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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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and only gaviscon helps keep acid down for hours. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor-recommended gaviscon. good morning. i'm alex witt in new york. it is 9:00 in the east, 6:00 a.m. out west. here's what haepsing right n iw now. cuban-americans mark the passing of fidel castro. >> it means things are going to change, and everybody has been waiting for this moment, it came. it is true. it came. >> today i've been waiting all my life. i'm 24 and i've been waiting all my life for this moment. >> i would not celebrate the death of someone. if you look at in political terms, there is nothing to celebrate. nothing is going to change tomorrow. >> what will really change on the island nation and what does it mean for the u.s.? reports from havana, cuba, in
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little havana, miami, as well. travel threat, the one storm system that promises to bring major delays as millions of americans get ready to head home. recount, a major boost for the push to re-examine the votes in wisconsin. why the hillary clinton camp is backing it and what the president-elect has to say about it. and we begin in miami, with nbc's kerry sanders, following the jubilant crowds in little havana, well into the night and throughout yesterday. good day to you. hundreds were parading in those streets yesterday, cheering. what do we expect to see today? >> reporter: well, actually, beyond the hundreds, there were thousands. the street closed here on southwest 8th street in the heart of little havana. people were out partying well into the morning, 1:00 in the morning. so if they're going to come back out in any large numbers, it likely will be much later today because i think there might be a little bit of an exhaustion and hangover from the jubilation here in the streets last night.
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now, understand that if you look at the history of south florida, that the 5,000 or 6,000 people that is calculated on the streets here last night was actually kind of small from what they might have expected had fidel castro died while he was in power, maybe 20 years ago. because you have to realize that many of those who left cuba, especially in the 60s when fidel castro came to power, came to this country and have since passed on. it is their children who are here, many of their children born in the united states, or who were born in cuba, so young, they don't remember much about the country, only what their parents had told them and their parents told them what they had lost. what does this mean for the future? that, of course, is the biggest question. fidel castro has not been really in charge since 2006 when his brother raul effectively took over control of the country. but there are, of course, hopes and beliefs that the passage of fidel castro will somehow make
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an impact. this is what some of the folks here had to say as they were looking forward. >> i think this is going to mean a change. >> my parents never lived to go back to their country or nor my grandfather or my grandmother or any of my family members that have passed on. and i am here because they brought me here. they brought me to the u.s. to save me. >> alex, some of the people out here said yesterday and repeating again today that while fidel castro is now dead, now they would like to see raul castro gone, gone, they believe, because then there can be real change in the country. >> yeah, and kerry, based on the sentiments you were expressing relative to fidel, how much has raul instigated the kind of emotional response we have seen applied to fidel? >> well, if we go historically
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back, this takes some people who left the country when fidel came to power, raul was in charge of much of the military. in fact, was in charge of the firing squads that were used to kill some of those that fidel castro wanted gone. so he has, as they would say, blood on his hands. and so his authority comes with that backdrop, so they would like to see raul gone, but raul has already announced he's going to step down in two years and the person who will be taking over for him, a name that most people have never heard of, he wasn't even alive. he's 56 years old, wasn't even alive when fidel castro's brother and the other revolutionaries were up in the mountains taking over the country. >> truly the changing of an era. thank you so much, from miami, kerry sanders. let's go cuba. a nation in mourning. andrea mitchell is in havana. good day to you. what is the reaction on the
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ground there? >> reporter: good morning, from havana, alex. many people here in havana, especially the older generation, are reacting emotionally to the death of fidel castro. leaders around the world, many praising his legacy, but this is in sharp contrast to much of the political reaction back in the u.s. in revolution square, in churches, preparations for more than a week of official mourning before a barrel ceremony next sunday. one woman overcome with grief. she says, for me, he is not dead. also expressing emotion, elian gonzalez, now nearly 23 years old, who was shipwrecked on the florida shores, his mother dying on that journey, returning him to cuba became a national cause for fidel castro. el yoian now says i wanted to s him everything i achieved, he would be proud of me. cuban tv paid tributes all day and all night to the founder of
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the revolution. still a towering figure in his nation's imagination, even after he succumbed to illness and gave up power to his brother raul. young people marched, one saying it is painful for our country. this is the president we all loved. no sign of the protesters against his family's human rights abuses. the so-called ladies in white, who marched silently every sunday. when i interviewed fidel castro in 2002, he was defiant against u.s. pressure, to introduce political reforms. telling me, it isn't logical for anyone to set conditions for anyone else. the u.s. has relations with other countries without setting conditions. in fact, he was always confident his cause would outlive him. defying 11 american presidents, writing a final column denouncing the u.s. election only two weeks ago. once telling me -- there will be no problem if i die tomorrow because we have lots of young people who are well trained, who
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know what to do. but already his brother raul, once he took power in 2008, started introducing market reforms and then, of course, the dramatic opening to the u.s. in 2014. that, of course, is now very much in question given donald trump and his opposition to many of the things that president obama has initiated. alex. >> all of which were done under executive order. thank you for that. let's bring in francis suarez. i know your father was miami's first cuban mayor. what did the news of fidel castro's death mean to you personally? >> as the son of a first cuban mayor, as the grandson of someone in prison by castro who in prison not only my grandfather but his two brothers, one of which died in jail in cuba, it was a very emotional time for us. my mother and i spoke and she cried about the trauma she felt in being dislocated from her
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country. from everything that she knew as a young girl at 5 years old. it was a very traumatic situation for them. and we grew up learning about that trauma, hearing about it, but as a city commissioner, sort of in ground zero for where all the peaceful demonstrations were, for me, it was incredibly emotional time, a time where it was interesting to see so many young people, people from my generation out enjoying jubilation, not because of the death of a person or dictator, but more because of the possibility for change in cuba, which i think everyone, every single cuban agrees on. >> to your point, you said that people are celebrating not so much over the death of a person, but rather the death of this person. the reaction, do you find it at all odd that people are celebrating? >> well, i think, you know, yesterday i was with lee who was
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there and it is something he said in one of his songs, an absurd ideology, communist is an absurd ideology. that's what people were celebrating, the death of the ideology, the hope that that ideology is soon dying. so that people in cuba are no longer going to be repressed, no longer going to be beaten like you said, the ladies in white, we had just named a street after the ladies in whit e, on wednesday, the day before thanksgiving. i gave the leader a replica of the sign and she said, you know, commissioner, i don't think i'll be able to take this home with me. they're not going to let me enter that into my country. so a country that just doesn't even respect basic human rights and beats women who are demonstrating peacefully on the streets of havana. >> how much do you hold out hope for consistent and really significant change two years from now when raul castro is scheduled to hand over power?
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>> i think people in miami are hopeful that this event catalyzes a change instantly. it is up to the cuban people who are governing them receives to decide that they want to live in freedom, they want to live in liberty, they want to live democratically. so certainly we'll be doing something with the city of miami on wednesday, this wednesday, to show our solidarity with the cuban beth and encourapeople an to take control of their country and convert it to a democracy. >> many thanks for your time this morning. appreciate that. >> thank you so much. to politics and it is a new reaction from the president-elect on the clinton campaign's decision to join the election recount effort. here is one of several tweets he typed out early this morning. hillary clinton conceded the election when she called me just prior to the victory speech and after the results were in. nothing will change. trump initially issued a statement calling green party nominee jill stein's recount efforts ridiculous, and a scam.
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she claimed victory on friday when wisconsin accepted her petition to start recounting votes. here is her reaction to trump's criticism. >> he himself said that it was a rigged election. unless he won it. i invite everyone, i invite donald trump's campaign, hillary's campaign, we have had calls out to gary johnson's campaign, this should be a nonpartisan people powered effort to ensure that we can rely on the integrity and the security of our votes. >> beyond wisconsin, stein plans to sign petitions to michigan and pennsylvania this week. >> trump is wrapg ping up his holiday weekend in florida. he'll meet with eight people tomorrow including milwaukee sheriff david clark. let's bring in kristen welker. good sunday morning to you. what more can you tell us about the president-elect's plans once he wraps up this vacation trip?
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>> as you said, he's going to meet with eight people tomorrow, including the milwaukee sheriff david clark, the person who is getting the most buzz. he's, of course, a hard liner, hard liner on crime. someone who is a bit of a lightning rod and apparently being considered for dhs secretary. so the question is will we get another cabinet announcement tomorrow after he holds those meetings? that's his key focus when he returns from his thanksgiving vacation here in palm beach to start filling in his cabinet and his administration more. the other position that we are watching very closely, the position of secretary of state, the two top contenders there, alex, seem to be rudy giuliani, a long time supporter, he's also a hard liner, and also mitt romney, a former antagonist, someone more of a moderate republican. a lot of republicans saying it would be good for president-elect trump to round out his cabinet with people who have different views than him. so he'll have to see what he has to say, but bottom line is his
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focus is going to be on filling in the blanks if his administration once he returns. >> as you know, he seems none too pleased this morning about the jill stein led effort for the recount in wisconsin, potentially with other states. what is he saying about that? >> none too pleased at all. let me read you his statement. his recent statement says this is a scam by the green party, for an election that is already conceded. and the results of the election should be respected. instead of being challenged. sao you hear donald trump's line of attack against this recount effort. let me just explain what this is about. third party candidate, green party candidate, jill stein, has raised enough money to initiate a recount in wisconsin. she wants to do the same in michigan and pennsylvania. these are three states where donald trump won narrowly. his combined margin of victory was about 100,000 votes. some said they saw signs of potential irregularities in votes in those states.
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so green party candidate jill stein saying she wants to see what is at work there. the clinton campaign said they would join her effort. i've been faulking to clinton officials, they say we respect the results of the election, we don't think they are going to change. >> they have 35 days to do it. we'll be talking about this for a few more weeks. thank you very much, kristen. a recount in wisconsin as we were discussing and possibly two more states. i'll ask a former trump adviser if the president-elect is worried about the states flipping to hillary clinton. with the right steps,
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the state of wisconsin says
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it will conduct a recount of its presidential election ballots after a petition from former green party candidate jill stein. in a statement, donald trump who won that state by about 22,000 votes called the recount just a way for jill stein to fill her coffers with money. let's bring in steve cortez, republican strategist and former member of trump's hispanic advisory council. good to see you. thank you for joining me. wasn't to g i want to get your take on this recount effort. is it a legitimate move here? >> no, i don't think it is at all. this is a complete distraction, the election clearly was already decided. i think this is -- it is football season now. this is like a toddler trying to throw a hail mary pass in an nfl game. this is simply not going to work. i think the fact that the clinton campaign joined the effort is evidence of the hypocrisy from their side. she assailed my candidate, then candidate, now president elect during the campaign when she said that the fact he wouldn't prepromise to accept results was, quote, a direct threat to
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our democracy. now, i think that was an exaggeration at the time. but i think she should heed her own words now and be a good loser and go away regarding recounts. we have a lot of work in this country to grow again. >> do you think if donald trump were in the position hillary clinton were in, would he be doing the same thing and secondly, hasn't the clinton camp said look, we zoent expect there to be a change in the results? but we're just checking for irregularities. might russia have been involved? there were concerns prior to the election. >> right, to the first point, we don't know about a hoipt cal. i would hope and believe that donald trump would not be involved in an effort like this because there is no credible information that there was chicanery, that there was cheating of any kind on any wide scale basis. if there were credible information, i would be the first to say every vote has to count. but the clinton team has conceded, seems almost no chance that the end result can be overturned, particularly in
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pennsylvania where the margin of victory was so large, no chance here. i would put back to them, why do it, why pursue it at all? >> it was 100,000 votes or so. to the other big headline this weekend, fidel castro. his death is trump's first diplomatic test. his immediate reaction was a very short tweet. i'm sure you saw it. he's dead. he did not put out official statements until almost three hours later. are you satisfied with that? is that how you want your president to react to a situation that is extremely politically sensitive and has international implications? >> it is a good point. this president is unlike any we have ever had, a candidate unlike any we have ever had. this one i'm happy to defend. fidel castro was nothing more than a monmonster, a tyrant, abd
6:21 am
people. i'm proud he didn't miss words and in contrast to the current president, who put out a milquetoast statement about history being the judge, we don't have to wait for history to judge fidel castro. a lot of folks on the left, including jill stein, who we already mentioned, jesse jackson, they put out statements that they weren't just milquetoast, but statements praising this monster fidel castro. a lot of people showed their true stripes on the left and certainly internationally as well, prime minister of canada, the president of the european union, so i think there was a lot of disgusting double talk on twitter yesterday and social media, by the way, millions of tweets on twitter about castro, not one from the country of cuba because it is not allowed. that's telling in and of itself. >> looking forward, let's listen to what trump had to say about cuba and policy there, this happened in september. take a listen. >> the president's one sided deal for cuba and with cuba benefits only the castro regime.
6:22 am
but all of the concessions that barack obama has granted the castro regime were done through executive order, which means the next president can reverse them and that, i will do unless the castro regime meets our demands. >> that's still the intention there? >> you know, i think it is. regarding executive orders, one of the worst abuses of the present administration was the overuse of executive orders and treating the white house like it was an imperial palace, it is not. congress has to approve these kinds of things, the iran deal, the cuban deal. we need congressional oversight and i would say that florida is a key state for us, a battleground state, we fought hard and won reasonably easily. one reason is we did much, much better with latinos than people thought we would there, particularly with cuban-americans. i think they rallied before
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castro's death, rallied to the vision that trump laid out for a free cuba. and with castro's death we're one step closer to getting there and partly with the leadership of president trump. >> thanks so much. look forward it our next conversation. appreciate it. coming up next, the long road home, what travelers will face as they head to the airports today. want a feast fit for the season? at red lobster's holiday seafood celebration nothing says "treat yourself" like any of these indulgent new dishes. so try the new grand seafood feast with tender shrimp, a decadent crab cake, and a lobster tail topped with white wine butter. or the new wild-caught lobster & shrimp trio crispy and garlic grilled red shrimp, and a lobster tail with creamy lobster mac-and-cheese? you wanted a feast, you got it. feasts like these make the holidays the holidays, so come try one before it ends. the great north calls >>announout for heroes.waits... train your army and lay waste to your rivals!
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we had lines that went for dozens of people long. right now it is less busy. we ran into a couple of people we want to highlight here. natalie and jamie. they showed up two hours before their flight, just a way to guarantee you have no trouble. you usually travel on thanksgiving. you run into problems? >> usually we arrive early so we don't tend to get any problems to be honest. >> that's good. where are you going today? >> to san diego. >> san diego. you were here for thanksgiving with the family. what did you have for thanksgiving? >> everything. >> you had turkey. ham like a lot of people? >> ham, steak. >> steak? >> pork chops. all the sides. >> a member of the family is brazilian. >> we have learned that you arrive two hours early and you have steak for thanksgiving. back to you. >> i think the question is what didn't they have anyway? there is new reaction from the sunday talk shows to what cuba's future will look like without fidel castro. and the emotions felt across
6:28 am
this country from those who gave up everything to escape the revolution. >> i'll die a cuban, even though i'll be here for the rest of my life, if nothing changes over there. my heart, i'll always be a cuban. he gets a lot of compliments.
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he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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here you go.picking up for kyle. you wouldn't put up with part of a pizza. um. something wrong? so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve. welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt at msnbc world headquarters. here is what we're monitoring. some new reaction from one of president-elect's top advisers on whether he will roll back president obama's cuba orders. here is what kellyanne conway told chuck todd moments ago. >> is he rolling back? just going to reinstitute the embargo immediately and then go to congress? what is going to do when he takes office? >> none of that has been has been decided. the president-elect will make those decisions and will make those announcements once he's president. we have a president in office for eight more weeks and we're very respectful of that.
6:32 am
>> is it a definite that policy will change or possible he keeps some of the changes in place? >> nothing is definite. he'll speak with his advisers and he'll be applying the same brilliance and instinct and -- that he applied all throughout the campaign. >> also this morning, cuban-american senator marco rubio defending his criticism of those expressing their condolences for the former cuban leader. >> pope francis, leader of a religious organization, roman catholic church, barack obama is the president of the most powerful country in the world. what i call pathetic is not mentioning whatsoever in that statement the reality that there are thousands of people who suffered brutally under the castro regime, he executed people, he jailed people for 20 to 30 years, the florida straits, thousands of people who lost their lives fleeing his dictatorship and not to acknowledge any of that in the statement i felt is pathetic, absolutely. >> now to havana, where a second day of mourning is beginning.
6:33 am
morgan radford joins us with the latest from there. let's talk about the situation. what is it like there? >> good morning to you. we're here in old havana, in front of the iconic museum of the revolution. right now you can see this area is usually bustling on a weekend, but right now the bars are closed. restaurants have stopped serving alcohol. and even concerts were canceled yesterday as people here openly wept in the streets. but then inside their homes, there is a different conversation, private conversation, that is happening, and a lot of people are saying they hope that this might mean a more economically prosperous future for cuba. the question, they all admit that fidel castro had a complicated legacy here. many people who i spoke to today told me, look, on one hand, he offered us free health okay free education system. on the other hand, this brain drain among the younger generations of cubans who left the island. as people figure out how they're going to interpret the legacy, a
6:34 am
man they call the father of the country, but certainly the father of the revolution, they say that we're not sure what this means going forward. in terms of domestic point of view what does that mean? will things change? some say things won't change. there has been a transition team in place here for years, precisely so this moment of transition would be seamless. people wonder what does this mean in term of foreign policy and a personal standpoint, will people be able to be reunited with their families. these are the questions people are facing as they interpret the legacy and what it means for the days ahead. >> thank you very much. let's go to mariana, in miami, where cuban-americans attended mass early this morning. good sunday morning to you. what is the mood like there? >> that's right, alex. i'm at the national shrine of our lady of charity. the patron saint of cuba. and the cuban story is tragic,
6:35 am
defined by the separation of families, people having to leave everything behind, that when they come to the united states, they really find comfort in churches like the one behind me. the largest of its kind outside the island. and in fact we were here last night when archbishop thomas lenski led a special service this morning. when i asked him what is the role of the church, now that castro has passed, this is what he told me. >> we're trying to rebuild a cuba in which all cubans will feel at home or can be at home and that -- and that nation and for that cubans have to begin to talk to each other and to be able to disagree and that's a long and difficult process, especially because there is -- there have been some historic hurts. and so it is so difficult that on our own it is probably
6:36 am
impossible, but with god's help, the impossible becomes possible. >> you got to remember, alex, the cuban community is a very catholic, but that religious identity, if you will, can really be expressed under communist rule on the island. so when they come to the u.s., they find their identity in the church behind me. and the archbishop said something that stuck with me. he said this is a community divided, in the only by the florida straits, but by ideology. and he believes that the power of prayer really helps bring them together in the wake of castro's death. >> thank you so much, appreciate that reaction. let's talk about sharp contrast with with the celebratory crowds that filled the streets. others are expressing grief and sorrow over the passing of a leader who ruled cuba for over half a century. welcome on this sunday morning.
6:37 am
talk about the polarized reactions there to fidel castro's death. interpret them for me, the meaning of each side, if you will. >> thank you, alex. it is complex. it is complicated. 56 years of a lot of pain. a lot of difference of opinion and families divided. what we have here is a good million people in south florida who are cuban-american, of cuban dissent, and several generations. people who came, like my family, right after the revolution, others who came during the freedom flights of the '60s, others who came during the mariel boat lift, others that came during the crisis of the rafters. and a succession now of people coming over by land bridges through central america and through the florida straits, that continues and has actually been an uptick in last two years since there was an opening with cuba. since the obama administration
6:38 am
brought that opening. so you wonder what is going on, why, if there is an -- there was -- and there is until mr. trump becomes president officially, there was a new way of doing -- of reacting with cuba, right, with the u.s. and yet what we were seeing is a spike in people leaving. part of it i think is the frustration in cuba that they were not seeing movement in several areas that people were expecting to be able to open more businesses, even though the laws changed and raul castro did change some laws and made that more accessible. now they're starting to clamp down again. we had stories in last two to three months. with that dynamic happening over there, and then over here you have so many people who had either -- if they were not put in prison at some point, long or short-term, they have an aunt, uncle, brother, sister, mother, someone who had to deal with
6:39 am
that. and a lost tht of them left. this wasn't a catholic country. it was communist and you can practice your religion, you couldn't have your faith. so all of that is now rolled together into this big explosion, if you will, on our streets, but it is not a big explosion compared to what it would have been maybe ten years ago. this is anti-climatic. since he got hill, that was -- people knew this was coming. >> right. so foreign leaders, many of them are getting criticized for their statements about the death of fidel castro. one of them is canada's prime minister. he made significant improvements to the education and health care of his island nation. we heard senator rubio earlier talking about this. but specifically to that statement, he says it is shameful, embarrassing. senator ted cruz called it
6:40 am
disgraceful. so the controversy caused by justin trudeau's statement, are you surprised by that? >> no. i'm not surprised by that. it is like che guevara t-shirts, it is a way of -- it is a different experience. what we lived with the cuban -- it is very different than what is seen when you go in and the magical mystery tour if you will, and it is a government sponsored tour. it is very different. when we had people in our families that couldn't find food to eat that day and were in line for several hours to get their little coupon where they could get their little piece of whatever that was available in the market that day, that's the whole different dynamic. so there was health care, there is health care, the problem is the health care that the mr. trudeau might see is the nicest hospital on the island that is there for foreigners, but the
6:41 am
ones that the cubans who lived there are not getting the services that they need, and a lot of it is because cuba's now using doctors as money. and they send them and they export them and get money back from other countries that are able to use them. it is a great program for the cuban government economy. >> in terms of anticipating this moment, the miami herald media company sent a plan of action about 20 years ago for castro's death, including the special edition posters we saw yesterday, special report in today's miami herald, was there anything while waiting for so long while this moment that surprised you? >> oh, boy. i mean, i'm a little surprised that the -- in a way people are saying, oh, you know, there is a lot of fek folks on the street not compared to like you mentioned yourself ten years ago when he first got ill. that was huge. or when the elian controversy, the city was just full of, you
6:42 am
know -- people all over. so it is a little more contained. and i think, you know, there is really -- for me, it is all -- we know this transition has been put in place now in cuba for many years. and we know that people in cuba live what we call two faces, you know, they have one face for the public and what they might say and one as one of your reporters noted what they might be discussing inside their home. and it is a system that they had to live through and it really is sort of a sociological study on what happens to a people, you know, over almost 60 years of control. >> thank you so much for your time. appreciate that. still ahead, the way forward for cuba. how will a president trump make a difference for the people on the caribbean island? and coming up next on am joy, the business president-elect donald trump was doing in cuba while fidel castro was still running the island nation. l i cn
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strong words from donald trump today on the death of long time cuban leader fidel castro. in a statement, the president-elect called castro a brutal dictator who leaves behind a legacy of suffering. earlier he wrote, fidel castro is dead. let's bring in nan hayworth and jonathan altar, a columnist for the daily beast and author of "the center holds, obama and his enemies." first, the reaction by donald trump, the first one. appropriate or not? >> it was an expression, i think, of just the profundity of this event, if you will. and he went on to elaborate rightly that fidel castro was a brutal dictator and that the world should be mindful of that
6:47 am
as they observe his death. i think, you know, the cubans who spoke now, the cuban-americans who have spoken out about what happened under his regime and the violations of human rights and the denial of human dignity and opportunity are very important and the president embraces that. >> so the extent to which democrats are concerned that donald trump will undo those things done by executive order by president obama with regard to the work in cuba, how legitimate are those concerns? do you think he's going to undo things? >> i think he'll move backwards more toward an embargo. i agree with the congresswoman that fidel castro was a brutal dictator and a lot of liberals are not conscious enough of that and for instance prime minister trudeau in canada, his response to this was not appropriate, not historically accurate. having said that, you don't, if you are president of the united states or president-elect, you don't tweet like that. there is a way to respond and
6:48 am
you're not just another person going, hey, ding dong, the witch is dead, you need to stop and think about how the leader of a large nation should respond. and so trump is still in these old off the cuff shoot from the hip habits that are going to get us in a heap of trouble when he's president. now, on the cuba point in particular, as brutal as castro was, it was extraordinarily stupid for the united states to are this embargo over all these years. if we go back to that now under trump, we'll be going back to a stupid self-destructive foreign policy. >> how do you really feel? >> it hurt the cuban people, it hurt the american people. it made no sense for us not to trade and to have an embargo with cuba. didn't have that on other communist countries. a ridiculous policy for many decades. >> much to be regretted, no doubt, and president elect
6:49 am
trump's goal is going to be in his conduct of office. i have no doubt of it. and this was what he has stated. he wants to succeed in expanding the opportunity, the kind of economic opportunity that all cubans and every american deserves. i think he will pursue policies that will pragmatically get us to that goal. but what president obama did was provide cuba -- cuba's government in a sense, raul castro, and fidel castro, to the extent he contributed to it in his final ten years, he gave them an opportunity to look better than they deserved to look in a sense. we didn't extract any commitment to increasing the status of human rights. >> i hope you're right, that, you know, because trump is pragmatic in some ways, he's on record as wanting to do business himself, in cuba, maybe he will pursue more pragmatic course.
6:50 am
>> we need a business approach and a political approach. >> he also knows he won by 120,000 votes in florida, critical to him getting presidency, and he might also say, you know what, i'm going to continue to try to appeal to th anti-castro cuban exile community in which case he would move toward embargo. >> let me ask you about the recount led by jill stein. is that going to change anything? what's the point of this, jonathan? >> i don't think it makes sense. it's not going to change anything, but people have the right to ask for a recount if they want to. i think it will be much ado about nothing. >> do you think it's going to extend into pennsylvania as well as michigan? >> as you know, to meet the deadline in pennsylvania which is monday, the way in which to pursue a recount in pennsylvania is that you have to present each county with a petition with evidence of fraud. the likelihood of that succeeding is slim to none.
6:51 am
>> there are some indications that there might be some irregularities that probably won't change the outcome but that would be good if they surfaced. for instance, in one county where they messed up the vote, they said there was a problem with a motum. that's a 1970s, '80s technology. it sounds like there's probably more to that story. >> what about the clinton campaign, of course they've come on board and said they'll support stein's efforts but saying things like maybe let's look at the russia involvement that was suspected as being possible before the election. >> this is outrageous to me. again, it's not going to change the outcome of this election because we cannot measure how much it affected the election, but the fact that the media -- the clinton campaign and the country as a whole did not make a bigger thing. i would blame president obama on this too. they tried to affect and may have affected a presidential election. this is one of the most significant espionage operations in recent world history, and it
6:52 am
was a smaller story than e-mails. >> listen, i'm going to have to wrap up because a lot of people want to know about the weather and getting home. we have some issues we have to get to. >> do we? because hillary clinton significantly increased our expose to risk from russia, just saying. >> last words right there. you guys can do this during the commercial. thank you guys, good to see you both. up next for mother nature, heading home could be a problem on this holiday weekend finale. this one is from channel islands national park. coronado. saguaro. you'll see there's one that's an eagle. my number one goal is getting more funds out to parks because some animals and plants are only found in one place in the world, and that's in some national parks. i find that's a great cause, and i want to support it. (avo) the subaru share the love event has donated over four million dollars to help the national parks. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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it's time to look at the weather for the millions hitting the road today at the end of this holiday weekend. joining me for the weather headlines, msnbc's bonnie schneider. california has some action going on. >> they do. great news for the skiers, not great for the drivers. mammoth lake is getting hit with lots of snow. across much of nevada this is not over yet. this is a big snow maker.
6:56 am
if you are driving be extra careful on interstate 70, into colorado, back towards i-80. in utah it's going to be very snowy. if you're flying we're anticipating some delays in salt lake as well as phoenix and dallas. airport delays in los angeles due to showers and dense fog in minneapolis with wet weather later tonight. the interstates i mentioned in california, a little bit of a rough travel for you especially in the mountain passes where we will be substantial snow, and watch out for the potential for wet weather going through parts of the heartland. looking ahead this week, it's going to be a busy weather week. if your travel extends to monday we're watching for severe storms especially into louisiana and mississippi. these are going to be powerful storms through nashville and indianapolis. we're going to keep a close watch. today, comfortable temperatures across much of the country. in the northeast it's looking really nice, mid-atlantic as well. out west we're watching for rain
6:57 am
and snow but i think the weather is going to get a lot more active starting later today and the rest of tomorrow for the rest of the country. >> thank you so much for the heads up on that, bonnie. that will do it for this hour's of live coverage. up next on "am joy," how donald trump may profit from a more open cuba.
6:58 am
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good morning and welcome to "am joy". the death of fidel castro, one of the most iconic and polarizing figures of the 20th century has prompted an outpouring of responses from around the world ranging from sorrow to celebration. while some responses read like a four-word gut reaction, president obama's statement read in part, we know that this moment fills cubans with powerful emotions. history will record and judge the enormous impact of this singular figure on the ppl


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