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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  November 28, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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thing? did this seem to be planned? any indication this could be a terror attack? >> it's too early to say. based upon common knowledge you can say this was done on purpose. to go over the curb, strike pedestrians and get out and strike them with a knife. that was on purpose. >> did the suspect say anything to the police officers? >> ongoing investigation. [ inaudible ] >> as far as we know there was one suspect. the suspect is d.o.a. there were rumors of a second suspect. we searched the garage and could not find another suspect. we believe there was one suspect. we have that suspect. >> was there a fire alarm pulled before this and that's why some students within oh the sidewalk? >> earlier today there was a gas leak at a building. so columbus fire was on scene checking that. >> which building? >> that was, i believe, white
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hall at west 19th and college. >> do we think this has a role in this at all? >> still under investigation. >> what can you say about the injuries? what type of injuries --? >> andy will speak about that. >> sure. there were multiple injuries related to lacerations or cuts. most likely from the stab wounds from the butcher knife. there were a number of people that had orthopedic and soft tissue injuries related to being hit by the car initially. it is our understanding from the other hospitals and our knowledge here that none of the individuals appeared to have life threatening injuries at that time. >> will they have to have surgery? >> one -- actually two. >> what was the question? >> surgery. two completed surgery at this point here. mainly for orthopedic issues. >> student, faculty, staff? >> we'll release more information with the university at a later time. >> talk about how you called for staff to come to the hospital. talk about that. we saw them arriving, sleeves
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rolled up, ready to go. >> we have a process that's university wide. when the buckeye alert goes out we jump into action. the active shooter protocol is something that went out across campus. we internally have what's called a code yellow or disaster drill. we made phone calls to key individuals both the emergency department, surgeons, nurses, respiratory therapists and people descend. we trained for this. we worked with other hospitals in the city to train for these types of events. i can't tell you how proud i am to work here at the university. and to see my colleagues come together in a moment that all of us would really hate to have happen on any campus much less our own. it was great to see the response. i'm glad people were not any further injured than they were. >> dr. drake, if you could talk a little bit about the mood on campus now and if you could just
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come back from thanksgiving break this has to be a tough time. we could see it on the faces of the students here. >> yes. this is obviously a tragic situation. this is something we prepare for. the best we can do is to respond appropriately. we are glad the injuries weren't more severe. people have been to the hospital already. we are pleased the injuries aren't more serious. >> what do you say to them? >> what i say regardless of circumstances to students. we are here for them and want them to have a full and complete recovery as soon as possible. we care about them as people as well as patients. >> how do you assure parents when campus re-opens they will
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be safe? >> we all do what we can to be as safe as we can. we have the normal safety protocols in place. we believe we could be as safe as possible. with officers here to respond and we are pleased this was no more serious than it could have been. >> talk about next steps. >> what do you plan to do about classes? did you cancel classes? >> we cancelled classes today. this was disruptive this morning. the situation appeared to be neutralized rapidly but we wanted to give the police a chance to begin the investigation. so we held people in place until we felt the campus was safe and secure. pleased that was the case. now we have disrupted the schedule for half a day. it's emotionally draining and frightening. this is a good day to take a step back from classes, get our footing until tomorrow.
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>> can someone speak to the nature of the alert that said run, fight, hide or something to that effect? is that a normal alert? >> we have a protocol we rehearse for what one should do if one engages an active shooter. first i heard there were shots fired on campus so the active shooter protocol would be put in place which is to do as much as possible to protect people. to not engage, find someplace safe and hide while the professionals arrive to neutralize the situation. our first order of business was to make the campus safe and secure. that happened within minutes. then we investigate and have information that lets people know it is safe to resume normal or most normal activities. we allow that to be shared. we do it through text messages. it spreads rapidly throughout the campus. >> can you repeat your name? >> michael drake. >> run hide fight is an ongoing training program.
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when you see it referenced it rings a bell with those involved. >> there was a student hiding. the medical professionals talked to that. there was a girl hiding inside. >> the safety team has done a lot of training across the community. that's why they used the key words in an alert to remind people of their options for a violent intruder whether someone with a gun or a knife like today. those are key words to re miemi people. >> this was a city made up of great neighborhoods. we are in one of the greatest neighborhoods. so we are here to show our support and solidarity. with president drake and the entire university community, lift up in our thoughts and prayers the victims. this senseless tragedy. grateful for our first
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responders that were on the scene and helped to en shsure t the situation didn't escalate dramatically. want to send a message to the university and the community that columbus will devote whatever resources are necessary and work closely with president drake and his team to make sure that everyone feels safe in this neighborhood and throughout our great city. grateful again for dr. thomas and the amazing folks here. we want everyone in columbus to continue to lift up thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families. >> what will you say to the parents of students here? talk to the parents and families of what they can expect and what
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you are doing to keep the students safe and also talk to their emotional and social needs. >> we are pleased no one was injured more seriously than they were. we live in an open society where these tragedies happen some place, it seems, on far too frequent a basis. what we do on campus is what we can to make the campus safe. we have multiple trainings in place to make the campus as safe as it can be. we are pleased with how well they work and with how people responded to the tragedy today. we'll continue to work with the students, faculty and staff to make it the safest place we can. that's our work on a daily basis. it makes our job easier. we live in an unstable world unfortunately. we have to do our best to protect against these things. >> chief, can you talk about the tools and methods used to assist
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osu police in finding out a motive? >> certainly. every aspect of this investigation will be mulled over. we have the federal partners, state partners and local. to try to identify any potential motive behind this attack. obviously with the purposeful intent that was noticed driving on the sidewalk. we are going to look at it from the potential that it was planned with regard to multiple injuries. we will continue to work with all of those agencies to try to determine what was being talked about whether it was on a device, online, whatever else. we'll continue to look at that. >> can you tell us what you have seen so far looks like it could be a terrorist act? >> i think we have to consider that it is. that possibility. you know, we had an attack earlier this year, a man with a
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knife causing multiple injuries. we are always aware that that's the potential. that's why our federal partners are here and working. >> can you talk about the initial reports there was a shooter and not someone with a might have? >> well, with the amount of people here on campus it was chaotic. i'm proud of the students and the faculty, the staff at osu to do exactly what they needed to do. that was to get some place safe. we know that people didn't try to be a part of the scene. they tried to get away from it which is the right thing to do. i'm pleased with the reaction of everybody. we should not take for granted that the best thing to do is to protect yourself. so i do believe the response was appropriate. we couldn't have asked for more. >> there is no indication of a gun now? >> there is no indication of a firearm being used by that
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particular suspect at this point. we haven't searched the vehicle yet. that's to be done. we don't know what we'll find inside the vehicle. >> any indication of multiple suspects at all? >> no indication for sure. reports of that are being checked out. we have a lot of witnesses to interview with regard to the aggravated assault that the suspect did. we'll continue to find out whether or not there was anybody else involved. >> will you and campus police step up more police presence on campus and throughout the city? >> that's up to osu pd. we don't have information that tells us there is a conspiracy going on. >> we understand there were at least two people taken out of the granuarage in handcuffs. >> we believe people fled the scene. they might have gone to their vehicles. they might have hunkered down when they realized the police were searching the building. it was obvious we were doing a search. until we know their motives,
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their intentions they will be treated as potential suspects. >> are they still being considered potential suspects? >> not that i'm aware of. >> what can you tell us about the suspect who is deceased? male, female, student, age? >> i don't have the information. >> can i clarify the number of folks injured? someone was hiding and had come to the hospital. does that mean there are ten injured in total? or is that person included in the nine? >> included in the nine. >> thank you. >> who is the lead investigator? >> columbus police is investigating the aggravated assault from the suspect and the officer involved shooting. very, very -- as chief stone said, i think you might have heard the pride in his voice. we are fortunate that the officer was on scene quickly and was able to deal with the situation so fast. >> we would like to tell students to contact their loved ones. the same with faculty and staff. they know they are safe. their family members are probably seeing this on national
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media and do not know they are safe. that would help us out if they reach out to contact loved ones. let them know they are okay. that would be a great assistance to us. >> have you been able to reach the victims' families to let them know what happened? >> i believe most of the victims have probably had a chance to o codo so. >> i can't guarantee all have. most of the victims were awake and talking. i would expect they would have had contact. >> can any of you speak as to when the roads around campus, specifically 315, will have normal traffic flow. >> we opened it a while ago? >> and campus? >> we are holding now college and woodrough and 19th. i believe lane avenue should be open soon if not already. >> one more question. >> chief, this might be for you. did the officer warn the suspect they were about to shoot? was there a warning, do you know? >> as far as i know he engaged the suspect, commands weren't
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followed and the officer did what he had to do to stop the threat. >> other than the attacker was anybody shot? >> no. >> thank you. another update later. >> we appreciate it. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> can we get names of -- ma'am? >> you have been listening to a briefing from officials at the ohio state university after what came in this morning just before 10:00 a.m. initially as some kind of active shooter situation. what we now know was an incident that apparently didn't involve a gun. let's debrief on what you heard over the last 20 minutes from officials there. this morning before 10:00 a.m. there was a suspect who rammed a car into a group of people on campus, got out and began cutting people with what we are now told is a butcher knife. there were reports it was a machete or a different kind of knife. police and officials giving us clarity there. one police officer engaged and killed a suspect who is now dead. there are nine people in stable
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condition. they are continuing to investigate the suspect's car. they are doing that. trying to determine if a gas leak earlier in the day had a relationship to what we saw unfold at the watts building on campus. there was, of course, several questions about whether this could be tied to terror. you heard the police officials say you have to consider it as a possibility. always aware of the potential for that to happen. there are still questions. we are getting answers. i want to bring in pete williams about the idea of some kind of a second suspect. pete, we have been talking before the news conference about somebody else who was apparently arrested by police in a parking garage on campus. you heard from some of the officials there is, in fact, not a second suspect. where is the december tings? what are -- distinction. what are we missing? >> it's not uncommon to have
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reports of a second suspect. police did respond to the parking garage. they were told someone there was involved. the police are saying that's not the case. i can't tell you how many times in these situations where they believe there is more than one person and there isn't. we believe the person responsible for the attack who was shot and killed was an 1-year-old student of ohio state. a lawful permanent resident of the u.s. who came to the united states as a somali refugee. somalia has a large community in columbus. we are told the second largest somali community in america. we believe he was a student. the motive is now a source of intense investigation. there is reason to think
10:17 am
authorities say this was a planned attack. i would add they say when the suspect drove the car at people he actually went up over the curb so there was no question, authorities say, he intended to strike people with the car. >> and this was done on purpose. we hear they are continuing to investigate multiple other things. do you have insight on what else they might be looking into? >> they have to button up on the claims. they want to make sure nobody else was involved and this is over. you heard about a gas leak in a building. it may have triggered a fire alarm. was it related or not? they have to do a thorough search of the car. they want to make sure there were no boobytraps in the car.
10:18 am
they will search the suspect's residence looking for any indication of terror connection here. social media. what may have prompted it. was it a grievance about students? was it a grievance at the university? was it more than that? those are all the lines of inquiry that typically happen after something like this. you get lots of acclaims, accounts, eyewitnesses and those things have to be checked out. >> we are joined here at 30 rock by msnbc national security analyst and former nypd commissioner bill brat ton. when you hear what happened. when you have the questions about a possible terror connection you heard one of the officials say we have to consider that it's a possibility that they are always aware that there is a potential for that. you have had experience with major incidents like this. what's your sense when you hear what the officials have to say? >> the reality in the world we live in, the issue comes to the forefront quickly. you have individuals identified
10:19 am
as a somali refugee. the nature of the knife attack, something that isis, isil has been promoting for several years. if you don't have a gun, use a car. if you don't have a car, use a knife. the leadership of isis put out two new videos. one was showing how to stab an individual. the video was graphic. showed slashing the throat. slashing the femoral artery on a person, believed to be a prisoner of isis. the second was giving instructions on how to create home made bombs. these things start coming together and some of the speculation understandably is while this might be an incident they will quickly look to see what they can find this young man's possessions, what he might have. phones, computer, et cetera, talking to friends.
10:20 am
has he been radicalized. that's one stream of the investigation. the thing we know in these cases is the first story is never the last story. looking back, active shooter. turns out the shots were probably of the police officer shooting the person stabbing these individuals. they reported the cars was reported jumping the curb. there will be an active spreading out of the investigation walking down where he lives. moving quickly to identify acquaintances. start talking with them. even at the school. trying to identify witnesses to the event. a lot of moving parts. >> i imagine family members will be essential in this for law enforcement officials as well. >> that's correct. we talked about acquaintances, family members. seeing what's going on in this young man's life. was it terrorist related. was he radicalized?
10:21 am
was there an issue in school possibly? something involving an active student. too early to tell at this stage. >> we heard in the news conference there will be another update provided to members of the media and later this afternoon or early evening. do you expect we might hear more information from law enforcement about, for example, motive or, for example, some of the other points of discussion you are talking about? >> you may find that. the interview process was excellent. they gave out a lot of information. this is what we know as of this time. other areas are speculative. i thought the press conference and timeliness, coming out quickly, guay out a lot of information. knocked down misinformation. i think as they go forward and determine more information they are going to try as quickly as possible with some degree of
10:22 am
accuracy what is the motive. is this a continuing threat potential? >> we got a statement of john kasich, a graduate of the university expressing condolences and being willing and able to direct resources to ohio state if needed. joining me on the phone is a student at osu, an eyewitness to what happened. tyler harden. thanks for joining us on the phone. you can hear us? >> yeah, i can hear you. >> tell us what you saw, what you heard when this was unfolding before 10:00 this morning. >> i was walking back. i had an appointment this morning at 9:30. it ended early. i was walking past scott, the dining hall, which is a little farther west of watts lab. i heard a popping noise.
10:23 am
i saw a man with a gun shooting. to me it didn't look like a police officer. it sounds like they are saying it was. that was not my initial impression. as soon as i heard that me and everybody around me started sprinting. it was a little chaotic. i couldn't tell you for sure. >> were you part of the crowd of people there when the car jumped the curb and hit individuals? >> that was a little ways away from me. a couple minutes walk probably. >> you weren't where that was happening. talk about the mood on campus now. when you went back into your dorm or maybe a classroom. wherever you went. what was the scene? what were people doing? what was the feeling? >> i sprinted. i was pretty close to lane. i went to lane avenue.
10:24 am
i was there within a minute or two of shots being fired. there were already police officers down the street. i saw three or four police cars coming down lane and down high street. everybody i was around was running in the opposite direction telling people to move in the opposite direction. i was in a house off campus. i went straight there. everyone seemed to be in a panic running away. >> when you got back to your house, were your roommates there? were they texting with people on campus? had the word started to spread? >> a couple of my roommates were home. as soon as it happened i was on the phone calling people trying to figure out if it was okay. luckily everybody i know is okay. all of our prayers for them. everyone is okay. i was contacting everybody. >> it seems like a somber mood on campus obviously now. >> i don't think it weighs in
10:25 am
until the time after. i don't think it's settled in yet. >> has it sunk in for you? >> honestly, i don't think so. i think it's too much to handle at one time. >> where are you now? >> inside my house with my roommates. >> you have been watching this on the news, unfold? do you have questions for officials at the wrun? for the police? what questions are going through your mind? >> just why would somebody ever do something like this. it's hard -- i mean obviously they are trying to do the best they can to figure out what happened, figure out the situation. it's hard to imagine why anybody would do something like this. >> have you ever been in a situation like this before, tyler? >> no. definitely a first for me. >> tyler harden, a student at the ohio state university. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> we have much more ahead on the ohio state university attacks. ten people taken to hospitals. nine stable. one critical.
10:26 am
the suspect according to officials dead. stay with us. we'll have more after the break.
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the president was briefed by his top security adviser. the president asked to be updated on the investigation. i know local law enforcement officials indicated that the situation in columbus is no longer active, that the site has been secured. fbi officials in columbus are assisting local authorities as they conduct the investigation. but we'll obviously defer to local law enforcement to disclose additional information about what occurred there. there is still a lot of information to review and collect. obviously this is a difficult situation. our thoughts and prayers are with the people of columbus and the community of ohio state at
10:30 am
this difficult time. >> thanks. >> that was white house press secretary josh earnest within the last couple of minutes talking about president obama being briefed on what's unfolded. this morning and early this afternoon at the ohio state university in columbus, ohio. i want to bring in rahema ellis. some clarity here on the number injured. we watched the news conference and they said nine people injured. there were reports of 10. seven or eight early in the morning. the number is nine. what else? what were your take aways. getting clear information from officials at the news con presence? >> one thing they mentioned of the nine injured five were stab wounds according to them. two with injuries from the car. so i thought it was interesting watching new york city police commissioner -- former commissioner bill bratton watching the news conference. he said this attack was on
10:31 am
purpose. the nature of the attack. as authorities were saying the person jumped the curb with their car. they got out of the car and used what authorities tell us was a butcher knife to attack people there on the street. bill brat ton said that's delivered. not something you do by accident. a planned attack. what i'm curious to know now is what was is motivation for the attack? what was the inspiration. this is a student. was that student concerned about something that happened in class? before the thanksgiving holiday did they have an opportunity to think about and mull it over and then come up with this conclusion that they were going to attack students after the thanksgiving holiday first thing monday morning and if you are happy with school officials, attack students? lots of questions now still to be answered about what motivated this and why it happened on this
10:32 am
day. >> you did touch on one of the questions we were talking about earlier today about was this intentional or not and it appears it was on purpose. you heard them talk about the car jumping the curb, that this was on purpose. this was an intentional act. nbc's pete williams reporting that it was a planned attack. we want to talk to jim cavanaugh. you heard rehema point out in addition to the unanswered questions there is a very big one which is motivation here. any kind of connection to terror which, as you heard from local officials and law enforcement officials on the scene, far too early to draw a connection to. what's your sense of somebody who's been in the community for a long time? what's your take away here? >> that was the major league category following at the moment. deliberately driving on the sidewalk. deliberately driving on the sidewalk against pedestrians and jumping out with a knife as
10:33 am
rehema was describing and as in the press conference this was a deliberate attack. what you uncovered in the last few minutes probably a plain clothes osu police officer engages the suspect and kills him with gr. the suspect said he didn't think it was a policeman. it was probably a plain clothes officer responding. you have a deliberate attack. when you get to motive and you discussed it with the commissioner. he was right on it. these things have been propagated by al qaeda and isis as they spread the virus. to drive over people and stab people. here is the question you are asking and commanders will ask. is this guy connected to terrorism? is he? that's the question. is it on his computer, his electronic devices? is he sympathetic? does he know about it? is he carrying the virus? the al qaeda virus inside him?
10:34 am
secondly, was the attack deliberately planned for the morning. because it is a deliberate attack. there is no question this was a deliberate attack. did he plan to go out on the campus monday morning and attack a crowd or would he somehow boil over carrying a virus of hate and decide to act? that's an open question. it sounds from your reporting and discussions here that the fire alarm was something that the chief of police said happened earlier. happened earlier. so maybe unrelated and just caused maybe more pedestrians from campus to be on the sidewalk. that might be a totally unrelated event. >> joining the discussion is clint van zandt, former fbi profiler. i know this is early. we don't know much about the suspect other than what nbc's pete williams has reported that he's 18 years old.
10:35 am
a student at the university. a lawful permanent resident here. based on what little information we have, can you start to draw conclusions here? drawing on your past history as a profiler? >> you start to draw suspicions. we have seen somalis involved in the incidents in the past. a lot of what law enforcement is doing will be concerned about the background of this individual. they will be going through his backdrops, e-mails. that's one of the reasons law enforcement though they likely knew the individual's identity, they are slow in making that public. you don't want a race between the police, atf, fbi and the media. you want to give law enforcement a chance to get to the individual's house, dorm, room or whatever it is. start to put this investigation
10:36 am
together. before you have people taking it up to connect the pieces. we'd rather have law enforcement. what we are trying to understand is as gem was suggesting is this a spontaneous event, something planned as if the result of a mental illness. was he inspired by a national or international terrorist group? that's when they start to put together all the electronic fingerprints, e-mails, anything on a computer, a laptop, anything on his iphone. that will start to tell us the potential motivation if it was outside of his own mind. >> clint van zandt, rahema ellis, jim cavanaugh. we'll have much more ahead on the ohio state attack. but first we'll turn to politics. reports of turmoil in the trump transition camp. the president-elect angry over top comments one of his top aides made and push back on the reporting as well.
10:37 am
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we saw a lot happening in the world of politics and the world of 2016 not totally in the books. a recount happening now. at least the process getting started in wisconsin. another filed in pennsylvania by green party presidential candidate jill stein. a third potentially happening in michigan. also today, you've got the president-elect's senior adviser denying a report to msnbc's joe scarborough after an unnamed source said donald trump is furious at comments kellyanne conway made about potential secretary of state pick mitt romney. >> i'm reflecting what the grassroots are saying. >> all right. >> they feel a bit betrayed to think you can get a romney back in there after everything he did. >> a lot to talk about. we have kelly o'donnell on capitol hill, blake mccoy in the capital of wisconsin in madison. here in new york outside trump tower, inside the lobby i should
10:41 am
say, the reporters inside spotted a podium with donald trump's name being apparently wheeled into the elevator and upstairs. tbd on what that's for. we could see more cabinet announcements today. there is a lot of drama and intrigue around the secretary of state position. >> well, the clue of a lectern being rolled into the elevator suggests there is a planned state of mind of some sort or perhaps a video. whether it is live or an announcement, it is the kind of classic trump move to give us a crumb and let us try to fill in through reporting and what's swirling around the secretary of state as well. an announcement a president-elect can make with huge consequences around the world. he made it clear he's considering romney and julian for the position with others
10:42 am
being interviewed with the kind of experience that suggest they could be considered for that or perhaps the director of national intelligence position. david petraeus is a name coming forward who, of course, is a former four-star general, former head of the cia. served in notable times in the iraq war and afghanistan. he also had a private failing that resulted in a conviction after an incident of releasing sensitive classified information to a then girlfriend. a messy situation for him. he's on a redemption track trying to get into building a career after that time. it's a tantalizing idea that props it is trump pitting against each other the notable substantive figures in their own right winding up our interest in what he'll do and how.
10:43 am
>> as we talk about the recount in wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, the transition team pointing to what they are calling incidents of voting fraud. for example, a spokesperson for the president-elect saying the media seems obsessed so we are elevating actual instances of voting irregularities in cases that have not been proven, yet unsubstantiated. anne thompson is with us from trump tower. the transition team may not want discussions about this recount effort which has a slim chance of doing anything to flip the election or for example. has the donald trump transition team suggested a response for example, a potential battle to fight the recount in court? >> reporter: no, they have not.
10:44 am
in fact, what the trump transition team stressed is they think the recount is all nonsense. they called it ridiculous. they said today they don't understand why we the media are giving oxygen to it. they said when you look at the margin of victory in wisconsin, 22,000 of votes. that's a big margin of victory. they don't understand what's behind the recount effort. we also asked them about what do they have can they prove that millions of people voted illegally during the election? they didn't give proof of that. they pointed to studies done a couple of years ago. for any fraud that happened during this election in 2016 they offered no proof. they are playing both sides of the issue as it suits them. >> we were talking about mike
10:45 am
pence walking into trump tower. a controversial share of david clark being considered potentially for a position as head of homeland security. blake, before we get to discussion about the deadlines here which are very tight, can you break down a question a lot of folks are asking which is who plays for this? talk to us about the money factor here. >> the way it works is the only way they can petition for a recount is people on the ballot. jill stein said we want a recount in wisconsin. they are on the hook for the cost. how expensive it will be we don't know. there are 72 wisconsin counties. they have until noon today to submit their estimated costs and stein's campaign has until tomorrow afternoon to put the money forward. we expect it in the millions.
10:46 am
stein's campaign toward this effort has raised more than $6 million. it does appear they have the money. >> you talk about the deadline being tomorrow for the green party for jill stein's campaign to put forward the costs. then they have 12 days to get it done. talk about this. >> it will be quick. the recount starts thursday. they would have until 8:00 p.m. the night of the 12th. less than two weeks to get the recount done. smaller counties aren't that concerned. in bigger counties they have to get volunteers to come in and staff members to help count this. they are concerned that they have to find all of the staff members in a short amount of time. now the way wisconsin works it is a decentralized system with 72 counties here. each county will be doing the
10:47 am
recount on their own. one important note is jill stein's campaign is pushing for a full hand recount. no machines at all. they have recommended that there is a review of the ballots. they will be put in the counting machines like election night. jill stein said she'll petition for a full hand recount with no machines. she has to get a court order from a judge in the next 24, 48 hours before the recount begins to make it happen. >> pennsylvania and michigan are the other targeted states iffer a recount here. the deadline for pennsylvania today. the green party saying they will push for a recount there. p.a., it's interesting. wisconsin, the last recount was 300 votes flipped out of many, many more cast. the current margin in wisconsin is about 22,000 at this point. when we talk about the chances for anything happening very
10:48 am
slim. talk about why in particular pennsylvania represents more of an uphill climb for jill stein. >> one of the challenges with pennsylvania, and you have to look at each state as its own case. what are the machines like, what's the process like. some described pennsylvania and a recount possibility as a nightmare scenario. they use a lot of machines described as electronic machines that are very old that don't have a paper backup. so that creates a set of processes that have to go forward for how you assess the vote. how do you calibrate the machines, check to make sure they are functioning. also, each of the different precincts requires things like getting a signed affidavit. there are a number of steps to make it cumbersome and make it a challenge to do this sort of recount. built into those steps is an effort to make the most verifiable result. but it is not as simple as it might appear.
10:49 am
we know there is a different methodology and so when looking at rural votes versus city votes, what do the various precincts have, how is it decided area by area, a big challenge. it is, of course, the vote total also so large for trump that the idea that it could flip is really remote. we have seen in narrow elections for statewide or local. there were times a recount would result in a flip. on this scale, highly unlikely. not an easy task. >> kelly o'donnell, anne thompson and blake mccoy. thanks for joining us as we talk politics on msnbc. up next we have more on the breaking news we have been following all day long. the attack at ohio state university. at least nine people hurt. when we come back, we will have the latest. stick around. ming about for the holidays. before his mom earned 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ dinosaur growls ] and his dad earned 2% back
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back to our breaking news
10:53 am
coming to ohio state university. nine people are in the hospital, they have been hurt. one person critically of those nine. an 18-year-old man drove his car into a crowd on campus and hit people who have been gathered there. the man got out of his car and started attacking people with a butcher knife. looks to be a pedestrian plaza, just outside of the watts building on the campus of ohio state university. there is been quite a few developments over the last 60-minute or so. i want to bring in pete williams. we are hearing from officials that this attack was planned and intentional. >> police say the bare facts of how it happens indicate that it was intentional. the car driven up to the curb and the driver got out and
10:54 am
attacking people with a butcher knife. they wanted to search the car to see if there were any other weapons if there is any note that was left behind so that's understandable why the trunk and the hood would be opened and now they're searching and address associated with the car. they know the owner of the car's name. it is possible that the suspect lived at that same address and one thing that has become clear in the past hour or so. is the authorities now believe just one person was involved in this attack. earlier reports of a second person that had fled to a parking garage because they had witness reports saying that but now the police say no, just one person involved in this attack. we are not reporting the name until it is confirmed to us. we believe this is a somali refugee who came to the united states in 2014 and it is a
10:55 am
permanent residence. this person had left behind some kind of message and that's why the authorities believe that this was a planned attack. that's their initial assessment. that's all to be determined after they are able to go through anything they find at the residence or the social media history and communication history and talk to other people who knew him. he may have been a student at asu and a person with that same name that was a student. the main point here is that they believe just one person was involved in this. they say it was pre-planned attack. >> before i let you go. >> do you believe or officials believe that the owner of the car is different than the suspect. the suspect was 18-year-old and not the person who the car was registered to. >> yes, a different person. >> all right, pete williams is joining us from washington. thanks pete. appreciate you with all your
10:56 am
report. much more ahead on msnbc, be sure to stay tuned when jill stein joins my colleague, thomas roberts, to talk about her call for recounts in three states. we'll be right back. ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. the medicare enrollment deadline is just a few days away. changes to medicare plans could impact
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a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy. we learned a lot about this past breaking hour of that breaking news in hiiowa. >> hitting a group of people and getting out and sliecing people with a knife. we have a lot more coming up in the next hour including more on the politics front and an interview of jill stein. i want to toss it over to my colleague, thomas roberts, who's here in new york. thanks very much, good afternoon everybody. the breaking news savage attack on the ohio state university campus.
11:00 am
we have those hospitalized, nine people, a suspect that's dead and we heard from the president of the university, our team is covering all the latest developments at this hour and also, conspiracy theory inside the president-elect trump's team. this is donald trump taking to twitter to blast the recount. stein will be my guest coming up in minutes. >> and the death of fidel castro. we are live in havana, we'll be talking with castro's nephew. we start on the campus of ohio state university, classes are cancelled for the rest of the day after the brutal attack there. the scene is secured and a shelter in place order has been lifted. police say the suspect plowed his car into a crowd on campus then emerged with a


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