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tv   MSNBC Live With Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  November 15, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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donald trump is sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. we are standing by. any minute on the senate floor. harry reid, the outgoing democratic leader is poised to deliver what his camp is suggesting will be a nos barred attack on steve bannon whose selection is chief strategist is sparking controversy. >> this is a man who says by his very presence that this is a white house that will embrace bigotry. >> reed issued a blistering attack on trump after his victory in last week's election. we will bring you what he has to say as he takes the floor in the senate. also on the agenda, rudy giuliani sounds like he wants to be secretary of state. newt gingrich said that might be all that matters. >> i have no doubt he will get
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it. >> new doubts can threat everyone giuliani's appointment. the new trump administration begins to take shape. could nancy pelosi be in danger of losing her job? a surprise development today has raised that ponlt as democrats grapple with ab election loss that none of them saw coming. >> american people sent a message lout and clear and we need to listen and respond. we need to make sure that we are prepared for the next two years. >> pelosi has been the top democrat in the house for 14 years. our own kristen elker has the kwef quest to hang on. the democratic leader in the senate, harry reid is retiring in a few months, but has the job for now and expected to take the senate floor any minute now. we are told to denounce
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president-elect donald trump and his incoming administration, specifically it will be about the appointment of former breitbart chairman steve bannon has chief strategist. accusations are out there harboring racist and misogynistic sympathies and while reading breitbart news. sunday in a statement through his spokesman saying it is easy to see why the kkk views trump as their champion when he puts white supremacist themes and rhetoric as his top aide. we are expecting more of that rhetoric out of reed when he takes the floor moments from now. as we await that, i want to bring in kelly o'donnell on capitol hill. what are you hearing about the speech? >> it has been a long stretch since the senate was in session and the chaplain is saying a prayer and we expect we will have very heated rhetoric on the
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senate floor from harry reid who in his younger days was a boxer. he knows how to throw a punch and he is planning to do that against steve bannon and the new trump administration in waiting. we will also hear from the majority leader and this is one of the times when the senate floor can be a place where the emotion and some of the intense feeling finds a home. harry reid who has been trying to capture a lot of that as other democrats and members of congress has been lashing out at the selection of steve bannon for his associations and for things that have been printed under his name and watch as the editor on breitbart. just feeling this is the wrong signal. democrats are also already using the bannon appointment as a fund-raising tool, sending out fund-raising releases to their core supporters and expect that
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harry reid will hold little back. he is known are goifor speaking mind and he is lame duck and retiring in january. expect him to sort of cut loose on steve bannon. associating him with all of those things that have really fired up democrats. the kkk association, the white narcoticist association, harsh words about women and news. mitch mcconnell is on the floor. he gets to speak first as the majority leader, his counterpart on the democratic side will have an opportunity to take the floor. this has been building for days and it's a couple of minutes away. >> you can see on your screen, he's the top republican in the senate and he's on the floor right now. harry reid expected after him. we will keep an eye on that and bring you what harry reid says as soon as he begins speaking.
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as we continue to wait, 66 days and counting until inauguration day. who is in the new administration and who is out? all sorts of wrangling going on and rumors. we want to show you what we know at this point about the trump administration that is beginning to take shape. first of all, the inner circle. here's what we know so far, the announcements that have been made. mike pence will be the vice president and also last week announced he is going to be running and will be the official head of the transition effort over the next 66 days. reince priebus, the chair of the republican national committee will be the chief of staff in the white house. the most controversial choice, the one harry reid is expected to talk about is steve bannon, a top adviser to donald trump in the white house. keep in mind, a key point here, that position that donald trump is appointing him to doesn't require confirmation by the u.s.
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senate. if trump wants bannon, he gets bannon. no one anyone can do about it. trump's children also his son in law have been intimately involved in his campaign. they will have certainly tremendous influence behind the scenes even if there is no official titles. they are key players. we await potential job assignments. rudy giuliani is suggesting maybe he is interested in secretary of state. john bolton's name is mentioned as a potential secretary of state. jeff sessions was the first senator to endorse donald trump. bob corker is being mentioned as a potential addition to the administration. here's an interesting one. cory had been trump's campaign manager who was moved out and went to cnn and he now left cnn.
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speculation about what potential role he might play and then who is out. the answer is chris christie had the title of the head of the transition in the campaign. that changed last week. mike pence in. christie moved to the side. it being los like people who are aligned with christie like mike rogers from mitch gchigan who i now as well. i want to bring in peter alexander who is covering the trump transition. let me start with rudy giuliani. you heard newt gingrich said he is loyal. if he wants it, he can get it. >> the job would be as america's top diplomat. rudy giuliani has little foreign policy experience. he made it clear this is something he is interested in. he was in a "wall street journal" forum where the issue of the attorney general's post came up. he said i'm not going to be the attorney general.
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he didn't say that about the secretary of state post. here's part of the conversation here. >> they reported the choice for secretary of state. i'm going to ask you about it. >> john would be a good choice. >> anybody better? >> maybe me. i don't know. >> politico is reporting about some of the potential conflicts of interest that could hold up a potential appointment of rudy giuliani. his paid consultant with foreign governments like qatar and those that could pose issues. >> peter alexander and we told you we would bring you harry reid. there he is. let's take a listen. >> that's i trillion dollars and
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some say $3 trillion. that's in need of help and repair. it's an automatic job creator. each time we try to do something over the decades on infrastructure, we are up against obstruction. if we can get republicans to make the investments we have been seeking for years, that would be a welcome development. for the senate and the country. and if trump wants to pursue policies, democrats will take a pragmatic approach. we have the right to improve lives of americans, but we have recollect supports. we have responsibilities to be the voice of millions of americans sitting at home, afraid they are not welcome anymore in donald trump's america. we have a responsibility to
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prevent trump's bulling and behavior from being normalized in the eyes of america, especially the millions of young people watching and wondering, for example if sexual assault is now a laughing matter. we have responsibilities to say it's not normal for the kkk, the ku klux klan, to celebrate the election of a president they view as their champion with a victory parade. they have one schedule. we have a responsibility to lead. outside this senate chamber you can hear hammering. workers are hammering on the platform for the inauguration ceremony. that will take several months to do it. it will be done right and 65 days, trump will step on to that platform. for four years he will hole the
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loudest and most powerful microphone in the world. even as the workers hammer away on trump's platform and even as we as leaders cent results of this election, let's also give voice to those who are afraid. there are many that are afraid. indeed a majority of americans oppose donald trump. many of my colleagues oppose trump. they were not alone. he will be the first president to take office having lost a popular vote by two million. the majority of american voters have awakened to a difficult reality. not only did that man who lost the popular vote win the election, but it sparked a rise in hate crimes and threats of violence. since election day, the southern poverty law center reported hundreds of incidents of
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harassment and intimidation. last count is 317. overwhelmingly, the acts are anti-muslim and anti-hispanic and anti-african-american and anti-woman, anti-lgbt, anti-semitic and anti-asian. i heard these and mine and my wife's nevada if addition is a pakistani american of muslim faith. we think so much of him. we have known each other for 35 years. the day after the election, my friend was in a restaurant in las vegas having dinner. a man approaching him in a threatening manner said where are you from? i said where are you from? the man that approached him said i'm local. the doctor said so am i. that same night in another
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restaurant in las vegas, the pakistani physician was having dinner. a man walked up to him in the same manner and said where are you from? he said i'm from pakistan. he said why don't you go back. one of my staffers has a daughter in little school. i have known that little girl since she was a baby. the day after the election, the principal addressed the student body on the school's pa system because two incidents occurred that he wanted to talk to them about. one incident is where a boy yelled at a latina student saying he was glad she would be deported now that trump was president. another instance, a boy was sent home for yelling the most derogatory hateful term at an
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african-american student. he said he used that language now that trump was president. the martin luther king center in washington was defaced with the same hateful word. those are only a few examples of what people close to me have related. these disturbing accounts have been heard across america. a compilation of these incidents. one is from nbc news. another is from another publication. hundreds of incidents in the last few days. i would ask that be made part of the record. >> without objection.
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that that was entered into the record, those references made were awful or hateful or frightening and scary. i invite any of my colleagues to read these horrible acts and invite any democrat or republican to come down to this floor today and defend any one of them. these examples of hate and prejudice. i don't believe anyone wants to defend the hateful acts being committed in president-elect trump's name. they lead to one unavoidable conclusion. many believe that trump's election validates a kind of bullying and aggressive behavior trump modelled on a daily basis. how do we teach our children that bragging about sexual
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assault is abhorrent if it is dismissed as locker room talk. we failed to hold trump accountable and normalized his behavior. here's a letter from a seventh grader from rhode island the day after the election and i will quote from the letter. seventh grader. i'm extremely scared especially being a woman of color that the president of the country is making me feel unsafe when i actually shouldn't feel unsafe. it's scarier because this man who is the president of the united states of america said such rude, ignorant and disrespectful things about women and all types of people is in charge of our country. i want to feel safe in my country, but i no longer feel with someone like trump leading the country. closed quote, end of letter. our president is supposed to
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make people feel safe. on wednesday, 5i seventh great girl awoke frightened to be a woman of color because donald trump was president-elect. if we ignore her voice and other voices, this seventh grader will be left to conclude that we as a nation find her fear acceptable. how do we show hershey doesn't have to be afraid. the first step is facing reality. it relies in the man who inspired the fear. president-elect trump must act to make america like that seventh grade girl feel they are welcome in his america. healing the wounds he inflicted takes more than words. talk is cheap and tweets are cheaper. so far rather than healing these
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wounds, trump's actions have deepened them. his first official act, he appointed a man seen as the k45678 yon of whi champion of white supremacy. according to cnn and i quote, whites nationalist leaders praise donald trump's decision to name stephan bannon as his strategist. in the same article, white nationalists say they see bannon as an advocate for policies they favor. and according to poverty law center. they are becoming that. when asked to comment on bannon's hiring, david duke told cnn, i think that's excellent.
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eye court filing stated that bannon said, again another quote, he doesn't like jews and he doesn't like the way they raise their kids to be whiney brats and he didn't want his girls to go to school with jews, closed quote. that's a court document. by placing a champion of white supremacist a step away from the oval office, what message is trump sending the young girl who woke up in rhode island afraid to be a woman of color in america? it's not a message of healing. if trump is serious about seeking unity, he should rescind his appointment of steve bannon. rescind it. don't do it. think about this. don't do it. as long as a champion of racial division is a step away from the oval office, it will be impossible to take his efforts to heal the nation seriously. i say to donald trump, take
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responsibility. rise to the dignity of the office, the president of the united states. stop hiding behind your twitter account and show america that racism and bigotry have noplace in the white house or in america. i yield the floor, mr. president. >> okay. that was harry reid who is the outgoing senate democratic leader. he did not seek reelection because he will be retiring in january. there he was the day after donald trump was elected president. harry reid issued a blistering attack on donald trump in this speech. he was saying he sees it as the democratic party's duty to be the voice of people who are scared by the election of donald trump and who he says are scared by the developments since the election. citing a number of examples of hate crimes that have occurred over the last week that have been documented across the
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country and then just at the end of this is remarks, you heard him going specifically after stephan bannon who will be one of the top white house advisers, the top adviser, in fact. he is saying bannon made the breitbart news site a haven for hate groups under his leadership and urging that trump rescind the appointment. he said just don't do it. those are the words of harry reid on the senate floor. let's bring in civil liberties lawyer who said he doesn't believe based on the evidence he has seen that bannon is an anti-semite. i have been hearing a bunch of labels flying around since the bannon appointment was announced and this has a lot of people on edge. white supremacists and one is anti-semite. there are court filings who say
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stephan bannon who said he doesn't want his kids around jewish kids. what is it that you are seeing? >> a court filing was the familiar of his former wife. of course it's in a court paper, but he disputed and contradicted it and said it never happened. from what i heard, he wanted to send his kids to a catholic school and that was a point of division between him and his former wife. i don't think you should toss that phrase around casually unless there is overwhelming evidence. there is a difference between three things. is he personally an anti-semite? i heard no evidence to support that. he hired an orthodox jew who is married to -- has a mixed race marriage. he has been positive towards news and israel. that's number one. the evidence is just not there.
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number two, his paper becomes the actual vehicle for bigotry and number three, is he supported by bigots? yes, he is. to show you an analogy of keith ellison who is a good person were to be appointed the head of the democratic national committee, hamas would cheer and yell because he had association with farrakhan in the past and maybe that 9/11 was something -- >> we should be clear, you are talking about the congressman from minnesota. >> a good person. >> the farrakhan stuff, was he participated in the million man march in 95. he said once he found out a full history of farrakhan's statements, he said he considers an anti-semite and doesn't want anything to do with it. >> you can't listen for two minutes without him railing.
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what was seen in this country was a very dangerous development on both sides. we are seeing the republicans move right and the democrats move hard left. i have to tell you, the only thing the hard left and the hard right have in common, they hate israel and america and i think we as centrists -- >> you have been very concerned. you are not putting keith ellison in that category. >> many of his supporters hate jews. many people who applaud his nomination. i would say the same about al sharpton. he is a decent guy, i know him. he is applauded by many people. talk about unsafe spaces. harry reid who i know him very well. i like him. he should go to college campuses and see how unsafe they are for people on the right and christians and jews who support
1:25 pm
israel. we have to understand this phenomenon that applies to the hard right and the hard left. i am not a fan of bannon and not a supporter of breitbart. i don't want to throw around the term too loosely. >> is there something more particular? the anti-def make lesion. it was saying that the site has been a haven and you have david duke and harry reid siting that. >> the article that was published that they quoted where he talked about crystal, that was written by david horowitz. they published it, but it's important to look at what they published. there are things they fundamentally disagree with.
1:26 pm
there are things published on the hard left. three standards. number one, what do they publish and is he an anti-semite and who are his supporters and condemn only where condemn nation is. >> this is tough to measure and you start talking about dangerous roads here. when you talk about comment sections in twitter, there has been a noticeable uptick and a lot of reporters have talked about the anti-semitic commentary in terms of responses to reporters and directed at reporters in comment sections. >> you know where most of it comes from? most of it comes from the hard left. i know. i publish about every month an article in the boston globe. you should read the comments that follow it. hard left anti-semite go after me for everything in the world. twitter is terrible in the sense that it publishes all these
1:27 pm
commentaries, but go and see where they are coming from. >> i heard from more than one reporter who is jewish who said i have been reporting for five and ten or 20 years and never received the kind of feedback that i have once i started covering the trump campaign. is there something that has been stirred up. i'm not saying maybe by trump himself or breitbart. is there something that is new here? >> no question. what's new is the anti-semitism from the right has become emboldened and now almost catching up with the anti-semitism on the hard left which has been in existence for 20 years. sometimes disguising itself as zionism. i love the concept of black lives matter, but they are an anti-semitic group that israel and only israel is a genocidal apartheid country. that's anti-semitic.
1:28 pm
i will have nothing to do with the organization while continuing to support their programs and their policies. that doesn't justify bannon or breitbart. i agree with much of what harry reid said. it would be a good thing, but i would be careful about calling him an anti-semite. not without more evidence than i am seeing. >> thanks for joining us. we are getting our first look at americans's expectations for what the trump presidency will and will not deliver. there are signs his message may not have resonated. what the country expects from a president trump. we will bring those to you and the subject of his successor looming large as president obama kicks off his final trip abroad. >> it's fair to say i was
1:29 pm
surprised by the election results and i said so. i don't feel responsible for what the president-elect says or does. i feel that i facilitate a good transition. >> we will go live to ath iens he seeks to reassure foreign leaders of what the next administration may bring. and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. just to know this is what i'm made of, this is where my ancestors came from. and i absolutely want to know more about my native american heritage. it's opened up a whole new world for me. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at we heard you got a job as a developer!!!!!
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vice president-elect mike pence traveling to trump tower today to meet with the president-elect and other members of the transition team. pence leading the effort to fill cabinet poefsts and government jobs. they received their first presidential daily briefing and outside trump tower, dozens of students are braving pouring rain to protest the president-elect. students are walking out of glass as well in protest of donald trump's victory in the election and california senator barbara boxer said she plans to introduce legislation that would do away
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>> we are on the sachl page at the president-elect. i spoke with mike pence this morning. we are working hand in glove and we will make sure it is a successful administration. >> ryan's lieutenant kevin carthy was chosen to retain that number two leadership spot when congress reconvened.
1:38 pm
across the aisle, not quite as simple. house democrats announcing that their leadership election will not be held for another two weeks. they are delying until november 30th. democrats struggling with whether they need a new direction following hillary clinton's shocking loss. nancy pelosi who has been the democratic leader in the house since 2002, is her job in any danger in kristen, i used to kor cover the house democrats and nancy pelosi's grip on the caucus seemed as tight as anything i have seen. she has been on the job for a while and they have been in the minority for a while. nobody saw this loss coming and they are delaying the election. does she have to worry? >> there is definitely some concern, steve. it remains to be seen how serious of a threat she is really facing. she has no formal challenger. one name that emerged as a potential challenger is tim ryan
1:39 pm
from ohio. a younger member of the caucus. this is about the democrats doing a little bit of soul searching. there is a lot of frustration. they only picked up five seats and their message didn't get out. the message on trade, the economy and college affordability. why they think their message was not put forth more effectively, nancy pelosi downplayed this and saying thanksgiving is in the middle of this and this is about letting off steam. no doubt this is significant and the optics are not great. democrats are trying to determine who are going to be the leaders to move this party forward and you are seeing the party emerge. keith ellison has a lot of support. bernie sanders, chuck schumer and howard dean also in the race. the democrats are trying to pick
1:40 pm
up the pieces and figure out how they move forward and put themselves in a powerful position heading into the mid-terms. they are in the weakest position in eight years since the president took office. >> that's right. kristen welker, thanks for that. time for the most important number of the day. it's something donald trump was very interested in this morning. stay tuned. i love my shop,
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hei don't want one that's haded a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing i like it start your used car search at we were not going to stop because of the election. the most important number of the day. this is the biggest number we have ever used for the most important number of the day. it is 129 million. what the heck are we talking about? that right now is the total number of votes that have been cast in this election as they have been tabulated. that number is rising because it's still being counted. we see the number already above
1:44 pm
the number of votes that were cast in twint 12. as we told you, hillary clinton is going to win the popular vote. this is an ongoing count. they have been keeping a tight count on this and they have hillary clinton's lead rising over a million votes over donald trump. she is nearly at 62 million. by the way, these numbers are going to continue to change, probably over the next few weeks. it has to do with the state of california. the biggest state and also the slowest state to count their votes. only about two 30s of the vote has been counted in california. look at all the votes that haven't been counted. the million vote lead, that is likely to grow. she will win the popular vote maybe by a significant margin,
1:45 pm
but donald trump will be president. he did win the electoral college. check this out. donald trump, what a difference four years makes with this information. the electoral college he said is genius and brings all states including the smallers into play and campaigning is much different. that's the case. years ago when there was a brief moment when it looks like mitt romney might win the popular vote, he said it's a disaster for democracy. it depends which side you are on. probably the biggest number you will ever lose. more numbers for you. new gallup polls look at donald trump's economic message and what voters think he can deliver on and will not be able to deliver on. the first look at the expectationings game for the trump presidency. the panel will be here to break it down. it down. stay tuned.
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>> nobody really knows where he is going, but he made clear during the campaign of what his issues are. i would expect things like infrastructure, tax reform and this will surprise you, but immigration reform are things that are doable in the next congress. >> that was john boehner, the former house speaker talking with us about his expectations
1:50 pm
for donald trump's presidency. the first interview since the election. we have new numbers and a new poll to tell you about. after the election asking where americans are most confident where they are delivering. this is the look at expectations for the trump presidency. what are people telling gallup that he will do? it has to do with the economy. he will be creating new jobs and cutting unemployment. americans are thinking that's going to happen under a trump presidency. will he improve the economy and 60% saying yes and controlling illegal immigration was the centerpiece issue for donald trump and maybe not a surprise that 59% of americans say that is something that will probably happen under a trump presidency. flip side of this, where are americans least confident he will deliver? improving race relations, something harry reid was talking about.
1:51 pm
only 35% of americans say race relations should improve under a trump presidency. how about the environment? only 35% saying it will improve under trump. keeping a nation out of war, that was something democrats tried to use that he was too trigger happy. 38% of americans, only 38% said they are confident he keep the country out of war. that's the look at expectations for the trump presidency that begins to take shape. let's talk more about the speech we played. at the senate over the top of the show. trump's decision to appoint bannon, the former ceo to the top position, causing a lot of controversy. he is getting beaten up from the left and republicans as well on
1:52 pm
this. they are saying donald trump should rescind this appointment. >> no chance that is going to happen. i think that the appointment is something that trump need reassure his own supporters and the idea that he wouldn't be going to washington as it were because steve bannon would be there. this insurgent figure against the republican establishment. bannon hates paul ryan. that appointment plays a part for donald trump in reassuring his reporters as it disconcerts more mainstream or center republicans. >> what happens here? bannon and his commentary over the last few years, anti-paul ryan and republican establishment. the idea he seemed to have was blow it all up. now the indications we are
1:53 pm
getting, he is trying on to do outreach and outreach to republicans there. being someone who wants to work with them. do you know what his role will be in the white house? >> he will be among the most powerful if not the most powerful person whispering in the ear of the president-elect. it's important even if the president-elect doesn't take harry reid's advice in terms of canning bannon at this point, it is very important for him to send a signal to those americans who are legitimately concerned because there were facts that harry reid gave in the speech. it is a fact that we are seeing increases in the number of hate crimes. it is a fact that these groups have let into it.
1:54 pm
if the president wants to change the numbers in terms of starting some process of ashl healing, why not give a speech and make it uny equivocal that you do not condone this type of behavior and rhetoric and actions that are taking place in the streets of america. >> let's talk about the rest of the administration that is taking shape. maybe the biggest name out there is for a job, rudy giuliani. it was interesting we talked about this with peter alexander and newt some did not want to stand up there. gingrich said that means giuliani can get the top job and
1:55 pm
top appointment in the cabinet if he wants it. >> that seemed to be the case. that is the guiding principal in this transition and the idea of loyalty tow donald trump being repaid with paid appointments. rudy giuliani is another fiery, sometimes impettuous figure that in some people's mind make him not the best choice for secretary of state. it's a question of rewarding loyalty. >> with loyalty, understandably it will be a test for any president, but given the lack of support for the campaign for republican republicans.
1:56 pm
>> it's all relative. who else is on that list? there are other choices that could arguably set off alarm bells much more in terms of the base of voter who is elected him who is really shocking to a lot of people. john bolton is one of the original neocons who supported the war in iraq and talked about a very aggressive posture as well against other countries like iran. it is inevitable based on what we know about the president-elect and the people he surrounds himself with, that is going to happen. i have to to look at the merits of the individuals themselves. he will appoint people who have been loyal to him. >> thanks if are your time. >> now we have the cnbc market
1:57 pm
wrap. >> the trump bounce continues. the dow average hitting another record high that is the seventh straight day of gains. tech finally got in and they named google and amazon and they caught up a little bit and also focus on the benchmark that left energy stocks higher. encouraging economic news helping to move stocks higher and jumped more than expected as consumers spent more money on cars than eating out. small business saturday is our day to get out and shop small. a day to support our community and show some love for the people we love.
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i love that my shop is part of the morning ritual around here. people rely on that first cup and i wouldn't want to mess with that.
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