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tv   MSNBC Live With Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  November 16, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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including immune system problems, or if you've had an organ transplant, or lung, breathing, or liver problems. a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about opdivo. bristol-myers squibb thanks the patients, nurses, and physicians involved in opdivo clinical trials. that's going wrap up a busy news hour for me. see you back here at 3:00 p.m. hi, katie. >> i'm katie in for steve today. 65 days to go until donald trump will be sworn in as the next president and topping the agenda right now, breaking new this is afternoon. msnbc's joe scarborough reporting that south carolina governor nickki haley is at the top of the list for secretary of state. rudy giuliani is shopping his
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name for the job. the president-elect might keep us in suspense on his staff appointments for another week. once you have made a decision, you have to live with it. >> we will talk about this possible tick and a look at what some call this tumultuous transition. also on the agenda members of congress calling on trump to rescind his appointment of steve bannon who is slated to take up a top post in the white house. >> it was incredibly troubling to hear on one night, he said he wanted to be president for all americans and elect a person who would continue the ugly divicive nature that characterized the trump campaign for so many months. >> other concerns falling on
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deaf ears. kelly o'donnell brings us the latest from in the trump inner circle. a new era for the party electing elizabeth sanders and bernie sanders to key roles. they tout a stronger foundation fir democrats. >> our whole leadership team is emblematic of that. >> democrats facing two years in the minority in washington and how they plan to take on a trump administration. that's latter. we begin with the top story. reports that the trump transition team is in turmoil days after ousting transition chairman chris christie. the president-elect made two appointment, the public eager to see who else he might name next. normal transitions are running behind schedule. the top adviser kellyanne conway are invest sifting they are right on track. >> you don't form a federal
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government overnight and these are serious points and serious considerations and i was reading politico earlier and noticed that we are pretty much on track to where other administrations have been. definitely internal low in terms of vetting candidates and going through and interviewing different people. that will continue. it's not the kind of thing to rush through. >> new details on one top position. joe scarborough reporting that south carolina governor nicky haily is at the top of the list for secretary of state. i want to bring in kelly o'donne o'donnell. nikki haley was critical of donald trump throughout the campaign. is that part of his strategy to appear more balanced? >> nikki haley was a marco rubio endorser and got to the place where she said publicly she did vote for donald trump. she has been tested after the tragedy of that mass shooting in
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her state where she really met the head winds and that resulted in the removing of the confederate flag. she had a degree of profile and has been through crisis. she would be very much that person who was not in the trump camp and if he is in fact seriously considering her as joe scarborough's reporting told us, that would be a way to do a couple of things.placing her in cabinet and when there is so much controversy with where steve bannon is to have the first indian-american governor in a state where w a large african-american community. that is helpful. now, she just got a new job today. she was voted by fellow republican governors the vice chair of the association working behind chairman scott walker for the new year of republicans who will be trying to send a message
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about what state-wide executives can do in the republican party. she was asked before this news broke about a new administration and she and the other govern noors spoke and she talked about never having been in office herself with a republican president. no indication at that time she was being looked at or if she has been contacted. she is talking about the way many other republicans are. can they get things done? she doesn't have foreign policy experience, but has been one of the most prominent women in republican politics. even if it's only for appearances, it would make sense to have her as part of the conversation. >> a number of facts are breaking out inside the transition team. is there a possibility we will see any more shake-ups?
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>> i think part of what happens which is a natural human dynamic is there was a vacuum. there was not an immediate structure in place. in the absence of one choice making the decisions, there was definitely power play as sources tell us over different pieces of real estate within the trump transition for who would be in charge and get the key jobs and have the urn hand going forward. that was fuelled because so many in the trump orbit were not expecting victory. they knew it was possible, but not something they were certain of by any means. some of the chapter two of election season had not gotten formed. if they name the officers who would be appointees in the next days, there is a lot at stake
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for all of the jobs. 4,000 positions and 1,000 require senate confirmation. it's a massive undertaking and people are jockeying for position and it is new to many of the people inside to have to make this kind of transition to government operation. we leanched that the landing team who is coordinate with the existing obama staffers in each of the departments, they were supposed to be deployed and they are not quite on schedule for that. it's taking a bit of time. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you so much. >> i want to bring in the vice president of donald trump's presidential inaugural committee. thank you very much for being here. kelly was talking about factions breaking out knife fights. are you seeing that? >> i don't see that. people don't know a lot or are
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leaking that nonsense to people. it's well organized and mr. trump is a great business person and knows what he wants to do and put people in place to help him do that. i find it to be the circus fight that breaks out for the media which is not going on in trump tower. i'm glad to be here to dispel it. >> i want to ask you about nikki haley. she could be in top contention for secretary of state. why would she be a good figure. >> she is a phenomenal person. i got to meet her in one of the koch events. she did a brilliant job shooting 15 to 20 months ago. she is a great administrator. people hold her in a lot of
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respect. if it is true and i'm not saying whether it is or isn't. >> we have been hearing from conversations that i had that basically loyalists were being put in the positions and that rudy giuliani can choose whatever he wanted. >> he wants the best a plus players. he is focused on the best interest of the country and how to get the a plus players on the field. it's important to understand that he is making a big outreach. mr. trump is nothing but magnanimous. >> you give him a hard time.
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they follow for a number of reasons. they can get a reaction or if something happens to him, we can reassure the american public that he is okay. >> you will find when the structure is put into place, he will be a transparent ask super open president. this guy has the still set to be a phenomenal letter. it's an honor to be on his committee and i will say they sl seen this thoughtful and super analytical human being. we know rudy giuliani wants secretary of state and he got what folks are calling a few
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conflicts of interest overseas. contracts with foreign governments and paid speeches that the state department deemed was on the terrorist list. he supported the war in iraq. donald trump was not a supporter. how would a rudy giuliani appointment mesh with donald trump and how would he be able to nullify these conflicts? >> what i can talk about is mr. trump holds giuliani in tremendous esteem. i would not want anybody and i was choosing people and for a fox hole, if i wanted to go to this that.
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my guess is governor haley has been a terrific republican and wants to help the country. you can get the difference between people who are looking to help themselves and people who put the country or their state's interest. she is the latter. >> when will we see more appointments? >> i can't answer that because that's the responsibility of somebody else, but my guess is pretty quickly. this is a great decision maker and a super organized enterprise and business executive. there is only one issue that i think i would like to report. very difficult for all of us to out work mr. trump. >> i heard he does not sleep. >> he has the energy of five people. he will tyrus all out. >> i want to bring in the national political reporter at politico. you have been reporting on the transition from your end of things. you called it from your sources
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a knife fight. do you think that things are going smoothly from your reporting in the trump transition right now? >> smoothly is not the indication. that's a knife fight and this is tuesday. i think chaos and disorder and competing power centers is the staple of this campaign and the trump organization for a long time. i don't think there is any expectation that the transition or the trump presidency will be different. i take kellyanne conway at their word when they say people are working together. kellyanne said it's a tall order trying to fill 4,000 administrations. past administrations have not come out with their picks at once. can a candidate president-elect who ran a campaign that was sort of on the out skirts of the
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republican party distancing itself from and criticizing the establishment, can they now fill out all these jobs. they need the establishment and all the resumes coming at them from washington, d.c. are establishment folks for the most part. there is a lot of mistrust there. mr. trump values loyalty. if you call him mr. trump, you necessary the mix. that's the thing. they are looking at the people. nikki haley are floating a lot. forever secretary of state and nikki haley. she is somebody who has kelly o'donnell just reported was a rubio person critical of donald trump. bringing the rest of the party is going to be tricky and there are a lot of moving parts. tar. >> this reminds me of the reporting about kelly ayotte being considered. that was coming and we got more sources from within the campaign saying not a chance.
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he was not a supporter of donald trump and that was being put out there to see we were considering her. we are being magnanimous. we will find out more when it comes to the reporting about nikki haley. i want to talk more about donald trump and twitter. this is something we have been reporting on for quite sometime. he has been pretty vocal about the criticisms in his transition. just this morning tweeting very organized process taking place as i decide on cabinet and many other positions. i'm the only one who knows who the finalists are. that's from last night. he is calling the cabinet folks that he is considering finalists. what does this indicate about what sort of president donald trump will be? >> this is like season 15 or whatever it is on the apprent e apprentice. it's a reality show and we are used to the dynamics and themes from his organization fighting with the press and the back and forth and the chaos and end
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fighting. it's all part of it. people who tune in and consume news about the campaign and the transition. soon the presidency had come to expect. the reality that trump folks say the media is doing, a lot of that is coming from trump tower. people in there, some of them at odds with one another who are floating names and leaking stories. and not responding because they want to see how people react. a lot of this is calculated and what you have in trump is a guy sitting up there on the 65th floor really enjoying all of this and enjoying the drama and looking and gauging what people's reactions are to different names. that really is in large part how he is going to come to a lot of decisions. >> the national political reporter, i like to see you in your cubs shirt more than these suits. next time. >> i can trot it back out for you. >> good, good.
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>> more expectulation of how much of a role donald trump's family would be allowed to take. they prohibit family from being appointed to federal agencies, but new reporting on who this may or may not apply to. what can you tell us? >> that's the question. whether donald trump could appoint jared curbner to help him out in the white house. the answer seems to be yes. a court never decided this. a federal anti-nepotism law who said a federal official cannot appoint a relative and then it lists son in law, children, spouses and so forth to a federal agency over which the president has authority. the question is, is the white house staff an agency? the answer appears to be no.
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there have been court decisions who say it's not an agency for the purpose of other laws and the proceed ares act of the freedom of information act. for the therapies of the anti-nepotism law, it never has been decided. in 1993 an appeals court in washington with hillary clinton's with the task force in the clinton administration said it probably doesn't apply to the white house staff. they note the other cases and say it's true they could appoint him to be an adviser and pay them and even if they did apply, the courts said they could probably come on as an unpaid adviser. from the weight of the people i talked to, it seems to be that donald trump could bring on jared kushner to act as a white house adviser. if he could get clearance, we don't know if one has been applied to or not, but one lawyer for the previous
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transitions who said that transition people need clearances in order to lock at the fbi background reports. the transition people need to read the reports. these authorities say there are other ways that the president could give a clearance if he were serving as an adviser or put him on the intelligence board and many of them have business interests in the government. there seem to be no show stoppers. >> his kids would run the business, but he did not tell us that his kids could get security clearance. we will find out how the public responds to that if it does
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happen. pete williams, thank you so much. donald trump did mead with bill deplasio and was the massive challenge of protecting the president-elect in the heart of mid-town manhattan. >> obviously the president-elect has to be protected. senate democrats just made it official electing chuck schumer as the new minority leader and they added new names to the team as well. we will look at what will help guide under the trump administration, next. ♪ ♪ ♪ is it a force of nature?
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msnbc's kasie hunt is on
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capitol hill. what is the impact of having bernie sanders and elizabeth warren elevated like this. >> warren had been part of senate leadership already and that happened under similar pressure to include more 3r0 gressive voices in this group of people. bernie sanders definitely new. he has been an outsider and doesn't have many friends in the senate. when he has been asked to name a friend in the senate, he will cite jim inhoff who is a conservative republican. this is an instance where chuck schumer is trying to keep -- enemies is too strong, but noise makers closer.
1:26 pm
in many ways he is different from bernie sanders. he was different. i talked to him on election night and he would commit to staying in the democratic party for two years. he is going to stay a democrat, but you might sense his motivation on that as well. the one question we have is who is going to chair the kf krdfcc coming up for democrats in 2018. they don't have anybody to do it because it looks like an impossible job. there are 25, a third of the senate is reelected every two years. of that third, 25 of them are in democratic hands. the potential is extremely high. they are talking about the senator-elect in maryland who
1:27 pm
say long time member of the house and will be a freshman in the senate. i talked to him today and he had no interest in taking any questions on the subject and has not been tapped yet. it will be strange for a program to take on this role. it's unusual. it shows you how hard of a time democrats are having filling that job and it underscores the challenges going forward for the democratic party as they pick up the pieces. >> trying not to ignore rural parts of this country and blue collar workers. what does it say to red state democrats to see bernie sanders elevated as well as elizabeth warren? can they appeal on a jobs message basis? >> how does the party reconcile these different fall lines that are emerging. it's different than the coastal liberal versus the mid-western
1:28 pm
pragmatist democrat who occupied union halls for so long. bernie sanders appealed to a lot of those people even though he appealed to a lot of -- if you want to stereotype -- the crunchy liberals on the coast. joe is a different type of democrat. more moderate and from coal country and a separate set of interests. i think there is a realignment going on and the seats that are up, they would have been thought of as blue states. wisconsin, for example. michigan, minnesota and all thez seats are up. they are places that voted much more for trump. minnesota did not go red, but the other states did go for him than you would normally think. this will be tougher than we might have imagined. >> they are going to have to figure out what they will be doing quickly as we know elections start early and we are two years away from the mid-terms. >> about nine months. >> thank you so much. i can't wait. >> nice to see you.
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>> key names on donald trump's list of possible cabinet picks for defense and national security roles. up next, we will headline to the pentagon for a look at strong contention to lead the nearly three million military and civil knowian personnel. a major issue president-elect will have to face when he takes office. the fighting in syria. they confirm multiple hospitals have been struck in aleppo. many victims are believed to be children. richard angle will have an update on the raids and the u.s. response. life and death. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it. the ability to collaborate changes how we work. what we do together changes how we live.
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1:33 pm
considering south carolina governor nikki haley to be the secretary of state and that trump is reaching out to opponents to fill major positions. we reached out to nikki haley and the trump team about this, but have not heard back. transition team head and vice president-elect mike pence traveling to washington today to meet without going vice president joe biden. pence and his wife had lunch with biden and his wife and biden said the meeting went very well. two democrats will be making appearances in washington. hillary clinton will be honored by the children's defense fund in her first public appearance since conceding the race a week ago. bernie sanders will be giving a speesh at washington university. back to donald trump, he and his transition team are trying to fill thousands of government jobs including hundreds of positions in the defense and
1:34 pm
national security arenas. man expected to play a key role is michael flynn. the retired lieutenant general and high ranking intelligence officer became a contvishl figure as one of donald trump's national security advisers. hans nichols joins us from the pentagon. >> i should say expected, but not confirmed for him to play a in the administration. the adviser there. i should say we should think of all of our reporting as pre and post nikki haley. they are likely to find a spot in this administration. post nikki haley throws it all on its head. you can have someone actively opposed to donald trump going inside for a crucial role. we want to return back to mr. flynn. general flynn was retired at 56 and forced out.
1:35 pm
he was head of the defense intelligence agency, basically the inhouse cia here at the pentagon. what we know is he shares the same world view as donald trump. that president barack obama did not recognize the threat that isis posed. at that time in iraq and the greater syria area. one thing about the national security adviser job, it has one of the corner offices in the west wing close to the president. it conducts a lot of diplomacy and there are questions whether he has the diplomatic temperament of that role. >> thank you so much. from the moment it takes office, the trump administration will face a host of national security and foreign policy challenges including the fight against isis and civil war in syria. fighting resumed in aleppo, the country's largest city. dozens of people were killed when syrian government aircraft attacked a children's hospital and other buildings in eastern
1:36 pm
aleppo, an area held by rebel forces. richard engle has been reporting for several years ask he joins us now. richard, first question. donald trump is now the president-elect. should we expect to see any major changes in our foreign policy agenda? >> probably. what exactly those changes are going to be is to be determined, but i can tell you what the people expect and what the syrian regime expects. the syrian regime which congratulated donald trump and said the regime expects donald trump to be a natural ally, president assad thinks trump will give it a freer hand and join in with russia and syria to fight terrorism in syria. what the certain regime is doing,banner of fighting terrorism. it said this is all part of a counter terrorism campaign.
1:37 pm
will then president-elect trump go along with this plan? it's unclear. all we have heard is that trump said he is going to bomb isis to smithereens and send them back and roll them back and throw everything he possibly can at them. so frankly we don't know if that hope that assad has that trump will allow it to unleash even more hell on the syrian people. >> why does it matter if he a lines himself with someone like assad? >> it matters to a great degree. we are seeing now in the world the emergence of strong men. that is happening globally. in the middle east and out of chaos. strong men are starting to emerge. we see it in europe where they felt the chaos from the middle east literally wash up on to europe's shores and we are seeing an aggressive reaction against that. we are seeing it now in the
1:38 pm
united states. if president trump joins this club of strong men around the world, there is a possibility we will see a retreat in global democracy and what used to be called liberal with a capital l. liberal like real liberal values. >> there are so many more questions since we have no idea who donald trump will put this these extraordinarily powerful posts and what sort of advice he will be getting. >> flynn, for example, is somebody i have been following for sometime now. he was very highly respected and he was thought of as an incredibly competent intelligence officer, but he got angry with the system and the bureaucracy in washington. will he now be an angry person or will he be rehabilitative and go back to being a disciplined, effective military officer now
1:39 pm
that he got what he wanted? he got the bureaucracy standing in his way out of his way. >> unsure times. thank you so much. up next, the massive challenges agents are facing to protect trump in new york city. can a 58-story glass tower be made safe for the president-elect and his family? this car is traveling over 200 miles per hour. to win, every millisecond matters. both on the track and thousands of miles away.
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they are the natural borns enemy of the way things are.
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yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful. this building is going have to be secured for four or eight years, as long as the president-elect lives. it's not a one-shot affair. that changes the complexion totally about how you plan security. >> does it make it harder? >> definitely makes it harder. >> protecting the president-elect and his family in the heart of mid-town manhattan for security officials and new yorkers. cynthia has more on what's involved in protecting the york
1:43 pm
office. we saw your brief interview or a portion of it. how big of a challenge is this? >> this is unprecedented. we had a lot of dignitaries, but never anything on this scale. when the pope was here, that must have been tough. it's much easier when someone is on the move than when you have a target. it's a 58-story building and he opens the top three floors. it's a glass tower with lots of other buildings around. we are putting up the graphic and there are 263 apartments in the building. 26 floors of offices and of course all the public space. the atrium and the shops from gucci to starbucks downstairs. >> are they going to replace that glass with bulletproof
1:44 pm
glass? >> they are trying to bring creativity and they are planning with the nypd. this is going to be a very expensive enterprise. the thing that everyone said is we will protect the president. the president-elect and president trump will be safe. how much is that going to cost and what effect will it have on new york city? it is the busiest city in the country. the busiest street and the busiest city. maybe that's a new yorker's point of view. >> we are coming up on holiday season and nobody really cares if gucci loses money, that's not high on the priority list, but the people who work in the shops are working off commission. they are in effect the middle class or the lower middle class at some shops. depends on how much money they make. donald trump said he would protect them. >> a lot of the people were told those shops look to 50% of their
1:45 pm
annual income over the next weeks. we will see what accommodations are made. there were more police officers than shoppers in that stretch of fifth avenue. >> not to mention the folks that live in that building have to go through airport security to get into their apartments. >> a variety of folks said this is really rough. everything is being screened. a couple, however, said listen, i'm delighted it is the safest building in new york. >> how do you get a new knife set in. these are the thoughts that go through my mind. >> things to worry about. >> thank you so much. >> donald trump is not the first president-elect to ditch reports recovering him. that won't be the last time either. his decision to do so raised a lot of eyebrows. why the press pool issa important and what signals about how transparent his administration will be. the gold letters spelling out trump's name were removed from a
1:46 pm
high-rise in manhattan. the name change is after hundreds of residents signed a petition to have the building drop the president-elect's name. a spokesperson for the trump organization said the change is simply the enforcement of a preexisting agreement which has been in place for years. i love my shop, but my back pain was making it hard to sleep and open up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve.
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>> is the transition a bit dysfunctional. >> totally false. it is very engaged and full of energy. that's the height of activity. i looked around the room and saw folks who had done transition in the reagan administration and past them i saw young men and women who were born after he left office. it's an k350i9ing place. >> catching up with kellyanne conway of respects of fighting in the transition team. conservative radio talk show host and "new york daily news" columnist and msnbc contributor. mike, i will start with you. let's talk about the steak house incident with donald trump ditching the press. why does it matter? >> i didn't get as upset as a lot of people did. he has been holed up forrure fo
1:51 pm
or five days. he is in trump tower, but i do understand why it is the duty of a free press to chart the comings and goings of the president-elect of the united states. he turned crowds on you across the campaign trail. this is going to be a very, very adverse aerial relationship between him and the media. >> in the media? not even a little bit. >> they were rigging the election as people still pay attention to what we tell them to do. >> i want to talk to you about a new letter posted on the website. from the daughter of sandy hook victim who was asking donald trump to denounce talk radio host alex jones. let's read what she wrote. my mother was shot and killed with five colleagues and 20 first greaters.
1:52 pm
they they fan the flame of a experience theory claiming that the shooting that took my mother never happened. it's unthinkable and unacceptable and i ask you to denounce it and cut ties with alex jones and anyone who subscribes to the dangerous ideas. a letter written by the daughter of a sandy hook victim to donald trump. is there an expectation he will do this? >> no, none. has donald trump ever apologized or distanced himself from enablers? we talked about this alternative reality media and alternative reality bubble. i think one of the most disturbing parts of this is the association with alt-right sites like breitbart and what is deep in the fever swamp of experience theories. it is so out there and the fact that donald trump has been so close and a guest on alex jones and praised alex jones and called alex jones and thanked
1:53 pm
him is one of these troubling problems because you wonder, who has his ear? what does he believe? what is his filter and which media outlets will he empower and weaponize? we focused on steve bannon and breitbart, but the alex jones stuff is so off the chart, it's hard to get your head around what it represents. he definitely should distance himself from alex jones, but he is donald trump is he is not going to. >> who is he surrounding himself with? rudy giuliani is a big name out there. he seems to be floating himself for secretary of state. we are hearing that nikki haley could be in it as more of an establishment figure. do you get the sense that donald trump wants people around him who may have disagreed with him at one point or another? >> i hope he does. like justice in the pentagon and
1:54 pm
state, these are not patronage jobs. i would be interested to hear what charlie thinks about this. we are going to find out a lot about this guy by who he picks. it's not like he gets to have a first impression. people have fixed their opinion of donald trump. he does get a bit of a do-over. he is 1-2 so far. he is 1-2. priebus is a good pick and bannon, the king of the head bangers is a bad pick. we can't get our hair on fire every time he leaks a name except if it's giuliani. he cannot make this guy secretary of state. i love the notion that when he ran for president his whole platform was he knew how to keep us safe. as a new yorker, who did he keep? he became an expert on terrorism after the planes hit the building. >> that's the same argument made against jeb bush. his brother didn't keep us and he has the same intelligence
1:55 pm
experts and generals that his brother did. charlie, let's ask you that question. do you think rudy giuliani is an acceptable choice for attorney general or secretary of state? >> he would be perfect for secretary of state except that he is not diplomatic and has no foreign policy experience. other than that, what could go wrong? one of the things reince priebus is doing is urging people with qualifications, part of the national security world to say would you consider joining this administration. this is a problem. the number of people who are not willing to associate themselves with donald trump. that op ed piece was truly amazing. you actually have the bannon wing of this administration and the rational wing of this administration being headed up by reince priebus. his job is to recruit people of principal, of experience, of qualifications who would be willing and able to serve. he has one hell of a job.
1:56 pm
i have to tell you that. >> elliott cohen is a form offer bush adviser who basically said stay away, stay away from this administration. it's not going to be good. they are mad and angry and said you lost. that is who elliott smith is. here's hampton pearson with the market wrap. >> the-day winning streak for the dow came to an end with a mixed close. the dow losing 54 points and the nasdaq gaining 18 points. first in business worldwide.
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>> that does it for this hour. mo "meet the press" daily starts now. if it's wednesday, the trump transition team is facing a steep climb on the road to running the white house. tonight, trump transition trouble? purnls, night fights and delays. is this any way to run a transition? plus, what's the way forward for democrats and new demands for answers in russia's role in the dnc hat. >> this was a conscious effort by a nation to attempt to achieve a specific effect. >> this is mtpdaley and it starts now. good evening. i'm chuck todd


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