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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  December 10, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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from everything i see has no respect for this person. >> well, that's because he would rather have a puppet as a president. >> no puppet. you're the puppet. >> it's pretty clear you won't admit that the russian -- >> good morning and welcome to "a.m. joy." donald trump may have denied
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being a puppet, but russia was definitely helping get him elected. that's according to a reported from the cia. the post is reporting on a cia secret assessment that determined russia's intervention was intended to achieve more than just undermining confidence in the u.s. election. russia's express purpose according to what one -- according to the cia's post, the cia's assessment identified individuals connected with the russian government who provided hacked e-mails to wikileaks as part of an effort to help donald trump and hurt hillary clinton. it was quite clear that putting donald trump in the white house was russia's goal. joining me is political analyst,
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and malcolm nance, msnbc contributor and author of "the plot to hack america" how cyber hackers in russia tried to help donald trump. we're going to go first to senator harry reid who's joining us by phone. senator reid, you as far back as october were attempting to warn the country that the cia had this information, you sent a letter to james comey, the fbi director to that effect. why, sir, do you believe that the fbi did not act on it and that nothing was done before november 8. >> because i did not believe th that comey was the new edgar hoover. that he would do the right thing for the country. this is clear, we have all read the press the last few days, the fbi had this material for a long time.
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but he, comey, who's a republican, refused to divulge this information about russia interfering with the presidential election. but he would not let well enough alone. he couldn't do enough to help and everyone knows that wikileaks, everyone should know, wikileaks was involved from the very beginning. they leaked the information as if temperature one of the great political operatives of america. when in fact it was run by the operatives in russia. and russia has a pretty good way of cheating, look what they did with athletes. this is just the needle under the tent. the point is this is just the beginning and i'm so happy that the administration is going to demand that the work is being done before he leaves, and you
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notice he didn't ask the fbi to do it. >> just to be clear, to reiterate, you believe, sir, we're talking to senator harry reid, you believe that jim comey, the fbi director had this information and deliberately with held it from the american people before the election, is that your contention, sir? >> that is true. >> and you had senator lindsay graham who is the only republican who expressed -- do you believe that the administration's investigation is all we're going to get? >> i believe lindsay graham is a voice of concern. he's an accomplished trial lawyer, he is one of the people that led the impeachment of president clinton, he's a good lawyer, and i think he should
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get involved in this. i think with his doing that, with the voice he has, i think he'll bring in some of the republican moderates, there aren't many, but he'll bring in some. because this is really important. and they have talked about for months now, taking a look at the cheating that goes on in russia with their athletes. why don't we look at the cheating they do to affect presidential elections, as you have heard my voice, i am so disappointed in comey, he has let the country down for partisan purposes. and that's why i call him the new j. edgar hoover. >> do you think jim comey should resign? >> he has a term there and i'm sure he's got the new administration, they should like him, he helped them get elected. >> and do you believe the justice department should take action against jim comey, at the end of the day, he works for
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attorney general loretta lynch, should she try to have him removed. >> there's not enough time to do that, that would be a gesture in futility. >> and do you believe that jim comey's actions should be investigated by the united states senate? >> i think he should be investigated by the senate, i think he should be investigated by other agencies of the government, including the security agencies because if there were ever a matter of security, it's this. it's clear, it's so clear. you look at the accounts we have, just in the press the last few days, it's stunning the conclusions reached by the press. thank goodness we have got them still around. this is not fake news, okay? intelligence agencies have connection to the russian government there,'s no doubt about that. >> members of your staff said yesterday that you were interviewed by the "new york
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times," that you discussed these very issues with the times, and that your interview was not included in their article, that they put forward that the russian intervention was not to help donald trump, it was just to disrupt the elections, do you think that the times left your interview on the cutting room floor and if so, why did they do that? >> i think the times did not want to make this political. i think they believed that comey would do a good job. and of course that was a terrible lack of judgment, i'm sorry they felt that way. but i don't think any of us understood how partisan comey was at the "new york times." >> can i ask you, do you believe that these revelations about russia's intervention in our election undermine the legitimacy of the next administration? >> well, trump's the president, he was elected, you know, this is a hanging chad 1,000 times over. he lost the election, actually by about 3 million votes but we have the system we have here,
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business the way should change very soon. >> thank you for your time. harry reid, the former minority leader of the senate who's retiring this year. your reaction to what you just heard from senator reid? >> it's staggering and we're going to miss senator reid very much. the notion that the "new york times" left this out of a story, the times followed up today on the post scoop, they obviously had a lot of the same information, but they didn't come out with it. they're revealing that the rnc was hacked as well. but the level of partisan wrong doing here is so staggering. mitch mcconnell blocked even a mild bipartisan discussion of this before the election. and that to me, he's got to answer a lot of questions. >> and republicans have been absolutely silent other than
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lindsay graham. i want to go to you what it was a season of stunning revelati revelations, the donald trump transition team's conclusion of the this statement. they are the same people that said saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. it's now time to move on and make america great again. what did you make essentially of the donald trump transition team disputing their own -- the intelligence community they're about to inherit? >> well, i think it's disturbing, you know, we have a situation where the incoming president isn't even receiving regular intelligence briefings, and now he's beautiful out publicly saying that none of the information of united states intelligence should be taken seriously. meanwhile, he seems to have a lot of trust in the russian
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government, despite, the overwhelming evidence we have learned in these recent reports, but he's been dismissive from the beginning, and of course very complementary toward vladimir putin. so i think it's a very disturbing portrait, and i think what it stresses is that something must be done prior to donald trump being sworn into office to get the facts out. because the american people deserve to know what happened. really before any of his national security team gets sworn in. >> and john dean, the former white house council to president richard nixon said that the full intelligence briefing should be available to the electors before they make their vote on the 19th of december. malcolm nance, donald trump in "time" magazine said the following about russia's intervention in the election, and this is someone who's been receiving intelligence briefings himself. he said i don't believe they
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interviewed, they became a laughing point. not a talking point, a laughing point, any time i do something, they say oh, russia interfered. it could be russia and it could be china and it could be some gir in his home in new jersey. when asked if he thought the conclusions of american spies were politically driven. he said i think so. malcolm, you have an incoming president of the united states essentially undermining his own intelligence agencies, essentially to defend russia, what do you make of that? >> this is just absolutely astounding, and it is disgraceful that donald trump insults the hard working tens of thousands of men and women in the u.s. intelligence community who are literally putting their lives on line in some of these circumstances to get this information. this was an attack on the united states, he doesn't want to believe it, it makes me wonder who's pulling his strings. what i want to know out of this entire process, and i wrote a book that paralleled the cia's
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along the exact same timeline, it was released in september. they just happened to do it at a top secret level. what did donald trump know about russian intelligence and when did he know it? that's what we need to find out now, does he have dirty strings, through paul manafort or anybody on his staff. >> almost a footnote to a washington post story. that paul manafort has been back in the trump fold since before the election. you have carter page, who is still to our knowledge with the trump campaign, who changed part of the republican platform to go easy on crimea, on russia's intervention in crimea, you have those two guys there, michael flynn who's a contributor to russia today. do we need to have some in depth
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investigative journalism into trump and his team and russia? >> it's certainly -- reporters trying to get the facts now or as close to the facts as we can get. i think the audience needs to understand how complicated and how difficult it is, we're dealing here with intelligence and even intelligence officials and administration officials cannot really publicly present without compromising sources and methods that allow u.s. spying agencies to gather their intelligence against russia. it's very complicated, very hard, even at the end when james clapper, the director of national intelligence completes this report that he's going to deliver to the president and to members of congress, it's unclear how much of those details are going to be made public to us because of those concerns about compromising sources and methods, it's going to be incredibly difficult to unpack. >> not only that, even if the
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criticisms manage to get out, you'll have donald trump gain control of all the intelligence apparatuses, we will decide who is the next justice department leader, he will decide who the intelligence leaders are, this investigation essentially ends on january 20th, right? >> i hope adam and his colleagues won't end on january 20th and i'm fairly sure my old boss marty barron isn't going to end on january 20th. this is not something i think that any political reporter vaguely anticipated in 25014. -- 2014 we would be talking about. i think that -- i mean i felt this way in 2000, and i feel this way now, if we're going to have a constitutional crisis, let's have one according to the constitution. the electoral college should behave as it was designed to behave and as it was explained by alexander hamilton.
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it would deny him an electoral college victory. and i guarantee you there isn't an ounce of political courage in the house and senate. but at least we will have followed the forms if not the substance of the constitution. beyond that, god knows we have got more than enough reasons not to trust the cia. but at this point, we also want to remember that all of those great stories that were done by the mcclatchey people and other people prior to the iraq war, that debunked the case for the iraq war a lot of those were based on the cia too. >> and the bush administration did some stove piping and some pushing around of the intelligence to get the results they wanted in iraq. it's very ironic that that's what donald trump would use as the excuse. and please stay on this story, sir s thank you very much. up next, donald trump might appoint a longtime friend of,
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guess who? vladimir putin and a big-time oil man to boot to one of the most important jobs in the world. stay with us. he gets a lot of compliments.
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he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017.
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i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. new revelations that russia may have meddled in the u.s. election specifically to help donald trump could complicate his choice for secretary of state. the ceo of exxonmobil has emerged as the top candidate for the post. few u.s. citizens are closer to russia's vladimir putin than tiller son. in 2011, tillerson negotiated a multibillion dollar energy dwil
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on russsirussia. in 2012, putin personally gave tillerson russia's order of friendship medal. john walsh, malcolm pierce, joan walsh. you have the russian election now now -- interference in the election, the fbi new this and covered it up. now we find out that donald trump's favorite candidate for secretary of state just happens to be the guy given the order of friendship medal by vladimir putin. i don't even know what to say is so i'm going to let you talk. >> if tillerson is the person. it's interesting, tillerson went through the backdoor of trump tower, romney had a number of very public appearances to get people riled up and talking about that, but it seemed that something else was really on the front burner. but i think it underscores the importance of knowing exactly
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what the russian role was in this election before tillerson is confirmed, before his hearings, so he can be questioned about his relationship with vladimir putin, about his relationship with russia, this is someone with a lot of experience talking to leaders around the world, including russian leaders, but how can we cut a deal -- it's not someone with any experience in diplomacy or in representing u.s. interests at large, which is really what you would think you would be looking for in a secretary of state. >> and malcolm, that is an important point. because tillerson is in the business of finding places to drill for oil. donald trump is in the business of finding places to build hotels. much of his team is in the business of finding ways of helping vladimir putin keep hold
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of crimea. who in this emerging team have you heard of who is in the business of advancing america's interests around the world? >> well, at this point, i mean other than general mattis, who is nominated for secretary of defense, i haven't heard of anybody. it appears that this is almost like a coffee clach for the kremlin, tillerson is a very interesting character, his first contacts with russia took place with boris yeltsin, he's had a relationship, when putin was even back running russian intelligence, and i find that all highly disturbing. but clearly this is all about economics and extraction industries and they will turn the state department essentially into a negotiation farm for dealing with continuing on his russian economic interests for exxon and other oil extraction
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companies. >> and joan, kellyanne conway was on meet the press on sunday and when asked about the criteria about how they're choosing the secretary of state. let's listen to what kellyanne conway had to say. >> are the candidates -- >> the candidates being tillerson and romney. it's president-elect trump's view on putin that will affect the secretary of state role. >> democrats have now an opportunity at least to question tillerson or whoever the nominees are? how tough do you expect them to see? do use see there are any signs of any more what ae harry rooet in the senate. >> the man who made fun of
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clinton for her wall street speeches, goldman-sachs, attacked poor ted cruz for his wife's work for goldman-sachs, is putting at least three goldman-sachs people in his cabinet. he completely scammed the white working class as you wrote this week, and this is just the top of it as someone who built deals with putin when he was the spy chief could be our secretary of state. the point is there's no one looking out for our interests in this cab ball of people. there's been way too much talk of bipartisanship. >> other than lindsey graham, does not -- this does not apparently get the republican party exercised. other than harry reid, who is retiring, where are the democrats? >> they are hiding under the
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desk, as is their want in situations like this. there will be some push back on minutia by elizabeth warren. quite frankly i don't think we should let the president off the hook entirely on this either. the worst mistakes of his presidency have all been made when he relied on the good faith of his political opposition, and i think he did that again in this situation where he relied on the essential patriotism of the republican leadership and the congress over this story that -- over the events that were described in the "washington post" and they let him down again. his notion that there has been a good faith opposition to his presidency has been the biggest flaw in his presidency in mind. >> if you read the post story closely, and i have read it many times because it's so
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unbelievable. what he wanted to do was just create some bipartisan consensus and come out and make some statement that state and local election officials should be very wary of any attempts to intervene with their voting systems. and he didn't do that. he felt that that would be too much partisan interference, even after comey tipped the scales against hillary clinton, the president still felt that it would be too political to preside over a warning to state and local officials. i mean i'm sure things were said privately, but the idea that we did not need to know this before the election, is frightening to me. it was really a matter of protecting the country and i -- he has all the best tensiintent but i question this decision. >> you have a president of the united states who clearly was trying not to interfere in the
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election, trying not to do the right thing, concern that there was some national interest, where are we left, if we can't trust the fbi, if the cia is ignored by republicans who control the senate and the house and the president is trying to stay out of it. who do we trust in washington that can protect the american people from these intervengea e intervenations. >> the direction no's put down from the executive changes a little bit. the fbi counter intelligence and the cia counter intelligence and our former ally intelligence agencies are not going to stop investigating if they get evidence. the problem here is this is abissue an issue of fundamental american patriotism. this is an issue of which
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patriots need to stand up and understand that this nation sun der threat. it's not just about donald trump, nec year, paul ryan, everything that's ever been known about him could be released through wikileaks. so all of this is a matter of national patriotism and we need to drop the partisan rancor and understand that this could affect all of us to the detriment to the safety of this country. >> and the other sort of sleeping giant out there is this revelation that the russians also hacked the rnc, that they are holding on to information that at any time could be used against my republican that's named in those e-mails, including as malcolm has warned us, stuff that they could manipulate and alter. so we're holding on to information that could be damaging to people in our
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government. what on earth do we do? >> i agree with malcolm in that i think that yesterday, last night when this story broke, we really entried into a post partisan era. it's not really republican or democrat anymore, the stakes are much higher. either you're willing to accept the idea that russia is going to be able from this point forward to manipulate our elections and our administration or you're going to stand up to that, you're going to get the facts out and you're going to make sure that people are clear eyed about what's going on and that all the people in the government are working for the interests of the united states. and so i think it's going to be a really clarifying moment in the next few weeks to see who stands up and who stays silent and goes along with the program. >> amen and amen. joan and malcolm will be back. we'll have much more on the breaking story a little later on "a.m. joy" but coming up next, donald trump's pick for labor secretary. does he think the best worker is a robot?
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up next, donald trump bullied a union leader and appointed a labor secretary who wants to replace human employees with robots. stay with us.
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then you move over to the other side of the restaurant and you'll see your order up there, and when your order is ready, it will say tim y. in my case. and behind there is my food, i just tap twice, the door opens and i've got a beautiful dish waiting for me for lunch. >> that is tim young, ceo of
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eatza, an automated restaurant, donald trump pick for -- postuz on machines, they're always polite, they always upsell, they never take a vacation, there's never an age, sex or discrimination case. this comes the same week that trump attacked a union leader, after jones, a human correctly pointed out that trump exaggerated the number of jobs saved at carrier. chuck choens who is president of the united steelworkers 1999 has done a terrible job represents workers, let's bring in chuck
7:38 am
jones who was president of united steelworkers 1999. now mr. jones, thank you very much for being here, let's get an update on you, sir, because you did receive death threats after you were tweeted at by donald trump. are you okay, first of all and what is the status of your members at that carrier plant and those who are keeping their jobs at least temporarily and those who are still being outsourced. >> first of all, i'm fine, i've been doing this union work for about 30 years and this isn't new to me. don't particularly like it without a doubt. but it's nothing out of the ordinary that happens over the years. our members, the ones that are keeping their jobs are the most part are elated and i want to thank president-elect donald trump for getting involved and saving 800 people's livelihood. the ones that aren't -- excuse me, the ones that are keepi iarg
7:39 am
their jobs, are disappointed because they were led to believe that there was a possibility that they would be able to stay with carrier. >> when donald trump initially said that 1,100 jobs were staying at carrier. are you saying that all of your members thought they were keeping their jobs and they only later found out that it was only 730 of them? >> i don't know about all the members, but we have got right at about 1,300 bargaining unit jobs, and when they kept on reporting that 1,100 jobs had been saved. they then mentioned that 550 were going to monterey, mexico, it gave a hope to a lot of our members the possibility that they would be able to retain their job. >> other than the 730 jobs that supposedly staying, is there any guarantee from carrier that
7:40 am
those are permanent or is it the ultimate intention of carrier to move everything to monterrey. >> i don't know what their intentions is, we have heard no guarantees on if they are staying, for what period of time or if in fact they will be ultimately phased out, we don't know one way or another, what their strategy going forward is. >> tamara, one of the things, the person that donald trump wants to have has his labor secretary is a big fan of robots to do work instead of humans, one of the things that's happening to carrier is that they're going to automate jobs, they're going to spend $16 million they have gotten $7 million from the taxpayers so save that factory, but they're going to automate that facility. is it the greed of corporations or is it ultimately going to be automation? >> i think it's a combinatiocom
7:41 am
because carrier is -- they're trying to trim down costs as much as possible, automate jobs so they can line their pockets even more. there's a choice whether to automate or not. in your opening, you showed this restaurant where no humans work, we have been to those airport things where you have to do and you don't have to talk to anybody, we're losing a human connection and it's happening because companies just want to keep padding their bottom line. and what's scary is puzder is supposed to be the secretary of labor and look out for jobs and make sure that workers are protected. and he talks about people as inconveniences that he wants to replace with robots. >> donald trump is this big businessman, but what he's doing is assembling this group of
7:42 am
people that put profitability over human beings. >> donald trump is assembling a team that is just like donald trump and donald trump himself has shown disdain for workers. he had every opportunity in the world to actually have his clothes manufactured here, to actually have people working in his hotels, some are from here, but he brings people from other countries to work in his hotels. there was nothing stopping him from having his clothes manufactured here, there was nothing stopping him from having people fully employed in the u.s. at his hotels. he chose not to. and so he is choosing people who are just like him. a misogynist, if you look at puzder, everybody's looking at the labor aspect. and that's important, but look at those carl's jr.'s ads, those are misogynistic as, and this
7:43 am
puzder, makes more in a day than an average worker makes in an entire year. he is completely out of touch and he is a slap in the face to the american workers. >> and mr. jones, the afl/cio richa richard -- they are people with families to support and bills to pay, president-elect needs to engage with local leaders in carrier and at his hotel in las vegas. sir, before the election were you aware and were your members aware the extent to which donald trump has used outsourced labor, has used chinese steel instead of american steel. do you feel that americans knew who donald trump was before the election? >> some people might have knew and it might not have made a difference for them.
7:44 am
who they were going to vote for. so we know the history of donald trump on trying to keep unions out of his casinos and hotels and his businesses in other countries, we're well aware of that. >> and do you think your unions would be satisfied with trump called a few companies and saved a few hundred jobs here and there, but overall pursued a strategy of putting morr more r to work instead of people? >> our issue is these companies that are very, very profitable, like carrier and one of our other plants, because they want to make more profit, they would leave this country and move overseas so they can exploit the workers in these two cases, paying them $3 an hour. that's the issue we're trying to address at this point in time
7:45 am
with carrier. >> we'll have you back and chuck jones, we'll have you back. and coming up in the next hour, more on the breaking news that the cia believes russia tried to help donald trump win and the harassment of native americans in north dakota continues. shocking new video ahead on "a.m. joy" coming up. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too!
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the man once known as the realty show candidate is now the realty show president to be. donald trump says he will reexcuse resume his role as executive producer of "celebrity apprentice."
7:52 am
as of january 20, the president of the united states will have shows airing on sister networks. why the apprentice airs on nbc, it's owned by mgm entertainment. nbc actually cut business ties with trump in june of 2015 and has declined to comment on this story. trump's decision to stay on with the show has raised plenty of eyebrows, as if those eyebrows could go up any higher. trump tweeted this morning i have nothing to do with the apprentice, except that i -- let's bring in our panel. back with me, eric bollen of media matters. donald trump saying that means absolutely nothing, his tweets should not be read as actual news, they are just things he
7:53 am
tweets in the morning. what do you make of the idea that a president of the united states would still have his time above the title, above arnold schwarzenegger's name on a tv show? >> one part of me says it's just sort of a ridiculous funny thing that probably doesn't matter. the other part says, well, is he getting money from this, and if he's getting money from this? are there companies that are going to be advertising that are owned by foreign entities and isn't that a violation of the constitution for the president of the united states to get money from a foreign entity? and even if it's not a foreign entity, it's an american company that's advertising on his network. so it adds to this soup of conflict and that is the question that i'm the most worried about is what happens when the president of the united states has to sit down with one of these companies and say if they don't like this, we're going to yank our sponsorship of your show. >> and there are so many ways now someone would want to curry favor with the next president,
7:54 am
through what one might call as a bribe, stay . >> no amount of disclosure is enough here. is nbc for the next four years, ever time they report on donald trump, by the way our parent company has a relationship with president trump. because of his core values do not reflect nbc. what has he done in the last year that has brought him back into the family that reflects these nbc core values. we have to stop normalizing this stuff. i saw a lot of journalists on twitter, it's trump being trump what's the big deal. it's a distinct honor and privilege to serve as president. if you have to make a couple of sacrifices, you do it. he refuses to do it in the advertising. so he just picked a fight with boeing, so what if theoretically a company like boeing says we have to mend fences with trump.
7:55 am
people that want an episode to revolve around their products and the apprentice can be about their product. what if a company says let's give the apprentice $5 $5 milli and trump gets part of that. >> and what if trump gets on twitter and attacks them for something else and tries to bring down their stock price in retaliation. >> and we also have this unprecedented and the word normalization has been thrown around a lot. it is not possible to normalize the idea of the name of the president of the united states plastered on the golf course where the lpga plays it's championship, plastered on the place where the secret service, the taxpayers pay millions of dollars to rent two floors of trump tower, plastered on public
7:56 am
golf courses, plastered all over this country, so that in and of itself was already problematic, so now you have his name plastered on the television screen every week as people watch a television show at which there are advertisers paying? >> i don't even know where to begin, it remind me of the lego movie. this is just outrageous when you think about it. and you know i travel a lot, joy, and if you go to any authoritarian country, this is exactly what you see. i mean the parallels between what donald trump is doing and what dictators do and people say whenever someone make this is comparison, people say that we're exaggerating, if you have not been to an authoritarian country, if you have not been to a country with a repressive regime in place, which i have, you won't understand how dangerous this really is. what he is doing, is dangerous. he is combining business, his personal business, much like vladimir putin, who as we know
7:57 am
he has admiration for. and meets the presidency with the levers of government. it's almost like bribery institutionalized. >> there's a saying, i am the state, we are literally heading into that realty. our panel will be back in our next hour. coming up, more on the breaking news on russia's efforts to help donald trump and my exclusive interview with senator harry reid, more more "a.m. joy" after the break. when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can.
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the cia has determined that the russian interference was specifically to help donald trump become president. the trump campaign is refuting the story, earlier this morning, i spoke on the phone with outgoing senate minority leader
8:01 am
harry reid. senator reid, you as for back as october were attempting to warn the country that the cia had this information, you sent a letter to james comey, the fbi director to that effect. why, sir, do you believe that the fbi did not act on it, that nothing was done before november 8? >> because i did not believe that comey was the new j. edgar hover. i thought that he would do the right thing for the country. this is clear. we have all read the press the last few days, the fbi had this material for a long time. but he, comey, who is a learn, refused to reveal this information during the election, he violated the orders of the attorney general by getting involved in the election.
8:02 am
but he would not let well enough alone, he couldn't do enough to help and everyone knows wikileaks, everyone should know, wikileaks was involved from the very beginning, they leaked the information as if it were run by one of the greet political operatives in america, when in fact it was run by the operate tiffs in russia. russia has a pretty good way of cheating, look what they did with athletes. this is just the needle under the tent, the point is that this is just beginning, and i'm so happy that the administration is going to demand that the work is being done before he leaves, and you know he didn't ask the fbi to do it. >> absolutely, and just to be clear and to reiterate, you believe, sir, and we're talking with senator harry reid, the outgoing senator minority leader, you believe that jim
8:03 am
comey had this information and deliberately with held it from the american people before the election, is that your convention? >> that is true. >> and you had senator lindsey graham, to my knowledge the only republican who is expressing deliberate outrage over russia's interference in our election, do you believe that the senate republicans will investigate this intervention after january or do you believe that the administration's investigation is all we're going to get? >> i believe lindsey graham is a voice of concern, he's an accomplished trial lawyer, he was one of the people who led is impeachment of president clinton, he's a good lawyer, and i think that he should get involved in this. i think with his doing that with the voice he has, i think he'll bring in some of the republican moderates, there aren't many, but he'll bring in some. because this is really important. and they have talked about for months now taking a look at the
8:04 am
cheating that goes on in russia with their athletes. why don't we look at the cheating that they do interfering with presidential elections. and you have heard my voice, i am so disappointed in comey, he has let the country down for partisan purposes and that's why i call him the new j. edgar hoover. because i believe that. >> do you believe that comey should resign? >> he has a term there and i'm sure he's got the new administration, they should like him, he helped them get elected. >> and do you believe the justice department should take action against jim comey, attend of the day, he works for attorney general loretta lynch. should she try to have him remove. >> that would be a gesture in futility. >> do you believe that jim comey, that his actions should be investigated by the united states senate?
8:05 am
>> i think he should be investigated by the senate, i these he should be investigated by other agencies of the government, including the security agencies because if there were ever a matter of security, it's this. it's clear, it's so clear, you look at the accounts we have, just in the last few days, it's just stunning, stunning, the conclusions reached by the press, thank goodness we have got them still around. this is not fake news, okay? >> yeah. >> intelligence agencies and individuals with connections to the russian government, there's no question about that. >> and sir, one of your deputy, i believe your deputy chief of staff tweeted yesterday that you were interviewed in speaking of the press and the "new york times," and that your interview was not included in their article which in their view put forward the conclusion that the russians intervention was not help to donald trump, it was just to disrupt the election?
8:06 am
do you believe that the "new york times" deliberately left your conclusions on the cutting room floor and if so, why do you think chithey would do that. >> i think the times did not want to make this political, i think they believed that comey could do a good job, and that was a terrible lack of judgment, i'm sorry they felt that way. but i don't think any of us understood how partisan comey was. >> and lastly, sir -- >> from the "new york times." >> before i let you go, can i ask you, do you believe that these revelations about our election undermines the legitimacy of our next president. >> trump was elected, this was a hanging chad 1,000 times over, actually he lost the election by about 3 million votes but we have the election system we have here, which should change sometime soon. >> thank you for all your service to the country. >> that was senate minority leader harry reid, and this just
8:07 am
in, we have a statement from the incoming senate minority leader chuck schumer. he says, reports of the cia's conclusion that russia actively sought to rep elect donald trump are stunning, sad and surprising. that any country could be meddling in our elections should shake both political parties to their core. it's imperative that our intelligence community turns over any relevant information so that congress can conduct a full investigation, unquote. and joining me now, the nation's joan walsh, democratic strategist jahmahl simmons and malcolm nance. this is a stunning revelation
8:08 am
coming out of the intelligence community, when you and i talk, not on television, you're constantly telling me the institutions of the government are where we have to turn when politics go insane, is this an example of the institutions doing their work or two it too late. >> it's a great point, joy, i think about james comey and i think about the cia, and it's a perfect example of unfortunately this kpart meantalization that exists. the institutions are so important, i mean, again, the b basis of intelligence is not to make a decision, rather it's to analyze data so they can make an informed decision, i think when you have the intelligence community, as a whole, this is objective, hopefully unbiassed and not political, not partisan, telling you that there's a connection here, that we can go back and see that the russians actually handed information to
8:09 am
wikileaks as malcolm will say, wikileaks was laundering this information they stole through espionage, there is something that and i think we're doing a disservice to pretend that this didn't happen. that doesn't mean, joy, it's very important to separate that, that doesn't mean the russians were behind voter suppression, it doesn't mean that the russians changed the vote count. it doesn't mean that they forced people to believe fake news or that the media, that they forced the media to cover hillary clinton's e-mails disproportionately. those are not russian problems. what it does mean, is that russia, they're not our ally, and we have to start treating them really as an adversary, and until that happens, it's really what's going to happen next, that has to be focused on, what do we do now? what is the next step? >> malcolm, there's several important points in there that i want you to help us unpack. now no american can have real
8:10 am
confidence that the fbi is an impartial arbiter of information they get from the intelligence community, because you have the head of the fbi acting in a blatantity partisan manner and you have the fact that the next administration is pro putin and could simply replace the leadership in the intelligence community with people more to its liking. they have already put general flynn in a nonconfirmable position, feet from the president advising him. are you concerned that this will be, january 20th will be the end of our ability to get real valid information on what russia is doing in your country? >> i am concerned that it could be the end of more than just the information of getting, you know, a russia acting in our country. it's quite possible that leadership could actually get those reports coming up not just from cia, but from the other intelligence agencies, nsa, dsa, whoever's responsible for whatever information and they
8:11 am
could just take that information and just throw it in the burn bag as we see. they just won't believe it. that will place us at risk. u.s. citizens will die if they don't believe that the 50,000 to 100,000 people, the 20,000 at the nsa and other agencies, if they think they're all liars and this measured information, done with contexted impress dense, is just trash, then this nation is at risk. worst of all, is that if this information suddenly starts showing up as we have this saying when i worked in the intelligence committee. you never want to see your name showing up in the enemy's traffic. if you are name starts showing up in kremlin's traffic, we have a problem in the united states and we will have to track down who in this administration has greater allegiance to russia
8:12 am
than our own nation. >> you have had people, everyone from rudy giuliani to other commentators on the right, praising vladimir putin, saying he's a better leader than president obama, so you have putinism running rampant through the republican party, met with silence with the -- where are these national security republicans like, you know, marco rubio, who have so much to say about president obama, does that silence give you any confidence that an investigation that comes out of this republican controlled congress will yield anything other than more proputinism and as malcolm just said, throwing this information in the burn bag? >> i think that's what's going to happen, i think what the republicans have proved and demonstrated and they're telling us exactly how they're going to behave. they have shown us, they are not going to hold trump accountable
8:13 am
unless they need to do so to protect themselves, unless their neck is on the line, as long as things continue to move along like they're moving, i'm going to give the public a little bit of some candor here, government is all about the distribution of resources, be very clear, that is what it comes down to so the republican party sees itself in the position to district resources the way they want. to wealthy people, democrats do a little better, we want to support medicare, but be very clear, this is about resources and who controls those resources and until that is disrupted, the republican party is going to continue to allow this president to put our country at risk. >> and this is terrifying joan because you have a party that's in total control of washington now, now you have democrats who are in the minority but who aren't even a fighting minority. where are the other harry reids?
8:14 am
>> i found myself flinching when he said next year, next year we're going to come back to washington and have some investigations. next year, it's only 2 1/2 weeks away, but there's not the urgency, i'm not hearing the urgency on the part of democratic leaders to get to the bottom of this and to state the alarm that i believe a lot of them share. if you read "the washington post" story closely, there were republicans who wanted some kind of bipartisan statement to be made. i don't -- they don't identify who they were. but there were people who wanted that. so i'm a little bit like barack obama in that i want to believe the best in people and i'm still trying, i'm still hoping there are republicans who say this could have been us, the shoe could have been on the other foot. >> they have our e-mails. they have rnc emails right now.
8:15 am
>> it hasn't even been 24 hours, but chuck schumer has known about this for a long time. these briefings were going on. you and i e-mailed back and forth last night, oh, my god, did you see this story? they knew, thigh have had it for a while, so this kind of leisure l ly, we'll come back next year, and happy holidays. >> we must now say merry christmas. that's the law. >> you are a veteran of clinton era as well. we became into bill clinton's presidency, with travelgate, hillary clinton asking who was in the travel office, with filegate, with a zeal to investigate bill clinton and a zeal to impeach him from day one. and that he would spend the next four years investigating hillary clinton for the next four years with a goal towards getting her out of office. where are the democrats with that kind of zeal, when you've got russian interfeerns in our
8:16 am
election on the table. i am stunned that there is not more outrage on the democratic side since we are clearly are not going to get country first from the republicans. >> we certainly don't have enough outrage on the republican site. we have joe manchin from west virginia who says voting for sessions who is kkk sympathizer. those are not the people on the democratic side who i want taking care of us. i'll tell you about trump, i'm a little less worried about convincing people that trump is a bad person. but now it's whether or not he's doing a bad job and he seems a little bit more like a coach who's interested in pep rallies more than he's interested in having a team practice. so i get nervous when lisa man knack coe who says she's never spoken to anyone on the trump team who's going to be her
8:17 am
counterpart. i'm worried about susan rice who's national security adviser has had no contact. has to get focused and now we know it's probably pro putin presidency is not even doing the basics of getting ready to protect us when they come into office in january. >> and jahmahl, give us what should democrats be doing right now? because democrats still have to organize a minority caucus, they still have 48 or 49 members, they're still going to be in the minority. but the minority still has options? >> the minority can grill the nominees when they come before the senate for the confirm margs. they can hold hearings in offices and ask questions of their own witness list even though they don't have official credibility because of the rules of the house or senate. but they can ask tough questions and put those trials on for the american people. >> and should.
8:18 am
jo thank you, we're going to have you guys all back. up next, guess who called trump tower home. we will talk about one notable resident and his connection to, you guessed it, russia. stay with us. once i heard i was going to be a park ranger, i got really excited. gabe's obviously really sick. and there's a lot that he isn't able to do, and make-a-wish stepped in. we had to climb up the mountain to get the injured hiker. he fell from, like, a rock. he's been the one that has been rescued so many times. he said to me, "today, i got to be the hero." (avo) the subaru share the love event has helped grant the wishes of over twelve hundred kids so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more to help those in need. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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8:21 am
it is impossible to fight your way through fifth avenue these days. it's also where trump tower, the home of the donald trump campaign sits like a shiny presidential skyscraper. back in october, bloomberg had a meetings with the essential people who called the guilded towers of trump tower home. paul manafort who quit as
8:22 am
trump's campaign manager in august. manafort has lived in trump tower since 2006, transferring the apartment from an llc to his own name back in 2015. and eric, you have paul manafort, speaking of media, getting back on board with the trump campaign after he quit amid controversy. and the story about him slipping back into the campaign, was kind of a footnote in the story after the election, how did paul manafort manage to slip back into the campaign and no one notice. >> if this would have been a traditional transition, trump being a traditional president, this would be a glaring problem. how do you drop someone with pro
8:23 am
russian ties over the summer and now he's back. it's up to the press to up its game, right, if they're going to be throwing all this chaos at you, you need to cover it just as aggressively. you can't just have stuff like this sort of be swept under the rug. look how aggressive they were what the wikileaks, look how aggressive they were covering -- >> you mean with reading wikileaks -- >> typing them up as endless nonstop news trying to give hillary clinton problems throughout the election. >> i'm just curious on your take, should we be reading donald trump's e-mails, the fact that the only communication you can get from him since he doesn't give press conferences is e-mail. should the media be giving them any attention at all? >> the tweets? >> the tweets, i'm sorry. >> the last press conference he had was when he said russia hack more e-mails, he's not going to have a press conference until
8:24 am
next july, he's starving the beast and now they're reduced. the "new york times" on several occasions, front page stories, all they do is report his tweets. i can read his tweets, i don't need the "new york times" to read them for me. >> the main stories about manafort have been his ties to pro russian elements in ukraine, including interfering in elections. how on earth were we not paying attention to his involvement in a campaign in wrihich people ar questioning the results of the election. >> well, these things were reported on in august when it came out that he was deeply tied with bo with -- his national security risk was when he helped lodge
8:25 am
protests in crimea against nato exercises which degraded the ukraine's capacity to stop russia from seizing crimea, he literally helped them take a section of the nation, that in any other circumstances would have been acting as an agent of a technical intelligence agent of a foreign power, not just a trade agent of a foreign power. these are the big stories that are just getting swept under the rug. i have to ask here, is the white house going to be known as russia house to everyone else in the world, if these people are still tied with, you know, the likes of paul manafort and donald trump, we have a problem here. >> harry reid last night, i was right, comey was wrong, i hope he can look in the mirror and see what he did to his country. on october 31st, the "new york
8:26 am
times" put a story out that cited there was nothing to the idea that all of these stories that malcolm, that other journalists were putting out that were reporting, it was out there, but it was debunked in a way. by this headline that read, fbi sees no clear link to russia. it's another way in which the fbi scuttled information that could have helped the american people. >> what's really weird about that, to go back to "the washington post" story that we have been talking about, they put comey in the room with jay johnson, in this official briefing for these legislators, so he knew, and, you know, he apparently was taking it seriously enough to whebe there making the case along with these other people, we have reason to believe that they're helping trump, not just interfering. so we know he knows, or didn't believe it. he didn't think that it rose to
8:27 am
the level of needing to be disclosed before we had our election. but he did think that the new -- now new e-mails on anthony weiner's e-mail. did rise to what we needed to do know before election. he has two sets of facts and he goes with that one. >> if comey was in the room, he knew that these things were happening, and harry reid wrote to him, this is what harry reid said to comey back in october. in my communications with you and other top officials in the national security community, it has become clear that you possess explosive information about close ties and coordination between donald trump and his top advisors and the russian government, a foreign interest openly hostile to the united states. is there any reason the fbi could receive that letter and not act, and not simple be a
8:28 am
guardian of the united states national security. >> i think very clearly that letter refers to m s ts to mana the has a track record to say that he's allowed in here and to advice us, that's crazy, i hope there's an active investigation against this guy and i hope to bring some credibility back to the fbi that they actually bring charges. >> thank you guys very much. and after the break, the senate actually did something last night. they did something. shocking news next.
8:29 am
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♪ gaviscon is a proven heartburn remedy that gives you fast-acting, long-lasting relief. it immediately neutralizes acid and only gaviscon helps keep acid down for hours. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor-recommended gaviscon. first of all, i agree with the american people, i don't have a real regard for congress either because we're not getting anything done. >> early this morning after harry reid gave his farewell
8:32 am
speech on the senate floor. the senate passed a $7 billion water bhoirl. the senator signed off on $175 million in aid for flint michigan. the bill also allots $558 million to california for drought relief. that part of the measure faced push back from california senator barbara boxer because she said that legislation eases back some environmental regulati regulations. still ultimately the bill which also allows 30 new infrastructure projects have gotten done and awaits president obama's signature, the infrastaur bill and the jobs it creates go on president obama's ledger. don't get it twisted. more with our guests after the break.
8:33 am
8:34 am
as a supervisor at pg&e, it's my job to protect public safety, keeping the power lines clear, while also protecting the environment.
8:35 am
the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california.
8:36 am
what happened to flint, michigan where water is still unsafe to drink under a donald trump presidency. thank you all for being here. i'm going to start with melissa first, as the citizen living in flint, living through this for now two years going. what do you expect out of this just passed bill in congress? does it make you feel hopeful and have your pipes been addressed? >> no, i have a copper service line so even though my newest lead test from virginia tech is 1,400 parts per million, we're not going to be on the list because i don't have young children. what we're hoping is that the entire infrastructure gets replaced, because the highest levels of lead in my home is coming from the outside, it's coming from the city's distribution system. so it needs to be addressed.
8:37 am
it's not just service lines that are damaged, inside the homes are damaged as well as everything coming from the water treatment plant. so we need a full upgrade for our city, as well as these bills dismissed, the shutoff notice hit just the same time that i got the notice that my lead was so high. my water is going to be shut off because the state is forcing them to shut off our water. we still need our water to shower. >> the idea many months ago was that the state was going to help out the city of flint in terms of those water bills, what happened and what's going to happen to residents like melissa? >> that's what we have been talking about and we have been continuing to press the state that we need those water credit relief because we know that
8:38 am
people can't pay for water they can't use, and what we have been able to negotiate is just to have people pay for their sewer, well we can use it to flush, we know that, and for things like washing clothes, those kinds of things, so we're continuing to press for that. and that's why the point that melissa brought up, we have only been able to prioritize certain areas in the city of flint to start replacing those lead service lines, and if we had the funs that we're going to be getting now, we can look at the entire city of flint. >> when will that money get to flint and how extensively can service lines be replaced with $130 billion? >> one thing to be clear on, this can go beyond service lines. as melissa pointed out, it's not just problems with lead service lines that will cause lead to go into the homes of these families. she has a copper service line,
8:39 am
yet still has lie levels of lead, so we need to deal with the distribution system as well, with the treatment system as well. so we need to be able to support those types of changes, it won't be enough, we need the state of michigan to step up and do more. it took far too long for congress to act, we have been fighting for this since january. we had to literally in september, threaten to shut down the government of the united states before i negotiated directly with speaker ryan on the $170 million authorization that passed the house. finally we get it done. depending on how quickly we mover and the president signs the bill today, at that time the state of michigan and the city of flint will have to get a plan together and get it submitted to those dollars can flow. i know mayor weaver is ready to
8:40 am
go. we know we have lots of needs, but we need the state of michigan to step up and act quickly. but also to finish the job. the federal government has done twice what the state has done and most of the responsibility for what happened in flint falls on the state's doorstep, they can't get away just thanking congress for what we have done they have got to get together and do what is needed for flint. this crisis is not over. >> the governor of michigan put in place a manager who did this to your city. it was the republican governor of michigan who did this to your city. what has the state done to help the residents of your city and do you have confidence in the state government of michigan to get this done and what will be the timeline? >> well, you know, one of the first things that -- if it hat not been for the emergency declaration, i don't think they would have done anything, and i remember even when i was putting this into place, i got so much
8:41 am
push back that nothing would happen, but i believed that we could make some things happen because i know with myself and our michigan delegation, we were going to get this done. right now what the state has done in addition to some of those credits in the $25 million to get us started, that's what's been put in place. but like the congressman said, we need much, much more. so we have got to continue to impress upon them that the city of flint deserves more because this was a situation that we did not get ourselves into, we did not have a voice when this happened. now it's time to make good on that. we are so grateful to the federal government for what's happened, but as the congressman said, we need the state to do more as well. >> very quickly before i go over to melissa, mayor, part of why this happened is that the state government in michigan wanted to switch flint off of the water system that came out of detroit on to this new water management district that would essentially financially benefit the suburbs
8:42 am
instead of detroit. when is that supposed to happen? when is that switch supposed to be finished? >> when is the switch for? >> to the new water management district so you won't be in flint river water anymore. >> we are lake huron, which is what we were getting through detroit. but the problem is the damage that's been done to the pipes. so we continue to treat the water, but we need more infrastructure. >> do you need more from the state to get this done in a timely manner. >> unfortunately not, they did this to us and we have to wait on them to get this fixed. and what i'm seeing right now, they're saying every day, the water's better, people are safe. we had to file an injunction that they deliver water to people who cannot get to these water distribution sites, the people who are sick, elderly,
8:43 am
th. they said no. this is getting worse over time, because the infrastructure is continuing to fail. every water test i take goes higher and higher. and we have to worry about bacteria and all the other con famili contaminants. they are not listening to the residents and they are not taking care of the most vulnerable and there's too many people falling through the cracks. >> thank you all for being here and best of luck to you all. and coming up at noon, new reaction to the report alleging that russia intervened in the election to help donald trump. we will hear from the communications director from the republican national committee.
8:44 am
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8:47 am
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he wears his army hat, he gets awalks aroundliments. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
8:50 am
i think that this is a huge win, not just for standing up, and not just for all the native nations that exist and that came and showed support but it's a huge win for this nation, for the first time this nation and the leaders had the courage to make the right decision that will benefit this country. and so this is a step forward for everybody. >> here on "a.m. joy" we've been closely covering the fight of the standing rock sioux tribe to stop the dakota access pipeline being built under the missouri river near their reservation.
8:51 am
this week the army corps of engineers denied a permit for the pipeline's owner to proceed. instead a new route will have to be found. protests are beginning to wind down but efforts by some to intimidate the protesters continue. viral video shows two masked men confronting two native american men in a car in bismarck on monday. >> you [ bleep ] protesters, go home! >> i said go. >> us south dakota people are going to [ bleep ] you up, every [ bleep ] one of you. >> matt, just go. >> i can't. they blocked it. >> every one of but. >> hey, guys, seriously, we'll get out of here. >> we're going to go. >> we know you who are. we follow you, too! [ bleep ] your wives at home. we hope you like it! >> damn, you guys. >> you threaten us, keep it up! we're here to [ bleep ] you up, too. you threaten us? you threaten our lives. >> you can call the police?
8:52 am
>> you threaten our people? >> everybody call the police. >> wow. bismarck police say one of the men has been arrested and they continue to look for additional suspects. kyle perry has been covering the protests and phyllis young, that is chilling video and it's just a small taste i guess of what protesters have been dealing with and facing being bitten by dogs and facing water hoses in freezing temperatures. any update on the search for the second of those two masked men who assailed two members, looks like two protesters in north dakota? >> so no update. bismarck police are still investigating the incident. i think it highlights the issues that north dakota is facing. we talked to the law enforcement officials who were standing on the other side of that bridge at standing rock when we first arrived there. they wanted to impress upon us that they have to live in north dakota, if and when this is ever
8:53 am
resolved and the relationship between the standing rock tribe and people living in million-dollared in is something that is very complicated and is going to go on for a long, long time. look, we're talking about 150 years of betrayal by the u.s. federal government and these tribes, not just the standing rock tribe but the dakota tribe, the lakota tribe, talking about policies that were executed by the u.s. army, which is why i think we have this now fascinating kinsmanship between the u.s. army and the native american tribes that have gathered at standing rock, all of which i think is probably going to be reassessed and reset on inauguration day january 20th when we see what this next administration is going to do. >> phyllis young, that is i think the big worry for your supporters, is that the trump administration will come in and just reverse this decision a point someone new to head the army corps of engineers and go right back to laying this pipeline through your land. are you worried about that? >> we have always prepared for
8:54 am
it. we know who we are, and we are basing the new position that we took as we have okhete shakoi, represents the seven council fires and we have lit that fire after 150 years. what that is, is our cultural presence, and that is based on ancestral and natural law, so it predates the constitution of the united states. it predates the doctrine of discovery, and all the steps that go with that in taking our land for free, and so this is the unwritten law. we are the predecessor sovereign of america, and if any attack is made on us, the democratic thing to do is for america to secede
8:55 am
from our country. we are the first -- we are not americans, first of all. we are ocheti shokui and we have a citizenship and very soon in the future we are going to have to decide which we are loyal to, which citizenship. we have been good americans. we have code talkers, what standing rock represents is symbolic of what is happening across indian country, but also america and the world. so it's a new threshold about humanity and that's the beauty of it, because we all came together and the military veterans represented are full, our historic enemy and we have patched things up. we have mended. we had a great peace ceremony between those military veterans
8:56 am
and ocheti shokui, and if this is still a republic and governed by the constitution we will prevail. >> kyle, we know this pipeline was rerouted before to take away from the capital and nonnative american parts of that state and put it squarely on the land of this tribe, do you have any reporting on whether or not this reroute will stand? >> here is the problem. the problem is there's no geographical trick to get around the missouri river. right? there's just no way it's going to have to cross at some point. the question is does it cross on native american land? we're talking about treaties signed in 1851 and 1868. they're not that old and it's supposed to be native american land. will that be moved? that's the big question. one more quick thing on january 1, the investors have a chance to drop out.
8:57 am
that's another big moment, do the big banks drop out of this. >> we'll continue to follow the story. thank you both so much. we'll follow it with both of you. that is our show for today. join us tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. eastern for more "a.m. joy." coming up the latest on the new report of russia's alleged role in the presidential campaign. one of the reporters who broke that story will join stephanie gosk at the top of the hour. the real gift isn't what's inside the box... it's what's inside the person who opens it. give your loved ones ancestrydna, the simple dna test that can tell them where they came from -by revealing their ethnic mix. you'll save 10%-and they'll have a new story to tell. order now at and save 10%.
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hello everyone. i'm stephanie gosk in new york at msnbc world headquarters. high noon in the east, 9:00 out west. here's what's happening. war of words. the trump camp bitterly pushing back on newspaper reports that suggest russia tried to help donald trump win the presidency over hillary clinton. drama building in baltimore, it's the annual army/navy game. we'll take you there live as a short time from now president-elect donald trump is expected to arrive. so-called pizzagate, a new


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