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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  February 4, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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> just like the first two saturdays of the new trump administration. some americans are hitting the streets in protest. good afternoon, i'm sheinelle jones at msnbc world headquarters in new york. 1:00 eastern time, 10:00 pacific. here's what's happening. planned protests happening nationwide and around the globe. this is in washington, d.c. protesters voicing their opposition on a number of issues, including the travel ban. a similar scene is expected to take place in new york in just about an hour from now. one of many rallies scheduled today. our countries are covering all of the developments. we begin with nbc's tom costello near the white house. tom, this protest just getting started.
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let's talk about the goal here. >> reporter: good afternoon, so we've got probably several hundred people at the moment. they are projecting they can see several thousand people within an hour or so. and if the issues, really, are no ban, in other words no ban on muslims and no wall. those are the predominant themes you've gotten from people who are really very vocal. a couple of other points, look how close we are to the white house. the white house is right across the street. you can see we still have the chain length fence up following the inauguration. so they have still not brought those down. president trump actually isn't here right now, he's down in florida. but this is a very vocal crowd. the wall all the way up to capitol hill and eventually the supreme court. their message is one of inclusion. they want to encourage the administration not to go forward with the ban. we have met people from around
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the country and around the world. they are concerned they may be forced out . we'll see how much this protest builds over the next hour or so. sheinelle, back to you. >> i can tell you that crowd is already grown since the last time we talked. thank you, tom. let's go overseas, matt bradley is in our london bureau. give us a sense of the overseas reaction. >> the marches here might not be quite as big as the one that tom is covering in washington, here in britain we've seen huge turnouts. flashes of anger against donald trump's policies. tens of thousands of people marched on american embassies, consulates and public spaces around the world today. there was a particularly large demonstration here in the british capital. organizers claim more than 40,000 people attended. the guardian newspaper estimated it was more like 10,000. this was the third massive demonstration against president trump here in london in two
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weeks. they're demanding president trump rescind his new immigration restrictions. but they also want prime minister theresa may to disinvite president trump from an official state visit when he was meet the queen of england and dine at buckingham palace. here's a taste of some of the anger here. >> trump is like, a one man missile ready to destroy himself and everything around him. so he needs the kind of like, get himself together. maybe, you know, he's finding his feet. let's give him the benefit of the doubt. at the end of the day, he hasn't shown us america is the leader of free world. that's what the president becomes. he's not kind of a president. i don't see why we should have a special relationship with him or america for that matter. they should sort our their internal issues before he thinks about having a state visit to another country. >> it's been a whip lash of a week. if president trump continues his
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current course we can expect to see more protests and more angry words like what you just heard. >> look at those crowds, interesting perspective. matt bradley, thank you. all these protests happening on the heels of the state department saying it will abide by a federal judge who less than 24 hours ago issued a sweeping order blocking virtually every aspect of the travel ban. an executive order which sparked the nationwide and global protests. the decision this morning, includes the revocation of visas of citizens from seven mostly muslim countries. the department of homeland security followed suit. saying it would suspend actions implementing the trump travel ban but added at the earliest possible time the department of justice intends to file an emergency stay of this order and defend the president's executive order which is lawful and appropriate. this morning president trump tweeted the opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned. the judge, george w. bush
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appointee sided with the attorney general of washington and minnesota. the ruling temporarily shuts down the 90 day ban on citizens. the indefinite ban on syrian refugees as well as the 120 day suspension of the refugee program. vice president mike pence made no mention of the latest developments in his comments before the federalist society. this was earlier, in the city of philadelphia. he instead focused on the nomination of judge neil gorsuch to the supreme court. >> i can say with the utmost confidence judge gorsuch is a worthy successor to justice antonin scalia. by the grace of god and when i know will be tireless efforts of naerve in this ro, i believe neil gorsuch will soon take his seat as an associate justice on the supreme court of the united states. >> we now turn to florida, where president trump is spending a
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working weekend. kelly o'donnell is in west palm beach. president trump reacting in a series of tweets, what's he s sayi saying? >> he likes to use the form of communication known as twitter. he uses that in a way that always seems to be responding to the news of the day. separate from what the white house might put out in an official sense. we did hear from president trump early this morning. taking on a couple different things. one in particular, very notable. first defending his policy on the travel ban with those seven mostly muslim countries. and he says interesting that certain middle eastern countries agree with the ban. they know if certain people rulowrare allowed in it's death and destruction. one thing that's getting a lot of taeattention is how presiden trump took issue with the judge that made the decision to have a temporary restraining order which has put a pause to the enforcement of his trarvel bvel.
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the executive branch being critical of a separate but coequal branch. the opinion of the so-called judge, which takes law enforcement away from our country is ridiculous and will be overturned. so typically, you would find although there can be disagreements between the executive branch, the white house, and many different rulings, it happens quite often in fact. the tone here is very classic trump. we saw it during the primary season with litigation that was a part of his personal business with trump university. he went after the judge in indiana calling him a mexican judge referring to his heritage. this is a george w. bush appointee who he's criticizing now. the president is using twitter as we expect him to. and at the same time to fill out the day for you, he is at his golf club in west palm beach, not far from here. and we have not been told if he's actually playing golf or if he's using the facilities for
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meetings. we do know he has a couple of phone calls with foreign leaders on top for today with italy and ukraine. we have not had any sort of readout about how the president is spending his day from white house officials. there is a press pool nearby. a group of reporters who rotate and are always closest to the president when he is out in a public space. so that's the latest from here. again, we will watch for additional tweets. he did cap it with a simple make america great again, perhaps to buffer some of the criticism and to give a full menu of tone from the president on twitter today. sheinelle. >> a full menu of tone. i'm stealing it. kelly o'donnell, as always thank you. joining me now is the msnbc political analyst and senior political reporter for usa today. and a report for the los angeles times. although the administration says it will begin taking steps to fight this in court, what's your reaction to the decision by the state department and department of homeland security to comply?
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>> my reaction is that this is a direct result of a very different way donald trump will be governing from the white house, which is to install political operatives into the national security council and potentially other senior level councils within the white house. this decision very much was made at the political level. and it implemented downward instead of the reserve. i've covered a couple different administrations, and the way these executive orders work is they work their way up to the executive branch, not the opposite way. the reason why that is is twofold. first you want to get the experts to make sure that everything is air tight on these executive orders. secondly, just for buy in. i think other commentators before he have commented how this could be indicative of broader tensions within the agencies in general. if people who are the experts in these fields are not consulted.
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>> good point. last week the administration stood by the executive order and refuse today comply with the ruling made by a brooklyn federal suggejudge. what do you think is driving the change here? >> the judge's ruling i thought was interesting in that he didn't actually rule on the merits of the case. he just basically issued a nationwide temporary stay. you know, to say this is not going to be in effect. what's interesting to see what happens over the next 24, 48 hours, the administration has made clear they are going to seek to overturn this. the president has made very clear that they do not believe this judge's ruling is valid. so i think we could see a conflict between the white house versus the bureaucrats, the people in the agencies who actually have to implement it. and i do wonder if this will come to a head. >> can you speak to that? do you get a since rex tillerson played a role in the decision to comply with the judge's order? >> there was great piece of journalism out of the washington post saying that, there was a
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bit of a mutiny by tillerson and kelly. who called an immediate conference call when they realized what was happening and they hadn't had a say in it. i think ultimately there will be additional suits as well. it's going t get messy legally. it will ultimately be decided in the higher court system. what's happening now though is a separate parallel concern for the president. which is that the court of public opinion is starting to form. you see these protests now at the airports and you see polls starting to correspond to that showing there's more and more opposition to this. you're seeing stories played out in our industry, in the news media of the broad scope of people who have been affected by this, it's not hundreds, it's tens of thousands of people. if you include all the students and the professionals and the economies of high tech heavy states. no coincidence that washington state is playing an active role in this. because local economies could be affected. so as all of this plays out the president not only has to worry
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about the legal system and also what's happening in the court of public opinion. >> how do we recognize what we're hearing from the department of homeland security and the state department and with president trump's tweets, attacking the seattle judge. i wrote it down in my notes this morning. he said so-called judge. that's -- this is the president of the united states. usually, obviously you have problems with the campaign as kelly o'donnell mentioned. judges, so-called judge in a tweet? >> it's unusual but it's not surprising given everything else we've seen from president trump. he makes his feelings very clear. and he kmacommunicates with his supporte supporters. it's notable, this is judge is a republican appointee. but as kelly mentioned earlier, this harkens back to campaign when there was a federal judge i in san diego who was overseeing the case involving trump
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university. he called into the question to be unbiassed in a way that -- he was called out by a number of people, including republicans about this is not the way we discuss the judiciary in our country. i think it's a continuation of what we've seen, you know, from president trump since he was candidate trump. >> this could come to a head, all of this back and forth and all this talk about immigration and the bans and all of that. how much will consume his presidency? if he wants to do other things, this is all we've been talking about. you have protests for the third saturday in a row. >> pick your issue. it's almost as if the focus on the affordable care act is dying down a little bit. at the same time, we're seeing on the hill that congressional republicans are seeing how hard it is going to be actually implement a lot of what the president promises on the
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campaign trail. we're all focused on a potential constitutional crisis here about 15 days into his administration. so i absolutely think it could suck up a lot of the oxygen. not only because it's such a controversial issue, but also because the congressional republicans are seeing how difficult it is going to be to advance a lot of the president's goals. and you're seeing that just in terms of the cabinet nominees, just getting through. it's been a really messy food fight on the hill. there is a threat of a filibuster over his supreme court nominee. and i think the democrats are signaling they're going to take a very confrontational approach to the president's agenda, despite chuck schumer's initial comments that maybe we can work together on some of this stuff. while things are blocked on the hill, it will just keep the focus on this issue, depending on how many more suits are filed and depending on how hard the president decides to fight it through his justice daermeepart
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>> thank you for talking with me. as you mentioned, we're monitoring the planned protests around the country in response to president trump's controversial immigration order. next, i'll speak with two immigration attorneys about what all of these new developments mean and we'll leave you with some americans weighing in on the developments of the past week. >> i think it's horrible execution. people with green cards, people with visas. people who are legal immigrants should be allowed to travel back and forth. >> i think he's done amazingly well. done what he said he's going to do. on your medicare part d prescriptions. at walgreens we make it easy for you to seize the day by helping you get more out of life and medicare part d. now with zero-dollar copays on select plans... ...and rewards points on all prescriptions, walgreens has you covered. so drop by and seize the savings! walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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we are following a growing protest in washington, d.c. near the white house. where as you see here, more than 100 people are gathering to take on a number of issues, including immigration, building a wall and
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the travel ban. more planned protests are expected else where across the country today. now to the west coast where there is also a protest expected. nbc's katie beck is at l.a.x. airport in los angeles. what's happening there? >> reporter: that protest isn't scheduled to start for another few hours. we haven't seen them arrive yet. what we have seen is immigration attorneys who are here in the airport, at the arrival gate who are offering free services to those folks who will be transitioning into the country. there's a flight arriving from saudi arabia and they will be trying to reach out to the folks, asking them if they need food, water or if they need legal services. these folks are definitely here to help and they're doing this on a volunteer basis. as for that protest, they sent out a call to action yesterday. saying we cannot take our foot off the gas. we need to be at the airport tomorrow. the worst thing that can happen is to growired in the issue.
10:20 am
we need to make our voices heard. we expect a crowd to be arriving sometime around 1:00 our time. 4:00 east coast time. we're going to be continuing to follow the crowds as they arrive. last week there were thousands here. they spilled out into the street and caused traffic havoc. i think the airport is leery of that. we're keeping an eye here at l.a.x. >> thank you very checking in with us. speaking of immigration attorneys, joining me now david leopold former president of the american immigration lawyers. good day to both of you. >> good day. >> cecelia, i'll start with you. we have the state department and department of homeland security saying their stopping the implication of the consecutive order. the justice department is filing a motion for a stay. what's going on? >> the short story is that the chaos that has come out of the white house continues as "the washington post" reported earlier today. the secretary of state of
10:21 am
homeland security and the secretary of state, the two key cabinet level officials involved in the implementation of the executive order were not consulted about the order beforehand and now, apparently, are trying to play catch up with the white house. in the meantime, countless people, both visa holders and refugees and initially lawful permanent residents of the united states have been affected. i think this was a deliberate effort by the white house to roll out an order with no plan and to unleash customs and border protection officials to do what they wished to interfere with both americans and immigrants and visitors who are trying to come to the united states lawfully >> david, when can we see the department of justice file a motion for the emergency stay? >> i would expect you'd see the department of justice file a motion rather quickly. you know, this is an incredible two weeks. what have we seen?
10:22 am
we've seen a deliberate spreading of instability, havoc. he's wreaked havoc. this is not how a president should be governing. we need a president that promotes the rule of law. doesn't tweet at a federal judge calling him a so-called judge. and the thing is, we can't normalize this. i heard it said before, this is something we're used to. president trump likes to use twitter. no it's not normal. we should not normalize this. this is absolutely unamerican. to ban people based on their religion. it's absolutely in violation of everything we think about to ban people from the country because their muslim. >> i don't want to cut you off. here's the reality. we're tap dancing with it. whether it's normal or not, it's affecting people's lives and affecting families all over the world. we almost have to talk about it. because this is what's happening. it's affecting the law. it would be different if it was in a vacuum and he's tweeting
10:23 am
and there's no effective. it's huge. i said it earlier, i was talking with our justice correspondent, pete williams, i joked with him and i said it made by brain hurt. it's nauseating, it's hard to understand the immediate effect. if you're an every day person you can't keep up. >> apparently people within donald trump's administration also can't keep up with what's going on. and that's the problem. that's why we lawyers and we the people will continue to fight and the litigation and continue to show up at the airports and the streets to show our resistance to what president trump is trying to do. as david said, he came out in the campaign period to say he wanted to discriminate against muslims and immigration. he has now done that. he's gone back and forth on whether this is a ban or not. he now apparently admits in his tweets that it is a ban. and he's -- while he's disparaging the judge. the fight is going to continue. as you mentioned the trump
10:24 am
administration has said they'll file some kind of action in the ninth circuit in the u.s. court of appeals to try to pull a block on the district court order coming out of seattle. we'll expect more litigation and more action around the country. >> let's focus on the legal aspect. you've seen the impact on this ban on your clients. what does this past week been like for them? >> look, clients, whether they're citizens, whether they're non-citizens, it's spread fear. i've had discussions with clients of mine who are citizens of the united states, who are contributing, making a great life here and been here for years and are citizens. but happen to have a passport from one of the seven countries and they're fearful. i tell you what, i never imagined as an attorney that i would have to counsel a united states citizen about traveling abroad. a united states citizen who is contributing. it's an absolutely awful situation that the president has
10:25 am
put the country in. and i think what we need to do is we need to take a step back. this needs to be talked about. this needs to be fought. and you can see that the federal judges around the country, whether it's in new york, whether it's in los angeles, and last night in seattle, federal judges are standing up to this. the courts are standing up to this. we've seen heroic lawyers from the aclu from the national immigration law center. from the american immigration lawyers association. go out and fight donald trump and fight this illegal executive order in court and in the airports and provide representation. we need to keep it up. it's absolutely true. we do -- >> cecelia, just for the sake of time, can you -- i guess simply put what's next logistically. there are people who are frankly, confused. >> they have a right to be confused given the chaos that's come out of the trump
10:26 am
administration. the federal court order coming out of seattle, washington state, puts a nationwide block on all the operative provisions of president trump's muslim ban. both as to visa holders and as to refugees. now, we've heard the reports that the federal agency has instructed airlines to go ahead and board passengers that people who have visas that were revoked by the document, apparently, or purportedly dated january 27th. will now be permitted to use those visas. however, people who actually had their visas stamped canceled physically will need to reapply. on the other side of things with the refugee ban, we still don't have a clear picture on whether all of the hundreds of people who were passing security clearances who had waited years to be resettled as refugees in this country, will be rescheduled to arrive. so it will be looking to our
10:27 am
partners in the refugee resettlement organizations to report on what's happening. >> i only have a few seconds, quickly, you mentioned, i have to ask you this. if you had that stamp on your visa and it's revoked and you have to go through that process again? would you have to wait years again? >> it remains to be seen. >> it's difficult to say. but you know, that visa, if it was physically canceled, last week in new york or anywhere else it shouldn't have been physically canceled. people need to talk to -- get proper advice before they get on planes and before they go to consulates from attorneys. >> convoluted conversation you made it as easy as possible. if that makes any sense. appreciate your time. thank you. president trump's chief strategist, why did a "new york times" article question whether he's more like the de facto president. i'll put that question to a
10:28 am
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welcome back i'm sheinelle jones here at msnbc world headquarters in new york. here's what we're monitoring. planned protests underway in the nation's capital time and many more expected to take place across the country in opposition of president trump's tral ban. nbf nbc's tom costello in washington and morgan radford is in new york city. what are you hear from the people around you, is the crowd growing? >> reporter: we may have a thousand people here now at this point. it's grown rapidly over the course of the past hour or so. we're literally right across the street from the white house. it's behind the cameraman's head right now, the white house. we've got now all this crowd that's been growing. eventually they'll move up to capitol hill and then they'll move to the supreme court. their message is no to a wall and no to any sort of a ban against people coming from muslim countries. i brought in somebody i want you
10:32 am
to meet. 18-year-old rana from maryland. your family is from iran. your an american citizen by birth. what's your message? >> i came to this country, my parents came to this country and they got everything they deserved, everything they worked for. why shouldn't anybody else have the opportunity? people are dying and fighting. they deserve a new chance. i've been coming here every weekend and i've been fighting for the right that other people can't fight for. they deserve to have a good life and deserve to fight for their lives. some people give up everything they have and we're not giving them that chance. they deserve everything. they're the ones that are suffering. we deserve to fight for them. we need to fight for them. >> reporter: thank you very much. she's one of many people who has felt the need to come down here and really it's not just a few people from the d.c. area. we've met people from around the country who have shown up and people from around the world as well. we'll take a bird's eye view. we want to show you how the
10:33 am
crowd has grown over the course of the past hour. the signs you can see are for the most part against the trump administration's talk of a border wall and also the suspension of immigration from those seven pregominately muslim countries. as you know, a judge in washington yesterday issued a temporary restraining order against that ban. the trump administration is now trying to seek a waiver, if you will, or try to get that waived. that at the moment is the law of the land and people are allowed to come in. that news as spread through the crowd as well. back to you. >> thank you, tom costello, i appreciated her perspective on this saturday. let's go to morgan radford in new york city. what's the situation there? >> reporter: people are already gathering here. i want to show you how big the crowd is. it's not 2:00 p.m., that's when they're expected today come, people are having signs like this i'm gay and immigrant and proud of it. i want to actually introduce you
10:34 am
to the vice president of glaad. can you explain why you've chosen to protest? >> every community in this country is under attack right now. as lbgtq people it's important we stand up together. there are people of color, women, muslims, it's important for us to stand together. when one of us is attacked, all of us is attacked. >> reporter: why here? why in front of the historic stonewall inn? >> it's one of the birthplaces of the lbgtq rights movement. it's important we're here to hau honor history. >> we've been talking about this immigration, the travel ban. that's why this was organized. but i've heard people saying this is taking on a new meaning after they heard about those leaked executive orders that might be considered in the trump administration, they say could present a dangerous threat to a lot of those protected rights that gay and lesbian people do
10:35 am
have. what are your internal thoughts about that. >> we saw the leaked executive order from the white house this week which would undermine so many of the rights and the equality and acceptance that has been the hallmark of our community for the last couple of decades. we're going to vigilant as we see what happens. we're going to remain on goeuar and be regard to resist and to preva preva prevail. >> reporter: to give you a little bit more of aontext about what zeke was saying, is that the stonewallnn is a local watering hole for locals, but it's converted into a national monument. this was the site of the 1969 riots when gay people said when the riots happened they were standing up and were not going to be afraid. that's what they're saying out here today. >> already a crowd and it doesn't start for another 30 minutes. thank you. as iran shows off its military strength on state tv
10:36 am
today. the tough talking trump administration ponders its next move. i'll talk with a former member of the trump transition team's national security council next. we invite you to watch chicago in the crosshairs, a special town hall event hosted by chris hayes about the violence in that city coming up on thursday 8:00 eastern here on msnbc. whether it's bringing cutting-edge wifi to 35,000 fans... or keeping a hotel's guests connected.
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looking at live images from washington, d.c. this hour. one of a number of protests scheduled today in opposition of trump's travel ban. we saw people carrying signs saying he is not above the law and all are welcanccome here. there's iran, australia, mexico, and russia. with me now is the director of the institute for politics and strategy. and former member of the trump transition national security council team. good day to you. >> good day to you.
10:40 am
thanks for having me. >> let's start with these sanctions against iran. why are these going to deter them from obtaining a nuclear weapon but previous efforts haven't? what's your thought? >> it's not clear that they will deter iran from a nuclear weapon, but they do, i think, suggest early in the trump administration that the iran problem will be dealt with perhaps more harshly in the past. actually, if you look at what the obama administration did on iran, what president trump is doing thus far is not very much dissimilar except for the rhetoric. president obama and his administration imposed sanctions when iran became involved with ballistic missile tests. it cut the iranian nuclear arms deal of which the trump administration has not pulled out of, despite saying it would move in that direction. many of its activities around iran, even in yemen, where iran
10:41 am
supports the houthi rebels, the u.s. under both obama and president trump, are supporting the saudis. it's not a radically different policy, but i think iran is going to be front and center of the national security program of this administration. that's what i believe the trump white house was attempting to establish in the past few days. >> you just mentioned the rhetoric. i'm glad you brought that up. there are people who are concerned that despite the official things so to speak, the rhetoric on twitter, for example could start something, we wake up in the morning and we're in a war. people are really concerned about the rhetoric. >> yes, i think in terms of the rhetoric, what i would suggest, general flynn has a bold set of ideas about iran and the greater middle east and combatting terrorism. that's important to have. i would suggest he and the president, that they be precise when they say we're serving
10:42 am
notice to iran. what does that mean? miscalculation is what you're actually talking about. it's not just rhetoric, but the potential for escalation due to miscalculation, a misunderstanding that could have profound global consequences. so i think as they get better, i would hope in the next few days, as they redefine and refine their views on iran, that we'll see more precision in their statements and more arguments. and i'd also add that they've got to bring the american public into this conversation. because it was henry ckissinger that said the acid test of any foreign policy is domestic politics. what we're seeing o the streets of america and the halls of congress, it's americans saying we're part of the decision making on how we position ourselves in the world. there's not a bright line between domestic and international politics when it comes to the big issues of our day.
10:43 am
and i hope that what's going on in american civil society now is affecting the white house in that very central dimension. >> we were talking about rhetoric, iran was firing the missile was out of his control. the dust up with australia for example was something the president could control. when the president says every country in the world is taking advantage of us. how can he mean australia? they're our biggest military partner in the fight against isis. it's unnerving for people to see and hear about the conversations. >> first of all, there have been a number of leaks around the presidential conversations and i can't sort fact from fiction. i guess what they now call fake facts. but i will say the art of state craft is very difficult. and remember we have a non-politician as president. and i think he's finding his way. but he's also saying some things that i think need to happen in the family of allies. we need to kind of rearrange our commitments collectively. and that means sometimes really
10:44 am
difficult conversations. and i think he is starting in that way. but i think he's going to learn a lot more about the state craft part of his portfolio in the days ahead. >> you were on the transition team. take me, you know -- bring me inside here. what was it like? i mean, with these approaches, i mean, when you guys give him advice, did he listen? what am i missing here? there's so many people who are thinking is he listening? what's the deal? >> well, first of all, in terms of transition, there was, you know, non-disclosure agreements that we signed. and i take those seriously. >> sure. >> but i did not have direct contact with president elect trump during that period. i did have contact with him during the campaign where where did foreign policy surrogate activities for theupcoming administration. in fact, on msnbc and i was so happy that you all would have me
10:45 am
here. i found him to be someone who would listen to strong arguments and to strong people. that was my immediate take away in meeting donald trump who was then presidential candidate in trump tower many months ago. the better arguments are, the more forcefully they're delivered with evidence, i believe that that gets through to him. but he also watches television, so i hope he's listening to this conversation now. what we've been talking about state craft and allies. and i do not see him as someone who will dismiss every alternative point of view. >> i have to go, but i have to ask you, is there one person, last person perhaps he listens to before he goes to bed? >> i don't know that. but i think he has a strong set of relationships and supporters among his family and those in the inner circle in the white house. and i think there's some good people there. and let's just give them a chance. but let's hold their feet to the
10:46 am
fire with these kinds of conversations. >> fair enough. thank you for your time on th saturday. today is the third straight saturday of protests. we'll keep you posts. next hour, the fight facing america's sanctuary cities. how one city is taking the lead in battling the trump administration. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a "truck-cicle." [second man] how you doing? [ice cracking] [second man] ah,ah, ah. oh no! [first man] saves us some drilling. [burke] and we covered it, february fourteenth, twenty-fifteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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there is some confusion at the nation's airports following all the developments concerning the travel ban. i want to go to nbc's adam reese at new york's kennedy airports. what's it like right now? >> immigration attorneys that have been here for the past nine days are really encouraged by judge robart's decision to put an end to the president's executive order. we're lking at president trump
10:50 am
tweeting this morning, ear this morning as you know, saying that the judge's orderas something that was ridiculous. that this is quote, a so-called judge. it's something that the president will seek to overturn. in the meantime, here at terminal 4 international arrivals it's business as usual. everyone with a valid visa will be allowed in. anybody with a valid visa will not be stopped. >> thank you. still ahead the outrage building over betsy devos for secretary. i'll ask someone why he believes the billionaire say good fit for public schools. vitamins c and e for vibrant skin... and biotin for healthy nails... ♪ so no matter what happens,... you'll still feel beautiful.
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>> what's going on in chicago? >> as the president sets his heights on the surging violence in chicago, chris hayes head to the city for an important town hall. he'll take us beyond the tweets and talking points to explore how racial division, gangs all contribute to this crisis. join chris as he talks with city officials, activist and residents about how we got here and where chicago goes next. chicago in the cross hairs. thursday night at 8:00 p.m. on msnbc. thousands are expected in the streets in new york city moments from now one of several rallies planned today in opposition of another of issues including president trump's travel ban. >> now to the heated divide over president trump's pick for secretary of education. growing opposition against betsy
10:54 am
devos could force vice president mike pence to cast the tie breaking vote expected to take place this tuesday. two leading republican senators have announced plans to vote against her putting the expected vote tally at 50/50. joining me now founding board member of the american federation for children. you believe that betsy would be good for public schools. why is that? >> i've worked with betsy for several years and it's good to be with you. look, there are a couple reasons why i think she'll be good. one, she cares for kids and believes in parent empowerment and she also believes in change. and keep in mind that the way the status quo is operating the politics of education suggest that anyone who's talking about change in that position, they're against. the union said that ar any duncan obama's first education was destroying what it meant to teach and learn. so layer that on top of the politics of donald trump. there's no wonder why she's having such a tough time with
10:55 am
people accepting her. >> senator tim kaine grilled betsy devos on her experience. i want to watch take clip from that exchange and get your thoughts. >> you never attended a public school, k-12 school, correct? >> and your children never did either, correct? >> correct. >> hearing those answers do you understand why some people have concerns about her qualifications for the job or what's your response? >> there's been a lot of demonization with respect to betsy. she's never attended a public school but i'll tell you what, the way the power elite operates now, most of the people who are against school choice, they're the ones who would not want to se their kids to schools in which they want lower income or working class parents to send their kids to. the bottom line is, the question is should we fix public education? is it working for all? the answer is yes, we should and it's not working for all and
10:56 am
then how do we do it. the best tool we have in our arsenal is through school choice by making sure that those kids that come from challenged backgrounds do get access to a quality education and that way we can provide some impetus for public schools to right itself. it's happened in d.c. where i was on the city council. i think betsy gets that but with all the hype around the president and travel ban it's hard to get that message through. >> i only have about 30 seconds left but i think a lot of people are concerned that, you know, school choice is fine but will the public schools under her rein suffer? i've got about 15 seconds. sorry. >> absolutely. i think she passionately believes in public schools and i think she'll demonstrate that when she gets confirms. 85% of our kids are going to continue to go to public
10:57 am
schools. it give parents a choice. >> you did that very suck sumpgtly i appreciate that. he'll take a look at how the trump team is trying to loosen one restriction on gun control. i'm sheinelle jones. have a good day. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. g new cars. you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar.
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my insurance rates are but dad, you've got... with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands. >> hello, everyone. coming to you live from los angeles. we begin with breaking ne. protests against president trump and his policies erupt across the nation including a march to the front door of the president's estate in florida where he's spending the weekend away from washington. we got live team coverage but travellers from places like iran, syria board plans bound for the united states after a federal judge blocks president trump's immigration order. the justice department's expected to take action soon with an attempt to reinstate a travel ban. iran conducts military exercises today in response to the new u.s. sanctions with a commander


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