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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  February 2, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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his office up, barack and michelle obama. staff ready to go can. we'll see you tomorrow. go to facebook page. up next, this is really fun, a special town hall with chris matthews. america on notice. let's play "hardball." . [ cheers and applause ] good evening -- i'm chris matthews. welcome to "hardball." from american university in washington. [ cheers and applause ] power and the presidency.
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tonight we look at donald trump and how he cease the authority of his new office. two weeks into two terms supreme court justice, he urge senate leader to go nuclear. mocked leader of the opposition party. began meeting campaign promise to build wall. spark spark sparked protests. put -- what this means for the country and how the opposition will react. i'll be joined by chris murphy. ak visits. we begin with kellyanne conway. >> thank you, kellyanne conway from joining us at the white house. you're sitting in front of many of hundreds of young students
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from the american university. >> that's terrific. >> the other day, michael flynn septemb sent a word to iran. we're serving notice on you. you launched missile, and we want you to know that's not in the rule. what does that mean? >> he said we are putting you on notice. many americans are concerned about our relationship with iran, particularly with this last administration, when you saw the ransom paid. even the chronic nay sayer voted against the nuclear deal. why? because the think threat to
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israel. you saw secretary of sate john kerry, in the waning week spend 72 meeting to deliver anti-israel speech. >> let's talk about the how president design power structure. the other day whether when he was talking torture. he said i believe it works. but i'm going to leave it up to secretary of defense because it's his call. is it really his calling or does the buck stop with the president under this administration. if he decides in the 11th hour decision, will he intervene? >> the think to remember about president trump he ultimate maker. there's no accident that we have somebody in the evaloffice
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somebody accustom from receiving, weighing the consequences, considering the action and making a decision. it's important thing to know about president trump, he ultimate decision-maker. what president is saying on torture, there's a split of opinion. he heard from general, now secretary defense, -- on that. what the president saying is that what leader do is they take into account different best opinions, projects and make decision accordingly. >> who job is to decide to torture or not? >> he was not -- >> what he saying he is defer.
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what that means he will take into account. people should feel rest assured they have someone in the white house who is not going to act on his own without confirming with the experts and the officials. if you seen what happened in the early day of his presidency, you have seen person after person, group after group, coming into the white house to offer their opinions, testimony, and best practices, the and can manufacturing ceo, and we have had harley-davidson here at the white house. we have had angel moms stand with him. he gone out to the country and listened to different people. he received dignified homecoming of a ryan, fallen soldier yemen. this is what a leader does.
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-- >> a lot of people what like to know about his as commander in chief. what did he how he lead that. >> i can reveal some but not all. i can sea there's a example of him confefring with the powers that be. other people in the know with respect to that prapoperation. weighing the consequences and -- it was a successful operation, we are deeply sadden r to the loss of life, but at the same time it was perspective destroy operatives -- >> there's a lot of question about -- i'm wondering can we know where he was when he gave the go ahead.
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did he keep in touch with the operation throughout. >> he was in touch with the operation throughout. he doesn't make executions like that glibly. they takes the job seriously. everybody has seen that in the first two weeks. >> the paper had son-in-law there, and sve bannon there -- >> that's talking dinner. >> is that true. >> that's one instance, that is one event where he received a counsel from different people, but others from around the table. >> you could call it dinner, right. >> i can tell you that, as president as commander in chief, he takes the job seriously. and execute on that as appropriate. >> let's talk about the power of the president within the conservative branch. two are saying they are not going to vote for education.
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did he call and ask for the vote. how did this work? did they decide to say no. >> they came to the decision based on their testimony given by the secretary of education nominee. we could end up with a 50/50 split and pence would be the tie breaker. >> that final. >> early indications of some decenters. >> they are welcome to express that. the process has not been fair. we still don't have a secretary of treasury, secretary of agriculture, the list goes on. george w. bush came into office 35 days after election, supreme court decision, there were lot
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of people who felt cheated, yet he showed up he's give respect that every president deserves, having -- same ting for approximately obama. because people recognize had they were not chronic protesters, cry baby opposition, we need government that functions. >> we've had that problem for a while now. >> we have not had this -- >> for decades and decades we have not had a supreme court nominee approved by the senate and the lame duck in the last year of the presidency from what i understand. >> is president trump say i cannot pick anybody in the -- >> he -- >> i'm not going to put anybody up by 8 eight year.
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>> anybody for saw the sad death of justice scalia. that's how vacancy came to be. >> -- it's. >> there's no -- >> what do you mean no prin milli -- principal. >> what happened. >> they didn't meet with him. >> that one we have, the eight doesn't count. >> it didn't matter to them. i guess they got assurance from her team. they got ashurns -- let's focus on the nomination. this man is beyond reproach. his judicial temperment,
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endorsed hillary clinton -- >> a lot said that about merrick garland last year. >> not the same thing. >> the acting attorney general refused to honor president's executive order, she's gone. the career people over there, 900 of them signed that petition should get out of there if they are not happy with the way things are going. if it you don't agree with the president and you work with the united states government, you should not be there. that's what he is saying. >> every president has a right has the write to surround himself with the team that's going to work with him and not against him. there's been a lot of grand standing in the last issue. >> civil servants swore the oath
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to the constitution -- >> saying oath discharge the duties. >> they -- >> they disagree with him on major issue. sean spicer said step up or step aside. it's a choice they have to make. our new secretary rex tillerson, he said today, his first day on the job, brace for big changes and he means this. this is new administration, and everybody new thaesnu what they getting with president trump -- did. >> did they sign petitions --
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>> does president have a right to insist that the people who work for thefederal government agree with him? >> agree with him on what? do they agree with him personally. he is president he enact behalf of the nation. he calling for extreme vetting from seven countries that president obama identified. it's seven countries previously identified as being high risk harbor, train, or export terrorisms. these are nations prescribed and temporary. i bet there was coverage, it's brand-new information to people that president trump had six month ban on the refugee --
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mastermind behind the bowling green massacre. >> let's talk about the administration overseas and here as well. to irrad kat islam, how does gettinger rad kating islamic terrorism how did we achieve that goal by restricting -- >> that goal is much broader. this was a centerpiece -- >> how do they connect. >> they connect in this way, you cannot look at what happens in orlando, in nice, germany, brus sells say things happen. this man ran on stronger and
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safer united states of america. and protecting americans who are interested in allies here and abroad. he minutesenned no words that hf we're going to look the other way, we have hillary clinton, the democratic nominee, at her convention, refer to them at determined enemies. i saw that in her remarks. i thought, wow, we're going to win this thing. i remember obama saying who wouldn't help her -- who does what does it help calling it that. if you name it you realize what you're fight today. terrorism today is cyber warfare, they radicalize people
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online. there was no online when we were kids. what this vetting does, the big things it prevents it people come here and go back and train in this countries, you're training, harboring, and exporting terrorists back here. that's happening in new york, it has happened here and it should not happen again. if if you have a commander in chief who willing to stim, that ander r ander -- irrat kat it. >> i have one question. there's a lot of uproar about this. cnn a statement we're at war in
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islam. >> we're at war with islamic terrorist. >> that's how they are hearing that around the world -- >> that's what the order said. there's 46 not include in the -- >> executive order has nothing to do with it. it has to do with the countries that have a history and apparently obama agreed because it's his list. >> they are calling it islamic terrorism. he intisting on the word islamic. they are hearing that, they are saying this is what it is -- >> they should not hear that. they should hear full three words. you cannot take one-third every
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three word phrase. it must be said together. >> we -- for this reason. >> we have, he called in jv team -- >> kellyanne, on a main point -- >> we have fake tears schumer, previously clown schumer, is that unifying the count? >> i think -- >> my question is here, where tears for veterans who died, where are the tears for literally millions of women in
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poverty without health insurance. i came to help the president for tho those. that's the platform. >> brilliant for having -- students are going to love -- >> i think through -- we heard what president trump's counselor has to say. we're going to hear from the other side and the rising star from the democratic party. kris murphy will be joining us next. live from the american university where the action is. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back.
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[ cheers and applause ] power and the presidency. we're live from american university in washington. we heard from president trump counsel kellyanne conway. his actions and policy. he represents the future generation of the democratic party, please welcome chris murphy. [ cheers and applause ] we're in washington. you're an elected official from connecticut so many people in the government people we know are great americans they work for the government, they took an examine in 20s and have been serving overseas.
4:24 pm
speaking on behalf of the president kellyanne and sean spicer made it clear they don't like people in the foreign services speaking their minds. what's you're view? >> -- it's been long-standing. lots of people use it to protesters. there is how you get on slippery slope to -- had you can work for on administration even if civil services position. how we got into the iraq war, how we got thousands killed because everybody was telling the president of the united states what he wanted to hear. if should have somebody who tells him he is wrong every now and again. if you don't agree with president trump, you have no
4:25 pm
place in his government, that's dangerous. >> we have treaty with them or a period of time. in the persian gulf, they -- we put them on notice. is that tit for tat. to show they launched this missile. we come back say you're on notice from the president trump. what's going on is that world war i where you ultimate yums being throne here? >> -- the australian prime minister feels like he can yell at the guy or the course of a conversation -- >> don't we like australia. >> it's hard to screw up
4:26 pm
u.s./australia relation, but he has done it. on the question of iran, this is reckless because there is a can't that could start world war iii. we're telegraphing if they continue to support rebels inside yemen -- nobody in the american public is ready for this. this has been a disasterous -- >> have you met him yet? >> i haven't. >> let's talk about the kind of president he is. telling the media, the guy steve
4:27 pm
bannon said shut up to the media. do you think he does understand the checks and balances? >> you have to get the legislative branch to sign on. >> he has two and working on three. >> republicans right now are have been quiet. kellyanne conway said there's opposition -- that's not true. -- mccain and lindsey graham. >> if he wants to move beyond, he has to work with congress in calling chuck schumer bo zoe and
4:28 pm
kellyanne calling us cry babies not the way to work together. >> the young lady, let's go. >> my question for you is members of the opposition has accuse trump of being fashionous, how do you feel about that. >> can you think of words he used that have that ting to you? >> just. >> this is "hardball." nothing going to ask a question. >> he wants to divide the country blaming everyone from people of the islamic faith, he has tried to divide us. and i feel like this is
4:29 pm
something people fashous do. >> clearly when you are trying consolidate power, when you are stifling, setting people against each other and creating an argument for yourself which someone else is to blame, that's really troubling. i can pick out all sorts in history in which this kind of conduct got you on slippery slope in the bad place. this is an experiment. part of our mission is to fight ba against trump's racism and division -- not let him get away sly different way of government. >> thank you for being here. brennan thompson.
4:30 pm
my question, donald trump he wants to put america first. what risk of democracy by tweet. [ cheers and applause ] >> well, we work, his administration worked long and hard to setup a meeting with the leader of mexico to try to repair relation. then sent out a tweet which pulled it apart. now we're at odds with the important ally. we live if a world today interconnected. you cannot resolve challenges without working with countries. why this ban on muslim is dangerous is it pushes away the communities that should be standing with us to solve the problem. you cannot erecognize a wall think it's going to action. these are problem that can
4:31 pm
happen if we're interconnected. that phrase from the 1920s. it may have worked back then but doesn't work today. >> kevin, public relations and strategic communication at american university. a great school. >> we need those skills. >> do you think the democrats in congress should -- should be opposed to everything donald trump opposes? >> i voted for some of them. i voted against some of them. i'm going to speak personally. i cannot fall into the same trap i criticize republicans for falling into. i have two boys and i want them to understand you can fight somebody when you think they are wrong. i would say this, democrats are
4:32 pm
make big mistake is all we're define by is what we're against. we have to what we're for. we're about economic growth for everything. we're for country that includes everyone. if we lead with that we'll figure out what to oppose or -- >> if you agree cheer right now. >> if you're on the progressive side and you think democrats should fight like hell with everything this guy tries, what do you think of that? >> you would be the judge, thank you senator chris. up next. the power of the presidency. is it siring up the power of protests. we have seeing around the country. do his actions have they pushed people in the streets of america. this big stuff. it's a new generation of
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. [ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "hardball" college tour. this presidency, in the weeks after his inauguration president
4:37 pm
trump exerted great power. after he took office, the world took to the streets in support of the women's march. ban on the seven muslim countries. joining me is janai ingram. and senator murphy. congratulations. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> a woman had this idea it shows the power of the grass roots. it did not come from the top. >> yes. >> people said hey, yeah.
4:38 pm
it reminded me of my era. back in those days were a lot of nuns. my wife and nieces were there. it was a really grabber. >> it was. >> where does it tl you about where women can lead us? >> we have seen ovmonths and years, we have seen push and pain around repro ductive health care. we have seen people burdened been this and eventually that has to hit a point. we have seen the rhetoric of the campaign. >> what yunits this issues.
4:39 pm
our war is still there, what unites them. is it one coherent voice. kellyanne has been saying the protesters don't know what they are for. >> we know what we're for and are against. >> it's a unified thing? >> it is. you saw people of different stripes. who came together on january 21st marching for different issues. we are born intersectional. we are not single issue people. we cannot be single issue -- >> your next question. >> with a receipt rigots --
4:40 pm
>> i found that interesting. >> if it's legal. >> obviously, we don't support that. do we support first amendment rights and protests peacefully, absolutely. we don't bebelieve in violence. >> can you say no money to berkeley because they are making too much noise and -- the president cannot decide who gets funds and who don't. the marchs were peaceful. >> my question is. if typical channels of decent
4:41 pm
such as regulatory agencies, government agencies and rules in government, are no longer viable agencies for individuals to express their individuals how can they make their voice her to donald trump and his administration. >> it's what we have been seeing and doing. showing up in washington, d.c., you can take visits to the hill constantly and make sure your representatives know how you feel about issues. show up in front of the white house and make your voice heard. we hope that people continue to do there on a federal and -- >> this not only place that policy gets made. it has to throw to every stage
4:42 pm
of government. >> you want to job, don't e-mail. show up and get an interview. this is more important, to the country. senator chris murphy, thank you. thank you jen nai. we're going to lk to keyser kan. how president trump -- live from american university where the action is.
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[ cheers and applause ] we're back. at american university "hardball" college tour continues. topic power and the presidency.
4:46 pm
the strongest use of power came with the stroke of a pen just friday when president trump signed order banning travel from seven muslim countries in the middle east. it hurt and offended many and -- i cannot read the prompter. i have malcolm -- who always on the show. khizr khan. i want to work it around here. so everybody gets a question. mr. khan, you deserve the mode yum now. tell me when you heard that the approximate president was going to ban
4:47 pm
islamic travel what did you feel? >> i was hoping election divisive rhetoric would end after elections and the republican party and the candidate will move on to go on to this country bringing it together but seeds of division were sold. i'm concerned about my nation. i am concerned inside of the nation, muslim community feels ailated. i'm concerned about sons and daughters serving overseas in the armed forces. are they properly protected. i'm concerned for them. i'm concerned for my nation. we feel alienated from the rest of the world. >> john, give me the other side. >> donald trump was elected. he said what he was going to do.
4:48 pm
people said i like that and he won. he is doing exactly what he said. first of all, it doesn't affect 80% of the muslim who want to come to the country. it's seven countries that president obama set. three to four months decide if there's a risk that needs to be changed. that's all he has done. what's disappointing this crowd is here, demonstrating, they are not showing up for theerings hearings. that's not participating in the process. that's insulting. if -- what's insulting. >> not showing up for the confirmation hearing. >> what's that got to do with this topic? >> what that ads is irony of all irany what this president is being criticized for is doing
4:49 pm
too much. if you live in pennsylvania, dison, wisconsin, you're saying go for it. this why i voted for you. >> malcolm, thank you. talk about the way it works. people are concerned about safety. it's about pro portion now. we can shut off all immigration. but what is there any positive effect and tell me about both. single out seven muslim countries from keeping their people from coming here. everybody heard it. they heard in the order. >> i think that what we have two entirely different subjects. we have political discussion which donald trump said he was going to do along the lines of the republican ban. on stage of the entire muslim world, they know it for what it is. you don't have to put in the
4:50 pm
world muslim. when you say majority of seven counts countries, which by the way, obama said it was unsafe for travel. he zbt didn't say vetting proces in for these seven countries and they're saying it's working. donald trump's saying i'm not going to wait for failure to see if it's working. >> that's ridiculous. that's ridiculous. i have three iraqi special operations translators that were all held up last week and will now lose their visas. we worked a year and a half just to verify who they were. these men risked their lives for u.s. special operations for a decade and this is how we treat them? [ cheers and applause ] it doesn't work like that ch. >> go ahead. your question. >> my name is peter santo, i'm from boston, massachusetts, and i voted for trump because i saw
4:51 pm
his business savvy and his smarts and i thought, you know, that could be a change from the previous oba administration. while i certainly don't agree with his policies -- all of his policies and some of his opinions, i do think that -- i guess my question is why won't -- we voted for trump to be president as a nation. why won't america give him a chance? >> evan thomas, historian. is this unique, this resistance to a new president? everybody here knows all the facts. there aren't any alternate facts. everybody knows the facts. he won the electoral college fair and square. nobody questions that. when they had to vote in the loerl colle electoral college. people complained because there was a larger popular vote for hillary clinton. that's an argument, it doesn't change history. when "w" came in it took the supreme court to bring him in. is this unusual to see the resistance to the policies of a president elected this way. >> to this degree, yes.
4:52 pm
his polls are low and there are a lot of protests. in our system the executive has a lot of power. we intentionally give the president a lot of power to do things, including immigration. what he's doing is maybe maladroit, maybe bad policy but probably legal. it's only been two weeks. >> he seems like -- [ laughter ] >> he has a picture on the wall of andrew jackson who has a mixed record, putting it lightly. he seems to use pug nasty, bell kosty as a way of -- you know, the old pt barnum argument, if you want a crowd, start a fight. and it always works. does he calculate that if he can be stirring up stuff everyday he can be the main topic of the country? even if it's negative sometimes? is that his strategy? >> for sure, he's a disrupter, he's enjoying this. he's having a good time doing it. the risk here is that people play into it to the protesters the risk is that if the protest
4:53 pm
turnsiolent big mistake because he's going to use that as an excuse the crack down. >> how would he crack down? >> i don't know. let's think about the anti-war mutual. when the anti-war movement got violent, remember the weathermen and also the racial movement, black panthers and all that, richard nixon used that as an excuse to send in the fbi and intelligence and to crack down. that's a dangerous thing. >> we'll be right back with more with these fellas at american university. [ applause ]
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4:57 pm
[ applause ] we're back from american university in washington. let's get three or four more questions. >> i'm nicole and my question is will christian refugees from the banned countries be allowed to enter the united states as the president said? and if so, isn't that a religious test? [ applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> malcolm, the whole premise of this executive order is that it's not, there is a reference at the end about refugees where there will be prioritization to minority religions, which means christians and yazidi. what do you think about the idea of prioritization or discrimination. >> i think it's what it is on its face.
4:58 pm
we have to believe what donald trump says. he says he will allow minority religions to come into the united states and the majority religions of those countries, which all happen to be muslim, is a ban on the muslims. so you can let in zoroastrians, alawites, but, yeah, obviously he is making a religious test for whoever and he has said himself christians are his preferred refugee group. >> sir? >> this question is primarily to mr. khan. what do you think is the obligation of a university like our's to students primarily muslim students or students from other countries in light of president trump's recent travel ban, executive order. >> i humbly request to the future leaders of this country and future leaders sitting here of the world, remain vigilant. remain standing. [ applause ] remain speaking. your voice is being heard.
4:59 pm
your voice is being heard throughout the world. you have kept this country as beacon of hope for the rest of the world. remain standing. your voice will be heard here. your voice is being -- the rest of the world stands with you. remain peaceful. my request, my humble advice to my sons and daughters and brothers and sisters is remain peaceful, they will entice, they will incite violence so that they can claim then that we have to deal with it with force. remain peaceful, remain vigilant. remain standing with one another. that is my advice. [ cheers and applause ] >> my question is this. what will president trump's seven-country travel ban mean for international students in the united states that are from the countries in question? >> we're going to ask you this.
5:00 pm
>> well, first of all -- >> you get ten seconds. >> i don't think it will mean a lot. two weeks from now we won't be talking about this ban, we'll be talk about iran. [ audience reacts ] >> i'm just telling you. the big test will be iran. >> i want to thank khizr khan for your honor and sacrifice. [ applause ] malcolm nantz and one of the great historians of our time, evan thomas. it's been a great night. i love hearing from american university tonight, a great university, i love the college tour. to me it's the blues brothers, we're back on tour. thank you, "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. tonight on "all in" -- >> our allies, a lot of people taking advantage of us. >> with friends like these -- >> donald trump did hang up. his tone was described as yelling. >> the president of the united states openly feuding with