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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  December 28, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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that wraps up at this hour, i am jacob soboroff, my colleague craig melvin is pick things up right now. >> jacob soboroff, thank you, i am craig melvin, i am in for kate snow. it is a busy day. here is what's happening on a wednesday right now, i should note. after a week of tensions, two close friends of the united states and israel caught in a back and forth and argument on how to best achieve peace in and around the west bank. it started with john kerry's in-depth attempt to set things straight on the controversial u.s. settlement on israelis last
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week. >> here is a fundamental reality. if the choice is one state, israel can either be jewish or democratic, it cannot be both. and it won't ever be at peace. >> in case you miss that speech, here is a recap of the secretary's main point, the two-state solution is now in jeopardy adding israel can be a jewish state or a democratic state but not both. he went onto say those sett settlements we have been talking about threatened peace. united states standby its decision to abstain from the union speech. my colleagues speaking to secretary john kerry right here. >> while you were spoken, israel
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went ahead with one news improvement. could you making it worse by making the speech now. are you pushing benjamin netanyahu into moving into the right because of his own domestic politics. >> i think what we are doing is trying to put our experience and the lessons we have learned on the table and constructive away as possible in order for us to get the people to stop and think about where this is going. and if we did not do that and if we sat silence, i guarantee you the policies would simply continue because we have seen it over the last eight years just continued even when there is been as conversation about in an effort to try to move the government in a different direction. >> all right, it was not long before we got our response from prime minister benjamin netanyahu making sure he
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delivered that response in english. >> what he did was spend most of his speech blaming israel for the lack of peace by passionately condemning a policy of enabling jews to live in their historic homeland and in their internal capitol jerusalem. hundreds of suicide bombers and tens of thousands of rockets and millions of israelis are in bomb shelters are not throw away lines in a speech. >> we got a lot of grounds to cover. to break it all down, lets start with my friend and colleague here. lets start with the biggest points that the secretary of state was trying to make in this speech? >> you can look at the speech in a few different categories, among those the warnings that he
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gave to israel which is that israel as you were saying ther,. israel can no longer hold onto the 3 million palestinians. he's saying that the settlements are not obstacle to peace. he defended the united nation's votes. the united states is holding to its values and abiding to the principal in a two state resolutions which he says is in clear jeopardy. secretary of state is warning israel and laying out the path forward and making sure that the world knows why the united states upheld that education at the united nation for the security council resolution. benjamin netanyahu quickly addressed that u.n. vote and
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again, we heard in the exclusive interview, john kerry explaining why, take a listen to this. >> you did not orchestrate it? >> no, we did not. >> you did not recruit them as an alternative to bring an offer to the u.n. >> we recruited nobody as an alternative. those four countries that ultimately brought it to the floor did so actually on their own. i had no communications with those four countries and that process and i don't know, i think it is kind of makes a statement if you will that they decided to go ahead no matter what. >> what are you hearing there? john kerry explaining that the united states had nothing to do of orchestrating and initiating that resolution united state council. so much so that it had comments benjamin netanyahu double down
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on that accusation that we had evidence that the university is behind it. >> what we heard today is how much of a sharp departure was that speech from what we heard in the administration in the past eight years. >> in terms of policy, not much. mostly behind closed doors and the u.s. articulated in peace meals and in the past eight years. in terms of blunt assessment that the u.s. administration has concluded that the two state resolution is in jeopardy. that's different. i have spoken to a few people who followed the story, this is the most blunt speech, most cruel speech ever by senior u.s. official about the end of a two-state solution if peace is not achieved. it was a blunt assessment that you are hearing from john kerry. >> thank you very much for breaking it down for us. >> i want to turn over seas to prime minister benjamin netanyahu firing back at
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secreta secretary kerry. bill neely is live for us. how important is it to know that benjamin netanyahu delivered that speech in english and telling administrator topping playing this game of charades. >> it was significant that he spoke mostly in english rather than hebrew. before the speech it was in english. he clearly wanted to address the u.n. directly and to kick back globally against john kerry. just as john kerry says he will be candid in his speech, that's what exactly what israel prime minister was. his remarks were bordering almost on resentment or bitterly. most of it he said was by blaming israel. he said like the security council resolution that
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secreta secretary kerry advanced in the u.n., his speech was skewed. we heard that the u.s. advancing that resolution to fail to veto, benjamin netanyahu says barely touching on the root of the conflict to a jewish state. lets listen to one thing he said. this was in reply to john kerry's appeal for talks between israelis and palestinians. lets take a listen. >> my vision is that israelis and palestinians, both have a future of mutual recognition and existence. the palestinian authorities telling them they should never accept the existence of a jewish state, i ask, how could you make peace with someone who rejects
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your very existence. >> after that benjamin netanyahu spoke, the president abass says he's ready to resume peace talks in israel freezes settlement constructi construction. that seems unlikely especially as we heard news from i shally from an ngo but confirmed by the mayor office in jerusalem that another settlement unit had been approved. just as john kerry condemning 30,000 units and 100 new settlers since barack obama becoming president. just at that moment he's making appeal and a new settlement was aprover approved in jerusalem. thank you so much. >> you are negotiator and former director of the palestine delegation of the united states
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as well. lets just start with in broad terms here. mr. kerry's speech, what do you make of it. >> i think it was consistent with american policies since 1967 and since the occupation. there is nothing in the policy as many men noted it is just louder. it is ambiguous statement and on top of that, i think he emphasized as israel allies of the danger of continuing with the policy. of course, he's very worried of the next organization that seems to want to depart from the american policies onset settlem on the last 50 years. the pronouncement of the statement that loudly was and anticipation of the next administration. >> benjamin netanyahu reacted to
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secretary's suggestion a short time ago. this was part of what he had to say. take a listen. >> this conflict is not about houses or communities in the west bank or gaza district or anywhere else. this conflict is and has always been israel's very right to exist. that's why my hundreds of calls to sit with p abapresident abas. >> that was incorrect. president abass was willing to negotiate with the government if there were guarantees that he seize of the negotiations. lets not forget that this is a prime minister who ran on a tick and won a n election based on on -- that's a hard press to negotiate with the person that's
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dedicated to not establish the palestinian state. therefore, unless there is actions as opposed to words indicating that this is where the government generally invested in peace. there is no point in doing so because otherwise, he will lose it in the palestinian streets. he needs to show indeed that it is investitive. and it sends a clear signal that there would not be any territory and of establishment of the united states. >> is there a two state solution that secretary started is in jeopardy? >> definitely, i don't want to say majority. many palestinians think it is already dead and seeking a one-state solution, that's the main challenge that i think, the emphasis that kerry was making and trying to necessitate and
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process that many already feeling then . >> to this country, mr. farsah thank you. >> thank you. >> on foreign relation is. steven, thank you for your sometime this afternoon, secretary john kerry spent a lot on that peach and a good chunk focusing on peace efforts. i want to play something else that he had to say and take a listen and we'll talk about it the other side. >> the two-state solution is the only way to achieve a just and lasting peace between israelis and palestinians. it is the only way to ensure isra israel's future as a jew issish democratic state, living in peace and security with its neighbors. it is the only way to ensure
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future for the palestinian people. >> is it the only way? >> well, it is the only way unfortunately, there is no solution to this conflict. the question of the day is, is the two-state solution dying? it is clear that there is really no state solution and at this point of all of the reasons that secretary kerry laid out and along with the settlements that have gone on that proclude the idea of it. >> that land should be apart of the palestinian state. what secretary kerry is warning about is something that we are already facing ocing on. >> the northern rallies are going to live in the peace where they say they want and deserve.
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>> the administration mad made -- how different israel is going to be under president trump. how different will it be and what does an in coming trump administration and what does it do to the process and part of the world? >> it is clear just from the last couple of days that president-elect trump has said on social media that there will be a change in tone in the relationship between israel and the united states. he's also appointed an ambassador to israel who does not support to a two state solution and had been a friend politically and financially to the settler's movement which suggest of the in coming administration is not going to expand a significant amount of time and energy and prestige on two-state solution. of course, it could be something different, it maybe the opening bid of the trump administration to demonstrate gang before launching -- we'll have to find
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out on january 20th. >> steven cook, i wish we had more time, i hope you will come back. >> thank you craig. >> no surprise, president-elect trump tweeting this morning slamming the obama administration about all of this. my kasie hunt has been covering that part of the story for us. any response from the president or the transition team since secreta secretary john kerry's speech. >> we saw before kerry took the podium of this back and forth of donald trump and benjamin netanyahu. benjamin netanyahu tweeted back, his thanks but since then donald trump has been at marg-o-largo. we are waiting to see if he's going come out with another tweet or statement of some kind
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kin . we saw the reactions from benjamin netanyahu. those who i talked to expect the trump to come out with something agreeing with benjamin netanyahu more than anything. we'll have to wait and see. he's talking some people who maybe potential agriculture today. >> okay, kasie hunt, keep us posted. >> thank you, craig. >> when we come back with the clock tickiis ticking of presid obama's final term to punish russia and interfering with our election and a high profile murder case in the last hour and an answer for prosecutors requesting a warrant for an amazon echo virtual assistant. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order
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we are back with breaking news at this hour. the obama administration are about to announce in response to the u.s. relation -- ron, what more can you tell us? >> we have got confirmation if two seniors to announce retaliation step towards russia for interferiing of the electio process. and naming officials or entities that were involved in the
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hacking and leaking that the administration says the russians carried out during the campaign. and remember, they make a d distinction that the administration does of the outcome of the election does not influence the outcome of the election verses hacking into the democratic national committee and podesta's e-mails and contributing to propaganda and administration argued helping donald trump winning the election. reported earlier indicated that the russians' intention were in part to help donald trump win and main objective was to create this confusion and create doubt about the election process. we are hearing now that this announcement can come tomorrow or thursday and likely sanctions and we are expecting of a response of kocovert action and cyber activity. they have been coy of what they say or will not do.
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the u.s. will respond at a time of their choosing. >> and if there is retaliation of the russians, they'll come back and escalate into a very unclear stratus fear of cyber space. the bottom line is, the obama administration is under a lot of pressure to do something to respond. they say that they have. when they announced back in october, they say that the intelligence community had determined that the russians were involved in this and the effort was oracchestrated at th highest levels. so again, we expect some information, some announcement of what the united states is going to do in response. a lot of what happens could be
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covert secret. >> ron allen with breaking news for us. i am joined now to talk to our senior policy, also a former cia military analyst as well. lets talk, excuse me terra, lets talk about what the administration can do from a cyber standpoint to strike back here. what are our options. >> sure, the administration has both covert option on the table. they may go after russia proportionately or hack into system of russia to obtain information or ex poesz information, that's something they could do on the cyber side. sanctions are the option you see the administration are talking about and sanctions are the option that you see senators on capitol hill talking about today. it can take a number of forms. or, they can target institutions
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l like banks and it can be diplomatic or economic in nature. >> forgive me if it is ignorant. why would we tell them that they are striking back? >> why would we tell them we are striking back? >> one the american public has been waiting for a response. the obama administration are going to take a response and there is as issue of deturns. you want to make some action as punishment but you want to make public action to detour actors from taking similar type of actions against our future elections and our infrastructure or any sorts of cyber targets that individual oversees. i think part of the general cyber security, you know, frame work here, you see the administration taking its covert and overt parting shots at
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putin. they are pretty hesitant going forward under the trump administration taking any sort of cyber action. >> i want to play a piece of sound here. this is something that the secretary of state said to regards to this hack. >> how damaging was the cyber attack do you think? >> i think all of the cyber attack that is are taken place, particular the russian one had a profound impact on our system and on our political process and invaded the space of our election and releasing on a regular bases and one party stolen e-mails and had an impact. i think that other things also had an impact. >> so terry, here is the thing, if we were -- when we strike back at this point, if russia
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were to strike back and if there is this all out cyber war between russia and the united states, are we not out matched by the russians, thas nis that true? >> the administration needs to be careful since putin says he will retaliate if he faces retaliations. these two situations can escalate andspiral. you don't want to get into a relationship with cyber back and forth between the united states and russia. that's concerning for our election and infrastructure and all sorts of things and espionage. the administration needs to be careful and caliber their policies. you can take no response or other actors are able to do these sorts of attack against us going forward. >> if you were advising president obama here, what would you suggest in terms of a
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response? >> in term of a response, you will see a mix of what the administration is going to do. you will see some small covert attack that may after critical information, that remains to be seen or let the urussians that e have this information and could expose it. i think you are going to see additional economic sanctions in place. it is unclear what these will be at this point in time, we need to wait to see the officials that are named when this announcement are coming out. you will see senior russian officials are called out my name particularly the administration are called onto show more evidence and specifics. they're not going to release classified information that you may see specifics in terms of the who and who in russia helped authorize these and who were involved in the cyber attack. >> the white house prepares an executive order we are told from senior officials.
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terry mallard, former cia military. always good to have you on. thank you for your insight and perspective. >> thank you for having me. >> a few of you have asked for it. cal perry is back with me today talking about israelis settlement. if you are still confused of this conflict? don't go away. (vo) a lifetime of your dog's nutritional needs... all in one. purina one. healthy energy, all in one. strong muscles, all in one. highly digestible, and a taste he loves, all in one. purina one smartblend is expertly blended... with 100% nutrition,
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secretary of state in his 28 years. kerri recalling this ordinary people visiting to the west
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bank. cal perry is back on the board again for viewers and listeners. you are an expert of this because you live in this part of the country early on in your career. what is life on the ground like and this two-state solution that we have been talking about so much. >> you heard john kerry talking about the check point and this is the check point outside of beth bethelhem. a two-state solution is this and palestine and israel and here. the area that i am going show
12:34 pm
you this is this area right here. the crazy map that i am about to open is this square. that's right here. >> so i will give you an example of what john kerry was talking about. i used to live in bethlehem point he could drive but she could mott. she would have to get out and walk all the way from there. that's what john kerry is talking about of their everyday life. this is why they put the separation barrier here. that's the giant wall that we see and many people viewing these settlements as the front line in that war. >> and land swap of what the secretary spent some time talking about. what were these land swaps looking like? >> this idea has been floated a
12:35 pm
couple of times and most recently 2014. you take the area, for example, one example and you say basically, okay, that's not going to change. the reality is that the people are there and the army is not going to be able to move them. you would give the palestinians this up here. >> equal sizing. >> roughly equal size. we saw this in gaza. there was a full chris smith withdraw and it took the israeli army months to remove 8,000 settlers. it left absolute destruction. there is a basic reality here on the ground which you have 580,000 settlers live ng ting i west bank and the idea that they are going the leave is not realistic. >> cal perry, thank you very much for the expertise now. i want to turn to our columnist, nicklas christoff
12:36 pm
here. >> good to have you with us. >> good to be with you. >> how would you characterize our relationship especially compares to where it was 15 or 20 years ago? >> at one level, things are extraordinary close. secreta secretary john kerry made the point that until now, the obama administration has blocked the resolutions and critical of israel. we heard of a 30 billion package. and, yet, obviously, the tension is between benjamin netanyahu and particular and obama and others have been enormous and benjamin netanyahu has been pursuing settlements in ways that's deeply frustrating to both obama and kerry and i thought kerry given an excellent
12:37 pm
speech today. >> that's been echoed by a number of folks today. how much mother or father helpful of that speech would have been to the media process had it been given during his early days of secretary of state. >> you know, at one level, this speech neither now or having given early, really did not change on the ground. but, at the oechend of the day, long as the settlement continue, it is going to become impossible to have a two-state resolution at any point down the road. that's point that kerri trying to made. i wish they were made clearly early on that added to the pleasure of settlements. >> how did things change some january 20th. >> we are not going to have a president that's chanting -- we are going to have an ambassador
12:38 pm
who's prosettlement and you know, you look around the world, every country except israel believes and certainly many people within israel believes settlement are a huge obstacle. at the end of the day if israel is going to remain a jewish state and retains the settlement and they continue then it is not going to be a democratic state. that's the choice that it 's go to make. there are 30,000 settlers and now there are 600,000 including jerusalem. >> that was when i was in college. >> one or two years. >> nick christoff. new york times. >> great to be with us. when we come back. prosecutors looking to get a
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echo. >> nbc's gabe gutierrez is now with more from arkansas. >> reporter: many folks may have gotten the amazon echo for christmas, police here want to tap in one of those devices to help solve a murder. investigators are over reaching. >> this morning, a murder case is david we is testing -- >> the amazon echo bet known that is alexa --. >> we know that amazon has a copy because consumers can listen to
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