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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  November 23, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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i'm tamron hall. thanks so much for joining us. we begin with the latest on the transition to the white house. nikki haley officially accepting the role as u.s. ambassador to the united nations. she made headlines last summer when she led the charge for the confederate flag to be taken down from the south carolina statehouse. she endorsed florida senator marco rubio during the primary. and was an outspoken opponent of donald trump. >> i will not stop until we fight a man that chooses not to disavow the kkk. >> and that was just one remark. now haley plans to remain on as governor until she's confirmed by the senate. saying she's now honored by the opportunity to join president-elect's trump's team. kristen welker broke the story
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on governor haley. she joined us from trump estate where he is spending the holiday. looking at a relationship where it wasn't just a ciis criticism policy, it was temperament. you heard haley talk about the kkk. and now she's prepared to be a part of the trump team. what else are we hearing from her? >> well, you're right. she was one of his shar pest critics during the primary. she supported marco rubio and then ted cruz. her criticisms of him not just over policy differences but over those ethical differences, those moral differences that really divided this country during the campaign. if you read into her statement, she has made the calculation that ultimately she thinks for the good of the country she will accept this post if she is confirmed. from the perspective of president-elect donald trump, she brings diversity. she is his first female pick. she's of course indian descent.
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but at the same time, she branches out beyond his loyalists. and one top aide saying, yes, you're starting to see a team of rivals come together. team might be a little bit strong right now. the bottom line is he is bringing some of his rivals into the fold. in term also of whether or not she will get confirmed. one of the challenges will be she doesn't have broad foreign policy experience. i just spoke to a top trump transition official who said president-elect trump likes her because he thinks she's a deal maker. because the two had good chemistry. i asked if the lieutenant governor of south carolina who is a trump supporter, if that plays any part in this. denying that saying the prime minister president-elect wanted to pick the best person for the job. jason miller said we might get another cabinet announcement later on today it so we're watching for that. among the names we're watching of course mitt romney. he will be another rhymal pick. he was sharply critical of
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trump. >> we talked about the security at trump tower here in manhattan. now that security has to transition to mar lago. what are the differences you're seeing there versus manhattan? >> well, i can tell you, there's a pretty thick security perimeter here as well. it took us about 40 minutes just to drive a mile to get here. and i can tell you that the coast guard, i think you can see one of the boats behind me, is protecting the water area around mar alago and the faa has shut off all flights around mar a lago. i'm told that's going to be in place until trump decides to leave. that date still tbd. but they're certainly securing this just as they would that area around trump tower in new york. >> we've seen of course the water behind you. does that present a unique
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challenge? the property being so close to a body of water? >> it does. that's why you have coast guard boats behind me. and i can tell you from having traveled with president obama, he has at times stayed off water. so the coast guard has had to protect him. this is something they are accustomed to it but it does pose a unique challenge. it adds an extra layer of security it so this is a security you're going to see around the clock any time the president-elect comes here tomorrow. he's been spending thanksgiving here for the past 20 years. no indication that's going to change. >> katie ter is standing by. we talked about another foe that may be now an ally. but some we've talked about from the very beginning, newt gingrich, rudy giuliani. i think we have a screen of some of these trump loyalists that seem to be still looking for their place. mike huckabee's claiming now that he was offered a spot but
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he turned it down. what about ben carson? some of these loyalists that still haven't been placed. >> yes, ben carson is an interesting one right now. he is being seriously considered according to donald trumped an the secretary for housing and urban development. there was some speculation last week he was in the running for health and human services but ben cars i carson aides said het interested in serving in government because they called him a, quote, neophyte in those positions. and he would do so if donald trump felt he was the only person who could do it. and expressed a similar sentiment for this job, for housing and urban development. ben carson is still in the running. it is unclear if he will take the job if he is offered. then also people like newt gingrich. we haven't heard about him for a little while. and rudy giuliani. i know there's a lot of competition for secretary of state behind the scenes.
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the campaign says they've had over 60 meetings with qualified people. they say for these top jobs. rudy giuliani expressed openi openingly he was interested in secretary of state. we heard donald trump wasn't so pleased by that. because it was so public and he was trying to take all the attention away. so we heard his name for the director of national intelligence as well which would be an interesting role for hill considering he doesn't have experience in the intelligence arena beyond being the mayor of new york and doing some consulting for foreign governments which would also lead to some conflict of interest questions as well. so the loyalists are still trying to put their names in the hat, excuse me, their names in the hat, but there are others being considered as well. we've seen a lot of uncommon or untraditional, unconventional in the trump world names, like mitt romney. >> i'll get your thoughts on this "new york times" meeting
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with donald trump. we'll have more on that coming up. but one of the big headlines now out of this is donald trump will not follow through on the campaign promise to get a special prosecutor to go after hillary clinton. you have breitbart, the headline yesterday was that broken promise, what about the blow back here, as it relates to some of these people who you heard chant "lock her up and believed even if he didn't have the power to do so as president, he would look for avenues to investigate? >> it's not just supporters but members his team as well. we had members of his team in new hampshire saying hillary clinton should be put in front of a firing squad. because of her role in what they felt was a cover-up in benghazi and refusing to give the folks in benghazi the support they needed to protect them and protect american lives. because it was breitbart headline, broken promise, trump doesn't wish to pursue clinton
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e-mail charges. his supporters chanted lock her up pretty loudly at every single rally even when they were unprompted. they sold t-shirts, hillary for prison. some would come in in prison suits with hillary clinton masks on. we're going to find out if there is a backlash. we don't know if there's going to be a backlash. >> so this breitbart headline -- >> so far it's singular. it could just be -- don't know what the breitbart headline means going forward. but i can tell you from talking to his supporters on the road over and over again, if he changed his mind on things, if he pivoted on an issue, his supporters gave him a lot of leeway, the benefit the doubt it they believe he knew what was best. when i hear from folks when i've had conversations with them, supporters of trump, they said it's time for the country to heal, of course he's going to do this, this is not something he's going to pursue. campaign rhetoric is one thing. leaving the country is another.
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>> just quickly, one of the websites, tmz, posted a picture of steve bannon, the former head of breitbart, and mark cuban, a staunch rival, again, of donald trump. what do we know about what's happening here and what mark cuban could or could not be angling for? >> we don't know what these two men spoke about in the meeting. we don't know what prompted the meeting. we don't know how the the two men left meeting. so far, no comments on all sides from this. so it is unclear. mark cuban was a loud critic of donald trump during the campaign. the hillary clinton campaign used him as a distraction for trump during the debate, seating him in the front row of the debates. he was vocal how he did not agree with donald trump's policies. to see him sitting down with steve bannon is pretty eye opening. makes you wonder what those two men spoke about. if they came to any common ground. if something could happen in the
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future, i don't know if it was a job orre eoffered. i don't know if they were talking about policies. or criticism leveled at steve bannon. we don't know what the conversation was. but it is certainly newsworthy to see the two men sitting together. >> turning into a caption contest. thank you so much. developing knew, as mentioned, "the new york times" has released audio of their 75 minute long meeting with president-elect trump. trump appeared to reverse his position on a number of key campaign platforms. even the issue of torture in which he relayed a conversation he says he had with retired g d general john mattis. >> i said, what do you think of water boarding. he said, i was surprised, i've never found it to be useful. he say, give me a pack of cigarettes and a pack of beers
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and i do better with that than torture. >> a reporter from "new york times." live tweeting this meeting. all of it exceptional and incredible to watch and read. thank you for joining us. it's interesting that donald trump cites the general and his explanati explanation. john mccain has said this nonstop and said it to, at the time, candidate trump. and he did not waiver. and now we're seeing a difference on water boarding. >> one of many whiplash inducing remarks. there seem to be reversals on his opinions on climate change. certainly coming out and saying hillary clinton, she's been hurt enough. i don't feel that strongly about pursuing a prosecution of her. you know, as your reporters were saying, it's really unclear how his supporters are going to respond to that kind of thing. i think the same goes for some
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foreign policy comments as well. >> have we seen a candidate, then turned president-elect, reverse on so many? we know how dug in republicans are on this issue. when you -- these are small things that the president-elect is now changing. immigration, let me play what he said during this meeting. >> you know, you've been talking about immigration for 50 years. and nothing'ser happened. i feel very strongly about immigration bill that's fair and just. >> fair and just. different language than having a task force wrangle people from their homes. that's just another example. >> it's fascinating. spending a little more than an hour with donald trump yesterday, you really get the full extent of how he has a chameleon-like ability to really adapt to whatever audience he's speaking to. just the day before, he met with some leading executives of television news stations and really lationed into them.
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saying they were dishonest. saying they missed the boat of the election. the meeting at the times yesterday was fairly civil it the president-elect was joking at times. he was warm. he was sort of putting on a fairly smooth sails. i. and just hours before he described "the new york times" as a failing insurance tugs and threatened to cancel, actually did cancel the meeting briefly. >> he famously wrote the book art of the deal. at this point, was donald trump asked, did he ever plan to follow through on any of these promises? did he believe all along there were issues of climate and, as he put it, human activities linked to climate change, or was this all deal making for 20 months? >> yeah, i think it's really unclear what commander in chief is going to be taking over the executive branch of the federal
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government next year. just the fact we've seen so many changes in opinion on issues large and small. i think what he kind of ex-expressioned in his inaugural address, what we'll hear in the state of the union will give a clear sense of his policies moving forward. >> half of the american public did not vote after that inaugural address. we may see a flip depend on what he said there. some of that nearly 50% who voted for him may not feel that way. this is incredible. you said it, whiplash. investigators hope to review video that may explain why a school bus crashed in tennessee killing five students and injurying five other children. this as new details emerge about the bus driver's record. a live report. plus, new concerns surrounding the zika virus. what's happening to some babies who were not born with obvious signs of this devastating virus. it is one of the stories we're updating around the news nation. and after a divisive election season, talking about politics on thanksgiving a recipe for
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developing now, new details are emerging surrounding the driver of that tragic bus crash in tennessee that left five elementary schoolchildren dead and 24 others injured. nbc news has learned the bus driver, 24-year-old johnany walker who's facing five counts of vehicular homicide has a driving record raising many questions. as a community comes together to grieve the loss these young lives. one mother who lost her daughter in the crash says she complained about the bus driver in the
8:19 am
past. >> either day, they come home, they complaining about it it since the first day school. i'm been calling, complaining about this bus driver since august. i called the board education. i called the school. i wrote a letter to the school. i done wrote a letter to the bus driver. the principal read the letter to the bus driver. two weeks ago when i wrote the letter. >> mariana intensea jobs us from the crash site. the tennessee governor was questioned about this. what do we hear about parents who say they complaineded? >> tamron, our own kerry sanders pressed the governor about the letter from that grieving mother we heard from. the governor avoided answering the question. this was the heated exchange. >> i don't understand why you wouldn't want to answer that
8:20 am
question -- >> there are representatives here who can answer. why would you not want to answer if you've been notified about this driver's record -- >> thank you everyone, thank you. >> the governor is visiting families at the hospital at this ho hour. there are six children in the hospital still. five fighting for their lives. and one is in stable condition. this is the latest that we know about the investigation, tam ron. so ntsb has a presser at 5:00 p.m. today. there was no block box in the school bus. that was just the hope they had that is what they told us. there were three cameras inside that school bus. and the ntsb chairman confirmed to us the cameras have audio. he doesn't know what the quality of the audio is. but once they hear that audio, that will help clarify some of the rumors that have been going on about some statements the bus driver may have made on that bus
8:21 am
on the day of the accident. also the bus driver's record has come into question. as you mentioned in the beginning. and this is what we know from that driver's record. a minor bus accident just in september of this year. and then in 2014, he be had a suspended license. as you can imagine, this community is also questioning why that record didn't come into question when he was hired to drive this school bus. we actually spoke to the godfather of one of the little girls who died, zoe nash, and this is what he told us. >> my middle daughter told me to come pick her up, she didn't want to ride the bus. i'm highly angry. our whole community is angry. it just don't make no sense. i'm done talking. i can't talk. >> tony oliver, that man you just heard from, not only did his god child die, zoe nash, but
8:22 am
zoe's brother zechariah is fighting for his life at the hospital. many families going through that, the day before thanksgiving here in chattanooga, this community. >> all right, thank you so much. our thoughts are with those families. coming up, what the tsa is doing to reduce airport wait times ahead of record holiday travel. that begins today. a live report coming up. will the weather impact travel? we'll have the latest forecast. plus, why millions of american workers who were expecting more overtime pay starting next month may not get that money. it is one of the stories we are updating around the news nation. you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™,
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now the holiday rush is well under way as people head out for their thanksgiving destination.
8:26 am
portland, oregon, cleveland, ohio, chicago's o'hare international airport and dallas texas. triple a expecting holiday travel to hit a nine-year high this year. we've got it all covered for you. the number one question is of course the lines and what does it look like? >> they're causing people to lose and miss their flights, not as bad today. whi we did have likes running at 40 minutes, but that was really the exception. most lines are running at 20 minutes or less. for the regular check lines. about 10 minutes or less for the free wh precheck line. i did run into a family when they saw this long line their
8:27 am
first thought was oh, my gosh. >> it's moving fast so hopefully it's okay. >> have youer seen a line this long at this airport? >> no, i have not. >> never. yeah, never this long. it's a little overwhelming. but it see seems to be moving. >> the tsa has stood up a command center nearby at their headquarters in which they are monitoring every checkpoint at the 30 biggest airports in the country. then they can move resources in fast if they detect problems. so far we're told no significant problems. they dramatically staffed up. they've added dog teams and dough see that as a problem. although today will be the biggest travel day. >> travel site orbitz expects
8:28 am
thanksgiving day to be the biggest travel day of the year. how are things looking now? >> things look great. this was the travel night mare airport over the summer when we were dealing with long lines. there's no wait time, really, at all. if you do run into problems traveling by air this year, experts say one thing you can turn to is social media. take a listen. >> because they may have so many calls come in at once, some of the airlines are answering twitter a lot faster than they would a phone call. make sure if you have a problem you're messaging them and you're also following them so they can direct message you and try to solve your problem. >> i've tried this before. it works. many of the major airlines have dedicated social media teams of 20 to 30 people today whose sole job is to respond to people's
8:29 am
concerns via social media. >> most of the thanksgiving travelers out there hitting the roads of course. in dallas, how's it looking? >> so far, so good. as you mentioned, we're talking about nearly 50 million travelers. 90% of those people are going to be traveling by car. at least 50 miles or more. 4 million of those alone just in texas. those projections from aaa come because of a number of factors. they're looking at jobs, the stock market, at income, wages. we're look at a national gas price average of $2.13. still the second lowest in a
8:30 am
decade. because of the abundance of crude oil in the market now. the busiest time to leave will be later tonight. >> you're about 30 minutes probably from my mom's house, you can swing by and give her a hug. there's a great water burger not far from there. we're tracking some stormy weather though that could impact travel plans. may not be as lucky as jacob is in that ride in texas. let's go to bonnie schneider with an update. >> the center of the country, we have stormy weather. from louisiana to memphis. a little snow into northern minneapolis. later this afternoon, we could see them. light rain, poor visibility, we also have the potential in seattle. we're watching a series of
8:31 am
storms come into the northwest. there could be a little bit of travel trouble spots. so looking at thursday itself, similar situation, may see delays into seattle. a pretty good looking travel map for thanksgiving and into the rest of the weekend. we'll be watching for drivers to face a little bit rain and snow, al baby, also into seattle. temperatures are pretty comfortable. the winds have died down in the northeast. which is great news. 58 degrees in washington. 50 in new york city. i mentioned the winds. great news here. not as windy as what we saw monday and tuesday. a couple showers. but still comfortable out there. >> all right, thank you very much. and the suspect in the murder of a san antonio police
8:32 am
officer, we'll have the very latest on that. that tops our look at stories around the news nation. court records show otis mccain got married in a texas courthouse seven hours before his arrest. his marriage to a 27-year-old woman came amidst a massive manhunt. bizarre turn in the story. now charged with capital murder in the sunday morning ambush shooting death of veteran detective benjamin marconi. prosecutors have yet to say whether they will seek the death penalty or life without parole. the world's largest water slide in which a 10-year-old boy was killed in august is set to be demolished. the kansas water park called it the only proper course of action following this tragedy. police say charges are unlikely. a new steady reveals babies born looking normal and healthy after an infection can still develop the symptoms from this
8:33 am
disease. the study shows that babies are at risk not only in the womb if their mother is pregnant but long after birth. the cdc says more than 1,000 pregnant women have been infected with zika in the u.s. their children will have to be monitored now for years. in a major blow to the obama administration, a federal court has block a plan that would have given some 4 million american workers overtime pay. the initiative was set to begin in december. a judge ruled a labor department's plan would exceed its own authority. coming up, a new report says a group of computer scientists is calling for a challenge of the vote in three swing states. what they reportedly uncovered that has them urging the clinton campaign to challenge the election results. i'm sure a lot of you have seen this story circulating. we're going to dig into it in this morning's daily briefing in politics. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was going to
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we're back with our daily briefing on politics. joining me, senior political editor mark murray. how are you on this thanksgiving eve? let's start off with the headline. west wing versus west wing. what's going on there? >> "the new york times" has a great story looking at how the obama white house really isn't too keen on keith ellison the democratic congressman from minnesota potentially being the next dnc chair. of course ellison comes from the bernie sanders wing of the democratic party . i think there's some concerns the white house probably wants more pragmatism at the dnc than the idealism. in a lot of ways, they didn't disagree much on the issues, it was just mao how to do it and the idealism versus prague mati. >> some computer scientists
8:38 am
looking at wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. >> of course those three states are maybe the biggest surprises versus the public polling we ended up seeing. pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan. you can end up buying that kind of theory saying maybe there was something wrong. what these computer signs have said is where clinton underperformed, in a place like wisconsin for example, the ush be areas, they actually had paper and octi scan. of course she did really well in the urban areas. the other way to kind of almost debunk this so far is look at what happened in minnesota. minnesota was an all paper ballot state. hillary clinton barely won state by one percentage point.
8:39 am
if she underperformed in a place like minnesota, it also makes sense on how she underperformed in the michigans, the wisconsin and the pennsylvanias as well. >> the experts have urged the clinton campaign to challenge the result. obviously the clinton campaign thought something was there that could change this election. would they pursue it? >> yeah, and even if you end up buying this, that meanins she h to run the table in wisconsin and pennsylvania to get over 270. we're not really talking about the feasible here. i've looked forward to seeing if this actually is a published report. but right there, there doesn't seem to be the there there. >> the current popular vote total, new numbers in. >> clinton now has a 2 million popular vote lead over trump and it's continuing to grow. only three tie times in this nation's history have the
8:40 am
popular vote gone a different way. in 1876, you end up having samuel tilden with a 300,000 vote margin over hayes who ended up winning the electoral college. in 2000, al gore had a 500,000 vote margin over george w. bush who won the electoral vote margin. now this is 2 million. significantly bigger. >> that divide between the electoral college and the popular vote is perhaps why some people will have an awkward thanksgiving holiday. >> i hope you don't have a -- have a knnonawkward one. >> me and my mom don't argue over anything because i won't see her, sadly, i'm working. >> take care. >> some of you may be talking politics and it could ruin your thanksgiving meal. once someone brings up the electoral college and you bring up the popular vote. then the next thing you know the potatoes are flying.
8:41 am
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okay, here's our moment together. politics can be a dicey subject. this year can be full on mortal combat. if you're in a house divided after this election and you're dreading facing some of your relatives. with me now, the civility columnist for "the washington post." dani dani danielle is founder of the blog the snob which i like. using cognitive and social
8:45 am
science to study unconscious bias. at this point, is anything unconscious? i just feel like everybody puts everything on the table these days. >> so we do say and have always said about 15% of the country completely rejected the values most of us subscribe to and they spend all their time typing in caps online. now they're spending time celebrating their victory. but the vast majority of people, even those who voted for donald trump, are saying but i'm not racist. i think we still have a situation where most people really loathe the idea they would be considered racist. i think that norm still holds true. even though -- >> we know not all people who voted for donald trump are racist. >> that's right. >> so when you're at a dinner table and someone makes this assumption about you, you know your hipster niece comes from brooklyn to visit the family in kansas she hasn't seen in months and she's made an assumption about you, what do you do? >> i would first recommend to the hipster niece if she wants
8:46 am
to do some good instead of just throwing pie and assuming that everyone there is a racist, why doesn't she ask the question, what do you hope the president will do, and actually create an opportunity for people in middle america. i come from wisconsin. to actually hear from the people of brooklyn there can be a bridge across the divide. >> one of your points is so true, we keep teasing this as how do you talk to people. your point is how do we listen. >> exactly. we've been in this social media echo chamber for the last 18 months. 8 out of 10 americans are on facebook and we've had these nasty memes and just been shouting at each other and so one of my recommendations are when we sit down is to listen and respond. and that's the kind of questions that will not be threatening. don't call names. but ask and then listen. and one practical piece of advice for today is there's this really funny art project called not at my dinner table and you
8:47 am
can call in that number, google it, and practice talking to the relatives you can't talk to. it's hilarious. you can listen to other people's practices. you know, we're all struggling, tamron. >> do you start whipping out your dad at me, say, i was whatting msnbc and the popular vote has increased even more, hillary clinton's at 28% and the electoral and you're still wrong and do you start just throw being out your data and talking points? >> it's not about being right or wrong. it's about being present. let's remember this holiday is really based on the mantra, the motive of the united states, out of many one. let's find ways to connect on this holiday. this holiday is especially hard because 16 days after that election. >> i was talking to rachel about this. we know donald trump received about 10% of the african-american vote. dave chappelle's skit in my head, black dinner table, you're the one black uncle who voted
8:48 am
for donald trump, don't you say it at the dinner table? what do you do? >> you know, i think you accept and edge brambrace that uncle. he is part of the family. >> he is part of the family. >> i know, you accept it. it's just the reality. there's no need to get into this big protracted argument. you all know how you all feel. 4 it's a politics free zone. i don't know if it's realistic. it's sometimes like happy days where you say, we're not going to talk about it, then it suddenly comes up. at least in my family, that's
8:49 am
acceptable. we're all human beings. these no talk zones, they sound good on paper, but is it realistic? >> no, i mean, they're not realistic. we live in a political society. this election was so heated. you're not going to necessarily escape it at the dinner table. especially when you're looking for things, commonalty things you're talking about, and the election is just one of them. just part of our lives. just accept it, embrace it. i personally am looking forward to talking about politics, anything other than why i don't have a man or baby. any examination combination of baby. >> i would disagree here. i think the hosts are the chief manner officers of their home and they can set the rules. if that's where you're going, send an e-mail today and send people we're not going to be talking about politics at the table. and then enforce that. and that's your job. they'll also come up with some
8:50 am
safe questions where you can divert the conversation. my favorite one right now is let's go around and talk about our medications. that will really -- everyone will agree on that, right? >> everyone lists what they're on to cope with everything. >> valium, xanax -- >> that's horrible. >> bourbon. >> rachel, going back to the science of this though, i remember the gore/bush and having friends just ready to just lose their minds on both sides quite honestly. the reality is what has this election taught us about ourselves entering thanksgiving or is this just -- are we overinflating these emotions from trump's victory compared to other times in political discourse that we've experienced? >> i think we all know this election is different. the rhetoric in this election is did different than any we've seen in our lifetimes. we're not being unrealistic to say this is different. at the same time as you pointed out, not everyone who voted for donald trump is a racist. certainly they don't want to be
8:51 am
considered one. the hope is how can we bring the people who are "i'm not a racist but" into the camp of people who don't want that rhetoric to continue, who don't want people to feel threatened. >> my mom lives in texas. next to a guy who wrote on the car, trump won, deal with it. you have others who supported donald trump who may come to the dinner table and say you don't know what you're talking about. >> what has to happen with people who are celebrating, if they celebrate with the rhetoric, the rest of the family has to align together and say "this is not okay." if they're celebrating because they have no idea what it feels like to be in a vulnerable place, then what we can do, those of us who have, you know, that as our goal, is say this is the experience my friend had. there's a social science concept extended theory where people who live in neighborhoods where everyone looks just like them, if a family member comes in and tells them about a loved one, that can reduce bias. >> i learned to talk about pills, i learned how to avoid
8:52 am
why i don't have a baby and rachel, science therapy with you, thank you. happening now -- it was awesome. officials are boosting security at new york city's thanksgiving day parade. we'll have the latest from the macy's day parade. a safe zone. we'll be right back. zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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we have some breaking news to report on the trump transition. moments ago dr. ben carson posted to facebook saying, quote, an announcement is forthcoming about my role in helping to make america great again. donald trump tweeted last night he was considering carson for housing and urban development secretary. we'll update you when it is confirmed. in new york, security is tight a day before the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. tammy lightner live from new york where preparations are you should way. what's the -- under way. what's the feeling from those who plan to attend and city leaders? >> reporter: hey, tamron. there's been so much prep
8:56 am
already under way. these metal fences will be along the entire two and a half mile parade route. these cement barriers overnight will be moved into the streets to block them off. for the first time, they are closing down 42nd and 57th street which they have never done before. one other thing that will make this year different than other years is the critical response unit. they had just been trained last year. this year they are all fully trained. they are going to have the entire team, 500 people out there. they have long guns, thicker vests, smartphones with instant messaging. they have taken measures this year they have never had in the past. >> thank you very much. we are expecting a beautiful parade and a safe one. we'll be right back. a fancy jui? ready, go! hi, juice universe? one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair. glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day.
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9:00 am
they came to visit at the "today" show. congratulations to them. go, polly parrots. texas kids outside macy's day parade tomorrow. it will be wonderful. happy thanksgiving to you and your family. up next, part of my work family, "andrea mitchell reports." >> happy thanksgiving to you, tamron hall. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," about face. the president-elect says he's now open to the international agreement on climate change and a total shift on a key campaign threat to prosecute hillary clinton. >> she should be in prison. >> she has to go to jail. >> for what she's done they should lock her up. >> she should be locked up. she should. [ cheers and applause ] >> critic's choice. by picking nikki haley for u.n. ambassador donald trump names the first woman and a former political foe to his cabinet. >> i pick p


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