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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  November 15, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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developments going on. we'll update you about what's taking place on the hill and what's happening in new york city as president-elect trump and his transish team try to get themselves in high gear. we have the vice president-elect mike pence and donald trump hovering at trump tower. sources telling nbc news that trump's transition team is purging people close to governor chris christie. meanwhile, house republicans are standing solidly by trump. now we have the newly re-elected paul ryan refusing earlier today to criticize the controversial choice of steve bannon as chief strategist of a trump white house. >> i'm not looking backwards. i'm looking forward. i'm looking to the future and how we make this work for the american people, how we help president-elect trump be the most successful president in our lifetime. >> meanwhile, president obama fighting to preserve what's left of his legacy as he takes to the world stage for one last time. he told nbc's can chris jansing
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he doesn't feel donald trump's election is a referendum on his own world view. >> a pretty healthy of the majority people agree with my world view on a majority of things. it may not always win the day in the short term, in any particular political circumstance, but i'm confident it will win the day over the long term. >> we have it all covered for you this hour. our reporters on the beat from athens to d.c. joining me from capitol hill, we have kelly o'donnell, hallie jackson in philadelphia, peter alexander is in washington. we'll be joining chris jansing in greece coming up here shortly. kelly, you have new reporting about when and where president-elect trump is going to receive his first presidential daily briefing. what do you have? >> well, thomas, this is expected today in new york at trump tower with vice president-elect mike pence having gone to visit and work on transition issues with president-elect trump, and sources are telling me that one
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week after the election, when -- immediately upon being elected trump was eligible for this presidential daily briefing, the identical briefing given to president obama, who instructed the intelligence community to provide the exact same information to his successor. that's going on today. and it is important, thomas, because this will be a very big part of the president's daily life in the next administration and at a time when they are trying to shape a cabinet and make decisions amid what has been a slow process, and from our reporting, a contentious process internally, having insights at a new level, higher than as a candidate, may help him make decisions as key position in the cabinet from secretary of state to secretary of defense, to national security adviser. these kind of important jobs that will be interbetwetwined w this information. our sources say this is something that will be a part of his daily life.
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and today, the first time. >> we understand when that happenings for this briefing, vice president-elect mike pence has to sign paperwork for the transition team to be collaborating with what president obama and his administration gets when it comes to national security. stand by for me, i want to go to peter alexander. we know vice president-elect pence is at ground zero, which is the transition headquarters, trump tower, here in new york but in-fighting keeps leaking out when it comes to the national security team. what's the latest on that front? >> the latest is as a couple sources describe there's this stalin-esque purnge going on of people tied to governor chris christie. mike rodgers, a part of the transition process, had been overseeing the national security efforts going forward. he was a name who was considered a likely option as a potential cia director, but we are now told that he is no longer under
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krrgs for that. that he has been removed from the transition team. put out a steme earlier this day and now appears that the chairman of the house intelligence committee, the republican from california, devin nunez, may be the most likely name being floated right now as a potential head of intelligence. this is notable because, of course, chris christie's relationship with donald trump's son-in-law jared kushner, goes back for quite a ways. it was jared kushner's own father who was prosecuted and imprisoned by chris christie himself. so, the bottom line here is there's like this loyalty test, in some form. you don't want to overstate it. but, obviously, donald trump is inclined to focus on those who have stood by his side through the course of this campaign. we're told by sources close to president-elect trump that he was not in effect satisfied with governor christie's handling during some of the tougher times in this campaign. and as a result, those with close ties to chris christie, including chris christie himself, appear to be being
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pushed aside. >> it's interesting to look at the margins of a governor christie and those close to him being affected and not loyal to donald trump, even though mike rogers was someone on the inside for a while. another person on the inside, giuliani, rudy giuliani, former mayor of new york, predicted to have a place in this new administration. i want to show everybody the public play he made for the role he wants. here is giuliani last night and followed by kellyanne conway. >> "the wall street journal" reported earlier this afternoon that the choice for secretary of state in a trump administration is down to rudolph giuliani and john bolton. we don't have bolton here so i'm going to ask you some questions. >> john would be a very good choice. >> is there anybody better? >> maybe me. >> rudy giuliani, is he going to be secretary of state? >> he could be. he certainly is a very close
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adviser of president-elect trump's. he has enormous skill set, an excellent member of the cabinet. that's where i'll leave it. >> the suspense remains out there. . we have neo-con john bolton on the list as well. what about the credentials giuliani would have to earn that position? >> i have to tell you, what do we know? what we know is the president-elect and vice president-elect are meeting right now to hash this all out. if there's one thing we learned from donald trump campaign and if his presidency, administration is run the same way, is that ultimately donald trump himself will decide who he wants surrounding him. despite all the public and private jockeying you're seeing on your tv screens, you're read being and hearing about behind the scenes as well. i think we will start to see some names of these high-level positions be revealed here before thanksgiving. as we get some word on when the transition will real start to get into full effect as my colleagues have been reporting.
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it has been off to a slower start than we sometimes see for a number of reasons. i want to share a couple of other pieces of information with you. vice president-electricity mike pence, by e way, heading down to d.c. today. we just learned for lunch with vice president biden. when they first met right after the election, there was discussion they would meet again, the two of them, biden and pence. it looks as though that will be happening tomorrow. when you look at who is going to be in donald trump's west wing, not just chief of staff reince priebus, but chief strategist steve bannon, took a leave from breitbart news, in order to work with donald trump's campaign when he joined up back in august. fairly late in the campaign at that point. breitbart, of course, a very -- a conservative website. bannon himself said he wanted to make a platform for the alt-right, a conservative extremist movement with ties to white nationalism. i can tell you that a breitbart spokesperson is now confirming to me that they're considering or preparing a lawsuit against what they call a major media outlet because of what has been
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said about breitbart. so, that is a story line we are continuing to follow and work on getting more information about. >> they consider themselves pro-america and a conservative website, not the language that has been used by some. they may push back on that. we'll see if that litigation moves forward. thank you. back now to kelly o'donnell and the issue with what's going on with the gop. kelly, this is kind of a surprise to so many folks that they seem so united, now that we just had the re-election of speaker ryan getting this vote of confidence. we had former speaker john boehner giving this exclusive interview to our colleague on cnbc and laying out advice for the president-elect. take a look. >> nobody really knows, but trump is not an idealog. he's barely a republican. if you want to get something done, you have to a real relationship with congress. >> boehner sounding like president obama, calling president-elect trump much more pragmatic about things. now we have speaker ryan staying
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in place. is this an indication, though, of we have, you know, the conservative leader in speeshg ryan maybe that donald trump can start to emulate a little more? the two of those folks coming together about their agendas? >> i think the pragmatism is still very much a part of it, even though you would certainly call paul ryan more ideological and conservative. this is about victorying forging new partnerships. paul ryan is nominated. the actual speaker election will happen with the new congress in january. but because of their dominant numbers in the house, the unified voice today of the house conference means he is undoubtedly going to be speaker because democrats will likely vote for their own choice but because of the numbers ryan will likely be the next speaker. today is the nominating phase. when you have as many people into the insight as how government functions in president obama president obama
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and john boehner assessing donald trump as a pragmatist, that's an interesting starting point for a new administration. i'm told vice president-elect, when he's in office, will be spending a lot of time, invited by senate republicans to join them for their caucus meetings, their lunches, to be a regular participant in their process so that he can see for himself what's happening on capitol hill and bring that back to the white house. so, if pence accepts that invitation, and one would expect he would want that kind of a back and forth, we might see a different sort of structure in the coming months. we'll have to see and judge? that actually leads to accomplishing things as they all get to know each other and take on these new positions. >> vice president-elect pence, just to build on hallie's reporting, he'll be leaving new york later today, after the meetings at trump tower. we're looking at folks that have assembled there for these transition team meetings today,
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leaving new york for d.c., having that lunch with vice president biden tomorrow. >> one more note on tomorrow, this is also an opportunity for the pences to see their new home, much as we saw when melania trump got to visit with mrs. obama, seeing the residence. this will be an opportunity for the vice president-elect to see the place that will be his home over the next four years. so, it will have that social sort of hosting component to it as well as an important meeting of these two leaders. >> yes, business and maybe a tape measure in hand for those drapes. kelly, let's go to our colleague, chris jansing. chris is traveling with the president on his final overseas trip. chris, he flatly denied that his policies led to the election of donald trump and also talked about the rise of nationalism and divisiveness in the wake of this election. listen to this. >> we are going to have to guard against a rise in a crude sort
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of nationalism or ethic identity or tribalism that is built around an us and a them. >> so, chris, based on your question about whether or not president obama feels at all responsible for the election of donald trump, were you surprised by how he characterized his answer? >> reporter: it certainly was the strongest defense i've heard him make of his foreign policy, of what he has done domestically, he talked about his approval rating. he also went into some detail about the concerns he still has without really going after donald trump. we've seen that he said he wants this to be a smooth transition. but he talked about dividing people by race, by religion, by ethnicity, saying it's dangerous, and as a result of that, the 20th century was a blood bath. he also said, my vision is right on that issue. again, the strongest words i've heard him say. and he comes into this trip,
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final foreign trip n a very different place than he expected to be. he expected to make the case for his foreign policy and that hillary clinton would be building on it. of course, now he is having to calm the jittery nerves of so many people. this is a perfect example where i'm standing right now, you have a country that has the worst debt in the eu. it has been struggling to come up with a plan. it has been struggling with the refugee crisis. they're very concerned because you have donald trump, who has said that he doesn't believe that this country is salvageable. you have the prime minister of this country who suggests that his thoughts, donald trump's thoughts, were evil. so, you have this is push and the pull. the president comes here, after all he did on the campaign trail for the last month, having to essentially be the diplomatic voice of the united states. inside the presidential palace where i'm standing, he had a dinner with the prime minister and president of greece. tomorrow he'll have his last
11:14 am
foreign speech on foreign soil. a speech, i'm told, he's continuing to work on, even as he often does, on the plane over here today. will probably continue to tweak it tomorrow. then he goes to germany to meet not just with angela merkel but leaders of other foreign countr his job will be walking the fine line of the message that he believes in his foreign point of view, but also that he's going to do everything he can to make this a smooth transish with trump and calming the nerves. >> having to vouch for the peaceful transition of power. chris jansing reporting in greece for us. kelly o'donnell, peter alexander, hallie jackson, thank you very much. important to note that chris is going to continue traveling with president obama on this final trip. the exclusive access she will have as they continue traveling overseas. as chris highlights there, that big speech the president is giving tomorrow. he is still working on the crafting of that messaging. plus, we've been asking you today through our pulse question, do you think president obama is responsible for
11:15 am
creating an atmosphere that allowed trump to win the elections last week. the results so far, 15% say yes, 85% say no. the pulse is live at the backlash against steve bannon as white house chief strategist. we will talk to congressman kingston. later, conflicts of interest. does donald trump need to give up the lease on the d.c. hotel that just opened and bears his name? we'll have new reporting on that coming up. this is msnbc, the place for politics. ♪ ♪ is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment
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we just got a ish shellacki
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last tuesday. we have to recalibrate and see how we're going to forward. it's just like death. there are different stages of grief you go through. after a defeat like this, there are different stages we have to go through. we have to interpret the results. we have to get lessons learned. we have to figure out what we've done right, what we've done wrong and how we can better message our democratic message in the years to come. >> so, a dire reaction from democrats tlshg feeling as if they've had a death with the election of donald trump. this is a live look at capitol hill. this is where republicans wrapped their vote, in a vote of confidence of paul ryan, reta retaining his post as house speaker. democrats doing soul-searching on the left while the party tends to regroup, they've decided to put off all decisions inform after thanksgiving. this move may put nancy pelosi's leadership in jeopardy. joining me is jerry nadler. after a record number of losses
11:20 am
for democrats, do you think that nancy pelosi should remain as minority leader? >> yes, i think nancy has done an excellent job as minority leader and i -- well, we gained seven or eight seats, a lot fewer than we expected to gain, but i don't put that up to her. i think that we'll have to look at what this election was all about, but it tracked the presidential election very much. >> whi put off any type of decision until after thanksgiving? why halt any momentum the democrats need at this moment? >> there were people in the caucus who wanted an opportunity to discuss this and everybody thought it was reasonable that there should be an opportunity. we're only talking about a week and a half. >> so, with the challenge potentially by ohio congressman tim ryan of ohio, do you think that that is a petulent effort, something he shouldn't go after? >> any member of the caucus is entitled to run for anything. if he thinks he can provide better leadership, then that's fine.
11:21 am
but i don't think -- i personally will support nancy. i think she's done an excellent job, as good a job as could be done under the circumstances. >> on monday president obama suggested that hillary clinton should have gone to more small towns and had an opportunity to speak with more voters there. i want to play with what he had to say in his own words. >> one of the issues the democrats have to be clear on is given population distribution across the country, we have to compete everywhere. i won iowa not because the demographics dictated that i would win iowa. it was because i spent 87 days going to every small town and fair and fish fry and vfw hall. >> sir, is president obama right, that the democrats and secretary clinton did not do enough through this cycle to reach out to middle america?
11:22 am
>> i think he probably is. when all the votes are counted it now appears hillary clinton will have gotten about 2 million more votes than donald trump got, but not distributed as required by the electoral college. and i think a mistake was made. there should have been more efforts, clearly in the upper midwest and rural america. hillary did not do well. the democrats do not do well generally in rural america or with working class voters. i think our case is strong there but it wasn't made properly and certainly not adequately. >> typically the electoral college favors the democrats. does it need to be -- >> no the electoral college does not favor democrats. the electoral college until recently always went along with whoever won the popular vote. since 1888. the only time it didn't is in 2000 when bush was declared the winner but al gore won by half a million votes in the popular vote. now it appears hillary will lose
11:23 am
the election but winning by 2 million in the popular vote. the electoral college in recent years favors the republicans. >> you denounced donald trump for naming steve bannon as white house chief strategist. this seems to be a point of party unity by democrats. isn't donald trump allowed to pick his own cabinet appointments? >> he's allowed to pick whoever he wants by law and we're allowed to criticize whenever he does something disgusting. this is disgusting. i wouldn't use that word lightly in talking about an appointment of a governor or mayor or president. but to appoint someone who is an out and out racist, anti-semite, a leader of the alt-right, which mr. bannon himself is a modernized cleaned up version of the skinhead racists, that's his quote, is disgusting. it's a terrible thing. it shows -- hope it doesn't show, but tends to show that
11:24 am
trump needs to continue -- needs to govern in divisive way and a slap in half the american people. >> congressman nadler of new york. thank you for your time today. appreciate it. >> you're quite welcome. coming up next, the bannon effect. has president-elect hurt his chances of bridging political divides by placing the former breitbart executive steps from the oval office?
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take a look live at trump tower. meetings are under way between president-elect trump and vice president-elect mike pence. trump's transition process drawing criticism for the first of his appointments. former head of breitbart news, steve bannon, named as trump's chief strategist. a decision democrats claim puts a known racist, sexist and
11:28 am
anti-semite steps from the oval office. >> this is a man who has white supremacist ties. that's what he does. this is a man who tells his ex-wife that he didn't want his children going to school with jews. this is a man who ran a news organization, that ran headlines like, would you rather your children have feminism or cancer? this is a man who says, by his very presence, that this is a white house that will embrace bigotry. >> so, there from the left and now from the right. joining me is former congressman jack kingston. we had jerry nadler on saying it was disgusting that bannon has been named as the chief strategist. we had chair brown speak out from ohio condemning this appointment. republican leaders aren't condemning him but they aren't
11:29 am
embracing him either. this hour we'll add three different democratic senators to denounce bannon being on board here. how is it not dangerous to have a man like bannon in the white house advising the most powerful man on the planet with his reputation? >> let me say this. i agree with jerry nadler that the president has a right to pick who he wants. and the democrats have a right to criticize whoever he picks. this seems like this is a unifying factor for the democrats at a time when they do need unity. aside from all the criticism, this is a man who was a u.s. navy officer, a graduate with an mba from harvard, a man who made money in the film industry and goldman sachs. he's not some wild-eyed demogog who came to planet earth. as a business person, it's very important for people to know andrew breitbart was jewish.
11:30 am
bannon himself founded breitbart jerusalem so that they could reach out to the readership in israel. ivanka trump kushner and her husband, jared, are jewish. if he's anti-semitac this would seem to be inconsistent behavior. he was also the one who urged the campaign to go to flint, michigan, and to milwaukee and to mexico to start engaging with nontraditional republican voters. so, there is nothing in his campaign activities that would suggest these charges of white supremacy. you know, i don't know -- >> but, sir, you -- i mean, you've probably been to breitbart news. you've probably seen some of the more provocative headlines and they would be considered -- they like to consider themselves pro-america but others would say this is basically a man that endorses and profitiers off, a
11:31 am
professional bigot. you would say that's not true? >> i would say that's absolutely not true. some of those headlines are maybe "national enquirer"-ish. here's a guy who said to mr. trump, let's go into urban america, let's talk about jobs, let's talk about education reform. let's ask the african-american traditional democrat to join our cause. as a result, he did -- mr. trump did do better than romney or mccain did with the african-american vote. so, bannon, if he really was all these evil things, he would be the one that would say, don't go to flint, michigan, don't go to baton rouge, don't go to milwaukee, don't go to mexico. that's a waste of time, mr. trump be. >> you were just saying he's a provocative to get attention. while the headlines are provocative, they draw eyeballs. trump going to michigan and trying to go after an urban voter is provocative. you may not be meaningful like the articles that you talk about on breitbart news.
11:32 am
it's a provocative gesture? >> what i'd say, thomas, is number one, the breitbart activities were separate from the campaign and predated the campaign activities. that was maybe more of a business or a populous model he firmly believed in. as a campaigner he's saying this is an underserved section of the population, areas that have very often high crime rates and high unemployment rates and high dropout rates and high teenage pregnancy rates. let's do something different as republicans and let's go in there. it was an absolute real engagement. as a republican and somebody who comes from a city, savannah, georgia, that's 50% african-american, i like to engage with minorities. i think it's extremely important for republicans. and i like the leadership and initiative that mr. trump showed us in this campaign. and he did it at steve bannon's urging. >> bannon is definitely a lightning rod of a figure.
11:33 am
we'll wait to see how effective he is in his new job. but a lot of people already out to criticize before he's got ton work. former georgia congressman jack kingston. coming up next, mixing business with the presidency. how much of a conflict will trump's brand create once he takes the oath of office. then there's the question of the trump children. if they're handed the keys to the family empire, should they also be allowed to learn america's biggest secrets. at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party.
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so, a lot of new questions are being raised between a conflict of interest between donald trump he's new job and his business empire. we have the new trump international hotel, up with of the most visible symbols in washington, d.c., just blocks away from the white house. so, let's get more on the backstory with it. msnbc stephanie is joining me here on set. stephanie, the concern is, basically, about how the hotel will run at an arm's length from
11:37 am
the government if donald trump is running the government. because this is a government-owned property. >> trump-d has been clear he's not going to put any business ties in a blind trust. he said, my kids will run it. in this hotel's case, they don't own the building. as you said, the federal government does. who's the federal government? who runs it? donald himself as the president-elect. now, they'll pay a hefty sum, 3 million bucks a year in rent for the next six years. critics say those are really aggressive revenue projections for donald trump so if they don't make him, he could come knocking on the federal government's door or his kids and say, i would like to renegotiate that lease and i'll be renegotiating it with myself. >> right. >> so, it's a bit of an issue. >> a conundrum as we try to figure that out. we're getting new information about trump buildings in new york where they leased their name to those buildings. now these buildings are saying, we'd like to be called something else. >> the residence are. you know the buildings if you live in new york city, west
11:38 am
side, trump place on riverside drive. three buildings in a row. the residence, 600 of them got together and said, we want to dump trump. some who signed it were less aggressive and said, listen, i want my home to be a place without politics, i want it to be calm. the building manager said, we want to attract all sorts of residents. others said they believed it was lies he said in the campaign, a history of racism, but mostly, he doesn't own the buildings. he doesn't get to have his name in gold emblazoned on them so it will be taken off. it's the impartiality, they would really be more neutral. we saw lesley stahl talking about the brand and ivanka saying she didn't think the trump brand would be hurt. we'll talk more coming up about the different line of products that the kids have and their brands individually from what it means to be cleared by the government. so much stuff. thank you. i got to jump because we have to go to ben joining us, who is the former general counsel and analyst for the rnc.
11:39 am
now an msnbc analyst. ben, good to have you with me. he know donald trump and mike pence are huddled together in trump tower and trying to come up with a smooth transition team. we have all these reports bubbling out with mike rogers saying it was a stalin-esque purge of folks in the margins of chris christie. how tough is this process for a team like trump who doesn't really have government experience to make this smooth? >> i think it's a very tough process for any administration that comes in and hasn't been holding office. what has basically happened since 2012 and the passage of legislation to smooth transitions is that there's been a well-funded transition established. that transition operates outside of the campaign structure. so, there is a natural sorting out when the actual election curse and the new administration
11:40 am
prepares to take over. there will then be clashes about personnel because, in every personnel decision, there is more than one candidate. so, i think this is now kind of baked into the cake, to have a little initial skirmishing at the beginning. >> well, i think most people could expect sharp elbows and people trying to get their own real estate and how they're going to go along with this re from the administration. in the work chris christie did leading up to this point, how much foundational groundwork had been laid before that title was taken away from him and work handed over to mike pence, do you know? >> well, i believe there was a lot of time spent on it. i'm not sure in each one of the different branches that there was the substance and the people who were familiar to the trump organization itself put in those positions. so, this is sort of a -- i think something that is always going to happen since this transition
11:41 am
act was passed when a new team comes in. you actually have to make the decisions about who's going to sit in the jobs. >> just from your work on mitt romney's team, did you guys have an effective transition, you know, the game plan in place? i'm just curious, were you boys on it, were the romney boys on that transition team? >> they played -- they played some roles on it, but the boys and much of the structure was dedicated to trying to win the election. so, that's when the natural reckoning comes. the romney effort in 2012 was extraordinarily well organized in terms of the plans that would take place afterwards but it was the personnel decisions that are the toughest ones, you're seeing reaction to now, and would have happened in 2012 as well. >> it's a birthing process and we'll all live through it. ben ginsberg, thank you. coming up next, a look at the role president obama will
11:42 am
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responsible for what the president-elect says or does. but i do feel responsibility as president of the united states to make sure that i facilitate a good transition and i present to him, as well as the american people, my best thinking, my best ideas about how you move the country forward. >> so, there we have president obama this morning in greece explaining donald trump's surprise election win. all of this as global leaders are raising concerns over the president-elect's stance on nato. so, president obama will use this final foreign trip to reassure allies that u.s.
11:46 am
foreign policy won't cnge. joining me now is former u.s. ambassador marc ginsberg. it's good to have you with me. we know the president is going to come face-to-face with a lot of american allies. he just told these folks three weeks ago that he did not think there would be a trump presidency, rest assured. so, how does he gain their confidence about nato allies specifically remaining intact when we don't know what a donald trump presidency will do? >> well, it's going to be a tall order, thomas, because the president's trip to europe essentially will reveal that there's been a significant amount of divisions within the european security structure regarding a president trump as well as the fact that there's been a certain amount of indifference by the obama administration towards europe as it pivoted to asia. so, europe faces a migrant crisis, faces a more aggressive russia on the eastern border. the president-elect has criticized nato's failure to cough up the type of support
11:47 am
necessary both in terms of troops and financing, and the european union itself, the very important experiment of european unification is under attack, particularly because of the brexit exit. so, you have a lot of stuff going on there. >> and the president's trying to get a better consensus of what the world view is, but folks are voting, people are anxious. as you bring up russia, donald trump spoke with vladimir putin by phone on monday about the u.s. and russian relationships. moments after that call, russia went on to conduct air strikes on syria. now senator mccain warning about another reset with russia. do you think donald trump is making a mistake to trust a mistake with vladimir putin so early? >> well, i think that president-elect trump could probably steal a page out of president reagan and use the phrase, trust but verify. we've made some significant miscalculation under the obama administration in the middle east, to say the least. at the same time, european
11:48 am
security structures depended on nato as well as the fact there's no doubt mr. putin is going to test president-elect trump when crimea and ukraine are part of the sphere. what is going to be the art of the deal here with russia? that's the key. >> and folks will be willing to test a president trump coming up. it remains to see how he'll react. we're waiting in suspense over the significant analysis we're getting about a cabinet being formed. we're still waiting to find out who could be secretary of state. former obama marc ginsberg, thank you. president obama telling chris jansing in greece that he does not feel responsible for creating the atmosphere to allow trump to win the election. we've been asking you your thoughts. here's how you've been responding. 13% say, yes, he could be responsible. 87% say no. the pulse is live, che it out at coming up, we give you an in-depth look at the online
11:49 am
efforts to separate political facts from fiction in the wake of donald trump's win with the influence of social media. first, a group of international giants remain cautiously optimistic about trump's presidency but with some conditions. here's "the verge" update. >> facebook, google and other internet titans are calling on donald trump for support as he prepares to enter the white house. the internet association published a letter asking the president-elect to protect encryption, curb policy -- silicon valley leaders who previously claimed a trump presidency would be, quoeshgts a disaster for innovation. trump made headlines during the primary when he called for a boycott apple after they refused to unlock the iphone of a san bernardino shooter. that's the update. thanksgiving at the anderson's. i was stoked. that's my holiday. we invented it. so i'm like, "pass the stuffing!" and... it's not stove top. and i'm like, "what?" i wait all year. 364 days to enjoy delicious stove top stuffing.
11:50 am
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11:51 am
for your retirement, you wanted to celebrate the little things, before they get too big.
11:52 am
and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. online companies are taking aim at advertisement for fake news stories. it's been reported that facebook
11:53 am
employees have formed an unofficial task force and it wi. google said it would ban fake news sites from its online service. ali velshi here to tell us about it. >> there's been a lot of fake news out there, stories that look like real news that are entirely fake. and now that everybody's looking at the election results, a number of people are saying, did it skew the election results? mark zuckerberg came out and said, no, 99% -- in fact, i'll show you the statement he put out. basically saying 99% of what is on facebook is real. well, we couldn't get away with having 1% of what we do not real so a lot of people saying, 1% of what facebook puts on is a lot of stuff. facebook and google can't keep fake stuff from going up but saying if you're a fake news site, you can't use google or facebook's advertising service, which is what the internet uses to advertise. basically choking them off
11:54 am
financially. it's not lucrative if you can't make money on it. >> the task force called out mark zuckerberg, the unofficial task force. why are they calling him out already? >> they're meeting in private. they're a group of facebook employees who say that, yes, they did know that facebook was putting things up there that they shouldn't. yes, it can be stopped. in fact, it's not hard to find the algorithm ims that can figure out news is fake and facebook should take a position on it. mark zuckerberg said thash curating this open space where anybody could say anything and they're not editorial people. these staffers are saying, well, people read things on facebook and they believe them. >> diplomat they take a hit earlier this year about the fact they were suppressing conservative news at facebook. >> that's mark zuckerberg's point up. can't win for trying in this one. lots of people put stuff on facebook. the staffers who are revolting at facebook are basically saying, when it's an absolute lie -- this not about opinion, it's about stuff that's untrue.
11:55 am
and that's what they're targeting. >> it's not my friend's status they're lying about their nice beach house. >> that's correct. >> it's the link they're passing on. >> the links that appears to be real news. >> we'll see how it goes. it could be the genie out of the bottle. >> it's a tough discussion. it is hard. the technology does exist to figure out what's true and not true. that's what a lot of people are arguing. >> nice to see you. time for one last look at our pulse question today about whether or not you think president obama is responsible for creating the atmosphere in which donald trump won the election. he told chris jansing he did not think so. so far, here's what you think. 13% say yes, 87% say no. the pulse is live. check it out
11:56 am
small business saturday is our day to get out and shop small. a day to support our community and show some love for the people we love. and the places we love. the stuff we can't get anywhere else and food that tastes like home. because the money we spend here can help keep our town growing. on small business saturday, let's shop small for our neighborhood, our town, our home. on november 26th, get up, (all) get together and shop small.
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11:58 am
just wanted to show you exactly how sean spicer is communicating today via the trump campaign of jason miller
11:59 am
saying the president-elect has not questioned security clearance for any family members. our andrea mitchell was reporting on that yesterday, about no such request had been made. now we're hearing more about that because people had concerns over whether or not the trump kids would get any type of security clearance. that request has not been submitted. speaking of donald trump, we know everyone at home has been talking about a donald trump presidency, but it's big news overseas as well. in japan it is all they can do to make donald trump rubber masks. let's show it to you. there is a huge demand for it. now, before the election the factory rolled out 45 trump masks a day. get this, they're now slamming out 350 a day. that's just to catch up on a flood of recent orders. if you're in the market to don the donald, it's going to set you back a cool 22 bucks. but you're ready for next halloween. that will wrap up our coverage. i'm thomas roberts. my colleague kate snow picks up things now. >> and halloween is over. we have a year to plan out our
12:00 pm
next costume. i'm kate snow. good afternoon. the 2016 election seemed like a hollywood movie at times and now that drama carries on, albeit in a different form. this afternoon we're watching trump tower closely and the decisions being made behind those closed doors. donald trump's search for a cabinet is evolving. we're obviously still tracking the big names, who's in, who's out. there's a rather noticeable trend going on today. people with close ties to chris christie, systematically being dropped out of the transition team. our team is in place with the latest from trump tower to capitol hill to athens, greece, with president obama. let's start the hour down in washington, though, my colleague peter alexander is covering team trump for us this afternoon. peter, this transition process for the president-elect seems like it is changing every hour. give us the very, very latest. >> reporter: well, we know behind closed doors right now the vice president-elect mike pence is visiting privately with president-elect trump, where they're going through some names


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