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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  December 27, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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we start some 5,000 miles away in hawaii. historic moments 75 years in the making. in just over an hour president obama will be welcoming japan's prime minister to pearl harbor for the first visit to the memorial there by a japanese leader since the attack that launched the u.s. into world war ii. we are watching cabinet concerns. the president-elect's picks for top spots not always in line with his own views on key issues. what does that mean for a smooth transition? plus, thousands of americans still in the dark after a christmas blizzard pounded the planes. we'll have the latest on the storm's path as folks try to make their way back home. we begin in hawaii before shinzo abe's visit to the memorial at pearl harbor he'll sit down with president obama for a face-to-face meeting. tammy lightner is in honolulu covering it all. >> hey, hallie. this is a significant day in history. this marks the first time that a japanese prime minister will have an official visit to pearl
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harbor with a sitting president. their day will begin with a bilateral meeting. then there will be a wreath laying ceremony at the u.s.s. arizona. afterwards they will make remarks to the media and survivors who were invited here. you have to keep in mind this is a relationship that president obama has really worked on for the past eight years with japan. it was marked by his visit in may to hiroshima. keep in mind the president didn't offer any apologies when he went for things that happened in the past. just like we are not expecting the prime minister to offer apologies today. this is about moving forward. hallie? >> nbc's tammy lightner from honolulu. thank you very much. howard fineman from the huffington post joins me now from washington. howard, you just wrote a peace about th -- a piece about this. you talked about the symbol ichl of the visit.
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expected to be a powerful visit. what do you expect to see today? >> what i expect to see is both visual and verbal expression by president obama of his world view. one ironically but appropriately grounded in his home state of hawaii. it's very international, very mixed race. 15% of hawaiians are of japanese descent. they have been taking leading roles in democratic party politics in hawaii. it's obama's vision and i think it is abe's vision as well. one that's very much under assault these days is donald trump, the president-elect tweets out threats to most of the world. don't forget that barack obama's vision is one of assuming the possibility of cooperation, not confrontation. he's tried to make peace with iran. he wants to make a deal in the middle east. he's tried to cement his
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relations with japan. that's what this is about. >> howard, want to pull up a piece from your article here. you write, for those who fear and despise trump, hawaii is like a seed bank of public life, protecting valuable strands so they can be replanted when the time comes. i have to ask you. we'll talk about the relationship between japan and president-elect trump. are you suggesting blue states like hawaii hunker down and try to survive the next four years here? >> no. what i meant to say is in part because of where it which is in the middle of the pacific ocean and because of its history of independence and pride hawaii represents a lot of the way they conduct themselves in hawaii, and i just visited there, i think represents perhaps silently, not politically a kind of rebuke to the vision that donald trump has sometimes portrayed on the campaign trail. which is one of cooperation rather than confrontation, which
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is one of public health care, not just private which is one of international embrace rather than threatening tweets which is one of multiculturalism. there is no potpourri of ethnicities and races anywhere in america like hawaii. it is one of four minority majority states but by far the most diverse. while race is a factor there, it is a polychromatic thing we don't have in the united states that barack obama by happenstance represented. that represents the future of america by mid century when this country will be majority minority. it is more that than any one particular strain or just going to the beach and drinking beer. although that's fun, too. >> howard, thanks so much. i want to talk more about this. we have to cut in with breaking news. we are following this out of los
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angeles. nbc news confirming actress carrie fischer died. her rep tells msnbc it is with a deep sadness they confirm that carrie fischer passed this morning. she was loved by the world and will be missed. she was 60. you know her best as princess leia from "star wars." this weekend she had a serious heart attack on a flight from london to los angeles. she had been in the hospital ever since. just yesterday or earlier this week debbie reynolds, her mother, said she was in stable condition. obviously that changed. actress carrie fischer dead at 60 today. i want to bring in msnbc senior editor cal perry. the news is breaking in the last two or three minutes here. there's not much reaction yet on social media, but what are you seeing. tributes poured in for her, well wishes prior to the news, right? >> in the past week we have seen trending on twitter at times the force is strong with carrie, people sending well wishes.
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certainly an american icon passing away this afternoon in the hospital in los angeles. you're seeing recent video of her there from earlier this year. as you mentioned known for "star wars" but so much she's done on broadway and in film. she was an author, a songwriter. we are talking about somebody that throughout the '70s and '80s was at the forefront of some of the most iconic films and images that america has to offer. in 2016 she wrote a book called "the princess diarist" and spoke about her personal problems, her battle with cocaine, for example, her bipolar disorder. this is something that people in hollywood rallied around to help her. on friday she was on a flight from london to new york city. she experienced cardiac arrest on the flight and has been in serious but what we understood was stable condition in the los angeles hospital. as you said, just in the past
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few minutes the devastating news that she's passed away at 60. she'll be remembered for princess leia, a sad day for so many here in the country. >> we want to look back now at her life and legacy. our nbc news colleague steve patterson reports. i'm a member of the imperial senate on a diplomatic mission. >> reporter: in this galaxy and perhaps others far away, carrie fischer is hollywood royalty best remembered as princess leia from "star wars." >> into the garbage chute. >> reporter: landing the role at just 19 she captivated audiences for decades returning later in "the force awakens". >> i have always hated watching you leave. >> reporter: even before battling the empire she was born into the spotlight. daughter to famous parents eddie fischer and debbie reynolds she debuted in "shampoo" in 1975. >> i remained ce eed celibate f
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>> reporter: building up more than 90 film and tv credits she wrote seven books including the semiauto biographical "postcards from the edge" and "the princess diarist" in which she admitted an affair with harrison ford. she spoke with savannah here on the "today" show last month. >> it seems like you were in love. >> it felt that way. >> well, i was 19. yeah. so, you know, i was not a cavalier-type person. one of the trademarks of fischer from the beginning of the career has been a brutally honest demeanor. >> never afraid to comment on drug use, mental illness, a strained relationship with her mother or her failed marriage to paul simon. >> she was a successful author, screenwriter. she's a commentator. she's done many, many different things beyond "star wars" as an
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actress. >> reporter: this morning the phrase "may the force be with her" trending on social media as a princess is remembered as a queen. >> may the force be with you. devastating news for fans and admirers of carrie fisher. her daughter billy lord saying it is with deep sad ps she is confirming her mother passed away at 8:55 this morning adding she was loved by the world and will be missed. pop culture journalist alicia quarrels joins me now on the phone. on the heels of the death of george michael and so many other iconic legends in 2016, carrie fisher will live on. this iconic role as princess leia, is that what she's going to be remembered for? it seems that will be part of her legacy. >> it is absolutely her legacy. she played the princess for the
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first time in 1977. but also in someone honest who was an advocate for mental health. she came from hollywood royalty. her father left her mother for elizabeth taylor. she and her mother became beyond close. her daughter is acting in "scream queens." also an author, advocate, mother and a daughter. >> when you talk about her later roles, too, where do you think she'll be most remembered when it comes to her post "star wars" fi filmography. >> i think you will see how stunning she was. look at the movies after "star wars." she's multi talented and reportedly was a ghost writer for a lot of movies such as "the wedding singer," "the princess diaries." debbie was someone -- excuse me,
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carrie was multi layered. i know her mother will miss her. she tweeted on christmas day saying she was doing fine. >> yeah. listen, looking at some of the reaction coming in now. not just from her daughter but from others around the industry stunned that this was happening. she's a symbol to a lot of folks. what you heard in the steve patterson obituary we played, her struggles she went public with including substance abuse. >> she did. she was diagnosed with bipolar later in life but by 13 she was abusing lsd, alcohol, cocaine trying to balance out her system basically. she was married to paul simon but it only lasted three years because of the substance abuse. eventually "postcards from the edge" a book which became a meryl streep movie was auto biographical and talked about her struggles. she was seen as revolutionary with her honesty and advocacy
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for mental health. >> thanks so much for joining us on the phone. i want to go now to eric davis, managing editor of fandango. also joining us on the phone. eric, your initial reaction to this devastating news? >> i'm incredibly saddened. carrie fisher, i was a young boy when "star wars" -- "star wars" raised me as did princess leia and carrie fisher. to lose someone like her who had so much life in her. she was so funny. i was just at "star wars" celebration over the summer in london watching her speak. she just -- you know, for someone with the weight of this franchise on her shoulders, for really her entire life, carrie fisher was 19 in the first "star wars." i don't think people realize how young she was, holding her own with harrison ford and mark
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hammill. she speaks with humility, humor about it. she just wrote a book about the years she did when she made the "star wars" movies. they were difficult years. there were drugs, shenanigans happening on the sets. but she looks back fondly and i think she just appreciated the millions of fans who looked up to her for that franchise. yes, carrie fisher is so much more than "star wars." alicia spoke to that. >> right. >> greatly missed. >> let me ask you to speak to some of that, too. the idea that she was, as alicia pointed out, funny, witty. she developed into this person we all watched beyond princess leia. you talk about being a "star wars" kid growing up. >> yeah. she was a script doctor. she worked on a lot of screenplays, wrote a lot about her own troubles with mental illness and addiction.
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what i liked about her is she found the humor in that. "postcards from the edge" was written about her life. she adapted herself with shirley mclean and meryl streep. she was in "when harry met sally" debuted in "shampoo." what she taught us and proved is that life is -- and i put it in the obit. life is forever a bumpy road but if you find the humor in it then it is a lot more of a straight path. it's a smoother ride, so to speak. i think what she taught a lot of us is that even if you are kind of lost in your head, lost in the dark spaces as she was for a period of time find the humor in it. if you can do that, you can escape some of the mental prison and make it through all right. a lot of people will remember her. more recently with her dog gary. they became a duo on the circuit
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when she was promoting "star wars," the force awakens. every interview she had a dog with her. that was just an extension of her humor, her personality, her saying, you know what? life wasn't always fair to me. but i'm still having a good time. i'm still here. i think we can learn a lot from that kind of attitude and perception of the world. man, i'm going to miss her. >> erik davis from fandango. thank you very much for hopping on the phone to talk breaking news with us. actress carrie fisher dead after suffering a heart attack on a flight to los angeles. more on this story as it develops. as we watch the tributes come in from fisher's friends, fans, admirers and her family as well. in the meantime, we'll turn ck to prohibition politics after the break. some democrats are more worried about donald trump's potential conflicts of interest. more than that as we come back
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president-elect donald trump today announcing two new white house picks including one specializing in cyber security. this comes after the president-elect went online to defend the work of his foundation and to weigh in on the controversy over the security council vote on israel. i want to bring in now
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democratic congresswoman jan shakowski of illinois. thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you. >> you talk publically about your deep connection to the state of israel. i have to ask about friday's u.n. security council resolution, the abstention from the united states. do you support the move from the obama administration here? >> i do. it's u.s. policy that we don't support the extension of settlement building in the west bank. that's because it will diminish the chances for a two-state solution. it's also important to point out though that barack obama only once in the most recent has abstained on a u.n. resolution whereas all the presidents from lyndon johnson on have many more times abstained. this is not an unusual move. the settlement policy has gone
10:21 am
on for decades. >> what do you make of officials including the ambassador saying on this network and others there is clear evidence that the u.s. was behind, essentially orchestrating the resolution despite u.s. government denials that that's the case? >> well, i actually talked to people in the administration. that's absolutely not true. to the extent that the united states was involved at all, it always -- the u.s. always wants to see not just a one-sided resolution and this one also condemned incitement by the palestinians. >> you talked a little bit about the two-state solution here. analysts are saying this might be dead. there is one analyst who called it the face of the encroaching one-state reality. where are you on this? >> oh, i am a great supporter because i believe so much in the security of the state of israel.
10:22 am
i believe that it should be a jewish democracy and the only way that can really happen is if there is a state for the palestinians side by side with a secure israel and in order to have that kind of security, we are going to need to have a separation. we need to have two states. >> i want to talk politics here with president-elect trump saying he will dissolve the trump foundation. his nonprofit. despite the new york attorney general saying not so fast. you are still under investigation. that said, democrats clearly want to continue to police the conflicts of interest questions for the president-elect once he takes office. how do you do it though in a body where house speaker paul ryan controls it? is it a matter of being the vocal minority opposition? >> yes. exactly. you're going to see that the minority, that the democrats are certainly going to, if we have to hold our own hearings into
10:23 am
this conflict of interest. the american people deserve to know. you know, the president-elect was going to have on december 15 a press conference talking about that. experts say the only way he could really avoid conflicts of interest is to liquidate his company and put the money then into a blind trust. now there is talk about a half blind trust, a discretionary trust, his children are very much involved in running the business. you know, this never happened before. it is unprecedented. the american people need to know how these conflicts of interest may also affect foreign policy of the united states of america. >> before i let you go i want your take on something different. my producer and msnbc's congressional producer frank thorpe is reporting that house republicans proposed punishing representatives who shoot video or take pictures on the house
10:24 am
floor with fines. this appears to be in response to the sit-in congressman john lewis organized over gun control in june. you remember this. >> of course. >> some were periscoping from the house floor. what's your response? >> you know, they want to really shut down the ability of democrats to protest. that's what they are really saying. of course, we are going to look for every opportunity to state our case and object to those things that we are seeing. i don't know what they mean by signs, if they are referring to the action on the house floor which i was very proud to participate in. it gave the american people an opportunity to see the democrats taking a different position on sensible gun safety legislation. i don't think you are going to see much of that anymore. this idea of punishing, revenge, it's trump-like. now it looks like the republicans and the congress are also going to take this idea
10:25 am
that we are going to punish people who object to our positions. i'm sorry. that's just not going to happen. we are not going to stop standing up against those things that are so divergent from what the american people really want. >> illinois congresswoman jan shakowski. thank you very much for joining us. we have more coming up after the break. more on the breaking news just within the last 25 minutes or so, the death of actress carrie fisher. a live report from los angeles next. i'm worried i can't find a safe used car. you could start your search at the all-new that might help. show me the carfax? now the car you want and the history you need are easy to find. show me used minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search and get free carfax reports
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we are following breaking news out of los angeles. actress carrie fisher died at the age of 60. a rep for fisher's daughter confirmed the news to nbc. we brought it to you at the top of the hour. it is with a very deep sadness thats billie lourd confirms that her beloved mother carrie fisher passed away this morning. she was loved by the world and she will be missed profoundly. fisher at 60 was best known for her role as princess leia in "star wars." she had a serious heart attack on friday on a flight from london to los angeles. she was rushed to the hospital where she'd been ever since. she's best known for her role as princess leia and the "star wars" franchise she was known for so much else later in life, particularly her public discussion of her struggles with substance abuse and addiction. i'm joined by steve patterson at the los angeles bureau. i know the news is fresh for many folks. are we seeing reaction yet from friends of carrie fisher, her fans, admirers? >> oh, yeah.
10:30 am
absolutely. social media obviously went into a tailspin. just about a half hour ago we got the news. as you said the rep for her daughter, fellow "star wars" actor in the newest series of movies confirms it. the news came immediately and then a flood of course of twitter reaction, facebook reactions, famous fans and friends. then of a galaxy of "star wars" fans who really grew up watching carrie fisher. you know, when you had the original trilogy for a long time that's all you had. you would watch it over and over again. i think a lot of people, young women especially identified with that character, particularly. then once they got to know the woman outside of the character, carrie fisher, a strong woman who freely, as you mentioned, very candid, admitted a lot about her life. a lot of people related to her in a lot of ways. some things people don't know about carrie fisher is that obviously a prolific author,
10:31 am
seven books. she was promoting her latest book coming back from london on tour to promote her book across and overseas. just coming back for the holidays. as you mentioned she suffered a heart attack on the plane. it was the last 15 minutes as the plane was descending from london to los angeles when she suffered that massive heart attack. passengers recall her kind of not being able to breathe and then obviously the episode ensued. family and friends rushed to her side at the hospital where she was rushed. over the weekend we heard from her mother, debbie reynolds. it was on christmas day that her mother said she was stable. we have to remember that stable is not really a condition. it's a modifier of a condition. as if to say, we didn't know what her true condition was at that point. then the ensuing hours followed. remember, support keeps pouring in over all of this time.
10:32 am
the social media stuff never stopped from the minute it announced that she suffered the heart attack. but prolific author, actress. 90 film and tv credits and a really prolific hollywood script doctor. someone that would come in and take your script that was in disrepair and fix the thing for hollywood standards. she was a brilliant writer as well as a brilliant actress. i think obviously that's how she'll be remembered. of course in the famous role as princess leia, but for so much else as well. >> steve, let's listen now to sound we have from one of carrie fisher's most iconic roles. listen. >> darth vader, only you could be so bold. the imperial senate will not be still for this. when they hear you have attacked -- >> don't act to surprised your highness. you weren't on a mercy mission. several transmissions were
10:33 am
beamed to the ship by spies. i want to know what happened to the plans they sent you. >> i don't know what you're talking about. i'm a member of the imperial senate on a diplomatic mission to alderon. >> you are part of the rebel alliance and a traitor. take her away. >> iconic. >> carrie fisher's most famous -- yeah. >> so many people could recite that scene and every scene after that for three movies by heart. myself included. i'm a huge "star wars" fan. i think the iconography of what she represents and what the characters represent and then obviously expanding that to her broader life and who she became as a person and watching her grow into who she was. also the warts and the struggles of that. her being candid will stick with a lot of people for a long time. it's why there is so much mourning at this point. >> you know, steve, you really hit the nail on the head.
10:34 am
she was "star wars" to so many people. she was the franchise, but she was so 34umuch more. i want to bring in kevin fallon from the daily beast. people forget she was an author. she wrote as poignantly as she acted. >> yeah. not only was she a best selling author. she was prolific in the art of sharing her own personal pain and experience in the kind of authentic way that celebrities and actresses of her stature often are afraid to do. she'd talk about mental illness and addiction with such honesty in a way that i think was not only entertaining but really helps people. >> kevin let's take another look at another scene from "empire strikes back" another of carrie fisher's memorable movies. let's watch. >> hey. your worship, i'm only trying to
10:35 am
help. >> would you please stop calling me that? >> sure, leia. >> you make it so difficult sometimes. >> i do. i really do. you could be a little nicer though. come on. admit it. sometimes you think i'm all right. >> occasionally, maybe. when you aren't acting like a scoundrel. >> scoundrel? scoundrel? i like the sound of that. >> stop that. >> stop what? >> stop that. my hands are dirty. >> my hands are dirty, too. what are you afraid of? >> afraid? >> you're trembling. >> i'm not trembling. >> it might be because i'm a scoundrel. you've earned a scoundrel in your life. >> i happen to like nice men. >> nice men? ♪
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>> fisher, of course, so crucial to the original "star wars" movies. she was in the new ones and was referenced in a cameo in "rogue one" the new "star wars" movie that's not part of the skywalker story line, if you will. when you watch -- when people watch the older movies, watch the originals, see the new ones there is a sense that she is now a part of not just the generation who grew up with the original movies but part of a new generation. she'll be just as important to them as she was to people who were around when the first films came out. >> yeah. there is something almost poetic in a tragic way that she makes this cameo in "rogue one" as young princess leia because of exactly what you just said. it's a little bit of a bookend to the different generations that are now going to have her and her performance in their lives in this iconic role that
10:37 am
meant so much to one generation and now will mean that much to this new young crowd taking in the new "star wars" films. >> kevin fallon from the daily beast, thank you very much for joining us to talk about the news developing within the last 40 minutes or so. carrie fisher, of course, known for her role as princess leia in "star wars" and so much beyond that. a bestselling author, somebody who was public with her battle with substance abuse and addiction, dead at the age of 60 according to her rep confirming the news to nbc. we'll have more not just on this story but on other stories that are developing here at home and around the world today including the growing tension between israel and the u.s. after a controversial u.n. security council resolution. up next, reaction to the new israeli accusations that the u.s. was behind the vote from former senate majority leader and u.s. special envoy for middle east peace, george mitchell. was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count.
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more drama brewing between the u.s. and israel. israel not backing off the accusations the u.s. orchestrated the u.n. security council resolution condemning israeli settlements in the west bank even though the u.s. flatly denies it had any involvement. even with that u.n. security council vote israel is not backing down announcing it plans to move ahead with thousands of new homes in east jerusalem. joining me, george mitchell,
10:42 am
former minority leader who served as the envoy for middle east peace with a new book called "a path to peace, a brief history of israeli palestinian negotiations and a way forward in the middle east." thank you very much for being with us today. plenty to discuss. that's for sure. israel strongly believes the u.s. was behind the security council resolution. as you know, administration officials denied they have anything to do with it, had anything to do with drafting it. they say they weren't involved at all. how do you see it impacting the relationship between the u.s. and israel moving forward, particularly given that president obama only has a few weeks left in office. sp >> there is a long history as we documented of hostile relations between the prime minister of israel and presidents of the united states. this is not new. president eisenhower and prime minister bengurian were at odds. president reagan and prime
10:43 am
minister begun had a bitter relationship. i do think if i could make other points on this issue. >> sure. >> that president obama would have been wise to veto this resolution, not because of the policy implications but because of the timing and the circumstance that it leads to with respect to trying to get the parties together. we have a new administration coming in. they will make a new initiative. unfortunately, this moves israel further away from being willing to negotiate with the palestinians and it makes the palestinians less likely to negotiate which is difficult. on the policy, if i might say, there's been a lot of misinformation coming out in the american media in the last few weeks. every american president since the beginning of settlements 50 years ago from johnson and nixon down through bush and obama has
10:44 am
opposed israel's policy on settlements. the statements made on american television that obama didn't protect israel as other presidents have at the u.n. security council are completely false. there have been more than 75 resolutions by the u.n. security council over the past 50 years, generally critical of israel through every american administration. so i think much is being made of it that is false. it would have been wise, i think to defer this if possible. if not, to veto it. >> senator, one of the comments that you might be referring to came just today. the former ambassador to the u.n. john bolton talking about this saying essentially that the obama administration tried to basically put their thumb on the scales. here's what he said and i want your reaction on the other side. >> the fact is this is an extraordinarily radical step by an outgoing american president intended to box in his successor. >> in your view is that a fair
10:45 am
assessment? >> no, it is not. every president has made clear american opposition settlements. in fact, during the carter, the reagan, the first bush administrations u.n. security council resolutions specifically on settlements including language similar and in some respects identical to what was in this resolution were enacted either with american abstention or in one case the united states actually voting for it. so there is really nothing new in this. i do think, i should add i think both israel and the arabs and palestinians are taking the wrong course of action following this. from the standpoint of the palestinians, they promised now to proceed more to international bodies trying to isolate israel. but that will lead to a state in name only if that occurs because there cannot be a palestinian
10:46 am
state on the ground in the middle east without the participation and consent of israel. they have to be involved in the process. that's been american policy for 50 years. and that should continue. we need to find a way to draw the two sides into it. on the other hand from israel's standpoint, the last thing in the world it needs is further isolation in the world. and to this moment to the best of my knowledge, not a single country in the world has come out in opposition to this resolution and the prime minister now going on and taking on in hostile terms britain, france, spain, new zealand, china, russia. israel is already isolated in the muslim world which is a fifth of the world's population, soon to be a third. they don't need further isolation from the whole rest of the world. they ought to be trying to get the world on their side, not just the united states.
10:47 am
so i think it is an unhealthy situation from both standpoints. my hope is they will both get over it and get into negotiations to try to reach an agreement with american help. >> senator george mitchell, thank you for that perspective and that context. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> coming up next, more on the breaking news we have been bringing you all hour. the death of actress carrie fisher. more including reaction from one of her most famous costars coming up after the break. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at
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back to breaking news on the death of carrie fisher. luke skywalker, mark hamel writing, no words. fisher, most iconic role, princess leah. joining me is a close friend of carrie fisher. we're so sorry to hear about your loss. >> i'm somebody who covered her throughout the years and became very fond of her. >> tell me about the relationship you developed with fisher over the years then, michael. >> we almost had an instant report because we both have an acidic take on the world, and yet optimistic. we're both pretty funny. when i walk in to interview carrie in her hotel room, she had something up her sleeve. she had utter honesty about her familial relations, drug
10:52 am
addiction, bipolar, she would talk openly about that. one time she didn't want to go to her book party the night of the interview, so she said, why don't you just -- i said, why don't i just go as you, basically. she ran into the other room and gave me a pair of her panties for me to wear to the party. i assure you, i didn't do that. i stayed home. that was just an example of her outrageous and very endearing sense of humor. >> you know, she's not somebody who disappeared after that iconic role. she was out as recently as last month, doing her media rounds, had her new memoir out. well known as an author. your recent interactions with her, i'm sure, fresh in your mind. >> she was as fresh as ever. she always reinvented herself. she was show business royalty with famous parents and became one of the biggest actresses in hollywood by playing principle
10:53 am
tess l -- princess leia. it was hard for her to make a connection to herself. once the acting started drawing up, although she was always acting until the end, in little parts, she reinvented herself as a commentator. she was a brilliant memoirist, interviewist, someone who was funny, self-deprecating and a breath of fresh air. she was one of the funniest people you'd ever want to know. >> you talk about her bold, brashness, particularly in talking about her struggles with addiction. that meant so much to people who also had their own struggles. she became an icon not just to movie buffs but people who were going through their own substance abuse issues, too. >> that's true. at the time she came out with drug issues and bipolar, it was considered scandalous for celebrities to admit that. celebrities were drug kicking
10:54 am
and screaming out of the closet, admitting they were in rehab, dealing with that. she made it funny by being self-deprecating, funny and honest, paving the way for saying, you're not a bad person if you're dealing with any of this. it just means you're human, and there was nobody more human and vulnerable and sweet, below her sardonic exterior. >> do you see that as her legacy to sort of the next generation, the generation that grew up with her, more so than the princess leia role? >> i do. her legacy is also someone who started out as the daughter of famous show business parents. you forget that eddy fisher dumped debbie reynolds fon for liz taylor in the '50s. that was the original angelina. this is the world carrie was born into. she becomes a gigantic movie star in "star wars" and becomes a whole other person by being a commentator and someone with a sardonic view of the world.
10:55 am
the consent reinvention. also, she became so close with her mother, debbie reynolds. they could almost complete each other's siyllables. anyone who watches "postcards from the edge," that's wrong. they became so close over the years. i feel so sorry for debbie. everyone is rallying around them. >> and the rest of her family. >> absolutely. >> before i let you know, she was also so important, i think, to a lot of women looking not just in the hollywood industry, the movie industry, but women looking to her as almost a role model, if you will. >> absolutely. and even though she was created by these two incredible parents, carrie was a self-made creation and she was very proud. like madonna, she owned her womanhood. she had some horrible men in her life and also good men.
10:56 am
she was there to tell the truth about them, and laugh and move onto the next chapter. everything that happened to carrie made her stronger and funnier. i hope this latest health incident would be just another incident like that, where she was just someone survive, get back on her feet and laugh about it. sadly, nobody is laughing at this point. >> new york columnist, michael. thank you for joining us with your memories and perspective about best-selling author and movie icon, carrie fisher. (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen
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that does it for us on this hour of "msnbc live," as we learned about the death of carrie fisher. >> sad day. good day to you. in new york where we're following heartbreaking news from los angeles at this hour. actress carrie fisher, best known to the world as "star wars" princess leia has died at the age of 60. awaiting history in honolulu. another face-to-face this hour between president obama and shinzo abe. the first japanese prime minister to set foot at pearl harbor in decades. first, to the death of carrie fisher, heartbreaking news. breaking just within the past hour. i want to get right to nbc's steve patterson who is following the latest from our los angel


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