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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  December 28, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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that's what kerry underlined in the speech today. >> philip gordon, former top adviser to president obama on middle east policy. thanks for your time. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> that will do it for us this hour. follow me on twitter @peter alexander. i'll be back later at 5:00 eastern for mtp daily. for now hallie jackson is next on msnbc. we hand the reins to you. >> hi, everybody. i'm hallie jackson in west palm beach, florida. we are all watching what's happening in washington. that speech and the exclusive interview right here on msnbc with secretary of state john kerry sitting down with andrea mitchell. here's what he had to say after the controversial u.n. vote last week. listen.
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we'll get to that interview in a moment. andrea mitchell just completed an interview with john kerry talking about not just israel but potential upcoming punishment to russia for its role in interfering in the u.s. election process, according to u.s. intelligence assessments. andrea mitchell, if you are with us i want to talk with you a little bit about the sit-down you completed. tell me what stood out to you. you asked tough questions about whether john kerry is making it worse now for a possible peace process. >> he rejected that suggestion completely. he said, look, this is really for the security of israel, that israel long-term as he said in his speech can either have two states or if it is one state it can be a jewish state or democratic. but it can't be both. because of the demography the understanding is it will over take israel if it is one state. so it cannot be a democracy if palestinians are part of the
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israeli state. it is an article of faith going back to reagan and carter and his point is a two-state solution isn't possible if israel continues, as it did again today as he was speaking to expand settlements in the west bank. they won't go back to the 1967 lines because things have changed on the ground but there are principles developed through lengthy negotiations that collapsed two years ago. this is a last cry. clearly as he leaves office with only three weeks left nothing he's laying out will be embedded or adopted by the new administration. he holds out hope that donald trump, once in office will perhaps change the views he's been expressing on twitter and expressing through his choice of a new ambassador to israel and will not be as hard line. >> andrea, you asked a couple of
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questions about president-elect trump who as you know and we have been talking has been tweeting about israel and the relationship between benjamin netanyahu and himself. john kerry didn't seem to want to engage. that seemed purposeful on his part. >> yes, indeed. he doesn't want to engage president-elect trump. but it is clear all of the tweeting on nuclear weapons, on china and the drones, on taiwan, all of the statements before he becomes president haven't been helpful. he did say our allies and adversaries are taking note and russia takes note of what we say about an arms race for instance and others who would like to proliferate, perhaps china and others like india and north korea come to mind are taking note of what's being said in palm beach. >> he was rhett sint to give
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information on covert operations against vladimir putin for the interference in the u.s. election. do you expect we'll hear more from him or the state department. >> you can hear more from the white house. i think it would be later this week that there is going to be some action. there will be other action we'll never hear about, at least i hope we won't hear about it that's covert. there will be economic sanctions and you will hear something via the white house and/or treasury this week. >> nbc news chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell with the exclusive interview with secretary of state john kerry at the state department. thank you very much for being here at the top of the hour. >> you bet. now to israel's ambassador to the united nations danny denan. thanks for joining us. overall reaction first to the remarks from secretary kerry. what's your take? >> good afternoon. it was a very long speech trying to explain one shameful, one-sided resolution passed in the u.n. last friday. i found one major contradiction in the secretary eat speech.
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he said i call both sides to go back to direct negotiations. on the other end he tried to justify the way the u.s. voted in the security council. but actually it is a contradiction. if you passed the resolution you are telling the palestinians to stop with the negotiation. you don't need to neg wait with the israelis. you can just come to the u.n. the u.s. will allow you to pass more resolutions against israel. the only way to move forward and think about peace in the region is by direct negotiations. unfortunately after friday it will be much harder. >> you talk about the need for direct negotiations. secretary kerry said you don't support a two state solution though he called it the only way to achieve a just and lasting peace between israel and the palestinians. what's your response? >> prime minister netanyahu said clearly he's willing to negotiate everything. willing to negotiate everywhere. what the palestinians want is to get everything without paying
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anything, without negotiating. unfortunately it's working for them. what happened friday at the u.n. security council when israel was abandoned by the u.s., the palestinians celebrated. now they can come tell their people we should not go back to negotiate with the israelis about the state. we can get them to come back to the u.n., the security council. but we hope the new administration would make it clear that the only way to move forward is through direct negotiations. splt. >> i want to play what the secretary of state said coming from israeli officials in the israeli government that the united states had anything to do with last week's resolution. listen. recruit them as an alternative to bring it up to the u.n.? >> we recruited nobody as an alternative. those four countries that brought it to the floor did it on their own. i had no communication with the
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four countries and that process. >> ambassador, do you accept what secretary kerry has to say? >> no. absolutely not. when you -- >> so he's lying in your view? you don't believe what he's saying? >> let's review the facts. in 201 1 there was a similar resolution. the u.s. vetoed. 2014, another similar resolution to the one passed on friday. the u.s. blocked the vote without using the veto power. recently in the last resolution we know the u.s. unfortunately was involved with the resolution. at the security council the u.s. is a pen holder on every resolution regarding israel and the middle east. you can ask other ambassadors who sit at the security council. no one would have supported such a resolution without the support of the united states. even ambassadors approached me before the vote and told me we wanted to abstain but the minute we saw what the u.s. was doing and got the signal we would
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support the resolution. >> to be clear and i'm going off what you are saying, do you believe secretary kerry is lying to your government and lying to the american people? >> i don know what to tell you about that. i can only tell you the facts. if the u.s. wasot supporting this resolution it wouldn't have passed. that's a fact. we have seen it in the security council in the past. how many times in the u.n. people are trying to gang up against israel and pass resolutions. i have seen in the last year dozens of times. the u.s. stood by us but now think about the timing. three weeks before the change of guard in the white house all of the sudden it's happening? it's not a coincidence. >> you talk about the change of guard in the white house, ambassador. talk a little bit about how you see the relationship between the united states and israel changing under president-elect donald trump even as he goes after the united nations in a tweet saying it is a good club for talking essentially. how does that relationship
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unfold and change? >> first of all, we have a strong relationship with the u.s. 88 senators urged president obama to veto the resolution. unfortunately he chose not to accept the recommendation. and we'll continue to work with the u.s. administration, the congress. we have a great relationship because of the values we share with the american people. we hope president-elect trump would require the u.n. to stick to its original platform and promote peace not incite hatred against israel. >> will the israeli government work toward a two state solution speaking about the hamas, terrorism in gaza, what's really happening today in the region. we expect the secretary's efforts and worked hard in the last eight years trying to
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achieve peace. you have reality in the middle east and cannot avoid the radicals in the region. you cannot blame israel for everything. >> ambassador, before i let you go, have you had any conversations personally with incoming secretary of state des designate rex tillerson yet? >> not yet. i look forward to working with him, governor nikki haley and i'm sure we'll have a strong relationship. >> israeli ambassador to the united nations, thank you very much for being here on an afternoon when all eyes are focused on the relationship between your government and the united states. i appreciate it. i want to get to our reporters across the world. bill nealy, ayman mohyeldin and kasie hunt. let me start with you and the potential fallout here. we are starting to hear from ambassador dinan there. what are you seeing? >> just to pick up from the last
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thing the ambassador said, he said john kerry didn't address hamas violence. he most certainly did and condemned it in strong terms. most of what he said was a rebuke to israel. he said he wanted to speak frankly because the two-state solution, israelis and palestinians living side by side was in serious jeopardy. john kerry cared about a two-state solution for the best part of four decades. he said it is the only way to ensure future peace. it won't ever really be at peace if it chooses a one-state solution. that's what many jewish settlers wanted. in addition to what you heard from israel's ambassador to the u.n., we are expecting a speech from prime minister benjamin netanyahu shortly. of course his relations with barack obama have been particularly poisonous over the last few years. he's looking forward to a new relationship with president-elect trump. we haven't seen any tweets from
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donald trump. i'm sure that's coming. >> i want to go to you, ayman mohyeldin, as we talk about what stuck out to you and what you found notable from that. >> one of the points that definitely was news worthy in terms of what he was talking about was the acknowledgment, if you will that the russian hacking had, quote, a profound impact on the u.s. election system. that's going to be one of the items i took away in terms of the points vis-a-vis is palestinian conflict. there is this freedom for the administration and secretary kerry to be more blunt with the criticism about it. there is an important point that stuck out from his speech which also was something he talked
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about in the interview with andrea mitchell. that's the number of settlements that have grown. why is that important? we were just listening to the israeli ambassador at the u.n. say they are ready to go to negotiations. he said we are ready as well. he highlighted. a hundred thousand settlers have moved into the occupied palestinian territory. having the basis of negotiations while settlements continue has been one of the biggest challenges and one of the main reasons why the palestinians say they are rejecting these negotiations that have been so elusive. >> bill, you reported on the ground from israel. you have seen this clash up close. how closely did it match your reporting.
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the solution is fading. the hopes of a road map toward peace or peace talks between the israelis and palestinians really is dim indeed. there is no question that settlements are growing. john kerry pointed to a figure of 30,000 units in all. settlement units in recent decades and 100,000 settlers since barack obama became presidt and, indeed, either as he was speaking or just before he was speaking we had word from an ngo that another settlement unit had been approved in east jerusalem. there is no question that in israel there is a sense that they are creating facts on the ground. and that, you know, john kerry went through six principles or proposals to move this forward. there was nothing new in any of
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that as he acknowledged. there is a sense of paralysi in the last 40 minutes or so. >> i keep checking my phone to see. >> right. but really, that's how it may have been making pronouncements when it comes to israel late this morning and into the afternoon. talk about the impact. secretary kerry hoping it is a powerful moment. it's coming at the tail end of the administration with somebody who has a different relationship with benjamin netanyahu set to take office in days. >> this represents a boiling over of frustration on the part of the obama administration and john kerry in particular with how benjamin netanyahu has approached the obama
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administration over the course, particularly of this election and really in the last week in particular. this is a speech john kerry has been pushing for quite some time. the administration obviously got to this point. i think they were pushed there. part of this is what has been an unprecedented back and forth between a government of israel and a government in waiting in president-elect donald trump. they are essentially going around over beside the obama administration. ooh couple of times about israel. they can't allow israel to be treated with disdain and
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disrespect. they used to have a friend but the beginning of the end. netanyahu was tweeting back thank you for your warm friendship and support for israel. that's not something the obama administration is feeling from him. but on the way out the door i think if you look at early reaction there are a lot of conservatives who have been concerned. the early indications of reaction i'm seeing in my twitter feed and in e-mails and things are this speech pushed people toward donald trump. >> they were following throughout the hour. we are asking you that touches
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on all of this. secretary of state john kerry as you saw here outlining the last ditch push for peace. but is it too little too late? we want to hear from you. head to pulse. we'll get your results later in the show. next, more reaction from secretary kerry's speech from the arab community.
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now you may hear from advocates that the settlements are not an obstacle to peace. they are sublt to israel's law. does anyone here believe the settlers will agree to submit to palestinian law in palestine? >> that's secretary john kerry there on how israeli settlements in his view are complicating the path to a peaceful two-state solution. in 30 mins we'll hear what you might call a rebuttal from benjamin netanyahu set to begin at 1:45. we'll bring it to you live when it happens. meantime we'll discuss the news of the day. i'm joined now on the phone by the executive director of the arab american association of new york linda sarsour. we have plenty to discuss. you tweeted there can't be a two-state solution unless there
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is a reaction to some of secretary of state john kerry's comments there. >> secretary john kerry is not saying things he had already not believed and he has been working toward a two-state solution for the past four decades. as a palestinian american with family in palestine and i will be going back this summer it is impossible for there to be a two-state solution when it is on palestinian land. i live across literally in the middle of the village. we need to first dismantle illegal settlements and end military occupation in order to bring the parties back to the table. we can't continue to expect that palestinians living under military occupation can negotiate with an occupying power. that's another impediment to the process as israel comes to the
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table with preconceived conditions toward peace and negotiations. >> donald trump's pick for ambassador to israel david friedman is a supporter or has been a supporter of settlements. are you surprised by the posture on this? what is your reaction to some of the tweets and comments he's made just today about his relationship with israel. >> david friedman makes benjamin netanyahu seem like a walk in the park. he's more right wing than benjamin netanyahu which worries me about the future if there ever was a future of palestine and israel it won't come at the hands of donald trump or david friedman. this was a speech today. it was only words. while they were important and passionate and the world needed to hear them we are going into a new administration that has already in their first 100-day agenda said problematic things around moving the consulate, around talking about settlements
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and supporting settlements. so honestly, i don't see peace any time in the near future. i haven't seen peace or the opportunity for peace in the last 15 years. i'm definitely not going to see that or you are not going to see it under a trump administration. we are dealing with an islamaphobic, anti-arab regime coming. he's proving it to us by the type of appointments donald trump is putting into the white house. none of whom see the palestinian people as actual human beings that deserve the right to self-determination. >> linda sarsour from the arab american association of new york. thanks for talking with us. we appreciate it. coming up, members of congress are making a push for new sanctions on russia in response to election hacking. what will the president-elect do? we'll talk to the ranking democrat on the house armed services committee about that and we'll talk about the news of the day. john kerry's speech and interview with andrea mitchell in a moment.
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we are going to keep the conversation going now with democratic congressman adam smith, ranking member of the armed services committee joining me now from seattle. congressman, thanks for being with us. i want to start on the topic of israel. you heard linda sarsour from the arab american association of new york saying there is an an opportunity for peace under donald trump. do you agree? >> i think it will be very difficult. what secretary kerry said today is very accurate. make no mistake about it, israel is a critical ally the u.s. will continue to support. we signed a new ten-year agreement to provide them with military assistance in excess of $3 billion a year. we are deeply invested in
10:30 am
israel. we want to protect and defend them and help them in any way we can. but a two-state solution is the only way out of the difficulty we are having now in the west bank. john kerry is right. the settlements being built make it more difficult. back in 2008 we were close to a two-state solution. the facts on the ground have changed. there are more jewish settlers in a larger portion. when you figure out what the palestinian state will look like it gets difficult. it is not in the best interests of israel for the status quo to continue. >> all signs point to the israeli government though not trusting the united states government. sort of an erosion of the chilly relationship under the obama administration between him and prime minister netanyahu. when i asked if he believed john
10:31 am
kerry was lying basically refused to answer. >> i heard. >> israel continues to insist that the united states has orchestrated the u.n. security council resolution. you know the united states denies they have anything to do with it and you heard it from john kerry today. what are the broader implications of that? >> we certainly didn't orchestrate that. israel itself is deeply divided. benjamin netanyahu is on the very far right. he didn't get more than 50% of the vote in his election. he pieced together a coalition with groups to get there. there are many in israel who think prime minister netanyahu is going down the wrong path. a belligerent path that will force israel into a situation where they either have to be an occupying power that doesn't give the palestinians the right to vote or if they do give them the right to vote they will be outnumbered. that's why you cannot have a jewish democratic state which is what all israelis have said they
10:32 am
wanted if you continue to occupy the west bank. i will say one thing i disagree with the palestinian-american that you had on. right now israel needs to have a security presence in the west bank to protect itself. for palestinians to say they won't negotiate until the security presence disappears that's untenable. israel can defend and protect itself and the palestinians should right now start negotiating directly with israel. the fact they haven't is also a major impediment to peace. >> congressman, i want to talk about russia. those are the headlines coming out of the interview with john kerry and andrea mitchell. here's what he told my colleague this hour. listen. >> i don't want to speculate on what the president may or may not do. all of the cyber attacks taking place, but particularly the russian one had a profound impact on our system, on our political process. >> congressman, what do you know about sanctions or punishment
10:33 am
coming to russia because of the involvement in the elections and will the sanctions stay in place under president-elect trump? >> i don't know more than you do except that the obama administration is committed to respond to this with economic sanctions, with some sort of cyber response and they have to. a foreign power hacked in to our computer system to affect the outcome of our election. we cannot let that stand. i applaud senators graham and mccain for their approach to make it a bipartisan response. i am not optimistic. >> i don't want to interrupt but in 23 days you have somebody in office taking the oval office who has rejected basically the idea that if russians interfered in the u.s. election. >> that's where i was going next. president-elect trump wants to turn a blind eye to this. regardless -- i want a better relationship with russia. i don't fault donald trump for
10:34 am
wanting that. i think the world would be a better, more peaceful place if the u.s. and russia can get along. if russia bullies us, comes in and forces the result in our elections and we refuse to respond, that's not going to make them more willing to work with us. that's going to have them view us as a patsy they can push around any time they want. i hope president-elect trump understands that. you cannot let this type of attack go unchallenged or you are simply emboldening a very brutal power in russia in vladimir putin. so we need to respond. will trump do that? i have my doubts. i know this is bipartisan on the hill. that's why i mentioned senators graham and senator mccain and the great courage they are showing in saying what needs to be said. we cannot let this stand and let russia get away with it. >> congressman adam smith joinings live this hour from seattle, washington. thank you very much.
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the president-elect now in day three of what's becoming a one-sided war of words with president obama. donald trump thinks it will not be a smooth transition into the white house with just three weeks to go before his inauguration. we are talking about it next as we wait for in about 20 minutes the rebuttal. . geico has a long history of great savings and great service. over seventy-five years. wait. seventy-five years? that is great. speaking of great, check out these hot riffs. you like smash mouth? uh, yeah i have an early day tomorrow so... wait. almost there. goodnight, bruce. gotta tune the "a." (humming) take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more.
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everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. today the president-elect's transition team is teasing a new economic development message set to be announced later today in
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some format. this as donald trump keeps lashing out against president obama. day three now, just three weeks before he takes the oath of office. joining me to break down all things politics and all things foreign policy, azi paybara from politico new york and a reporter from mother jones. thanks for being here. let me start with israel and the fall out since secretary kerry's speech. let me start with you. donald trump has gone big on israel. does he see a political benefit here. he wanted to box out the president and show he's the one who is strongly supportive of israel and of netanyahu. the down side is whatever happened in the next four to eight years under his administration will own that.
10:40 am
he's so visibly broken with president obama and with secretary of state kerry in terms of how to forge a path forward on israel. >> i want to play for you a little bit of how the israeli ambassador to the united nations said this hour. listen. >> ambassador, do you accept what secretary kerry has to say? >> no. absolutely not. when you -- >> so he's lying in your view? you don't believe what he's saying? >> let's review the facts. in 2011 there was a similar resolution. the u.s. vetoed. 2014, another similar resolution to the one passed on friday. the u.s. blocked the vote without using the veto power. recently in the last resolution we know the u.s. unfortunately was involved with the resolution. at the security council the u.s. is a pen holder on every resolution regarding israel and the middle east. you can ask other ambassadors
10:41 am
who sit at the security council. no one would have supported such a resolution without the support of the united states. >> is that a problem long term or just for the next 23 days? . sp i'm sorry. just for the next 23 days it is clear president obama and benjamin netanyahu didn't get along, haven't gotten along for a long time. they sort of blamed one another for sort of stymieing efforts to get to a peace deal. now that's not very helpful and obviously there are more factors that go into whether or not a peace deal could be struck than whether or not the leaders of the two countries get along. it is clear that the benjamin netanyahu government sees a closer ally in the trump administration that they believe that what they want to accomplish is better done once donald trump comes in office. they have basically both sides of the obama and netanyahu teams have had frustrations with each other and in the transition days this is the time oh air it out.
10:42 am
>> hang out for three minutes. we'll take a commercial break. i want the panel to stick around as we wait for the speech from prime minister benjamin netanyahu coming up in the next few minutes.
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10:46 am
we'll bring to you live just an hour and a half or so after secretary of state john kerry wrapped up his own speech at the state department talking about what he believes is a crucial need for work towards a two-state solution and the end of west bank settlements. i want to get back to the panel here. joining me now from politico new york and mother jones. as we wait for the prime minister of israel i want to talk about headlines of the day. we would be remiss if we didn't touch upon the war of words between president-elect trump and president obama. you saw the tweet from donald trump earlier today going after president obama yet again saying the transition won't be smooth. really a direct contradiction to what sean spicer said recently that the president's team has been helpful. which is it? helpful or a roadblock? >> i think if you look at the history of donald trump's tweets they are not that truthful. i wouldn't look at this one in
10:47 am
particular and think this is going to be -- this is the real story on what's going on here. it fits a pattern with donald trump. if something isn't going his way he finds someone else to blame. he's done it many times. i think it's quite possible that this is him looking at trouble, disagreements, looking for a way to lay the groundwork or placing blame for some mishaps down the road. the white house has been clear they are working hard to make this a smooth transition. no one knows what this is referring to. this is a pattern with how trump operates and how he tweets. >> by the way, our team at the white house reporting back that the west wing will not respond to donald trump's tweets today as is their custom to not respond to what he says online. the relationship between president-elect trump and president obama has been the subject of a lot of discussion. after the meeting after the election president trump said
10:48 am
laudatory things about president obama even after his own birther crusade against him. is this a souring of the relationship, mark? do you think it will blow over? the president-elect has called president obama and sought advice from him before. >> well, i think what it speaks to is just how easily donald trump can get rattled, someone gets under his skin. remember when barack obama a little while ago was trying to sort of needle the republican establishment and said things like you guys can't listen to rush limbaugh which got rush limbaugh very much into the conversation and created a rift between the talk show sort of outlets, part of the republican establishment and the elected officials. here you just saw how easily barack obama can say something like, yeah, i might have been able to do better in the election than hillary clinton. obviously a dig at donald trump. what does donald trump do? he explodes and starts reacting
10:49 am
on twitter, causing dischord within his own team and contradicting his own spokesperson. to me it says something about how easily donald trump can be distracted and how easily it can so dischord and disorganization among his own team. >> when you talk about his team, he's holding meetings today with a number of folks including two potential candidates for secretary of agriculture. talk a little bit about the cabinet maneuvering here, the positions left to be filled. not just agriculture but veterans affairs as well. does donald trump need to light a fire here? do you think he's got all the time in the world to put the last few pieces in place? transition officials tell me he feels no rush. >> yeah. the more time the better. you need someone to come in prepared, ready to hit the ground running. these are huge departments. they have a lot of programs going on. so i think that, you know,
10:50 am
saying you have all the time in the world doesn't make sense. there is a lot to do. the federal government is a big government with a lot of programs. i think certainly the sooner the better. you
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. . . [smokey whistling a tune] i'm guessing smokey liked that idea.
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we are joined by our msnbc contributor and the leading maxwell and also political analyst and contributor. as we wait for benjamin netanyahu, lets talk about the united nation. he seemed to be unproturn by donald trump. should the united nation be more concerned about donald trump's stance on the u.n.? >> the new nighted nation should
10:55 am
be alert there is a new regime in town. he withheld funds or dues until there were some reform in place. bill clinton agreed with that and signed those reforms into place. the question becomes in 2017 is whether or not the u.n. is still useful or relevant or trying to spread democracy worldwide or trying to have a solution in the middle east. those are legitimate questions that a lot of americans should be asking themselves about the u.n. >> senator ted cruz has a petition going and tom cotton just talked about this, here is what he had to say. >> we are currently operating under a budget that goes to april so in the first hyundais
10:56 am
we could address some of the u.n. crimes. lets face it. the u.n. has failed to do much good in world for a long time. they protect dictators. >> in your view, is there a case to be made to keep the u.n. as it is. >> i think there is an argument to say that we need to keep u.n. the way it is. >> sorry to interrupt here benjamin netanyahu has taken the stage. >> all right, as he delivers his introduction here, we'll expect typically h continue speaking
10:57 am
and we'll check back with him. lets go back to what we were discussing which is the united nation and if there is a case to be made keeping the u.n. as the way it is. >> trying to increase the united states influence in a working and functional body. i think that what donald trump is doing with his tweets everyday and talking about the u.n. and he's bucking a lot of norms in terms of we have one president at a time arculating policy and now we have his tweets articulating with the current president. i don't think it is going to happen before january 20th. we need ask ourselves whether or not it is appropriate for someone that's not sworn in as serious international affairs.
10:58 am
>> let me pick up with robert here. >> we did see president-elect trump briefly, until then, he had not made any public aexperiences. that was quick, too. >> he had been tweeting about israel and tweeting about u.n. is this inappropriate for the president-elect trump to be coming out so forcibly on matters of foreign policies before he takes office. >> there is no doubt about it that the constitution is very clear, we have one president at one time. he's the head of state barack obama, and he's the head of state until january 20th. it is confusing when you have the soon to be in p cocoming le is one thing. it is more confusing than anyone else. fast forward eight years from now when donald trump is leading the white house, i think he would want his successor to be quiet too until january 20th.
10:59 am
donald trump needs to be careful of what he's doing here because he maybe setting a precedent that may come back and bite him eight years from now. >> as you see from your screen is speaking now and we are monitoring that for news and robert, is there a chaens chance do you think -- i posted that question earlier. she says no. what do you think? >> i don't know. that's a riddle that previous preside presidents have been trying to solve for the past 50 or 60 years. this is a complicated situation and the palestinians as well as israel east do not see eye to eye on anything. the question is whether israel is going to double down the 1967 math that they agreed a couple of years ago.
11:00 am
the question becomes whether or not there can be true trust between those two. >> do you, robert? i am going to interrupt you and bring you in benjamin netanyahu switching into english. we are going to listen into his speech >> we are grateful of the support israel has received over many, many decades. our alliance is based on shared values and interests and a sense of shared destiny. a partnership that's endured differences of opinions between our two governments over the best way to advance peace and stability in the middle east. i have no doubt that our alliance will endure the profound disagreement. we have had with the obama administration and we'll become stronger in the future. now, i must express my deep disemp


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