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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  February 4, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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ance rates are but dad, you've got... with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands. >> hello, everyone. coming to you live from los angeles. we begin with breaking ne. protests against president trump and his policies erupt across the nation including a march to the front door of the president's estate in florida where he's spending the weekend away from washington. we got live team coverage but travellers from places like iran, syria board plans bound for the united states after a federal judge blocks president trump's immigration order. the justice department's expected to take action soon with an attempt to reinstate a travel ban. iran conducts military exercises today in response to the new u.s. sanctions with a commander issuing a warning to iran's
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enemies but we begin right now with all the new developments surrounding president trump's travel ban. the trump administration pushing back forcefully on friday's action by a federal judge in washington state. let's take you through it. a temporary nationwide restraining order allowing entry in the u.s. by individuals from those seven muslim majority countries listed in the president's executive order. this will remain in effect until that federal judge considers the legal challenge. president trump voiced his frustration with a string of saturday tweets starting with this, quote, when a country is no longer able to say who can and who cannot come in and out, especially for reasons of safety and security, big trouble! >> kelly, that tweet i read was the first of many from the president this morning. >> reporter: there were several of them and we do expect that there could be a protest near the president's residence today but that's scheduled for later today.
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so-so far there have not been protesters in the area of mar-a-lago based on what we've been able to tell but the president was using twitter to try to respond to what happened, the white house last night had officially done a statement but the president wanted to do more. and he chose to do something that is highly unusual and is really stirring controversy today and that is to address the judge sort of directly, not personally but directly and tha typically does not happen because the executive branch and the legislative branch are coequal and many times there are judgements and rulings that a given president won't be happy with but they usually don't make it something where the president personally gets enhangled. let me give you the example. the president today tweeted the opinion of this so-called judge, which is essentially takes law enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned. so to refer to this judge james robart as so-called, to cast --
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sort of to describe his ruling as ridiculous is perhaps a personal feeling but one the president usually doesn't express and then to predict that it will be overturned. the president really going all in with that tweet to express his displeasure as the trump administration and the u.s. government is having to react because that judge has had the effect of putting at least a temporary hold on enforcement of the president's travel ban with so seven countries that are mostly muslim nations restricting foreign nationalist from coming into the u.s. that is different today because of this ruling. of course back and forth is expected in the courts. we also saw a bit of the trump style coming through in the official white house statement last night. at first the white house press secretary put out a statement, he used the words outrageous with reference to the judge's ruling and then about ten minutes later they reissued the statement and they removed that word. so one can presume that in the intervening ten minutes they
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decided that perhaps it was best to not characterize what had happened in the seattle based federal court too soon or with too much sort of emotion behind it. but we do expect that this will continue to be a topic that will force the president to reconsider his ban or to have his administration take a look at what some of the factors are and will there be sort of the lifting in a practical sense where the visas are restored where people are able to travel. it's a complicated set of issues on one of the earliest promises of the presidential campaign from then candidate donald trump and one of the earliest actions while he's in office. jacob. >> the removal of that word outrageous so quickly from the white house statement was certainly curious and it makes you think about what differing factions there are within the white house that led to that omission so quickly. kelly o'donnell. thank you so much.
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thousands of protesters are gathering in light of his travel ban and one of the biggest demonstrations in the united states is happening in our nation's capitol. nbc tom kos tell lowe. what do you see? >> reporter: jacob, good afternoon. so this is really been growing in size over the course of the past couple of hours. i'm going to ask our photographer to go up on periscope so you can get a sense of how many people are up here or out here and, you know, it's hard to tell when you're in the middle of it. i'm guessing at this point we've got several thousand. that's just my guesstimate. it's not official. turn to your right, that's .white house right through the trees. as you know president trump is not here. he is right now down in florida. but the message from all of these folks is a dual message. they don't like the idea of a ban whether it involves people from specific countries and they
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don't like the idea of a wall on the southern people. one of the people who's here, why are you here today? >> i just want to spread peace and not spread hate and-to-not to have fear. >> you are an american citizen. where's your family from? what are your thoughts right now? >> my family's originally from pakistan but my dad came here back in '85 and we've all been born here and raised here. your thoughts and concerns, if any, about family who may still be overseas? >> that you know what? this is not going to stop us. we're going to be peaceful and america is great like that. >> reporter: gre. thank you so much. that is the sentiment in this crowd. there really is no opposition, if you will in this crowd. in other words, people here who are against the wall, people who are against any sort of a ban whether it's in name or not. that's kind of the unified message here. people who support the trump administration on this issue are not here, at least not at the
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moment. back to you. >> i think i can make out over your conversation the chants stop the hate. these protests in d.c. have become a regular occurrence. i was out there on inauguration day and back here in los angeles for women's march here in los angeles. thank you so very much in d.c. people are also gathering at this hour at airports across the country. how are things there, katie? >> reporter: about an hour ago i would say they were off to a slow start and that landscape has changed over the past hour. protesters are now arriving. they're standing at the arrival gate eegerly with a waiting to make these voices heard. joining me right now is ucla professor. you were here last weekend. >> that's right. >> >> reporter: and you're here again. >> of course. >> what is the message you're trying to get out today? >> it's very important that the
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united states keep up it's democratic values. that's very important. that's a fundamental values of our country. >> reporter: you stand with your students. could you explain what that means? >> me and a bunch of other colleagues have created a website that says we stand with our students. so we're looking for other faculty who are interested in helping out to join up pane volunteer for this effort. >> >> reporter: obviously you're aware of the ruling that came down from washington. is that encouraging you toyou? >> of course. it's very important that the process go forward and this is part of what it means to be in a democracy. we have three parts of government and the judiciary needs to speak. >> reporter: we're going to be standing by here at lax. we've been talking to immigration lawyers. they are waiting to give anyone who comes through legal advice,
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free counsel. just helping them transition if they should need it. there's also been volunteers dropping off food and water in case anyone is detained for long periods of time and need those resources. this rally is expected to start in the next two hours. we are seeing protesters start to arrive now. we're going to continue to bring you the latest on that. >> we expect quite a big will folks out now back cross the country to new york city, more than 100 gathered for a ca munal prayer demonstration last night. a 91-year-old holocaust survivor was among those speaking at the event. msnbc's adam reese is there for us now. what's the scene like out there today? >> reporter: good afternoon, jacob. immigration attorneys who have been camped out here for nine days are really encouraged by judge robart's decision to put a stop to the president executive's order. customs officials here say they're moving forward.
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business as usual as if that executive order had never even been put in place. the president tweeting again this morning judge robart calling him an so-called judge who made a ridiculous decision something that the president will seek to overturn very soon. joining me now camille macler. she's an immigration attorney here at jfk. can now come into the united states. you've been in touch with airlines. what are they telling you? >> most airlines are cooperating and say they will allow those with noncancelled visas. we are having trouble with a few airlines. moroccan national airlines so we're trying to figure that out. >> reporter: you're also speaking to people overseas and there is some good news. we understand one person who had
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been detained has just landed in boston. >> yes. we got confirmation that a student visa holder landed flew in from take ran and landed in boston an hour ago. >> reporter: and what are you hearing from people that are detained overseas that are trying to get here yesterday, today, tomorrow. >> people have been calling our hotline and going back and trying to get back touch with people. most airlines are being very accommodated. some airlines are still giving us a bit of the run arounds. and we are particularly concerned with those who actually did come to the u.s. and were turned around during the week who have cancelled visas. we'rnot quite clear on. we're being told that they have to reapply for visas which is a time consuming and expensive process. >> reporter: just like a week ago still some confusion as they try to get back online here at kennedy airport and egypt air officials saying anybody with a
11:12 am
valid visa will not be stopped. >> adam, thanks to you and camille from the latest from jfk airport. and our coverage of the protest around the nation continues including in new york city where the lgbt solidarity rally has just kicked off at the historic stonewall inbound. we are live there next. plus a side of defiance. iran holds military exercises in the face of new u.s. sanctions. i'll talk to a former spokesperson for the u.s. mission to the united nations about what all of this could mean. we'll be right back.
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they're not behaving. >> tensions threaten to mount as
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iran ramped up it military exercises today just one day after president trump warned the country about quote misbehaving. >> iran is playing with fire. they don't appreciate how kind he says president obama was to them. not me. >> of course with the exclamation point. the united states announced new sanctions against iran for a recent ballistic missile test. that says it was a violation of u.n. security council resolution and called the action a threat to regional stability. iran denied any violation of the treaty with new air defense drills today. >> we are entitled to the rude mmt tri means of defense. which we need in order to prevent another saddam hussein around the corner attacking us with chemical weapon. >> for more on this, good to see
11:17 am
you again. lots of tough talk here. where do you think this confrontation is headed? >> good to see you again. listen, first i think it was very telling that president trump wanted to put iran on notice and that he followed up with sanctions immediately after iran's ballistic missile launch. it is actually really a continuation of the obama policy just a bit more swift, frankly and maybe with a bit more tougher -- with tougher rhetoric, so the obama administration did the same thing. there were numerous missile launches since the iran deal and they imposed sanctions last january and so i do think that this -- things will get more heated but right now it's actually a continuation of the policy. >> former u.n. ambassador bill richardson that he thought just like you said they're proportional but they were
11:18 am
bluster, bomb bass tic. iran says it's actions are purely defensive. what evidence have we seen to the contrary? >> it's hard to believe that this is all defense when their past missile launches have had writing in hebrew that israel needs to be wiped off the map. for example, i don't really think they're using these or preparing these missiles to launch monkeys into space. i think the only purpose could be offensive and all of our evidence has always pointed to the contrary which is why as for president's past since president bush we've developed these authorities to go after these weapons of mass destruction programs. >> what are the new sanctions which we should say are targeting individuals and businesses? how are they going to actually discourage iran's hostility? what is the mechanism here? >> these sanctions which were imposed on 25 individuals and
11:19 am
entities who are all related to iran's ballistic missile program or they're related to irani guard core that's the piece of the military that supports terrorism and terrorism activity abroad. these actions, while, you know -- they're strong. they are going to have an effect on the individuals and entities imposed what that means for example,s that any assets they have practically speaking it means that any aets they have in the united states will be frozen and u.s. persons are prohibited from doing business with them. it just unleashes market forces and banks all over the world, vilds all orn the world see this list of names and they ice them out of the international and financial system. those individuals and entities will be iced out but from a messaging standpoint, the trump administration is trying to say we're watching you very carefully iran. any action you do will swiftly be followed by some kind of
11:20 am
repercussions and we're not afraid to escalate it. >> how does this relate to mr. obama's signature achievements? we know president trump was very critical of this deal during the campaign. just recently again he called it terrible. is what we are seeing now meaning an education that this deal is at risk? >> not yet. even throughout the deal the treasury department and the white house continued to impose sanctions when they saw behavior that iranians were pursuing related to terrorism, related to human rights violations and related to ballistic missile launches. in fact, the last time they did that was last january exactly a year ago. the obama administration imposed sanctions against 11 individuals and entities. so it is really actually right now a continuation of that and in the press release that treasury issued, it was stated by the acting factor john smith
11:21 am
it was -- we always said we would take action when we saw iran either violate the deal or violate the u.n. resolution. >> always invaluable to have you on. still ahead for those of you at home headlines coming out at d.c. this week was one that flew under the radar. rolling back regulations. we'll talk to a sandsy hook parent who's been fighting for gun safety measures in just a few minutes. historic stonewall inn in new york city. protesters saying they are staying in solidarity with anyone effected by president trump's new policies. we'll get a live report from there in just a few minutes. >> as the president sets his
11:22 am
heights on the surging violence in chicago, chris hayes heads to chicago to explore how racial division, gangs and law enforcement all contribute to this crisis. join chris as he talks to with city officials, activists and residents about how we got here and where chicago goes next. chicago in the cross hairs. thursday night at 8:00 p.m. on msnbc. whether it's connecting one of the world's most innovative campuses.
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or bringing wifi to 65,000 fans. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink. protesters in new york city are converging on the stonewall
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national monument in an lgbt solidarity rally right now. the event in opposition to trump's cabinet picks is backed by numerous organizations and lawmakers. nbc morgan radford is there. crowd size looks big from above, how's it looking on the ground? >> reporter: you can see already hundreds of people, they're cheering, they're chanting, there are speakers who are taking the podium right now and many of them are immigrants themselves and this is all part of that lgbtq rally. people here saying they do not stand for president trump's immigration ban. they said first he came for us and now he's coming for immigrants and they're here now to show their solidarity. i want to introduce you to natalie and her partner if i can. natalie, why do you think immigration struck such a cord in the lgbtq community here. >> i think it's a lot to do with intersectionality. we can't fight for our own rights and not think about our
11:26 am
neighbor's rights and queer folks here and around the world need a safe space so we understand immigrants looking for a safe space in this country. >> reporter: and why did you choose to come here and say i'm going to protest. i'm not just going to call and send a letter. why did you choose that today? >> i've been in education for ten years, i worked with children through the ages of 4 through 13 and working really hard to have them understand that they need to be an ally to other people and i can't go to work every day and listen to them ask questions about how this person could be our president when everything he stands for is the opposite of what i've been teaching children. >> reporter: personally as a couple, how does this effect you? i just heard someone on the podium say that since november they didn't feel safe and you told me you're a -- this is your partner. how do you all feel as a couple now that donald trump is in office. >> nervous. worried. i know the popular folks here in
11:27 am
new york city will protect us and fight for us. there are other places in this country where it's not like that. >> reporter: you feel safe. >> not always. i think it's super scary to think about rights that we fought really hard to gain thus far being possibly threatened and taken away and some of those things would effect me on a daily basis. >> reporter: thank you so much for speaking with us and jacob just to give you some context this is all happening in front of the stonewall inn. that was the site of those 1969 riots. they will not be bullied. they will not be bothered and that's what they're communicating today. if you go to the website of the stonewall and today they say welcome to where guy pride began. jacob. >> i used to live about a stone throw's away from there. any discussion about the reports from this leak saying jared kushner the son-in-law and the daughter of president trump helped thwart a roll back of lgbt rights that had been
11:28 am
enacted under president obama, an advancement of those rights? anybody talking about that today. >> reporter: we just spoke to the vice president of glad earlier today and he said we're scared. this is something that has really shaken our community because it chose just how far this their words this administration is willing to go to repeal those rights. g.l.a.d. already released a statement on that, it's not just immigrant or minorities as you just heard they've been fighting so heard that they do not want to see the administration do anything that could in any way repeal any of those protections and will they save our rights. >> thank you so much very much. coming up next our political panel joins me to breakdown the biggest headlines of the day including the president's latest tweet storm, one of many, plus fighting back against the crackdown on sanctuary cities. we'll talk to one city official who is suing the administration and risking more than $1 billion in federal funding.
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i'm jacob in los angeles where at this hour we're moderating protests from around the country. we're looking at pictures right now from washington, d.c. as well as in new york where protesters continue to march against the president's policies. tom costello is with some of those marchers in washington, d.c. what's the latest? >> reporter: jacob, i would say we've got several thousand people here who are now marching from essentially the white house up to capitol hill and we are about right now to turn on constitution avenue. this crowd grew very dramatically. it started out as a couple of hundred at out about noon and the word spread through d.c. on social media in the general area, to begin marching on capitol hill and the -- how quickly the numbers turned out was really quite impressive. the message that these people
11:33 am
have for the most part is that they are against any sort of a ban against individuals coming from any country and also they are opposed to a wall on the southern border. i'm going to have our photographer take the camera up so pardon the fact that it's bumpy but you can get a sense of how many people are out here on the street and you see, there you go. we'll do a full 360. they're about to turn and go on up the street and head towards capitol hill. started out as pretty cold day in washington. it's managed to moderate a bit. not quite as cold and a nice sunny day but really what you see here is families that are out here, individuals from multiple states and also from various countries. we can ask somebody very quickly why they are here. let's go over here. can we ask you a question? why are you here today? why is this important to you? why are you here? >> we need to show that together we're all together. will be stronger in future.
11:34 am
just kicking out one group of people won't solve anything no matter what anyone thinks. >> reporter: thank you. what's your name? >> okay sa. >> there's an impromptu individual. you ask almost everybody who is in this crowd they have a similar sentiment that they are concerned about the foreign policy of this country and concerned about any sort of discrimination against certain ethnic or religious groups. back to you. >> one of the signs right behind you says sorry, world. the perspective of one protester walking on the street of our nation's capitol. thanks to you for those awesome pictures. and now president trump took the messaging about his executive order global writing, quote, interesting that certain middle easten countries agree with the ban. they know if certain people are allowed in. it's death and destructn. i want to turn tour panel jill watkins former white house aid to president bush and democratic
11:35 am
strategist pelosi. this is a judge who was not only nominated by president bush in 2004, i think he was confirmed 99-0. is he undermining the president, coequal pranch of government by tweeting this stuff like this? >> the unfortunate thing about tweets is they don't tell the whole story and you don't get a chance to hear in depth how what the president thinks or what the issue is. they're sort bursts and they don't always tell the full story. this is a judge who obviously is well regarded and who is appointed by republican president and of course we have the various brankz of government to act as checks and balances so you've got the executive branch, the legislative branch and judicial branch. there has to be respect for the other branches as well. >> and of course, this raises
11:36 am
the question, what does the president's nominee to the supreme court neil gorsuch say when somebody asks him a question during his confirmation hearing about when this judge is a so-called judge, what do you have to say about that? >> i think that judge gorsuch will always respond in an appropriate manner, in a manner that is respectful of his colleagues on the bench, whether it's the federal bench or supreme court. so i don't have any worries about how judge gorsuch might respond to that kind of a question, but this is the environment in which we find ourselves. this is a very different time. this is a very different president who has a very different tempment so these are the challenges that are faced at this time. >> christine, let's get you in here. what do you make of the president's posture towards this federal judge? >> well, first of all, i think that the immoral and
11:37 am
unconstitutional mouz limb ban was properly considered unconstitutional by this judge. i think that what you see happening all over the country in the spirit of love and resistance are millions of people rising up who agree with that. another concern we have with the muslim ban is that it does not even include middle eastern countries where trump does business. most judges who are going to come before the country will respect their fellow jurists even if they disagree on a policy, but trump knows that his ban is unconstitutional. he knows it's not going to stand but he did it for effect and what i saw at the airport last saturday when i took my small child and what we will see today in downtown san francisco is a spirit of people coming together in support of liberty and justice for all and saying the judicial branch is going to weigh in and when it does, the
11:38 am
federal government has to obey that. dhs is finally now obeying the court order but they weren't doing that a week ago. not only is it coequal branches of government but the judiciary rulings have to be respected by federal employees. >> somebody who is just a disagree or so removed from the democratic leadership. there's been so much talk about the strategy democrats should use to fight president trump politically. what is in your opinion when mixed messages just seems to be a norm from this white house and this president. >> well, first of all, as a member of the democratic national committee myself and we're picking a new leadership team in three weeks, i think it's very important that we come together around the issues of equality and justice that we make sure that we speak together with one voice with communities in our country and that we try to organize with not on top of, but organize with these protests
11:39 am
that are happening all over the country as people are rising up and looking to democrats and republicans, by the way, to say stand up for the constitution. stand up for our rights, stand up for the community. i think the best thing the democrats can do is get out there and march and if people -- if you're in power and people come to your office speaking truth to power, lend power to that truth and truly represent the people who are saying this is not america, this is not who we are and i believe that there is a majority in the country and a legislative majority to overturn the muslim ban so that would be the first thing that i would want to see, the democrats and republicans do together next week. >> christine pelosi, joe watkins, thanks to both of you. we continue to follow breaking news. planned protests against president trump's travel ban. it is going along with a federal judge's ruling blocking the ban. but will it last?
11:40 am
we'll bring you the latest developments throughout the day plus a battle between the mayor in some of the nation's cities and president trump. how they're fighting the crackdown on so-called sanctuary cities next? >> what's going on in chicago? >> as the president sets his sites on the surging violence in chicago, chris hayes heads to the city for an important town haul to explore how racial division, gangs and the role of law enforcement all contribute to this crisis. join chris as he talks to with city officials, activities and residents about how we got here and where chicago goes next. chicago in the cross hairs. thursday night at 8:00 p.m. on msnbc. ere. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. earn 1% cash back when you buy, and 1% as you pay. double means double.
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he turns into a puppy again. you love it, don't you? you love it so much! (vo) try beneful healthy weight with chicken. with real chicken as the number one ingredient. >> as you know next week the senate could vote on a measure rolling back a rule that prevents some social security reseep yents from owning a gun and sport shz say it was designed to prevent mentally handicapped people from purchasing firearms but opponents said it was casting too wide a net. joining me right now is erik mill rum a sandy hook parent and a spokesman for the newtown action alliance. thank you so much for joining me. what's your reaction to the house striking down this rule? >> it's absolutely expected now that congress is run by the republicans and they have a person in the white house who they don't have to worry about the veto power any more and what's frustrating about this is
11:44 am
every time there's a mass shooting especially if there's even a hint that mental illness is involved, we always here the pro gun apologize gist scream that we should not blame the gun. we should focus on mental illness. they've had the chance to do that now and what do they do? they basically want to make guns available to anybody and everybody regardless of their mental health state. >> eric, not everybody that's receiving social security benefits these that were effected is dangerous and that the rules strip their second amendment rights. what do you have to say to those people? >> then we need to get rid of the second amendment. if the second amendment is designed to protect the right of people whose mental health state is so severe that they cannot manage their own finances, the second amendment needs to be abolished. >> the second amendment now must -- the senate must approve the measure before it goes to
11:45 am
the president to sign after the house vo on saturday. senator dianne feinsin from here tweeted this call your senator to oppose this change. what's your group doing. has your group reached out to senators? what are the other steps that are being taken by you all? >> just creating awareness of what this has done. we remember very well what happened in our community in sandy hook back in december of 2012. there have been so many other mass shootings since then. we're trying to raise awareness that when people say, hey, don't focus on guns, focus on mental illness. they had the chance to do that and it's clear they're not serious about that. they're working to make guns available to as many people as possible for the lowest cost possible. >> eric, your son and daughter were students at sandy hook elementary and they both survived unharmed thanks to the protection of what can only be called an incredible teacher, an
11:46 am
angel. if you could speak to president trump right now, what would your message be? >> president trump, how many more first graders have to be killed in classrooms before we change what's going on in this country? how many people going out to a club, to enjoy a night in central florida have to be gunned down before we will do something about this problem? >> eric, thank you so much. appreciate you being here. >> thank you. >> protests against president trump's policies are underway across the nation. we've been monitoring them the entire hour from new york to d.c. and later at mar-a-lago in florida where the president is spending his weekend. what he calls the winter white house. we've got live team coverage straight ahead. and the wolf huffed and puffed... like you do sometimes, grandpa?
11:47 am
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how soon we can expect to see this list and how soon should cities like prove incidence expect to see their federal funding cut. >> i think the president's goal in ending sanctuary cities is pretty clear.
11:50 am
federal funds paid for by hard working taxpayers should not be used to help fund sanctuary cities. as we continue to implement this executive order and fulfill the pledge he ahead we'll have further updates on how that list will come out and when it will come out. >> not a very clear answer this week from press secretary sean spicer when sanctuaries cities can expect to see a halt of federal funds. and now we're on the edge of a showdown between the mayors of some of those cities and the president of the united states. san francisco has already filed a lawsuit against the administration. i've recently spent some time one wants to be a model for the president's immigration enforcement the other not so much. >> this looks like a way that normal people are not allowed to go in to. >> correct. >> so if you're arrested in fresno and you're brought to the county jail this is where you
11:51 am
come. >> this is the place. this is where the booking process begins. >> this is fresno county sheriff margaret minimums and she hopes president about president trump is paying attention to what's happening in her jail. fresno county is home to 85,000 undocumented immigrants many of whom work the fields of the nation's most agriculture fields. they'll likely see federal agents and customs enforce nt. >> what made you want to invite i.c.e. into the jail here. >> it keeps my community safe. i truly believe it does. >> how often do you spend your time in a holding cell? >> not much. >> so we're locked in, what's the question you ask when you ask them if you're a citizen. >> are you here with a residency or without residency, then i explain i.c.e. may interview you based on what your charges are, felon, misdemeanor. you don't have to speak with them, but that doesn't
11:52 am
necessarily mean they won't take you into customer did i. >> what would you say to president trump about the program that you all run in this jail? >> come and see us, president. come and s what we're doing. i think it truly is a model for the rest of the nation. >> fresno officials insist they won't become a sanctuary city until now a loosely defined term to describe whether a city or county would detain an undocumented immigrant based on their status alone. under president trump's you might now be living in a sanctuary city if your local cops don't turn over undocumented people even if they haven't been charged with a crime and that could mean a loss of federal funding in your area. l.a. p.d. lieutenant showed me around the newton division. over 80% is the latino population. >> is forced to ask the immigration status of citizens in stops. >> also as an immigrant myself i could tell you what would happen.
11:53 am
i wouldn't call the police if i needed them. i wouldn't even called if somebody would get assaulted in a street. i would be terrified of getting deported. if we don't have the trust of those residents to be able to pick up that phone and call us because if they feel every time they call us they're going to ask about their immigration status. >> just because you don't ask about the immigration status that doesn't mean that if they're arrested and they go to county jail they're not going to get deported. >> sure. that's a possibility. a person gets arrested tonight for domestic violence. they go into a jail and get finger printed and it goes into a national database. >> and that database is shared with i.c.e. and federal government. >> correct. >> as it turns out that's not much different from what happens in fresno. >> do you guys check status outside of jail or only once people are inside. >> we are not involved in asking people to prove that they're here illegally.
11:54 am
i really think then we get into a community trust issue. >> if los angeles is seen as a sanctuary city but fresno's not and the policing strategy is the same, where's the discrepancy. >> i think it's the public conversation. >> actually you're on the same page with a city like l.a. and that case -- >> i haven't heard any police chief or sheriff say that we are checking people on the street to see if they're here legally or not. i don't know of anybody that's doing that. >> this week san francisco became the first city in the country to sue the trump administration over the executive order defunding so-called sanctuary cities. joining me now from san francisco city attorney denis had a rara. san francisco currently gets $1.2 billion in federal funding with the "b" that's a lot of money to give up for not complying with immigration enforcement. what type of services are at risk in your city? >> we get $1.2 million out of our $10 billion budget and that goes to fund everything from
11:55 am
house care, housing environmental protection and law enforcement. so the irony of the president's order he talks about wanting to keep streets save, the money he would be cutting back would be going to the exact type services that we need to make sure that our communities have safe on our streets. >> how competent are you that you're going to revail? >> we're very confident. there's absolutely no doubt that his executive order is unconstitutional and that it violates the 10th amendment to the united states constitution both the order itself and the law upon which it is based and that's why we filed a lawsuit preempt actively to make sure that we get some clarity from the courts rather than being in the middle of a budget cycle and all of a sudden money that is due and owing to the city and county of san francisco is held back on an unconstitutional basis. >> i learned when i was out there that sanctuary cities are
11:56 am
somewhat of a more fis term. what's the protocol for those that break the law? if're arrested and once you're in, what i would imagine is a county jail you can still get deported, right? >> absolutely. san francisco is the only cocontiguous city and county in the state of california and ours is not that dissimilar from los angeles. our police officers want to in san francisco want to encourage trust so immigration status is not asked out on the street but when someone is arrested, their fingerprints go into a database that is shared with the federal government and if i.c.e. comes to the city and county of san francisco with a valid court order or warrant, we will turn that individual over to i.c.e. but we are not going to be in the position where we allow our officers to be charged as border agents to help the federal government with its responsibility to enforce the nation's borders and pursue
11:57 am
immigration detention. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> that is it for this hour of msnbc live. in los angeles i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern, 2:00 p.m. for those of you here on the west coast. you can follow me on twitter, on snapchat, instagram, all that stuff. more coverage straight ahead. don't go anywhere. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. >> very good afternoon to. a busy news day we have for you coming up. protests and demonstrations coast to coast and country to country today. a week after president trump signed an executive order temporarily banning certain immigrants and all refugees. then today that ban was halted. effectively in its entirety. immigration policy right now is returned to the way