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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  November 29, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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concerning the dangerous wildfires burning near popular tourist areas in the foothills of the great smokey mountains. just a short time ago, governor bill haslem tweeted he's sending in the national guard. tourists fleeing gatlinburg and pigeon forge. 14,000 fled. gatlinburg alone. this video taken last night by an evacuee. the flames looking like lava in this video. state troopers posted pictures of them taking pictures who were trapped by the flames. emergency management officials say four people injured. no reports of fatalties but hundreds of structures throughout the area have been damaged or destroyed by the wildfires. the situation is so dangerous, at one point, guests were trapped inside a hilton hotel surrounded by flames, too close for them to leave. the flames are threatening the
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famous resort theme park dollywood. there's no damage to the park so far but more than a dozen of its smokey mountain cabins have been damaged. let me bring in brad kisserman. thank you so much for your time. we look at these flames. i talked to my colleague al roker tracking the forecast and it's a pretty rough situation for the folks affected. what are you told by your team? >> worst possible conditions is what i'm hearing from my team on the ground and let me just say, thank goodness for the firefighters, law enforcement, national guard and first responders because this is a horrific situation. we had over 1200 people in shelters last night. 850 when i checked in a few minutes ago. we have over 70 red cross volunteers on the ground and we're flowing people in from surrounding states. we expect a sheltering mission for at least the next two weeks. >> right now when you look at how fast it seemed to take over
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this area, the conditions have been dry and just seems as if it was a perfect storm for people to be caught off guard. >> it really was. the combination of drought, high winds, blowing burning embers around the area and the complete lack of rain and burnable material just made this the the worst combination and you see literally thousands of people evacuating, homeowners, residents, vacationers, a lot of damage to the not just to the vacation and resort area but to owner occupied homes and that's what we're concerned about going forward is those people who will return in a few days and have nothing left but a parcel of ash and molten metal and they'll need shelter and food and comfort. >> i know the red cross is accepting donations for the people as well as the first responders. what do you believe is most urgent to get to these people right now? >> we move volunteers in and if folks want to volunteer at all to support this, they can call
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1-800-red-cross or this is an extraordinarily bad year for disaster. spent over 87 million on major disasters alone. so folks want to donate, they can do that. 1-800-red-cross. going to and don't foer forget to donate blood. >> i know your team is working hard. bill karins for an update on the conditions. the folks in condition face and also, really, how we got here, bill. willie geist was interviewing dolly parton last week and this has gotten so fast so quickly. >> how's this? dolly parton, 36 hours ago, did a psa, a public service announcement with smokey the bear telling people to be careful of forest fires and then literally, 24 hours later after that video was released, this happens. as far as the gatlinburg area, the rain stopped. half an inch of rain and knocks things down.
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the smoke is prevalent in the area and active flames but it's not burning like you see in the video. we showed you the winds gusting to 50 to 60 miles per hour so that's good. the next bout of rain will come in. now that it's daylight, some of the newspaper reporters are showing images and pictures to find out which portions of the gatlinburg were destroyed and which remains. i want to show you images here of the before. this is the westgate smokey mountain resort. those are the rooftops. this is all gone. i've heard all of this area has burned down. this is near the, also, the water park in here too so let me show you the black bear falls. this is a rental community and this is where some of the dramatic video was taken. these are all log homes sitting in here and the winding roads on the hill top. these are all gone. all of these reported to have burned and saw the vehicles driving down these roads with the fires, with the structures on fire on the sides and a lot of these residents, the firefighters knocked on the door, people didn't even realize
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the fire was that close. they were told to leave immediately. so all of these people literally, they have nothing. all they have is whatever they put in the car with them as they ran out. there was also a report from the tennessee emergency management that uber gatlinburg, the spa and ski resort, this remains. at first, it was reported this was destroyed so people are happy to know this remains. that is good. we've gotten reports that the ripl ripley's aquarium, all the employees had to leave in the middle of the night, leave the animals and everything else. that's been untouched and remains fine. a little side note, something called hill billy golf. one of the best on the side of a mountain. that's been completely destroyed along with the river house motor lot. one of these vacation places for anyone in the region. everybody's been there at one point and everyone trying to find out what's standing and what's destroyed. >> the personnel said it's not just about vacationers, there are people who live here and their homes have been destroyed
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or damaged as well. >> about 14,000 permanent residents that work in the restaurants, the hotels, all the amusements and a lot of them are searching for jobs too. >> thank you very much. another developing story out of columbia where we learn more about a plane crash that killed 75 people including several members of a top brazilian soccer team. this happened late last night. we are still working to details on what caused this crash. zen s seven survivors including one pulled from the wreckage. one died at the hospital later. six remaining survivors are still treated right now. and the chartered plane to medellin, columbia, when it crashed into the mountainous region near the medellin airport. tom costello joins us with the latest details on the investigation into what happened there, tom. >> reporter: it now appears all but three members of this brazilian soccer team were killed on their way to a match
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in a championship series for what many call their fairytale team. the rest of the team with journalists, managers and others all died in this horrific crash on a dense jungle in hillside outside of medellin. it happened before 10:00 last night. this charter flight from bolivia in a torrential rainstorm making rescue extremely difficult on the mud covered hillside. the daylight images show the impact zone with pieces thrown along the landscape. 81 people on board originally. seven people found alive, including the team's 31-year-old goalkeeper, but he later died from his injuries. it was his dramatic goal line save in the last minute of the semifinal that ensured the club's passage on to the upcoming final matches which was the biggest in the team's history. another player, 31-year-old defender helio was found alive and so was defender alan rashell and reserve keeper jackson
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foelman. some undergoing multiple surgeries. 146. most commonly, we see these as city hoppers in europe and reportedly radioed the tower and the surviving flight attendant thought he'd thought they ran out of fuel. the team was supposed to take a direct flight from brazil to medellin but that flight was cancelled so they took the charter flight through bolivia and this really was a dream team season, tamron. two years ago, nobody thought this team would go anywhere but headed to the first leg of a final series in this important south american club competition. that play now suspended and the president of the brazilian say they were going off to make our dreams come true. what a tragedy. >> it is. thank you for the update. chbl we turn now to politics and the trump transition. the president-elect's choice for transportation secretary will be
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announced this afternoon but questions remain over he plans to select for secretary of state. trump will meet for a second time with mitt romney this evening. romney, of course, has been one of the president-elect's harshest critics during the campaign calling him among many things a phony and a fraud. now following her criticism of romney on "meet the press" and other sunday morning shows, kellyanne conway fighting overnight post oing thing this, rebuke against reports he was upset with her for reportedly going rogue on those sunday morning programs. but it's this tweet by the president-elect this morning saying, quote, nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag, if they do, there must be consequences. perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail. that has sparked a whole new controversy for you to wake up to this morning. not quite clear what prompted this tweet. nbc's hallie jackson and ann thompson covering the trump transition. let's start off with you and where i just ended.
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what's behind this tweet? what is this about here? sfwl >> that's a question mark. >> i have to break it. we go to tennessee for the latest on the wildfires out of control affecting thousands of americans. let's listen in. >> as daylight has come to gatlinburg county, we're now beginning to assess the loss of structures and general conditions throughout the area. i can tell you that we've all been overwhelmed at the scene of destruction in the county and primarily in the city of gatlinburg. however, i can equally tell you that we remain overwhelmed by the response of the community, region, and state, which we think is indicative in how we will move forward together as we help those in need and we help to rebuild this county and these cities in this county.
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at this point, i can report to you that we have over 150 structures in the county. i'm not talking about in the cities of any of the cities but just in the county, over 150 structures that have been damaged or destroyed and that's beyond the gatlinburg area. we have about 70 homes in the wares valley area that are destroyed or damaged and pitman center community as well. we continue to have resources and support offered from the state and neighboring counties in the region. i just received a call from our congressman, phil roe, working with fema to make sure that we have those additional resources in that additional federal support and again, i want to reiterate how appreciative all of us are in the county of what.
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we have never seen an event like this, certainly, and it is going to take time to recover, but we know the character of the people of severe county and the character of the state helping us and we have every confidence we're going to be recovering and move forward. so at this time, what i'moing to do is introduce the mayor of gatlinburg, mike warner and then we'll give an opportunity for you all to ask any questions that you might have for us. mayor warner? >> thank you, mayor waters and thank you all for being here. as a long time resident, homeowner and business owner in gatlinburg, i joined with our community in the appreciation to the city, county, state, and park officials for the incredible response to this fire storm. the community suffered through
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significant damage throughout the years but nothing like this. our 10 square miles of our city, about half of it has been impacted. we have over confirmed 100 structures that have been damaged. a i've got the fire chief here. i'll have the fire chief speak with you but gatlinburg is a strong, very resilient community. we've got people that are reaching out to people here from all over the country, and we just want to let people know that we will rebuild and we will remain the premier resort community that we are and our guests love gatlinburg and it will be okay. i told my kids this morning, i've got seven kids and i told all of them, you know, whatever happens, material things, they can be replaced but as long as
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we're safe, everybody's okay, that's all that really matters, but gatlinburg will rebuild and everything is going to be fine. at this time, i'm going to introduce our fire chief, greg miller. >> good morning. what a difficult 24 hours that our community has faced. and we did so with amazing support from our county, from our region and from our state. our first responders are appreciative of everything. it's difficult to go out into a community and try to protect and serve others when your own property and everything that you've worked for is burning down. but that's what these men and women have done for the last 24 hours and i want to express my
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gratitude to them and to our support that we get. both in the city and the county and beyond. we had over 2,000 people checked in to our red cross shelter across the way here at rocky top sports world and pigeon forge. these are going to remain open as long as necessary and provide medical support, meals, and cots that are available. at this time, i can report that during this fire storm event, we transported approximately 12 patients from the gatlinburg area and most of those were exhibiting non-life-threatening injuries. as the mayor said, we begin with daybreak this morning, the process of looking at
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destruction and number thus far is greater than 100 but actively fighting fire. we're not just doing damage assessment but we've still got work to do. in saying that, we ask that you help us be able to do our job. part of that is keeping these roadways clear for emergency vehicles. as you can imagine, the visibility is very poor because of the smoke and the particulate in the air. therefore, there are areas too smokey we can't see in. but we won't stop until we visit each and every plroperty and attach an assessment to that. we are grateful that the downtown area has largely remained in tact.
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and with that, also, i want to encourage people to do one simple thing that's going to help us and oftentimes, it's overlooked. but the same devices you use, your wi-fi connection, your cell phones, some of those tablets and handheld devices you're using is what we're also using in our command post. and that's how we have to communicate with one another. and our systems get bogged down and we can potentially miss vital communications. so if it's something that can wait, if you want to download that later, we encourage you to do that and just think of us so we can do our jobs. and help mitigate this situation. thank you. >> now we'll open it up for questions. if you have any questions, we'll take them at this time. >> what happened overnight because it seems like it wasn't
8:18 am
this bad in the late hours of last night but what kicked things up and made a change as many. >> i'll refer that to the chief. >> absolutely. we did a press release yesterday afternoon and as we had already discussed, what got us to this situation was a fire to chimney tops in the national park and the humidity dropped low and the wind speed and wind direction picked up and started traversing towards the twin creeks area and the park area of gatlinburg. and we dedicated a significant amount of resources for that. around the time of 6:00 p.m., the wind speeds doubled. there were times last night that we had wind gusts in excess of 87 miles an hour. that is hurricane force. that is nowhere to be when
8:19 am
trying to fight a fire. those winds of that nature, it is common to pick up embers of fire and take them greater than a mile away. at the same time, we were facing that challenge, those high winds were knocking down trees. those trees were hitting power lines and they were falling on this very dry extreme drought-like condition and everything was catching on fire. that's how it got to that point so rapidly. >> any other questions? >> the people in gatlinburg, check on home, business that are affected. >> we've been listening to an update from gatlinburg and the region around it in tennessee. heavily impacted by wildfires. right now, we know about 2,000 people according to the fire chief there have sought shelter at the red cross. some areas are so consumed by
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smoke, they simply are not able to assess the damage. around 100 homes destroyed or damaged so this is a tremendous fire as the fire chief described it, a very difficult 24 hours and even more problems to come as the weather is not cooperating. we'll continue to follow the latest developments out of tennessee as the number of people, thousands now impacted by these wildfires. the source of how it started still unclear, but the dry conditions ahead this a very dangerous situation that now has resulted in tremendous damage and as you see there, great concern for the people in the region. coming up, we'll go back to politics and get you updated on the latest from the trump transition. we now have some new announcements from his team and developing now, officials are investigating whether the attack at the ohio state university was motivated by terrorism. coming up, the very latest on what we know about the investigation and the suspect. i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans...
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welcome back. i want to get you caught up on the latest news from the trump transition. anne thompson joining us live from trump tower. we just got word that transportation secretary could be named today and we know this morning the announcement of hhs candidate georgia representative tom price, someone who has been a staunch critic of the affordable care act, even proposing ideas to repeal it. he may now lead the trump team in this arena. >> reporter: you'exactly right. when the trump administration a talks about today's announcement, particularly the announcement that congressman price is their candidate to head the department of health and human services and their candidate to run medicare and medicaid is seema verma, those are the two people who will lead the efforts to repeal and replace obamacare.
8:25 am
congressman price hails from georgia. he's an orthopedic surgeon by trade and a fierce critic of obamacare saying as recently as the beginning of november, that this is a program that just hasn't worked. it is costing people more money and offering them less choice. miss verma worked with vice president-elect pence to design indiana's medicare/medicaid expansion program under the affordable care act. and she is thought to be someone who is very conservative in her outlook, very much in line with the vice president-elect. so those are the two big announcements here from trump tower today that the campaign is trying to get everybody's attention to focus on. of course, the president-elect himself this morning tweeted about flag burning and talked about making it against the law even though the courts have ruled it is a freedom of expression protected under the bill of rights. >> i know you're standing outside in front of trump tower.
8:26 am
meanwhile, on capitol hill, our colleague, alex moe, just tweeting out that majority leader kevin mccarthy just congratulated tom price and alain ciao as picks for the team and say, did i just make news? it appears he may have announced, did he make news? may have stepped on the trump team's announcement of alain. what do we now know it appears officially unofficial. >> reporter: let's put it this way. the scuttle butt hg. she ran the labor department under george w. bush and was an undersecretary under george h.w. bush and wife of senate majority leader. alain chow knows washington well and leader mccarthy made some news inadvertently.
8:27 am
>> that is the case just to add to the unusual nature of it all. anne, thank you so very much. we have new details on the attack at ohio state university which left 11 students, faculty and staff injured and one of the biggest campuses in this country left on lockdown. the chaos of those moments made a bit more clear with newly released 9-1-1 calls. >> what's your emergency? >> i'm at ohio state right o outside of watts hall and a guy ran down with a knife chasing down people. >> reporter: officials identified the lone suspect shot and killed by police 18-year-old somali born osu freshman abdul rasat ali artan. terrorism not ruled out. a post on what appears to be the student's facebook page attacked on muslims around the world led to a boiling point.
8:28 am
yanlt atta i can't take it anymore. what more do we know about this young man and possible motives here? >> reporter: well, as you just mentioned, possible motives coming from the facebook site in which he did put this rant out. fbi combing through the last known address trying to come up with clues and behind me here at the ohio state university, things are starting to try to get back to normal, at least although many students are shaken up. megan terrell, a freshman here watched it go down from their windows. >> we watched it from our window. you hear about these stories all the time, but you never think it will happen outside of your dorm. people are more alert now, just because it happened so quickly and i think that's a good thing, but i definitely feel like police presence on campus is
8:29 am
going to be heightened for the next few weeks. at least until christmas break. >> reporter: there is also some good news out of this, tamron, today, that only four of those injured yesterday in this attack with the car and with the knife remain in hospital. none of the injuries are life-threatening. tamron, back to you. >> thank you. coming up, as recount efforts under way in three swing states, hillary clinton's lead in the popular vote now at 2.3 million. that's almost 2 percentage points. why it's unlikely to reverse donald trump's electoral college win. we'll have the latest on the three states focused on recounts and where things stand now. thank you for dining with us. hope to see you again soon. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check. almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms,
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he wears his army hat, he gets awalks aroundliments. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. welcome back, everyone. we follow efforts by groeen pary presidential candidate jill stein to itiate recounts in three swing states. wisconsin, pennsylvania, and michigan. the clinton campaign is
8:33 am
participating in those efforts. now, wisconsin's election commission agreed yesterday to start a recount on thursday. but stein sued again because the commission declined to require officials to recount the vote by hand. let's move to pennsylvania where stein filed legal papers late yesterday as well to meet the deadline there and in michigan, stein has until tomorrow afternoon to file an official request. you talked about her effort on msnbc in the past hour. >> we're not looking at fraud on the part of the voters. we're looking at mistakes that have been known to make grievous errors. >> kristen with the latest on the recount effort will. now you have jill stein saying this is not about one party or the other. she said yesterday, on msnbc, she reached out to the trump campaign as well with her concerns that this is not, quote unquote, voter fraud as we think
8:34 am
of someone multiply voting but machines breaking down, she says. >> reporter: right, tamron. in large part what their petition in pennsylvania shows. the common court in harrisburg. they're still reviewing the petition. no word from the court as of yet today about this lawsuit filed by the stein campaign on behalf of 100 and as is the law here in pennsylvania that any requests from a recount can't come from a candidate but the voters. as you mentioned, the papers they submitted to the courts speak in large part to this idea of perhaps the voting machines having some type of vulnerability and they include a lot of research from the university of michigan computer scientists who talked about those vulnerabilities. but they don't offer any direct evidence at all. that could perhaps come later if they have to submit more briefs to the court.
8:35 am
so we're still waiting to see what any further deadlines might be in the case. looking for a recount, pennsylvania is perhaps the most complicated system when it comes to the law and also, going to be the most difficult. that is because there is no paper trail in the pennsylvania voting machines. a recount could prove difficult, also remember, donald trump won this state by about 70,000 votes. so if there were to be a recount, that is a large number that would have to be reversed in this case, so pennsylvania looking to be very difficult but we're continuing to watch the court's twitter and web site and in touch with them to get any news today on what they might do next. >> kristen, thank you. on to wisconsin where election officials with a fast and fair recount which begins there this thursday. they have to tally it by december 13th according to federal law.
8:36 am
joining me live from the state capital, national affairs correspondent for the nation magazine and associate editor of the capital times. john, great to have you on. where do things stand here? it seems to be confusing. jill stein has to play the $3.5 million for the recount today, right? >> that is right. she did issue a statement late last night saying that they would have the money and that they didn't like the price tag. they thought it was a little higher than they wanted but that they would come up with it and announcing some more fund raising in that regard. my sense is that they probably will have it, and certainly on the ground in wisconsin, when you talk to county clerks and elections officials, they're expecting that a recount will happen. >> and with that said, jill stein is saying her focus is on machines that were not properly working or counting votes there.
8:37 am
has there been any formal complaint or evidence of this prior to her assertion of concern? >> there's always grumbling about the machinery of elections and that comes and right down and what kind of machines are used and you heard complaining but this recount has been asserted with the idea that there's a desire on the part of the greens, they say, to maintain election integrity and make sure all the machines are in working order, that they did what they're supposed to do and the ballots were counted appropriately. that's a standard recount approach. and there's talk about the machinery and trying to confirm things, at some fundamental level in wisconsin, this is understood as a recount that is allowed under the law. we have two types of recounts in
8:38 am
wisconsin. one, you get to ask for a recount because it's very, very close. this vote is not that close. so it's one that has to be paid for but wisconsin law does allow someone who is concerned about the count or who is concerned about the result to pay for a recount. that's what's happening here. >> going back to the timeline here must be completed by 8:00 p.m. december 12th. officials seem confident on that they'll be able to reach that deadline. >> they are talking about some late nights. >> yeah. >> and look, there's grumbling about this on the part of some county clerks. others are embracing it as a part of democracy. when i audiocassette talk to fo to think they can do it and wisconsin historically had pretty strong county election operations and so they just have to call the people in and start this process. it will involve a lot of people looking at a lot of ballots. >> john, thank you so much.
8:39 am
always great to have you on. greatly appreciate it. thanks a lot. coming up, dylan roof, the white sprupremacist accused of killing fine black people at a church in charleston is going to represent himself despite concerns about mental health. the latest from charleston.
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[ male announcer ] you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. dylan roof, the second day of jury selection in the process expected to take weeks and yesterday, the judge granted roof's request to represent himself raising the possibility roof could interact face to face with his own victims once the trial begins. now he's pleaded guilty and served life in prison, let me bring in ari melber right now, our nbc chief legal correspondent. offered to plea guilty for the
8:43 am
deaths of the people in the church who prosecutors are pushing the death penalty. the rarity of this, high profile case. it seems as if we've talked about this before, particularly with media attention to some of the suspects. what have you found here? >> as you were reporting, tamron, he basically said he did this and there was some discussion when he was represented by lawyers about pleading in order to avoid the death penalty. that's broken down. this entire case is about whether or not he would get the death penalty. the judge granting this request. it is unusual because it is strictly dangerous to try to represent yourself even if you knew the law let alone what you don't. i've likened it to do surgery on yourself. he doesn't know anything about how to preserve objections, make legal arguments, how to even exercise his own best interests in the case. it's very rare because it is just such a big risk, although in cases with people with possible or probable mental problems, it comes up more. >> the judge said he's competent. so his mental health right now
8:44 am
is not of concern for the justice system as it stands but a lot of times, and we've done these cases, these people want a platform. they want to be able to grandstand and be the star, if you will, of the show. >> one of the concerns here that is a legal concern but also, i would say a moral concern is how much this can turn into a show trial if he uses the bully pulpit, so to speak or interactions with the victims' families and to press his racist views. it doesn't matter according to the constitution whether someone uses this form for hyperbole or say terribly unobjectionable things. you have a sixth amendment right to represent yourself if you so choose and far more likely he'll be found guilty and whatever
8:45 am
short-term propaganda value clearly outweighed by the risk to his life. >> jury selection, the timeline here when you consider the number of people who know about this case who probably have strong feelings about this case. the individual going to the jury pool. >> i think you put your finger on it. as much as any viewer remembers this heinous crime, he did it. a mass murder, racism, but in our system, they have to find jurors who take seriously their obligation to approach this with an open mind even if they've heard these terrible things about him including his own admissions. that's difficult, hay stathey s with a pool of 700 and trying to get down. and process played out today as well. >> thank you. senator elizabeth warren
8:46 am
delivers an attack on republicans but also put fellow democrats on the spot on the future of the party. what the democrats say is the strategy moving ahead. politics with mark murray. we'll be right back. uickbooks is jeanette. and her new business: i do, to go. jeanette was excellent at marrying people. but had trouble getting paid. not a good time, jeanette. even worse. now i'm uncomfortable. but here's the good news, jeanette got quickbooks. send that invoice, jeanette. looks like they viewed it. and, ta-da! paid twice as fast. oh, she's an efficient officiant. way to grow, jeanette. get paid twice as fast. visit quickbooks-dot-com. the medicare enrollment deadline is just a few days away. changes to medicare plans could impact your healthcare costs. are you getting all the benefits available to you? call healthmarkets and we'll help you find the medicare plan that's right for you. hi, i'm doctor [martin gizzi.]
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we are back with our daily briefing on politics and a new call to action for democrats by senator elizabeth warren. >> republicans are taking over congress. they are taking over the white house, but republicans do not have majority support in this country. the majority of voters supported democratic senate candidates over republican ones and the majority supported a democratic presidential candidate over a republican one. the american people didn't give democrats majority support so we could come back to washington and play dead. they didn't send us here to whimper, whine, or grovel.
8:50 am
>> joining me now, nbc news senior political editor mark murray. no whining, no whimpering, according to senator warren but we see some of these potential cabinet picks from donald trump and donald trump and know that some of them may be confirmed because of the stronghold the republicans have. elizabeth warren pointing out differently. what's the strategy? >> just to be able to have a situation where you can start building to big midterm victories particularly in the good-bye that toirl and house races. two years seems like a long time for the democrats out of power in the white house. as we saw in 2010 and 2014 sometimes just saying no and blockading a president's agenda is enough to win you in midterms. the bigger question for democrats is what kind of party did they become in the interim after the midterm elections going into the next presidential contest. does it look more like president
8:51 am
obama who is a big tent democratic partyism or the elizabeth warrenism, bernie sandersism. that's the question going forward. >> what seems to be emerging weeks after donald trump's win? >> well, so the democrats just have to lick their wounds. in a lot of ways to their biggest objective over the next several months is starting to attract the democratic candidates who can run for governor, who can run for the house and who would be some of the front runners for the presidential race in 2020. being able to have that kind of candidate recruitment and getting people excited about the democrats is probably objective number one once the new trump administration is in power starting january 20. >> we heard developing news within the hour that house majority leader kevin mccarthy stepped on the trump transition message and announced elaine choi as secretary of transportation selection by the president-elect. what are the republicans here planning for the next hundred
8:52 am
days? they talked about some of the strategy. there seems not to be -- they don't appear to be in lockstep with the president-elect. i think might be an example of that. >> there is a situation where republicans normally get in behind their white house. we saw this in the george w. bush years. democrats can be more unruly. republicans sometimes control the white house. they usually march in line. but donald trump presents a different thing. you look at foreign policy whether it's russia, china, dimpb from other republicans. economics could be different. we have to wait and see the policy proposals. >> thank you, mark. have a good day. >> you, too. >> coming up, we shine a light on stopping violence and how to help victims on this giving tuesday. up next a special look inside safe horizon and how on this giving tuesday, you can help. beyond is a natural pet food
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welcome back. did you know today is giving tuesday? the global day of giving that comes after black friday, small business saturday and cyber monday. for the third year msnbc is the signature media partner for the movement which raised more than $116 million last year. today i would like to shine a light on an organization very close to me and my family. safe horizon is an advocate for victims of all types of violence and a system with housing, counseling, treatment and legal issues. this year i have partnered with the organization in honor of my sister who was murdered 12 years ago. today we created the tamron hearts fund to raise money to help victims of domestic violence and their families.
8:57 am
joining me is the vice president of the domestic violence shelters at safe horizon. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you very much for having me. >> we were at one of the shelters with the rock star david -- dave navarro. someone told me about a little boy who fell asleep in the shelter and said it was the first time he could close his eyes because he kept one eye open to protect his mom. this shelter and those shelters represent little boys like the child you were telling me about and the staff was telling me about. >> absolutely. i like to say i can use all kinds of fancy words about the work but that's the work we do. we give people a place they can sleep at night and feel safe and an opportunity to begin to restore their lives. >> how would you measure the progress you have seen just in the past five years? our ability to talk about domestic violence and our ability to help people? >> yeah. i think it's important to continue to be able to talk
8:58 am
about domestic violence in a wide variety of spaces and ways. it is a reason i think we are not seeing the statistics about domestic violence go down as quickly as we might like. domestic violence is deeply rooted in societal and cultural norms. until things change we probably won't see the statistics change. >> one thing i have learned from safe horizon, the week a woman leaves is the most dangerous week of her life. >> often times the narrative is why doesn't the victim leave and we know often when a person chooses to leave that's the time their life is most at risk. until the question becomes why does abuse happen or why do abusers abuse we won't see the change we want to see. >> what you do is incredible. many people on the front lines, all of those i have met have been inspiring to me. thank you for partnering with me and giving us an opportunity to help as many people as possible. >> thank you. we are honored to have you on board and the funds for your sister that funds the hotline
8:59 am
which is often the first place people go. both family members or survivors who aren't sure what the first step can be that's where they need to reach out. >> that's the most important partnership of my life. thank you for watching this hour of msnbc. you can head over to my twitter page. we have a link to the fund to help on this giving tuesday. thank you in advance. have a wonderful day. i will turn it over to andrea mitchell. >> thank you, tamron. thanks for the important message. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," fast moving wildfires taking over resorts in the great smoky mountains of eastern tennessee. 50,000 acres erupted overnight forcing thousands to flee. >> go, go, go. going to melt these tires. >> you felt the heat inside the car. you couldn't see two feet in front of you. there was no one that was going to be able to come and help us. >> terror at ohio state.
9:00 am
what motivated the ohio state student from somalia who police say launched the attack monday with his car and a knife. >> certainly al qaeda are calling for simple attacks, use of cars, weapons like butcher knives. >> and the tweeting president-elect. donald trump's new cabinet picks partly over shadowed by a controversial morning tweet. >> what's on the agenda today? >> going to be a busy day. stay tuned. ♪ >> good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. we'll get to the trump transition news in a moment. we begin with breaking news out of tennessee where hundreds of firefighters are battling more than a dozen wildfires raging through the great smoky mountains. thousands fled


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