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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  November 16, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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castile in july. this is just coming to our newsroom from michigan. we have much more ahead coming up on msnbc live with my colleague, thomas roberts. we have the tale of two different stories, one of donald trump's team in turmoil. president elect pence is meeting right now with vice president biden. all of this is on insider of inside the president elect trump's transition. bill blasio met with donald trump in trump's tower after their 62 minutes sit-down. >> there are more had to be done to show that this country can
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heal. we got all of this covered for you, our reporters are working to get the latest on capitol hill for us. here we have kristen welker and halie jackson and from white house north, trump tower, cal perry. kelly, lets talk about the vp elect and what he's doing in dc and his lead of the transition. >> reporter: well, thomas, the first piece that he's meeting with vice president and getting a look at the place that'll be his home for vice president elect and his wife karen, the residence of the vice president, this is parts ceremonial and introductory and part business. there is going to be some commonality between pence and biden in this respect. president obama has lean on president biden for his relationships in capitol hill. we expect the trump
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administration will relay on mike pence going forward. they had plenty to talk about. a couple of things that are coming in related to the transition, i am told that some of the vetting of potential job applicants is under way. by that, let me explain, there is initial piece of vetting of gathering information of public sources and path comments and job history, things that you can essentially google and there is the private source information where a presidential candidate provide to the transition team information that they request. it maybe personal information or income information things that would be evaluated as part of choosing those people who'll fill jobs. so that's a new step that's going to that point where there that's kind of interaction. work is happening at the transition team. yes, there is chaos based on the reporting that we are having.
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we are seeing that the trump team is tampering that down. that he want -- it is chaotic setting up a government and some of that is happening as well. >> we'll try to dig at the bottom of it the best we can. we know that donald trump is talk uing about his team and saying they are thriving. >> orderly and smooth. >> the reporting characterizes other wise, he took to twitter to discredit this story today. donald trump, is he projects orders from inside trump tower. the president elect projecting that this is orderly and happening smoothly and on schedule. some of the reporting that we have been doing indicates that there is a lag compares to what we have seen in past generation, that's something that's been made fairly clear. as we saw in donald trump's campaign that we are seeing the
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president elect's team. there is some drama. the president elect's team we'll characterize it as sour grapes and bitterness from people who have been dismissed from that transition team to a variety of reasons like perhaps from being lop b lobbyists and etcetera, with that said, there is discussions on when these team wills go in and federal agency to begin this transition and there is discussions when we'll start to see more names for top love cabin positionpositions. it could mean today or any time after thanksgiving. we know that more is coming from the trump tower, cal perry, what more do we know of what they discussed? >> reporter: the mayor brought with him the concerns of n yorkers, specifically, he talked about deportation and we are basically listening on the stake
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here as you put it as white house north, after he went back inside and kellyanne conway came outside, i asked on the issues of deportation, is that being discussed inside the team, here is what she says. >> everything that donald trump discussed on the trail is discussed regularly. that's the foundation on which we make many of our decisions going forward as an administration, this is his vision and he puts forth that vision specifically. >> i asked her what's her role maybe in an upcoming trump administration. >> reporter: she said she spoke with him on election night and they had that conversation, she would not share the specific conversation with us, could we expect a large cabinet announcement today and she said probably not. we sort of wait here to be surprised. >> cal, standby for us, lets
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talk to kristen welker. lets talk about the potential that he has a role in trump's future. >> reporter: some officials here -- that's just not the case. our jason miller earlier today on the press about whether he's advising the trump's transition team whether he's apart of the team. he said he's not apart of the team and sort of dodged the question about whether or not gaffney have visited trump tower over the past 48 hours and indication were getting possible. he's done some advising at an a arm's length. they don't want more negative headlines in the wake of appointi
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appointing stephen bannon and bannon is a controversial figure and he used to be with bright bart news. that's not representatives of stephen bannon. they're trying to say nothing to say here. he's one that promotes diversity. we have a little bit of what jason miller had to say about this today, take a listen. >> okay, and we don't have that sound bite. he defended the character and the nature of stephen bannon, he will be someone that'll promote diversities. they're getting a lot of heat in that regard. all right, we got that and halie one more thing just to get you on the record of rudy giuliani and the fact that he could be fourth in line to be president of the united states with speculations of the state department. do we have further errreporting guidance and especially if he had a background and a kin of
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hillary clinton where he had taken money out of foreign country that is suspected terrorist ties. >> that's what the new york times are reporting there. is it affecting the state of play for him, potentially. that's what you are starting to see and you are hearing rumbling of the concern. members of the president elect trump's team. the one thing that's consistent no matter of which source you are talking to. it will be made by one person alone. and it is likely how we'll see him run the west wing as well. this reminds me a lot of the vice president's sweepstake of all the suspense and the different positions. this is sort of shades of what we have seen from the president elect before. >> and donald trump is not staying away from controversies. kristen, lets talk about stephen
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bannon and he's a lightning rod and chuck schumer also had this to say about bannon. >> the things he said are rep henceable and -- we are going to keep a careful eye on the president and on him if they do anything from this day forward, they have done so much awful from this day back. we are going to go after them in terms of bigotry. >> kristen lets expand on this. if the trump team is responding and how they push back. >> reporter: well, again, they are saying there is nothing to that, they're trying to be character witnesses for stephen bannon and making the point that he's someone who has said he wants to promote a diverse administration but as you heard chuck schumer say, they'll be watching closely. harry reid yesterday calling on
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donald trump to eject bannon. this is something that's given democrats a lot of thought. the challenge is for them not to over play their hand. you heard president obama say, look, we got to give president elect trump a little bit of space to fill out his cabinet in the way that he sees fit. this is going to be an issue that democrats talk about and watch closely. what does bannon do when he does come here to the white house to the west wing. how does he advise to donald trump. what advice and what types of action does he promote. those are the types of things that's under the microscope. my thanks to all of you and cal perry and kristen welker and halie jackson. >> joining me now is our former campaign manager, barry bennett, it is good to have you with me. lets get out the biggest questions out there of the role of jared kushner.
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take a listen to this. jared did a fantastic zwrjob wi the campaign and president elect trump respects him very much. >> jared kushner is married to ivanka trump and is trump's son-in-law. do you think he had too much power in this transition? >> i don't think anybody have much power than donald trump. jared is a smart guy and clearly of his loyalty to his father-in-law. >> let me interrupt a second, mitch mcconnell is speaking about the trump's team. lets take a listen. >> we have to wrap it up and we
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are in ongoing discussions obviously, about how to fund the government and how long. >> scienince the eisenhower administration -- we see this election on november the 8th as a historic opportunity for us to make real progress on behalf of the american people. american people believe overwhelmingly that the country is headed in the wrong direction. we have now been given a tremendous opportunity, maybe the last opportunity during our lifetimes here in the senate to turn that shift of state around. we intend to take advantage of every opportunity we can to be responsive to the message that the american people sent us of
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the voters on november the 8th and making real progress on their behalf. >> and i think everybody would agree that this was a combative battle and the american people came out and voted for change. we want to address the american people's biggest concerns and priorities which we believe is the improving economy and creating better paying jobs in the economy and defending and protecting our homeland and keeping americans safe. the other take away from the election is that people are extremely frustrated and they are tired of business as usual and the status quo in washington, d.c. all of us need to hear that message and it is my hope that here in the senate and with the new white house coming, we can work together to restore the trust of the american people >> all right, we are hearing from the senator there and mitch mcconnell and other gop leaders
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talking about what will happen in the in coming trump administration being congress and the senate and the white house will be run by republicans. barry bennett, i know you were able to hear that and the fact that this is historic and the struck you a structure of power coming in the hands of the right. one name has come up, gaffney, he was a vocal supporter of the iraq war and insisted that president obama is a muslim. do you think he presents a problem of the trump's team going forward? >> he's controversial and also a pretty smart guy. he says some views on a lot of things frchlt whatbut from what from the campaign -- >> there is been conversations and the trump's team wants to
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keep their option open and barry one of those people we know that's been involved is rudy giuliani . given reports of past dealings with foreign government, do you think the secretary of state is an appropriate place if rudy giuliani is apart of the trump's cabinet? >> i don't know anybody complained about it when hillary is nominated. >> well, even if it did or where it did not or any proof of ties. at this point knowing of what we know now and the language that was used to demonize hillary clinton is crooked hillary and how appropriate is it? based on the facts of what you know and how this campaign is run. if rudy giuliani had done anything that hillary clinton did exchange favors for money, -- >> there is no proof for any
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exchange of favors for money. >> exactly. >> so why is it a problem for rudy giuliani ? >> alleged innuendo and he used rudy giuliani himself to demonize hillary clinton. >> we certainly had e-mails that showed that donors got special treatments while she was secretary of state. >> is there anyone from your time when you were advising, was there any idea of a skeleton cabin cabinet appointments put together? but, during your time advising trum trump, did they have names in mind for certain roles? wednesday is something else. nobody was wasting any time and energy of thinking of what if. we are trying to get to the election day. george bush 43, putting the entire organization in for four
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weeks. we only got ten. we'll be fine. some people don't make announcements of their cabinets until week five. >> i don't think there is any panic of it. >> well, twitter feed. >> well, yeah, twitter will let you going. >> thank you very much. >> we were listening to mitch mcconnell and the future they envision working with a trump administration. >> well, thomas, i would describe it as a slow acceptance. republicans here on capitol hill were just as shocked as any democrats about the outcome of tuesday's election and it is taking them a little bit of time to get their heads around it.
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normally you would act an atmosphere of euphoria, i think there are still a lot of uncertainty from republicans here on capitol hill about just how is donald trump is going to govern. there is a lot of issues where trump does not lineup with the traditional priorities of the party here on capitol hill. voters vent themsent them a mes they don't like what republicans are doing on the line. with that said, you are seeing republicans start to come around to this. they are starting to project at least the image of ueuropean union -- they were shocked by the outcome on tuesday and there were a lot of attempts to figure out what went wrong and who is to blame for it and who are the best people to lead the party going forward.
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one of the major challenges they have is a lack of, fresh phases and leaders that are clearly waiting in the ring to take leadership post and seeing that play out a little bit in the dnc election and if you think about who may run the party in 2020, it is a little unclear. there is a lot of eggs inside the house democratic caucus. they are wrestling with leadership election whether or not to put nancy pelosi back in charge of what they are up to. take a look at what democrats are saying about this today. >> we need to figure out how does the democrats get a place in an area voted for donald trump. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: so the challenge here is figuring out how to take the democratic party feeling comfortable back into the geographic center. you see the congressman from the
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blue gone red area of the country potentially coming into challenge nancy pelosi, that's tim ryan in ohio. at this point, it is not clear that he will have enough votes to unseat her. i think what democrats want is a phase they can get behind newer phase who could lead them and taking you back to the majority of one of these houses in congress and eventually the white house. >> pelosi is running and she's putting back herself back in for contention, we'll see congressman prior to get those votes or taking that position. we are waiting for vice president elect to come out with his luncheon with biden. mike pence will be meeting in washington, d.c. she's traveling home for the thanksgiving holiday. before that, we'll meet with the
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vice president elect. i want to bring in our jim heinz out in kconnecticut. thank you for joining us. >> i respect nancy pelosi. an unbelievable legislation got passed and the affordable care act. you got to hand it to her. a congress that took down republican leader and john boehner and you know the list goes on. she kept the democratic caucus united. as you point out, it is not like we got a leadership contest yet. what we do have is there is a sense within the democratic caucus that we cannot keep doing the same thing over and over again. it does not speak to our leadership although there are some people think that they should. there is a lot of talks around should more people have access to leave committees and are
11:22 am
there way to modify the seniority system and some of the 42 years old in the caucus can say it is not going to be 20 years. exactly the conversation around how we do business is happening right now in the democratic caucus. >> and contests can happen for democrats on the hill or on the house. i want to have everybody listen to what time ryan had to say about your party this morning. take a listen. >> what unites the country really is an economic message about opportunity, how do we create opportunity and how do we grow the pie so that it can help us with our debt and deficit and growing new sector of our economy. >> ryan is calling for this 2.0 version of your party. what does that message need to be if it is yes? >> you know, there are a lot of part in winning an election.
11:23 am
you know it is not a coincidence that barack obama had very different results and parts of the country than hillary clinton did. that part is important, yes, leadership is important. if you are democrats, you got to sit back and say we are doing very well on the coast. places like ohio and michigan and wisconsin, families that used to be the essence of the democratic party, working families and people are striving into get in the middle class, they did not stand with us. yes, it is about economic message and we are not going to things or saying this things that we should so that ahmad l class family michigan thinks that yes, the democratic party is ours as well. there are other issues as well. immigration was a big deal in this election. we have seen the empowerment of the worse sector of our society in terms of the all right and you know you are saying it now with racist episodes.
11:24 am
it is largely economics. there are a lot of complicated issues that we got to grapple with here. >> congressman, thank you for your time. >> thank you, thomas. >> we take you back to the naval observatory. we are waiting for that front door to open. vice president biden will escort vice president elect pence. this is our meeting and we are talking about the transition team effort of mike pence. he's the leader of what it means for the trump's administration when it comes to inauguration day on january 20th. back in a moment. (vo) pro plan bright mind
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so dad slayed the problemt with puffs plus lotion, instead. with lotion to soothe and softness to please. a nose in need deserves puffs, indeed. i want to take you back to dc. here is the picture with the pence's and the biden's. >> lets listen in. >> governor pence, what are your biggest concerns? >> we are grateful for the opportunity of vice president biden. very enjoyable time. we gotten closer.
11:28 am
[ inaudible ] >> mr. vice president are you worry that the new administration will dismantle everything you have accomplished? >> no, i am not. [ inaudible ] >> we can hear you mr. vice president. >> no, i am not worried about it. look, we are running on a platform, there are a lot of things that we have done where we can reach some accomodations. it is a whole new world and we are prepared to work. i told mike pence elect that i am available to him 24/7. we already talked about policies and -- i have been on security
11:29 am
apparatus for a long time. so i plan on being the senior staff for him. he has rejected some of my yesterdays but he has listened to some. thank you. >> all right, so very interesting moment right there and we had that vehicle that pulled into the shot where the vice president stopped himself and they realized that can still be heard. this was the moment of luncheon at the observatory. >> mike pence talked about being a grateful and an enjoyable time. these two men have known each other from the hill for a long
11:30 am
time. mike pence has served as a congressman before. here we have, the vice president is not worried at all of what's being accomplished by the biden years being erased by the pence administrati administration. they talked about foreign policy and also the fact that vice president biden says he's more than available for as a senior staff member to vice president pence for any upcoming questions he may have. there is a scope of responsibility that goes with running an administration for r the new in coming president and donald trump and the new in coming president for mike pence and the responsibility that they'll learn as soon as they get to washington, d.c. and things they may not have understood based on the knowledge they have so far. so joining me right now is msnbc contributor and former deputy manager, mit romney's campaign,
11:31 am
katie packer. hopefully, you may have been able to hear that. for some at home maybe hard to hear of what mike pence and biden had said. does that show a sign of confidence from this administration to the next? >> well, that's one of the beautiful things about american government, it is not necessarily something to be taken for granted and a lot part of the world of this transfer of power only happened with the military cue and some kind of revelation and this is a country where we have elections and claw and scrape and scream through elections and then the people have a voice and they make a choice and then there is a new administration. you know we have seen this happened when bill clinton defeated george bush's father and george h.w. bush came in and
11:32 am
had a peaceful transmission and as somebody believes of this process, it is one of the most beautiful things of the way the americans conduct government. do you think vice president elect trump will lean on joe biden. >> i think he will look to biden as somebody conducted himself in a way that america can be proud of. as regards to policy, there is a lot of daylight between where the trump/pence administration is and where the obama/pence administration. >> vice president biden came out president obama did when it came to the issue of marriage equality. governor pence in indiana and that was a lightning rod of controversy back in his home state and also when it comes to
11:33 am
healthcare, obamacare and the wall and immigration policy. >> they could not be further apart and the contrast is pretty unique but this picture is also pretty unique in seeing how closely they can stand together and talk to one another and it seems to that they could get along of peaceful transition of power especially with pence leading this transition team. katie, i want to take everybody to trump tower to show everybody, this is where the team from trump/pence ticket continuing to plan the mission. and certainly, folks are shocked by the wind. eliot cone, he said in part, on national security never trump after the election made the case that young conservatives should volunteer to serve in the administrati
11:34 am
administration, that advise, i have concluded it was wrong. >> and e-mail exchange that i found as tonishing. should folks be concerned of what this means to the republican brand like yourself and others like-minded folks be lining up and handing resumes and be under consideration to help trump pence. >> somebody like me who was very vocal throughout the last year, you would have no expectation of any involvement or real interests in being apart of this administration. i do think that you know to the victor that goes to spoil and the trump folks that were there early and were very loyal are going to be the ones making these decisions. i think it is unwise for them to just completely shut out some experts in field particularly relating to foreign policy just
11:35 am
because they were not on board. there is some very good people that fallen into that category and bringing them in and winning them over would be a wise move. >> how do you settle big egos? >> that's the problem right now. big egos colliding for the greater good and folks that are not looking past and showing humility in the face of trying to help this administration. it does take a lot of humility and there are thousands and thousands of government jobs that needs to be filled. if they only look to people that were intensely loyal to trump early on, they may not find enough people to fill those jobs. i am not talking about political ax like myself, i am talking about good talented people that would have a role to play in this administration and i hope we'll see testimompers die down. >> katie, it is great to have you here, katie packer. >> donald trump picking bannon
11:36 am
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the police were notified that prosecutors are bringing charges of second degree man slaughter who shot and killed castillo. the prosecutors say the officer has no good reason to use deadly force in this. the shooting after math was extreme on facebook in the posting of the girlfriend of castile. blake, we are expecting to hear more from the family. they feel like this is a move in
11:40 am
the right direction. >> absolutely, we are expected to hear this afternoon from the girlfriend who took that facebook live video immediately after the shooting on july 6th. they had been pushing forward for this all along for this officer to be charged and that decision is coming down today that the officer will face second degree man slaughter charges which carries up to ten years in jail. the county's attorney in ramsey county making this decision said that it was clear that fill lph castile was calm and he did warn the officer he had a weapon in the car. the county's attorney making this decision thinking no reasonable officer would acted of this deadly force like this case. >> take a listen to what the attorney had said.
11:41 am
>> in fact, his dying words were in protest that he was not reaching for his gun. >> a unity rally is being planned in saint paul this evening och evening. that's the school where castile worked as a cafeteria worker. the girlfriend is the one that captured these images. >> many people would recognize her from tv as she had a s syndicated show where she was a judge. she's representing the castile family. thank you very much, we make a turn back to politics. the person that everyone is talking about at the right hand of donald trump going from the right to the president's most
11:42 am
influenceab influential power. how bannon coached trump on policy keys to the alt-right. bannon was able to flatter his way into this conversation and built this relationship with trump but do so in a way that move trump from his own viewpoint to bannon. how close of a friendship does these two men have? >> as we start to look at last year and continuing to june, they became familiar with these interviews. to sort of gaining that kind of trust and then he pushes trump towards specific policy outcomes. >> are these two men, they are have aligned over policies and
11:43 am
again, you talk about the article where they discussed interviews between a certain period of time. they recognize and had policy positions of the same like-mindedness but there were not a true standard bear to carry them out. that's what they represent now. the standard barrier of these policies. sth >> well, i think bannon does. the question about trump is he tends to agree to whoever they talked to next. priebus is sort of co-equal or out ranking bannon in the white house and jared kushner, donald trump's in-law is very influential. i think it is really hard to know if trump becomes the standard barrier for this anti-globalist and immigration. >> we know some have called him
11:44 am
the trump's whisperer. we have remarks that bannon were able to give in a conference in 2014 and in these transcripts, bannon delivers a warning of certain form of capitolism taking away of the under line of moral foundation of christianity. he also says the u.s. must be on guard when it comes to putin. don't those statements run contrary heard expressed to donald trump especially when it comes to flatter ay trump -- >> there are other people who are in this administration are in an administration who are hawkish on putin and bannon's views seem to change. he seems to take putin's side and what was a conflict between turkey and russia.
11:45 am
it is hard to know where bannon comes outs. >> david farenthole. >> thank you, david. >> thank you. >> the question about the election, one week later the reports that turmoil plagues trump transition team. here is what you said, 22% of you think yes and 78% say no. check it out on and then we are going to update you on the president and his whereabouts as air force one has officially wheels down in germany. this is the final visit for barack obama as commander in chief and a humble homecoming. chris jansing is behind the scene with the man capturing history, the official white house's photographer. that's all next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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this election is a powerful
11:49 am
mandate for change. republicans have been entrusted of the responsibility of leading not only the white house but the senate and the house of representatives. that's a tremendous opportunity but also carries with it an obligation that we got to deliver and stand up and actually produce on the conservative promises that we made to the voters and i look forward helping and leading that to happen. >> there we have ted cruz, he had an opportunity to speak with president elect trump and mike pence. and they are considering potentially of ted cruz could have a role going forward beyond in the senate, bloomberg is reporting the potential of him considering attorney general and we are working to confirm whether or not there are any cabinet transaction discussions taken place between cruz and the pence/trump team. wel keep you posted on that.
11:50 am
joining me from washington is our director president of the woodrow wilson senator, it is great to have you with me. are you surprise of the transition team and i am hearing from sources inside the white house that they are surprised about this and they have not reached out the critical department of defense, is that normal or would you expect something to happen swifter? >> i think swift is what's happening. i don't say it is too swift given the fact that we have an outsider elected as president and he's bringing in a group of people who are essentially outsiders. i wish they would slow it down a little and think very carefully about how they are doing this. they do need experience and i would say they do need bipartisan ship and some of these appointments like our intelligent community roles. there are not a lot of room for
11:51 am
error and it is a dangerous world. we need people who are clear headed and wise and well informed and can speak truth to power and make sure that president elect trump and his closest adviser have the best information to make their decision. >> we know donald trump tweeted and received many calls from foreign leaders, how big is a problem like that if he has not commuted with the pentagon and taking phone calls with foreign leaders? >> these are congratutory calls. i think they are fine. if it is negotiations, it is not fine. any foreign leaders' conversations that's a serious negotiation has to be well repaired. we have to know what yoour asks
11:52 am
are. so when you talk about folks that are well informed and knowing the way around. we know that bolton's name have been mentioned for donald trump's national security intelligence team, do you think he's a viable and smart choice to be apart of the administration. i don't want to comment on various draft picks because we don't know who'll be recommended. there are a lot of names floating around and a lot of people are floating around their own names. there are a lot of good people in both parties who could be considered. >> former congressman, great to have you on. >> thank you. >> we continue to look at the draft picks and wait for suspense to get the proper pick. it was a short time ago where we had president obama arriving to berlin for the second leg of his three nation tour. this is where hundreds of
11:53 am
thousands lining the streets to hear from candidate obama. it was moment like that that the photographer can capture the moment of history. msnbc's chris jansing talks to pete souza. >> reporter: now, two million photos into the obama administration, he's here we me in greece. >> thank you for having me. >> aids have told me that the president always wanted to go to the acropolis. when you go into an iconic place like that, do you have an image in our head that this is the photo that i want to take. stonehenge, i have never been to either place so it was hard to have a frequency and a notion of what i would try to get. today i have been to the
11:54 am
acropolis, it was a long time ago, 15 or 18 years ago. i have in the back of my mind of what this place looks like. my job hopefully is to place him in that setting. >> maybe your most iconic photo is the situation room. the day that the sales got osama bin laden. what a lot of people know that there is a piece of paper on the coffee table and on the desk that's pixilated. pete souza has seen a lot of highly classified things. do you have a security clearance? >> i do. i have a top secret security clearance. >> so you have seen and heard amazing things. >> reporter: but you cannot tell us. >> i cannot tell you. >> reporter: that moment when you took the picture, did you know? >> i was in that room for 40 minutes. it was tense and you can see in the faces of those people. i cannot say that i knew that singular image would get as much attention as it did. >> reporter: he has been a
11:55 am
formal president like every president. we have seen it on his trips standing behind the podium with the prime minister of greece. you have seen him at his most unguard unguarded. who is the barack obama that most people don't know or you see and known. >> how many hours do you have? >> reporter: yeah, tell me. >> he's not much different than you, what you see in public. he's a little more open and funny and less guarded obviously. he's still the same person that you see in public and in my eyes of photographs. a lot of my photographs really show who he really is. >> reporter: pete souza. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> reporter: we are going to go to the berlin, the sound of music photo where pete souza captur captures, will he capture another photo of that going
11:56 am
viral. >> we'll have more from chris' reporter. this exclusive access of chris jansing has of president obama's final foreign trip. we'll be right back. >> lesley hansen is a business owner at half-moon bay. her shop relates to science and nature, she will be encouraged customers shopping small all holiday season. for more, watch your business sunday morning at 7:30 on msnbc. small business saturday is our day to get out and shop small. a day to support our community and show some love for the people we love. and the places we love. the stuff we can't get anywhere else and food that tastes like home. because the money we spend here can help keep our town growing.
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today's microsoft pulse question of reports that turmoil plagues the trump transition team. will trump be ready to take office come january 20th. 20% of you say yes and 80% of you say no. there you have it. i am thomas roberts, thank you for your time, kate snow is picking things up. thank you. >> hello everyone, this afternoon, eyes and camera fixated on trump's tower. who's coming up and down that elevator. we'll tell you what you know about this hour about who could be in a trump's cabinet and keep
12:00 pm
your friends close and enemies closer with a new name rumored for attorney general. you are going to have to think back to the gop primary to answer that one. that as team trump pushes back on reports that this whole process is not going as smoothly as it should. with the transition under way and the president elect trump busy putting his cabinet together. our reporters are outside trump tower bringing you all the latest as it is happening. lets start with the political story now that the election is over. donald trump's transition into the white house. kelly o'donell is up in capitol hill once again for us. we are hearing with no major announcement today. what are people saying? >> you can imagine, kate, it is of high interest here on capitol hill and one of the names that had sort of popped today is a bit of a head scratcher if you remember some of the conflicts of t


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