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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  February 3, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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i hope he does something. have a great super bowl weekend. follow me on twitter from bemind the scenes video. facebook. "hardball" with chris matthews starts right now. in or out, let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington two days after president trump warned iran it was on warning for ballistic missile test they announced sanctions. they targeted -- the president was asked about it today. let's watch. >> they are not behaving.
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>> they continued to talk on twitter. he wrote iran is playing with firement firement. here is what sean spicer today. >> i think today's action speaks for itself in terms of the sanctions. he made it clear the deal they struck was a bad deal. they going to continue to be tough on iran in a way that was notice done in the last eight years. in the way -- >> the associated press notes "the new sanctions represent continueuation limited punishment for iran ballistic activity over nuclear deal itself. it was drawn up before obama
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left office. the new president sounds a lot like the last one. according to the times this is a quote, barack obama embracing key pillars including warning israel to curve settlement in the west bank and threatening sanctions for ballistic tests. i'm glad we have heavy weights because i'm nervous. we have had a number of presidency destroyed about that issue. whether iran contraon hostage -- why is he pushing them on this
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ballistic tests? >> their words are bigger and much more bellicose. >> -- behave yourself. >> yes. the actions are important, they are good -- >> the sanctions are like obamas? >> like the previous team. the twitter feed and the sta statements are tough. >> what's on notice mean? it sounded like something like tuck man in world war i. why are we saying you're on notice. >> they are preparing the battlefield for military action. i think they are going to -- >> to what effect? >> to deter iran and prevent
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them from destabilizing syria, and the other countries. >> couldt be he trying to humiliate them to drop the deal? >> if you look at what they done, you cannot say that. they could have made this part of the nuclear deal, they close not to. i think the question is this is where they are going to talk tough or do things to upset the regular order or is it something of moing into military action. i don't they we know yet. i don't think -- >> it's opposite of teddy roosevelt and the big stick. >> at the moment it is. >> words matter. >> donald trump is entering the twilight zone aka the middle
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east. don't forget within the last few days he had long conversations wi with persian gulf, king abdue la, i covered trump, i know he charged up by about the last person he talked to, he was talking to sunni, be tough on aran and having netanyahu coming, that's what they want to hear. they are going where we just heard he was going. they worry that trump is preparing for military action. >> donald trump's language sounds like -- when he states
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that a strong positn against stupid wars and accused hillary clinton of being trigger happy. let's rep mind ourselves how trump won. >> obviously, the war in iraq was a mistake. >> the war in airaq -- iran is taking over with the second largest in the world. they said there were weapons of mass destruction, there were none. they knew there were none. >> times it seemed like there wasn't a country in the middle east that hillary clinton didn't want to invade intervenor topple. she trigger happy and unstable. >> let's talk politics. he talking my language there, the dove language. we knocked over jokes -- than
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new region we don't know where they are heading toward. now israel if you want to be pro-israel. you think it was strategic off when it had buffers. they are willing to fight. my question, does trump know what he doing when he doing this saber rant when offering the -- >> those are not the characterization that we see with -- responding to political situation. i'm not sure if he adjusted yet to the reality of being the commander in chief in terms of how much his words matter. in the cases of australia not a country to invader have
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military action -- >> let's talk to reagan for a minute. during the cold war, it could have been a cause for war. we l the korean plane shot down, all of these incidents reagan would say it's bad, it should not have happened. does trump have the temperment to see that. >> i don't see that's his view. this team including bannon and others is radical jihadists. they believe it's sheik extremist.
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>> what is there plan? >> their plan is to racket up the pressure and -- >> they want us in there. we get drawn in there on their tem territory and you come home wounded. >> they want to collapse the region. >> i think that's what's going on. flynn the new national security visor and bannon think the way to defeat two headed force is somehow islamic state in iran is going to crumble. >> wow. >> that's what they think because they are being told by iranians in united states who hate islamic republic but have different theories how to fight it. >> this sounds familiar. >> this is -- this is iran version. >> right. >> they have telling flynn and
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bannon if you put enough pressure on these people, in the people will rise up and overthrow them -- >> we have been hearing this from -- here is what module ating force. >> we don't believe the existence is impediment to peace but existing settlement is not going to be helpful moving forward. >> tmay be that was the last conversation he had with the king abdullah over there. the only alternative is for is ram decide between democracy.
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cannot have people having kids and non-israeli people living in israel. >> he has to be concerned about the fate -- >> absolutely. >> did you think trump is responsive to king abdullah situation if they move embassy to jet strerusalem? >> i think they are thinking about it. the settlements is everything but all of nothing. >> but they want more, bb. >> they will get more. >> i think he will get more. >> it may have been a little bit of everything it may be -- the ones there are there, a future ones may be a problem. he had been unwilling in the
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past to entertain the idea the u.s. -- >> you made bb is coming where there's a list of requirements. back in may he had this to say. let's watch. >> i think u.s. have to keep going, have to keep moving forward. i done think there should be a pause. missiles were launch into israel. you know how devastating that is. >> abdullah and the gulf want something from the donald trump -- the statement about the settlements not out of donald trump's mouth it was sean spicer's statement. the sunnis want something before
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net raw h netanyahu. trump is triing of the world like a real estate deal in manhattan. he thing he understands how complex the stuff is. >> let make one point here. we have arab world. we have the sun nis, there's a difference. with the seven-nation ban, that nails most of the she ads country, we are making a point of making a message to arab country that we're not on your side coming from donald trump.
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>> i don't think it should be thought of as going down into the arab world. we're going to take their oil, that does not go down well on the arab street. >> can you american soldier dying so grab oil well and hold them. >> it's not american. >> it's colonial. thank you all. coming up it's been -- it's only been two weeks. is there a method to all of this stuff. we're diagnose going to get to the story that's intiesing. nyc in protests on the right. what's happening to free speech on campus. why is president still dancing
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welcome back to "hardball." the first two week reveal that president governor like he campaigned frizzy eraddic place. executive order stands in stark contrast with the measure roll out for the supreme court. the performance with witness p rep -- as one source describes
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it there are four chiefs of staff and that's three too many. the trump administration have generated leaks from the white house and other branchs. trying to nail down the leakers is like to -- who covers the white house for political koe. thank you. first of all, everybody watching now, you sense there's a occasional quiet moment where he does something normal. the way he brought out neil gorsuch, a speech written and he read it and everything was charming in the way it was done. the way muslim man on seven countries who cannot come here
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have aspect of crazy. >> there are other things that are more moderate. he has a rang of people he needs to work with so he is -- he tap dancing in between two group, agos lt right and center right. >> he drives him toward this nationalistic fer ver. there's reince priebus who is republican he represents the way things are normally done. are they fighting it out every day? >> are they fighting for the
4:22 pm
last person to talk to him before the oval office, that's what's going on? >> exactly what's going on. the last person who speaks to trump -- he follows the last person who churped in his ear. >> churped. >> in the last white house joe biden made an agreement he said i want to be the last person to say with the in the meetings and i'll join if you can promise me that. >> he knows how bureaucracies work. >> exactly. you have steve bannon a loyalist
4:23 pm
with him. he a moderate who paul ryan and mitch mcconnell can work with. you have four people competing to have the last word and bannon and reince are staffing up with own loyalist. >> bannon and who? >> reince priebus. >> i have never seen so many leaks with impunity. you pick up the paper, it will say a confidant says he doesn't like the clothes that sean spicer wears to press conferences. is this how he talks to his people through the press? >> this is high functioning
4:24 pm
people. it starts with trump. he has been using the media for 40 years. the fact is this is a group that has sharp elbows. they are talking to the press -- even though they profess to hate the press, they use the press. it's fascinating thing to watch. the part of this beginning of the administration where everyone trying to figure out what their roles are. -- the muslims saw it that way. >> he got beyond the skis. that strengthens reince who have
4:25 pm
charge -- >> i agree. so many top cabinet officials and lawmakers were blind sided by the whole thing by limiting the information inside and outside of the white house, he doesn't trust -- bannon is one tough customer. he was a war buddy. he was the trenches with trump. he has the street credit to go up torumpo say i got you buddy. >> bannon is looking for own communicati communicati communication consultant. >> right. >> how did he get own seat? >> he has his own clout.
4:26 pm
policy a lot of it is flowing from bannon. reince is not a policy guy like bannon is. >> the president of the united states factions building empire building. i thought they are here for me. >> you would think that. you have been at this, you find out when you make decisions, you get into a small room, and people like to make decisions in decred decisions in secret. you have things that do not get implemented or get implemented poorly. if you are donald trump you want to see competition, you want to see people on the -- you want to see the survival of the fitness. >> that sound like he nooeian.
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msnbc news a federal judge has temporarily block president trump executive order that bans immigration from 7 muslims countries. the restraining order is effective nationwide while he considers a lawsuit against the order. that order is being challenged by the attorney geral in washington state and minnesota who say it's unconstitutional. president trump tweeted this. we must be evil out of our country. for now, back to "hardball." >> we have tremendous success on the apprentice and had i ran for president i had to leave the show. they hired a big movie star arnold schwarzenegger to take my
4:32 pm
place and we know how that turned out. the ratings are down the tube, it's a total disaster and mark never bet against trump dwen again. i want to pray if we can. >> that was the president trump taking swipe at successor on the variety show "the apprentice." it took governor to respond on this important issue. >> he donald, i have a idea. we switch jobs, you take over tv and i take over your job and people with finally sleep comfortably again, hmm. >> this morning the tweeter and chief was back at it. even worse on the apprentice but
4:33 pm
he tried hard. this is president of the united states talking. it would be impossible for -- mr. schwarzenegger former governor would face roadblock including the fact he was born in australia. it dates back in early january when then president trump was x why on god's earth is he distracting from -- some hope in this new administration why is he distracting from a important supreme court nomination that may succeed. here he is focusing on a fight
4:34 pm
with a guy who he got the job for. what is the mo motivation. what is it? what could it be? >> he doesn't let anything go, so we start there. you remember how parent and teacher taught you, you don't bring someone down to bring yourself up. no one taught him that. i'm going to rise above you and shove you down too so i look better by comparison. >> but that fight over the ratings for the "celebrity apprentice" are not important to 99.99% of this country. he has a mixed career, it's tough to succeed anybody. anybody cares in that sense who
4:35 pm
wins the competition. why did he go to prayer breakfast to do it. this is shooting fish in barrel. why did he go to prayer breakfast to say i'm praying for arnold, had he is not. >> he wants his score to be higher. the apprentice wasn't doing well when donald trump decided to run for president. now if it fails -- >> our network nbc are larger network did try to get much to stick around and do that. they were succeeding with the show. >> it was in the 70s and he likes to go around saying he is number one. it's a challenge to be measured and found lacking.
4:36 pm
also, arnold schwarzenegger is a vibrant attractive guy. if he feels arnold's ratings are higher in terms of public acclaim he is not going to like that. >> throughout the campaign donald trump showed understanding and appreciate of optics and appearances. here he goes. >> every place i go, we have thousands and thousands this was only restricted by the size of the room, we have -- it's packed. >> see how beautiful those hands are? >> here is a company i built and started with without a loan now it's worth over $10 billion. that's the kind of thinking the country needs. >> 285 drive. he doesn't say where the ball
4:37 pm
landed. what about the hand size things. it's always metrics. >> i don't know how his hands compare to anybody else. they seem normal to me. i think it's about sensitive to being compared. if someone else has some sign of favor with the public especially with celebrity and you have to remember celebrity was his first interest, he promoted empire through celebrity he going to compete with that person. i love that quote of him saying this i don't say this to brag, but all he does is brag. >> i have a theory, one he be f behaves like a guy who doesn't have much money.
4:38 pm
the gold tower, it's -- it's a fantasy. this other thing. he is like frank sin na tra. there's something about the guy is ready to put up the dukes. >> thank you. up next, another night of protests. the "hardball" roundtable joins us now in the age of free speech in the age of trump. you're watching "hardball" where the action is. nt. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line.
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welcome back to "hardball." protests erupted as demonstrator lashed out. it came in the wake of peaceful
4:42 pm
protests against president trump and initiative. he accused protests of being thugs and paid -- four c categories. the resistors like those from the women's march. the real question for the opposition is which way to go. joining me is the roundtable. kevin paul scott, republican strategyist. >> let start with ann about this, the women, democrats and the people burning cars and
4:43 pm
everything else. >> absolutely. if there's one thing that undermines the legitimate protests movement is having guys burning burning limos or -- it gives anyone a reason to think that's face of people who are protesting trumt's election or the executive order. >> i don't think they care what they are sayg. it causes tuble for the political process, so what. >> an ark kiist don't care about anything. with hundreds of thousand of people with -- but over the country that's lead leaving out
4:44 pm
the people all over the world protesting about specific things he has done since being president. the president and his administration can say look at the anarchist, look at the anarchist, but people are protesting about real things. >> they will stop for dinner and can drive for another ten hours. there's a jackknife on the beltway inner loop or outer loop. that's the way it is. y you set a fire, we late it. but setting a fire gets you in the news. >> that's right. right now the face of the opposition is these professional anarchist, college students, these are fair weather free
4:45 pm
speech, they don't like this. the rest of the america looks and says if that's what opposing donald trump, maybe i'm a little closer, it makes crazy things he do not as crazy. >> what portion, give me a number? >> 70%. >> 70% of the country. >> if you're talking about cal berkeley, when you say -- if that's the face of the opposition that riles people up. >> you're a news person, straights straight down the middinmid middle i don't think it's fair to say 70% of the --
4:46 pm
>> it's easy for a lot of people to hold up to berkeley as an example of a lot of things, the left coast, it's all of those things, that make it a symbol beyond the black ski masks. people are arrested in ohio too, this is happening this a lot of different places. >> you know this is a dynamic. these people are going to keep giving their speeches, rich spence who got sucker punched. >> that's is their freedom. people want to protests those people speeching, that is their right too. where i get off the train is when people decide to break windows.
4:47 pm
>> right. >> do they represent the movement, no. >> let ask you, if your opinion, what percentage of the opposition wants to negotiate with them try to get the best you can, even bernie sanders, says i want to get a goo trade deal out of this guy, how many want to make sure want to be known as total resist err. how is that dividing politics? >> i don't have a percentage for you. the names you mentioned are the ones i would have too. you see in the -- you say your interesting in infrastructure, i'll write an infrastructure bill and dare you to say no to it it. that's a way. that's an negotiating tactic.
4:48 pm
>> all we're dealing with -- >> how many people were saying i want to screw this guy, undermine him, like mitch mcconnell did with president obama. >> it's 50/50, we're dealing with a president executive order -- >> he sent nominees up. >> sure. ann is talking about infrastructure bill. >> if he wants to be enticing, he can make it -- he can put capitalization bill. up next,
4:49 pm
. >> it's a temporary restraining order on president trump immigration executive order which bans muslim from -- this coming into us. what do we know about it. >> richard the judge grant a request two states this order would be unconstitutional and illegal he put temporary stop on enforcing a executive order. it sounds dramatic. anyone who applied for visa those visa are no longer valid the executive order issued last week render them invalled if you want to km to the u.s. from the kunt kuns have to go back and reapply for a visa.
4:50 pm
early they can do that is monday. in the meantime, the government will go to appeals court and try to get a stay on the judge's order. it's a uncertain area. it's a bit of a gray area but for now, in the immediate day or so, it's going to have no practical effect. >> no practical effect here, pete. last weekend when the stay came down from the court, the federal court in brooklyn and this happening almost a week later, the differences between the two, you're saying, effectively are very little. what about legally? >> there's something like ten different lawsuits in ten different courts around the country. today a judge in boston declined to put a stay on the executive order. this judge in seattle agreed to put a stay so this is probably going to be fits and starts in the courts for the next several weeks until this gets worked out and it may eventually go to the supreme court but this judge's
4:51 pm
order today is round one. >> round one. and the words used, stay was the word we saw often heard last weekend. this week we're hearing -- today within the last couple hrs "restraining order." any difference between those two? >> no. it's a temporary restraining order is -- was applied to just specific people that they wanted to try to stop from being deported. what this judge has ordered today says is the government can't enforce this executive order and -- for now. but as i say the immediate practical effect is zero. >> with all the efforts happening across the country, are they vastly different or very similar in effect here as you're describing what the last two are? >> basically similar lawsuits in all these courts, that i basically say it's unconstitutional because it treats people differently depending on where they come from. it's illegal and some argue it's
4:52 pm
religious discrimination, richard, back to you. >> pete williams, thank you so much. also joining this hour is katie fang, msnbc legal contributor. katie, this just coming down to us at msnbc. anything that stands out from what you're learning about this particular restraining order? up with of the notes that has been made is that they were reflecting, at least the attorneys general, on statements made during the election process and then bringing it forward to this effort they were bringing to a federal court in washington. >> sure. i don't disagree with a lot of what people said in terms of the no practical effect statement pete just made but from a legal standpoint a temporary restraining order is such a high standard to be met, as a lawyer when you're seeking this typef injunctiverelief, it's a big deal to get it, even in a temporary sense. it has a declaration by a federal court judge that this underlying lawsuit that's been brought by the attorney general
4:53 pm
in washington and minnesota, that it has the likelihood of succeeding. whether or not it does we know is left to be seen but ultimately there will be some type of determination by perhaps the highest court in the land, our supreme court, as to whether or not this executive order issued by donald trump actually has the teeth and legs to continue to be enforced throughout the united states. >> so practically you and pete williams are saying nothing different. the stay versus the restraining order, how are the two different goal pests different for those against this executive order? >> it's six of one, half dozen of another in terms of the stay having the application, the temporary restraining order has the same. they have to battle it out in but but the arguments that were made were the statements asserted during this election process proves the intent of parties, people like trump and the administration in terms of why this executive order was issued and whether or not it has legitimate bases versus just being a ban against muslims.
4:54 pm
>> katie, 30 sektsdconds. what's next for the trump administration? >> trump is going to try to go and the trump administration is going to try to go and seek whether or not they can overturn the temporary restraining order but frankly the amount of time upon this temporary restraining order is not going to be very long there will be an immediate court date, yet another evidentiary hearing and why is that important? because there's the presentation of evidence, subpoenas, people that will testify regarding this. >> thank you so much, katie fang, msnbc legal contributor, for stopping by on this breaking news. again, a restraining order coming out of the state of washington related to the executive order that president trump signed one week ago. we'll continue to follow what's happening with this particular news item, for now, "hardball" will return after this very short break. thanks for staying with us. i have asthma...
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4:58 pm
. trump watch, friday, february 3, 2017. there's something strange in the neighborhood -- trump busters. every time -- well, often enough to notice -- someone in or near the white house gets to our new president and says "cool it, you're getting too hot, you're scaring the country, getting too many people, including friends of ours, nervous." haven't you noticed? look what happened after trump and steve bannon rammed out that executive order banning travel from seven muslim countries. no matter what trump said, he got the word it was too overdone, too obnoxious to the world and to people in this
4:59 pm
country who care about the world and care about people who have made this country their home. what did trump do about the sense he had gone overboard and had been too held bebt about meeting the campaign promise, he carried forward with a first rate made for prime time presentation of neil gorsuch, his nominee for the supreme court. so what's going on? are there people in the white house acting as stabilizers, shock absorbers or know when the leader has gotten too far ahead that it's time for him to rejoin the troops, that even his own supporters are getting jumpy or is it some self-corrector in the guy himself, something that sounds a quiet alert that alerts him to the fact that the let trump be trump thing has run its course. that he's banging up against a wild barrier and better show people he has things together and can, if necessary, run things the normal way, the way that calms people down and makes him seem like he's been on the job for more than two weeks. we'll no know soon enough whether or not it's the people that bust in or some internal alarm system that tells trump to
5:00 pm
stop, look, and, yes, this is the hard part, listen to the country he hopes to lead. who you gonna call? i'd call the american people. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "all in" starts right now. good evening from new york, i'm joy reid in for chris hayes. breaking news, a federal judge in washington state issued a temporary restraining order nationwide to immediately halt enforcement of donald trump's executive order on travel to the u.s. from seven predominantly muslim nations both washington and minnesota sued the federal government over the ban arguing it was specifically intended to keep muslims out of the united states. this comes as we finally got information about the number of visas already revoked worldwide in the weeks since president trump issued his executive order. anywhere from 60,000 visas, according to a spokesman for the state department, to a hundred thousand according to a justice department lawyer defending the ban. minutes ago, washington attorney general bob