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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 19, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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trump is meeting face-to-face as you see here with one of his chief rivals, mitt romney. mitt romney arrived moments ago. this is happening at trump's weekend home in bedminster, new jersey, where this and several other meetings will take place today. president-elect trump and vice president mike pence got there about an hour ago. let's bring in nbc's kelly o'donnell there in bedminster, new jersey, where this meeting is getting under way. how likely is it a cabinet announcement will materialize from this meeting? >> reporter: well, we don't expect that it's going to go that far. this is a chance for mitt romney, who was an outspoken critic of donald trump during this campaign and had previously expected donald trump's endorsement when romney was himself the gop nominee back in 2012. this was a chance to try to put behind them some of the rancor of the campaign. romney was a critic, and certainly donald trump used some very sharp language against romney, repeatedly during the campaign season. that chapter is behind them. and so we just watched a couple
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minutes ago vehicle pulled up, governor romney got out, and then we saw behind us in this sort of stately environment here at the bedminster golf club, the president-elect and vice president-elect greet him, very statesman like stage craft here on the golf resort grounds. donald trump has a home here so he did spend the night here. mike pence came in from new york city about an hour ago. and this meeting with governor romney is the first of a series of meetings today. there will be another half dozen or so meetings tomorrow. and we do hear from advisers that we may expect some kinds of appointments to be announced. perhaps one today. but they didn't want to get too far ahead on that. and that, of course, would depend on if a final decision from donald trump comes through. but they have given us a bit of a tease that there might be some addition to the broad range of appointments, but it is not expected to be a part of a mitt romney conversation. this is a first step, a chance for them to share ideas, to perhaps talk about ways they
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might work together. we don't know how far it will go. and we certainly hope to get some kind of a readout from either advisers or perhaps governor romney himself, if he so chooses to come and talk to us. but this is part of what we will see over the next several weeks, where donald trump uses the power of being able to be a host to welcome people, that he can get some ideas from, interview for various jobs, and work along with mike pence as they try to form a government in very little time. just over 60 days before they take the oath of office, and many of the very big jobs in the administration are yet to be publicly identified. >> a couple questions, kelly. i'm wondering how long this will last. and i've seen this amazing grand-looking door, if you will, this wooden door with the gold there. i'm wondering what's happening around you. i hear reporters talking. for people not familiar with that area, where are you? >> reporter: well, we are at the golf club, and so behind the cameras this way, is the ninth hole of this golf club. and i made a terrible error a short time ago. where i touched a ball that came
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within about a foot of me, clearly i'm not a golfer. and there was a chorus of people telling me to leave it, let it lie, they're going to play it from that spot. so we are right at the edge of the golf club. this is one of the buildings here part of the clubhouse. this is not the trump residence. he and some family members do have what they call cottages, which i think is a charming term, for the homes they have here on this very expansive trump national golf club at bedminster. we don't have a time line for how long the meeting will last, but with he do know that president-elect trump has several meetings today, and so one might expect that they've got a schedule they're keeping internally. but the biggest, most high-profile meeting is, of course, with mitt romney, because of the place he has held in the republican party. and the unusual juxtaposition between these men during the course of the campaign. it could not have been more bitter and today looked quite friendly. >> to be a fly on the wall. kelly o'donnell, thank you for talking with us this afternoon. now to other political
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headlines we're following today. the vice president-elect's visit last night to "hamilton," the performance, the source of a new beef the president-elect is waging on twitter. you hear in this video both cheering and booing as mike pence took his seat during a performance here in new york city. now donald trump took to twitter this morning, demanding an apology from the cast, which he claims harassed the vice president-elect. this call comes a day after trump reached a $25 million settlement in all three of the lawsuits against trump university. one of the cases had been scheduled to start in two weeks. now the deal doesn't require trump to acknowledge wrongdoing. the president-elect has strongly denied the allegations and said during the campaign that he would not settle. let's go now to trump tower here in new york, where nbc's tammy light near has more on the "hamilton" dustup. what's the reaction from the trump camp? >> reporter: you know, sheinelle, i'm sure last night pence thought he was in for a wonderful evening. scored tickets to the hottest
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show on broadway, "hamilton," but turned into quite the controversy. when he arrived, some of the people booed, others cheered. it was when he left that it really happened. one of the actors who plays vice president aaron burr stood up and he delivered a message on behalf of the entire cast. let's go ahead and listen to that. >> we, sir, we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. [ cheers and applause ] our children, our parents, to defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir. we truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: mike pence was very gracious. he stuck armound, he did listen to the message and left. he has been eerily silent on this whole matter.
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donald trump, on the other hand, weighed in this morning, demanding an apology on behalf of mike pence from the crew of "hamilton." that, of course, has not happened. and actually, the actor who read that statement, he actually got to twitter this morning, and he responded to donald trump, saying, basically that, you know, everybody has a right to free speech and that type of thing. and also, sheinelle, one other night on a different subject. i want to point out, i'm not sure if you can see it, but just in the last 10 or 15 minutes, protesters arrived outside of trump tower. this has become a normal scene. there is about 150 of them. sheinelle? >> nbc's tammy leitner, thank you for checking in this afternoon. more now on the breaking news. mitt romney arriving at the bedminster golf course owned by donald trump for a meeting. let's bring in molly hooper, political reporter for the "los angeles times." good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> reporter: i'll start with you. let's talk about the expectations for the meeting between trump and romney. they looked awfully warm,
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greeting each other and walking in there. >> right. i mean, i would obviously kill to be a fly on the wall in that room. obviously, donald trump endorsed mitt romney in 2012. mitt romney sought that endorsement in vegas when it happened. ann romney was there. everyone was gracious and got along. ask and then in the 2016 election, he was one of the loudest critics, called him a fraud and char less than ton and donald trump called him a stone called loser, said he would have gone on his knees for his endorsement. so i cannot even imagine the conversation they're having today. but mitt romney did, after donald trump won the presidency, mitt romney did call him to congratulate him. and i think we have seen a number of republicans who criticized donald trump throughout the campaign who have said, okay, he has won, he is our president-elect. we have to do everything we can to help him be successful. >> and molly, what's your take on this meeting with romney? >> it sort of harkens back to 2008 when we had that bruising democratic primary between one
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barack obama and one hillary clinton. and all of a sudden, she becomes his secretary of state. and that was nasty. they were fighting against each other, and saying horrible things about each other. pointing fingers and what not. and, you know, i think that once the president is elected, all of this kind of -- for these professional politicians, trump is not a professional politician, but he's definitely a businessman. you know, these layers kind of fall away. it was all part of the game they were playing. and really, if they want to serve in the -- serve the public and make this country, quote, great again, you know, trump is going to be looking for people who can help him do that. it sort of seems like when he came up to capitol hill or mike pence came to capitol hill and the members of congress, the republicans, were all claiming victory for donald trump when i would say a majority of the republicans didn't even want to be associated with him during the election. >> that's a fair point. seema, we have talked about mitt romney, but we should also mention, nikki haley and some others, potentially assigning them key seats in his
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administration. why not if you want to bring about a team of rivals, why not go across the aisle politically? >> right. he's also talking to michelle reef about secretary of education. she's a democrat, married to the mayor of sacramento, and angered democrats because of her views on education, teachers unions, merit pay and also a supporter of common core, which donald trump railed against throughout the campaign. so i think that might be a problem with his supporters. we know he's talking to at least one democrat. >> molly, when we consider the appointments announced yesterday from a purely political perspective, are they to settle political scores, rewarding loyalists, fulfill the president-elect's campaign philosophy or a mesh of all of those? >> i think we go with the mesh of all of those. >> option d. >> yes, exactly, option d. is right. option d. all of the above. you know, it's interesting, because i bring up this meeting that mike pence had with house republicans the other day when he was up on capitol hill. and, you know, the issues that congress is going to be focusing on, taxes and they're going to
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focus on repealing and repairing obamacare. well, i asked a member of congress who was in this private meeting, did the wall come up. building the wall. no, it did not. and when i saw jeff sessions appointed to be attorney general, maybe that's one reason why it wasn't. >> because it looks like trump might want to move his immigration portions of his campaign promises through the attorney general. jeff sessions is a hard immigration -- hard-liner on immigration. he was supporting mass deportations and when donald trump is talking about the -- getting all of the criminal aliens in this country -- criminal, undocumented individuals in this country out and back to their home countries, that is something the attorney general can do without having to deal with congress. so we are seeing where certain areas of these campaign promises are going to be coming through with his appointments to the administration. >> speaking of promises, you remember, seema, with regard to trump university and a settlement, he said he wouldn't settle and now it seems like -- i don't know, what do you think?
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aren't there several other lawsuits currently pending? >> i think there are other lawsuits, but it was three lawsuits consolidated into one that was the main focus of trump university. and he said throughout the campaign he wouldn't settle. i think people did expect once he was elected, once he became president-elect, this is not something you want hanging over your head. this certainly for the plaintiffs in the case, this certainly gave them some leverage knowing he wanted to get this done with. and -- he was tweeting this morning that the only thing he regrets about being elected, the fact he had to settle, about how soon he otherwise would have loved to pursue this in court and have his victory. i guess it's over now. >> i'm glad you said that. because speaking of tweeting, before i let you both go, i want your reaction about trump going after the cast of "hamilton" and on twitter this morning. >> i mean, i wonder if this is going to continue. because as president, you can't really respond to some -- every time somebody criticizes you. you don't traditionally see the president himself responding. you might see his spokesperson or staffer responding. but to have the president or the president-elect right now
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directly responding to criticism, it's very unusual. >> molly? >> well, not only that. i went to see "hamilton", i loved it. the richard rogers theatre is small, i loved it. i had politicos and larry flint sitting in front of me at this performance. so mike pence going into this theatre in the first place, they had to know something was going to happen. i mean, this is a very -- it's a liberal production. and it's a great production. but i was surprised that they had mike pence -- i was surprised people were unaware something like this could happen. that mike pence could get booed and applauded. it's a very politically charged atmosphere. the message was actually interesting at the end in the fact that pence stayed on was gracious and the fact he has not tweeted anything else out says a lot about it. >> we talked about that. molly hooper and seema meta, thank you for talking with me this afternoon. still ahead from decisions on cabinet members to foreign
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donald trump and mitt romney are now meeting at the trump national golf club in med minister, new jersey. romney arrived at the top of the hour for talks. now there is plenty of speculation that perhaps president-elect trump might ask romney at some point in the coming days to be his secretary of state. their meeting is one of seven meetings trump has on tap for today. we will watch what is happening there and, of course, check in with nbc's kelly o'donnell in a few minutes. just hours after donald trump claimed victory last week, north korea publicly vowed to keep its nuclear weapons. a statement some see as a warning to the president-elect. let's bring in bill richardson,
10:19 am
former secretary of energy, former ambassador to u.n. and msnbc contributor. good afternoon to you. . >> thank you, sheinelle. >> ambassador, looking at the hires trump announced, michael flynn as national security adviser, mike pompeo for cia chief, what does that tell you about his approach for foreign policy and north korea in particular? >> well, i'm concerned. i think he's moving in the wrong direction. because what you want in your foreign policy team is bipartisanship, expertise now. on the plus side, both of these individuals, cia director, national security adviser, have military backgrounds, national security backgrounds, but have been engaged in partisan politics. cia director-to-be as a congressman on benghazi, very partisan. the general at the same time, general flynn, very active in the campaign. calling hillary at the convention, i think, "lock her
10:20 am
up." also some of his views on islam. we're going to need arab states to fight terrorism. some potential negative ties to turkey and russia. i don't know the facts. i don't know, either, individual. what you want to do is send a national security message, bipartisanship. president obama did that. he picked bob gates, a republican, for secretary of defense. he picked the secretary of state, a team of rivals, hillary clinton. you want to bring in -- yeah, you have to reward some of your supporters. there is no question about it. a president has to do it. but on national security, you don't want to make this too partisan. and i worry that these two individuals, while they may have some good qualities, have engaged in too much partisan politics. >> speaking of rivals, right now trump is meeting with mitt romney, who is rumored to be a con denyter for secretary of state. strategically, could he be a good choice? >> well, it would be a vast
10:21 am
improvement. romney was a good governor. he's a smart guy. intelligent guy. i worry that he would have national security experience, but he obviously ran a decent campaign for president four years ago. he's a moderate. i mean, anywhere in the cabinet, i would welcome somebody like romney after the initial appointments. but, you know, a president -- there has to be that chemistry between them. i remember romney's statements on trump during the campaign. those are going to be hard to overcome. but i do -- i will say this. i think romney would be a good choice somewhere in the cabinet. i want some moderates, some bipartisan people in there. so far, i don't see any. >> but not necessarily for secretary of state then? >> well, i think he should pick either a career, foreign service officer or richard haass, the council on foreign relations. some kind of gesture to
10:22 am
bipartisanship and foreign policy since it's gotten so politicized. you know, secretary of state, i worry that mitt romney -- he has not been an bam bass dor, doesn't have national security experience. he's an intelligent guy. but you want somebody as secretary of state, national security adviser, cia director with military background, with national security background. but you don't want him to be too partisan. that's where i think some of the early appointments are a big concern. >> that leads me to this next question. on the campaign trail, trump vowed to tear up the nuclear agreement. could he actually do that, and then, in your opinion, what would be the fallout? >> there would be terrible fallout. i think the improvement -- there needs to be an improvement to the nuclear agreement. we have to be sure we find ways that iran enforces what it said it's going to do on some of the depleted uranium and some of the nuclear issues that are affected by the agreement.
10:23 am
but i think we need to move away from the actual agreement and try to get iran to be stronger when it comes to helping terrorists. they should stop doing that. helping assad in syria. messing around in yemen. finding ways to be disruptive in the entire middle east, and this is where i worry that, you know, russia may have too much influence in the new trump administration. they are too pro iran. but, you know, we need to give the president-elect a chance. and i just hope his appointments reflect more bipartisanship. you know, he's not going to be able to do some of the things he said he's going to do, like get into a trade war with china, build a wall with mexico, and, you know, be buddies with putin. he's going to find out very soon that there are real realities. >> first of all, the russia part, trump only just announced attorney general michael flynn as his national security adviser. but there have already been some questions about the extent of
10:24 am
flynn's ties to russia and turkey. how concerned should we be about that and are they being overstated or is there real national security risk there? >> i don't know. i don't have all of the facts. i mean, if all it is he attended a dinner with putin somewhere, you know, that happens a lot. now, if there is some consulting ties he had when he was out of government with russia, with turkey, they should be disclosed and debated. i don't think they necessarily could be disqualifying. look, the president has to have somebody that he trusts as national security adviser. obviously, general flynn, they go way back. they campaign together. my concern is that he not send signals that, for instance, is going to be an anti islam administration. we need the saudis, we need arab countries, to find terrorism. we need them in the middle east. so, you know, these signals of some of the statements that he's made, you know, management
10:25 am
issues, he was head of the defense intelligence agency. that's good. but i guess he had some management issues there. i don't know all of the facts. i don't know these individuals. but i worry that these are very important decisions. the cia director cannot get into politics. >> tell me this. >> he should just present the facts on intelligence and not make policy recommendations. that's been a tradition in american national security policy. >> i'll end with this. i'm wondering, we talked about, you know, trump's own stated admiration for vladimir putin, for example. or any of those issues that people are concerned about. when he closes the door, if he gets people around him who are like-minded, is there a concern there isn't anybody that can be in the room and say, hey, you know what, you're wrong on this one. or somebody he trusts to give him another point of view? is that something we should be concerned about? >> yes. because i think the early appointments, as attorney general, bannon, they're
10:26 am
like-minded, far right individuals. okay, a president has to have his people. he has to be comfortable with them. but you want wide points of view, not people just giving you the same dogma that you've been practicing in the campaign. he is now president of the united states. president-elect. he represents all of us. you know, i consider him my president. and i want him to do well. i'm very concerned, though, about his early work, and i was very strong for hillary clinton. but, you know, we have to come together as a country, and the appointments he makes initially are so important for that to happen. and i don't see it right now. >> bill richardson, thank you for talking with me again. i have a feeling we'll be talking again soon. thank you. still ahead, could a trump administration based on loyalty, what we were just talking about, become a conflict of interest for the president-elect? i'll ask a republican strategist. don and i met because i'm a
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msnbc world headquarters in new york. at the half hour, here's what we're monitoring. the nation's first big winter storm of the season is now taking up residence in the great lakes. the storm unleashed more than a foot of snow in parts of the rockies and is being linked to at least four deaths. let's go now to nbc meteorologist raphael miranda for the latest on the storm. where is this headed? >> hey, sheinelle. this will be the first major dose of snow for the northeast as we head into tonight and tomorrow. we have winter storm warnings in effect for portions of michigan. let's track this over the next hours into tomorrow morning and that's that lake-effect snow machine really firing up cold water or cold air moving over the warm water of the lakes. expecting up to 20 inches of snow possible across northern new york and also in much colder weather moving into the big cities, as well, new york city, boston and high winds. no snow along i-95. that's the good news. look at the totals we're expecting in upstate new york. many folks dealing with well over a foot of snow as we head into tomorrow and monday. now busy travel days coming
10:31 am
ahead and into thanksgiving, of course. we want to look at the national picture. much cooler again for sunday. windy and chilly across the northeast, also into the midwest. no major storms, and that's the good news. monday, wind could be an issue for early travelers in the northeast. watching out for wind-related delays in the big cities like new york city, boston, and down to d.c. otherwise, quiet in the midwest. and our next storm begins to get -- take shape across the rockies. for tuesday, we're looking at yet another upper midwest snowstorm. that could cause some significant travel delayses, places like minnesota, michigan and wisconsin. and then on wednesday, the day before thanksgiving, this storm slides to the east. so we're watching places like chicago for rain, heavy rain and strong storms possible from places like the ohio valley, down toward the south. the good news is that the day before thanksgiving looking pretty quiet across the northeast and as we head into thanksgiving thursday, unfortunately, right now we do have some rain in the northeast. that means for the macy's parade in new york city, 51 degrees is
10:32 am
comfortable. but we are looking at showers right now. it doesn't look like heavy rain, but still for that parade, we don't want to have any rain at all. there is still time for that forecast to change on thursday. but, of course, snow will be a big deal tomorrow in the northeast. sheinelle? >> i'll need it to change. >> for you. >> you need to call somebody. people have to fly through o'hare. >> oh, yeah. >> thank you. let's check back in with nbc's kelly o'donnell and breaking news we're following this hour. she is in bedminster, new jersey, where president-elect trump is meeting right at this very moment with mitt romney. kelly, there is a lot going on. i'll let you dig in. >> reporter: well, sheinelle, what we saw just a short time agos with governor romney arriving here, greeted at the front door by president-elect donald trump and vice president-elect mike pence. in the time since we came to you last, there was another vehicle that pulled up. you see that door is where the guests are going in. and it was michelle reef, head of the d.c. schools, who was an
10:33 am
education expert. she and her husband, mayor kevin johnson, arrived. their meeting is to take place sometime today after the romney meeting. they are already inside. and she is being talked about as someone who certainly could give donald trump some insights about the department of education. but also being talked about as a possible cabinet pick for that department. we don't know if it is an interview for that, or if it is a getting to know you session. we don't have those details yet. but she is among those who are rumored to be in the mix for cabinet slots who have now arrived at bedminster. we also expect today the billionaire investor, wilbur ross, among those being talked about for commerce secretary. we also saw steve mutuchin, a b help to donald trump in raising money for the campaign phase. part some of the campaign world, part outside national figures who may have something to contribute to a new administration. and part a beautiful day here at bedminster, new jersey.
10:34 am
we don't expect the forecast is going to be as great tomorrow when he has another set of meetings. but for now, we are grateful for some sunshine, and the attendees who belong to this club. those patrons who are part of it have been sort of lining some of the areas, balconies and so forth, getting a look at some of what is going on here. there is a setup now that is probably quite different than the typical weekend at a golf club like this. >> quick question. do you anticipate any of them coming out to speak with reporters? >> reporter: well, we hope so, and we will shout questions as we already have. there is no official plan for them to speak. we do hear from advisers that they'll tell us a bit about what went on during the meetings later and sort of an off-camera way. i'm hopeful that perhaps governor romney would consider talking to us since he's so familiar with dealing with many of us who are here. quite a large media contingent set up here in a special area they have arranged for us to use for working today. we will try, and if he declines, we'll shout some questions. >> i was about to say, shout
10:35 am
them anyway. kelly o'donnell, thank you. it could be a key factor in donald trump's decisions on assembling his administration. that's next.
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breaking right now. the meeting between the president-elect and mitt romney is under way. romney was a strong critic of donald trump during his campaign. meanwhile, the latest administration posts were assigned to these three trump loyalists, which begs the question, how big of a factor is loyalty in the donald trump white house? let's bring in noelle, a republican strategist and huffington post contributor, peter emerson, worked on every democratic presidential campaign since 1972. i'll start with you. what message would it send if donald trump offered mitt romney an appointment? >> inclusive and forgiving. i think it's an important message. for donald trump. it seems that he's assembling basically the team to practice the apprentice, and that what he
10:39 am
wants is varying degrees of different opinions, and different perspectives. and i suspect what he's going to do is farm them all out and then they'll meet periodically if he does offer romney the position or whomever ultimately has that position. and they'll come back and sort of present what they would like him to do. and he'll decide. he'll either accept or fire. >> noelle, i want your take on this meeting with mitt romney. let's remember, for a while it was visceral. he was on the "today" show here, in 30 rock and he said he was unfit and he just was so, so upset about donald trump. and now it's as if that didn't happen. can you talk to me a little bit about that? >> you know, i will, sheinelle. and it is -- it is breathtaking what's happening right now. and how quickly that it's happening. and how quickly that mitt romney is being brought into the fold. it's good. it's good for republicans, and i think it's good for the country. and if you can remember, when mitt romney said that, it was very divisive. there were a lot of republicans that were very upset about it. they didn't know what to do. and, you know, a lot of people
10:40 am
watched, especially the democrats, a lot of people were looking at the republican brand going, oh, my gosh. you know, what's happening inside the republican party? with this, this is a very big olive branch that i see with mitt romney coming to speak with donald trump. and you know what? there might be a really great place. and i agree with your other guest that the fact that mitt romney could actually be a very key connector. mitt romney could be a very good cabinet person. but, yes, i agree with you. this was -- this is -- it's good opti optics. for once, this is good optics. >> when end he was unfit, it was so believable. i mean, do you believe that he genuinely thought that? and if so, do you think he still believes it? i mean, your beliefs don't just go away in a few days. you can extend an olive branch, but do you believe there is a piece of him who doubts? >> i'm not going to candy coat it for your viewers. absolutely. i think mitt romney was telling us exactly what he thought at
10:41 am
that moment in time. here is the fact. the fact is, donald trump is going to be the president of the united states of america. so what is mitt romney going to do? sit back and, you know, pout? or is he going to actually try to add his expertise and try to help donald trump? that's what we all need to do. that's what obama said when donald trump left the white house. he goes, you know what? i sat down, i met with him. let's give him a chance. let's all work together. that's what hillary clinton said. we are all are americans first, and i think you're seeing this olive branch extended to mitt romney, and he's taking it and this is a good thing for the country. >> peter, do you think he would make a good secretary of state? >> i think he would. i think he would. the qualifications for secretary of state are generally you have a capacity to listen to compromise. that you can be an honest broker and report your president's position and carry back the messages from presidents and prime ministers around the world, given his background. also, i believe he practiced his missionary for the mormonship
10:42 am
church overseas. i think he could make a very, very good secretary of state. >> noelle, i want to get your take on the president-elect soothing, if you will, the fears of potential conflicts of interest caused by maybe his family and business ties. can you speak to that? should that be a concern? >> sure. and, you know, here's the fact. as we all know, donald trump is far from a politician. and you've got to realize, this guy is an international business guy. i mean, he's got golf courses in scotland, properties all over the world. the fact he has been telling us that he has worked the system, he understands how corrupt the system is, it's going to be hard to -- from an outsider, to look at the separation. but i do feel -- i do feel that there will be a separation. and i feel like they're gearing that up right now. first of all, you've got to
10:43 am
realize that he's -- he was part of the system. he's telling us how corrupt it is. all the way from taxes to regulation. and now he's going to be in a governing position, so the last thing he's going to want to do is to, you know, provide more corruption by intertwining his business dealings with government. >> what about this whole -- i remember watching all of these rallies where he's, you know, getting the people all riled up and talking about draining the swamp with these -- with these appointments. and some ways, he's had to rely on some seasoned politicians. so, you know, with that voua to drain the swamp, if you will, a little bit unrealistic in practice? >> no, it's part of a campaign. and both sides do it, as well. and consequently, i would like to make the point about we're in a brand-new age. the only president in recent time who had an ongoing business was jimmy carter. it was a peanut business. and in georgia, in southern georgia. he put it in a blind trust and it ended up losing $1 million. fast forward now, i think
10:44 am
something 40 years. and we have a president who -- or a president-elect, who now has a vast empire of holdings. real estate, investments, et cetera. so we're going to have to find our way through this. this is going to happen more and more often. i was reserving millionaire and billionaire business people, both men and women, who have gotten involved in politics, and the list is growing. so this whole issue of blind trusts and conflicts of interest is something we're going to have to work through. >> to follow up, there was this photograph released by the trump campaign on thursday, and it showed trump's daughter ivanka sitting -- you saw that. she was sitting there on a meeting with the prime minister of japan, on thursday. should we be concerned about this? really, he would be -- will be the president of the united states. he can be upset, but nothing you can do about it? >> i might be more concerned about other people being in that meeting. but at the moment, i'm willing, at least for this short interim transition, to give them the benefit of the doubt.
10:45 am
i suspect they're going to come to realize that those kind of optics get to be distractions, and i think ultimately when they take office they're not looking for distractions, they're looking for action. >> all right. peter emerson and noelle, thank you for talking with me today. in a moment, the speculation about a possible final meeting between president obama and russian president putin taking place today in peru. a live report from lima, next. and next hour, the rising concern among muslim-americans about what to expect from donald trump in the white house. no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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left untreated, these symptoms could lead to more serious problems including tooth loss. gum crisis averted. happening now, president obama in peru at the annual asian-pacific summit in lima. this is his last foreign tour as president. nbc's ron allen is also there. ron, president obama possibly meeting with russia's vladimir putin on the sidelines. what are you hearing on this? >> reporter: well, certainly a
10:49 am
meeting you would love to be able to sit in on, because these two presidents have had a lot of very tough dealings on a whole range of issues. and there's no love lost between them, certainly, on the -- on the agenda would be syria. reports this morning of attacks that destroyed the last remaining hospital in eastern aleppo, the area that's rebel-held. the united states blamed syria and the russians for that. there is also this cyber hacking. and the allegations by the united states that the russians were involved in hacking into the american election system, trying to influence the outcome of the american election. so there's that, as well, on the table. if, in fact, these two leaders meet and at this moment it is still an if, it is not part of the formal agenda of these talks. russia is a participant in apec, the summit -- nations gathering here. so it's likely that they will meet on the sidelines in the very informal way to discuss the range of issues. the main business here today is about the relationship between the united states and this part of the world. president obama has put a lot of
10:50 am
time and effort and energy into rebalancing american foreign policy toward the pacific rim and away from the middle east. will that continue under a donald trump administration? that's that's what the leaders of these countries want to know. at the center of that is this trans-pacific partnership trade deal agreement that we've talked about. it's more than a trade deal agreement, it's about security issues as well as trade. that's what everybody wants to know about, what's donald trump going to mean to this part of the world. >> nbc's ron allen, thank you. we're keeping watch on developments in bedminster, new jersey, where donald trump is meeting at this moment with mitt romney at the trump national golf club. their meeting is one of several scheduled for today as trump considers candidates for his administration. the latest in a live report at the top of the hour. rs, the search for relief often leads... here... here... or here. today, there's a new option. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power
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behind those closed doors at the trump national golf club in
10:54 am
bedminster, new jersey, the president-elect is holding a meeting with his political rival mitt romney. perhaps it's a meeting to bury the hatchet. what's transpiring is unknown yet but we're waiting for it to end, maybe we'll get an idea what they talked about. we'll certainly keep you posted. let's talk about what's going on in britain, this is a big one. a 14-year-old's dying wish was to be frozen so she could, quote, get a chance to be cured and woken up, even in hundreds of years' time. that quote part of a letter sent to a british judge. after consulting with her family, the judge agreed. the unnamed girl died last month. her body quickly rushed to the cry onics institute of detroit, placed in a container like this one at a cost of $28,000. the family says the girl's dying wish was for a second chance at life. take a listen. >> it was about respecting the wishes of a bite, intelligent,
10:55 am
and articulate 14-year-old. >> hundreds of people have done this including baseball legend ted williams. how does it work? >> sheinelle, you're right. hundreds of people have done this. what we have here is science hope versus science reality. essentially when somebody dice, they rush in right away and they do a few things. number one, they keep the blood flowing and essentially keep the body as alive as they can. while they do that, they inject them with a type of antifreeze to make sure those cells don't freeze up. then they cool the body down. in this case they ended up flying her to detroit, then put her in a freezing chamber, which brings them down to minus 200 degrees fahrenheit. the theory is they freeze them so quickly that nothing happens to the cells in the body, and later on they can unfreeze them once the technology has caught up to try and cure her cancer. >> the critics say the only ones benefiting from this are the cryo companies.
10:56 am
mainstream science doesn't necessarily support this. do you think eventually it might be done? >> eventually it might be done. right now it's science hope versus science reality. again, you can't blame her, you can't blame her mom. she's 14, hasn't lived a full life, dies from complications of cancer. the hope is hundreds of years from now she can be unfrozen, her cancer can be cured and she can carry on like she woke up the next day. the reality is we're not even close to that point right now. right now quick freeze embryos, red blood cells, small pieces of tissue. but we can't even freeze an organ like a kidney yet. if we can't freeze and thaw out a kidney or other organs, we certainly can't do it for the whole body. that doesn't even bring to mind what will happen when they unfreeze her and how they do that, plus the curing of the cancer and the issues surrounding it. could this happen? possibly. maybe in five years we can freeze an organ, maybe.
10:57 am
>> it's one of those stories, dr. john torres, that everybody is wondering about, we're all wondering if that could happen one day. we don't have those answers. a great conversation. dr. john torres, thank you. >> you bet. that wraps up this hour's live coverage. stay with us, we're keeping watch on developments in bedminster, new jersey, where donald trump is meeting with mitt romney. we'll check in with kelly o'donnell in just a moment. i'm sheinelle jones. have a good day. my hygienist said the most random thing. she said i should think of my teeth like an apple. it could be great on the outside not so great on the inside. her advice? use a toothpaste and mouthwash that strengthens both. go pro with crest pro-health advanced. it's uniquely formulated with activestrength technology to strengthen teeth inside and is better at strengthening the outside than colgate total. crest toothpaste and mouthwash makes my whole mouth feel amazing. advance to healthier gums
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