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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  November 28, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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campus. we have those hospitalized, nine people, a suspect that's dead and we heard from the president of the university, our team is covering all the latest developments at this hour and also, conspiracy theory inside the president-elect trump's team. this is donald trump taking to twitter to blast the recount. stein will be my guest coming up in minutes. >> and the death of fidel castro. we are live in havana, we'll be talking with castro's nephew. we start on the campus of ohio state university, classes are cancelled for the rest of the day after the brutal attack there. the scene is secured and a shelter in place order has been lifted. police say the suspect plowed his car into a crowd on campus then emerged with a butcher
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knife. the suspect was shot dead by the police officer. >> about 9:52 a.m., a male suspect drove the vehicle over the curve west 19, struck pedestrians, he exited the vehicle and used the butcher knife and started slashing people. >> my thoughts are with the victims on this attack right now. i pray for their safety. i am grateful for our first responders before further harm could be done. i want to begin with nbc's justice correspondent, pete
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williams and we'll talk with jim cavanov. >> pete, lead us off on what you are hearing of the sequence of event. >> they believe this was planned. they're trying to find out the motive if they can establish one. there are indication that is the suspect left some kind of message before the attack and they are searching this american's media and looking at previous people that he was in touch with and talking to friends of his. they know who it is, we believe we have a name, we are not reporting of it yet until we can be positive of it. we believe this person is a somali refugee who came to the united states in 2014 and is now a lawful resident who came to the united states fly into jfk airport and lived for a time in dallas and moved to columbus, we leave a student at osu, but we are not certain of that.
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one of the things that emerged here the last hour or hour an and half or so, one person is involved in the attack. that's an important thing to emphasize. earlier reports suggested based on what eye witness said that there were two. a second focus police activity and a parking garage. now, authorities say that turned out to be not corrected but just one person involved in the attack. now, the aggressive investigation trying to find out what led to this. >> pete, just coming in now to my e-mail is a statement from ohio senator, rob portmean, i want to thank or first responders responding to the attack today so quickly and professional. early on, there had been some reports of gunshots. now we can confirm that there
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were no gun involved, correct? >> well, no gun involved by the attacker. it was shot and killed by campus police. authorities have not found any firearm or any gun was used in the attack and there is no indication they found the gun in the car. >> thank you very much, our pete williams is reporting in washington dc. >> nbc's alisyn is covering the attack. lets talk about the injured and try to update where we know of those injuries seemed to be on these people. it was slashed or hit by the weapon the car is being used as weapon, first. >> as this situation is unfoding duri unfolding and this afternoon. a lot of information coming out of about the number of those injured. here is the latest that we had. five were injured as results of being stabbed by a butcher knife and results of injuries from the car and two more had been cut as a result of some kind of
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activity that is occurred. as authority say this vehicle they believe deliberately jumped the curb and ran into a prowl of people. that's what led to these injuries. there were no gunshot injuries or wounds at any of the victims. they were injured by a car, vehicle and a by a butcher knife. >> rehema, what do we know about this portion of campus, third largest in the country and a massive campus. first day back after the thanksgiving holiday for these students. this campus is being about two and a half mile from the center of downtown columbus. the third largest university o f the country. 45,000 of them are undergraduate students. this is a mechanical or engineering building where this event, this tragedy happened outside that building. and, there was so much
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activities including authority, there was an earlier report of a gas leak and they believed it was at watts hall. now, authorities are saying that was not the case. they believed that a fire alarm was pulled as a result possibly of people thinking there was a gas leakme. a lot of things happening around that hour and what led to what, we don't know exactly. authorities are on the scene, there is an officer on the scene and holds his weapon and he kills the suspect, that was the only gunshot fire as we know at this point. >> that's an educational facility and not a residential
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building. some with small numbers or large numbers of classrooms. there is an academic building. >> rehema, thank you very much. last we heard from the white house and the press secretary there with josh earnest in the last hour talking about this specifics of what he said homeland security has briefed on the situation. >> fbi officials in columbus are assisting local authorities as they conduct this investigation. we'll defer until local law enforcement to disclose additional information of what occurred there. there is still a lot of information to review and collect. obviously, that is difficult situation and our thoughts and prayers are with the people of columbus and the community of ohio state. >> joining me now is our analyst, retired atq special, jim cavanov, it is good to have
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you with us. what wh what's the first thing investigators need to do to button this up to make sure there is not a lingering effect from this one suspect. >> right, well, going back to the psychological autopsy, we node the know what's happening in this guy's life of the last 90 days. they do that through electronic devices and papers at he is house and students' interviews. the federal agents and atf and marshals. they're all in it and they all have agents assigned at the fbi leads that are always involved with looking for terrorists or terrorist motives.
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they'll be familiar with players in the area that they can interview them, too. >> well, again, we are learning new information about this suspect of this 18-year-old, we are waiting to reveal as we work on other sources to confirm this information on background. there are questions about the language jim, that was used in a tweet that alerted students via social media about a possible shooter on campus. >> active shooter on campus, run, hide fight, watts hall. when asked at a brief briefing about that language, take a listen. >> the public's safety team has done a lot of training. again, that's why they use those keywords in alerts to remind folks for any violent intruders. >> so talking there about the options. is that typical, run, hide fight
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and lealerts go out to students. people that would be trained like you to know that you are one of the fighters. >> yeah, they'll put it out and it is for all of us whether you are receiving the training or not. that's the order in how you do. you run if you can get away and you hide if you cannot get away and you barricade and you fight if you have no other options. you can get specific training in that or law enforcement does, if you do not have any training, that's the three options you are faced with. that's the order in how you execute them. they put that out multiple times is excellent. you saw students barricading their rooms, that's what you are supposed to do. the reason that works, you see police responsibility and they can take care of the situation quickly. however long it took this guy to
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leave his vehicle and travel some distance, we don't know how far. he was engaged by a close osu officers. barricade and save your life and if you have no other options at all then you fight. because if there are multiple people, you know two or three or four, you can take a gunman down even though someone may get shot or all of you being executed. the campus did great here and the police. now, you are going to see this investigation going really deep to find out every single last thing about this guy to see if they can uncover a motive and associates and why it happened and what could be prevented next time. >> the suspect is dead and nine injured, taken into the hospital there after this morning's chaotic scene with a suspect using a car and a butcher knife
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to attack the students. we'll work on and bring you more details as soon as we have it. an image we captured here in new york, this is david patraeus arriving at trump tower. he's being considered as secretary of state. we bring live update on the team trump transition next. next, the woman, spear heading the recount effort, doctor jill ste stein, is joining me live here on msnbc. both on the track and thousands of miles away. with the help of at&t, red bull racing can share critical information about every inch of the car from virtually anywhere. brakes are getting warm. confirmed, daniel you need to cool your brakes. understood, brake bias back 2 clicks. giving them the agility to have speed & precision. because no one knows & like at&t.
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from trump tower in new york city, meetings scheduled this afternoon as the president-elect trump looks to stock his cabinet. patraeus is now under consideration for the secretary
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of state post among other roles and vice president elect arrived at trump tower and gave this preview of the week ahead. >> he was saying buckle up and we are buckled and ready to go. >> our reporters are working on the latest on this. nbc anne thomson and kelly o'done o'donell. what do we know of this meeting and more of the rudy and romney night that he will be considered. >> reporter: david patraeus is one of the three candidates who'll be meeting with the president elect to talk about the cabinet position and one that everyone is speculating
11:17 am
about the secretary of state position. >> when it was discovered that he had past classified information to his biographer and girlfriend. patraeus is serving two years probation for pleading guilty to a misdemeanor involving that incident. now, he's the only secretary of state candidate that we know about that donald trump is meeting with today. tomorrow, two more will sit down with the president-elect trump. tennessee senator bob corkel and his last meeting on tuesday with another sit down with former massachusetts governor romney. you may ask why he's having a second meeting for romney? trump's say no, these two men do not know each other well. they are taking another opportunity to sit down and
11:18 am
spend some time with them. as to kellyanne conway and other trump's aids over mitt romney. trump's aid sas said only one person is making the choice of secretary of state and that's donald trump. >> thank you, kelly. the internal debate over this. this is really leaked out of the public arena and the debate over. kellyanne conway gave this comment about mitt romney on "meet the press." take a look. >> people feel betrayed to think that governor romney went out of his way to question the character and the intellect and the integrity would be given the most significant cabinet of all, secretary of state. >> trump is furious of kellyanne conway trashing -- >> there are a dispute.
11:19 am
there are allies of donald trump believe mitt romney among many other voices out in the republican party and a never trump movement that romney was a force of one, he and many of his aids and campaigns past were among the most direct and caustic towards donald trump. they had reasons for it and argued principles for it and call for people to not support donald trump and so those who went through all of that, trump now is the president-elect trump. wonder why he would entrust him. others argued that it is the team of rivals concept where you have a person of national stature and someone who's a businessman so they can connect on that level and give him on the position where he's someone who has integrity and has, you know, a history that would expand the trump sort of group of advisers. other say that he's not the
11:20 am
right move. there is a real divide and it is up to the president-elect trump. that contentious dialogue israel from something i am hearing from sources as well. >> kelly o'donell there. thank you very much. back to pete williams and more on this breaking news coming out of columbus of this attack on the campus of eohio state university. what do you got? >> we have details of the movement of this person from a couple of law enforcement officials. the suspect shot and killed in the attack was 23-year-old was born in somalia and came with his mother and seven siblings from somalia, to pakistan in 200 2020 2007 and the suspect came to the united states june '14 and lived for a time in dallas and moved to ohio and was living their the
11:21 am
campus. frankly, we have been given so many versions of this person's name that i am still no not -- every time we have it nailed down, it turns out that someone had a different version of it. until we know for sure, we'll hold off on using the name out of abundance of cautions here. the bare facts i gave you, they all seem to agree on that. what precisely is the right name, richard alias, we don't know. this person has a facebook page that we are looking at. we are looking to see if there is any message that indicates of this attack. some of it is in english and some is not. we are trying to figure it out. the main thing here is this was a suspect who came to the united states in 2014 was admitted as lawful permanent residence and a
11:22 am
somali refugee. of the motive of the attack, it is still subject of intense investigation but no conclusions on that yet. >> pete, can you go over again for folks have been watching, they heard different ages and locations for this suspect. the age that you have now compared to what we had before and geographic location as you point out moving from somalia and i think you said pakistan into dallas. >> that's not changed. >> that's what we have been told that this person was born in somalia and came to pakistan? 2007 with his mother and seven siblings as refugees and came to the united states in 2014, moved to dallas and lived in dallas for a time and columbus. not clear whether this person was a student. we have been told that the person was a student at osu, we are not certain of that now. the earlier age is 18 and the age we have now is 23. that's another reason we are holding off on identifying it
11:23 am
and using a name here until we are absolutely certain. >> we'll get an update from the president of the university. we expect to hear from them coming up at 4:00. quickly from your federal sources, does this person paint of someone of interest of maybe being watched or connected to any other activity siactivities? >> no indication that this person is on other people's radar. >> thank you, pete williams. we'll talk to you again at 4:00 p.m. is when we get the next update from the campus of ohio state university. next, we got to clinton campaign signing on the recount efforts that's getting under way in wisconsin, this is all after jill stein's team filing for a recount in pennsylvania.
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breaking news right now with the election recount under way. it sets up a wednesday's deadline and a recount there. today stein filed for an election recount for the state of pennsylvania. the commission announced today, the recount of that state presidential results could happen as early as next week.
11:28 am
stein's effort joined my the clinton camp. donald trump calling the recount is a scam. >> this recount by jill stein is so confounding and disappointing. their president, barack obama is going to be in office fort lupton eig-- for eight more wee. >> doctor jill stein joins me now. doctor stein, are you a cry baby or a loser? >> well, unfortunately, it is not about me. it is about the american people who emerged from this election as not happy campers and 80% of americans according to new york times poll were disgusted by the conduct of the election. and throughout the election, what i have said when ever i was
11:29 am
asked, would you call for a recount if there were doubts of the creditability of the results. this is not about hurting one candidate or advancing my own career. my campaign is not going to win here, although we'll get an accurate count. >> you talked about knowing that you won't win and president-elect trump says that this is a scam and this effort is going to cost us money and much of which she will never spend on this ridiculous recount. >> does every cent of what you are fund raising for goes to that effort? >> yes, we are clear of what is being funded. you can see the whole budget on it and on our page. this funded itself over night and we put out a press release and put up a website and voters have voted for their pocketbooks here and almost 140,000 donors
11:30 am
have stood up and say we deserve an election system that we could have confidence in. with 80% of american voters being unhappy of this, this is not like rocket science that we need to shine daylight on results. redeclar we declared we were going for a recount in michigan even before we knew who the winner was. it was only decided. it is clear that we are not here with a partisan -- we are here as the american people to say that we deserve a voting system that we have confidence in. >> doctor stein? >> a lot of hacking in this election. we want to know that our votes have not been hacked. >> we have scott walker in wisconsin that's been tweeting about this and specifically though saying that it is hard to justify the recount when the winner won by over 22,000 votes. i want to play what election officials had to say about this
11:31 am
recount. >> we are going to look back when this recount is completed and find that the system worked well and i don't expect that the outcome will be quantitatively different than the recount at the supreme court where we had a minimal amount of votes done. >> when you talk about evidence of hacking, what do you have to prove that of wisconsin and pennsylvania and michigan. >> there is no evil. the point here is we deserve an election system that has built in safe guards. you would not get into an airplane and first start thinking about your backup system when the plane begins to suddenly move out. you want a system which is secure from the get-go. this is an election which there is hacking and allegations of tampering all over the place.
11:32 am
we know the democratic party database was hacked into and the voter databases in the state of illinois and arizona and 20 other states allegedly have a chance to breach their security and we know that private e-mails were hacked and we know that we have voting machines here in wisconsin for example, they use voting machines which are illegal in california and which are in the process of being made illegal in virginia and in maryland because they are an invitation to tampering to human error and to hacking. you don't want to have the plane go down before you first start to check on backup systems and to make sure we could have peace of mind. voters don't come out of this election with peace of mind. we deserve to have peace of mind. this is a grass root movement taking the first step towards elections that we could have confidence in. >> doctor stein with michigan
11:33 am
now going donald trump's way, that puts the electoral college of 306 votes for him and hillary clinton has 232. how will you work together over michigan and two other states in wisconsin and pennsylvania? >> well, after we had filed and in fact after the deadline past for wisconsin, the clinton campaign wrote on a blog through one of their staffers, that they would be supporting the effort. it is not clear they're going to have a particularly active form of support or a passive form of support, we don't expect them to be drivers of this process. we are glad to have their support. we reached out to donald trump's campaign and gary johnson's campaign because this is not about who wins and who loses, this is about the american people having a voting system that we can have confidence in.
11:34 am
>> when it comes to financing, do you know where all the money is coming from and who your largest donor maybe? are you creating a vulnerable situation for yourself where you are being used as a puppet? >> we are following the laws of campaign finance. so the biggest possible donation is $2,700. this is not a big donor campaign. we are not setting up $100,000 donation account, which was an option for that and we declined that. we declined the state's account of $10,000. >> it is only one-half of 1% of donors that are kicking in at the thousand dollar level. the average donation here and that's one-half of 1% which are going to $1,000. >> right before this interview -- where does the tally stand right now in the fund raising efforts and we'll have to go? >> the last i saw is
11:35 am
$6.2 million. if people are interested go to jill >> this is our first step. this is to ensure that we can vote in a system that allows us to bring in our values and not our fears. if your first choice loses, it goes to our second choice. >> green party candidate jill stein, thank you for your time and we'll continue to follow your story. >> coming up next, more on the breaking news of the ohio state university campus, several people injured after an attack there. police say the suspect is dead. the mayor of columbus ohio joins me next.
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4:00 p.m., there will be a news conference of the attack that happened in ohio state university. we learned the suspect is of a somali decent and a refugee that traveled the pakistan and with his seven siblings and ended up in dallas. pe he's 23 earli-year-old. we have yet to have confirmation about whether he's a student at this campus. he went into watts hall and attacked people with a knife. >> here is an eye witness who saw what happened. >> when students evacuated the building, he started slashing at them with a knife and the police calling it a machete. soon enough, the cops showed up and shot him down. >> we have been hearing from officials that it is more of a butcher knife that's used for
11:40 am
the attack. >> we can report of the name of the person involved in this attack according to several law enforcement officials. this was an 18-year-old named abdul raton. he settled in columbus a short time ago, we don't know exactly when. before the shooting this morning, before the car attack this morning at osu, there was a posting on this person's facebook page in which he said he was sick and tired of seeing his fella muslims and sisters and brothers being killed and he mentioned attacks on muslims and led to the boiling point. i cannot take it anymore. this person wrote and we believe it is the person who is the suspect to have been shot and
11:41 am
killed of the attack. >> we believe 18-year-old and there is a person with that name a student at osu and we are not sure if it is the same person. there is a person by that name who's an osu student. that's all to be publicly announced later. we believe -- that's our best information on the name. there is a lot of confusion because the car we are told when you are looking at here which it was use insid in the attack whe suspect drove into this crowd of people over the curb well into this plaza is owned by someone else. there's been a lot of confusion of the names here. the owner of the car has the same and similar name. we have been trying to figure out is the owner of the car different from the suspect and we are now told it is. that's the best information that we have, thomas. >> over the time line of suspect
11:42 am
here being born in somalia and moved with his mother and siblings in 2007 to pakistan and coming to the u.s. 2014 and living first in dallas? >> yes, those are interesting details. they don't tell us anythin anything -- that evolution of movement is not all that unusual. the question is, why does this happen? or, is it because of the facebook post thaging that i ju talked about. >> pete, thank you very much. >> come back when you get more information on this. joining me now by phone, andrew
11:43 am
genther, thank you for joining us. tell us about that community and what type of ripple effect this incident will have within columbus? >> well, pete's correct. we have what many believes to be the second largest somali americans to be in our great city. they are a very important vibrant part of our community. we pride ourselves on being smart and opened and welcoming to folks from all over the world and so obviously, i am very troubled and i know that overwhelming majority, the community is grieving with of the people of the university community as well as the entire city and we'll continue to lift up in our thought us and prayers of the victims. >> mr. mayor, have you heard whether or not that this suspect is a student at osu? >> no. those details today, information
11:44 am
coming in and you know the university and we'll be sharing that information the next few hours. what are you going to do for this community that could be affected by suspicion and fear of one another to help folks heal. as you say there is a great respect for the diverse community that you have in columbus. >> thomas, this is a very special place because of the people and dynamic and diverse neighborhoods throughout. right now i am asking for the people of columbus to lift up the victims in their thoughts and prayers and we are grateful for the immediate and fantastic response from law enforcement to contain the situation and take any additional prep with their swift action and amazing work of
11:45 am
our first responders. this is some of the victims and they are all in great spirits. >> did you say you were with the president of the university when visiting? we just returned from visiting the victims. >> can you describe what type of injuries they had because the car was used as a weapon and a butcher knife was used, can you talk about the variety of it? >> i cannot speak of this. they want respect of confidentiali confidentiality. non-life threatening injuries and all the victims we visited are in good spirit. >> mayor, thank you very much and we wish you nothing but the best for your city.
11:46 am
we turn our attention to cuba following the death of fidel castro. this is where the communist leader ashes will remain for two days. activities started today. 21 gun salute on the island of two largest city of havana and santiago. it is one of many events during the nine day morniurning. joining me now is lincoln pollard. sir, it is good to have you with me. >> my thoughts and prayers to the students of ohio university and my admiration to first responders and everyone. >> we have been watching for generations now of the healing that needs to take place for cuban americans as you are born in havana and you are a nephew of fidel castro. you left the regime after he chased your family left the
11:47 am
island. does his death matter to the bigger political picture for the cuban people? >> it does. it is an important step. just like the case of the long dictator ship and the dominican republic or my long decades, long dictator ship, aciddictato had to die. without the death of dictator and democracy, democracy is not possible. a lot of work needs to be done. i hope and pray that the focus of the international of the community is in the cuban people and those suffering the suppression and the heroes of every town and village more of them and bravery increases by the day that they receive the
11:48 am
attention and the world demand of dictatorship that it is not a family form. and rather that the cuban people can speak. that's what i am hoping we'll see. after the death of fidel castro and focus on the right of the cuban people to be free and not be in a plantation if you will. owned by one family and inheritable like a family farm. we have seen the relationship from our country to the cuban country become unfrozen through the lifted embargo by president obama. we have president-elect trump tweeted today about this, if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the cuban people, the cuban/american people and the u.s. as a whole, i will terminate deal. take a listen to this.
11:49 am
>> our priorities are to release of political prisoners, return of fugitives from american law and also political and religious freedom for all cubans living in oppression. >> what do you see of that? >> i want to thank president-elect trump and vice president-elect pence and their team for focusing on the cuban people and as well as the american people and the inter t interests of both and not on the oppressors. president obama likes to talk about the oppressors. it is time that i am so happy to see the in coming team focusing on the interest of the united states and the interest of the cuban people to be free. it is also in the interest of the united states for friendly
11:50 am
and democratic cuba 90 miles away and not terrorists state. this is extraordinary important news. i would say much more important than the death of the tyrant is becoming of an american government that we'll see freedom through the people and not consolidation and strengthening of the jailers, of the cuban people. it is extraordinary news. >> thank you for your time, linco lincoln diaz. >> the nephew of castro he was married to my father east's sis. >> sir, thank you very much, i appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> coming up next, the latest on
11:51 am
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going beyond expectations... because our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food. . is there an internal battle brewing? >> we have rudy giuliani and mitt romney. this is just one day after kellyanne conway questioned mitt romn romney's loyalty to trump. i know about romitt romney, i kw he's a self-you asurvey and put himself first and thinks he should be the president of the united states. >> joining us now isgentlemen,
11:55 am
have you with me. >> kellyanne conway coming out and blaming on trump supporters being outraged over this. how do you see it play out? >> i am impressed by the number and variety of people who are going to see him. mitt romney comes back tomorrow and general patraeus is there today. >> marshal black and there are a lot of very interesting people. i have been in ahm middle of on transition. the only person who knows what's going on is president-elect trump. i do believe that it is useful and very much like donald trump to consult widely and not put much stock in the jocking that's
11:56 am
going on down below. >> howard dean, let me ask you, do you see either of these votes, rudy giuliani and mitt romney and patraeus, who's at trump tower. who do you think is qualified for that? >> i would pick patraeus. the staff of donald trump going out on a sunday's talk show and attacking one of the potential nominee. that stuff goes behind closed door. patraeus is the best qualifier. it is true he's on probation. >> i think he's acquitted himself very well as a general. so, you know it is not for me to pick of the next secretary of state. but, i see him as well qualified >> do you think though and how we saw the feedback that
11:57 am
president obama was able to pick hillary clinton of the 2008 campaign. kellyanne conway hiccupping that mitt romney is outline kiunkind trump. is there a way to come together on the right? >> well, you knhughes knows a le on the right than i do. >> i don't know about kellyanne conway's position and going out and handy cicaping the race's decision. there is a lot of speculation. i don't understand. i prefer not to speculate because i don't think anybody ca ca can know. >> as a republican i would be
11:58 am
cheering tomorrow as the president elect appears with general mathis and general patraeus and head of dhs of the attack ohio state today by a somali refugee and the united states and again reminds us of the terrible risks we face from jihadist syndrome. we need a lot of people and the more statures, and assistant he gets, the bigger donald trump becomes. with that team, he wins the transition. i am a romney fan, but if you have to get a lot done in the first 100 days, mike pence and paul ryan and their friend mitch mcconnell helps get that done with the president-elect trump. >> what do you think of jill stein's recount taking place, do you support it? >> sure, you want to make sure
11:59 am
the vote count was right. i was some what shocked and rarely i am shocked by anything that donald trump does these days. at his tirade last night on twitter. recounting is part of democracy and you want to get this right. it is reasonable and we have a big recount in 2000s and ended up intervening of that. this is part of democracy and this is how it goes and everybody wants a fair vote. it is going to make donald trump a stronger president if he prevails. >> hughes, do you agree quickly? i got 60 seconds. >> they should go to the salvation army and fund to the united way. it is a shameful thing that jill stein is doing, it is a scam. >> thank you, both it is great to see you. hope you had a thanksgiving. we ramp over to christmas. >> good to have you here, my colleague is going to pick things up right now. >> i did, i cannot believe us
12:00 pm
just mentioned christmas. >> hello everyone, our top three stories at this hour, who was he and why did he do it? the attack is over and the investigation begins. we know the man plowed through this car through a crowd on campus and stabbed people with a butcher knife. right now, we are watching the elevator that the president-elect trump is welcoming david patraeus for a meeting today. that's not all he's doing today, with a recount under way. millions of people voted illegally. let's start with the attack at ohio state. we'll go out to chief justice pete williams who's been focused on finding out who this attack


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