier for police to seize guns from people deemed a threat. and nevada voted to require background checks in private gun sales. voters in maine rejected a similar initiative. that's not it. main voted to change the way they vote. in arkansas, the governor will now still, effectively, be the
3:00 pm
governor, even when he or she leaves the state. and here in d.c., voters cast ballots toake washington the 51st state, but the petition goes to congress where it's unlikely to pass. that's all for tonight. "with all due respect" begins right now. good evening, journalism world and the nation are deeply mourning tonight the loss of legendary tv reporter and our friend, gwen ifill. she died today at the age of 61. it's a big loss. we'll talk about gwen ifill's life tonight throughout the program. we'll start this afternoon with words from president obama. >> gwen a friend of ours, she was an extraordinary journalist. she always kept faith with the fundamental responsibilities of her profession, asking tough questions, holding people in power accountable, and defending a strong and free press that makes


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