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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  November 18, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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bout taltz. all right gang, that does it for this hour of msnbc, i am on my way over -- for now, i am going to kick it over to my colleague, peter alexander. halie, thank you very much, on the move, the president elect trump set to leave trump tower pretty soon. we are live outside white house north as i like to say. donald trump will soon head out for what will be a working weekend. he heads to his exclusive golf course in new jersey a short time from now. donald trump sitting down with mike huckabee, that's capping off a busy day so far. three names for trump's future cabinet is now put forward.
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congressman mike pompeo zand jef sessions as ahead of the transition and more to come. >> he's known for being hardworking and for being fair minded. he's very disciplined. >> i am pleased -- my friend jeff sessions who's going to make an extraordinary attorney general. >> i am certain and moving our country forward and make america great again. >> our team reporters are on the ground and we'll have the latest. katy tur is in new york and pete williams is here with me. >> we'll wait to see the president elect trump the first. give us a sense of where things stand right now and what is he
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hoping to do over the weekend looking forward. >> they'll talk more about cabinet positions over the weekend. three big names are coming out today. the only time we saw him leave was to get that stake dinner in new york city. they have been working on trying to figure out how he will lead his government and who he will have alongside to do so. we are finding out that not surprising, general mike flinn has been tapped as security adviser and jeff sessions as attorney general. these are two names that we have seen quite a bit with donald trump on the campaign trail and familiar faces and also representative mike pompeo as cia director, he's a new face in the trump's world. he's not something we saw on the campaign trail with donald trump. a bit of a mix bag in terms of reactions. a lot of folks coming out against sessions saying that
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he's not somebody -- i am sorry, we are distracted of what we are watching now. that's the naked cowboy showing his support for donald trump. >> exactly. >> sor something. >> editor says -- senator jeff sessions, i am going to get my mouth moving as fast as my brain is somebody who's bit of a controversial pick. he's likely to be confirmed in the senate because this is somebody who served a long time. he's familiar with the senator out there and he's somebody who is well respected to a degree. won't be so easy, the democrats are going to come out and talking about past allegations of racist statements and issues that came up when he was trying to be a federal judge back in the '80s. they're pretty happy with pompeo. there is a lot of unease right
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now among intelligence officials about what sort of national security adviser. this is an extraordinary important role that he will be taking, basically, it is the most important person in terms of the intelligence world to the president. you spend more time with the president than any other members of the president national security team. he sees him in the morning when he wakes up and he sees donald trump and he will see him right before he goes to bed. the last word and first word about what is going on in terms of the intelligence world. he's going to have a lot of influence and there is a lot of concerns about his judgment and his ability to see a grander scope and his past statements that are anti-islamic as and muslims. he's equating russia today which is a government-run news agency independent in the u.s. like msnbc and cnn and abc and nbc news and etcetera, there are concerns about him. that's a role that did not need
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to be confirmed by the senate. >> katie, lets pick it up there with hans nicolls, this guy distributes the ball so to speak and keeps everybody in effect in line right now. this is a significant role. how is the national security community sort of embracing this decision right now that needs confirmation. >> peter, that's the question being asked here at the pentagon. what kind of national security adviser will michael flinn be. >> it is a question whether or not he wants a point guard that can shoot. national security adviser, there are two models. this is managing paper and the process and managing end less hours of meetings in the white house situationer. then there is the advocate of the henry kissinger model.
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it is important here in the pentago pentagon, michael flinn, he has had three stars. they don't know what kind of national security advise he will be. will he be the one putting his thumb on the scale. it is a question that frankly and the hints we have is that he's going to be an advocate and not an honest broker, that's an advocate for much more hawkish. >> now we are seeing three loyals, bannon and jeff sessions if he's confirmed and mike flynn. sessions right now there are some concerns about him as potential attorney general. here is what we heard from debbie wasserman shultz a short
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time ago. a person who shares those fevie. it is really getting more and more disturbing. >> of course, there she was referring to bannon and sessions. >> sessions voted for holder's confirmation and voted against lynch's confirmation. he said he could not support her because she was an advocat advocate -- this confirmation here in '86 for a federal judge, he denied making those statements that were castin casting -- he says there were mistakes of how people interpret what he said. he will mark some changes here.
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the issues of reforms. he's doing away with mandatory minimums which is one of the goals of that on immigration. you will see immediate change on the issue of transgender rights which the obama's administration pushed really fast of the justice and education departments and the president himself may ask the education department to rescind a memo which is a key on court's decision on gender rights. >> after the supreme court gutted it, he did not see any reasons to change the formula for which were the covered states because he said there were a lot of the voting rights act left. i think you are going to see a change in priorities. that's what you get out of elections. they have consequences. >> the strategy among democrats right now, 52 republicans right now and only takes a simple majority to confirm these individuals like jeff sessions. what are we hearing from the
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democrats community of some of these individuals that are increasingly disheartened by. >> we are going to have to wait and see what they do. when you are looking at folks like debbie wasserman schultz who are strongly against it. this is something that they are going to put up a fight for. remember they don't hold the majority in the senate right now. they can push back but the power is not in their hands especially since this is a simple majority. they'll have to find a way to convince other republicans that sessions is not the way to go. that's nothing is easy doing. >> hans i want to ask you of the congressman like pompeo apart of the tea party wave. several years back he was from west point and educated and the first of his class from west
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point and the house of intelligence committee as well. how does he fit into donald trump national security posture a couple of days ago. we were talking to mike rogers and mike pompeo's name is one of most americans are less familiar with. >> his issue is iran. he's concerned of the radical sheer of iran and he was a fierce critic of that iran deal. pretty much across the board, specifically with all issues in the middle east and looks like pompeo is a little bit more out spoken on iran. of course, on the benghazi here in the investigation in the kind of rule that hillary clinton plays there. he did not -- he ended up signing this minority report so he's firm that hillary clinton -- it is really though iran that we should be looking at and remember this is not just military taking place. there is a lot of commercial deals between big companies in the united states that are going to be expecting jobs and
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companies like boeing and companies that could be doing deals with iran. the key question here throughout the entire aerospace. what role will the cia play on all that. one quick note on this. the cia's director does report up to the director of national intelligence. we still need to figure out who's ahead of the dni and that job unlike the cia's director is on the director's cabinet. >> katy, i know you and i have been talking to trump's transition team of this weekend's meeting with mitt romney that so many people are focused on. it appears to be a signal for some people who are not comfortable with donald trump of some of his rhetorics.
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>> i was just talking to somebody. this is from somebody from romney's world. they believe this is a courtesy more than anything else. it did not come from the romney camp. this is considered more of a gesture than anything else. we'll have to find out how serious the trump's team is with this. but, having the two men and potentially having a picture of them together is going to do a lot to mend the wounds of the republican party, much of the same way of having a picture of donald trump as sitting next to president obama in the oval office was a way to try to mend wounds with the country and move forward and give the support that the president elect trump is going to need to be successful because ultimately if he's successful, americans are successful, that's what you are getting from a lot of folks who are trying to put aside of their differences to have patriotism
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above all and romney is somebody that does consider himself a patriot above everything else and more so than a politician. we are going to find out what this is and as of now signs pointing to this not being truly serious contender for secretary of state. >> pete williams and ha hans nicolls, thank you very much, guys. joining me now is matt schlapp. we heard from nikki haley a short time ago, she's one of the names being considered for secretary of state. here is what she said for washington, take a listen. >> i won't pretend to have been president elect trump's biggest cheer leader. we must accept that donald trump's election was not an affirmation of the way republicans have conducted
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themselves. >> there is nikki haley on the topic. do you see this as a real option right now, what do you think the messages donald trump is sending? these are two on russia. romney calling it our gop foe and donald trump is cozying up to vladimir putin over the course of his campaign. >> well, there is differences. this is a sign of respect for governor romney. i think governor romney was way out of line during the campaign and i think a lot of republicans, you know were shore about some of the things he said. look -- >> people say a lot of tough things and it was not just romney who did that. >> specifically on romney, we had an election and it is time for the country to move on. it is smart for donald trump to reach out some folks, and meet with them. one thing i gotten to know
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donald trump is don't count anything out. he's going to meet with these people and some people we don't know about and he's going to make the ultimate decision in consultations with his close adviser like general mike flynn. the presidents are affected by the conversations and the people they talk to. dan coat was a slam dunk to be the defense secretary and after a meeting with president bush, the president decided to go into a different direction. >> let me ask you about national security if i can. mike flynn and pompeo is going to have to contend with isis and the phrase that mike flynn completely say over and over. you worked with both of these men at some point. you know donald trump the candidate very well, what do you think they'll change in terms of our national security posture
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going forward. >> it is interesting as i ran out of the white house in 9/11. a presidency can change with one episode. that's something that mike pompeo and general flynn will understand. mike pompeo is a serious guy and he understands the threats facing the country. he has more reputation of being hawkish. the reason why flynn is named security adviser is donald trump knows he does not have a lot of foreign policy experience. he's gotten to know mike flynn. just like judge cart was with ronald reagan. mike flynn is going to take donald trump through ease early tests and he will be a steady
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counsel counselor. donald trump is reaching outside and taking a chance on people who have shown themselves to be successful in other ways. it is turning out to be a great team. >> let me ask you briefly of the attorney general, and here is a statement today, i will read it to you. no senator has fought harder against the hopes and aspirations of latinos and immigrants and people of color than senator sessions. why should people have real concerns of senator sessions? >> what they are referring to is senator sessions believes that our immigration laws should be followed. voters said the same thing just a couple of days ago. we got in this country to separate the idea of upholding our immigration laws from calling everybody who wants to do that racist or trying to keep our color down.
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voters are exhausted from that kind of talk. lets look at what we can do together to fix our immigration problem and lets stop calling people these names. i know you are not doing that but i think we got to give it a rest. >> matt schlapp. good to see you again. >> thanks for inviting me. a conference, about the state of security at trump tower, how are they going to deal with having the president elect spending everyday at this point right there in midtown manhattan. another potential conflict of interest, this time with ivanka trump is set to run the trump empire after her father takes the white house. how are they handling that? tennessee. on this side of the road is virginia... and on this side it's tennessee. no matter which state in the country you live in,
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we are back now on msnbc. has trump sat face to face with japanese minister shinzo abe last night and so as ivanka trump. she sat on a 90-minute meeting. people calling her presence a clear conflict of interest. msnbc's ali is joining me here. give me a sense and break this down in the simplest language for people and for people who recognize this is a problem. why is it problematic for ivanka trump to sit in a meeting like this. >> the idea of her attending that president elect trump had with shinzo abe is problematic on two levels. ivanka is not the little young
11:23 am
daughter of a president, she's a businesswoman. if she's getting access by virtue of her father being president to information that's going to help her to expand her own business interest. secondly, donald trump has said that he's going to pass his business interest over to his three grown children including ivanka. people have said that's not going to work and it is no t a blind trust and you cannot have a blind trust that's run by your children and the trump administration has not provided any clarity how this is going to look and how he's going to keep at arm's length away from his kid. >> if you are trying to convince people that this is going to be okay, this relationship where your kids run your business is going to be okay. you cannot be inviting them to meetings with world leaders at the same time. the perception of conflict is as serious as any actual conflict maybe. they are thumbing their nose at it. >> let me ask you another topic
11:24 am
this early morning and spoking to fol spoking -- speaking with folks. the president made news, wall street journal reporting of the lincoln move as a pain less but authentic way to give mr. trump a victory before he moves in the white house, what's the deal here. >> there is a plant where they make lincoln's mkz's and ford escape. they were planning to move it to mexico possibly. ford could not reduce the number of employees. so the implications that donald trump has saved jobs in kentucky does not make a lot of sense because those jobs does not go away. >> there was going to be replaced with ford escape manufacturing. it is a little bit weird because donald trump sent this tweet out about how he did it.
11:25 am
there is a lot of arguments about was or ford getting ready f of the reduction after the deal is done. the car company may always do that. it is not necessarily in the car company's interest to take productions out in place where is they sell cars. it will catch up to them. i don't know if ford was -- this was an easy decision for them to make and it gets them out of donald trump's cross hairs. you know he did bring out ford's specifically during the campaign. >> and even if they end up shutting down the assembly of that production line that it is likely another one would have moved into its place and no job would be impacted. >> there would for job impacted at all. trump did not save jobs. >> thank you, we appreciate your clarification. today we are asking you this question, our pulse question of the day. did the president elect trump's personnel picks make you feel confident about a trump
11:26 am
administration, curiously, here is what you are saying, 90% of you are not satisfied and saying no. the pulse is still live. not too late, go to to vote. let your voice be heard on this topic. in a moment, we are hoping to hear the voices of the city mayor and the police commissioner will talk about the effort of trying to secure trump tower now as some describe it white house north. protecting a president elect trump in the city of millions right there on fifth avenue in the heart of the city holiday season. this is not going to be easy, folks. we'll talk about it next and hear how the police hope to do something about it.
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developing right now, we are watching one police plaza in new york city right now. mayor bill blasio, they are expected to lay out a plan for
11:30 am
long-term security for trump tower, securing what they are calling white house north is creating this unique and unprecedented challenge for the secret service and for nypd. joining me now is mandy gomez. thank you for being with us right now. i have been outside trump tower multiple days. it was striking to me as i was talking to officer. we'll have to figure out a real solution to deal with this. what makes it challenging for them to secure a place like this. the vulnerability, you are sour rounded by skyscrapers. >> trump tower happens to be in the eppie center of midtown manhattan, one of the most tourist places for tourists and for secret service to appropriately before the
11:31 am
president elect trump and for the united states, -- protecting a glassed skyscraper that's one of the tallest presidential building in manhattan and signatuurrounded by other tall buildings that's a threat to the president elect trump and his family. >> strategically, talk about what the plans are. there were consideration that maybe shut down. one of the side streets below trump tower has been closed continuously since his winning of the e wilection. what do you do to satisfy the concern of paralyzing a major of met tr metropolis. >> well, that's the goal. that's why the secret service is meeting to make sure that fifth avenue is still opened to some
11:32 am
extent and congress can he held there. and if fifth avenue was shut down and those blocks are shut down because of president elect trump, they are going to suffer tremendously and as are the workers that are working in the stores. the goal is, mr. trump, keep as part of fifth avenue opened and certainly have pedestrian traffic as well as the commerce opened during this high holiday season. just to the audience at home right now for folks who are not familiar with trump tower. there is a ice cream shop and gucci star and a starbucks there. it is 263 apartments at the top of that building. that's the main lobby. the cost, obviously, you got to figure at some point, this becomes prohibited.
11:33 am
>> not only that, we have top of that of two mile aerospace frozen zone to protect trump tower. how do you really protect anybody that want to just come in an airplane or helicopter just view the trump tower or go there for on various reasons. on top of that, we have an open opened atrium, that's opened to the public at large everyday. these are the challenges that law enforcement has to contend with because we have a building that's designed to be in the heart of new york city and opened to the public where now the president elect trump and his family resides and we have to keep that avenue opened and congress opened because it is only the right thing to do. the city for its tourists and for the commercial etent entitit
11:34 am
are there and it will cost millions of millions of dollars moving forward. the easiest way is for mr. trump living in margo-largo. >> hey, buddy, if you head down to washington, makes it a lot easier for us, right? >> of course, it does not. >> manny gomez, he's a retired sergeant. we'll ask you to stay with us again. we have been watching what we'll expect of a news conference any time now happening where we hear from the mayor, bill blasio of new york city as they lay out what they blelieve is the best path to secure trump tower and keeping new york city safe. >> and coming up, romney, for a position in trump's cabinet. how real is this? >> it is begging the question after some bitter blows exchanged during the course of
11:35 am
the 2016 campaign. >> he neither have the temperament or the judgment. >> he was begging for my endorsement. he would have dropped to his knees. ♪ is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event. (bing)
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they are the natural borns enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care,
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they become something beautiful. a live look right now of trump tower on the left. we are hearing more security how they plan to secure the home of president elect trump. >> mitt romney, here is what he said. >> mr. trump is a con man, a fake, his imagination must not be married to real power. his domestic policies would lead to recession. his foreign policies would make america the world less safe. he has neither the temperament nor the judgment. >> the two went toe to toe
11:39 am
because they did not see eye to eye. now, romney is in the running to become trump's secretary of state. joining me now, ex cue cuse me, they'll be meeting in new jersey. joining me now, romney campaign, i was casing you around years ago and here wez a are talking about romney again. to be fair to our audience, we heard this confirmed of everything and has come from the trump side. you know these guys and you talked to them. how interested is romney serving in any capacity and donald trump administration. >> romney reached him out and congratulated him and from reports that they followed up and asked for a meeting. that's where we are at this point. governor romney is simply meeting with the president elect trump and he wants the president now after having disagreements
11:40 am
to him doing well. he's our president and he's accepting the meeting. beyond that, that's something you have to ask the trump people of what he wants to talk about. >> we know romney is a patriot, and give it real consideration if he was asked from president elect trump. after calling donald trump effectively a con man and saying he lacks temperament to do this thing. is he someone who would be comfortable supporting donald trump in this way? >> well, governor romney is a patriot, and he puts the company first, i think he will be willing to help president elect trump any way possible. i don't know if it is in the administration and a big outside council for him. governor romney is someon someone -- the issue has been litigated and donald trump is going to be our president and i know governor romney wants to do whatever he wants to help moving the country forward.
11:41 am
how stunned were you when you saw the headlines? >> i was surprised. >> surprised that he was going to be in contact with donald trump or potentially a secretary of state. >> i had no doubt that -- you know i think it is surprising and i think it is a good move for trump to speak to him and consider someone of governor romney a caliber. i think it shows that she's reaching beyond people who helped him win and looked beyond just kind of regular in a friend/alli. >> romney in that debate of president obama that he's our biggest political gop foe. it was laughed off. donald trump much more willing to embrace the new relationship with russia. where do you see the biggest
11:42 am
clash with foreign relations. >> perhaps use of force of iraq and governor romney criticized the president for pulling troops out of iraq. trump has been against the iraq war and any kind of involvement in this area. look, donald trump is the president, he's going to be setting a foreign policy and whoever the next secretary of state is, whether it is romney or however anyone likes, it is going to be working for the president. this discussion of people in the party and how they are considerations of this job is kind of irrelevant and whoever secretary of state will be working for trump. >> lets do a little housekeeping today. romney will be playing golf with donald trump. is he a golfer? >> not to my knowledge. >> so golf is not the form of this conversation would occur? >> i don't know, it is unlikely, the governor's father was a big
11:43 am
golf but the governor to my knowledge has not played golf or at least not well. >> when you had conversations with folks inside romney world in recent says, you kind of float this idea together. do people see this as a real option? do folks sincerely think that this is something that could happen? >> i cannot speak for anybody else. i love to see it happen but i am skeptical. president elect trump is considering people who are close to him during the campaign as he's entitled to. it would be a major coo for him to bring someone like romney, someone that could unite our party and our country. romney was watching some of the democrats criticizing us four years ago. >> it is not just a signal but this is a big deal. >> ryan williams. good to see you. >> we are listening to james o'neal, he will hand we'll hand
11:44 am
the commissioner right now. >> we are not closing fifth avenue or any kind of permanent bases. it was closed for a period of time for election day. but, again, no wholesale closure of fifth avenue are planned. trump tower as you know located at east 5th street. it is one of the biggest intersection of new york city and possibly the nation. what you are seeing in the area in terms of our security management team is what we expect and remaining in place through the inauguration. in respects this is no different than many major events that nypd securing it each and everyday. there will be many things that the public will see and not see. we'll have our explosive detection canines and specialized units and our
11:45 am
strategic response group as well as officers and surveillance team working hand in hand with our intelligence bureau and our federal government and specifically our secret service. again, none of this is new for us. we'll constantly reassess this plan making any adjustments. i would like to introduce mayor bill deblasio to make some remarks. >> thank you very much. first of all, i want to tell you, i want to thank commissioner o'neal and all the men and women of nypd doing an extraordinary job. having done a lot of preparations with our partners and the secret service that they put together and they put together an extraordinary security plan that's been operating very well. i want to thank commissioner and all of those people who have been doing this work. when president elect trump and i met, one of the things that he
11:46 am
said was he expressed his a admiration for the men and women who are doing this work. i shared with him on the same feelings on this matter. the details you will hear in a moment, you will hear from our secret service, david beech, and carlos gomez on specifics. i want to give you a couple broad points and i want to thank our ben tucker, our deputy commissioner for counter intelligence and terrorism efforts, john miller and our commissioner that's deeply involved in our mission making sure that our work is moving. we are devoted to make sure that our work is keep moving. this is a big challenge and an unprecedented challenge. we are committed to making it work and we need the city to keep moving all times and we are
11:47 am
entering the holiday seasons which adds a layer of complications. the nypd is working with all city agencies and we'll continue to refine the approach that make sure to allow people to move freely through the area. we understand the number one imperative here is safety and security. we owe that to the president elect and his family and team. that's important for all of us. that's the most important decision. we believe we can balance that with a number of measures to keep traffic both pedestrians and vehicular traffic moving as well as possible. now, new york city has a long history of dealing with extraordinary events, none for so than a career ago when we had pope francis and over 150 world leaders and the president of united states all in town in the same day.
11:48 am
nypd did an extraordinary job keeping everything moving and keeping everyone safe. this extraordinary department is no strangers to these challenges. it is a known fact that president of the united states and including president obama have come to new york city on a regular basis and they are e fined approaches to handling those visits. >> we have been listening to the mayor, bill deblasio as he's talking about the strategies going forward. the area surrounding trump's residence and trump tower. the president elect trump has been much of his time during his transition there. it is unclear how he will split time between the house and some people referring to white house north. joining me now is manny gomez, retir retir retired sergeant of the nypd. they'll be limited in their sharing right now.
11:49 am
give us a sense of what you heard right now and an effort to tap down any fear and specifically new yorkers if this is going to change their way of life. >> from what i hear. they are going to keep fifth avenue opened. that's great news for new yorkers and tourists that come through new york and from the businesses that's around the area. that does not mean that it will be opened in definitely and i suspect that when the president does come into town and that'll be closed until he gets into his building safely. that's a small and convenient compared to potentially what we are looking at which is the real possibility of keeping fifth avenue closed down and definitely while the president is still the president. so the good news is we have fifth avenue opened and the not so good news is that it is still fluid in depending in
11:50 am
intelligence coming in that can pose a threat to the president that's a change. >> manny gomez helping us out today. we appreciate it. >> we are keeping an eye on a civil fraud trial discovering trump university. a federal judge in california is considering a request to move the trial until after donald trump takes the oath. will the case even get that far? we'll explain some of the new developments next. my hygienist said the most random thing. she said i should think of my teeth like an apple. it could be great on the outside not so great on the inside. her advice? use a toothpaste and mouthwash that strengthens both. go pro with crest pro-health advanced. it's uniquely formulated with activestrength technology to strengthen teeth inside and is better at strengthening the outside than colgate total. crest toothpaste and mouthwash makes my whole mouth feel amazing. advance to healthier gums and stronger teeth from day one. my check-up was great.
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back now live, trump university, a federal judge in san diego is scheduled to hold a hearing later today whether the lawsuit against trump university should be delayed. according to the report of new york daily news, the president
11:54 am
elect trump agreed to pay 20 to $25 million to settle that. steve is live on this day. the report is about what trump said during the course of this election when he said they'll throw this one out and i will win this case. >> reporter: well, this is a huge. not only of the comments you mentioned he said about this particular case, unless we forget who donald trump is. settling is losing. his attorney has been arguing that this period that he's in, he's 70 years so odd days that it is so important and crucial to form the american presidency that they need to postpone the trial from the 28th of november until after the inauguration. the plaintiffs meanwhile felt like they had a good case and they have been pushing to move forward.
11:55 am
the judge though, judge curiel, has been pushing this and had some process and basically running the country. that's where we are at today and we'll find out in a few hours. >> steve patterson in san diego today. a lot of people are interested to see how this plays out as well. one more time of our pulse question, did the president elect trump's personnel picks make you feel confident of a trump administration. well, here is where they stand right now, 90% of you say no and 10% say you are more confident in donald trump right now. thank you for weighing in, we'll be right back after one more short break. it is time for your business entrepreneur of the week. lesley hansen is a business owner in the beautiful northern california coastal town of half-moon bay. her shop oddysse sells products related to nature.
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she will be encouraging customers to shop more for this holiday season. for more watch your business at 7:30 on msnbc on sundays. and show some love for the people we love. and the places we love. the stuff we can't get anywhere else and food that tastes like home. because the money we spend here can help keep our town growing. on small business saturday, let's shop small for our neighborhood, our town, our home. on november 26th, get up, (all) get together and shop small.
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kanye west after saying that if he had voted, he would have
11:59 am
cast his ballot for donald trump. despite the booing and all the calls for him to stop speaking and sing. kanye continued to call the u.s. and the world racist and urge african-americans to stop focus on racism. he plans to run for 2020 white house run after the donald trump's campaign. cannot wait for the show down years from now. kate snow is picking things up right now. >> peter, how about i see you again in 30 seconds. >> i will wait here. >> i am kate snow, this afternoon, perhaps any moment now donald trump is expected to leave white house, trump tower that is for a weekend out in new jersey. that's where he will be holding his meeting out tomorrow where one of his golf course is. the president elect trump is spilling out his white house team today. today three new names as we
12:00 pm
track the minute by minute update on trump's transition. lets start this hour just as we have for the past few days trying to keep track of it all. lets go back to peter alexander for that. from washington and peter, just give us a run down for what we know and what's out there. he's got a big day tomorrow. saturday is a full day. friday is already done. this is a busy day from the start. according to aids in this transition process. this was national security day and a trifecta with mike flynn. folks say that's sort of like the quarterback of national security policy for a new policy. despite some of mike flynn's controversial comments over the course of his time and public service and military service and some of his comments that seemed to be critical of islams saying that fear of islam


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