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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  February 8, 2017 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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reestablish that credibility. >> right. >> in my view, keith ellison is that person. >> jeff weaver, we packed a lot in there. thanks for your time. >> thanks. that is our show. you can always find me on e-mail tonight criticism from the president from misnominee to the supreme court as mr. trump lashes out from the federal judges. >> donald trump going after a retail chain after they dropped his daughter's clothing line. >> mccain has a story that he says sean spicer needs to here. "the 11th hour" begins now. good evening, we do our dead level best here to bring you up to speed on what happened in the
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political world during the day. the best way to do that tonight maybe this. the comments donald trump made today before a gathering of the national sheriff association in washington. his comments ranged in subjects from terrorism and his view of the danger we all face to the federal bench, to his travel ban and his interpretation of those oral arguments before the ninth circuit which we all listened to yesterday. >> you can suspend the aliens from coming in, very strong, or impose on the entry of aliens of any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate. okay. so you can suspend and you can put restrictions and you can do whatever you want. this is for the security of the country. i listen to a panel of judges
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and i will comment on that. i will not comment on the statements made by certainly one judge. i have to be honest that if these judges wanted to in my opinion help the court in terms of respect for the court, they do what they should be doing. i watched last night in amazement and i heard things that i could not believe. things that really had nothing to do with what i just read. i don't ever want to call a court bias so i won't call it bias. courts seemed to be so political and it would be so great for our justi justice system if they would be able to be read a statement and do what's right.
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right now we are at risk because of what happened. we'll work with you on the front line to keep america safe from terrorism which is what i began us with. terrorism, a tremendous threat, far greater than people inur country understand. believe me, i have learned a lot in the last two weeks. terrorism is a far greater threat than the people of our country understand. but, we are going to take care of it. we are going to win. we'll take care of it, folks. >> more on all of that as we go along in the broadcast tonight, two other items to bring you up to speed on number one, the president's nominee to fill the vacancy on the supreme court, federal judge neil gorsuch was
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continuing to do courtesy call and making the rounds on capitol hill today when he sat down with that man on the left, that's richa richa richard bloomenthal and judge gorsuch, a federal judge himself as if the president's sister we continue to point out. he found the president's words disheartening and demoralizing. it was confirmed that he in fact used toes words to senator bloomenthal. you see the vote there, 52-47.
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that means they got across over. he was the one who voted along the democrats for sessions. interestingly, when sessions made his remarks, saying good-bye to the chambers that's been his home of two decades, only two democrats were present. members of the other party sits there and listen to the remarks but it was mansion who alone respected the democrats in the senate, everyone else thought better of it. lets begin with kelly o'donell at the white house for us, political correspondent, eli is back with us tonight and our own
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ali velshi. kelly, first to you, gorsuch in a tough spot today and the second attack on the president of two or three days that he had to say something of his line of work. if anything to put a good spin on it, it shows he will be independent of the guy that appointed him. >> that's critical. they have looking for 60 votes, brian. many in the senate do not want to see this so-kacalled nuclear option where they changed the rules allowing confirmation of 60 votes of the normal way of doing things. when he's sitting with democrats and meeting with democrats, this is an opportunity for judge gorsuch to show that independence and appeal to democrats in a personal way and as you have pointed out, the president's older sister, mary-anne trump-berry is in
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active now. >> and so we know from talking to sources that the president does listen to his sister on matters of the courts. we also notice that president has a capacity to cart compartmentalizing in ways that we don't see. he could listen to his sisters and listen to advices and being critical on judges. for neil gorsuch, the challenge is appealing to democrats, not alienate the republicans and to try to be impartial as he can be. to use words like disheartening and demoralizing speaks to the comfort of those in the law feel about any shades under cutting a branch of government. and richard bloomenthal let t
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world knows by talking about this and the associate working with judge gorsuch and he's making the rounds confirming those words are used. it is one of those things where there is messages involved and it is a realtime decision for the judge and the senator of what they want to get out. >> lets talk about the president's words. kind of stunning that he will go there again on federal judges and not just federal judges, these three judge panels say a bad high school student could understand the argument while it is under consideration while the jury is out. >> yeah, this is donald trump. if there is ever an inch to scratch, he's going to scratch it. he's going to do it. we know this about donald trump. i thought that this morning, he was a bit subdue for him. after tweeting about a so-called judge, he spoke calmly in a measured tone and he said, i don't want to criticize, you
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know, the court, then he criticized the court. he did it in a restrained fashion meanted of how political the courts are. the democrats telegraphed their strategy of how they'll take on gorsuch by talking about trump and highlighting the facts how trump tal aut the judiciary. that's what chuck shchumer and democrats are talking about. donald trump, even though you are not going to get a lot of change from donald trump, he will still go out criticizing these judges and yet still talking to his own base and still saying look, if there is anything that happens, it is not going to be on my hands, it is going to be on the courts or the media or shifting the blame as he does this. >> ali velshi, it is fine for
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president to criticize federal judges and supreme court justices, they are walled off in our society and pointed for life. you cannot touch their salary. 800 federal judges in this country, it is odd a, to get in a fight with them 20 days into your administration and b, to talk about the rest while they are considering your call. >> yeah, him acting like the courts there for his stuff. kelly's point about how it is a branch of government. we are in our third presidency where executive orders and white house actions are deemed more important. george h.w. bush with the help of dick cheney started this with a lot of exec tifr order. president obama was not shy of that. donald trump has taken this to a new level and what we have seen of the last few weeks and other than senate confirmation of
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appoint te appointees that of a legislative branch is not asked of doing a whole lot. now, we are sing attacks on the judiciary which followed tacks on the media before he was president. he knows -- i know thinks that other people don't know and it is serious. >> to that exact point, the president on the threat of terrorism. there is a couple of ways of looking at this. number one, he's new to the business of being briefed. again, a point where we established last night, you can be a rookie member of congress and get briefings that put you levels way above of us walking around and you are prepared for that as you go on up to politics and becoming president. this is the candidate that says on isis he knew more than the general and now has learned so
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much more that he can share with us but trust me, it is a dangerous place. >> right, every person who's been in the oval office before him will talk about how sobering it is to get that daily briefings. the reports that we got and the sources that we talked about that those briefings are really short, trump does not have the tension span to listen to a lot of these details. it seems to a lot observers just trying to invent a rational to justify what he's going to do and really again el bembellishi putting out the list that the media did not cover these terror attacks even though they covered it immensely. he's trying to justify the extreme action.
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>> he wants people to believe that these are desperate times that call for decembsperate measures. >> the president we mentioned his remark of al bad high school student could understand the argument -- here is what the president had to say follow leed by a snippet of the legal argument of the ninth circuit yesterday that baffled a lot of people. >> you can be a lawyer, or you don't have to be a lawyer. if you were a good student in high school or a bad student in high school, you can understand this. >> i have trouble understanding your interpretation of 1152 as prohibiting of what seems to be common place in foreign affairs.
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>>. >> kelly o'donell, i was a bad high school student and i did not understand much of that from the lawyers at all. >> listening to these arguments. this was a conference call that gave the awkward moment where they talked over each other and there was not any ability to read body language which could be essential in trying to be persuasive. the president is trying to say that national security and protecting the country is a job solely vested by the constitution in him. a lot of these matters about standing and states like washington and minnesota, parties to this case, do they have the right to be involved in this and he believes strongly that the united states do not have to admit any non-citizens.
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it was a labor kind of argument is it a temporary or a restraining order to peel-back. this was some dens listening for those of us who are not lawyers and appearing before the federal bench. it was a way for donald trump to say that all of that stuff people are hearing really what it comes down is the message he wants people to hear. it is his job to protect the country and he thinks this is necessary and end of story. now, we have seen how many people view it differently and his administration have said the roll out was not right and residents should not have been wrapped up in this and things like that and the whole notion of was this properly handled and dos it ma does it make sense on a bureaucratic level. >> to eli's point of the president's role and to the president's point of how easy all of this was to understand. this was not the first time that
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the president has referenced his own intellect. >> i was a good student, i understand things and i co comprehend things very well better than anybody and they say is donald trump intellectual? >> trust me, i am like a smart person. i don't have to be told the same things and words every single day for the next eight years. >> who are ucoyou consulting consistently so that you are ready on day one? >> i am speaking myself on day one because i have the brain for it. >> i know words and i have the best words. there is no better words than stupid. >> eli, take it away. >> people say that donald trump
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is beyond parody, that package of sound byte sums it up. we can lgh at some of the language because it is unusual for politicians. this is donald trump and we are used to it. for what he's saying about the executive power of the president, i mean that maybe upheld if this goes all the way to the supreme court. i think he's making an argument in sort of lament terms. the politics of donald trump is simple. nine out of ten republicans agreed of what he's doing and nine out of ten of democrats disagreed. he's doing what he says he's going to do. maybe it was caught off guard, now he's in this court fight that he was not anticipating. cannot be surprised by any of these. >> everybody remains at where you are. more on that later. coming up, all in the family president trump comes out swinging against a major
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we are back 21 minutes after the hour, i want to read this from our station in phoenix, a mesa, arizona, mother who was convicted eight years ago working here illegally was ordered deported on wednesday, the first public sign of arizona of president trump sweeping executive order on deportation.
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>> gadi swharts is at a crowd on this topic. >> reporter: it is a chaotic scene. let me show you right now inside this van, we believe it is guadalupe, as soon as this van started leaving here in phoenix, this man you can see he wedged himself inside this wheel while people blocked this n. now, people are blocking the van and this man has his arm and legs inside, he's blocking this man. he's on the phone and if you come around this way, you see the crowd has been growing.
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right now it is about 40 or 50 people, family members and friends are seeing what's going on in social media and coming out here to show their support. this is where we see the family of garcia right here. this is where she is. she's talking to her husband a while ago. you can see through the light, that's guadalupe garcia, she's been here since she's 14-year-old. she's now 36 years old. she turned herself to ice and it is something she's doing over and over again after she was swept by the sheriff here back in 2009. i understand she was convicted of a crime that possibly had to do with her ability to work in the united states, i got her husband here so we'll ask him a couple of questions in terms of what's going onto try to clarify the story here. real fast.
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>> this is my daughter. >> reporter: this is the whole family, can you tell me what's going on tonight. >> my wife checks in every year. >> reporter: she comes to check in on ice. >> the last eight years, no problem and no problems with the law and you have not gotten anything. every year, for the last night years. today, under trump's administration, this is what's going on. anybody in the position of my wife, this is what's going to happen, they're going to try to take her out. >> reporter: she's on her way and she's being deported right now. >> they'll try to sneak her out. they're dirty. >> reporter: tell me what happens here, how does that work? she was turning herself into check in, explain that to me. >> she's checking in every time to be here.
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>> reporter: what happens years ago that she had to check in. >> before that she was -- she was on ju-- she was working. she got arrested on the highest rates and she went to my house and took my son, my eight-year-old saw how his mother was taken away. >> reporter: she was taken away and convicted -- >> they say she wa was -- misinformation or something loike that. >> reporter: in the last few years, had she been one of those people that's deemed of threats?
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>> no. absolutely not. she was never a threat. >> reporter: got it. >> no. like i said, she will come in and check in and okay, you are fine and now with trump's new executive order, this is what's going on. >> reporter: so you think this is what's going on with trump. thank you very much. we'll continue to monitor the situation. the family says this is one of the first victim of trump's executive order. we reached out to ice of some actions happening from 2013, we asked for clarification, they have not given us any clarification, we'll stay on this story. >> gadi in phoenix for us tonight. thanks and repeating to our viewers. this is one woman, one deportation case taking part in this backdrop of what's been calling the new era of protests in this country and the
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nordstrom has come out and say it was not a political decision and ivanka trump


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