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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  January 3, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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refer to as a clean bill of health financially before asking for confirmation. >> the same questions for donald trump as well. thanks so much, and we're going to have to leave it there. chris, we'll catch up tomorrow. that does is for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." follow us online, facebook and twitter. craig melvin is up next. >> good day to you. the first day of this 115th congress, and some breaking news on this tuesday, the leader of the democrats and the senate new york's chuck schumer laying out his vision for the party as we speak, talking about holding president-elect donald trump accountable. let's listen in. >> i'll speak a little longer than he did today, after all it's my first speech, and but i want to start by extending my sincerest wish to him that we be able to work together to get things done for the american people. the republican leader is my friend.
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he's also a great believer and defender of the senate, and the important role it must play in our national life and around the world. i look forward to working with him. campaign themes are quickly being abandoned. he said he was going to unrig the system. so far it still looks rigged. too many of his cabinet picks support the same hard right doctrine nair positions that many in the republican party have held for years, policies the american people repeatedly rejected. if predent-elect trump lets the hard right membe of congress and his cabinet run the show, if he attempts to adopt their time-worn policies, which benefit the elites, the special interests, corporate america, not the working man and woman, his presidency will not succeed. maybe not in the first 90 days,
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but certainly in the first two years. unfortunately that seems to be the path he is following throughout the transition. so mr. president-elect, if there's one part of my speech that i hope you listen to and take to heart, it's this one, and i mean it with the best of intentions. if you abandon change and simply embrace the sharp-worn hard right pro-corporate, pro-elite policies diametrically apposed to the many campaign themes that helped you win working class votes and get you elected your presidency will not succeed. we democrats will hold you accountab accountable to the working people of america not the conservative ideologs in washington who seem to have great number in your cabinet. we will hold your feet to the fire every time you abandon your pledge and work instead as an
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ally of the hard right. so mr. president, the issues facing this country are many. we have a lot of work to do, creating jobs, raising incomes, mang college health care affordable, rebuilding our infrastructure, making trade laws work for the american worker, keeping americans safe from threats, violence and terrorism, taking care of our vets. now, each one takes serious thought and action. these issues are too important for mere words. our challenge is too entrenched for mere tweeting. making america great again requires more than 140 characters perish u. with all due respect, america cannot afford a twitter presidency. we have real challenges and we have real needs to get things
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done, and many americans are afraid, mr. president-elect, that instead of rolling up your sleeves and forging serious policies, for you, twitter suffices. there's nothing wrong with using twitter to speak to the american people, it's a good use of modern media, but these issues are complex and demand both careful consideration and action. we cannot tweet them away. for instance, a tweet bragging about the 800 jobs that were saved at the carrier plant doesn't solve the underlying problem. while it's good the 800 jobs were saved even at carrier, 1, 00 jobs are still leaving. hundreds more jobs are leaving from the nearby rexnoord plant down the road going overseas and most importantly thousands of jobs more each month leave our shore from every part of america.
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tweeting about 800 jobs you saved is not a remanufacturing policy. that's not an economic policy. we're going to hold the president-elect accountable for real policy to stop jobs from leaving this country, not just one-half of one plant, not just one treat -- tweet. even if republicans in congress oppose it. similarly tweeting "very mart" to vladimir putin for ignoring american sanctions is no foreign policy. america couldn't conduct foreign policy by tweet least of all by flattering putin after our intelligence agencies have confirmed that russia interfered in our election, conducting our foreign policy by tweet while spurning vital intelligence briefings that lay out the real emerging threats around the world that should alarm
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democrats and republicans alike. it is utterly amazing that our republican colleagues who have spent years lambasting president obama for not being tough enough on putin are now, with a few rare exceptions utterly silent on this and so many other issues, the president-elect must be held accountable on both sides of the aisle. on january 20th, we won't be in reality tv. we'll be in reality. we democrats will make sure government works for every american in reality, not just on tv, and on twitter. so to those who wonder what the democratic minority will do in the115th congress, the answer is simple. we'll fight for our principles. we'll fight for our values, and
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we shall fulfill our solemn constitutional duty to hold the other branches of congress, of our government accountable, to the extent that the president-elect and the republican majority pursue policies that help america and are consistent with our values. we stand ready and willing to work with them, but if they propose policies that will hurt americans, deny health care, cut their benefits, unleash irresponsible wall street risk-taking at the expense of consumers, their efforts will crash and break apart like waves upon the rock of the senate minori minority. that is our challenge, that is our charge, and we rise to meet it. thank you, mr. president. i yield the floor.
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[ applause ] >> there you have it, the new senate minority leader chuck schumer of new york spending some time talking about president-elect donald trump, promising accountability, vowing at one point "we will hold your feet to the fire." he also spent a fair amount of time talking about the president-elect's use of his favorite social media platform, twitter. that's happening on the left side of your screen. right side of your screen lower part and upper part there, vice president joe biden doing it one last time, swearing in the newly elected members of this 115th congress. in the past, these swearing in ceremonies officiated by mr. biden have provided for some shall we say more colorful impromptu moments. we are keeping an ear out and an eye out there.
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we'll keep an eye on that. halle jackson, kasie hunt and politico's jake sherman as well to talk about this again transition of power. we just heard there from the new incoming senate minority leader, kasie, senate chuck schumer. what struck you most about what we just heard from the new minority leader? >> well, craig, i think schumer is striking a balance here. there's two things going on behind the scenes here in the senate. one is obviously a desire to protect the president's major priorities, things likehe health care law, and you heard him touch on that in the context of protecting working people, saying look, this is the kind of thing that you ran on and we need to try to focus on that. but also, you heard him welcome donald trump, and say you know, this is somebody that i potentially can work with, and i think there's been a lot of talk about this infrastructure bill
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that would potentially spend a lot of money, be at odds with some republicans. i think democrats like chuck schumer look at that as a real opportunity toayo donald trump okay, you want to do something like that? let's do it, but we're going to do it our way. we're going to do it as a big democratic bill that focuses on a lot of priorities for his party, and i think chuck schumer is going to be a fulcrom in a way we haven't seen recently and he really has a lot of power to shape potentially what gets done and what this legislation looks like. you also heard him mention he called mitch mcconnell his friend. that is also going to be a different dynamic from wte saw in the last congress that was so overcome with gridlock. chuck schumer is replacing harry reid, and mitch mcconnell at the end did not have a great relationship. that bodes well moving legislation through congress. that said there's some pretty contentious issues coming up
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most notably a supreme court nominee that's going to cause a pretty brutal fight in the senateost likely. craig? >> we suld ao note, kasie, chuck schumer long time lawmaker of new york, one of if not the only person in the upper chamber that knew and spent some time with donald trump before donald trump became president-elect of the united states. do we know how that preexisting relationship might affect their working relationship moving forward? >> reporter: well, craig, i think that people who know schumer might downplay the idea that they have a friendship or that they knew each other well, what they do have existing for a long time in the same political spotlight of the new york tabloid media, and schumer is a very familiar figure to donald trump. jerry cushner was quoted saying trump has more in common with schumer than he does with mitch mcconnell and i think that's really at the root of it.
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we're seeing through some of donald trump's cabinet appointments that he is listening to some of the more ideological members of the republican party, tom price for the health and human services secretary, would be one example, but we're also seeing somebody who is pretty pragmatic, rex tillerson at the state department for example, somebody who is a business guy and wants to get deals done in the view of his proponents. he isn't necessarily somebody that's familiar to the ideologues on capitol hill and i think that's something schumer and trump have in common is that kind of personality that lends itself more towards the art of the deal, if you will, and i think both men are aware of that. >> again as we're having this conversation here, we can see vice president-elect biden continuing to greet new members of this 115th congress, also greeting the members of their families as well, we're going to turnground in a little bit because in the past we've heard the vice president say
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some pretty hilarious things to some of these incoming members and their families. halle jackson let me bring you into the conversation if we can for a moment here. we talked about infrastructure for a moment. what are some of the other legislative priorities for this incoming congress? how do those priorities jive with the priorities of the president-elect or do they? >> reporter: well i think some of them certainly do,craig, based on what donald trump talked about on the campan trags and the transition. besides at fordable care act, tax reform is a priority not just for republican members of congress but for the president-elect as well. i think you will also see movement or at least the beginning of some movement potentially on immigration, that is something that donald trump campaigned on, it was really the foundation of the last 18 months for him, so i would be surprised if his key liaison to capitol hill, his sort of main guy on the hill, vice president-elect mike pence didn't bring that up. as you know pence will be here
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on the hill tomorrow, sort of a competing meeting i guess you could say with president obama, talking with democrats, vice president-elect pence will be talking with house republicans, pushing clearly hard i'm told on the repeal of obamacare, not a particularly hard sell to the gop conference of course, but there may be other topics that come up as well so we're continuing to follow that. and craig, all of it coming of course just 17 days before donald trump gets inaugurated and into the old email box here -- >> the inbox. >> the old inbox buddy, president george w. bush and his wife have announced they will be attending the inauguration on january 20th here at the west front of the capitol. obviously the events of the day happening across washington. this is interesting. i just want to read you here they said they are pleased to be able to witness the peaceful transfer of power, a hallmark of american democracy. this has been a question mark of who was going to be attending particularly former republican presidents obviously so now we
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know president george w. bush will be here in just a couple of weeks. >> noteworthy of course since the former president did not endorse mr. trump as the republican nominee. jake, let me bring you into the conversation, other big news of course being the weakening of the office of ethics here. prior to the tweet that donald trump sent this morning, this is what senior adviser kellyanne conway said as she tried to spin the decision positive. >> donald trump ran a campaign said i'm going to drain the swamp in washington. doesn't that do the opposite and how does he feel about it? >> it does not, matt, because i don't want your viewers to be left with the impression there's no mechanism to investigate consumer and constituent complaints. the new office would cut down on the overzealousness. >> we should remind viewers again what the trumpweet w if we can pull it up again, this
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is donald trump chastising house members earlier today "with all that congress has to work on, do they really have to make the weakening of the independent ethics watchdog, as unfair as it may be, their number one act and priority? focus on tax reform, health care and so many other things of far greater importance #dts" short for drain the swamp. there was an emergency meeting, jake, and what happened in that emergency meeting? >> what republicans did is what house republican leadership did is what they said they wouldn't do which is they bypassed the vast majority of house republicans who voted to strip this office of its power. now listen, donald trump may have contributed to build public sentiment against this office but house republican leadership, paul ryan and kevin mccarthy chiefly, knew behind the scenes they had a big optical issue in stripping t independent watchdog of its power on the first day of the 115th congress.
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it's almost like they didn't see the election, didn't see the message of the election and what voters were saying. now, there doesn't seem to be a lot of outcry that paul ryan and kevin mccarthy kind of stripped this from the legislation from the house rules package. i think people want to move on. there are inside the belt way problems with the ethics office some members of congress would say. come on, doing this on the first day of congress shows that once again house republicans have a lot of internal cross winds to put it politely that they have to deal with. >> donald trump taking another victory lap, jake, over jobs. this time ford. walk us through what's happening here. >> ford said that they would put the money that they were going to put into a mexican plant into michigan now, the ceo of ford said that had nothing to do with donald trump and i can tell you from my conversations here on capitol hill, republicans are growing pretty tired of donald
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trump what they would say is meddling in private industry. this goes against what a lot of republicans believe in, a lot of republicans dot bieve that e government shld pick winners and losers. in fact that's actually been their message over the last couple years and donald trump seems to be at least taking credit for doing that. so that will be an interesting dynamic and an interesting narrative to watch over the next couple months. >> jake sherman on the hill, kasie hunt on the hill, hallie jackson also on the hill, a big thanks to all of you on this afternoon. and today we're asking you this microsoft post question, jake talked about it. ford is scrapping plans to build a $1.6 million plant in mexico, adding 700 jobs stateside. do you think mr. trump is already keeping jobs in america? there's the question, the pulse is live. we'll share your responses a little bit later in the broadcast. lots of action this hour on capitol hill, once again america's happy warrior, vice president joe biden there live pictures from the old senate
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chamber, swearing in senators for the very last time. also talking to their family members, god only knows. can we listen in for a second control room? let's listen. >> i'm kind of boring, so well great to see you guys. >> good to see you. >> hey, man, owen, how are you? >> say hi mr. vice president. >> how old are you? >> 6. >> oh, you're getting old. he's my best friend. hey, cameron, how are you? good to see you. >> thank you for all your hard work. >> oh, did you tell him you sleep with champ every night still? >> vice president joe biden there. he loves the kids. >> champ is a cool dog. we're expecting the house clerk to tally the votes and introduce paul ryan as speaker a little later in the hour. whenha happens, we will bring it to youive as well. but first more on that republican about-face on their plan to gut the house ethics office. i'll talk to democratic rep. who
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the senate has a rich bipartisan tradition of being a constitutional check on presidents of both parties. many in this body have long observed that, in america, we
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are a nation of laws, not men. that sacred constitutional duty of holding the president accountable to the law must continue, and democrats will >> the minority leader in the senate chuck schumer replacing retired senator harry reid promising to provide a check on president trump and others as well, this on the day house republicans reversed themselves on an immediately unpopular proposal to gut an independent ethics board. i'm joined by dan kildee, democratic congressman from michigan. congressman kildee, let's just start with your reaction, if you will, to the sudden about-face by republicans. >> well, at least for now they've come to their senses. the idea though that they could offer a rule that auto eliminate the independent office of congressional ethics on the first day of the 115th congress, there's always talk about what we will do on day one, when we're in charge. can you imagine what would have happened if during the campaign republicans would have said
10:25 am
we're going to repeal the affordable care act, we're going to change the regulatory environment and we're going to remove the office of congressional ethics. what would have been theubli reaction? i think we saw last night. >> to be fair ough, congressmen, they weren't removing the office. they were in the sense gutting the office but weren't doing away with it all together, isn't that right? >> if you get away with this and do away with its independence there's no sense in having that separate office. the whole notion behind that office when it was created was that it was independent of the house ethics committee, operated outside of its purview, could have an independent review by putting it under the house itself, you may well eliminate it. the people might still be there, but the independents and the strength that it offers the integrity of this body would have been completely gone. that would have been eliminated. >> are you hearing anything yet about precisely what was said in that meeting, what changed the hearts and minds of those republican lawmakers?
10:26 am
>> no, i vhaven't heard directl from my republican colleagues about that but i can imagine just based on the response that we got from people who were outraged who knew that it wasn't something we were doing, they must have been hearing from many of their constituents, and if the reaction was anything like what we heard, it was a response from their constituents that must have changed their minds. >> let's switch for a moment to the affordable care act. president obama heading to the hill tomorrow to try and save his defining piece of legislation. which parts of that law can survive? which parts do you think that republicans have the votes to gut? >> well they probably have the votes to repeal the whole thing, which would be the most irresponsible thing they could do, without having a replacement. if they can come up with a replacement, they can rename it whatever they want, as long as it provides universality, gets us to the point where everyone's covered, allows people to get coverage even if they have an
10:27 am
illness, prevents insurers from kicking them off their coverage when they get sick, expands the health care to people who are in poverty, if they want to come up all those things, and call it what they want to call it, they will simply have come up with a successor that works. but they can't do that. they can't figure out what the solution is. they've been accustomed to president barack obama standing ready with a veto pen, and that has protected them from having to come up with thoughtful policy that actually works. now they have to come up with that, and i'm afraid that they'll vote to repeal without having anything to replace it with and that will create chaos. >> while i have you here, i do want to get your reaction to this, this ford news as well. you of course represent michigan, ford motor company, the largest if i'm not mistaken, the largest private employer in detroit. i don't think that's your particular district, but your general response to this news
10:28 am
that ford has decided to keep these jobs and that money here at least for now? >> well obviously we're happy whenever we have jobs that our american jobs that remain as american jobs, but none of this is a replacement for real policy. we have to have trade policy that permanently protects our manufacturing base, and not leaves it to the whim of the political moment, which it seems to be sort of the tone that we're dealing with right now. i mean, president-elect trump seems to govern with 140 characters and a tweet. we have to have much more thoughtful policy when it comes to supporting manufacturing. this is good news, but it's not a replacement for policy that's much more permanent and sustainable. >> congressman dan kildee, democrat from michigan congressman, thankou so much. good luck to you, this 115th congress, first day of school, isn't it? >> that's right. >> how is it going so far? we see the vice president there continuing to swear in members. >> yes, it's a great environment. i'm honored to have a chance to
10:29 am
be the representative of my home district my hometown of flint, even with some of the difficulties we have and differences it's an incredible honor to be my hometown representative here. >> let's listen in as the vice president swears in it looks like chuck schumer. >> okay, next our kids. >> all right. >> our kids and parents. >> good to see you. how are you? >> this is alison. >> alison, great to see you. >> this is 88-year-old mom. >> mom, how are you? >> i'm fine. i'm very well. >> i tell what you, i don't think he knows how to do anything else. >> okay, mom. >> grandma can do anything she wants whenever she wants to do it. >> she's the big liberal family. >> i tell you what, mom, you stand next to me. >> long before he was vice president of course, joe biden spent a number of terms as the senator from delaware, long time chairman of the foreign relations committee. he and chuck schumer go back a
10:30 am
long ways >> can you swing him around? >> sure. >> senator shuker introducing the vice president to his mother, presumably they've met before but vice president meeting them like he meets most other folks. we'll take a quick break and be right back and spend some time covering more news as well. this is msnbc. be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. oh yes.... even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands. [click] [click]
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president-elect donald trump tweeting advice for chicago's mayor about the stunning violce plaing his city. chicago murder rate record setting, 4,331 shooting victims, 762 murders in 2016. if mayor can't do it he must ask for federal help. to put that in perspective the
10:34 am
number of murders in chicago this year and by this year i mean last year, 2016, 24 times the number of americans killed in iraq and afghanistan in all of 2016. dr. james peterson is the director of africana studies at lehigh university and also msnbc contributor. bill brattin, executive chairman of tedeo risk and senior national security analyst, for the purpose of this conversation policition xher of new york, boston and los angeles as well. dr. peterson i'll start with you. this is how the mayor's office responded "we agree the federal government has a strong role to play in public safety by funding summer jobs and prevention programming for at-risk youth, by holding the crim mals who break our gun laws by accountable for their licrimes" coming from mayor rahm
10:35 am
emmanuel's office. is that the solution right there in a nutshell? >> i don't think that's the complete solution, craig. this is a really complicated problem. i think one piece of mayor rahm emmanuel's statement is true, we have to address some of the structural issues and that has to do with an eroding infrastructure around education and jobs for you people. if you want to think long-term how address the tough problems in chicago that's certainly one pathway for it. however, that can be done at the municipal level, the state level and the federal level so he can't put that all on the federal government. there's things that can be done locally to address some of the structural challenges. craig we've got to understand this challenge from a sort of back up a little bit and take a look at the big picture. if you think about the ways in which the media's covered chicago over the last several years, think about tyshawn lee, laqwan mcdonald video and the false reporting around that, you
10:36 am
can see there's been some irreparable damage between law enforcement and the community and the community they're charged with protecting. there's got to be a local effort to try to repair those issues, because when the police can't be trusted and law enforcement are a little bit skittish about videos and how videos are being used, and then there's some indication there's some corruption in the police department based upon reporting and falsifying reports, there are a lot of challenges that have got to be directly handled at the local level in order to solve this problem, craig, and listen, it's not going to get solved in a couple of months. this is long-term sustained effort required to address the structural issues first. >> commissioner, what should the federal government's role be in fixing chicago? >> it can play the part, the solution, never has been. it can play a part in some of the important initiatives talked about, jobs, education, certainly in crime suppression, crime prevention particularly, coordination between the federal
10:37 am
agencies, fbi, dea, all the various agencies, collaboration. i point out new york city, los angeles, two cities i have a lot of intimacy with, have nowhere near the same amount of crime levels as chicago, but had many of the same problems, joblessness, gangs, the gangs in l.a. are certainly much larger and more prolific than those in chicago, but they commit much less crime, so that the issue here is it has to be a multifaceted set of initiatives, the feds are a part ofit,ut not the panacea. >> one of the working theories in chicago, commissioner, is that part of what's happened not to oversimplify it but gangs have broken down or have broken down to a certain extent over the last decade or so in chicago and there now exist this is power vacuum. what say you to that, that if we had the chicago gangs of the '80s, we might not be seeing the homicides in record numbers that
10:38 am
we're seeing now? >> well l.a. still has the chicago-style gangs of the '80s and '90s, like chicago, l.a. was the birthplace of many of the major gangs, crips and bloods and the l.a. sheriff's department have learned to deal with those large organized types of entities. in new york city we've always had much smaller gangs called crews here, similar to what's going on in chicago at the moment. so the idea that chicago's situation is somehow different than what other cities are dealing with, it has different elements possibly but solution to its issues once again i think they can look elsewhere for places where suppression and i don't mean suppression in the negative sense, but reduction significantly in crime is occurring. new york city this past year had the lowest crime rate in modern history, even los angeles, while it had an uptick is nowhere near the levels chicago and other american cities are experiencing.
10:39 am
>> dr. peterson president obama is scheduled to deliver his farewell address, shall we say, next week, in chicago. what do we need to hear from the president? is there anything that he can say at this point that hasn't been said that's going to bring down the numbers there at all? >> well i think one thing i'd love to see from president obama when he makes his address here is to really lift up the different local entities and different initiatives that are trying to do the work on the ground. when you think about organizations like the young leaders alliance or the coalition for a new chicago, i mean, there are a number of different entities on the ground that are trying to address these issues. those entities require support that's human resources as well as capital resources to continue to do the kind of work that they're doing and it would be interesting to hear from president obama what his vision is going forward, for acressing these kinds of challenges in his sort of adotted home city and lifting up the local initiatives that are organizing around these issues is one way of thinking
10:40 am
about it and then providing some prescriptions for how we get at some of the structural issues. you can't talk about addressing the issues simply through law enforcement. the commissioner is exactly right here, we've got to think about poverty. you got to think about education and access to bz jo, you go the to think about the 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. hours after school. lot of ways to address structural challenges. those are long-term responses that require sustained initiative over a long period of time in order to see results and the way we cover this in the media where we look at the murder rate numbers or we look at the videotape from laqwan mcdonald or the awful shooting of boyd or tyshawn lee we look at the sensational moments and don't think about the systematic issues at play and these are critical for the pathway forward addressing the challenges. >> commissioner if you were running the chicago police department, really quickly, and you had to figure out a way to get these numbers down in 2017, what answer the first thing that you would do? >> they've already started it, superintendent of the police has started looking at new york, and
10:41 am
i'd suggest look at l.a. also because many of the ideas we used in new york were taken from l.a. during my time there. there are american success stories that you can model yourself after. the good news is, he is understanding that he doesn't have all the answers. he's going to locations where they have found some solutions, not the total solution. >> commissioner bratton, always good to have you. dr. peterson, good to see, my friend, thank you. >> good to see you, too, craig. let's look at the assistances to the microsoft pulse question. ford is scrapping plans to build a $1.6 million plant in mexico adding 700 jobs stateside. do you think mr. trump is already keeping jobs in america? that was the pulse question. so far 90% of you say no. pulse is still live. you can still weigh in, that's we'll have more on that ford move ahead from our own ali velshi, just scored an exclusive interview with thean that runs ford.
10:42 am
then twitter-in-chief, presidt-elect trump's twitter threats to major american companies and international superpowers, igniting quite the fire storm this week. the power of the trump tweet. and will his social media jobs haunt him when he takes office? we're still live on the house floor, just a few minutes from now the house clerk expected to announce that paul ryan has once again won the vote to become speaker of the house. when it happens we'll bring it to you live. this is msnbc. [ gears stopping ] when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. try this. but just one aleve has the strength to stop pain for 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve. well this here's a load-bearing wall. we'll go ahead and rip that out.
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a big announcement from ford today t is scrapping plans to build that new plant in mexico. instead it will expand the facility in michigan adding 700 new jobs in the process. ford's ceo giving some credit to the incoming trump administration. mr. trump, of course, tweeting. "instead of driving jobs and wealth away, america will become the world's great magnet for innovation and job creation." msnbc's ali velshi talked with ford ceo mark fields just a short time ago. >> yes. >> how much credit did he give to the incoming trump administration? >> that's the first question i asked him because they were badgered by donald trump throughout the campaign. >> yes. >> said he called donald trump to tell him about this but i said how much did it have to do with him? here's what mark fields told me. >> we looked at a lot of the factors and one of the factors we looked at is the more positive u.s. manufacturing business environment under president-elect trump, we are looking at some of the
10:47 am
pro-growth policies he's been talking about so clearly this is a vote of confidence that he can deliver on that. >> a vote of confidence that he can deliver on the promises he's made. ford announces 700 new jobs in flat rock, michigan, they're going to make electric and self-driving vehicles, mustangs and lincolns made there, abandoning their plans for a $1.6 billion investment in -- >> abandoning all together or for now? >> they were building a new plant, they nor the building that plant anymore. doesn't mean they won't manufacture cars in mexico. the demand for the small cars they manufacture in mexico seems to be waning, a lot of that because of low gas prices for the last couple of years and people are buying bigger cars. >> meanwhile the president-elect going to battle with gm earlier today as well. >> let's look at this tweet. "general motors is sending mexican made model of chevy cruze to u.s. car dealers, tax free across the borders. make in usa or pay big border
10:48 am
tax." he tweets out -- >> what did gm says? >> it says it manufactures the cruze sedan in lordstown, ohio, all chevrolet cruze sedans in the united states are built in lordstown, ohio. gm builds the chevrolet cruze hatchback for global markets in mexico with a small number sold in the u.s. let me give you a couple stats on this. 190,000 of these cruzes were sold last year in the united states a popular car. people wanted the hatchback so they created this hatchback of which only 4,500 are sold in the united states, but i think gm wants to sell a lot of these in the united states. they claim they're making them in mexico for the international market but craig, the fact is nobody builds a car in mexico just for the global market, so you can send them to europe and send this emto china. it is cheaper to build cars in mexico. the car companies got something stuck in your throat when you have to get them to admit that. interesting story, now picking a fight with gm. >> ali velshi thanks as always. see you back mere next hour
10:49 am
catch his full interview with ford ceo mark fields coming up next hour, right here on msnbc. meanwhile live pictures from capitol hill, there you have it, the 15th congress, paul ryan about to be named speak eveer oe house, tha expected to literally happen any moment. this is the goal post. the end zone. the goal of every team. we know you have goals. like getting exposure for your idea or business. with godaddy website builder, you can easily create an awesome mobile-friendly, get you more exposure website. we call that...a website builder touchdown. get your free trial of website builder now.
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breaking news right now, the 115th congress right now making paul ryan speaker of the house. let's listen in. >> the honor rabble nancy pelosi of the state of california has received 189. if honorable tim ryan of the state of ohio has received two. the honorable jim cooper of the state of tennessee has received one. the honorable john lewis of the state of georgia has received one. the honorable daniel webster of the state of florida has received one. therefore, the honorable paul d. ryan of the state of wisconsin, having received a majority of the votes cast, is duly elected speaker of the house of representatives for the 115th congress. [ applause ]
10:52 am
[ applause ] >> and there you have it. paul ryan officially the speaker of the house of representatives once again. not much of a surprise there, picking up 239 of the 435 members -- picking up those votes there in the lower chamber. we expect to hear from paul ryan next hour. meanwhile, back here, faced with a threat from north korea about its intercontinental ballistic missiles president-elect trump took to twitter. north korea just stated that it is in the final stages of develop agnew clear weapon capable of reaching parts of the
10:53 am
u.s. it won't happen. i'm joined now by gordon chang. let's just start with where the president-elect left off. it won't happen. is that true? >> it probably will happen. kellyanne conway said this was putting north korea on notice. but they are not going to take that it way. they will take it as an imminent threat of using force again and they wl be prepared to deal with it. >> how close are they? >> they actually have three long range launches that could hit the lower 48 states. they have not been able to make the shielding or mate a nuclear weapon to those long range missiles. that's three or four years down the road. they are fair will he close to having a usable weapon.
10:54 am
>> president-elect donald trump said during the campaign that he would be willing to sit down with kim jong-un. do you see that as something that's plausible? >> no. i don't think so. i don't think the north koreans right now are really in a position to deal with the international community in good faith. they have got so many problems at home right now. so i don't think that that's going to happen. >> the chinese ministry of foreign affairs as you know suggested that some comments made recently would be inflaming the tensions with north korea. trump poking the bear, tow so to speak. >> right. >> what's the strategy there? does that make any sense at all? >> it makes sense if he was able to marshal the power of the u.s. and he has the will to deal with both china and north korea. these are very willful leaders on the other side, xi jinping and kim jong-un. but if he is successful then we will have changed american foreign policy for the better.
10:55 am
his two predecessors obama and bush have been very careful in dealing with the chinese. yes this can work but he has to think through all the moves beforehand. >> lets trump also talking about china on social media. china has been taking out massive amounts of mey and alth from the u.s. and unsided trade won't help with north korea. nice, exclamation point. not sure what that means. but the state run newspaper later accusing trump of quote pandering to irresponsible attitudes. this incoming administration's approach to china appears to be taking a hard line approach. smart? not smart? >> smart in that we have to change our china policies. the policies in place haven't been working this century. something needs to change. i'm not saying trump will move it in a better direction. at least there is the hope of better relations with china. right now, china also is going in ways which are troubling the united states in many different
10:56 am
areas. >> ways like? >> grabbing skarl borrow shoal in the south china sea. large claims on parts of india and japan. proliferating nuclear technology to the north koreans. >> continuing to devalue their currency? >> they are continuing to try to keep it at an artificial high level right now. there is so much money coming out of china they need to stop flow. last year was $1 trillion according to one source. >> thank you sir. we'll be right back. american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at
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11:00 am
that's going to wrap up this hour of msnbc live. big news at this hour of course, paul ryan, speaker ryan once again. speaker paul ryan. >> he is going to be making public comments. good the so you craig. have a fantastic afternoon. good afternoon, everybody. today's top stories at 2:00, day one for the congress as craig just said with republicans in control breakg this hour, the speaker-elect will address the floor any minute. this comes just hours after his house gop backed off of a vote to gut an ethics office. here he is walking in right now. you are looking at him getting applause from his fellow republicans on the floor of the house. walking toward the front of the house to address this. this will be an unusually interesting discussion because the decision was taken to gut that house ethics office without him being on side. he did not agree with that. an


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